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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this triggered a massive response from firefighters and paramedics. and you're about to hear a call we want to play it for you. sending them into the middle of a shooting scene. listen. >> there is another victim of a gunshot wound. scene not secure. stayed in the area. >> firefighters and paramedics found themselves in the cross fire. >> the fire personnel on that truck assisted the citizen that's were caught in the area
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to take them. >> the sheriff also credits firefighters with using their bodies to shield one woman from the gunfire. >> the the santa cruz police chief struggle td as talking about his officers highly respected members of a small department. detective sargeant loweren butch bake skbrer detective elizabeth butler. abc 7 news joins us with more on these heroes. >> there is a growing memorial of cards and flowers. an attempt to show support that is still struggling to come to terms with the loss two of veteran police officers. police chief voguel still shaken by the violence described painful loss of two veteran officers. >> you can see from the way i'm reacting this morning we're having a tough time with this. we have never experienced anything like this. >> the chief says he was close
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to sargeant loweren butch baker. they've known each other most of their careers. >> i considered butch not only my co-worker but my mentor, my friend. >> sargeant baker spent 28 years on the police department, several as a field training officer. chief voguela%9ç credited him wh helping shape the current department. detective butler was a 10 year veteran of the force a graduate of uc santa cruz. a student of michael rod kin. type of police officers people that are all about arrests and physical violence. and sufficient she's quite a soft spoken, reasonable person. >> butler's sister shared family pictures she was from southern california leaving behind a husband and two children. rod kin said itça was unusual for a student to become a police officer. >> idea of police to make a difference in the community communicating with people. they she had a community
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policing aattitude towards it. >> the small police department is realing from the loss. to help supplement police service the sheriff's department are pitching in. >> we have as many police officers patrolling today as we did yesterday. you're just going to notice that they're wearing a different uniform. >> now continuing show of support by the community there was supposed to be a vigil held here tonight but there was apparently so much support and expected turnout for that vigil it's been moved to a community center about half a block away. that vigil is right now coming together. we'll have details on that coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. reporting live in santa cruz abc 7 news. >> no question that will be packed. thank you very much. >> the father of the gunman accused of killing two detectives says his son was quote, a ticking time bomb. jeremy goulet's father said his son had contempt for
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police and the justice system. ronald goulet says his son swore he would never go back to jail. ronald told abc 7 news his son was a former marine who moved to santa krudz. now, just before his move to santa cruz jeremy goulet lived in erk berkeley where he worked at a coffee shop. wayne you've been talking about people recalling uneasy feelings about this guy. >> that is not in this coffee shop. they know him in this neighborhood they knew him, anyway. down street here we're on oakland berkeley border. this man made people feel good with coffee but on the other hand he made his neighbor uneasy. >> we just thought we're good neighbors then, learning this stuff is just weird. it makes me feel disgusting. >> in berkeley this morning alicia had a lot to think about. the man used to live upstairs with his twin brother was
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jeremy goulet. he died after shoofting two santa cruz police officers to death. >> he just seemed like a regular tenant until they fought and i knew that there is something up. alicia says the two had a strange relationship punctuate bid brutal fights. police came to the house at least four times. when alicia googled him she learned of the history as a sex offender in portland and read he got in trouble for spying on a neighbor in the shower. his apartment overlooked a private school next door he looked at me crazy creepy. >> what is creepy? >> you can tell you're being checked out. in front of my husband he would do it. >> alicia says he and his brother moved out a couple months ago after jeremy lost his job in a nearby coffee shop n seven months of emplomt dezer yeah who owns the place says he seemed like any other employee despite quirks. >> we just noticed he became
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can w.drawn. -- withdrawn but nothing stood out and was alarming. >> were you aware he was a sex offender? >> no. we weren't. >> there are stories about the > beautiful neighborhood like this it's just unexpected. and shocking. >> alicia told us goulet made her so uneasy they tried to move them. were relieved when the twin brothers left first that. was a couple months ago. as for more information about the incident, we did ask the police for information they said they couldn't release it, it's part of the santa cruz investigation. >> okay. wayne, thank you very much. coming up at 6:30 abc 7 news i team uncovers jeremy goulet's stunning admission about his sexual past.
