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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in, november, 2007, i received e mails from a sender whom we'll call dick. he changed his name to protect his safety. he said the reward offered by the victim's daughter is our moat taigs vaigs to get the case solved. >> not unusual to have that as motive. this is a fairly large reward. >> dick wanted abc 7 news to introduce him to investigators since then, captain davis said they've had contact with him. >> the information provided to you we considered credible. >> a lot of legal obstacles prevented police from interviewing one suspect. but now, investigators believe they've they'll be able to meet with them. he told us she's surprised. >> she doesn't want to get herself to the point saying good, maybe there will be
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closure, this crushed her before. and she doesn't want to put herself there again at the moment. >> abc 7 news decided to hold the story at the request of police but now with this development we felt we can break the story without compromising them. police tell us now, they're ruling out no one as a perfect of interest or as a suspect. >> thank you. >> vick has another story tonight. >> it's a report about a woman whose live was turned upside down when a thief tried to black mail her what he found on her cell phone. >> you can see that story tonight at 11:00. >>uñ a search for a missing family off the coast of monterey. a call reached the coast guard saying he, his wife, a 4-year-old boy and another child had to abandon a sail
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boat. abc 7 news is at the coast guard station with the latest for us. mark? >> abc 7 has a photographer inside that have aircraft up over the search[ñ area right now. that aircraft this afternoon is the same one that has been flying last night and all day, today ever since the ghost guard got the call yesterday afternoon;d)g. we have a short portion of the call that came in yesterday. >> we're abandoning ship. >> the coast guard said the kauvt qaulz picked up and position figured. >> it was 60 miles off shore.
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signal was weak so. we had to piece twhoogt we can. >> the petty officer says before losing-¥3 contact, the husband told them he and his wife were trying to fashion a life raft. >> they said sed they had cool skbrer they're going to try to put them together to make a life raft because it's taking on water. >> coast guard has been launching planes and boats from monterey bay. >> you i heard it's rough and windy. >> the international guard flying two helicopters and a coast guard cutter dispatched search teams. te have every reason to believe the call is genuine. >> we believe there is evidence that four people out there need help. >> the sail boat had been out
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in rough conditions yesterday. forecasters issued an advisory warning about the conditions. as i said our photographer is up right now in that consider c 130 hercules over the search area, we'll let you know the minute we hear anything. >> the family of a day area couple missing in peru set up a war room at home in an effort to help track them down. they were both last seen one month ago. hahn's mother, family and friends are working together to find them. friends raised $4,000 so far fr a reward. they're worried because video calls and activity on the bank accounts all ended abruptly. that they're out in the wild of the amazon and just decided
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to extend their stay out there. and zront ability to make contact thoorts warned about activities and kidnappings this month. authorities are working together to try to help locate them. >> a group of students sat dwoun a chancellor today to talk about the future of that institution. college city fighting to keep accreditation. the meeting one of several demands made by students who started demonstrating last week. how did they do? >> well, not so good. they had demands asf@/b you sad now the students say they will walk out march 14th taking a case to city hall. >> we're a school in crisis. >> no one disputes city sclej in trouble but finding a way
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out has been a point of contention. >> we want to make changes but the solution administration proposes goes beyond that. and cuts are very dramatic. >> students met today for 40 minute wtz chance chancellor. this is one demand made on thursday.÷iil they occupied administration build oogt chancellor made clear we're goinsuw÷ to safety college and save our acred decision. >> some teaching positionsaj5dxy college may lose accreditation to make the collegey3 financially efficient. the college says it needs to renegotiate labor agreement autos we spend 92 cents on wages and benefits.
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>> students have not come up with other ways to bring in revenue, one proposal to obtaining a bridge loan until moneys become available at the end of the year. >> administration takes a stand to save our school then funds can be used to prevent those cuts. it's a question of priorities. >> they say it could put them in more debt. thexyíql= was recorded and you can hear it if you visit our wesh site and we have a link. >> thank you. a federal appeals court granted a two month retrieve to an oyster farm.
