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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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was wearing body armor. in the initial investigation of that scene we found goulet possessed three different handguns as well as body armor. >> well, investigators believe goulet stole guns and the body armor after he killed them. now, his father says that he knows goulet owned a semi automatic, officers found three handguns on him. >> thank you. >> more details now about jeremy goulet. the man who killed the officers then died in the shootout. he previously lived in berkeley and worked as a barista there before coming to santa cruz. his down stairs neighbor happened to be his co-worker. goulet status as a sex offender shocked her, he'd been convicted of being a peeping tom in portland,
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oregon. >> seeing his mug shot knowing he was being arrested for peeping in on=4/q women and i e large windows. knowing he was upstairs the whole time freaked me out. >> the pentagon revealed served in the marine reserve and flew helicopters as an army warrant officer. >> more now on the officers who died in the line of duty. the first in the history of the santa cruz police department. sargeant loweren butch baker was nearing retirement. he leaves behind a wife two, daughters and a son who is a community service officer with the department right now. sargeant baker helped train the current police chief. >> he was a remarkable investigator, had an appetite to find the truth and i would go as far as to say he was the
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most-skilled investigator with my police department. we're going to miss him. >> detective butler had been with the police department 10 years. the chief says she found her niche in the investigation of sexual assault cases. >> i would consider elizabeth to be a friend. she leaves behind her partner, peter and two young boys. the boys are five and one. >> governor jerry brownish you'd a statement honoring the fallen officers sayingá?zíw quoe it is with deep sadness we honor the bravery of the officers who were killed tuesday. our condolences going to their families, the police department and community as we mourn these tragic deaths. the governor ordered flags lowered to half staff in their memory. >> abc 7 news viewers are sharing their condolences for family and friends on our facebook page.
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>> and we have continuing coverage of the santa cruz police shootings. coming up at 5:00 you'll hear from one resident who became friends with detective sargeant baker after being arrested by him, then at 6:00t=e criminal history of the gunman. >> do you affirm... >> in other news, san francisco newest supervisor was sworn in. mayor ed lee administered the oath to katie tang taking over for carmen hsu. hsu also sworn in today as county assessor. >> the shooting death of a teenager last month has pushed officials to change the way the festival will be organized. >> it will end on friday and will take place on telegraph avenue between west grand. >> happening now, some small
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business owners in oakland are not allowing last month's tragedy to define the first friday event. using it as a launch pad for healing. some are cleaning up, removing8ç graffiti. >> the yorn of telegraph first friday's street and arts festival brings a boost to business at his restaurant and beer garden. >> sales almost a week's worth our normal sales so without that event boy not have opened a business, here. >> it used to stretch for more than a dozen blocks. the shooting death of the high school senior after this month's event ended put a spotlight on the problem that the size of the event generated. alcohol will be restrict frtd streets and the party will mcn$. rules john says he's willing
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to live by. >> there are so many different stake holders in this. there are vendors people count on paying their rent to stay alive. >> you'll hear from one city council member about plans for first friday. >> a student set up a sting to catch the person who had been stealing from backpacks says she's shocked by who was caught on camera. this happened east of stockton. a sophomore hid inside of a locker using a cell phone to record video. this after a rash of thefts from student backpacks. she ended up getting video of her teacher. >> it was tough to believe she was doing that. she was such a nice teacher. and... i liked her. but i couldn't believe she was doing that. we thought it was a student, blaming each other. >> the accused teacher who is not being identified is now on
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administrative leave pending an investigation. >> happening now in san francisco sky 7 hd shows crews working to repair a water main break and the sink hole that created from it. >> it caused a huge mess this morning. on 15th avenue, homes were flooded. abc 7 news has more from the neighborhood. >> a new pipe should be laid ind6pz and functioning tonight. road repairs taking until tomorrow night. water rushed out of a broken 16 inch underground water main just before 3:00 this morning. the water sent a flood down 15th avenue and up the other side of 15th. groggy homeowner as wakened by the sound of rushing water, one home had a sink hole in the backyard. more than 20 homes had water
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damage. 12 cars were damaged. >> we heard rushing of the water, went to the garage, just saw it rushing in. with cans floating around. >> the city says it will take a couple days to find out what caused the piped]kcm to fail. there was a replacement project here last fall. but the p.u.c. says that should not have led to this break. the city says it has no idea what caused to it break. it's analyzing that, now. >> alex smith's career with the 49ers is apparently over. >> yes. the 49ers have agreed to a deal for draft picks. smith, as you know lost the starting quarterback job to colon kaepernick.
