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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 5, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it is a slow process. about four-hour trip from pacifica to richmond. check out how huge it, the 82' super yacht called "the darling" has creating cite a challenge for the crews. it was stuck off of the coast. at 5:15 yesterday morning, police spent hours trying to get the three people on board to surrender. they had to draw their guns. the people finally came to shore. they were taken to jail. they are suspected of stealing it from sausalito. when it ran aground the $3 million keel was buried in the sand and crews were at a loss of what did do. they have salvaged the yacht but looks can be deceiving. >> it will look hole to the untrained eye there could be a lot of damage to the vessel.
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we don't know how bad -- the keel obviously received damage, the rudder is bent and the propellor is bent and the shaft, too. there could be some serious cracking to the hull. we are not taking on a lot of water but that doesn't mean that hasn't occurred. >> when it arrived in richmond they will bring it a shore, take a look and get an estimate and decide if it is a total loss. they hooked the tug to it at 7:00 last flight and started towing it at 1:00 o'clock this morning. they say they have a little bit of luck overnight and the weather was great for them with good conditions. it has been smooth sailing, and they expect it to arrive in another 30 minutes. >> an uncertain morning for people in the san francisco neighborhood as sink holes have open up a week after a water main break. sue thompson is live at the
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scene. how does it look right now? >> i can tell you right now a lot of neighbors here are really watching and waiting because the forecast today calls for rain and that is not good news for so many homeowners out here in this neighborhood that are battling sinkholes. this has been going on for days. the problem developed last wednesday when a city water main broke. the gushing water triggered sinkholes new up to five sinkholes. they have already damaged about a dozen homes, literally many are caving in, room by room. up to four homes have been red tagged. the city of san francisco says they will pay for repairs but the problem, now, is the forecast. the rain could be arriving this evening and it will add to the sing homes because the ground, the city says, is not stage and more water will not help.
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>> first, it was about this much. the following day, it began, you know, it looked like this hole now, this size. then it got bigger and bigger. >> many of these are million dollar-plus homes. neighbors say the repairs cannot come soon enough but the problem is city faces is waiting for this ground to stabilize. first, before they kevin begin the repairs they are not sure how long it could take. it could be days. it could be weeks. it could be longer. the insurance will not cough the repairs so they are grateful the city is stepping up to pay not costs. >> live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> thank you. hundreds are mourning a former santa clara high school student. someone opened fire on the 18-year-old richard ve ga in campbell, the first homicide in six years. it happened near his home.
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the gunman is still loose. it was either a case of mistaken identity or being at wrong place at the wrong time. >> they didn't know what they were doing or who they got as far as i know. i guarantee karma will get them. he was one of the best people i knew. >> this memorial took place at santa clara high school last night where he played football for four years. he was also a freshman at college. his family says he wanted to enter a profession that helped people. a student at san francisco high school has been killed by a suspected drunk driver. the 17-year-old was hit by a car late saturday. her friends have set up a memorial at throw boulevard where she was hit. she was crossing a street getting off of a bus. they do not know if she was in a crosswalk. she was celebrating her birthday. the driver, 29-year-old, was arrested for felony d.w.i. and
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vehicle manslaughter. >> san francisco officials are expected to announce today a compromise deal with california pacific medical center to build two hospitals safe from earthquake after the original deal was rejected. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that under the new deal, the sutter health affiliate would scale back the size of the planned hospital after the old cathedral hill hotel at van ness and it would expand the capacity of a rebuild st. luke's hospital in mission district. it would shrink the size of the proposed parking garage and limit it to hospital use. >> it is official, bay area drivers spend way too much time in their cars commuting through epic traffic. it can be so bad that there is a new name for it: mega commuter is a worker who spends 90 minutes plus 50 miles to get to the office in the morning. according to the census, the bay area has the highest percentage
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of mega commuters in the country. more than 2 percent mega commuters live in san francisco, peninsula and east bay. 1.9 percent live in santa clara county. kira klapper will have a full report next half hour. >> distinction we just love. but we lucky because we have this great view, bay lights and san francisco it will be exciting. officially tonight...the weather...mike? >> maybe there will be a beacon of bright light at 7:00 or 8:00 when the rain rolls in. it is beautiful just watching this, though. we have fog in napa at three quarters of a mile and everyone else is fine this morning. what we are dealing with today is a cooler start. temperatures are running in the 30's inland and mid-40's around the bay and the coast. we will see increasing clouds by noon and temperatures in the
