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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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affect on friday. >> thank you. >> we're complaining about the high price of gas in california. a state board is set to vote on adding another three and a half cent per gallon tax. >> we're using less now than expected. abc 7 news spoke with drivers feeling squeezed at the pump it's expensive to travel. >> soon, it could cost more. the california state board of equalization, responsible for setting gas rates is expected to approve an increase to the gas tax. effective july 1, drivers will pay an increase of three and a half cents. >> it's hard. you know? i mean it takes money away from our whatever else we have, other bills. >> most cars were 29 to the
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gallon. >> previous tax collections fell short. similar amount continues to be purchased 3.5 cents per gallon will equal a tax increase of $511 million in a 12-month period. >> about 10 years ago, gas is under $1 around $1 a gallon. now, it's, you know, over 4s tdz a gallon. >> the taxpayer association calls for both taxes regressive, stating high unemployment and fragile economy. if the board approves it will make california the most expensive place to buy gas in the nation. >> police looking for a driver that killed a woman this morning. witnesses say a dark colored car struck her near bellevue avenue around 1:00 a.m. here, you can see spray paint kailting where investigators found aefdz long the road. some ilt yims might provide keys to identifying the car
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that left the scene. >> we know about the vehicle, it's possibly a 90s, we're thinking honda dark in color. >> the victim appeared to be homeless and in her late 40s. the driver was headed southbound on monterey highway f you saw anything, police want to hear from you. >> crews working to upright a massive crane that collapsed in sunnyvale this, fell about 9:30 this morning in a site on south francis street. this crane did smash a light poll on the way down. crews continue to work on the crane. >> the sunset district has a new voice. mayor ed lee named katie tang to the board of super advisors today. the mayor spent months considering various
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candidates. the district 4 is one tang knows well. both tang and hsu will be sworn in tomorrow. >> on the day the city celebrates, san francisco cut the ribbon on what will be the new $90 million cruise ship terminal. >> who could have an issue here? >> who else but neighbors? people that live on telegraph hill? behind me, you see the building. it becomes san francisco's new cruise ship terminal. in the meantime, however, there will be concerts on the area here. neighbors on telegraph hill worried about noise. >> i have been contacted by some people in the neighborhood in the last three days. they want to set up a picket line on the america's cup. >> the problem being a series of summer concerts.
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telegraph hill residents expect aid few of them for small crowds but last week learning the city had plans to make the concert permanent when asking the mayor about it today, he seemed unphased. >> well... we'll work with communicating on the concerts. i think locals would love to experience that. >> residents want to know why should they bother? concerts would be less than a block away. >> if they can just turn it that, would be helpful. >> not if you flif oakland. >> well... >> the mayor talked about turning the stage and heading back out towards oakland, berkeley or treasure island so. they're talking. they're make prog gres. but... what would a new building westbound out controversy? live in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> happening now in berkeley people want to save the historic civil center post office are preparing a rally
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this, is one of almost 700 post offices nationwide the government wants to sell. some like the berkeley post office are registered landmarks. the berkeley post office is a exam -- example of revival inside. >> nothing is as rewarding as getting mail. it's ridiculous to think of shutting this down. >> the rally will start at 6:00 in front of city hall followed by a meeting with representatives to distuesday the planned closure. >> just when the clean up began after a storm, another wave the winter weather is slamming america's heartland. >> it's brutal. high winds helped bring down the wall in austin, texas. >> snow proved it could be destructive in oklahoma. a man died after a roof collapsed under fallen snow.
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truckers waited for plows to free them. >> white out conditions stopped rig rigs in their tracks at height of the latest blizzard, you can see nobody going anywhere, any time soon. >> we're enjoying marriage. >> it's getting warmer. >> that is true. looks like it's going to continue about a week. maybe longer, here is live doppler 7 hd. cloud-free skies right now. here is a view of the sky from our camera in emeryville. it's a gorgeous afternoon. temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco. 62 oakland. 65 in san jose. another view from our camera showing clear skies and more readings. 64 degrees in santa rosa. 69 in napa and fairfield. taking a look at the temperatures trend over the next week for san jose, representative of what much of the bay area will see over next week. upper 60s, mid-70s by friday.