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this trade will end smith's up with the 49ers. he experienced some difficult times after being number one draft pick in 2005. >> nba suspended warren lee for one game for last night's shoving match. things spilled over into the first row there. three others including seth curry and clay thompson were fined $35,000 each. lee will hais m.miss the game tonight against new york knicks. >> spencer christian is here now with a look at the forecast its getting warmer. >> just when you think it can't get nicer it gets nicer. sheer look. we're picking up a few thin, high clouds moving into our direction. sunny skies now. and to our north there are thicker clouds there. the system moving inland in our direction.
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no precipitation n.from that system. clear skies from our camera looking at temperatures right now, 60 degrees in san francisco. 64 oakland. san jose. 65. 70 in livermore now. another view here at abc 7, readings 67 in santa rosa and 71 at gilroy. first forecast looks like this, this he can evening, mainly clear skies with thin, 50-58. chilly inland. thin clouds will have thickened overnight. tomorrow, mild to mainly sunny conditions. guess what? there is rain on the way. th[k8y pattern is about to chane that. is coming up a little later. >> we'll see you shortly. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the pope's final farewell in his last public appearance.
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>> caught on video. a man trying to break into homes in the east bay. strategies police are using to try to stop him. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live a little later. >> let's take a look at the afternoon commute this, is san francisco skyway downtown. it's bumper to bumper crawl left to right to the lower deck of the bay bridge. somewhat smoother towards 101
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catholics crowded into st. peter's square to receive the last public blessing from pope benedict the 16th. the leader of the catholic church will officially retire tomorrow. for the first time since the middle ages a pope choosing to say goodbye. one last speech and ride in the pope mobile, even pausing to kiss a baby. they arrived by the thousands and gave him a longstanding ovation. >> trust in god's will. >> he said the church has quote joy and light but acknowledged there have been difficult times. an apparent rev yens to the scandals that challenged his papacy. >> it seems like he is taking
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off right in the middle of it. and... it doesn't want to solve the problem if he's here just to leave. all of the faithful, most honored. >> a little b-52 a sad sentiment. >> thursday, he will give up and those red shoes. focus turning to the men still in red listening in the front ro. one cardinal will become the next pope inheriting a church even>9x benedict admits s damaged by division. >> what would you like to see out of the next pope? >> i would like to see them take and make some serious change autos tomorrow, pope benedict will leave on a helicopter for his retreat outside of rome. he says he with dedicate the rest of his life to prayer and meditation.