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upper 50's but the coast will hang on the low 50's for the better part of the day. rain moves in the north bay by 4:00, and most of the us are in the upper 50 and it will spread out of the north bay at 7:00 and mid-50 for the evening and upper 40's at the coast. we will see how it continues to roll. we will have rain, steady rain overnight through tomorrow morning, and waves of showers on wednesday with cooler showers and more scattered if nature but the snow level will drop to 2,500' on thursday and dry push air and warming trend on friday and last through the weekend. i will have that forecast coming up and if you are headed to the sierra, here is sue. >> pretty light in the traffic center with a few mega commuters on the road but it is light at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights just road work. we will look, first, at marin county where we have waldo grade, sausalito side, up to the waldo grade of the tunnel and it
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picks up where road work on the golden gate bridge picked up by now. elsewhere we go to san jose, i believe, we have road work on north 101 from tully with a lane of traffic closed until 5:30 this morning. kristen and katie? >> thank you. the controversy around nascar and why some are upset about an upcoming sponsor. >> another big blizzard is headed east with some areas getting a huge snowy blast. >> but, first, forbes has the new ranking of billionaires and the c.e.o. of heinz talks. >> the dow jones industrial average opened this morning at 14,128, just 37 points from the all-time record set back in october of 2007. heinz got a big golden parachute for the c.e.o. who gets more than $200 million if he is fired or pushed out.
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part of it is a severance package. >> and the richest billionaire is in mexico with a net worth of $73 billion and microsoft's bill gate is next, at $67 billion. >> starbucks has their first new permanent beverage in 12 years, permanent beverage in 12 years, with hazelnut [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> san rafael, south bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:14 on tuesday. the embarcardero in san francisco, it is dry at moment. but that will change before the the day is through. mike nicco, our meteorologist, will check on that. >> nascar is putting the national rifle association in the driver's seat this is video from the race in phoenix, arizona, the n.r.a. is sponsoring next month's 500 race which is now known as the n.r.a. 500. it is not the first time the rifle association has sponsored a nascar title but this comes as americans debate the issue of gun violence following the december mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. >> the upper midwest is hit by heavy snow and it is moving east. a huge storm called an alberta
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clipper is moving across the united states, and 19 states from montana to virginia are under winter watches and warnings. in colorado, road closures and multiple car pileup on the highway, city plowed hit the street in north dakota where more than a foot of snow fell, and chicago could get up to 10" today and tomorrow. >> it is bad. you get the drifts on the road. you cannot see the road if it is dark. very treacherous. >> in the winter months and here it is march is coming in like a lion. >> the capitol is preparing for the biggest snow fall in two years and new york and new england could be hit. >> mike nicco is keeping an eye on the weather here. fog like that, obviously, but we will get rain the. >> we could get snow down to 2,500'. we have another cold system coming our way and right now
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live doppler 7 hd is dry in the morning commute, that will be dry, to the north, you can see look how massive this area of low pressure is. this is what coming our way. right now, most of the rain is in northern california, oregon and washington but the entire system is singing to the south and it will bring colder air so we have a winter storm morning for the western slope of the sierra and trying to get through there tonight at 7:00 through tomorrow evening at 10:00 and it could be tricky. in tahoe we have a winter weather advisory from 10:00 this, to 10:00 tomorrow evening for not quite up to 1.5' of snow and up to 1' possible so that will be nice spring skiing. beautiful lights on the bay bridge this only but we have to move on and talk about san francisco, oak, san jose, all 46. palo alto at 45. mill valley is chilly at 36 degrees. through the day we will see increasing clouds and it will be dry in the day lit, but the
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extreme north bay. steady rain in the evening and overnight hours and it will be wet this time tomorrow and chilly showers possible wednesday and thursday. we have upper 50's to low 60's in many areas and let to mid 50's at the coast and more sunshine the further south you go today. tonight, we have clouds with the rain becoming steady with temperatures in the mid-40's to low 50's. this system has a little bit of warm air ahead of it and we will have cloud cover so we will have temperatures the same as yesterday. when the cold front rolls in we will have the unsettled weather today through thursday. now, what is going on, you can see by noon, clouds are increasing by 5:00, and the extreme north bay, northwest corner, sonoma county is getting light-to-moderate rain headed down to the bay at 7:00 and in the east bay valley and the south bay by 9:00. notice we have steady rain through tomorrow morning and it becomes more showery in nature in the afternoon and in the evening hours.
