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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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us live. >> we are live at foothurl street with a chase ending deadly. the driver of a honda tried to ram a patrol car which had a civilian inside for a ride along. the passenger in the honda was killed and the driver crashed and ran away but police arrested the suspect, a 23-year-old. here is what a witness saw. >> i saw the cops running toward the car with the guy right around that little turn right over there and i started hearing "face on the ground." that was gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried ramming three police cars. it was one of four shootings involving bay area police over
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the 24-hour period including union city where an armed suspect was shot and killed. in daly city a daly city police officer shot and killed a suspect near candlestick park after police say he raised his gun at officers. despite the violence, no police officers were injured over the weekend in the bay area. we are live in hayward for abc7 news. >> thank you, cornell. we have developing news from campbell where investigators are city on the scene of a homicide. we have a live look to show you. last night after 10:00, police responded to a report of a shooting. you are looking at a live picture of the scene. officers who arrived here last night found 18-year-old richard vega suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at santa clara medical center. >> vallejo police want to learn about the shooting deaths of two people inside an apartment. officers went to the apartment
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before 9:30 yesterday morning. witnesses call thed police after hearing gunshots coming from inside. at least one witness entered the apartment and discovered both a man and a woman had died. >> students will return to a san jose high school this morning a day after a suspicious fire on campus. firefighters arrived at independence high school shortly after 12:30 yesterday afternoon, they found smoke pouring from an administration building from the center of campus. the sprinkler system kept flames from causing more damage. it could be connected to other recent fires on campus. >> officials say cardiac arrest is what killed an athlete competing in the 33rd escape from alcatraz triathalon over the weekend of the the 46-year-old man from texas was in the water yesterday and people tried to revive him until the paramedics got there but it was too late. this is the first step in the event history that was hold three months earlier than usual
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in colder waters but that was not a factor. >> a man from spain won and the triathalon begins with 1.5 mile swim from alcatraz and then 50 mile bicycle ride and 8 mile run. >> dozens of teachers could be laid off in vallejo on wednesday, the equivalent of 46 full-time positions from the budget. school districts must notify the current teachers of lay of ooze by friday, march 15. >> one caltran transmission was involved in falsifying data on bridges. a recently released caltran investigation shows four state engineers ignored data on several freeway structures including the benicia bridge. two of the four engineers still work for caltran. officers conceded the loss of thousands of essential data files because of poor archiving
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practices means the full story of testing problems and their significance may never be known. >> the new light show on the bay bridge will celebrate the official opening tomorrow night. people who have enjoyed the practice runs the past few weeks with a feature of 25,000 lights on 300 vertical cables lighting up each night for the next two years, from sundown until 2:00 a.m. if it went until 3:00 a.m. we could see it on the drive into work. >> you are thinking, well, get up earlier. >> we have enjoyed the testing but this morning they are off but the clouds are on, right, mike? >> there are clouds out there right now and they are keeping the temperatures up in the 40's but they are not allowing fog to perform. the visibility is pretty impressive from unlimited around the bay to about four miles at half moon bay. we do have a little bit of a
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western wind so that means it is a cooler breeze coming off that ocean that is anywhere from 13 miles per hour in fairfield to nine in concord and sfo to six at oakland and five at hayward and just at three at redwood city. headed through the morning it will be cloudy for the better part of the morning commute but dry with the mid-to-upper 40's and clouds at noon from the low 50's at the coast and mid-50's to the rest of us. we will reach up to 60 by 4:00. them then fall back in the 40's to low 50's headed through 7:00 tonight. it will be cooler tonight than this morning. tomorrow, here is what happens: get the wet weather gear out today. get ready for tuesday when we will have rain, scattered showers on wednesday, and to a lesser extent, showers on thursday. notice the temperatures in the 50's for highs on wednesday and thursday, the cool of the days in the forecast. how is the commute, sue?