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>> reminder with abc 7 for continuing coverage beginning with special reports live from vatican city starting early in the morning. >> apple coe addresses investors among slumping stock prices and another tough quarter for groupon. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry, carrow lib. tim cook isn't just an active talks about what to do with the company's cash pile. he said he's in quote, very, very active talks to do something today at the share holder meet fwhaug didn't seem to satisfy investors. shares ended the day down about 1%. cook is under pressure to return some to shareholders when asking about rising
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competition cook said apple is focused on the long term, new product areas but gave no additional details. >> groupon loses a quarter of the value after disappointing earnings for the daily deals site. shares trading down 25% after groupon reported revenues dropping 30% with it's loss widening to more than $81 million. stocks surging today on better than expected housing data. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher as well. google and intel leading those gains. the first intagram pictures emerging from north korea. the country just started to give foreigners 3 g internet access. previously mobile phones were confiscated at customs. north korean citizens still, of?:z course have very limited access to the internet. in san francisco, i'm emily
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chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> ora cell founder is purchasing a hawaiian airline to go along with the island of lanai purchased last summer. he owns 98% of that 141 square mile island. island there is a regional carrier serving pirts at all major hawaiian airlines. the airline says there are plans to expand with more planes, routes and service autos it's popular about 3,000 residents. he's cleaning it up. >> yes. so far they're happy there. >> nice to have here. >> i was just going say. here is another guy that owns an island. >> i'll take manhattan. >> yes. yes. >> i love this weather. can you believe that? here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. despite clouds from our
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northwest, they're moving in tonight we'll see thin clouds moving in overnight, high clouds. into early morning hours tomorrow as a matter of fact it will be sunny, mild again into afternoon. warming trend we're experiencing peaks on friday. highs near mid-70s. lots of clouds here. a cold front approaching. we still have mild conditions here. starting at 7:00 this evening, that system to the north will move inland and take moisture to the north. early tomorrow morning sunny skies again tomorrow afternoon. it will be nice and mild. we'll seebyu chilly spots in inland valleys. down to about 40s in concord. inland east bay will be chilly as well. mid-40s around bay shore line.
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tomorrow, continues to get milder in the south bay. 70 in morgan hill and gilroy. sunny skies, high temperatures 68. upper 50s to about 60s on the coast. 63 degrees. 60 will be the high in the sunset district. north bay highs 70 in sonoma and napa. 71 in jant rosa. on east bay, we'll see highs reaching 67 at oakland.  fremont. inland east bay, 70 in livermore and san ramone and concord. here is the accu-weather forecast. ly warmest day in the forecast period. and some ep inland locations saturday as well. more clouds monday, and here comes rain. chance of rain tuesday.
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rain likely wednesday. you could get a nice dose of rainfall out of this, we need it. >> sounds good. thank you. >> up next green day billy joe armstrong talks about his use of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. >> new after 4:30 what a child did that led to this apology did that led to this apology written to well, well, well.
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green day front man billy joe armstrong opening up about the onstage melt down that landed him in rehab. >> he tells rolling stone he remembers little about his tirade at the i heart radio festival last september. he says his problem with alcohol and prescription drug abuse was so bad, he couldn't predict where he was going to wind up at the end of the night. the east bay native went into drug rehab and the band plans to return to the road later next month. >> stone temple pilots say they've fired their lead singer, scott wheelan. three members of the band released a terse statement saying they've terminated scott wheelan. he said he learned about the firing in the press and says it's something for the lawyers to go figure out. >> tina fey talking about her
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chances ofzámí÷jiggg oscar autos i think a lot of people would like to see that. >> and actor collin farrell back on the big screen now out for blood.y8i/ñ rachel smith explain autos r & b stars bobby brown will take a step behind bars. the 44-year-old pled no contest to dui charges yesterday, sentenced to 55 days in jail, four years probation and will have to pay 3600s ndz fines and complete an alcohol treatment program. brown arrested in october on suspicion of dui and driving on a suspended license. he was on probation for a previous dui at the time. collin farrell in hollywood last night for the premier of the new drama "dead man down". collin told us he doesn't believe in an eye for an eye. >> as a practice, there is an ideology boy pursue no. interest in it. i think violence begets violence. >> next year's oscars only 12
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month as way. but tina fey made up her mind about hosting. she enjoyed hosting golden globes and tells the huffington post there is quote no, way she'd host oscars saying it's so hard for a woman who also has to try on dresses. check out to see what this year's host says mcfarland says about hosting again. you can also hear from all of the winners. >> an east bay city fighting back after a rash of burglaries. it's txlü deal you'll see only on abc 7 news, criminals in the act. police and neighbors taking a proactive approach to stop them. >> a man manages some major music acts qum a new incentive to help get guns off the streets. >> from back ño6 the bus to the state capitol. a civil
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san leandro police looking for help in solving a string of home burglaries and car break ins. >> two neighborhoods have been hit hard by thieves. abc 7 news is here now with exclusive individual yof a couple suspects. what the police are trying to do to stop them. mark? >> we're seeing about 30 burglaries in the last couple months. police taking some old school steps to try to warn
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neighbors. a couple burglars are casing this home. now they're backing up the car. trying to pry open a window. never realizing a camera is catching them in the act. >> this is just a household camera. can you imagine knowing they're out there? >> police lieutenant showed us the video today in hopes someone will recognize these two men and turn them in. this neighborhood has been hit by a string of burglary autos last week brks a block away another one.
