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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 26, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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here. >> great to have you both back from the oscars in los angeles. we're going to have details on the crash coming in and on the monster blizzard, that sam was talking about. we're going to get that from him just ahead. it's been hitting throughout the northwest. some major, major video and developments overnight. we're going to start with josh and the balloon air crash in egypt. quite a few people dead. >> we have just learned a 19 ut tourist has died after a hot air balloon exploded and plummeted to the ground in the city of luxor. people tried to jump for their lives. egyptian officials said at least 20 tourists were flying over luxor, when the balloon caught fire and plunged to the ground. christopher michelle is an american photographer. he was in another hot air balloon, close to the one that crashed. >> this is a popular tourist thing to do in luxor, which is to float over the ancient temples. there are eight or nine
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balloons. they do it almost every day. it's a fairly common activity. as we were coming in to land, i heard a loud explosion. saw smoke. i didn't realize it was another balloon. we were close to the ground. as you probably know, in the luxor, they burn the sugar cane. i assumed it was coming from the ground, not obviously one of the balloons. >> reporter: michelle said he couldn't see the other balloon until after his had landed safely. >> emergency vehicles started to arrive. over in next hour or two, we started to understand the extent of the tragedy. >> reporter: another woman described the scene to the bbc. >> it exploded in the air. and people were jumping out of the balloon. so, i believe they died out of jumping, not of the explosion. >> reporter: egyptian security reports three are being treated for their injures. and that the tourists included citizens of france, britain, belgium, hungary, japan and hong kong. that's not the first big crash at the site. 16 tourists were injured in 2009, when a balloon struck a cell phone tower. we'll have updates as news
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becomes available this morning. now, to your money and new worries on wall street this morning, after the worst loss of the year. the dow plummeted more than 200 points monday, thanks in part to an indecisive election in italy that could accelerate europe's debt crisis. that instability sent oil prices plunging this morning. and the white house stepping up u.s. involvement in syria's bloody civil war. secretary of state john kerry has promised the rebels trying to overthrow bashar al assad that support from the u.s. is coming. though he didn't elaborate further. he did persuade rebel leaders to attend a conference in rome this week. "the new york times" reports that saudi arabia is already shipping weapons to the rebels, something president obama has refused to do in the past. and next time you're tempted to illegally download music or movies online, you could be in store for a rather rude awakening. beginning this week, the top internet providers will be tracking illegal downloads as part of the new copyright alert system, organized by the entertainment industry.
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you will get six warnings to stop. and then the real punishment kicks in. your service provider will temporarily slow your connection to a crawl. have you seen first lady michelle obama's wardrobe change from the oscars? we saw mrs. obama in her sleeveless silver gown, looking lovely, as she announced "argo's" win for best picture. but then take a look at the version that aired overseas. first lady, a bit more covered up after media in iran got done photoshopping the image. the iranian version on the right, more in line with muslim modesty codes. but "argo" got the win. they could not photoshop that win away. going to get more on the monster blizzard blasting the middle of the country. sam out in l.a., tracking it all. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. and following the same path as the last one. this is another active day. 21 states have winter weather watches, warnings or advisories.
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they go from kansas, oklahoma, shoot all the way up to the great lakes. then, get into maine and drive down into the carolinas. 21 inches of snow in that panhandle of texas. take a look what it looks like when this snow falls in amarillo. they're having to use every piece of equipment they can to get the snow out of the way. wichita, the exact same thing. it was just last week wichita got pounded with snow. they get pounded again. the winter storm warnings are still out today for heavy snow. kansas city is right in the heart of it. so is our ginger zee. she's live in kansas city this morning. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: sam, it's another morning commute stifled. cars socked in by fresh snow. highways closing. remember, i was just here. but this storm is a little different. it had another violent feature, the wind. the raging blizzard, bringing whiteouts and record snow to parts of north texas. also fueling devastating fires in the southeastern part of the state. including one blaze that burned a mobile home, killing a mother
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and her twin toddlers. >> came outside and looked. and i looked across the street. and the house was on fire. >> reporter: in corpus christi, wind-whipped dust made driving look like this. and watch as the side of this building in austin crumbles. after being battered by 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. this morning, even as the storm moves east, it is thrashing highways, from oklahoma to kansas. roads now caked in snow. here in missouri, the morning commute will be nearly impossible. it's the second major snow in less than a week. and while grocery store shelves in kansas city were cleared in anticipation -- the remnants of last week's wallop in wichita came crashing down, in time to make room for a fresh coat. tens of thousands are already without power. you can see why. it's heavy and wet snow weighing
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down the tree limbs. we'll see much more of that and roof collapses, too, elizabeth? >> all right, ginger. thank you so much. now, we're going to turn to the headlines coming in right now on the pope. we just learned that benedict will be called emeritus pope and will wear white after he steps down next week. his retirement this week is being clouded by scandal, as there are more calls to stop an american cardinal from participating in the election of the next pope. abc's david wright is in rome right now with the very latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. there's never before been a precedent for a cardinal stepping aside because of a scandal. now there is. that make it uncomfortable for other cardinals tainted by scandals. among them, roger mahoney, who, for years, covered up for pedophile priests. for 24 hours, britain's cardinal keith o'brien has holed up in this home in scotland. >> the holy father accepted the
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resignation of cardinal o'brien. >> reporter: on sunday, a british newspaper reported he sexually harassed four seminarians in the 1980s. while o'brien insists the presence were false, his presence at the conclave would be a distraction. there's another scandal, one that is demonstrably true, that also threatens to be a distraction. >> i think it's important to raise these kinds of issues. >> reporter: roger mahoney protected pedophile priests for more than a decade. already in rome, last night, he blogged about his disgust, with a culture so quick to accuse, judge and condemn. what happened to the norm of giving others the benefit of the doubt until hard evidence proves otherwise? he wre. in mahoney's case, thousands of pages of documents released under a court order were so damning, his successor publicly rebuked him. >> nothing's changed. and nothing will change. with a new pope, i don't think it's going to -- that new pope is going to be saddled with
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cardinal roger mahoney. >> reporter: but the vatican supports mahoney. so does america's highest-ranking official. >> he's the first one to apologize for errors in judgment he made. i believe he should be at the conclave. >> reporter: the process to replace pope benedict is on fast track. the timing of all this, the deacon of the cardinals will summon the college of cardinals on friday to a meeting that will take place on monday. that won't be the beginning of the conclave. it's the beginning of the process. george? >> david, looking forward to joining you in rome for that in a couple days. right now, we turn to washington and the budget stalemate that means across-the-board spending cuts to start to kick in on friday. no talks about solving the problem. instead, the two parties are fighting about what the cuts will mean and who's to blame. jon karl has more from the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the white house is loudly sounding the alarms about what
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these cuts will mean. but republicans are accusing the president of trying to scare the american people. the white house has already warned of airport delays and meat shortages and lost jobs. now, greater risk of terrorist attack. >> i don't think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country. >> reporter: the president invited the nation's governors to lunch at the white house monday, warning of cuts that will hurt their states. >> the longer these cuts are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >> reporter: the white house has put together a state-by-state report on how the cuts will hurt the disadvantaged. in louisiana, for example, more than 1,700 children will not receive vaccinations. 600 will lose access to child care. but just minutes after lunch with the president, louisiana's republican governor accused him of fear-mongering. >> he's trying to scare the american people. he's trying to distort the impacts. >> reporter: are you saying they won't happen if the cuts happen? the way they're planned out?