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overnight, wednesday, it looks to be quiet, and, then, thursday, the sun comes ups instability, showers develop and the snow is developing around mount hamilton. now, we will talk about rainfall amounts and you can see wherever the blue is, that is up to 1" and the darkest blue is more than 1" and most of us in the lower elevations .25 to .5". the seven-day outlook show temperatures coolest on thursday, only low to mid-50's and we will see sunshine run on friday, and just when we get the extra hour of daylight, it warms into the 60's and 70's on sunday and monday. >> good morning, everyones we will look at the drive through san rafael if you leashing novato, south 101 it is looking good and this is beyond lucas valley road the marin ymca turning beyond north gate mall and otherwise it is quiet. in san jose, now, north 101, a lane of traffic is blocked at
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tully and the grade we have road work, three lanes until 6:00, north 680 from mission boulevard south to mission boulevard north. >> it is 5:18. spending cuts in washington, dc, are already causing problem for travelers with the business report talking about that. >> martha stewart is headed back did court with the latest legal battle eight years after being released from prison. released from prison. >> and a three-story ice [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "i'm a new parent" and "i have no idea what i'm doing," you need a hand. well, walgreens is innovating to help. by making prescription refills this easy.
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>> martha stewart runs to court defending herself this a civil suit pitting two retail giants against eve morning macy's says they have exclusive rights to sell her products and that stewart breached her contract when she signed a deal with jack -- jc penney and stewart says macy's lost the right by minimizeing selling. she went to prison for insider trading a few months ago. >> google is fueling the illicit ivory trade. the epa says there are 10,000 ads on google japan shopping site that promote the sell of ivory and 80 percent of the ads are stamps which are inlaid with ivory which is legal. google says they prohibit the
5:21 am
promotion of ivory sales on their shopping site. >> we were talking about jc penney and the martha stewart story and jc penney could have another round of cost cutting. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> the big airports have doubled their lines and longer lines at border crossing as homeland security cuts lines at the borders and airports because of budget cuts. good news if drivers, pump prices are on the decline, with gas down 3 cents compared to a week ago. it is the first weekly decline this year. a report of jc penney may have something red, saying business insiders saying that jc penney asked the supervisors to categorize employees in three colors green to keep, yellow to coach up or push out, and red to remove from the company. this is as they have the worst
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sales numbers in a quarter century. the dow jones industrial average climbed to the highest level since 2007 on speculation the federal reserve will continue stimulus measures, and the national hiring day with the company looking for new positions at 100 stores. starbucks has a new drink with hazelnut which is the second most popular coffee flavor. and 7/1 is adding roast beef and deluxe sandwiches and to get you to try them you get a free 16-ounce pepsi just this month only. >> time to get a check of the weather. >> you take your coffee and without the flavoring, right? >> regular cream. half-and-half. >> okay now, the beaches is where we will have the dangers today until 3:00 with sneaker waves, rip currents out there
5:23 am
from monterey to the north bay coast. if you are traveling, you can see the rain is moving up toward eureka and crescent city and it will be if the better part of today through the central valley and 66 in sacramento and 74 in fresno and let to mid 60's around san diego and 82 in palm springs. tahoe, if you want fresh powder, now is the time, from 7:00 today until 10:00 tomorrow evening, 10 to 20" of snow will fall above 4,000 feet. we will be busy tomorrow. >> i imagine. and they need that snow. we will follow that if you are planning to go in that direction. it is great for skiers. closer to him we have a steady stream of traffic moving beyond university to the macarthur maze and no major delays but you will find yourself in company there, and, otherwise, it is quiet, with road work, and we will take you to eastbound 580 moving out of the central
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valley, it is slow. and eastbound we have the road work, three lanes toward north palestinian and you can see speeds of 36 miles per hour up and over the altamont pass. >> you go to tahoe and you see icicles but this one is in canada and it is three stories tall forming on the side of an apartment building and it has fans online. someone created a giant twitter account for the icicle but the fire department did not want it around and they removed it because it was a safety problem. >> justin bobbier had a 19th celebration and it was the buzz on jimmy kimmel. >> this is what he wore to his birthday party. his birthday suit, i guess. maybe i am getting old but that is ridiculous. he goes to a club with no shirt and it was 35 degrees in london on friday night.