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>> police will be holding similar events in the targeted communities. telling me that they will be on alert if the break ins move to other parts of town, they'll be there, too.. >> mark matthews reporting for us. thank you. >> motional testimony on capitol hill today from the father of a 6-year-old boy killed in the sandy hook elementary school shootings.
4:31 pm
he held a picture of his son, jesse. he spoke before the senate judish yairy committee. he broke down as he spoke about his son. >> he was the only family i had left. it's hard to be here today. to talk about my deceased son. i have to. a little boy is... >> despite the testimony the ban is not expected to pass congress. iowa republican grassly questioned the bill's constitutionality saying it would take away weapons from law-abiding people. >> you can feel the pain there. a hip-hop mogul, michael blue williams wants to exchange musical acts. he's working to organize what he calls guns for greatness. the first private sector gun
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buy back program. offering tickets and maybe music industry mentorship programs in exchange for firearms. williams approached new york city police department. officials are studying the plan. to prison for possessing a drug? not selling it, just using it. that is the question a lawmaker is asking today.ñ an abc 7 news correspondent reports he thinks answer should be different depending on each situation. >> cocaine and heroin. koit mean less nim a california jail cell. now, state considers drug possession a felony but the senator proposes to give the option of charging that crime as a misdemeanor instead. cutting sentences from three years to one. the democrat feels that the current harsh sentences are unfairly targeting the young, communities of color. >> the question before us is
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who benefits is in the answer is nobody. >> felony drug charge are available but having a misdemeanor option could save the state $160 million in court, incar raigs and parole costs. money would be used to provide more rehab services. 13 states, district of columbia treat drug possession as a misdemeanor. supporters say drug crime is not higher than those jurisdictions. there is noúp$k consequence auts jim neilson is a former parole board member thinks etc. i bad idea. >> why wr do low level drug offenders get their money? they rob people, they do petty thefts. they do crimes to get their drug autos american civil liberties union says once the felony is on a record, it's difficult to move on.
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>> that means they're unable to find employment. when we don't provide folk was every opportunity to be productive members of society turn back to drugs. >> the proposal does not affect marijuana possession which will remain an infraction. >> a couple of these guys got more than bargained for. check out the surveillance video showing two men entering riverton jewelers in sherman oaks. one breaks open a display case. an 80-year-old war vet fought off one robber, woah. these guys are likely 50 years his junior. he forces them out of the store. >> sheesh. >> it wasn't fighting. just protecting what belonged to me. >> were you worried they might hit you?. >> crazy.
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crazy. sometimes, we do things we -- act without thinking. >> the watches worth around $40,000 he feelstñ3>t he saved more. he hopes the eight cameras will help identify robbers. >> the president is scheduled to meet with leaders friday to go over cuts that kick in march 1. white house conceding efforts to avort cuts are not going to succeed and needs to issue an order for cuts to kick in. including ways to cut $85 billion from the federal budget. >> the president says rosa parks, legend rosa parks is taking her rightful place among those who shaped the course of american history. a statue today was unveiled that was made by east bay resident rob furman portraying her seated, wearing a hat and
4:36 pm
clutching her purse. she refused to give up her seat to a white man on an alabama bus. >> she lived a life of activism and also, a life of dignity. and grace. in aúyuñ moment with a simple gesture she helped change america and change the world. >> parks is the first black woman to be honored she died in 2005. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 yufr heard the saying men are from mars. one man has a plan to take his wife to the red planet. >> today just ahead, i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. so you can contact me right now. and on twitter, m fin yeechl i'll answer questions here, i'll answer questions here, live, later. >> looking at western sky from our camera.