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>> i'm saying the president needs to show leadership and tell congress how he can cut $85 billion without cutting these critical services. >> reporter: we put that directly to the secretary of homeland security. governor jindal says the administration is scaring people. he says the president is scaring people. is that just wrong? >> if people are scared it's because the full impact of this is finally being made evident. >> reporter: later this morning, the president travels to newport news, virginia, to highlight how the uncertainty of the defense cuts has put 5,000 shipbuilding jobs on the line. the idea here, george, is to put pressure on republicans. but one top republican leader in congress said, quote, mr. president, this is no time for a road show. so, the finger-pointing continues. >> and it will for some time. jon karl, thanks very much. now, we're going to turn to the latest on the family that went missing at sea over the weekend. they told the coast guard they were abandoning ship near monterey, california.
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now, there's a massive manhunt on the way to find them. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: overnight, the frantic search continuing, from the sky and the sea. using infrared technology to find a family who apparently went missing sunday evening, after reporting their sailboat was sinking. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the "charm blow." we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard says that call came in from a location about 65 miles west of monterey, south of san francisco. investigators say they pieced together clues from a series of broken distress calls. and believe the boaters were a husband and wife, their 4-year-old son and his cousin. the coast guard says the family's 29-foot sailboat was taking on water and the engine had stopped working. the boat apparently has no functioning gps system or a lifeboat. >> they said they had a cooler and a life ring. they were going to try to put them together to make some sort of life raft. >> reporter: the coast guard has yet to locate the sailboat, which they believe is named "charm blow," even though it's
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not rej zered. and the identities of those aboard remains a mystery, too, since no one has filed a missing persons report. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> that is a tough story. we're going to turn to robin's exclusive interview with first lady michelle obama. all over the headlines this week, especially after that surprise appearance at the oscars to announce the best picture. robin sat down with her before heading to l.a. to talk about the first lady's let's move campaign and more. including how the president is handling a teenager in the white house. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> reporter: it really seemed, mrs. obama, that you and the president and your family, this time around, really took in the moment. was that the case? >> absolutely. we made a conscious decision to take this in because four years ago, it was a whirlwind. so, this was one of those times where we had to just stop and breathe and appreciate all that we'd accomplished and all that was left to do. >> reporter: as president obama begins his second term, gun
7:13 am
violence has become an issue close to both the president and the first lady. in january, mrs. obama attended the funeral of one young victim in chicago, gunned down just a week after performing at the inauguration. >> hadiya was an honor student. one of the things her mother said at the funeral, she said, you know, i did everything i was supposed to do. and she was absolutely right. she did everything she was supposed to do. she was standing in a park, with her friends, in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grew up, where our house is. and she was caught in the line of fire. i just don't want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. i want them to know that we put them first. >> reporter: our country's children have long been the focus of mrs. obama's time in the white house. this is the third anniversary of her "let's move" campaign, taking on childhood obesity. what have you accomplished with
7:14 am
let's move? and what remains to be done? >> when we started, there were a lot of people in this country that would have never thought that childhood obesity was a health crisis. but now, we're starting to see rates of obesity coming down, like never before. this new initiative that we're announcing, the "myplate recipe partnership," where we're collaborating with some of the top media companies in this country. and they are compiling and labeling and promoting recipes that meet the myplate guidelines. >> reporter: now, before i let mrs. obama go, i couldn't resist asking about her latest trend-setting move. yep. those new bangs. there's no hotter topic -- >> okay. oh, what? >> reporter: no hotter topic, than your bangs. >> bangs? what bangs? >> you know, you forced me to go rigless. in december, my wonderful stylist picked out a wig for me. in december. >> really? >> you didn't debut this until january. take a look at this picture.
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>> my goodness. that's cute. >> i was going to do that -- but everybody would have thought i was copying you when i came back. >> robin, you are so gorgeous. you are one of the women who can do whatever to your hair and you look great. >> thank you. >> you can mix it up. >> that was december, the wig. >> robin had it first. robin -- i'm following you. >> not at all. but that's the spirit of everything. and when i think about your children, malia's going to be 15 in july. >> i know. >> and your husband has kind of joked just a little bit about the knock, knock, knock, 1600 pennsylvania avenue young man. is he really concerned about that? >> no. i think he likes to -- fathers in particular, i don't think they really know how they're going to feel until it happens. you know? there's nothing like the look on his face when malia dresses up for a party and she's heading out.
7:16 am
and she walks past him. and you can see his face sort of just drop a little bit. like, what was that? he's a little gray. people think the gray is from his job. it's from his children. so, we'll see how that goes. >> welcome to the club on that one. >> good luck. >> i'm loving all the details that are coming in about the secret oscar announcement. >> it was like something out of "argo." >> one of the producers told "the hollywood reporter" they had to fly secretly to the white house. they had to keep it off all of the manifests, all of the program runs. and the first lady said yes immediately. i think it's a great idea. they watch movies all the time. and they pulled it off. >> they sure did. that was great. >> it was. we're going to go back to sam champion in l.a. with more on the weather because we have breaking news on tornado warnings. hey, sam. >> good morning, everybody. yeah. it's the same snowstorm, elizabeth, that we talked about, delivering snow in the northern half. and the strong to severe storms are in the southern sections. those tornado watches and warnings are out from tampa, all
7:17 am
the way to savannah. that includes jacksonville, florida. you see the areas in the boxes. this is live at this time. we have warnings in the highlighted red area. that's the area just west of gainesville, florida. this is where the strong storms will light up during the day today. we think it will be almost an all-day event. north florida, south georgia, the carolinas, as well. we're very interested in this. and you should know that one or two storms could develop some isolated tornadoes today. a look at who gets more snow in the storm today. it's somewhere from chicago, to detroit, to boston, into maine. that could be an additional eight inches of snow for some folks.