5:25 am
put that up again, how is it possible that no one in this swiss gives him a wedgy? how is that possible? >> that is not right. jimmy kimmel airs weeknights at 11:35 here on abc7 news following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> a luxury yacht is stuck in the water off the san mateo county coast. ahead at 5:30 the overnight operation to free the yacht and tow it back to land. these are live pictures of the yacht coming in to the richmond marine yard. we will have the latest live.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this tuesday. our time is 5:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas. now a check on the weather from mike nicco. mike? >> they will change later this afternoon the form of rain finally moving in after a couple of weeks of spring warmth and pollen. here is live doppler 7 hd, quiet right now. we talked about the clouds that opened up. we had 30's in the north bay and american canyon 34 and low-to-mid 40's in walnut creek and pleasanton at 42 and belmont at 43. san leandro 43 and union city and saratoga, 46 degrees. the cloud cover is on the increase as the system draws near with temperatures mainly in the mid-50's to low 60's around the bay and upper 50's to mid-60's inland and right around 54 degrees at the coast. rain will move in to the north
5:29 am
bay at 4:00 or 5:00. sue? >> we will take a look at slow traffic out there, otherwise no major stalls or accidents. we will take you to the fremont area 680 between mission boulevard, south mission boulevard north we have three lanes of track blocked and none happening here just the construction on this ongoing, and you will find slow traffic moving toward railroad avenue and it picks up westbound highway four. kristen and katie? >> thank you, happening now the luxury yacht stolen from sausalito, and ran aground off pacifica, it is in a new location yet again this morning. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live at a richmond marine yard where the boat has just arrived. >> the last couple of minutes of the look behind me, finally here, it took 4 1/2 hours to travel from pack -- pacifica and
5:30 am
they are just now docking it and you can see the blue crane, that is what they will use to lift it out of the water. they have to bring it ashore and to see how damaged it is. it looks good but the salvage master says that looks can be deceiving and there could be a lot of damage to the keel, maybe to the hull. they could declare it totaled if it will cost too much to repair. that is something they will start to look into this morning. while they deal with the yacht, police are handling the three people who were on board. they are accused of stealing this yacht known as "darling." it ran aground at 5:15 yesterday morning. crews say figuring out how to get it to the salvage yard has been a challenge. on its way here it took some skill but it took something else, as well. >> there is always a bit of luck. they say it is better lucky than
5:31 am
otherwise. we did know that it was going, i honestly didn't expect it to happen that quick and didn't specific to get it off until 2:30 or 3:00 and we were way ahead of that. i'm glad. >> the three are accuse accused of stealing the yacht, two men and a woman. the owner of the yacht says he does not know the people. they found a pizza box and couple of cases of beer on the board. it took six hours to coax them off the boat. it was quite a journey from sausalito to getting stuck, and now to richmond to see how much damage was done during all of the travels. the bay area has a new distinction but it is nothing to be proud of. probably don't have to tell you the commute is bad. it is bad enough that there is a
5:32 am
new name for it. abc7 news reporter, kira klapper, is live in the newsroom. we can refer to ourselves as mega commuter, according to the census bureau. we have a live look at interstate 80 between berkeley and emeryville, traffic is picking up right now, and likely some of the people are mega commuters. it is a worker who spends 90 minutes plus 50 miles to get to the office each morning. the bay area has the highest percentage of mega commuters in the country. here is the good news for non-mega commuters, probably you and me, the average bay area commute times are not terrible, 29.6 minutes in san francisco and 27.8 minutes in oakland, and santa clara county drivers have an acknowledge commute of 24.7 minutes. a lot better than a mega commuter who spents 90 minutes one way, three hours round trip, on the road every day. in the newsroom for abc7 news.
