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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this, is a look at squaw valley. both have seen a half fast snow and it could top 12 inches by friday. sandhya? >> how about snow in local hills. well, south of the monterey bay. i'll show you right now you will see our radar along with the national weather service is tracking some showers right now. i'll show you where we're seeing this spotty showers around. nappa, light rurnz around thompson. heading down towards the south bay, let's zoom in closer here in san jose. east of that area, piedmont road seeing light to moderate showers. and a few showers, spotty being picked up. winter weather advisory from
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santa rosa 89/100ths of an inch. a third of an inch in oakland and redwood city. we do have more showers in the forecast and timing is in just a few minutes. ama? >> sandhya, thank you. a street hard hit by a water main break is struggling to recover tonight this, is what it looked like last weekend. since then, homes have been red tagged and sink holes discovered. the mayor came out and we are live with that. heather? >> the mayor and others got a look at what has become a disaster site them got to see its relationship to the damaged homes. and they got to meet the
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victims themselves face-to-face. this is not a neighborhood that will be back to normal any time soon. the main break is only the beginning of what will be a m-long process of repairing utilities and doing soil testing all across the neighborhood to see if red and yellow tagged homes can be saved. will more sink holes appear? that is another question. >> this is break is how fast. r.houfl. you with have a 16 inch line. then, it will give us what may have taken years so compromise we have to make sure this is solid for everybody. >> if the mayor's promises are kept and they fix it, we're
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going to be in good shape. they don't have a lot of answers about whether the street is safe or whether there is continued settling. so it's disconcerting at this point. >> the city saying it will take three to six months before the soil or sand can dry out. only then can engineers if, how the hopes might be saved. thank you. >> the man hired to help fix oakland's crime wave son the job. bill bratton introduced to the oakland police force. we're live where he finished a news conference just moments ago. john? >> just moments ago. he's been in found 72 homes, he said the problem is a winable situation and he expected quick games early on in the fight against
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murders or robberies, things like that. it was the commissioner in new york, chief in los angeles he says crime went down under his watch. he's a support of what is known as stop and frisk. today bratton defend that had policy. >> there is no police departmentw3 in america going to be effective without it. it's a cool tool of policing. but the responsibility of police leadership, offices them selfs and training given is to do it constitutionally. do it compassionately. you're dealing with human beings and to do it consistently. >> the company is getting a quarter million dollars from the city of oakland. bratton ak noblged police are under staffed. he said that could be remedied from the state and the federal government.
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also started monitoring social media. this is a new set of eyes to look at an old problem. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> john, thank you. >> strangers, neighbors and friends are paying their respects right now to two santa cruz officers killed in the line of duty. a public viewing began just about two hours ago at santa cruz memorial. detective sargeant lawyeren butch baker and detective elizabeth baker shot to death last tuesday. people waited for the chapel doors to open to say goodbye to officers. >> everywhere i go, i can just feel the sense of sad nets. -- sadness. we just need to get our community back. >> the viewing will be held until 8:00 tonight, then, tomorrow, 17,000 people are expected at a memorial service for the detectives at noon at hp pa vil yichblt a motorcade
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will proceedeed the memorial in the morning at the beach board walk heading north. the mile-longym motorcade will travel south on highway 85. >> people planning to aattend the service. city offering bus vouchers available to those with no other way to the service. cal train offering free service to the memorial for all members of law enforcement. there is a stop right acrossç the street from hp pavilion. our live coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. live here on awc 7 news and on abc 7 we'll be streaming it there for you. for more information another z.other details on how to watch the memorial service go to our web site. abc 7 click on see it on tv. >> a driver accused of slamming into a new york taxi and killing a young couple turned himself in to police.
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the 44-year-old surrendered in pennsylvania today. this is video from sunday morning's accident. police say he broadsided a taxi killing a couple. their baby delivered by c section but later died. he has a long criminal record, including murder, robbery and drunk drive oogt man accused of running over and killing a lowell high school student on saturday made a first court appearance today. the 29-year-old keeran brewer did not enter a plea but had bailu reduced to $300,000. police say he was dwrumpk a blood alcohol level above 09 when hitting the 17-year-old henry chang on slope boulevard. the teenager celebrated her birthday that day. brewer charged with driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. >> coming up the bay area city putting brakes on red light camera autos the trio at the center of the standoff at sea have their day in court.