7:18 am
>> the warming trend begins today, with spring warm and spilling into the first half of the weekend. mainly mid-to-upper 60's and san francisco is 62 and mid-to-upper 60's along coast. tonight the temperatures are hang out in the mid-to-upper 50's inland and 40 around the bay and squeezing out and coming up on "gma," the latest in the controversial trial of the star college quarterback. what the police interrogation tapes reveal right now. also, america's it girl. big changes for jennifer lawrence this morning. the video that's gone viral when jack nicholson popped up during
7:19 am
george's exclusive interview with her backstage at the oscars. lara, what have you got? >> elizabeth, we have a cast of 11. "dancing with the stars." a bit of a clue. two are olympic gold medalists. >> who? i've discovered gold.
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now i love gorton's skillet crisp tilapia. cooked in my skillet, it's lightly coated with real herbs and spices, tasting crisp and delicious. ♪ trust the gorton's fisherman ♪ >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. the coast guard is resuming a
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search this morning for a family missing off the coast of monterey, with boats searching for an unidentified man and his wife and season and cousin. our photographers joined yesterday's search 120 mile off the monterey coast and the search started after a distress call from the sinking ship and the aerial search has resumeed. now, how does it look? >> a bunch of hot spots, we have southbound 680, danville an accident jammed to walnut creek, and eastbound 580, c.h.p. just now issuing a sig-alert for this, two lanes are blocked, multi-cars involved at the top of the dublin grade and westbound 580 at airway an accident there blocking a lane of traffic, and southbound to 880 is. squad because of an early accident at fremont. >> we will talk warming trend
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>> we have a beautiful picture from the east bay hills to the west with all sunshine out this right now and temperature is 47 in san francisco and 43 in san jose, and 35 to 36 around walnut creek and palo alto and mill valley. and san jose, south bay, sunny this morning, you are going to hit 66, and that is the same temperature use should be this time of the year but everyone else is one to four degrees warmer as we are in the mid-to-upper
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[ cheers and applause ] d.j. kiss in l.a. this morning. there's tom bergeron this morning. he's going to peek behind the curtain. we're counting down, just 45 minutes or so, until everyone should know. >> he has to know. >> you would think so. lara and sam out in los angeles, with more clues to the new cast. hey, lara. >> we have some clues for you. as to who the dancers are. one of them is known more for
7:29 am
singing. in fact, a five-time grammy winner. >> it's elvis. >> it's not elvis. >> this list is so secret, even tom bergeron has to peek behind the curtain. and he's the head of the show, by the way. and another one. in this ring, this champ is a knockout. that's another clue. another clue. >> we have olympians, grammy winners and a knockout in the ring. george, any guesses? >> does that mean he was knocked out or he knocked someone out? >> that's a clue, george. no follow-ups to clues. >> it's not elvis. it is not muhammad ali. >> all right. we'll find out, shortly, when we get back to sam and lara and tom bergeron out in los angeles. we have a much more serious story coming up in this half hour. there's escalating concerns this morning for a young american couple who vanished during a bike trip in peru, south america. we're going to have the very latest on the desperate search to find the pair who haven't
7:30 am
been heard from in almost a month. >> a long time. on a lighter note, it is one of the great pieces of video we've seen in forever. there's the first of several remarkable reactions when jack nicholson bombed george's interview with jennifer lawrence, after winning best actress for her part in "silver linings playbook." much more on the woman who has become america's new it girl. >> a little gift for everyone who sends out our viral video. we're going to begin with the crucial testimony in the trial of the star montana quarterback. jordan johnson was on the stand in his defense on monday. in this case that has divided the community, his fate is likely to rest on how he handles the next round of questions. linsey davis is here with more on this. >> reporter: the defense called it the she said/she said case. others are calling it trial by twirt. bloggers are tweeting play-by-play updates about the quarterback who now faces up to
7:31 am
100 years in prison. for the first time, jurors are hearing firsthand what he has to say in his he said/she said case in montana. jordan johnson, at the center of this alleged sexual assault case. >> i don't think i had intentions of a relationship. >> reporter: johnson's lawyers maintain the football player had consensual sex with a classmate. from the witness stand, a soft-spoken and demure johnson detailed the extent of their relationship. including the text messages they exchanged. >> i honestly don't remember. how's it going? how is school going? >> did you -- >> she came to my dormroom. and i went over to her dormroom. >> reporter: police say the night of the alleged incident, the woman invited johnson to her room to watch a movie.
7:32 am
what happened next depends on who you believe. in this police interrogation tape played for jurors last week, johnson says the two began kissing on the woman's bed before things went further. if she had said stop or no, he says he would have stopped. but shortly after the incident, johnson's accuser texted a friend saying, i think i might have just gotten raped. i said no, but he wouldn't listen. she later told another friend, maybe i wanted it. early in the day monday, the jury heard the accuser's brother, saying their sister struggled telling the family about the alleged ordeal. >> she started off really calm. and then, by the end, she started breaking down. >> reporter: in those audio recordings played in court from the victim's family, her mother and brother talk about how she's changed. that she cries more and has become more guarded. the defense is trying to paint a picture of being jealous of another woman johnson had just started seeing.
7:33 am
the trial resumes tomorrow. let's get more from "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. what a crucial decision to go on that stand. >> and this testimony is going to be make-or-break to some degree. the jurors will be watching what he says and how he says it. they're going to be looking at his eyes and his body language. his credibility is this case. she's already testified. the jurors have watched her testimony. they've heard her testimony. they've heard her account. now, this is his opportunity to get up there and say something very different than what they previously heard. exactly how he says this becomes crucial. >> all he has to do is plant a seed of doubt. >> that's the problem for prosecutors here, right? if these jurors believe it's more likely than not that she was raped, that's a not guilty verdict. there has to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt. that's a high standard, particularly in a case like this, where you have her account and his account.