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>> rain predicted tonight could make problems in san francisco west portal neighborhood worse. a water main broke up several sinkholes and the ground is sinking in at least five locations right new, three homes are red tagged as unlivable, and some residents are worried that dust from clean up efforts are causing health problems. >> my wife has a sinus infection and double ear infection and i am getting an infection in the chest. >> insurance companies are not helping. but officials tell residents they will cough damages caused by the watermain break. >> an assault rifle stolen from a police officer's vehicle has been recovered. few vehicles have been released. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car like this one. officials say the car was parked
5:34 am
and locked while officers were working in the neighbor. it is only issued to specially trained officers. >> memorial is held on thursday for the two santa cruz police officers shot and killed in the line of duty on tuesday. a motorcade procession will start at 8:45 on ocean travel and travel over highway 17. the memorial if the detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butter was moved to h.p. pavilion in san jose to accommodate what is expected to be a large crowd. the service is scheduled to start at noon. we will broadcast it here, live, beginning at 11 a.m. on abc7 news and at >> two bay area cities are considering major gun control measures. the san francisco board is looking at two proposals, one measure would require ammunition dealers to contact a chief of police when anyone in san francisco brings more than 500 rounds in a single transaction. the other proposal would make it
5:35 am
a crime to sell any ammunition designated only for law enforcement or military agencies oakland city council members are considering a form of gun control and at their meeting they will discuss banning investments had gun or ammunition manufacturers. the city does not currently have any gun investments but the measure would urge oakland police and fire retirement funds to sell any gun investments they might have. the ban was already approved unanimously by a council committee. it now needs the votes of the full country sill to pass. >> the santa clara county board of supervisors meets to decide how to replace a former member who resigned and now faces up to a year in jail. he has agreed to plead guilty to felony charges. investigators say he spent taxpayer and zoe nation money as his own. he admits suffering from gambling addiction and depression.
5:36 am
supervisors will either appoint someone to the vacated seat or schedule an election. >> tonight is the night for the bay lights project. you probably have seen the new light display on bay bridge. it has been tested for weeks and tonight the full bay lights spectacular is officially unveiled. here is a live look at the bridge where they had been testing the lights overnight. now they are on a break. the big event is tonight and they will be back on and you can see video of how they might look but each time will not be the same because of the mathematical formula. this is where you can see it, at embarcardero, and at 9:00, the switch is flipped and the lights go on spanning 1.8 miles the largest light sculpture in the world with 25,000 lights on display for two years but not visible to drivers on the bridge. they will not be distracted. $6 million in private funds was raised to pay not lighted design
5:37 am
ed by the art it. for good spots to view the light show or to watch the entire event from home, go to and we will stream it for you live. we could have a viewing party, katie, and i will bring the chips. >> i will bring the dip. >> we have been so mesmerized this morning. it is now boring without the bay lights. >> now mike nicco, how is the weather going to be for the event? >> i am not invited to the party? well, i will bring the dip, i get it. now, you can see how dry it has been, back to july 1 to june 30 of this year, which is our rainy season, we are down almost 3" in live more and 4" in san jose, and 4.5" in oakland and nearly five in san francisco.
5:38 am
the clouds are opening and it is cooler outside, one degree in mountain view and fog in napa. 30's inland at 7:00, and mid-40's for the rest of us hanging out in the low 50's at the coast and upper 50's by noon and 4:00, in our bay and inland neighborhoods and notice light rain developing in the north bay by 4:00 and starting to spread into the bay by 7:00. so, it is evening and overnight rain if most of us outside of the north bay, and when that passes this time tomorrow morning, we haves of showers that get colder and probably less numerous by thursday and we get a snow level down to 2,500' on thursday then a dry air starts on friday and lasts through the weekend. we will find out now about the commute. >> to the by bridge toll plaza a couple of cars, waiting to pay cash, otherwise, everyone is breezing through and we have in metering lights. that is the good news. road work out there, with an
5:39 am
area of oakland as you know, it has been under construction for years now and it looks like they have reconfigured the lanes north 880 from 5th to broadway and the construction actually is getting completed so that is if news in oakland. stall north 880 at hayward, blocking two lanes of traffic. we will take a quick look at the drive times from hayward toward san mateo, 680 southbound toward walnut creek and of -- 680 all looking good. >> women, listen up, surprising new research on our life expectancy. all federal budget cuts are now going into affect. the immediate impact on the pentagon and members of the