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>> so far, so good. getting back to work on this monday morning. san mateo bridge beyond the toll plaza, the flat section, toward the high-rise, a good-looking ride, just a few brake lights at the high-rise but no significant delays between hayward and the peninsula. we still have road work making your way to highway four and down to the mission street off-ramp in the fremont area. we still have road work, three lanes there northbound 680 at mission. that is until 6:00 this morning and taking a look at the drive times here is the san mateo bridge at under 20 minutes and highway 680 southbound toward the walnut creek area and southbound over the grade, it that is not a bad drive, at all. >> picking a new pope. the gathering is happening at the vatican right now to decide when the voting will take place. >> good morning, topping america's money, getting close to the record, the dow jones industrial average this morning
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opens just below 14,090 and only 75 points set from the record set right before the recession. president obama will nominate walmart foundation head to be the next budget director. she has significant business experience and served several economic policy positions in the clinton administration. >> the top complaint of airline passengers is not the long lines or hassles of security or even the fees for checked bags. no, it is uncomfortable seats and tight leg room. jack the giant slayer was at the top of the box office at $28 million, a very weak start for a movie that cost $200 million to make. it got good reviews, hollywood is calling it
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning to you, at 5:12 on this monday morning. a look from the roof camera at the studios, looking at the beautiful bay bridge. the light show begins tomorrow and goes on for two years. one last look at the bay bridge and it is gorgeous of the mike nicco will tell us about changes in the weather coming up a little later. >> happening right now, cardinals from around the world are in rome this morning for the first preconclave meeting, they will discuss the hot topics
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facing the church and vatican before they elect a new pope. now live in washington with the latest. >> good morning, kristen, the cardinals are preparing for the conclave and they will spend time this week meeting and talking and get dog know each other and praying. >> cardinals from around the world gathered in rome for the first preconclave meeting. they will begin to assess each other and discuss the hot topics facing the church as they look forward to finding a successor to pope benedict. catholics from around the world are closely watching the decision. on sunday when the pope appears to bless the faithful in st. peter's the windows remained shut. it is no small task to pick a new pope. >> i would be looking for someone who has that vision and that energy to say this is what i want do document. >> like a pastor in a parish, you have someone who basically
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connects with people is what this is about. >> it is forbidden to talk about potential candidates. there is jockeying and politicking. >> we will pray together and get to know each other. >> starting today until the conclave, there will be serious discussions about the state of the church. >> we are finding rather subtle hints about who might be able to lead the church or what qualities we need in a new pope. >> the pope will take over a church plagued by a sex abuse scandal. on sunday a well-known cardinal apologized and admitted his sexual conduct is below the standards expected. >> all the cardinals need to be in rome before a date is set for the conclave and we can find out that date as early as today. in washington, for abc7 news. >> a tragedy from new york this
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morning. a young couple died in a traffic accident. they were expecting a child and the doctors tried to save the baby boy. they were going to the doctor and were in a cab. they were broadsided by another vehicle. >> terrible. married not even a year and ready to have a baby and that happened. terrible. terrible. terrible. >> the couple died on arrival at the hospital. the baby initially did survive but we have new word this morning that the baby has died, as well. the people in the bmw ran away and police are searching if them. >> a new survey shows most business economists oppose the automatic federal spending cuts that took affect on friday night when congress and the president could not compromise on a plan to cut the deficit. 56 percent of the nearly 200 members of the national association for business economics said deficit reduction should be achieved only or
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mostly through spending cuts. more than half said the cuts should focus on entitlement programs, and 95 percent said congress needs to reform the tax code for individuals. nearly three quarters call for slightly increasing the tax revenue. >> new this morning, violence is erupting in kenya as residents cast votes in a pre-dawn election. they have been working for months to reduce election problems. criminals are trying to disrupt the voting. including those on the ballot is the half brother of president obama who running for a governor's position. >> for the first time in nfl history a woman has participated at the new jersey regional. the girl tried out as a place kicker lasting all of two kicks. neither of which travels 20 yards. the 28-year-old is a former mit
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student and kicked fairly well until her try out. she says she is glad she had the chance and hopes while she was the first woman to try out she certainly will not be the last and maybe not the...someone will make it one of these days. you just know it. >> she did great on youtube, 30 or 40 yards. >> but when you try out, the nerves and the pressure. >> we have the pressure coming at you. it will be wet the next couple of days and that is going to mean you will have to leadership how to drive again with slick streets. we always forget. sue will obviously keep an eye on it. wednesday morning is when we are here to get you through the wet commute. you can see we have cloud cover out there but no rain on live doppler 7 hd. we will move on and show you the bay bridge this morning where we are at 47 in san francisco. look at temperatures: san bruno