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he made his revelation during his peeping tom trial. >> here now are the new details today in officer shootings. he was wearing body armor and had three guns. during the shootout, one firefighter shielded a woman as grazed bullets pelted a truck. lives and hundreds of viewers sent condolences to our face book page. >> moving on for the time being a class teaching people to pick locks is being held in oakland. some believe the mayor is backing it. in 10 minutes the app only
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showing you e mails you care b the city being offered millions of dollars to change its name to sugar usa that. is coming up here for you. >> martinez blees plees need help in finding a missing teenager.úhxf he left his house monday night and has not been heard from since saying he is considered at risk. he is six feet tall and anyone with information is urged to call the police department. livermore police arrested three minors for cyber bullying. she was arrested again last week for violations nearly three years for serving three years for having sex with two 14-year-old boys. they won't release names of the three minors arrested but dan noyes reported the daughter was one of the kids
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under investigation police say there is no evidence he instructed to harass a victim. muddy mess that came flowing into homes today. this is the damage, sending water p mud rushing into the sleets streets. homes along 15th avenue hit hard tonight homeowners wondering if a sewer line replacement could be to blame for this. heather, what a mess it s the city] saying that repair had nothing to do with this. the city did just finish putting in new pipe and connecting it in the last hour or so. so it's in and is functioning of. they will quit work in the
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morning. the sink hole was still significant. it's grown to allow work to go on. clean up has been going on since early morning hours and will continue for these homeowners. >> a back hoe like the rind of an orange. the layer of the street collapsed this morning after water rushing from a 16 inch water main carved out layers of dirt below left this family with no way to get:xné the car t of the driveway. they were the only house without water most of the day. >> we're much more fortunate than our neighbors because we're uphill. >> 23 homes for them, did.@[h next door, kate young is crossing her fingers the
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harley is okay. she and her husband woke to the sound of rushing water and the house. cracking. >> you can hear it crack. that woke me up. you can't open and close windows or doors anyone. >> this firefighter put priceless pictures of his kild kildhood, his career out to dry. he knew city pipes were old but never expected this to happen here. >> water mains are old. the city is o.d buildings are old. it's just, we're all getting older. >>r1jábroken pipe dates from 1951. there was a replacement project here last fall but the p.u.c. says it should not have caused this. the sewer system is 100 years old, being replaced at 12 miles a year. >> we had plans on the water systems but this takes money
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to do that. so when going out to ask for increases this is what we're trying to prevent. >> they believe one had damage to the foundation. the road repairs should be completed by tomorrow night. in a couple days the city should know what caused the maine to break. >> thank you. >> city leaders getting angry e mails from some people served. the it appears to show people how to pick a lock. this you can see why they're not happy. >> right alongside things like robot buildings.
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it's a class called introduction to lock picking listed on the mayor's news letter. something some residents found troubling. >> i feel that a lot of people should not have these skills. >> residents had a big reaction. >> city council member says she's already listing complaints from residents. some e mails use work like apalled. >> it's a show of innocence activity to people in oakland who have been victimized this year. >> in a statement, the mayor acknowledged she, too, has heard from constitutes twents quote i understand their reaction, i apologize. class is part of a science sort of event. those are popular in our communities. but it strikes the wrong note we're doing everything we can to bring down crime. at the end of the zrimgs it says students must bring their
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on lock pick tools or purchase a set. this is a lock smith. >> it's not illegal to buy and sell lock picks in california but it is odd to promote it. many customers feel weird about the fact that lock picks might be for sale. >> i did speak with the group open organization of lock pickers they told me they mean no harm and say quote knowing about the weaknesses in certain locks protects the public it does not aid criminals. one other note by looking at the catalog you'll be able to see this lock-picking work shop is sold out. >> thanks. stocks sored to a five-year high today.
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the dow jumped 175 points to 14,075. the dow climbed 290 points over two days. >> i bet your overwhelmed with e mails who how about an app helping you prioritize those? >> i love that. >> do you have trouble sorting through piles of e mails? there is an app for that. it looks at who is sending e mails. giving priority to e mails it thinks are important to you. >> it was a smart way to allow me to sort through the inbox every day not feel overwhelmed by things i had to do with e mail.
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>> the app is collecting about you? we checked, saying it did not share or sell personal data. there is good news for young adults less debt than young people had 10 years ago. the bad news? you're too poor to get a loan. a study says debt levels dropped 14% among american under 35 however not because they're suddenly more responsible with money. study says fewer young adults are working. and fewer ob a home or car. student loans about 40% now owe money for college up from 33% in 2007. wow. >> huge jump. >> huge change. >> yes. sacramento wanted to find out who was stealing from her
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classmates she devised a sting operation and a hidden camera captured images of an unlikely suspect. abc news reporter tells us more is this a teacher rummaging through a bag? this video secretly recorded by a lyndon, california student claiming her teacher stole money from student bags. right in the school locker room. >> something had to be done about this. it's not right to take money like that. >> lyndon high school sophomore justine said she'd heard stories of things going missing during gym class. >> we thought it's other students blaming each other. >> she started thinking and set up a sting with a cell phone camera, she hid insifd a locker propping up a second phone to catch from another angle. the woman in this video appears to take something out of the pink backpack. see there? something is now in her right
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hand. and then, she seems to check the pockets of the jeans right next to the bag. but doesn't appear to repluf anything. >> it's tough to believe she's doing that. i couldn't believe she's doing that. >> the 16-year-old took the video to her dad and school add minute stlaitors now a full on investigation is underway this accused teacher is now reportedly on administrative leave. pending the investigation. and this morning the case is in the hands of the district attorney who will decide whether to charge the teacher with a crime. kxtv says she they spoke a sister telling them quote, she didn't take anything. she would never steal, she doesn't need the mb. -- money. >> does make you wonder. >> wow.