7:34 am
and you have dueling medical experts, et cetera. prosecutors have the enormous burden. that's why this is such a tough case. >> see how he handles cross-examination. back on the stand tomorrow. >> the direct examination is the easy part. the harder part is when he's cross-examined. turning to the growing mystery of the young california couple who vanished on their dream vacation in peru a month ago. the question this morning is, could they have been kidnapped? abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the search is on for this young couple on the vacation of a lifetime. bicycling through south america for several months. worrying only about taking the next great photo. but then, one month ago, silence. and now, their families are asking, where are 25-year-old garrett hand and his girlfriend, jamie neal? >> they would post sometimes several times a day. pictures, telling us where they
7:35 am
were. and then, we all noticed that his postings stopped. >> reporter: on january 25th, the last facebook post from cuso, peru. neal writing, finally found kraft mac and cheese in south america. hand's mom is sick. >> larkin remembers garrett's password. and it turned out the password was also the password was also the password for his bank account. >> reporter: and there's no bank activity after january 25th. >> how is my son traveling without getting any money? >> reporter: just this month, the u.s. date department issued a warning for americans traveling to peru. highlights kid nals in cuzco, the same city that neal was facebooking. the couple might have gotten oen a boat to ecuador. a country not on their itinerary. but hand's mother says, wherever
7:36 am
they are, she should have heard from them by now. >> that's a long time, particularly for people who are in their mid-20s, who communicate daily on the internet. >> reporter: hand's sister hopes her brother will be home, playing with his niece and nephew again soon. >> come home. your family needs you in california with them. >> reporter: and neal's bosses at a bike shot in california are also joining in on the search. raising money to offer as a cash reward to anyone with information on where neal and hand may be. >> a mystery. let's hope so. time to go back out to los angeles and check in with sam champion for a look at the nation's severe weather this morning, sam. >> yeah. we're starting severe. even though this is the southern part of that big snow system. the severe storms are what's breaking out first and early this morning. take a look at where we expect the severe storms to be today. and stay up with your local abc stations. it's really in the southeast. this area got heavy rain
7:37 am
yesterday. a lot of the gulf coast even the panhandle of florida. jacksonville, orlando, all the way up the carolina coastline. beware there could be severe storms. you get rain by afternoon in d.c. from this system. this was a snowmaker in the middle of the country. it becomes a rainmaker in the mid-atlantic. quick look at the big boards to show you the system that was on the west coast, moves in to become another mountain snow in the west. a few we are live this morning here in l.a., for the "dancing with the stars" cast reveal. so live, we have an audience, by the way, that is here.
7:38 am
let's go back to new york, to george, elizabeth and josh. >> thank you, sam. coming up, big changes for jennifer lawrence just revealed. plus, we'll have more of the oscar moment that's gone viral. there's jack nicholson crashing our interview. and sam just said. the clock's clicking down. who is headed to the ballroom for the blockbuster new season of "dancing with the stars"? we're revealing the entire cast live. don't go away. max and penny kept o tore exciting and would always come to my rescue. but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ back, now, at 7:42 here in los angeles. the latest on jennifer lawrence. the interview that george did with her right after she won the oscar. then crashed by jack nicholson. it has gone viral. one of the most popular videos online. and brand-new pictures overnight, that she's dyed her hair black as she gets ready to film the next "hunger games" movie. chris connelly has the details. >> jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence didn't just win an oscar. she won the whole oscar season. every bit, the it girl next door. for her unpretentious exuberance. >> i'm sorry. i did a shot. >> reporter: gone viral and then some, backstage banter with three-time oscar winner, jack
7:43 am
nicholson, during her interview with george stephanopoulos. >> thank you. >> i don't mean to crash your interview. >> you're being really rude. >> i wanted to congratulate you. you look like an old girlfriend of mine. >> do i look like a new girlfriend? >> i thought about it. >> oh, my god. is he still here? >> i'll be waiting. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: even her occasional slip on awards show staircases. >> people are standing up because they feel bad that i fell. >> reporter: only ratifying how refreshing she seems. a modeling contract, as the new face of miss dior, and a bright future on-screen. >> she is the hottest female entertainment star on the planet. she's an acting camilhameleonch. but she doesn't take herself too seriously. >> reporter: she has roles in two film franchises. "the x-men" series and "the
7:44 am
hunger game" trilogy, in which she will return as catness everdean. post-oscar, the sky's the limit, for the young actress who began her career at age 6, playing an edgy role in a church play. >> my mom tells the story, she was playing a prostitute. i guess i had a feather boa. story, anybody. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> brilliant. completely unfiltered. coming up, anne hathaway's oscar switch. and a little bit of this. why are we showing badminton? trust me. you will have new respect for badminton when we return. you will have new respect for badminton when we return. go nowhere. i wo. cally that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses.
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7:48 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> not a second to waste.
7:49 am
thank you, control room. and thus, we go. the greatest point of badminton, you will ever see. i just want to show you. rallies don't normally last this long, regardless. but it had everything. power shots, dig, great defense. play at the net. and watch how it ends. it is unbelievable. there's no way the kid in the blue is going to get back. and then, bang. look at that. >> are you kidding? [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long...
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7:54 am
d.j. kiss. >> now from abc7 news. san jose will be the largest city in the country to ban sty row phone food containers. the restaurant association says it would harm small businesses more than it would help the environment. if a final bill passes the ban takes effect in january. >> starting for feel warm the mike nicco has the forecast. >> check out this picture from
7:55 am
mount tamalpais looking back at ocean beach. temperatures run a degree cooler in santa rosa and oakland is the same and everyone else is three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. the seven-day outlook shows the warm of the afternoon is thursday, friday, and saturday. >> a grind southbound 680, live in walnut creek an early accident at danville, gone, but you backup remains and we have a sig-alert in effect east 580 blocking two lanes at the top of the dublin
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ i'm on the edge of glory good morning, america. and get ready to dance. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory >> the sizzling new season of ballroom battles is about to begin. we're revealing the entire cast of "dancing with the stars" and their partners, in the next hour. and guess what? they're all here, live. it's the most competitive cast ever, about to face off in a blockbuster ballroom showdown. and we're kicking off all of the dazzling dancing fun, live, right here, on "gma."
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] our big moment. the "dancing with the stars" cast reveal party is under way. as you can hear. guys, back in new york, the audience in l.a. is pumped. d.j. kiss, getting it going. the dancers are warming up. look at those moves. >> i know. we were doing -- i'm exhausted because we were doing that just moments ago, lara and i were, exactly doing that. but we're missing two people. we can't have a "dancing with the stars" cast reveal, without tom and brooke. where are you? come on, guys. come on. tom bergeron, brooke burke-charvet. how are you? come on in. >> hi. >> hello. hello. >> hello, hello.
8:00 am
>> good to see you. >> how are you doing? >> how are you? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, tonight, before we talk about "dancing with the stars," can i just give a shoutout to robin? you looked so hot at the oscars the other night, robin roberts. amazing, wasn't she? you look marvelous. >> extraordinary woman. >> this is going to be so much fun. i can't wait. this is like we've got the dancers. we've got the pairings. we've got the hosts and the stars, all coming up this half hour. it's going to happen very fast, folks. so, get ready. and twitter. you're the first ones to see it and hear it. it doesn't go anywhere. >> it's so top secret, that even tom was trying to find out. >> they don't know. >> and they're sizzling hot. >> i was trying to find the building. >> that's how secret it is. let's go back to new york elizabeth, george and josh. >> that reveal is just a few minutes away. and new details on a last-minute switch at the oscars.