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back down to a mere 70 degrees on saturday. and then, mid to upper 60s next several days headed into next week this, is the kind of week we have in store. but we still may get a little bit of rain into mid week. we can see a wrinkle developing. i'll show you that in the accu-weather forecast. >> still ahead at 4:00 lesson learned. a florida teenager flipped off a judge appears to have straight yend up her act. >> fans of the who get to go to a concert paid for three decades ago. >> 49ers stadium going to be solar powered but it zrnt a roof. where are they going to put solar panels? we'll answer that question and several others still to come on abc 7 news. >> it's a good question. let's take a look at the commute now. a live look at the skyway in downtown. it's normal crawl bumper to bumper left to right in the lower deck of the bay bridge.
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head together east bay. better for folks heading towards 101 south.
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a court victory for 125 nail salon workers who sued their employer. a judge gave approval to a settlement they reached with a nail salon chain. workers claim the chain failed to properly pay them minimum wage and overtime.
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and the salon has changed its policies. >> hundreds of people looked to start new careers in concord this afternoon. many arriving with resumes as the center concord job fair sponsored by abc 7 and job journal. several employers conducted interviews on the spot and offered advice on how to promote skills. now, our next event will take place march 26th engineer san francisco. it's the hotel whit ks cam on market straet. >> a big facebook backer unloads millions in investments ask apple secures a patent for some sif eye technology. >> good afternoon lairksy carolyn. russian internet company is dumping some of its social media invest manies, selling part of its stake in facebook for $320 million back in okay.
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it also told off it's holdings of zynga and groupon w the proceeds they are planning to pay a special dividend of $900 million to investors. >> new jersey has become the second state to legalize online gambling. governor chris christie signed a bill into law this afternoon saying it may boost atlantic city's struggling casino industry. it comes just days after nevada became the first state to legalize online gambling. >> stocks gaining today, thanks to better than expected housing and confidence data. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher on shares of apple and intel. apple has been issued a number of new patents including one for situational awareness meaning an iphone could know the use jer in a classroom or a movie theater and switch itself to silent mode. another patent allows for iphones to share location data,
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which with external devices like ipod touch or gps. the music industry has posted it's increase in yearly revenues since 1999. the dawn of the file-sharingera. revenue rose three tenths of a percent last year. digital sales helped offset continuing declines in cd purchases. revenue still down, low, 40% since the peak 13 years ago. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> a teen in florida showing how weeks can make a big difference in one's life. that is now with the judge applauding the 18-year-old but remember, she got in double with a different judge in florida you can see soto here on a courtroom camera, flashing her middle finger at the judge.
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he held her in contempt, sent her to jail 30 days. she apologized and agreed to take part in a drug abuse treatment program. her drug possession charges could get dropped if she passes drug tests and stays out of trouble. >> possibility for a positive outcome there. >> yes. >> moving on to weather. >> looking amazing out there. >> positive outcomes. i look at fierce winter weather i feel a little bit guilty. then a take a breath of air and my guilt evaporates. it's -- let's take a look at live doppler 7. you can see once again, cloud-free skies as we've had for a couple weeks now. it's gorgeous out there. four first forecast panel looks like this. forecast features i should say. another mild day tomorrow, extra clouds on thursday. it will remain mild as spring like warmth increases on friday that. is a pattern we're in now. starting our pacific satellite animation at 4:00 this
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morning. moving at 4:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. you can see an advancing cold front moving towards pacific northwest but with storm track flow together north storms will stay well north but this is going to be what they call a near miss. actually should call it near hit. starting at 7:00 this evening, going through tomorrow, and into thursday, you can see moisture from this system going into our north pushing inland. clouds sweeping in to the bay area so it will be partly cloudy day. still mild dry one for us. the moisture remains in pacific northwest. overnight tonight, clear skies. low temperatures much the same range as they were overnight last night and this morning. mid-30s, interior valleys of the north bay, east bay. coolest spots in the bay area, around the bay, near the coast 40 or just above. then, tomorrow, more sunny skies, more warmth in the south bay. highs of 67 in san jose. and on the pin anyone slarks