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wow. flags are flying outside. >> sun is shining too. let's update the weather forecast for you. >> up on the roof. >> yes. when flags are flying that means i'm freezing. i just need a hot coco or something. we do have changing weather in the forecast. first going to warm it up then cool it off and bring in rain. computer models in agreement not bickering anymore. we do have clouds working in. you'll notice high level clouds are radar and national weather service will be tracking rain tuesday night from. our east bay hills camera, you can see it's a spectacular view there. with we're just panning around. it's beautiful. clouds passing through.
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temperatures now falling 57 in san francisco. it's 55 degrees in petta luma. checking out a different perspective, san jose, 68 for the high. this afternoon. and its blue skies right now. santa rosea, 63 degrees. 66 in fairfield.ñ/iñ and napa made it up to 72 for the highák9r÷. if you like temperatures, the warming peaks on friday. don't get to used to it. you know? change is coming. here is a look. high pressure in control of the weather. we do have warmer air heading our way. we'll see high clouds moving through just cloud up the sky overnight tonight. tomorrow, they'll start to mostly sunny skies.
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cloud cover will hold temperatures up. it's not going to be as cold as what we saw this morning. looking at highs or thursday it's going to be beautiful. 69 san jose. beautiful on the peninsula. redwood city, half moon bay, 60 degrees. sun, high clouds 63 degrees we're going to see 70s in the north bay. 71 santa rosa. nights looking day. inland communities upper 60s to low 70s this is like spring. looking at the accu-weather forecast we have more days of low 70s showing up inland low 60s coast side a chance of
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sprinkles saturday. don't cancel plans. cooler breezy sunday. partly cloudy skies monday. notice temperatures heading down by tuesday night. into wednesday we're bringing in rain. you know live doppler 7 hdn terms of rainfall we're running 71% to 86% per average. >> thank you. >> still to come eye brow raising web site offering nonget a tony to chaiverng it's name. >> how much would you pay to be one of the birs to walk across the new bay bridge
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tremendous relief for a concord family they feared was missing. the family held a news conference after speaking with him about two hours ago. they tracked them down yesterday on a boat in peru. family and friends got are concerned after they quit posting updates about the trip about a month ago and stopped withdrawing money. couple made to it a phone today. i spokesperson for the family just spoke. >> we cannot describe the hope and emotion and relieve we're feeling now. >> the couple says they're surprised about the search and worry and say they were out of contact because they= village that's did not have electricity but they're safe, all is well. parents are still relieved.
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>> alex smith and 49ers will part ways. the deal won't become official until march 12th. the trade ends the eight year career with 49ers he did experience up and down years. this is since he was a draft pick in 2005. >> a city on the peninsula has gotten an unusual offer. change the name to a dating web site. this is home owe to people like larry ellison. officials got an offer to change the town's name to sugar after a dating web site for rich and famous and those who
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hope to date them. >> give it a shot. >> yes. what is that address? swrek a different attempt. >> it may be there is an amount of money. i can't imagine what that >> this town manager doesn't expect to it come up but gits to talk about it. >> public opening of the new bay bridge span will go on. toll authority did approve toll funds to cover participation limited to 120,000 people signing up with officials. the decision will be made next month. >> might be fun. >> yes. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 in 30 minutes we're going
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to continue our team coverage from santa cruz. the i team reveals new information on an expar marine and a convicted peeping tom. that is coming up at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, farewell. the pope says good-bye with an emotional message on his final night. and we will show you some ancient secrets. how they'll really choose the next pope. abc news exclusive. the attorney general, going public with a dire warning about those spending cuts hitting in two days. the buzz about beer? are people really drinking watered down beer? a class action lawsuit making news tonight. and ghost ship. would you buy a ticket on the new "titanic?" here's the ship 100 years ago. this is where you'll have dinner now. would this be your room?
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are you ready to take the chance? and how much would you pay? good evening here on this wednesday night. and we begin in rome, with the drama of this historic night. and not long ago, this is what we saw. you are looking at a light in the window of the papal apartment, where pope benedict is spending his last night as pope. and the mysterious figure looks out on st. peter's square, before, seconds later, those lights go out. now, only hours until the leader of 1 billion catholics steps down and returns to his life outside the spotlight. so, let's begin in st. peter's square with "good morning america" co-anchor george stephanopoulos starting us off. george? >> reporter: diane, history was made here in st. peter's square today. no one has ever seen a pope say good-bye like this.


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