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and redwood city at 48. palo alto and half moon bay at 49. emeryville this morning we have oakland and walnut creek at 47 degrees and along with richmond at 49 and to the south bay, 87 at 285 and 17, san jose is at 50, cupertino and mountain view at 49 and morgan hill is 47 and gilroy at 49. the north bay looking at 101 in san rafael, santa rosa and napa at 47. petaluma, sausalito, 45, and the cool spot is 43 at novato. the clouds will end with sunshine developing. wet weather on tuesday, weapons, and thursday. the best chance on tuesday and a brighter and warmer weekend. temperatures today are in the low 50's along the coast and mid-to-upper 50's for the bay shore and low-to-mid 60's headed inland. tonight, not so much cloud cover and you can see the 30's inland
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and low-to-mid 40's to the bay and to the coast. the cold front is slowly moving toward us and this will bring us the rain for tuesday, and the low will settle in, near us on wednesday and thursday bringing us a chance of scattered showers. at noon, you can see it is dry in the north bay and by 5:00 the steady rain is in the north bay and by 7:00, most of the bay is steady rain but for the south bay and east bay valley. you will get yours in the next couple of hours and admit h midnight it turns to scattered showers and hang around for the morning commute tomorrow and wednesday you will see more scattered showers driving on wednesday evening. temperatures are in the 50's wednesday and thursday, and look at the rebound, mid-60's on saturday, and even some 70's on sunday. have a great day. sue? >> a little bit busy for the east shore freeway making your way beyond 580, the merge, it is
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a little crowded and it picks up beyond university to the macarthur maze with no metering lights or delays at the bay bridge. the bridge bridge has four lanes southbound, and no fog this morning, and smooth sailing from the waldo and from southern marin insan francisco, no delays. we still have road work out there and we will hook at highway 580 coming out of the central valley, and you are seeing slow traffic there as you make your way to the altamont pass, and eastbound lanes we have three lanes blocked from grownville to north palestinian and that -- north flynn and slow traffic, now, from antioch making your way to railroad avenue and it picks up a bit. kristen? >> 5:20. anheuser busch is fighting back against claims they watered down the beer and some changes could be becoming to director facebook news feed. the business report is coming up. >> an important new study of adhd in children and how it can lead to other troubles later on
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in life. >> bay area tech company resets the passwords of millions of users after hackers break in. >> we are coming from the townhall in newtown, connecticut, with the hing just going. we saw light emerging from the how do you get your bounce? i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets
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clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. >> good morning, on this monday at 5:23, and the commute on the san mateo bridge is looking light and smooth with tail lights headed to foster rain and no rain today. we will check with mike nicco on
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when the rain arrives. >> study shows many children with attention deficit hyper activity disorder will struggle with it as adults. the 20-year study is the most extensive to date. researchers found a third of participants diagnosed with adhd as kids ended up carrying that diagnosis into their late 20's and additional psychiatric issues. a possible explanation experts say is health care coverage. some insurance plans categorize adhd as behavioral condition and not a medical condition and that limits coverage for treatment. >> automatic spending cuts that kicked in starting last friday night are heavy on wall street. >> anheuser busch responds to claims they watered down the beer. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. anheuser busch is fighting back. they are taking out ads in ten newspapers including "new york times" and the "los angeles times" and the "chicago tribune"
5:23 am
saying that people claiming it watered down buzz wiser and other beer must have tested cans of the drinking water they donate to the american red cross for disaster relief. lawsuits allege they watered down the beer to a lower alcohol content than labeled. >> coke is having labeling challenged on the orange and minute maid with consumers saying it is processed and chemically enhanced. >> watch for changes to facebook with a stream of updates for more revenues. facebook will hold a news conference at the headquarters on this, on thursday. the automatic spending cuts could hurt wall street sentiment. most business economists were opposed to the cuts according to a survey by the national association of business economics, but the survey says that the economists do support cutting the deficit long term. we had a higher close on friday
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in spite budget concerns, better than expected on consumer confidence and manufacturing gave the boost. i am jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> the bay area technical company has reset millions of passwords after beingabled, all 50 million. there is no evidence that payment information was compromiseed. this is a note-taking service that is online. >> what passwords are safe? >> i want to say nowhere but main wants do hear that. >> we are state right here with our meteorologist, mike nicco, who has a lovely forecast. >> how did you know i worked for all state at one time? radar across the entire state shows it is quiet this morning but you can see the area shaded in blue right here and that is a