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more sunny skies and warm conditions but things are about to change. more winter like pattern. >> sunny, warm and cruising. look at the toll plaza. lanes are free flowing.
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sending a married couple
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alone on a voyage to mars. >> frankly a bit of a bad idea i think. it's planned for 2018. the couple would blast off making the trip in a capsule about the size of an rv. >> yes the mission lasting 16 months. >> who wants to do that? >> dennis tito is the first space tourist. it's being organized by inspiration mars. nasa is not involved. >> i can think of a number of people i'd like to send one way to mars.lñññ >> yes. >> let's check in now with spencer. >> therapist will be soon following them in a separate craft. sunny skies here now. high clouds lurking overnight
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bringing no rainfall. it's going to be mild again, tomorrow, nationwide we'll see more cold and light snowy weather in parts of the northeast. dry down through the nation's mid section. snowd0 rainfall in pacific northwest. in california mild conditions ìsjñ angeles, 79 in#b springs. here in the bay area continuing to get milder after a few high clouds in early morning hours, sunny skies in afternoon, high temperatures above 70 degree ndz santa rosa. santa cruz, moron hill, upper 60s to 70s. it's just going to hold into the weekend. next week things goring to change. phone. we prefer you do it with us, though.
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we have another great resource for you. you can follow us on live doppler 7 hd on twitter. you can get video forecasts, spare the air alerts and advise riz. power outages you can offer us your own observations. it's just interactive weather. >> you don't want to put yourself out of business. >> yes. >> that is timing there. >> that is not my aim. >> thank you. >> coming up next a young transgender girl at the[| center of a legal battle what. she's not allowed to do. her pairnlts headed to court. >> a story of an honest junior ranger apology to yosemite park.m?9h >> i'm michael finney. questions about the golden gate bridge's new toll system. gate bridge's new toll system. days of walking
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a÷hp 6-year-old transgender girl in colorado at the center if a little legal fight. the family filed a complaint after a change in school policy banned her from yugs girl's rest room. cori is a triplet, born male, her mother says she's behaved
4:46 pm
like a girl ever since 18 months wearing girl's clothing and the school uses female pro nouns when referring to her. >> you just?;h want what is best for cory. we want her to have the same opportunities to go back to school and be treated equally. >> the school lawyers say the decision took into account other students and future impact of a a.louing a child who is anatomically male to use the girl's bathroom. >> first question from mary. i called in sick on tuesday and assistant manager twont my other work to make sure that i was sick. is that legal? >> first of all, how sad is this? everybody has to have multiple jobs now tolñ6upúy
4:47 pm
there are 150 kiosk autos can you pay online? >> sure, you can pay online
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too,. >> what if you're going to minnesota? >> they're going to bill you there. if you don't pay it they had on fees. why? do you live in minnesota? >> i'm going to say. not that i would never not pay. >> they'll send to you bill collection. >> okay. >> well, we'll see. >> nonalcoholic beer labeled food and not to be taxed so why it is taxed?. >> excise tax does not apply but sales tax does because it's a carbonated drink. >> very interesting. >> thank you. >> okay. >> i'd pavement boy pay. >> eventually. as soon as they doum my house. visitors to national parks love to take souvenirs home. few do what one little girl did. the girl says she took two sticks home with her following
4:49 pm
a visit and she wanted to return them. she wrote she was a junior park range skbrer knew better than to take the sticks. rangers decided to take photos of the sticks in places in the park and then, sent her pictures to find out which spot she liked the best. nice of them. >> nice way to handle it. i like she was concerned nuf yes. >> absolutely. >> still ahead a program for under served children appearing to be working. >> what we found out about students at charter schools. >> in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00 we're going to bring new details on a man who got into a shootout and killed two officers you're going to hear from a woman who knew both jeremy goulet and his twin brother. she describes how they creeped her out. the mayor with a news letter with a work shop on how to pick a lock. here is the question. is an invitation for thieves