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66 in redwood city and mountain view. mid to upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 6 degrees tomorrow, 59 in the sunset district. upper 60s in many locations in the north bay from santa rosa to sonoma, nappa. east bay, mid-60s across the board there. 65 degrees in oakland. inland east bay, highs into mid to upper 60s. 67 in concord antioch. 68 in pleasanton. here is the accu-weather forecast. thursday, continuing to get milder. friday, mid-70s inland. low 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. we'll just lose a few degrees saturday. extra clouds on sunday. just a slight cooling pattern begins. by tuesday, slight chance of rain that could signal beginning of a different pattern that could bring us more rainfall. >> does seem like march can be very wet here. >> it is. we're -- the first week is
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going to be dry. getting into mid week might get wetter. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up "dancing with the stars" kicks off its new season had just weeks. find out who will be competing for the mirror ball trophy, and who won't be dancing. >> after 4:30 a teenager's fate turns around, someone sees how dedicated he
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critics of seth mcfarland won't have to worry about him hosting oscars again. he says he's not interested. >> mcfarland received mixed reviews. we liked him but -- . >> what do we know? >> not a lot. >> critics called his jokes inappropriate and offensive. >> when asked if he would host again he reply nod way. a lot of fun to have done it, though. >> who says business people zront a heart? certainly not 10 fans of the rock group "the who". >> listen to this. 10 people are being able to use tickets for a concert ticket they purchased 33 years ago. >> the show was cancelled but she and others held on to their tickets all these years. the general manager of the venue was so impressed he decided to honor the old tickets for tonight's concert.
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30 years later who could find their tickets? >> i won't able to find mine. >>. an olympic gold medalist and a comedian stepping on to "dancing with the stars". >> the cast introduced today. >> the cast includes a country queen, a super bowl champ, with smooth moves on and off the field and season 16 is shaping up to be a memorable one before stars kick up heels. >> there is a lot of good people. >> olympic gymnast competing against another olympic star. skating sensation dorothy
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hamil. >> i dreamed about doing this show. >> there is also welter weight. boxing champ victor ortiz, kelly pickler and comedian dl hugly. >> andy dick. i fear him. >> is this vietnamese? >> several stars have turned down the show in the past. >> they've asked me six years. i'm trying to get owe back to my original weight of eight pounds, 15 ounces. >> it includes lisa vanderpump and om one will take home the mirror ball trophy. see the new cast perform when it preem years march 18th here on abc.
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>> absent? max sheracovski. >> who is your pick? >> before we've seen anyone gans? >> yes. >> dl hugly. >> you heard it here. >> what john boehner is saying about the cuts set to kick in march 1. >> it's really green. the team progressive plans to make sure there are no blackouts in this venue. >> and dwr a nation is welcoming dennis rodman. >> looking for a new car? from new rides to family vehicles, consumer reports is out with a list.
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following breaking news in santa cruz, police on the scene of a double shooting there are reports one victim may abe police officer. two people were shot in a house and police say shots were fired just after 4:00 this afternoon as police were chasing someone. sky 7 is headed to the scene
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and remember, you can get breaking updates on twitter ask on our web site. >> in our nation's capital finger pointing continues as major cuts are set to kick in now in just days. both sides exchanged harsh words today. more now from washington, d.c.. >> with that friday deadline approaching, the finger pointing has taken a turn in washington. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> i was raid raised in a little town with 13 brothels in it. i'm used to salty language. he should understand who is sitting on their post tearer. >> the standoff jernts on automatic budget cuts going into affect on friday unless congress comes up with a better plan. cuts passed to force congress up against a wall, drastic and massive in order to make lawmakers get serious but that
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didn't work. >> instead of cutting out the government spending we don't need whark the sek qeefter qeefter -- sequester does is uses a meat cheifer approach. >> the president traveled to west virginia. in the newport news region 59,000 workers would be furloughed, state wide the number would be about 90,000. >> that means there is going to be a ripple affect on thousands of other jobs. >> but the effect won't be felt immediately. any federal workers furloughed must be notified a month in advance meaning that there is a chance negotiations can be kick started in coming weeks. in anticipation the department of homeland security says it plans to release several hundred nonviolent immigrants who are currently waiting behind bars. >> u.s. senate approved chuck
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haigel as the next secretary of defense. they complained about his stances on iran, and israel and belief that the military is bloated. haigel will be the first vietnam veteran to lead the department of defense. >> authorities trying to figure out why a hot air balloon caught fire and exploded today, killing 19 people aboard this, happened over the ancient city of luxor. a person aboard another balloon shot this video. you can see smoke billowing out and suddenly collapsing and falls a thousand feet to the ground. now, a british tourist and egyptian pilot somehow survived, jumping from the balloon just brit crashed. a man took this photo of the balloon on the ground. >> today marks a one-year anniversary of the shooting death of trayvon martin.