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winter storm watch starting tomorrow morning at 10:00 and through thursday evening at 4:00 above 4,000 feet on the western slope we get a significant snow fall. we need it. today's forecast, though, a lot of sunshine and 50 in tahoe and upper 60's and low 70's through the central valley and 68 in los angeles and palm springs is 83 and sunshine today. safe travels. sue? >> a good looking drive right now at there if you look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet and traffic is slowing nicely into san francisco and a little bit sluggish on the upper deck but no significant delays as you make your way into the city and southbound 101 is getting busy now out of the san rafael area, and lucas valley road and beyond the marin ymca and truck scales to the right so you can see where you are. it is moving nicely to the golden gate bridge and we still have road work. we will look as we go to the fremont area and this is
5:26 am
northbound at 680 at mission and those three lanes are blocked until 6:00 this morning in the northbound direction and taking a look at your drive times right now, 101 in san jose and 880 toward oakland, and 880 southbound, toward dixon landing. >> marin county is featured in a new crime drama that premiered right here on abc7 news revolving around a stay-at-home mom with ties to organized crime in "red widow." viewers will see a few local landmarks. the writer is from the local area and that is why she set the story in the north bay. >> that is absolutely why. i know this area fairly well. also, it mirrors being a suburb across the bay from a larger city and being near water.
5:27 am
>> you can watch "red widow" yourself airing on sundays at sock p.m. -- at 10:00 p.m. >> and a military-style rifle disappeared from a police officer's unmarked car. >> and south bay has a
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:31. >> i am kristen sze, and glad you are here with us. we have quite a different week weather-wise. >> but a last day of beautiful weather, right, mike nicco? >> so glad to be here. >> absolutely. good morning, everyone. a good on morning when you wake up and see live doppler 7 hd dry. that is what we have. we have a lot of cloud cover but our temperatures show petaluma and belmont at 48. 49 in union city.
5:30 am
47 in richmond and walnut creek. headed in the afternoon, notice the sunshine breaks out. 56 to 61 is the spread around the bay. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday. 59 to 64 inland and low-to-mid 50's at the coast. now, sue? >> good morning, mike, it is busy at hayward toward san mateo. the san mateo bridge, you can see the brake lights, our tail lights, use make your turn to the high-rise and still looking at 15 minute drive between the east bay and the peninsula. still with road work out there in the lanes, we will look, now, at 580 in the eastbound direction, and that is in the lanes until about 11:00 with three lanes blocked. you can see very slow in the westbound commute direction from 205, tracy, to the altamont pass area. so consider that slow and typical and getting busy as we get to the commute. more on that in a few minutes.
5:31 am
kristen? >> thank you. we have developing news, cam bet police are asking for the public's health finding the gunman who killed a young man last night. abc7 news, amy hollyfield, has the latest. there is a traffic impact, right? >> they just wrapped up the work at the scene and they have re-opened the street the last few minutes. they were here for seven hours gathering evidence. police still need help from the community. they have not made any arrests. though got the call at 10:20 last night here in this area after reports of a man being shot. they found him in a driveway. he was taken to the hospital where he died. a dark sedan was seen leaving the area right after the shooting. police say they are following up on some leads and they are talking to witnesses who they say are being cooperative. >> the neighborhood is very receptive to our efforts and they want to fine the person as
5:32 am
much as we do. >> 18-year-old richard vega was killed. police do not know the motive. no arrests have been made. they are asking for anyone who has any surveillance video, maybe who had a camera at their home, if they would check the footage and see if there is anything on this that the police could use. campbell police say this is the first homicide in this city since 2007. >> thank you, amy. police agencies around bay area are investigating five fatal shootings involving their own officers since thursday. that is when a kidnapping suspect was killed by sheriff deputies in guerneville. on saturday, three people died in police confrontations in san francisco, san jose, and union city. the most recent occurred yesterday morning in hayward. we have the aftermath of that shooting on foothill boulevard at d street at 3:30 in the
5:33 am
morning. the red honda was hit by eight bullets after the driver tried to ram into the patrol car the his passenger died at scene. the a 23-year-old arthur packman ran away. >> in officer who wants to shoot anyone and when they do, they feel bad about it even if the individual is a serious troubled individual. >> san jose police fired at least a dozen shots killing a man would led them on a wild chase ramming several patrol cars and endangering drivers on highway 85. >> the latest series of officer involved shootings is days after the fail shootings of two officers in santa cruz. detective sergeant loran "butch"
5:34 am
baker and detective elizabeth butler was shot to death by a sexual assault suspect who was killed shortly after in a shoot out with police. >> a memorial for detective butler and detective balker is held on thursday at noon, the noon to the help pavilion in san jose to accommodate a larger crowd. a procession will include vehicles from santa cruz police officer, sheriff departments, firefighters, and emergency responders. >> the san francisco police department is on alert this morning after a high-powered rifle was stolen from a police car. a high ranking member says the ar15 was taken yesterday from an unmarked car like the one you see on your screen. we are told the car was locked and the assault rifle was properly secured. they do not know if the thief was looking specifically for the rifle. an alert went to all officers to look out for the women.