4:50 pm
to strike? the news at 4:00
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it's been 19 years since two teachers launched a program for under served. it's grown into a network of schools in 20 states. >> wanted to see if charter schools have been on the right track. they commissioned a study and here is what they found out. >> the moment you walk on, you know you're at a charter school. students must walk in a straight line. we'll tell yu this is he sen toshl their learning. kip wanted to know if they're doing a better job at their 43 middle schools than other traditional schools. the study done over a six year period by an independent policy research group. >> the study looked at student
4:54 pm
achievement in math, reading, science and social study autos they took result rz state and national tests and found the schools were able to improve achievements in those areas and did better than students at traditional schools with the same kind of socioeconomic background. three days per week, the students stay at school until 5:00 p.m. saturday, they offer tutoring for those who need it. then there is home work. >> it'sspá7 some hard smrk easy but there is a lot of it according to study longer days had little affect on achievement. what did was amount of time a teacher spent on a subject matter. classes here are longer. >> one thing we did see is that the more time on task was associated with higher score autos now,k[sb back to disciple issue. the study found those forced to behave did better in the
4:55 pm
classroom. >> you have to focus on behavior problem and we don't have to focus on anything else but learning. >> i know in the long run it will pay off. and i get acceptance letter from college and high school. i know it will pay off. >> in oakland abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> reminder. abc 7 news alarm clock app is available. you can down load now and it's free. just go to amazon app store for an droid as well as google play. it's still available if you are using an iphone. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. the body armor and multiple guns used during an tack on details about how the gunman carried out attacks and what some say about his creepy
4:56 pm
past. a student shows how she set up a sting to catch a locker thief and ended up catching her teacher. >> it wasn't just a street flooded when a water main burst. homeowners are questioning recent repairs in the >> i'm sabda patel ask will show you warmest day of the week plus a look when rain is cup together bay area coming up. >> there is no doubt officers engaging goulet stopped a threat to the community killed in the line of duty.=yv y officers being praised heroes for all they did to try to stop a gunman's rampage. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight we're learning more about the gun battle involved in, including details on body
4:57 pm
armor the suspect was wearing and three guns he had. we have live team coverage perfect berkeley. where this man last lived. let's begin with vic lee live in santa cruz tonight. vic? >> that alley way behind me you'll see is where jeremy goulet was shot to death. two he detectives killed in an alley, several houses back. there has been a tremendous outpouring of support for the police. the mood has been sadness and anger. >> this is i don't know how an offender can have a registered gun. >> sharon brought cookies to the police department. the memorial grew. residents mourned the loss. detective loweren butch baker a 28 year veteran and elizabeth butler working here for a decade. police said they were killed by a 35-year-old jeremy
4:58 pm
goulet. he had been convicted in portland on sex and gun charges. goulet had been killed during the shootout. the deadly confrontation started in a bungalow. the two detectives went to his address to investigate a possible sexual assault. goulet was fired at the kind grind coffee shop after reportedly breaking into a co-worker's home and made sexual advances toward her. >> i heard the female officer yell "stop". >> this man was walking in lu >> they considered knee me a suspect thought i had been in the house with the suspect. i had not. >> after about 15 minutes he finally convinced two detectives that he was not a a.associated with goulet. and continued walking. >> all of a sudden i heard bam, many, bam, bam.
4:59 pm
>> officers found two bodies on the door steps. >> following the detectives a individual murders, they were disarmed by goulet,r]]nñ their detective baker's vehicle was stolen. by goulet teams set up a per perimeter and secured blocks around the scene. here is a shot from sky 7 hd showing police sweeping the area. they encountered goulet in the back of the bungalows about half an hour:.


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