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the national park service can return the area to build wilderness, it was supposed to close in mid march. the 9thruzt quirkit court says serious legal questions need to be answered. the owner says quote, he is beyond thrill that had our business will now remain open while we continue to fight the decision that's have put our disback after this at risk. on the other side, environmentalist says they're confident that the district court got it right when deciding interior secretary had full discretion to let the lease expire. >> it is a brave new world at pixar animation studios. bag pipes greeted the director of brave brave. he received a welcome from his co-workers.
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mark andrews says pixar is a special place. >> they recognize the pool of talent heerk it's a building film win credible talent and we've made the films together. so there is some brilliant, smart people. >> this is the 7th win for the company. pixar is owned by disney. parent company of abc 7. >> a local catholic leader prips to join cardinals. tonight talking about the responsibility that weighs on him. >> in sacramento is the president and lawmakers don't reach a deal, spending cuts will take affect and californians will feel the pain. >> cloud free skies today,
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mild today and mildest weather is still to come. >> later more from hollywood.
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roman catholic cardinals from around the world are beginning to make their way to the vatican. abc 7 news spoke with cardal laveda today about taking part in this decision. >> cardinal laveda, before
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retiring last year he had one of the highest ranking positions at the catzc6y vein, today, he talk e.talks about the honor and responsibility of choosing a pope and just(óoe about reports of a short list of contenders. >> i don't know what the las vegas odds makers are saying today. changes are understand every day. >> he says he's excited about the opportunity to help select a pope. cardinals are eligible to vote and the 76-year-old is researching the process you put your vote in and tellers are there. >> laveda shared his criteria. >> one needs to look for a man of faith a man of prayer. a person who has shown
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qualities of leadership. >> the it is not without controversy including calls for los angeles cardinal mahony to opt out. he is accused of covering up he is accused of covering up for.em mahoney should attend. >> they will be among%lc÷ 117 cardinals casting+m(bn]utz to replace a man laveda has known well since the 1980s. when ascending he selected the former san francisco archbishop to a high ranking-vatican job. >> you can see we're friendly. we don't get together to go to movie autos still,h to have an emotional farewell on thursday before beginning a search. >> what is the biggest challenge? just a sense of responsibility? >> we're making a mistake.
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>> cardinal says he thinks next pope should be a younger man full of energy but no date has been set for the conclave to begin but the pope announced he has amendmented law to allow for an early start. >> thank you. >> the countdown to sequester continues tonight. it is a bitter pill created by congress to force them to make a better deal. >> tonight california going to lose billions if nothing changes by friday. >> if cuts go through, sek quest traigs will be felt hardest in california public schools, estimating between grants for low income kids, special ed students, head start and other programs million.
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the advisor president says that is bad news for urban area autos federal assistance tends to be sent out based on number of poor kids you have and kids at risk. >> $1 million in vaccine funding means 16,000 children will not be getting necessary shots. another hit for long term unemployed their checks could be smaller. >> we've been informed that the employment benefit auns nod for long term unemplied individuals could be cut by 10%. >> forget services like job training because edd administrative budget is in line for severe cut back autos that means our ability to answer the phone and process work loads and give people their benefits. >> elderly will be especially
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vul neverable. programs like meals and wheelz will not able provide much food. that means serving roughly 50,000 fewer meals a year. that is scaring paul williams because the check doesn't go far. >> pay rent utilities, medicine, and go to the grocery store i'm always hungry. >> public safety would be on the chopping block on california streets. >> all right. >> a lot of birds chirping. >> an early spring preview. so we had sunny skies today, we had moody skies. let me show you. looking at the moon which is near full phase under clear
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skies. what a gorgeous view. a beautiful sunset, now a beautiful moon rise. not picking up anything in the way of clouds and precipitation. here is a look from our camera at western sky now. 55 in oakland and san jose. more temperature readings for you. also, a clear view. 57 degrees now in santa rosa. 55 in napa. forecast features weelt have clear and cool conditions tonight. lows dropping into 30s. mildest days still to come. temperatures climbing into 70s in some locations by the end of the week. why it's pleasant and dry now.
