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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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look at the room to try to track the couple coming up at 5:00. >> happening now las vegas police are trying to find this man. 26-year-old amar harris, they believe he is a gunman who shot an oakland man to death police expanded their search for harris and now searching areas in south carolina, georgia and miami. all places where harris skplifd worked. police say harris shot into oakland rapper's car, killing him. the car crashed into a taxi, killing the driver and passenger. on saturday, police found the black range rover they say harris was driving at the time. >> drake's boy oyster farm will stay open as it fights for its future. a court ruled the farm at the point reyes national sea shore can't continue to operate. the interior department allows the lease togs expire so the
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area could be returned to willedneress. the coast saying there is still legal questions about closing the farm. both sides set to be back in court in may. >> police released this image of a man they believe caused $10,000 in damage to several broadway area businesses saying the vandal has been etching graffiti on to store windows. police do want to catch this man where where before he does more damage. a person occupy aid building now a group of students say they're going to walk out of classes march 14th toj take the protest to city hall. >> they did meet with the chancellor today. >> that is one demand to, meet with the chancellor. they got that today but not much more. last thursday students okay pid administration building at city college demanding that they be heard by the
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chancellor. today, they got their wish but left feeling disappointed. >> chancellor, instead of accepting propose yalz for how to save our institution, has instead reaffirmed she only will accept cuts and cuts. >> some5ñsñb13t teaching positid classes have been cut. still, city college may lose accreditation if it doesn't show improvements are being made to make the college financially efficient by march 15th. >> we're not going backwards on, we're going to safety college and our accreditation. >> but students say administrators haven't tried to come up with other ways to bring in revenue. they criticize city hall for not doing enough. >> we're calling on city hall to take a stand to put a freeze on the position of march 15th. this deadline does not need to happen. >> one proposal is to obtain a bridge loan until prop a
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moneys become available at the]. ittuf voters to prevent more layoffs and improve quality of the institution. >> we're staking a stand. >> we're not going to borrow against that money. we're not in a position to be piling on debt right now. >> now, city hall doesn't have the power to influence the process, still, students say they'll take their case to city hall in march. >> thank you. >> c everett coop who spoke frankly about aids and dangers of smoking died in new hampshire. coop served under thela7t reagn and george hw bush administrations endorsing condoms and sex education to help slow the spread of aids. the cause of death has not been disclosed. coop was 96 years old. >> the catholic church dealing
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with the resignation of its most-senior cleric in britain. >> resigning today after allegations against him by four priests of inappropriate behavior. according to a newspaper the acts dated back to 1980s and the vatican announced outgoing pope benedict and his successor would be the only two people to see the results of an investigation into misconduct in the catholic chu. italian media report details evidence of corruption, black mail and a gay sex ring. the vatican denied accounts. >> the pope enacted a major change to church law allowing cardinals to call the conclave earlier than what is current lay loued allowing them to install a new pope before holy week begins march 24th thj year. >> the pope will step down this thursday, among those who will choose his successor is the( t former are bishop of san
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francisco. >> abc 7 news's carolyn tyler has the story. >> he heads to rome tomorrow. today, spoke before faculty at st. patrick's seminary and university in menlo%omt park. he is preparing to take part in this process known as the conclave, he will be among 117 cardinals from all over the world who are under the age of tow leader of the roman catholic church. >> one needs to look for a a person who hasujux6 shown qualities of leadership. >> he would like to see a younger pope. laveda doesn't think any cardinal from this country stands a chance. >> it would be an additional complexity for an american
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pope to have to deal with perception some of the decisions might be perceived to be dictated by american governmental policy. >> laveda has been friends with pope benedict since early 1980s. he chose laveda to take his spot in the congregation. laveda will have what he expects to be an emotional farewell, then, down to business at hand. the church sex abus scandal will add to the challenges the cardinalsró/i face. >> i would say it's going to be on my mind.hnwv÷ >> turning to weather, yam rilo, texas is buried under snow. second snowiest snowy record in the city. >> conditions are dangerous for the region, emergency personnel and crews are not equipped to handle the snow. right now about 1600 customers