8:01 am
anne hathaway looked so great on the red carpet and when she won that award. but apparently, there were some reports that she wasn't wearing that dress just a few hours before. she went on to the red carpet. we're going to have the story about the quick change. >> apparently somebody else was wearing a dress that looked a little too like hers. michelle obama, also this morning, is in the kitchen with robin and marcus samuelsson. wait until you see what they're cooking up. it's sure to be great. >> looking forward to that. let's get news, first, from josh. and we begin with the breaking news overseas. the deadly hot air balloon crash. 19 tourists have died in luxor, egypt. after their balloon exploded and crashed to the ground. many jumped to the ground trying to save themselves from the infer know. initial reports say the pilot's landing cable became caught around a helium tube, which in turn led to the fire. big story, this nasty
8:02 am
blizzard scoring a direct hit on kansas this morning, after dumping nearly two feet of snow on parts of texas. and leaving drivers stranded in oklahoma. this is video playing out. five deaths are now being blamed on this storm. winds whipping fires across the state of texas, including one that killed a mother and her twins in san antonio. in just a moment, sam's going to tell us where the storm is now headed. we have new information from the vatican this morning about what's next for pope benedict after he steps down on thursday. he will be known as emeritus pope or your holiness. and will continue to wear white, though he will no longer wear his signature red shoes. the cardinals who will elect his successor will hold their first meeting monday. and president obama travels to the navy shipyards in virginia today, to warn that military jobs will suffer if congress allows some $85 billion in spending cuts to take effect friday. republicans accuse the president of needlessly scaring the american people. they're offering a plan to give
8:03 am
the white house more flexibility to implement the cuts to protect important programs. but no bipartisan talks are planned. and finally, two great examples of character, paying off for people down on their luck. first, an indianapolis teen, you see him there. he walked ten miles through ice and snow, just to get to a job interview on time. but before he heard about whether he got the minimum wage job, a local restaurant owner who saw him making the trek offered him a job on the spot, for double the pay. >> that's so great. >> tremendous. and so is this. remember this? last week, we told you about a homeless man in kansas city. he returned a very expensive engagement ring to a woman who accidentally dropped it into his collection cup. her fiance found him and set up a website to collect donations for him. they have now raised more than $150,000 for him. >> hear, hear. >> people are so good. and it's such a wonderful thing
8:04 am
to say. >> that's so great. >> that will get him back on his feet. that is fantastic. let's go back out to l.a. a little "pop news" with lara and some special guests. >> let's go to it. good morning, everybody. and it is oscars puppy power. quvenzhane wallis was nominated for her role as hushpuppy in "beasts of the southern wild." now, the puppy purses that she's always carrying to the award shows and the events, are the must-have accessory of the season. >> oh, we knew that was going to happen. >> of course. tom has his. i have that exact same one. poochie and co., says their doggy bags are selling like hotcakes. and that they will make even quvenzhane's custom oscar dog bag available. >> my daughter is a big fan of one of those bags. we need to find out -- >> you know what's fun? when you can get yours to chase the mailman bag. that's fun. >> that's nice. >> that's fun. also in "pop news," tom and
8:05 am
brooke, we've seen glimpses of oscar nominee, naomi watts, in character as princess diana, her next role. and now, here's a glimpse -- her best friend, nicole kidman, as another princess, in "grace of monaco," the story of grace kelly who gave up her hollywood career in 1956 to marry prince ranier of monaco. kelly requested changes to the script. but the director said, no can do. i'm not a journalist or a historian. i'm an artist. he is not making changes to the film. we'll see what the hubbub is about when that comes out. she's gorgeous. >> there's a whole lot of legal beauty in that one. >> thank you. >> other than right here. and finally, hard to imagine, these two -- >> thank you. >> taking a bad picture. orlando bloom and his supermodel wife, looking gorgeous, at the "vanity fair" oscar party sunday night. it took a few tries to get that picture. little did they know, our friend, jesse tyler ferguson,
8:06 am
clearly photo-bombed. the "modern family" star photo-bombed the couple. he gets the oscar for the best photo-bomber ever. and i am going to give you all one more "dancing with the stars" clue about one of the stars dancing. and i'm kind of ad-libbing. >> making it up as you go along? >> making this one up. are you ready? he may have been on a soap. >> uh-huh. >> but he can get very, very dirty. >> that could be just about anybody. we fully understand that these clues are not good clues. but we don't want you to guess. i don't know. i don't -- really. >> this ain't "columbo." it's "good morning america." >> i'm impressed that the rumors have been on the down-low this time. there hasn't been a lot. >> and our clues aren't helping anybody. >> at all. >> i have tried to pry it out of just about everybody. and it is still under lock and key until the reveal. >> for a few more moments.
8:07 am
first, we need some weather, mister. >> let's do a little. let's get the dancers down here. i want to get down with the audience and the dancers. tell me your name. >> i'm emma. >> and -- >> sasha. >> do something that feels good to you. do a little dancing. whatever feels right. are you up for that, as we do a little weather? [ cheers and applause ] the studio audience is entertained since weather isn't always the most entertaining thing. it's informational. so, let's get to that. we'll show you what's going on in the big boards. we start with the big storm system that moves across the middle of the country and exactly how it moves. we have snow on the northern line. and the heavy rain and strong to severe storms in the southern line. it's easier to understand when you see it this way. the two lows separating. and the coastal system, developing rain. and the one that stays inland, around the great lakes, kicking off the rest of the snow from it. here's what the rain totals will be. two inches of rain in the bright red zone. and washington, d.c., new york city, you're getting some rain. there's a look at the west
8:08 am
>> the warming trend begins today, with spring warm and spilling into the first half of the weekend. mainly mid-to-upper 60's and san francisco is 62 and mid-to-upper 60's along coast. tonight the temperatures are hang out in the mid-to-upper 50's inland and 40 around the bay and squeezing out 70's >> being around you guys, i now learn that the hardest part of the show may be staying out of the dancers' way. not be a dancing casualty like i almost was. >> although, collisions can be fun. >> you don't hear that often. what's still ahead on the "morning menu"? >> here's what we have coming up. last-minute switch. why did oscar winner anne hathaway change her dress just hours before the big night?
8:09 am
plus, our exclusive big reveal of the new "dancing with the stars" cast. that is just moments away. and dishing with the first lady, michelle obama, with robin. and one more thing. marcus samuelsson is also with us. it's live on "good morning america" in times square and l.a. [ cheers and applause ] see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you.