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high pressure is adco: controllg factor right now. as it remains there all week long we'll continue to have dry, mild conditions and thinking of the dry it's drier than average now after a wet start. now, we're below seasonal averages for rainfall. now to owe-to-come up to average levels for this time of the rainy season. most locations two to three inches of rain appears to be not in the immediate forecast future, clear and chilly with lows into mid to upper 30s near bay shore line and coast. then, korj a sunny day, mild again, high temperatures in the south bay into mid-60s. zç upperlo alto mid tom
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50s on the coast. 64 degrees, 62 degrees in downtown san francisco. mid to upper 60s, 67 napa. inland east bay, mid to upper 60s and here is the accu-weather forecast. a few clouds entering wednesday and thursday. a threat of precipitation. high temperatures up to 70s inland. by thursday, mid-70s by friday. it's going to just tape yir off throughout the weekend. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next new he dikt from the boss at
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wall street redistricts to the probability of automatic spending cuts. dow jones took a $200 plunge.
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affect on friday. hewlett-packard unloaded the system sold to lg electronics for use in its internet connected tvs. founder of barns and noble chain says he wants the bookstores and web site but not unit making the e reader, barns and noble stock rose 9%. and at and t signed with general motors to take over the on star far phone system now operated by verizon. >> well, yahoo's decision to pull the plug on telecommuting sparked a fierce debate. am lou employees to work from home. the cceo sent a strongly worded memo to employees
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saying in june, employees must report to the headquarters to work. those that don't want to can quit. other high tech companies say they can't imagine losing the time. >> working from home just changed my personality in outlook on work. i work longer. >> both encourage people to go to the office by offering meals and other freebie autos there is more still to come at 6:00. the i team looks at a cancer causing chemical in the drinking water only to find there is no standard for how much is safe. >> is solution prof detectiving your credit card actually adding to the problem? i'm michael finney. we'll look into the question ahead on 7 on your side.
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>> actress jennifer lawrence's back stage encounter last night at the oscars.
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sky 7 hd is over the scene of an apartment fire, crews just arriving here. >> these are live pictures of the fire at emer son on park boulevard. sky 7 is overhead. the flames are not ferocious, you can see, it doesn't look like it's spread bug we're keeping an eye on it. >> when laws are passed we're expected to follow them, when we don't we get in trouble. >> but it seems a state agency is not falling a law passed to keep our drinking water safe. >> what not doing to protect our water supply. >> the compound is used in industry, part of the chrome
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plate prog ses there. is no debate kit cause cancer. infirmed yet state has been@á4ç slow to act. it is found in water across california. data shows it has been detected in 52 of the 58 counties believed to cause cancer when ingested but there is debate on how much is harmful to drink. the i team sampled water in four locations. we followed instructions, took samples and brought them to mccampbell lab. the only lab in the bay area doing latest epa tests in drinking water. we wanted to compare results to the state standard. one problem with the law on the books the state never established way. >> it's delay, delay.
