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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 19, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the bart board wants to take passengers to untapped parts of contra costa county, a goal of a new member of the board. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, joins us to explain this extension north. >> passengers are not telling us how much this extension would help their lives. here is the idea: right now, bart stops in richmond. how about extending it to stop in san pablo and hercules traveling along interstate 80? the new bart director for this area tells the contra costa county times that is what he wants to do. he points out that the i-80 is the most congested freeway in the bay area and a longer bart route would ease the pain through there. we are hearing stories out here this morning to support that. >> we have a lot games out there and even on the weekend where people are gone, 80 is big time
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congested we have to leave early for games because if you don't, going out 80 fill be really bad. so, that is going to relieve a lot of pressure off interstate 80 but bigger than that, the people really want bart out there. >> at this point it is merely an idea negotiation studies have been done, there is no cost estimate but the new representative wants people to talk about it, and three would like to see it happen and the people he represent would like to see it. live for abc7 news, i am amy hollyfield. >> now, officials in san francisco could approve a massive settlement for the widow of a well-known bay area journalist who was killed in an accident. the former oakland tribune reporter was hit by a train at 2nd and king street in 2009 and died in the hospital two weeks later. a lawsuit claims he was in a
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crosswalk when he was hit. today the agency board of directors is expected to discuss whether to approve a $900,000 payout to his widow. >> developing news in san jose where police are on the scene of a fatal shooting involving a man in a stolen car. police say the man sped away from officers in unmarked police cars and the chase ended in unincorporated east san jose when the man put the car in reverse and sped toward an officer standing outside his car. they say the officer fired a slot and hit the suspect in the head. abc7 news reporter has an update in 30 minutes. >> we are learning new details of a child care center that was suddenly shut down by state regulators last friday. it involved the universal preschool formally known as the sunny side infant and preschool. state regulators found a number of violations including an infant sleeping in a high chair,
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a worker without a proper background check, more children than the school is licensed to care for and the improper restraining of children. photos were shown of the babies swaddled with a blanket tied around the body and another around their ankles. >> always been very nice until this happened and then it has been lie after lie when you try to get a refund and suddenly they say they only worked part time. >> the director and an employee are named. they are looking to ban them from working at any child care center. >> a man arrested for stealing 10,000 prescription spills from a clinic in palo alto will be arraigned this morning. the 33-year-old worked at the palo alto medical foundation. investigators say he broke into the pharmacy and stole the drugs. officers recovered the drugs along with meth and drug
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paraphernalia at his home and in the vehicle. >> the marine mammal center is caring for an increasing number of elephant seal pups that have been stranded on the beaches. as of yesterday 16 malnourished pups have been rescued and more are expected. if you see one leave the pup alone and call the rescue center. according to officials, many of the seals just finished weening after four to six weeks for mom and the mom has now left. they have yet to get into the water. >> breaking news from nevada this morning. we jut learned moments ago that six marines were killed in an explosion at hawthorne military depot two hours outside of reno. the blast happened last night during an exercise. there are reports there could be up to eight other injuries in addition to the six marines who were killed. that is not yet confirmed. hawthorne army depot is using
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for we training and is comprised of hundreds of buildings over 230 square miles. >> when california colleges are about to let students and staff do for the first time to two years. >> also ahead, the shear problem facing some women would shop at a popular upscale yoga clothing store with several bay area locations. ys of walking
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>> we are back at 6:10 on this tuesday. it is relatively dry but look how much warmer it is than yesterday, from two degrees in san but necessity to six in many neighborhoods so a nice morning^. we are in the low-to-mid 50's around oakland, hayward, concord, antioch and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's and on our way to 60's this afternoon with sprinkles changing to light rain. we will have rain tomorrow morning and showers in the afternoon, the cool of the day is tomorrow, spring, starting on our coolest day and the warmth for thursday and friday. >> we have an update 80 westbound in richmond and carlson an overturn, with two right lanes blocked, as well, and the traffic is now backing
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all 9 way to hilltop. we have another hot spot for you, two separate accidents reported on 580, westbound, in the middle lane a hit-and-run accident and westbound 580 at 680 at the dublin/pleasanton we will follow this. the commute from the central valley is bumper to bumper and will be affected by both of these. kristen and eric? ought california state university system is lifting a travel ban to mexico for 400,000 students in a letter to state leaders. the chancellor said that violence in mexico is down during the past year and he says that travel to mexico by the students still needs to being looked at on a case-by-case basis. before the ban went into affect hundreds of students and teachers traveled to mexico every year. >> lot of ladies like the upscale hip work out clothes but there is a revealing problem facing a popular yoga retailer
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in the bay area. >> just shear confusion. >> 10 years ago the united states invaded iraq. what americans are saying about the controversial war a