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are still without power. wind gusts about 50-60 miles per hour are pushing the blankets of snow across the roads creating whiteout conditions like you can see here. authorities shut down roads and flights out of ther'n,ñ airport. >> you know it's been chilly here but we're so spoiled. >> yes. >> those are mazing images. >> our weather just about at the far other end of the spectrum. sheer look at clear skies now. with a mild to warm start. clear skies as we look at the western sky, readings 55 degrees in san francisco. 60s in oakland. milder readings in other locations and look towards ocean beach, clear skies. it's 66 in santa rosa now. 63 in gilroy. here is a look at the first
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forecast. clear skies, cool conditions, pleasantly cool. temperatures mid evening hours from mid 40s to mid-50s. will be chilly early tomorrow morning. by afternoon, upper 60s and we're going to see higher temperatures later on in the week. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> that is looking good there. >> makeover of the water front continues. >> yes. take a look this new building will be the home of the new cruise ship terminal. workers busy putting finishing touches on today there. is a ceremony to officially open the funnel. the terminal will be used by teams competing in the america's cup. cruise ships will arrive in the spring. >> still ahead at 4:00 captain kirk of the original star trek is part of an out of this world mission. >> bay area students want to
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bring a new kind of ice skate together olympic autos world talking about michelle obama's purr price cameo. wait until you can see how they're looking at it in another count try and michael finney taking your questions facebook will answer them here live just a little later. >> monday afternoon, checking out this live commute situation. skye r.skyway, bumper to bumper. east bay is a little better for folks heading southbound. stay with us. stay with us. more well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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star trek fans over the moon as the name of a fictional planet is now leading in a naming contest for one of pollute ease moon. vulvan is the2o clear front runner for one of two pluto moons. actor william shatner:a$b suggested the name. it is the roman god of lava and smoke and the nephewzzó of pluto. >> yes. >> add microsoft to the list of hacked corporations and
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barns and mobile may be go going back to its roots. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry, carolyn. yes, a plot twit. the company's founder wants to buy the stores back from the chain he started more than 40 years ago but he doesn't want barns and noble college or the nook e reader business struggling to compete with the ipad and kindel. barns and noble is forecastré to ring up a third year of losses in a row this year. well, add microsoft to the list of companies hit by a hack attack. microsoft says a small number of computers were hit with malware. no evidence data was compromised. >> zynga trying to cut costs, shutting it's office in baltimore also consolidating
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in new york, austin and dallas. shares rose more than 7% today a look at broader markets over km over itally's government. and spot fi teeming up with ford to offer streaming music service in cars. theford eco sport will be the car making spot fi service available through the app link system. ford has partnerships with amazon and others. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> synchronized ice skating is not an olympic sport but it is the fastest growing segment of the figure skating board. now, a team is proving california will work as well. abc 7 sports reporter has
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their story. >> this is ice skating as a team spot. >> it focuses on unison with all of the requirements that technical figure skating have. >> they call this tremors but girls come from high schools all over the bay area this, is the performance where they got their highest score ever winning a right to compete. >> extend. >> we caught wupt team as they practiced. many skirls have been skating together since elementary school. one of the first skaters is back now as a coach. it's fine but can be scary. >> it's not knowing what is
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going to happen. is someone going to fall? >> the girls must be good individual skaters this is kimberly' last year and she's savoring every moment. >> it's friendships making it a wonderful experience. >> good luck to them. skating is expensive so tremors are always fund raising if you'd like to help out we have a link for you on abc 7 just click on see it on tv.pcécñ >> tremors are shaking it up. >> yes. yes they are. >> it can't be easy. >> it's going to be a great week for synchronized sun bathing. here is a look at live doppler
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7. you can see no precipitation. clear, school overnight. sunny, mild again tomorrow, this dry pattern goes on and on. a ridgeqm[ñ of high pressure at the moment. storm track flowing well north remaining north all week long. so it's only going to get milder, overnight tonight chilly where lows will drop another lovely day in the south bay. sunny skies highs in mid-60s. mid-60s on the peninsula. mid to upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees tomorrow, 59 sunset.
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north bay mid to upper 60s. on the east bay, 64 oakland and berkeley. 67 in concord and fairfield. and... here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures rising zpits clouds thursday, highs topping out at 74 degrees inland friday. that mild pattern remaining throughout the weekend. we have a little bit of a rainfall deficit right now. >> thank you. >> okayhod)t. >> coming up ropes of hope. a unique idea to stop a health threat in developing countries.