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the unarmed 17-year-old shot and killed during a scuffle with a neighborhood watch captain named george zimmerman. candle light vigils are taking place around the country and a vigil took place in new york city. in attendance were trayvon's skpairnts actor, jamie fox. >> do you remember the new jersey woman accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth? she will not face child endimpkerment charges a grand jury chose not to indict her, who gained notoriety in this case as well as her tanned skin. she was arrested in april last year after staff members in her daughter's school noticed burn marks on her daughter's legs and they overheard the girl tell classmates she went tanning with her mom. she denied the charges. >> the 49ers are going solar at the new stadium.
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etc. taeking planning to find a place to put the panels. david louie is live. a green straid zwraimd for red and gold. >> well put the 49ers stadium is incorporating sollar from the start. advances in technology andy are yaitive problem solving have gone into this planning. work on the stadium is seen where fr sky 7 moving along quickly. the site lines will be great for fans. how do you power these lights? the president and ceo of sun power know autos we've got panels on enry ways. there is going to be a leading edge renewable area. >> this is an artist's covered
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walkway. energy energy is doing installation. the panels will be manufactured locally by flex tronics for sun power. solar system will be a showcase for silicon valley technology. >> we're engineering it and bilgd next door. the team here with manufacturing. we built the panel then we can see it put on what is going to be the world's best football stadium. >> on game days the stadium will draw 4,000 homes. silicon valley power serving the city is building a new substation nearby to make sure the stadium will have that power. the company says trance formers will prevent a blackout to stop a super bowl game in new orleans. >> there is a stand by just in case the first two have
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issues. there are automatic switch overs. it's well planned out. >> sun power says the panels will be more than enough energy production to offset eight home games. panels will go up later this year. >> former nba star dennis rodman and three members of the harlem globe trotters are in north korea on a basketball diplomacy mission. they were greeted in pung yang. they'll run a basketball camp for kids. >> my first time, i think it's mostly guys first time here. so hop the kids have a good time for the game. >> he's said to be a key leader of the bulls teams. the worm now handling international diplomacy.
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>> maybe he'll do better at that than he did on the court foo you have an underground bunker you might be heading down stairs. >> oh, boy. >> still ahead at 4:00 first impressions really do matter how a teenager willing to walk miles for a job interview ended up with a better opportunity. >> beautiful western sky looking from our camera. we've got more warm weather coming our way, peeking out this week and i'll give you details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> this is 680 in walnut creek. traffic is heading northbound. you can see bottled up back there but not too bad then clearing and southbound is moving nicely. stay with us.
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sky 7 is in santa cruz. plus at the scene of a shooting. reports one victim may be a police officer two. people were shot in a house. >> shots fired just after 4:00. we understand ples were claigsing someone and we understand there is a business across the street? >> yes. across the street and next block. >> what can you tell us?