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>>tí erine(bf2 brocka very muche it infamous. her every yorts helped spark mandating to come up with a maximum contaminant level in 2004. >> you're supposed to be here to help protect the health and welfare of a community or of a state. and you're not doing that. >> we asked to speak to someone from the department of public hchblg they declined because this, natural resources defense council and environmental working group filed a lawsuit against department of public health over a lack of a standard. >> if you think about the number of children, number adults have been exposed for a lifetime at this point. >> like it or not it takes about 10 years to get that information. >> bruce is a toxicologist with u.s. epa. he says it takes time to set
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standards and points out more tests need to be done. also believes there is no cause to worry. >> i don't think we have any, or there would only be a few folk that's owe would be at risk at this point. >> in july, 2011 the athe public health goal at 0.02 points per billion. according to the web site, the public health goal means for every million people who drank that level daily for 70 years one person would get cancer. brokavich says it is enough to use it as a standard. >> they didn't set a public
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health goal that low unless something above that could jeopardize public health and welfare. >> much of the research has been done in glendale where levels are high. don's team has been successful in gegt it done to one part per billion pointing out interest there is no perfect ses to -- process to get it down to the health goal. our tests in livermore they're also running tests we found none at this park. and that is almost 25 times higher than public health goal. the numbers jumped moving to san jose. drinking fountain in the administration building had 1.64 parts per billion. 82 times greater than the
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public health goal no. place had more than riley park in san jose. 2.95 parts per billion. 147 times higher than the goal. numbers like these are frustrating because of the lack of action. >> you have a lot to deal w you're ignoring it and you're personally responsible for putting people in jeopardy. >> the state department says it will release a draft standard that summer that will be open for public comment. tomorrow night, you'll hear what two local water companies say about our samples. >> thank you. >> coming up next michael finney looks at security in the cloud. >> safety of
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ifkdá[ you have ever lost yr wallet or purse you know what
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a nightmare it is. >> there is another solution tonight michael finney is here to take a look at how safe and effective this option is. >> the answer for some is in the cloud. idea is to back up your information on the internet and have access to it pretty much everywhere you go. >> the 22-year-old has accumulated a lot of important information in her short years, driver's lice credit cards, nearly two dozen different cards tied to her name. it's not anything she she would wrant to lose thachl is where lemon wallet comes in. >> so lep onwall yet is an app backing up contents of your wallet. the way it does this is you take photos of the cards carried around. >> the information would be in
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the cloud available anywhere have you access to the internet. the app is free but $40 a year, premium service helps you cancel or replace lost or stolen identification cards. >> it's convenient when you can start adding things like loyalty or membership cards. >> you'll be able to swipe your cell phone to make purchases to identify yourself at the gym or library. >> what we try to build is your wallet at home. >> rainy wrightman is concerned about putting personal information in the cloud. >> people don't want you to carry it in your physical wallet. >> she says since 2005 there
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have been 600 million data breeches involving 3,000c+#7t companies. some, involving the cloud but lemon wallet says information is encrypted and pin-protected. >> we're encrypted them. a pin is a piece of that. >> rainy says for those uncomfortable with a four digit pin it's worth"ppv $40 a year to get an extra layer prof tex and a second pass word. jill from pc magazine says make sure your lemon wallet pin is separate from your cell phone pin. awful them should be separate, none of us do that. >> thank you. >> we want to let you know more than 800 jobs are available in the next job journal hire event. >> yes.
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you'll find jobs from retail to education. >> up next jennifer lawrence on stage, back stage
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a lot of people talking and tweeting about best actress winner jennifer lawrence, she's the golden girl of the os zars and her best win was actual lit third most tweeted moment of the oscar with 71,600 tweets per minute. adele's performance of sky mofts-tweeted moment was argo's best picture win. abc 7 news takes a look at oscars most-tweetable moment. to to hear twitter verse tell
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it, seth mcfarl ynd isn't billy crystal. >> other people weren't necessarily into him. >> worst oscar host ever. it's that bad? >> a disaster. >> among high points, racy opening number and sock puppets. >> all systems go, okay. >> on you tube bloopers went viral like this one. >> she had a wedgey, trying to pick out her under war. >> sandra bullock ended up making a weird face. >> then, jennifer lawrence. >> that trip just blew up the internet. >> nothing alcohol won't cure. >> i'm sorry. i did a shot. >> as for winners and losers, now everyone has a voice on