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5:42 am
>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:44. the pentagon says it will be forced to furlough 15,000 military schoolteachers and staff because of the automatic budget cuts that took affect four days ago. according to the pentagon, the military will close all the commissaries on the bases for an
5:43 am
extra day each week. the republican-controlled house is putting together a huge spending bill aimed at giving the pentagon more money for military readiness. >> this morning, venezuela veteran government says that president chavez is in a very delicate state as he struggles to recover from cancer surgery. the 58-year-old has not been in public since the operation in cuba three months ago. venezuela veteran's communications minister says chavez is suffering from a severe new breathing problem and is having a difficult time breathing. he returns to venezuela last month after an extended medical stay in cuba. >> the united nations security council is setting the stage today for a fourth round of sanctions against north korea. it carried out the third nuclear test last month despite u.n. warnings. the security council will meet today behind closed doors after the united states and north korea's closest ally agreed on a new resolution to punish north korea. the north is vowing to cancel the 1953 korean war cease-fire
5:44 am
because of sanctions and ongoing united states and south korean joint military drills. >> the united states thinks the u.n. has a drinking problem. the ambassador from the budget committee says budget negotiations are made more complicated by the number of diplomats who turn up dunk. he is proposing that negotiating rooms should be held in alcohol-free zones. >> the u.n. budget is finalized in december when holiday parties lead to partying spilling over into budget negotiations. >> cannot get over that story that someone had to say, let's sober up during negotiations. >> maybe after, you can celebrate. >> okay, we will check with mike . >> okay, we will celebrate the rain, we need it. >> absolutely, and the snow.
5:45 am
you always want did know when it is coming. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet. no need to worry about wet weather. we had just partly cloudy conditions as we watched the big massive area of low pressure off of northwest coast in the united states and that will start passing the sierra this evening around 7:00 with a winter storm warning and we could get up to 20" of snow on the western sleeps of the sierra. we have a winter weather advisory for lake tahoe tonight and half that amount of snow, but, still, it is great to see and hopefully you will be able to see if you can get up there. >> from mount tamalpais you can see the cloud cover and the breaks to the south and waiting for the sunrise. napa is at 34, and santa rosa is 39 and livermore is 45 and gilroy and fremont, and stepping out right now dress for 47
5:46 am
degrees, and notice the clouds increasing headed through the afternoon hours and that is the system drewing near and that brings steady rain in the evening and overnight and chilly showers wednesday and also thursday and that is when the snow levels drop. temperatures today are a lot like yesterday, with mostly cloudy north to partly cloudy south. we will have mid-50's to near 60 around the bay and low-to-mid 60's inland and along the coast. tonight, mild again with the rain and temperatures are in the mid-40's to low 50's. tomorrow morning, you will be dealing with the wet commute. the system is spinning in the warm section, so even with the cloud cover, we are going to be mild today. unsettled later today through thursday. at 5:00, you can see the leading edge of the teddy rain moving into the northwest corner of sonoma and by 7:00 it is starting to exit the north bay and head into the heart of the bay and by 9:00 it is moving to the east bay valley and the south bay and steady rain during the overnight through 7:00 tomorrow, and scattered showers
5:47 am
in the afternoon, and they start to taper as we are between systems wednesday evening through thursday morning, and thursday afternoon you can see a blowup of scattered showers and the pink and white, a winter mix. you can see the higher elevations of the north bay and santa cruz mountains up to 1" to 1.5" of rain. thursday is the coldest, with met of us stuck in the low-to-mid 50's and more sunshine and warmer weather on friday and we has an hour of sleep springing forward saturday night into sunday and everyone in the morning goes, oh, no, but it will be lighter later. >> back, now, to the east bay and we have shes, road work in the eastbound direction of 580 to north flynn, and westbound, at altamont pass road, this is a good alternate, usually, for 580 but we have a car over the embankment on the altamont pass
5:48 am
and you can see very slow traffic out of the central valley. 880, in the hayward area, we have a stall blocking two right lanes of traffic and green sensors on the road but not many delays beyond that scene. there is the westbound commute at 30 minutes to the dublin interchange on a 80, and 880, southbound, to san mateo, no, that would be into hayward, and 80 commute into the macarthur maze is looking good. >> new research suggests that life expectancy is getting shorter for women in half of the counties in the united states. the university of wisconsin study looked at mortality rates over last five years and in 43 percent of the nation's counties, mostly in the south and west, life expectancy for women has dropped. disadvantaged white women saw the biggest change. researchers are not sure why. some health experts say it could be tied to higher smoking rates, obesity, and less education but life expectancy if men is