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8:14 am
burke and drew lachey, february 2006. one of the most memorable dances ever. who is going to be this year? we're going to find out the cast in a few minutes. right now, let's get more fallout from the oscars. this is anne hathaway's last-minute fashion switch. she looked fantastic in that prada. but cecilia vega reports that may not be the dress she originally picked for the red carpet. >> reporter: call it dressgate 2013. >> my mom says it's business in front, party in the back. >> reporter: anne hathaway may have walked down the oscars red carpet in pink prada. but she had reportedly been planning to wear an entirely different dress by an entirely different designer. just before the awards show started, an excited valentino sent out this announcement saying hathaway would be wearing its pink embroidered tulle illusion gown. the intrigue. >> i have rumors that this may
8:15 am
have been anne's. and it may have looked too much like her "les mis" co-star. >> nobody wants their dress compared to someone else's on a big night. >> reporter: hathaway is a valentino loyalist. she's worn the label to countless red carpets. even to her own wedding. >> whether or not an actress wears a designer's dress on the red carpet is a huge deal to the designer. >> reporter: this morning, the fashion world is buzzing. was it a devilish snub to wear, gasp, prada? >> i think that depends on what you're -- >> it wasn't a question. >> reporter: hathaway's camp has no comment. but the pixie-haired star told rain seacrest, it was a last-minute decision. >> i didn't know what i was wearing until about three hours ago. >> reporter: hilary swank is no stranger to the last-minute switch. she reportedly changed her mind before walking the red carpet twice before. and went on to win oscars each time. proof that just maybe, the
8:16 am
oscars' gown switch-a-roo. >> and the oscar goes to. >> reporter: makes for oscars luck. >> miss anne hathaway. >> reporter: "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> all part of the master plan. that's all i'm saying. i'll let twitter go where i won't. sam, let's do it. >> all right. it is that moment, george. the moment we've been waiting for. season 16. >> can't believe it. >> on "dancing with the stars," kicks off in a few weeks. the contenders for the mirrorball trophy have been kept secret until now. >> host tom bergeron and brooke burke charvet are here to bring us the big reveal. take it away. >> our first competitor, five-time grammy winner, more than a dozen number one singles. she's also a "new york times" best-selling author.
8:17 am
let's welcome -- backstage, she said i'd never do this. never say never. country music star, wynonna judd. [ cheers and applause ] >> love her. all right. here we go. next up, we have comedian actor, political commentator and star of the beloved tv series, "the hughleys." he makes us laugh all the time. but can he dance? here's d.l. hughley. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> all right. next up, a super bowl superstar.
8:18 am
he holds the record for the longest touchdown ever in the history of a game. we were talking 108 1/2 yards, according to our estimates. and according to this, he loves to jet ski. i don't know how that will play into the show. give it up for baltimore ravens wide receiver jacoby jones. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yeah. >> all right. this savvy entrepreneur keeps it real on "the real housewives of beverly hills." and was one of the first people ever to water ski barefoot in england. >> but does she jet ski? >> she might get jiggy with it on the dance floor. and i think jiggy is sitting in our audience. here is lisa vanderpump.
8:19 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> all right. another funny man joins our cast this season, actor, director, producer and musician, who has his own comedy band. let's bring out, andy dick. [ cheers and applause ] >> sorry. so sorry. >> it's going to be funny. next up, his fancy footwork in the boxing ring helped propel him to wbc welterweight champion. he is a fan of country music and even wanted to sing himself. here to put up his dancing dukes, victor ortiz. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah.
8:20 am
>> our next competitor likes to shake it up on the disney channel. her dad wanted her to be the first woman in the nba. say hello to teen acting singing and dancing star, zendaya. [ cheers and applause ] >> she led the fab five to olympic gold this summer. as the captain of the u.s. gymnastics team, she killed on the floor exercise. how will she do on the dancing floor? come on out, aly raisman. [ cheers and applause ] >> "general hospital" fans were sorry to see him leave port charles. he traded hollywood for hawaii. now, ingo rademacher is back.
8:21 am
>> i'm not going to do that. >> this former "american idol" finalist got herself a record deal and went on to win three awards and three song writing awards. we know she has the pipes. but does she have the legs? i heard she does. let's meet country cutie kellie pickler. [ cheers and applause ] >> and our final superstar, another olympic legend. in 1976, she figure skated her way into our hearts. and she rocked rhinestones and a gold medal on the ice. but will she do it on the dance floor? here's dorothy hamill. [ cheers and applause ]
8:22 am
>> hello. thank you. >> there you go, everybody. your season 16 cast, right here. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to start with -- >> you start. >> hello, my friend. good to see you. this is a little different than your day job. >> not really. >> how does comedy play a factor in dancing? >> well, i'll see if i can learn to dance with my foot in my mouth. i'm excited. i never knew my hips were supposed to move like that. >> kellie, i saw you when you walked out on stage. i love the hair, by the way. >> we have the same haircut. >> she cut it off because her friend has cancer. >> we have the same haircut now. >> very similar. now, you're a singer. but do people know that you were
8:23 am
a rollerskating waitress? does that give you an advantage in this competition? >> a big one. i'm used to falling down. i'll be good. i got that covered. >> wy, you said you would never do this. >> they asked me for six years. >> why do it? >> i'm trying to get back to my original weight of 16 pounds and 8 ounces. because it's the year of doing things that you're -- i'm scared to death. anybody else scared to death? raise your hand if you're scared to death. >> jacoby's not scared. did you see that? >> i wish i would be on your team. seriously. this is something i said i would never do. >> we're glad you're here this year, to see it all happen and get down to that original weight. there's a lot of athletes on the panel. but dorothy hamill, by the way, beautiful -- i remember watching the hamill camel.
8:24 am
i remember seeing all that. >> i remember it, too. but i can't -- i don't know -- kellie, i'm used to falling. that might be good. i don't think it is going to help. but i can try. >> we have a lot more questions to ask. >> we do. >> we're going to have a lot of jiggy appearances? >> jiggy. >> your right-hand man. >> he's over there. he's with me. >> we're going to talk to the rest of the dancers coming up. we're also going to introduce you to the pairings. this is the big deal. this is where it all happens. who dances with who. do not go anywhere. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
>> now, from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. two bay area schools are canceling student trips to south america after a young east bay couple disappeared while traveling through peru. jamie neal and garrett hand were on a south american bicycle tour and they disappeared. surveillance video shows the couple on a bus to lima, peru, january 26, the same time communication on facebook and with friends just stopped along with their bank activity. >> the commute, how does it look, sue? >> slow if you are traveling over the dublin grid with an early accident now cleared but
8:26 am
the damage is done. we have an accident northbound 101 beyond 880 in san jose. can you see slow traffic here making your way up from 101 south from san jose and slow traffic on southbound 680 through walnut creek. the early accident is gone. >> we will check on the forecast with mike nicco
8:27 am
>> check how beautiful the bay looks, total sunshine.