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>> winning an oscar and an embarrassing moment with jack nicholson. want to co
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>> another big win for pixar, the 27th academy awards for the computer animation studio and the 7th time pixar has won since 2003. they're holding a celebration right now. we're there covering it for you. pixar is owned by disney. >> what did you think of seth mcfarland. >> it's an impossible job he was getting mixed reviews. >> his edgey humor, some people loved it, others hated it. washington post described it as fairly middle of the road. atlantic called his demeanor unpleasant.
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usa today called himself indull jent. tv ratings for oscars up over 19çç, while his act may have fallen flat, jennifer lawrence did so literally. the long gown she tripped but she shook it off then received a standing ovation from the crowd. lawrence caused a buzz back stage during an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos turning tables on one of the hollywood's prominent flirt autos thank you, enjoy your movies. >> thank you. thank you. >> jack, uh, here's johnny moment interest there. jennifer describe that's moment as memorable. he said to her, you look like
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one of my old girlfriends. that is why she became horrified. and is she flattered?. >> the oscars watched by nearly 40 million people. >> rachel smith was there and had it covered. >> the parties may be over but celebrations continue for a brand new class of trophy winners. this year's best actors, argo asyj÷a best picture. >> was that michelle obama? the whole thing kind of overwhelmed me. the fact it's the first lady,
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it's an honor. >> the governor's ball is where we found george clooney. >> he districted the film. you have to know when to let someone else talk. >> it's the only time that this kind of group gets together and really is like, hanging out. >> there is also the elton john party. for a ton of,69;z photos go to >> still ahead a media organization taking away michelle obama's right to take arms, so to speak. >> doctors getting new guide
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the san francisco legal office ronald ross walked out of jail after serving seven
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years in prison for a crime he did not commit. >> wayne freedman has more on abe on the outside. >> if nen visits state prison they'll ab mazed at those claiming innocence. he claimed innocence when arrested, sentenced. well, today after seven years, he talked about relief. freedom is something most of us take for granted. state of mind exercise as deciding where, when to go to lunge but the man inside of this law office was still not taking his freedom for granted today. >> this is a wonderful thing. >> he walked free after a judge set aside his conviction for attempted murder in this neighborhood a witness took five years, seven months to win ronald's freedom.
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>> i he'll like a newborn baby. one step at a time. >> his lawyers say he has no desire to get back at the system but everyone wanted to know would he sue is in the going rate for wrongful conviction senate of california is $100 a day./ísmñ $100 take it or leave it but first you have to fight for it. >> it's unfair. >> our experience it isn't that easy to get them to pay you. >> if you're in prison for something you haven't done, you get nothing. no parole, no services or anything. the state should take care of you for that. >> it's all in the future for ross who says he wants to spend his years helping troubled youth. the question now, who is
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anyone will help him? >> looking in the mirror who do you see? >> a different person than it used to be. different. >> do you like him? >> yes. >> if he chooses to ask for $100 a day his lawyers say they will do the work pro bono. california may spend more money on its lawyers than on the settlement. >> coming up at 11:00 a woman whose live turned upside down when a thief tried to black mail her with what he found on her cell phone. >> white house issued a warning about deep cuts said to go into affect. $85 billion in cuts kicking in on friday unless congress reaches a deal.
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he warned it could force furlough autos companies are preparing layoff notices. families preparing to cut back on expenses. >> it's up to the president to go to congress and show how he can achieve reductions by protecting critical services. >> there is no indication of a compromise. >> authorities in florida today released audio for a 911 calls made just moments after saturday's horrific wreck that injured 32 fans at daytona motor speedway. >> section zero, daytona race track.