6:46 pm
social media there is a company in silicon valley tracking who would have won if all of the votes had counted. >> what we wanted to focus on is just how people feel about you know certain movies. >> raj's kch found out masses agreed with the academy for best actor and actress. but not for best picturehíí< using software differentiates between positive and negative posts saying people chose lincoln. academy's choice announced from the white house. >> now in addition to the fall jennifer lawrence had a moment back stage as well doing an interinterview with george stephanopoulos when jack nicholson stop bid to
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introduce himself. >> thank you. thank you. >> i'll be waiting. >> oh, my god. >> i was going to ask you what you're going to remember about tonight. >> in case you didn't hear it, he says you look like an old girlfriend she goes really do i look like a new girlfriend? >> it was a good bit. >> spencer christian. >> nobody does it like jack. >> yes. >> cloud-free rye skye right now. state wide, mild to warm in southern california here in the bay area sunny skies again, high temperatures mid to upper 60s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. showing continue situation of
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a stream by the end of the week. it's looking good. >> no rain coming up? >> not for the for seeable forecast future. >> this is sounding like baseball weather. >> yes. >> somela- giants news. >> it's funny. weather as been rising. >> you know about bruce bocci. tonight spotlighting his son, tonight spotlighting his son, bre. working hisys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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good evening, going to spring training you want to see favorite players and action. kind of a rough outing for the bocci family. we'll explain. the giants scored six times in
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brett was tagged for five runs in the 8th. he hit to it patio furniture. paddy-o, paddy o. it's every father's dream while playing catch with their son to see their boy make it to the big leagues. >> giants manager is watching his pitching staff closely this, year, it includes his son, brett. >> it's all business i want to get here, off the field we can resume our normal relationship. >> hopefully i don't provide anymore stress than he needs. >> he worked hard to get here. so... i'm going to look at the rest of the guys here. it's special. >> brett drafted as a closer. last season he had a 7-3
6:53 pm
record with 14 safe autos what are you looking to accomplish? >> trying to see what the pitching coaches want to tell me and change. >> with seemingly half a bull pen, he'll see more game action. >> just pitch with locations. >> he's getting hazed but knows he can learn from starting rotation and his manager. >> my dad. so he's been a roled whoel for me both on, and off the field. >> a's and indians in phoenix. we're starting with d.
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the sliding patch. nice stab. and guns down. defense ended. 21 runs were scored. this rarely happens and now it's not like he's playing for free but agreed to a three-year extension. $9 million a year for a franchise can be, a huge bargain. they could use the money for firewood. really. the linebacker made national news ran the 40th today slower than scouts were expecting but he's done and said he was so stressed out, just wants to
6:55 pm
move on. >> yes. >> thank autos join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then no one has seen anything like it. >> one for the lifetime. do. >> how a car ended up upside down. >> remarkable. then at 11:00 a report on a cell phone theft turned black mail. >> tonight at 11:35 matthew fox, roda mitchell. that is coming up on jimmy kimmel tonight. >> another great weather resource for you. you can help follow us on twitter and get latest videos and alerts all kinds of advisories. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> that does it for this >> that does it for this edition of
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are our three finalists -- a research chemist, originally from charlotte, north carolina... ...a strategic analyst for nasa from huntsville, alabama... ...and a high-school world-history teacher
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from chicago, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. [ chee applause ] welcome aboard. today -- the first half of our championship. we're gonna start the week off by talking about money. there's a $50,000 guarantee for a third-place finish, a $100,000 guarantee for a second-place finish, and $250,000 for our tournament of champions winner. colby, kristin, and keith, you've all been very impressive so far. but now, yeah -- we're getting down to it. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round, shall we? here are the categories. colby, you pick first from...
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and finally... nelson mandela -- one of the greatest men of our t from the scenes of his low points and his triumphs. alex: colby, you start. let's go with nelson mandela, $200. ime alex: colby, you start. sarah, start. let's go with nelson mandela, $200. during his long imprisonment here on robben island, nelson mandela began secretly writing his autobiography, aptly titled "long walk to" this. kristin. what is "freedom"? good. 3 last words for $200. [ beep ] "what is 'why, oh, why can't i?'" "why can't i?" kristin. let's do variety slanguage for $200. kristin. what is an agent? good. variety slanguage for $400.


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