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the tail tale prosecutors say one of them told. >> then, from michael finney an important warning for those getting a tax refund and taking out a personal loan. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment. for over 75 years people have saved money with... ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 years...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained)
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director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. prosecutors filed grand theft charges today against one of the three people arrested for allegedly stealing a sail boat and running ate ground monday morning. the 68-year-oldv:ym faces five felony counts. charges being dropped against two others, prosecutors say
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daro mira and lisa modewell didn't knowym the boat was stolen. modewell should be let go any time now. red light cameras are on their way out. the city council voted to premoveé@ cameras citing,b lack of evidence they reduce broadside accidents. police report an increased8 in rear end accidents where cameras are in place. the counsel wants toçxc the cameras rather than wait for contracts to expire. early termination will cost over $100,000. >> important warning from consumer groups to taxpayers to avoid those popular loan programs being offered by some preparers and paid yeah lenders. >> that is right. michael finney has details. michael? >> we want our refund right now. patience, patience this, morning comes from national consumer law center and federation of america.
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consumers anticipating refunds from irs being offered loans based on their taxc refunds at high rates. these loans used to be offered by banks but regulators crack down on that practice. nowñi,zv lenders and preparers e getting into the act. an advance on a $725 refund can cost $100. a $1500 loan can cost between 2 $50 and 300 -- $350. you can get your refund within three weeks of filing taxes if you file electrically. so patience can save you a lot of money. the merger two of of the most cell phone providers cleared a hurdle. department of justice decided not to oppose the merger between t-mobile and metro pcs. you might recall the federal government opposed the proposed merger just months back and kill that had deal. the t metro merger could be
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completed as early as fall. metro pcs customers will be seeing their phone being phased out over a two-year period. the deal must win approval from two more agencies. taco bell's anticipated roll out of tack yoz made with cool ranch dorito shells was anything but cool today for customers. the chain announced it was rolling out the new item(tnday, one day early. sounds great except they forgot one thing. to get the new shell into stores so customers made a dash to tryout the new doritos shell ended up leaving mad after being told the new shelz had not yet arrived. taco bell issued an apology suggesting customers call ahead to make sure the taco is available at restaurant near you. durm they did earlier dorito and they went crazy? >> wow.
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>> who new? >> i know. >> thank you. >> sure. >> there is a new foush stop a violent sex predator from being released into4jñ east cy community. the 69-year-old, charlesç kriftman served time for sex crimes against children. is he expected to be released any day now to live near an elementary school in bay point. abc 7 news was there today. neighbors are concerned. >> garcia wasn't expecting a visit from the sheriff. deputy goesing door to door, alerting neighbor that's charles kriftman a seven time sex offender a history of molesting young boys may be soon moving to this cottage. >> nobody wants them in their community. they have to put him somewhere we just wish it wasn'tçó so close to the school. >> the prince spal not
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pleased. >> i have 107 students that need to walk past that area. >> she testified to try to stop init under a law that prohibits a child predator from living within a quarter mile of the school. >> it's less than one quarter mile away. the issue do you howe do you measure that quarter mile? >> the deputy d.a.says it's under a quarter mile but the court measured ate cross the street. >> i'm fighting for residents in the community and children going to willow cove elementary school. >> it's a battle too familiar for neighbors years ago carey verse also branted a sexually vilit predator lived behind the office. >> we do criminal defense work. if we didn't believe in giving people second chances it would be difficult. >> now, with verse employed he has done research on kriftman. >> he's infirm. he has not offended since 1989.
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25 years a quarter century ago and he did go through training. christman has 16 pages of conditions that include gps monitoring random searches and frequent check in was the sheriff's office, still, the district attorney filed an appeal he hopes will cause the court to rethink this decision. he says he wants the court to stay the decision until that has a chance to be heard. >> thank you. >> live doppler 7 quiet now now and that don't put umbrellas away yet. we do have more wet weather in the forecast. spotty rurnz around the region well. have our own radar on mount st. helena. you can see
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a batch of light showersp and north kelly road we're seeing wet pavementment towards east bay, we're see something light returns around boulder drive. looking athe sierra nevada seeing snow showers that are winding down. we'll talk about that in just a moment here. winter storm warning is in forecast toont until 10:00 p.m. tonight. we're looking at five to 10 inches of snow possible. take a look at the view from lake tahoe tv. we're going to pan around and so far, two to 11 inches of snow has fallen.
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they need more snow. i'll show you what it looks like. now, i'll show you a bay area live shot from our camera. looking out towards the bay you're seeing sun and we're still dealing with unstable atmosphere. temperatures now napa, 52 degrees. it's 55 in fremont and here is the s.what is coming up. we're looking at a chance of showers overnight. scattered showers tomorrow. showers thursday. you'll see why not everyone swril a chance of seeing wet weather. there is an area of low pressure here. there is a cold front going to paralegality coastline here so the best possibility of seeing those showers develop will be along the coast. then that, will finally start to turn east.