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a beautiful picture this morning from mount tamalpais on san francisco. we will talk temperatures today. we are going to have more clouds we still have a mile flow from the southwest and that will keep us in the ballpark from yesterday in concord and san jose and fremont and oakland and san francisco and maybe cooler than that in santa rosa because of the fact you get sprinkles
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and light rain before the rest of us. we will look at our lander today, in the upper 40's to low 50's through the morning with sprinkles at noon and a better chance at 4:00 with mid-60's and lighter rain will develop as we head into the knowledge hours but it will be light and it will be scattered. notice how mile it is, near 60. more news with kristen and eric. >> happening right now, today is 10 years since the start of the war in iraq. >> at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people, and to defend the world from grave danger. >> former president george b. burn made the announcement the forces were entering iraq manner 19, 2003, saddam's rule in the country ended after that. although the conflict has ended, a new poll finds 53 percent of americans believe going into iraq was a big mistake. >> president obama's approval
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rating is now below 50 percent. a new international survey finds that only 47 percent of americans now approve of the president's job performance, the first time the president's approval rates is below 50 percent since september. also new this morning, asian markets bounce back after losses on monday, the japanese nikkei and the kospi closed up. over the weekend the plan to bail out cyprus banks caused worries there could be massive bank runs and the fears seem to be receding. trading is underway in less than 15 minutes. we will check with jane king live at the new york stock exchange at:45. >> i don't go retail cher has stored in the bay area will start down after the stock tumbled yesterday after the company announced they pulling pants from store shelves because they are see through. hallelujah -- lulu lemon stock
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says this affects pantses that are too shear and is offering refunds to customers. the problem will create a product shortage in the fors for now. >> the best known newspapers will start charges users for the website. the "washington post" says they will charge users would look at more than 20 article as month. the amount people are charged is not decided yet but subscribers have free access to unlimited articles but the "washington post" follows other papers that have been installing a "pay wall." >> we are still free, and you can get free weather information which is important especially today. >> and it is on twitter, as well , and you guys are also tweeting. we are everywhere. we try to be. any platform you have we want to be there for you. here is live doppler 7 hd, it is
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dry right now other than a few sprinkles and the commute will be fine as far as the weather goes. a beautiful picture from the roof camera and san francisco and oakland and walnut creek at 50, and palo alto, dress for 45 if you leave the house and san jose at 49 degrees. the picture of san jose, the 87, near h.p. pavilion and hayward is at 50, and fairfield is at 49 and los gatos and livermore and napa and santa rosa, all in the mid-to-upper 40's, so a very mild start to what will be a gray day with sprinkles the form of light rain in the afternoon and evening. it will be scattered, not study or wide-spread. unsettled weather, we will have this rain through tomorrow and a lot of warmth away from the coast if the first weekend in spring. here is a look at the temperatures speaking of the coast, stuck in the mid-to-upper 50's and low do mid-60's around the bay shore and remain whattest inland especially the east bay valley and upper 60's for you and north bay valley is
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in the mid-60's because you are the most likely area to get the sprinkles to light rain as we head in the afternoon and evening. if you look at the radar tonight, the models are showing more wide-spread pattern of light to darker green so the sprinkles to light rain but it is mild, upper 40's to mid-50's, so milder than this morning. here is why, you look at the moisture in this plume of warm air coming up from the south, it is not the typical winter storm that comes from the gulf of alaska and because of that, we have a moist mild know and temperatures near average with the cloud cover and we will watch the clouds thicken and lower as the moisture is closing by noon and still no organized area of wet weather but it does develop and you can see one skirting across the north bay and a couple more coming to show through the evening commute and that is how it will be for a couple of hours. this small area height is our window of a couple of hours of steady light rain with the cold front moving to the north bay overnight and moving through the
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heart of the bay during the rush hour and exiting the south bay as we head toward the early afternoon hours. scattered shows behind this afternoon and you can see the dry air coming in behind the cold front as the clouds open up tomorrow night into thursday morning. rainfall amounts trying to be optimistic here, .05" in the south bay with the least amount. quarter to half appear inch around the central bay and the higher elevations in the north bay is where we will get the most rain, up to an inch. the seven-day outlook shows it is cooler tomorrow by two to five degrees and we gain it back on thursday and we build upon it, low-to-mid 70's this weekend away from the coast and we will have mid-to-upper 50's. sue? >> a couple of rough spots back to richmond, now, westbound at carlson, westbound 80, two right lanes are blocked with an overturned accident with traffic backed to hilltop and richmond is the best alternate but that
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is building. westbound four, headed out of pittsburg, we have an accident there, and that also is blocking the right lane of traffic so you can see slow traffic approaching that scene and two separate accidents, boat out of lanes now, westbound, 580, including one at 580/680 junction on the shoulder but traffic is jammed from the central valley up and over the altamont pass. >> thank you, at 6:21. march madness just 140 clarks away. twitter is bringing the college basketball frenzy to users. >> and new sports [ male announcer ] rita's suitcase got lost a few months back. hi. i got a call today that you guys found my suitcase. we don't have it. know my name. [ sniffs ] are you wearing my sweater? [ male announcer ] good thing she hasn't noticed his pants.