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we've been calling for paramedics. nobody has shown up. >> two people remain in serious condition. 12 cars were involved. the crash sent debris into several rows of fans. >> federal civil trial against bp and other companies involve ntd gulf oil spill is now underway. prosecute proters -- protestors gather wrd the opening sessions began. analysts say a conviction could expose bp to $17 billion in fines. the trial takes place just days after pb paid $4 billion. >> ikea pulling popular meat balls off shelves over fears it could be contaminated with
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horse meat. tests in the czech republic found traces of horses dna. labeled as beef and pork. a spokesperson says the stores outside of europe are not affected. the swedish giant is the latest to fall victim to the horse meat controversy. >> russian scientists say they've found the largest fragment from that meteorite that exploded two weeks ago, weighing about four pounds. a ski team found knit a frozen lake. it blew up over siberian city astronomers say they've recovered 100 fragments of that space rock. >> south korea has sworn in its first female president taking the oath yesterday issuing a warning to north
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korea to abandon it's nuclear weapons program. north korea test aid device two weeks ago. she promised to help the economy and strengthen skmaul immediate why yim sized business autos first lady obama apparently showed too much skin for people in iran. take a look at how news agency altered a photo of her there you can see it on the right. the designer dress2:÷óñ violates code of modesty in many muslim countries. >> now, you have to cover the red carpet then, everything. >> dancing with the stars unveils its first editor of the new season. >> a snow board is almost bigger but this toddler's skills are impressive. we'll show them to you up next.
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>> q and a just ahead, i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now or twitter at m finny. i'll answer questions live here later. >> clear skies there, no snow in the forecast. i'll have a bay area forecast coming up. >> you want to talk about a heavenly scene? the]q/ mcarthur maze never loos like this. traffic slowing. this stretch of open lane heerz going towards 80s east.
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baltimore ravens kicker going from super bowl hero to "dancing with the stars". jones is the first person named to compete in the show, scoring a couple candidates against the niners this, is record setting. jones says he loves to dance. here is a what they're likely to see. dancing with the stars premiers march 18th. >> some parents love to get kids started in sports early
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but one family is taking this to the extreme. >> check out6[;÷ this 23-month d snow border. >> her name is eden grace. here she is barreling down the bunny slope. she's been doing runs since she was six weeks old. her mom says she loves it. >> we want to get on the first run so we wake up at 5:30 and get her out of bed. as soon as we mention snow she is excited bit. -- about it and knows she's going to the mountain autos she's adorable. she's not even two years old yet. she's got gear and loves to wear it around the house. she'll have sibling company but her 5-month-old sister will be joining her just as soon as she is old enough. >> you can tell she likes it. she heard her mom say snow you can hear her getting excited there. >> no snow, no rain.
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nothing but sunny skies now. how dry is it? well, these numbers indicate number of inches ofçu> would need right now to reach average level of rain. let's take a look at national conditions for tomorrow. dry in the nation's mid section. areas of light snow in rockies. pacific northwest rainfall tomorrow, state wide dry, mild condition was highs in mid to upper 60s for much of the northern two thirds of the state. down in los angeles, palm springs highs into low to mid-70s tomorrow, here is the bay area another sunny, mild
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day. highs in mid-60s around bait shore line moving into upper 60s. 68 into santa cruz into the week, highs intoed mid-70s. it's dry, rainfall deficit but weather here is awesome. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next food and your heart. a diet that could help save your life. >> guide lines helping parents make better zigsz about how to treater infections. á&aigrñ we told you about new ts on golden gate bridge.yo4 a rental car? do you get billed? the answer is next. >> and abc 7 news is hosting a job fair with our partners at job journal from noon to 4:00
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researchers in spain say diet is better than drugs to prevent major cardiovascular problems because diet has few, if any side affects. the research is published in new england journal of medicine. >> michael fibby is answering questions that you sent in and the first question comes from
4:47 pm
judyl41 mailing i have a debt with a pay day loan company not paid in full. they're now calling neighbors s this legal? >> here is the deal. it's legal for them to call your neighbor one time. they're not supposed to tell them they're from a debt collection agency unless they're asked that question. then, they can sayq ñ they work for. they can also not talk about your debt all they can ask for is where you live wrrx you work, and a telephone number contact. okay? that is the law. let me tell you what happens. a lot of rogue debt collectors call all of your neighbors, your boss, family members because they're trying to embarrass you. they want want to you pay the money. a law says that they can'tyei do that. hard to enforce. the state of california doesn't enforce laws anymore. you'd have to take them to court. if you owe a lot of money how would you afford to take them to court? >> this one from louis m.