5:35 am
>> a man accused of killing a bay area wrapper if las vegas will appear in court today. the suspect seen in this video faces extradition from california to nevada. the 26-year-old self described pimp was arrested in northern hollywood last weekending a week-long manhunt following the february 21st shooting. police say harris fired five shots into a mazurati sports car killing kenny cherry jr. who went by kenny clutch. two others died when the mazurati slammed into a taxi after he was shot. >> los gatos leaders examine a temporary ban on selling guns in the city only applying to new gunshots after many neighbors voiced concern over the opening of a gunshot after a council member questioned why local authorities granted permission for the store to operate before it obtained the federal firearms sales permit. the plan needs votes from four
5:36 am
of 9 five council members in order to pass. >> tense san francisco stand off with a burglary suspect ended with a woman surrendering after 2 1/2 hours yesterday. >> this was how it ended where police found the woman inside someone's house. the woman threw down two weapons and was hauled out of the house by police. you can see her as she is taken to be checked by paramedics. a neighbor said before the stand off began she saw the woman trying to get in her building. >> i confronted her and she sort of twitched and walked away. i saw her walk up the hill. >> police say she refuseed to identify her sell after being arrested. the rifle she had was not loaded and had a triggerlock. it belonged to the people who lived at the home. >> family in san francisco needs your help finding a missing
5:37 am
34-year-old who disappeared from his only on friday evening. his family tells police that he has the mental capacity of a 12 to 14-year-old and suffers from depression and gets confused. he was last seen wearing a blue jacket and red and white sneakers. >> something unusual and new this morning from the east bay authorities had to round up a couple of horses on the loose. they were trotting along in martinez area around 2:00 this morning. officials say that the two horses walked up to the off-ramp on northbound 680 and were hanging out. the c.h.p., along with animal control and the sheriff were called to the scene and helped take the horses to safety. the off-ramp re-opened a short time later. we assume they did not issue tickets to the horses. >> maybe they just needed to be somewhere and they knew the traffic was not bad at this time of morning.
5:38 am
i am glad they were not hurt. >> and now to our meteorologist, mike nicco, for the cooler but beautiful weather. >> hilarious, i had two does staring at me getting gas this morning. >> everyone was out. >> i started drive down the street and they were looking at me, i am looking at them, they are looking at me, i took a few pictures. it was funny. >> we will have them on perfect pet friday. we have been talking about rain for a week. we are nearly three inches of a deficit in san jose and more than four inches in civilian. -- in san francisco. today we have clouds but they open up and we will be in the 50's by noon hanging out in the
5:39 am
upper 50's to low 60's away from 9 coast where the clouds are more stubborn and through the edge hours the clouds will clear out and we will be in the 40's and 50's. we will have rain tomorrow with scattered showers on wednesday and isolated shower for thursday and temperatures in the 50's cooler than it should be. >> good morning, everyone, a nice looking ride as you move from mill valley up to sausalito and through the tunnel. traffic is nicely on the golden gate bridge and four lanes for the southbound commute and san rafael, further to the north, again, getting busy but moving at the limit as you move toward central marin, so, with road work in the lanes and a look at westbound highway four moving out of antioch you are finding speeds bunching up at 23 miles per hour, and you make your way to railroad avenue and pittsburgh it picks up into the concord area. now, the mass transit this morning, everyone is getting up and out on time.