4:38 pm
did you hear the shots fired?. >> we didn't hear anything unusual. we first saw some people running. and as the car in santa cruz county, after that. we heard pops that sounded like gunshots. and i can't confirm that. i heard reports one perpetrator was shot. but i don't know that that is true. >> what have police told you? if anything? >> we get a recording to stay inside until further notice. there is a a lot of activity and a lot of people here. action and activity is out there. i think there is probably a police car perfect santa cruz county out there. they keep on coming. >> yes. so you're just staying inside
4:39 pm
now? >> there are spectators all over the place. there is a school about a quarter block up. they know one little girl going there can't cross the street because they can't get to her. it doesn't seem to be dissipating. i don't know that they're looking for someone, but it's, you know, patrol cars aren't leaving but they're still coming. >> yes. yes. thank you for the time based on the shots we have right now from sky 7 hd. we'll keep you posted on this story down in santa cruz as we continue on this newscast. >> right now another check of the accu-weather forecast. >> here is a look once again sweeping to look for clouds
4:40 pm
and moisture, sunny skies continue for a while. nationwide tomorrow, big snow storm continues to dump snow moving into new england area, most of the southeast will be dry as well as west. and the state of california mainly dry and mild. mild from chico to sacramento to fresno, warm in los angeles, palm sprik springs and san diego. maybe moisture coming in around eureka. that will be about it for any change of a dry pattern. no change here in the bay area, after another chilly start we've weel have mild afternoons, sunny skies. thin clouds around, highs of 68 in santa rosa and napa. 67 san jose. 64 here in san francisco. it's only going to get milder as weeks go on. but there is a hint of a
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change. maybe mid week next week. there maying rainfall. >> of course. >> coming up an 18-year-old from indiana receiving world wide attention this afternoon for his dedication to getting a job. to help out his family. >> i'm walking through the parking lot. cutting a corner to get down and he said can you tell me how far to 10th and sherman? >> art bouvier crossed path was the teenager and told the teen he better catch a bus because he had seven miles. the young man thanked him but kept walking. 15 minutes later he came across that young man, again. >> coming out saying i can't afford the bus until i get a job i'm thinking to myself here is a kid walking almost 10 miles in the ice and slushy snow for the hope of a job at
4:42 pm
minimum wage. it's a story your parents used to tell. my parents used to tell, uphill both ways in the snow. >> well, he heard enough right there offering the young man a job right on the spot. it turns out reagan has been caring for his siblings since their mother died two years ago. >> i'm lucky i met him. really lucky i met him. it's overwhelming and i didn't expect anything like this this, is -- just going to a job. >> reagan says he learned his work ethic from his dad and hopes to be able to get his own apartment close to work. >> terrific. >> yes what. a story and nice someone stepped in to make a difference. >> coming up next, new research ourt that shows an increase in breast cancer rates among younger women. >> plus, family life in the white house. first lady talks about why her husband's really going gray
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and living with a teenager has something to do with it connected. >> yes. >> i'm michael finney what. a good, reliable car? consumer reports names best of consumer reports names best of the best in 10 well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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a new study suggests young women have experienced a
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slight increase in incidents of advanced breast cancer over the past three decades. the journal published a study about women ages 25-39 found between 1976 and 2009 incidents per 100,000 women increase bid 1.37 cases that is actually significant though small. the study does not say why there is an increase but could be connected to testing and diagnosis. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to report on this year's top car autos this is a fun one to look at. >> wait for this this, is great. consumer reports engineers clocked hundred of thousands of miles every year, subjecting cars to tests. then, once per year, consumer reports names its top picks. the best of the best in 10 car categories. being named a consumer reports top pick vehicle doesn't come easy. how well does a car handle an
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emergency situation? accelerating? and braking. this is what vehicles have to accept but a car has to be reliable. owners telling consumer reports about experiences but 1.2 million vehicle autos the european vehicles don't have very good reliability. it's held them off top pick list. >> but this year, two make the list including audi's a 6 as the top pick. >> comfortable car. >> bmw 328 i top pick sports sedan. >> now it's very efficient. >> honda makes a come back. the honda accord is top pick mid sized sedan.