4:48 pm
a representative came byñxñ by y house asking him to take a health sur vaichl he had an id card and wants to pay us $90. is this safe? >> wild. doesn't it sound like a rip off? it is not a rippoff. the federal government, the public health people are putting together a study paying $90. it's probably legit. i would want to you call, make sure. i've got a telephone number for you. you can call, make surety people you spoke po to is legit. but there is a huge)g(÷ study going on and they're paying $90. >> i've got an hour. >> liz beth asks when you're
4:49 pm
in a rental car crossing golden gate bridge. plate isn't registered to you. how do you get the bill? >> it's set up with new electronics when you rent a car there is going to be fine print saying you'll pay tolls. bad news is that they charge you for a toll whether going over or no. a fee in case you go overmg÷. then, penalties. it's a horrible deal. >> you're not getting away free. >> coming up next turning trash into hope. one doctor's idea to help stop a health threat. >> and buildings and homes blanketed with graffiti. it has residents fighting back. >> yahoo making a move going
4:50 pm
against the culture of silicon valley. we'll look at impolitics of
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a bay:)ú area doctor launchd a program to tackle a large scale problem. >> it doesn't involve expensive technology. >> what we're seeing here is that robe the village women have spun. >> they believe it can be a life plenty of sunshine to the developing world. dr. priest is battling a different kind of health threat. garbage. he says he found an epidemic. >> it's a public health problem. with this must garbage. children lived their lives in the garage -- garbage he had an idea dr. priest launch aid
4:54 pm
nonprofit called greenvillidge zero rubbish project paying villagers to collect trash. these pictures taken by the organization show how the backs are weighed, and villagers paid. >> there is incentive to do this. instant success. the group was able to secure recyclers with one exception, plastic bag autos they do not want plastic bags there is no recycling capability. >> the bags makeup a large percentage of the garbage. >> i twist the one strand. >> turning thousands of plastic bags into usable rope but weaving them together. >> and it creates a rope that
4:55 pm
can be used for anything. >> in fact what within a short time, villagers adapted the technique weaving the plastic bags into an incredible variety of plates, bowls and baskets. and now, they're selling them at markets. one design becomes a chair. >> they're that with bamboo but no one thought bit for making some plastics. >> they say it's so successful, it's up and running in three villages with two more to be added soon. there is no shortage of garbage. >> my hope is that as we fill in all of the necessary pieces we can expand it to the state of bihar, throughout inda, into neighboring country skparntz world.
4:56 pm
>> it's remarkable. >> 2500 villagers are participating. if you're interested how to help we have information on our web site. >> thanks for joining us i'm larry beil. >> graffiti hits home for3b3+y e community. tonight they're fed up, fighting back after their >> yahoo ceo making a decision changing the cull stur of silicon valley. >> i'm sandhya patel. get ready for a warm up sure to give you spring fever coming up. >> we want them to come home, safely. anything anyone can do... to help us. >> a mother's plea for help
4:57 pm
been a month since she's heard from her son. he's been on a tour with his girlfriend. >> family and friends&fnd are e hearing nudging from peru. we're live where they once worked. laura? >> that isá4p right. jamie neil is on leave from a bike shop here in just days her fellow employees here printed flyers and raised $4,000. that i5c#ns all families want, . >> we want him to come home, now. >> francine in her home but thoughts are 4,000 miles away with her son and his girlfriend. >> someone knows where they are. and we want them home, safe licht anything anyone can do
4:58 pm
we appreciate. >> both 25 they had visited argentina and chili when z.when they were in purry, activity stopped. there has been no activity in garrett's bank account. garrett's father says authorities have surveillance video of a couple leaving a lima bus station january 26th and a possible sighting of them getting on a boat to the amazon. >> we just are hanging in there. so we're by faith olding on that they're okay. >> garrett's parents and keep track of tips and information. jamie's family lives in sacramento. >> i'm in the going to listen to anyone until she call meez. >> last messages came january 25th they'd posted care free photos in days leading up to the disappearance.
4:59 pm
their families weren't too concerned believing they were just out of wi-fi or internet but then, u.s. state department issued a warning. >> we see that the u.s. embassy posted a warning to us us citizens that there is substantial evidence criminal activity of kidnapping u.s. sit sins in the month of february. >> there is no indication or information that that is what happened to the cuppem but that is a concern. garrett traveled around the world according to his family, and they're confident that he has the experience and ability to get through whatever night be happening that. said, the family is worried, and it's grow big the day. >> there is still no sign of a missing family lost in the pacific ocean. they've off the coast


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