5:40 am
muni and bart and caltrain and no one is reporting delays this morning. >> hanging out with michelle obama, ahead, the event happening today allowing people across the world, maybe you, to connect one on one with the face lady. a medical breakthrough offering new hope to h.i.v. patients and what is happening today after the revelation of a baby being cured of
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:45. a nursing home in bakersfield is defending an employees who refused to perform cpr on a woman who died. staff acted properly they say by not giving cpr to an 87-year-old woman who was barely breathing. you can hear the stunned operator pleading for someone to help. >> the fire department has been on the way all this time but we cannot wait this lady will die. >> okay, well, then, if you get any stranger that happens to walk by that is willing to help i understand if your boss is telling you cannot do it but if
5:44 am
there is any a as a humid being is there anyone willing to help this lady? >> not at this time. >> an ambulance arrived minutes after the call. the patient died at a hospital from what is believed to have been a heart attack. >> possible breakthrough this morning in the fight against h.i.v. with doctors in mississippi reporting a child born with h.i.v. is now free of the virus. researchers will present the findings this morning. the child is now 2 1/2 years old. a specialist began treating the baby with three drugs after birth. however, the child's mother stopped giving them after the first year. the child is now testing negative for h.i.v. >> i thought at first, i had been treating a child who was not actually infected. >> if we can copy this, it would be, it would have a tremendous impact on the lives of h.i.v.
5:45 am
infected children. >> more tests are needed before scientists can confirm if the child is cured. >> what is left of a florida home will be demolished after a sinkhole swallowed up a man in tampa. a giant sink hole performed below a house and swallowed up the 36-year-old as he slept in his bedroom. the size of the sink hole made it too dangerous for crews to look no his body. family members who have lived in the home for 40 years watched as the demolition began. two neighboring homes are also in danger of collapsing. >> happening right now queen elizabeth will remain in the hospital for another day or two as she battle as stomach infection. the 86-year-old british monarch entered the hospital yesterday, the first time in a decade. the pal has has canceled all events for a week. a palace spokesman said it is a
5:46 am
precautionary measure. the last time the queen was in the hospital was automatic the way back in 2003 with an operation to repair knee cartilage. >> president obama is expected today to nominate walmart's philanthropic chief, and will appoint two new cabinet members, nominating m.i.t. scientist to head the energy department and epa veteran to run the epa. >> first lady michelle obama will join google for a live conversation on her healthy kids initiative. she has traveled around the country to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the "let's move" campaign and takes the conversation online and will speak to families across the country from the blue room of the white house. co-host of "live with kelly and
5:47 am
michael" will be the moderator starting at 8:10 this morning if you are home. you can join the conversation on our website at under "see it on tv." >> any exercise today? >> placing stone in my backyard but tomorrow i will go to the gym when it is raining. right now, everyone, here is a look at what we are seeing with live doppler 7 hd. it is quiet out there. for reports of drizzle. not even any fog out there. if you drive up into the cloud cover, you may get a little mist on you, but you will have to drive into the clouds for that to happen. now, that is going on here from our roof camera you can see the dancing lights on the bay bridge this morning, we will talk temperatures, 48 right now in san francisco, and pleasanton,
5:48 am
and 47 in oakland, we have 49 in palo alto and 50 in san jose and 45 this mill valley. as far as what is going on elsewhere, you can see from mount tamalpais this morning, the sun is going to come up and it will see the cloud cover but it will be below where we are at 2,600'. santa rosa and napa at 46, and fairfield and fremont at 50. livermore is 48. dress for 49 degrees in gilroy. now, what will happen today, notice the sky is becoming blue with a few clouds this morning, absolutely it will be cooler today because the cloud cover will slow our warming trend. rain to showers and cooler weather if tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and then a warming trend for the weekend. today's temperature mostly in the low 50's along the coast and mid-to-upper 50's along the bayshore and low-to-mid 50's inland under clouds. because we have clouds tonight it will be cooler and mid-to-upper 30's and san
5:49 am
francisco is at 44. the cold front is moving slowly toward us and it will pick up some steam as we head to tomorrow, and it will bring rain with it. here we are, tomorrow morning, notice the commute is fine, as we head to noon the steady rain is starting to move into the northwest corner of sonoma county and by 5:00, the steady rain, and even moderate rain, you can see yellow developing at the higher elevation along the coast at 5:00. so from 5:00 to 9:00, that is when the rain moves through the rest of the day and probably after about 10:00, you can see it becomes more scattered showers headed through midnight and into wednesday morning with resaid rule moisture on the ground so 9 commute is slick the scattered showers are possible on wednesday and as we head to wednesday evening, it will start to calm down. we will get .25" to .5" of rain possible, the best chance you can see in the blue is where we are going to have the half inch of rain.