8:28 am
in the upper 40's in san francisco and oakland and mid-40's in walnut creek, and 38 in mill valley. compared to yesterday we are three to five degrees warmer, so we are in the low-to-upper 60's around the bay and midland and [ cheers and applause ] ♪ are you ready for that? >> are you ready? we are back, now, with sam in los angeles. we just revealed the brand-new cast of "dancing with the stars." just ahead, we're going to tell you who they're dancing with. >> everybody here, for the first time. you're the first to see it. the brand-new season kicks off right here on abc, monday night
8:29 am
march 18th, at 8:00 eastern. and by the way, george, elizabeth, josh, we have the pairings coming up. we're going to show you who they're going to dance with. >> going to talk to everybody. >> a few more questions when we come back. >> all right. cannot wait for that. a fun cast out there. >> a funny cast. seen that in the introduction. >> we got that coming up. also, first lady michelle obama will be back again with robin and marcus samuelsson in the kitchen. healthy recipes coming up. i feel like i'm back in bristol. my espn days. one of sports' great guys and two-time daytona 500 champ, jimmie johnson, joining us with the trophy. one of the great racers all-time. what a story. what a story that continues. let's get back and find out who the stars will be paired up with. that's crucial to winning. right, sam? >> that's what they tell us. this is my first time being a part of the big reveal. but i think dancers and their partners are pretty much everything.
8:30 am
>> didn't you think, tom, for a second, that sam might be part of the cast? >> if only for comic relief. >> thank you. >> okay, sam. >> i've known tom a long time. he knows. we should find out. >> the pairings, please. >> fair enough. first up, wynonna, you will be dancing with last season's all-star edition champ, he has the sparkliest teeth in america, tony dovolani. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. >> off to a good start. okay. d.l., for you, we've got two-time winner, cheryl burke. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey.
8:31 am
>> jacoby, seeing as you're a super bowl champion, we've teamed you up with season 13 champion, karina smirnoff. [ cheers and applause ] >> somebody's been practicing already. lucky lisa, you have the honor of meeting and stepping out with one of our brand-new dancers, gleb savchenko. he's been dancing since he was 7 years old and has won six international dancing championships. lucky you, lisa. >> all right. andy dick -- andy, your partner is also a brand-new edition to
8:32 am
our pro cast after dancing for three years in our dance troupe. meet sharna burgess. [ cheers and applause ] >> victor, we have got a knockout for you. our third addition to our professional team. lindsay arnold. lindsay trained with mark ballas and also finished in the top ten of last season's "so you think you can dance." [ cheers and applause ] i like all these new faces. >> i know, huh? all right. zendaya, get ready. we hope you're excited to be seen with one of last year's finalists. val chmerkovskiy. [ cheers and applause ]
8:33 am
>> aly, in honor of your two olympic gold medals, we teamed you up with two-time winner mark ballas. [ cheers and applause ] >> look. he has hair again. ingo, get ready to train hard with another two-time champ. kym johnson. [ cheers and applause ] >> kellie, you lucky lady. i might be just a little bit jealous. you'll be teamed up with three-time champ and my old
8:34 am
partner, derek hough. [ cheers and applause ] that's going to be fun. >> and last, but not least, dorothy hamill, say hello to our favorite irishman, tristan macmanus. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm not worthy. thank you. >> there you go. the stars and their pros. >> this is what it's going to look like when the stars are dancing. when we were asking -- hi, gorgeous. when we were asking questions, we left off with lisa. lisa, i know -- we have jiggy on stage. but the purple's a giant departure. you have the red shoes.
8:35 am
>> i know. >> is everything going to be pink? >> i hope so. >> ali, big shoes to fill in the olympic category. a lot of olympians tend to end up as winners. how do you feel? >> i'm excited. this cast is really amazing. it's going to be a good season. i'm really excited to have mark as a partner. so, i can't wait. >> you got ballas. i believe things are going to look good right there. hey, victor. how many boxers have you had? three, four, boxers? three, four? never a winner. so, what do you bring to the table? >> her. >> oh. >> that's all i have to say. >> ingo, you've lived in hawaii. you've done the soaps. this is different. do you surf? >> i do paddle board racing. that's why i moved to hawaii. >> is that going to help? >> a little bit. when you're doing downwind runs,
8:36 am
you kind of step back on the board a lot and you squat a lot. that is helping with the legs. that's all we've been doing for the last two days. >> already, we're learning our cast has a gift for rationalizing. >> and water sports. jet skis involved and everything. >> i know you have to do weather. jacoby, can you give us a little sampling of some end zone magic? [ cheers and applause ] what can we look forward to? >> give them a little -- >> give us a super bowl move. >> for you -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we asked questions about unfair advantages. that may be an unfair advantage. that seems like it falls under the dance experience category. let's get one or two maps out of the way. and we'll come back and talk a little bit more. in case you're walking out the
8:37 am
door right now, we're going to show you what's happening. we're going to start with the twitter and facebook pictures. you guys send them in from all over. virginia beach, this is the way it looks. if it didn't look that way, we wouldn't have the picture on the board. kansas city, as well. this is the second hit of snow. you continue to get snow in that area. it will run up to chicago. detroit's involved in this. and we see the mountains of north carolina get in on it. the good news for coastal cities on the east coast, is this is really going to be more of a rainmaker. a lot of folks can use the rain. once you get in the high elevations, the mountains of carolinas, west virginia and western virginia, and the northeast, you will pick up some snow. >> all that weather was brought to you by cottonelle. this is day two of us here in l.a. we were here yesterday for the
8:38 am
oscars. all of our friends at facebook ran an exclusive poll asking, what was the one look you loved the most on the red carpet? there were so many good ones. anne hathaway? was it prada? >> yes. >> many of you said strapless gowns ruled. worn by like helen hunt. reese witherspoon was doing the strapless. jessica chastain, as well. >> that was armani prive. >> that's your choice, on the facebook page. >> what do you think? >> that's beautiful, too. josh, what are you doing back there in new york? what do you think of these pairings? i think it's going to be a great show. >> it's going to be a phenomenal show. not only, given the professionals that are back with us. but what a cast. and i'll tell you what, wynonna judd, twitter has broken. it's going to be an entertaining show. and as for those lovely ladies, all tied for first. meanwhile, congratulations
8:39 am
to everybody. i do have another champion with me. many, many times over. what a day it was sunday at daytona. the great american race, won by a man who has won it before. and has done a whole lot of winning in a singular career. five-time cup series champion, jimmie johnson, taking his second daytona sunday, in a race we also saw danica patrick become the first woman to lead and best-ever finish by a woman. joining us now, fresh off a car wash in my old home, bristol, connecticut, and espn, jimmie johnson. you brought along -- that is the trophy. >> this is a heavy trophy. you see the video. that's not easy to lift. >> thankfully you're not doing the carrying. what a race. it is your second. i watched yesterday on espn. you say, it's still your -- the first win of your career, still the most important. but when you win this thing, even having done it before, and all the wins you've had, and a hall of fame career, what's that like when you take the checkers? >> honestly, the emotions are just overwhelming. the best way to describe it, it's the only race that feels like a championship. nascar owns me for the next two