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and odyssey regained top pick distinction for minivans. but a f.sports cars are more your speed, subaru and scion lead the pack. these nearly identical vehicles are exhill rating to drive. sticker rice prices are tough to beat. looking for a car under $20,000 hyundai elantra is the top pick budget drive. despite growing competition, toyota prius remains top-pick green car. you can get more information on the consumer reports top picks by going to our web site. >> terrific, thank you. >> first lady michelle obama
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spoke with robin roberts today about life in the white house and how the president is now dealing with having a teen-aged daughter. >> now this, is nothing like the look on his face when malia dresses up for a party and she's heading out. she walks past him, you can see his face sort of just drop a little bit. like... who is that? you know? he's a little gray. people think gray is from his job. it's from his children. we'll see how that goes. >> malia is a high school freshman turning 15 in july. sasha turns 12 in june. difference is that they've got 10 secret service agents around them when going on parties and dates. i don't know that there is that much to worry about. >> spoken like a father two of beautiful teen-aged daughters. >> a proposal to improve night life in san francisco. >> here, they offer live latin
4:50 pm
jazz and saltsa. but there is something else they'd like to add to the entertainment menu. the new proposals they're studying very closely. >> coming up shocking circumstances when it's legal to rape someone else's girlfriend. it's the law in california for now. >> tech
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4:53 pm
san francisco night life is an economic engine for the city. >> a super advisor introduced a measure to spice things up with djs. >> well, larry a recent study commissioned by scott weiner found that night life contributed more than $4 billion in consumer spending. now, he's proposing another
4:54 pm
measure he thinks will help spots like the ramp add more to that vibrancey. the ramp is a san francisco institution. just south of the giants ballpark. the restaurant dishes up good food, and on the weekend, live music. now, the owner hopes to bring in a dj. >> will be more affordable for us and give us more opportunities to diversify. >> supervisor scott weiner introduced legislation putting djs in the mix whit comes to live music permits. >> if you have an art gallery or a cafe or a restaurant you wnt to have a dj, have you to get the same permit a nightclub has to get. it's expensive and lengthy process he says his proposal would make it cheaper to get a permit allowing djs to perform
4:55 pm
until 10:00 p.m. >> sant raggo owns this restaurant. >> these are ambassadors are music. they really make a quick contribute togs a space, a restaurant or a bar. >> legislation will create a new permit making it easier for neighborhood groups and merchants to offer ongoing life music in plazas, giving authority to crack down. >> it's someone you know, does something we don't approve of we have citation abilities and we have suspension ability. and... you know within those we can revoke. >> she says her entertainment commissioners want to take a look before giving a thumbs up
4:56 pm
and they'll get a chance with hearings in the coming weeks. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at being 5:00 continue autos breaking news where there has been a gun battle with police and a manhunt is underway. sky 7 is live over the scene. we'll have the latest on this. >> a known calm kaul family and friends of a couple had been hoping for. you'll hear where they ended up during travels. >> a new banl star and what students shoulding learning at school. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center a warmer pattern setting up. wait until you can see temperatures coming up.
4:57 pm
>> sky 7 hd slif on the scene of santa cruz. citywide manhunt is underway for several people involved in at least two shootings we believe one maybe two people shot are police officers. >> sky 7 is over the first shooting here, two people were shot in a house on north businesses m the area are on lock down. you can see the police presence involved in the search for the gunman. dozens of police officers have guns drawn. >> there is a second shooting scene. on doyle street, one gunman apparently shot someone else. we have robert dean on the line. we believe is a witness to what happened. are you there? >> can you tell us what happened? what you saw and heard? >> we're sitting in the living room. we heard gunfire. then, shortly after the street
4:58 pm
got surrounded by cops and ambulances. and fire trucks. and... they've blocked -- locked down ever since. a punch of cops surrounded someone around the area. there is a about 50-100 rounds is what i'm guessing. and... right now the street is locked down. and cops are looking for another suspect there i guess. behind us, that is not all i can tell you really. it's still going on. >> robert... robert, i want to resident rupt you. are you in danger?
4:59 pm
are bullets where you're live something. >> no. no. we're a good 100 yards from where this is going on. you know? there is a house across the street from us and a free school and another house. i believe where this is going down is two houses over and back. >> okay. okay. >> thank you very much. reporting from the scene a witness to what happened. he's in the neighborhood. there is a lock down under way. as you look live one perhaps two police officers may be involved in terms of being shot. the mayor and others had to rush out when hearing what happened. >> we have a reporter on


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