5:49 am
holding steady and in some politicians improving -- in some places even improving. >> will the a's move to san jose? ahead, who is coming forward to say the courts should decide the baseball controversy. >> also ahead, the bay area city considering getting rid of the red light cameras. >> mystery solved. >> mystery solved. we know the identity of the cape [ loud party sounds ]
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>> another strike against red light cameras, the city of hayward will consider getting rid of them. they were installed at eight intersections that had a lost accidents caused by drivers running red lights. only half of the intersections have seen a decrease in collisions. three have actually seen an increase. the cameras cost the city close to $1 million a year, the same as the revenue the city generates from red light tickets. miss recommend phasing out the cameras as contracts have expired. >> in san jose wants the a's to move from oakland they may have to take the san francisco giants to court first. councilman recommended downtown san jose where a new ballpark would be built. he wants san jose to sue the giants. the giants claim do have territorial rights to the san jose area and it is the biggest hold up to winning permission from major league baseball for the a's to relocate to the south bay. a's owner reacted to the suit with this statement saying and i
5:53 am
quote, "we are part of the mlb partnership and we respect the constitution and agreements that governor enour participation in mlb." >> got to think about today, maybe things are changing, the rain maybe will not arrive in the day. >> the umbrellas have been in storage for most for a couple of weeks. >> dust them off, whatever you have to do, get ready for the wet weather tonight and tomorrow. if you are headed to the coast we have dangerous sneaker waves until 3:00 today. most of the rain stays in the northern section of the state around eureka and 66 in sacramento today, and same in los angeles and 82 in palm springs. if you headed to the sierra, 10 itch to 20" much snow starting this evening through tomorrow evening. >> we are going to hayward, southbound, 880, it look like we have a new accident right at 92 and you will find slow track approaching that as you make your way to the hayward area and
5:54 am
the san mateo bridge exit. still with road work, three lanes north 680 from mission boulevard, south to mission boulevard north and we have very slow traffic out of antioch this morning, continued slow to railroad avenue and it picks up. >> the mystery is over surrounding the real life batman who brought a criminal to justice in england. we now know this morning that man's identity. you may have seen the surveillance video of the contained crusader yesterday. the super hero showed up with a wanted man in hand. the suspect was wanted if fraud and other charges. now, as for batman, take off the mask. here he is. dan worthy, a 39-year-old delivery truck driver. he revealed the true identity open british tv this morning. he says the suspect is actually a friend of his who is really want on charges. they thought it would be a good
5:55 am
joke and, yes, it was. >> the uncertain morning for a san francisco neighborhood after a water main break. >> the new deal expected to be announced that will turn an old san francisco hotel into the newest hospital. >> coming up later at 7 on your side and "consumer reports" teaming up to find the best deals.
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5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, overnight operation, new video shows a stolen luxury yacht arriving in richmond after crews worked all night to free it from the waters off pacifica. that is our top story today. we will have more on that in a minute. >> good morning, i am kristen
5:58 am
sze. >> i am katie marzullo. mike has a look at the weather. >> weather-wise, it is dry. look at live doppler 7 hd. in 12 hours we will watch rain moving through the bay in the evening and overnight and through tomorrow. be prepared today. it will be cooler this morning an the bay with temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's and pockets of sunshine by noon and cloudy in the afternoon, and that will be in the upper 50's and in the mid-50's with the rain arriving at 7:00. inland valleys, we are starting off cooler and brighter with temperatures in the upper 30's to 40 and clouds gather at noon and 58 and rain in the north bay by 4:00, and a steady rain is in your neighborhood by 7:00. at the coast, we have sneaker waves today and temperatures are mainly in the let to mid-50's. now, before you leave the house, sue? >> a grind from the central valley with a couple of things,
5:59 am
first of all, westbound direction, if you take the altamont pass road as an alternate to 580 there is an accident with one lane of traffic because it is blocked with a tow truck. and road work eastbound direction to north flynn and westbound the commute slow from trayty and over the altamont pass. >> developing news, now, the stole were luxury yacht that ran aground off the shores of pacifica was freed overnight and it arrived for for repairs half an hour ago. the 82' sailboat docked if richmond, and the coast guard says it was pulled loose from the sand about 50 yards from the shore after midnight, a few hours before high tide and was stuck all day and night after being stolen from the


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