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so showers will head into southern california, and northern baja. friday afternoon, computer models indicating perhaps an isolated shower. nothing to 5/100th in the north bay. and for the coast up to a quarter inch. remember most will get dumped over the coastline. or off the coast, i should say. temperatures in the morning starting out cooler. you'll need a jacket or sweater. mid-30s to 40 was showers possible. a cooler day. accu-weather forecast we're drying out. we're going to warm it up over the weekend. plenty of sunshine, temperatures up into low 70s by monday, tuesday, mid-70s showing up inland areas. don't forget sunday morning at
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2:00 a.m. daylight savings time. spring forward before going to bed saturday night. abc 7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter. plus video forecast spare the air alerts and tweets from your favorite weather team right here on abc 7 news. >> never let you down. >> appreciate it sandhya. >> thank you. >> still to come the disorder that one in every 10 new moms shows symptoms of having. benefits of a good hug. coming up at 6:00 a former stripper invents cuddle therapy claiming kit
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we're following breaking news out of san jose. a man in teens or early 20s has been stabbed to death. sky 7 is above gaut lupe oak
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park now in al ma den valley police are searching for evidence. officers say this happened just before 4:00 in the afternoon. so far no avests been made. stay with us for any developments in this story. you can follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> a police dog is credited with getting a would be thief to surrender after a takeover robbery. it escalated into a hostage situation this morning in the bay view district. police responded to the scene arresting three suspects. a fourth man refused to come out of the building and held four employees inside for seven houfrs. police say he surrendered after hearing the police dog barking saying he didn't want to be bitten. nobody was hurt. >> san francisco police today discovered a huge marijuana grow insifd a burning home in the sunset district. they think the fire was sparked by a rigged system used for the pot operations.
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a firefighter is expecting to be okay. a fire caused 100-sh $1.5 million in damage. >> it would allow students who are born one sex, but living as another to use bathrooms and play on sports teams of the preferred gender. assemblyman from san francisco says the bill has been progressive step against discrimination. >> when things like this are new to the population people are uncomfortable. people were uncomfortable with people of color and gay nen men so, you've got to step back and root out that attitude. >> the bill would require schools to disorder the sex listed on birth records of transgender students. >> research finds one in 10 new moms shows signs of
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obsessive compulsive disorder after childbirth. 11% reported significant ocd within six months of having a baby. up to 3% of the general population reported the same symptoms including excessive worrying over child safety and germs, crying and anger for no reason and thoughts of harming the baby. >> rare gem of sorts from overseas about to flutter into one of our national museums. the story coming up next. well, well, well.
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coming up at 6:00 criminal charges are filed against north bay teacher accused of smacking a special education student. why is that teacher still in the classroom? the i team goes looking for answers. >> also, reunited with her
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lost cat. what a bay area woman tells 7 on your side she didn't get what they she expected when she twont a missing pet service for help. >> and an nalt tiff sport around for years takes a step forward. we'll have those story pz more coming up for you tonight at 6:00. >> okay. imagine wearing a piece of jewelry making elizabeth tailor blush? >> we have the item for you. this piece of jewelry is not for sale. the royal butterfly brooch made up of 2300 gems including diamonds, rubies and sapphires totalling a whopping 77 carats. >> it's valued at $680,000 including color changing sapphires and diamonds diamonds, and rubies and garnets. it went on display today in the smithsonian in washington, d.c.. >> hard to imagine how big that is. >> world news is up next i'm carolyn johnson.
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>> for cheryl jennings and sandhya patel thank you for inviting us this is "world news." tonight, slipping and sliding. the giant storm has hit the east. the winds are howling. cars skidding down the road. trees are tumbling. and we are there. nightmare. that's what doctors call dangerous new bacteria now in hospitals. we'll show you the urgent things they're doing to stop the spread. dr. richard besser on the front lines of the fight. really? did the president really have to cancel white house tours because of the budget cuts? what about all the kids dreaming of their trip? we want you to weigh in on the argument. >> open the white house! and, the force is with her. she's back. >> what? >> get ready to fall in love with princess leia all over again tonight.
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good evening. and if you want to see how big this massive snowstorm is tonight, there it is, on the east coast. the storm as seen from space. and this is the sloppy mess it is causing on the ground. not to mention all the wind and the heavy, wet snow. our extreme weather team is tracking the storm and abc's ginger zee starts us off right now. ginger? >> reporter: diane, virginia has declared a state of emergency. and one of the big reasons, see this tree across this road? well, heavy, wet snow took it down. and that is just one of the threats millions of americans are dealing with tonight. tonight, winds are howling along the east coast. low-lying areas in new jersey already under water now under vo


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