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>> san mateo bridge with traffic moving fine in both directions. you can see the deck is dry right there but we have sprinkles in the fast today with rain tomorrow to begin spring so we will get mike nicco to talk more about that in a moment. >> twitter is bringing march madness 140 characters at a time. basketball junkies can view highlights from all march madness game in a few minutes of them happening. san francisco based company is partnering with twitter and turner broadcasting to bring the highlights to the twitter users introducing this instant replay to users last year when it partnered with espn for college bowl game highlights.
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just follow the march madness twitter handle. >> the silicon valley home owned by apple co-founder is on the market. >> these pictures show the six bedroom and seven bath home in los gatos. it was built in 1986 but he has sold it. the price is $4.3 million and includes a pool, with a waterfall, and indoor play area, and clean lines. >> relationship speakers are not expecting wedding bills for experts new power couple, ski champion lindsey vonn and tiger woods confirming a relationship on facebook. woods made headlines after admitting to a string, a long string affairs. he got divorced in 2010 and now several relationship experts tell "usa today" the chance for
6:24 am
successful relationship are slim because this couple is under such a microscope. >> we will continue to follow breaking news from 20 minutes ago, and next at 6:30 the accident that claims the lives much six marines in nevada. >> thousands of catholics gather for the pope's inaugural mass with the emergency -- message he delivered to those watching around the world. >> stolen car suspect shot and killed by san jose police after he tried to run them down. i will have a live report coming up. >> a look from mount tamalpais this morning, you can see san francisco, sausalito, as well, and seven days ahead. spring starts tomorrow morning at 4:02, our cool of the day and the spring warmth rolls into the forecast. that is ahead. sue is live at abc7 news traffic center you can see relatively light backup at the bay bridge
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with three of the worst commutes just got more worse, if i can talk like that, three really bad accidents highway 4, and highway 80 and 580. more after the so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> breaking news is from nevada where the death toll stands at seven marines killed in a training exercise. >> the marines were killed in an explosion before 10:00 last night at the hawthorne army depot located 140 miles southeast of reno. the victims were all marines from camp in north carolina. several others were injured.
6:28 am
the area is spread over 230 square miles. more on this story as we get the information this morning. >> at 6:30 we are watching the weather closely, day that mike said sprinkles will arrive which precede the rain which precedes spring. >> lot going on weather-wise although the weather looks quiet right now. we do have squattered sprinkles and you may want to fine the umbrella because we do have unsettled weather for the next 36 hours and the commute is dry even if the sprinkles fall it will not make the streets slick. mostly cloudy at the bay and 50 and thick are clouds at noon. as we hang out in the mid-60's, we will look if light rain, scattered light rain in the evening and 59. the key is "scattered" and "light." so go ahead and go to at&t park to watch the game. we could get a pocket of sunshine before noon but sprinkles to light rain dropping
6:29 am
to 60 at 4:00 to 7:00 and mostly cloudy at the coast with low ceiling, 46 degrees for you, and sprinkles are possibly becoming more like light rain and low-to-mid 60's in most of your neighborhood. >> unfortunately, three of us have a nasty commute that will be worse this morning. in pittsburg, westbound four at san mar dough we have multi-vehicles and a big rig, two lanes are traffic. you can see it is crawling along behind the scene. in richmond, westbound 80 at carlson, an overturned two right lanes are blocked. rich mop parkway is the good alternate and backed to 80. 580 from the central valley through livermore is bumper to bumper with an early accident and the dublin interchange, both of those out of lane but the damage is done. >> in san jose a man is dead after undercover police opened
6:30 am
fire last night. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, joins us live from the crime scene. police say this man in the stolen car tried to ram them? >> that is what they are saying. the crime scene tape is still up here as you can see. police are still investigating. the focus for them is a white, two door honda, a car that is still visible to us right now. we are showing you a live picture of it. that is the car that police say tried to run over an officer before the officer opened fire. sky 7 was over the scene minutes after it happened at:45 on monday night police say the san jose police officers were on a special task force in plain clothes and drying unmarked cars. they were on a separate case when they spotted the two-door honda that was stolen. this was a brief chase. the sheriff deputies say that the driver of the honda threw it
6:31 am