5:50 am
the seven-day outlook shows temperatures in the 50's across the board wednesday and thursday and we will crack 60 on friday and everyone in the 60's away from the coast on saturday and 70's is possible on sunday. have a great day. sue? >> first report of an accident at the dublin interchange, the west 580 at 680, three cars involved, middle lane blocked, and you will find slow traffic approaching the scene in the dublin area at 37 miles per hour and this is, again, right at the dublin interchange with three cars involved. the drive times right now, westbound from the central valley 205 to 680 at 30 minute, and a street is closed and 80 is slow, as well. the bay bridge toll plaza there is a minor delay for cash-paying folks. >> ahead how the viral dance "the harlem shake" has landed highly paid workers in the unemployment line. >> parking at at&t park is getting more expensive starting today with a price increase you
5:51 am
can face near the giants ball park. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> welcome back at 5:55. starting today, parking meter fees are going up around at&t park, with meter hours extended until 10:00 p.m. monday through saturday around the ballpark. rateds are 25 cents an hour from 6:00 to 10:00 but on game days
5:54 am
it increases to $7 appear hour. the first event will be the world baseball classic that is sunday march 17. people will still pay to see the world series champs. >> this morning, we have the marine layer mike is talking about, so does that mean drizzle out there? mr. mike nicco? >> i have not heard of reports of drizzle unless you are in the clouds. from what i am hearing, dry, just like the entire state. now, as we head to tomorrow, and into thursday, a trip of green on the western slopes is a winter storm watch from 10:00 tomorrow evening until thursday at 4:00 in the afternoon for a foot of snow. today, 50 in tahoe and upper 50's to 70's in the central valley. >> c.h.p. updating us with information on the accident in dub lip, west 580 cleared to the shoulder. three cars were involved but it
5:55 am
is cleared. the traffic is still slow. the san mateo bridge, the brake lights headed in the westbound direction, it is getting slow toward hayward. kristen? >> 15 australian gold mine workers have lost their job if posting a video online doing what many have done before them, the harlem shake. you think it is funny but the owner of the gold mine says this jeopardized the safety of the mine and fired them all from the high-paying jobs and workers who just watched the dancers were sacked. that has triggered a flood of dislikes on social media sites. >> quite a crazy. >> up to 4,000 videos of different groups doing the harlem shake are posted each day on the intent. >> so enema of my friends have made them at news stations. >> abc7 news is. cog -- is coming.
5:56 am
>> shifting gears ahead at 6:00 with a string of police shootings under investigation around the bay area this morning and developing news from the south bay, the normally quiet community where a teenager was shot last night. >> later, house high can they go? the bay area city where home prices are climbing faster than any other city in the days of wag
5:57 am
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have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, caught on camera, a wild police response as officers open fire on a man in the south bay. it is one of five police shootings in four days. that is the top story at 6:00. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> at 6:00 we will check in with mike nicco, our meteorologist, for a cooler forecast on this on before some changes occur.
5:59 am
>> definitely cooler but not this morning. by the afternoon, the reason it is not cooler is the cloud cover and the reason it will not be warmer this evening, the cloud cover. no reports of any drizzle. maybe some mist if you drive into the clouds. a thin player but not much moisture associated with it. now, what is going on as far as today. we will breakdown our bay area. 7:00 this morning, clouds but 49 degrees. sunny pockets develop by noon and we are in the mid-50's. not so warm in the afternoon hitting the upper 50's and falling under leader sky this evening to 51 degrees. if you are inland neighborhoods we are waking up to cloud cover, and overcast and 45 through 7:00. partly cloudy inland areas seeing sunshine quicker at 57, that is why you will be warmer than everyone else in the afternoon hours at 60, and you will drop to 53 by the


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