8:40 am
or three days. yesterday was a full day, and today and on. and they take you around the country, talking about the great american race. so, it has that championship feel to it. a career-defining race for driver, team, crew chief, everybody involved. it's a big deal. >> the ultimate comparison, the super bowl of racing. or maybe the super bowl is the daytona of the nfl. and your car, now, the car you win with, is the car you won't drive again this year. it is now in the museum there. >> they put that in the museum. 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning. i had all of our crew guys there. we rolled the car in. it will sit there until just before the start of next year's daytona 500. >> check it out. you're somebody who won five-consecutive cup series titles. never been done before in this sport. you have been as big a star as we've seen. and yet, in your sport right now, it feels like danica patrick is experiencing a spotlight that maybe we've never seen before. how do you think she's handling the intense scrutiny of this moment? >> she's doing a great job. i think she showed her comfort
8:41 am
in the race on sunday. raced for the lead. led laps. finished very well. that package of racing, that rules package that's involved, it's evident she's comfortable. as we move into the season, she has some challenges of learning different racetracks and the different style of racing as we move forward. she's done an amazing job. no one on track sunday was thinking, that's danica. that's a car racing for the win. and she's done an amazing job. >> it was a great race. all of the oscar preshow places had the race on. one of sports' truly great gentlemen. jimmie johnson. congratulations to you and everybody involved. >> appreciate it. >> indeed. coming up here, michelle obama, marcus samuelsson, cooking with our robin roberts. go nowhere. >> we're moving here in the
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're back with more from michelle obama. the let's move campaign is in its third year. they're showing thousands of recipes with the my plate program. marcus samuelsson joined mrs. obama and robin to whip up a few of them. >> we're moving here in the kitchen, with mrs. obama and marcus samuelsson. you know him from red rooster here in new york city. >> one of my favorite restaurants. >> that yard bird. >> today, we're not cooking yard bird. today, all about the healthy meals. so, you know, you gave us a challenge on my plate. 50% of the plate should be
8:45 am
vegetables or fruit. i'm going to do stir fry. if you put in a little bit of orange juice, garlic. >> already off to a good start. >> this is one of the my plate approved recipes that people can go online. this is meat. it's lean meat. >> it's flank steak, which is a lean cut. and it's quick and affordable to do. >> that's the point. >> you look on my plate, there's over 3,000 recipes that you can look up, as of today. >> and there's going to be more. >> absolutely. all healthy, great recipes, that the partnership -- >> this is homework. >> i know. marcus is our guy. >> listen, i do the homework. >> he's one of the chefs that's showing the nation how to cook healthy but also with that core essence. >> you can do both. put a little onion in.
8:46 am
and a little bit of curry. and tomatoes. just cook this off. and i have here, vegetables. this is going to be the hardest thing for kids to love. you have to make your vegetables flavorf flavorful. and we're going to have sesame seed and onions. >> they're little pieces. >> and this is the broccoli. >> could be any green. >> how many mothers who have been working, they've been building their careers, it's not just mothers. it's parents, generally. you don't learn how to plan a meal. you don't learn how to figure out how to make a week's worth of food. that's why people end up eating out. >> this is true. they have a resource. >> eating out is not bad. >> it's not bad. >> wait a minute. not at all. >> not at all. >> much better. >> eating out, especially at red
8:47 am
rooster. >> it depends on where you eat out. >> right. >> you can get healthy food out. at the right places. >> i have to ask you this. when was the last time you were in the kitchen? >> i walk in the kitchen every day. every day. >> when is the last time you prepared something in the kitchen? >> oh. it's been a while. it's been a while. i have to say. >> you got this. >> let it be known that i'm in the kitchen every day. >> are you looking forward to the time when you'll be back and cooking for the family again? >> absolutely. i enjoy cooking. >> really delicious. >> isn't that great. >> just finding the time. and also, these recipes are quick. they only have a few ingredients because that's one of the things that these websites are finding out. if you have too many ingredients, they sound too fancy, people don't have the time. >> right. >> thank you, marcus. >> keep eating good. >> eating is one part of it. the other half, you have to
8:48 am
move. exactly. that's why we jump around. >> we jump around. >> eating and jumping. >> marcus, thank you. mrs. obama, thank you. great to have you here. you can get all of the great recipes on our website. bon appetit.
8:49 am
8:50 am
and we are back in l.a., with the entire cast of "dancing with the stars," season 16. what a great group. >> and so fun to be with tom and brooke and all of you. congratulations. we have a couple more stars that we want to get to. andy dick. >> we didn't talk to andy yet. andy, when you first found out this was going to be something that you did, what was the first thing you did after hearing about it? >> people call you -- i hear you
8:51 am
have a little fan group out there. where's my group? dick? dick? i did a little dance like jacoby. >> zendaya, save us. you were on "shake it out." will we see dance moves you use on the show? >> i will try. it's very difficult. i'm used to hip-hop dancing which i realize is a completely different world. so, i kind of have to forget what i know and restart all over again. >> we're going to bring everybody back. the season kicks off in just a minute. we'll be right back. minute. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]ys of wag
8:52 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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great show, lara and sam. hurry back. travel safe. they'll be here tomorrow. >> also -- here we come.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> now, from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. san jose police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that killed a woman this morning. it happened shortly after 1:00 o'clock near monterey road. the woman was crossing the intersection when she was hit by a dark colored vehicle which continued going down monterey road. neither the vehicle or the driver has been located so far. >> a quick check on the forecast. mike? >> thank you very much. now all the sunshine from mount tamalpais toward san francisco, temperatures are going to be three to five degrees warmer with total sunshine today we will hit the mid-to-upper 60's except if san francisco at 62 and mid-to-upper 50's where it is breezy at the coast. watch out for the tree palmen all the way through the weekend. sue?
8:58 am
>> a stall southbound 101 bumper to bumper headed southbound out of the novato and through central san rafael and slow through walnut creek with an early accident gone. north 101, san jose, that accident is cleared, and it is announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, film and broadway actress scarlett johansson. and from the series "smash," megan hilty. plus, we'll show you what happened on kelly's girls' night out in hollywood. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪
8:59 am
kelly: i love this song. oh, my god. what? what? hi. hi. hello. hi up top. wow. michael: hello! [cheers and applause] kelly: and moving that the home, no place like home, it is tuesday, february 26, 2013, we are back in our studios in new york. [applause] i'm so happy to see our home crowd. michael: and i've got to say, you are pretty in pink. wow. kelly: oh, thank you. michael: you look good. kelly: this old thing. no, i was telling michael backstage that all of my wardrobe sort of went to florida and then went directly to california from florida and


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