in reverse and headed toward an officer. the officer shot once, and hit him in the suspect. some wonders in the suspect knew he was undercover police. >> the suspect knew. they put on their lights and sirens in an attempt to stop the vehicle before he tried to ram the two police vehicles and accelerate and run over an officer. >> i am shocked because this never happened before. >> pretty quiet neighborhood? >> yes, it is quiet. i am shock to see this is what happened. >> witnesses report hearing two gunshots but police insist that they only fired one. the identity of the dead driver has not been released at this time, there was also a male passenger with him and that person is considered a witness and is cooperating with police. police are still on the scene and still investigating this
6:32 am
crime scene and could be here for another 45 minutes to an hour. they are getting ready at this moment to haul that suspect vehicle out of here on a plat -- flatbed tow truck and we are live in san jose san jose this morning. >> an update to developing news we brought you at 4:30 this morning, a missing elderly man has been found. the gentleman is 90 years old and suffers from alzheimerss and is now safe and sound. no other information has been released. >> new this morning from the vatican, where thousands of the faithful gathered hours ago for the inaugural mass of pope francis. that is where the new pope emphasized service to others. >> we have new video in the newsroom in the last hour of vice president biden meeting pope francis. vice president biden led the
6:33 am
delegation to the vatican for the ceremony and mass and shook hands with the pope and said a few wores to him. the pope nodded and smiled. pope francis is greeting hundreds of zig aniaries with delegations from 132 nations there. this is also an estimated 200,000 people gathered in st. peter's square coming to see and hear the new pope. pope francis circled the square in an open jeep and received the ring and vestment and celebrated mass. he focused in the message on protection. >> we are all protectors of creation. we are protectors of the plan of god written if nature and protectors of one another and of the environment. >> pope francis made reference to pope benedict in the homily. we are told pope benedict watched on tv. the two will meet on saturday. two things that were different about the events than in the past, the gospel was read in
6:34 am
greek rather than latin or italian and only six cardinals representing the entire college of cardinals pledged obedience to the pope. pope francis wanted a simpler ceremony. >> president obama leaves washington for the middle east with stops in israel, the palestinian territories, and jordan. he will try to restart a long stalled israeli and palestinian peace initiative. he told israeli television he wants to hard ideas from both israeli and palestinian leaders. >> just released poll finds support for same-sex marriage is at an all time high and 58 percent of americans say gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry a significant increase from 44 percent only three years ago. the poll finds opposition to same-sex marriage has dropped from 55 percent to 36 percent in the last decade. >> antigay slur made in a famous
6:35 am
nightclub in san francisco on sunday is making waves across the several and several performances of the folk singer are shocked. she went on a ramp at yoshi's using an antigay slur. half the audience got up and walked out. the managers at yoshi's pugged the plug. >> hypocrisy of the bible, talking about the rapture is coming and the end of days are here and she said you can re-tweet that and encouraged the audience on do that. >> upcoming shows have been canceled in santa cruz, portland, and chicago and novato. >> new this morning, tech experts reveal a change likely coming to a popular gadget but first, everyonely -- empty shelves at a behavior area food bank. >> truck and weather are next as
6:36 am
the abc7 news news continues.
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>> now, why do we need a rain? we are more than 3" in a deficit including san francisco, and livermore, and 6.5" in santa rosa. we will not make that up but we have a little bit in the way of rain coming our way. we will look down and you can see the temperatures are close to where they were yesterday, but the only cool spot is santa rosa and that is the best area to see measurable rain during the afternoon and into the evening hours. as we head tomorrow, we will have rain and then scattered showers and look at spring warmth for thursday and friday.
6:39 am
>> good morning, the three worst commutes are jammed. westbound 80 at carlson, no, excuse me, a sig-alert at westbound four in the pittsburg area, three left lanes with multi-cars and a big rig and it is jammed. we have westbound 80 at carlson which is cleared but slow back to hilltop and richmond parkway is a good alternate and in livermore, look at your drive times if you are headed out, westbound 580 under an hour and westbound 4, 71 minutes to concord and over an hour from highway four to the macarthur maze. a rough one out this. >> the alameda food bank is warning it will run out of food by the end of the week and many shelfs are empty at the food pantry that relies on the county food bank for donations and the demand will rise next week when
6:40 am
children are home for spring break and do not have access to school-provided meals. fewer donation and a gap in fundraising left the 3,000 donation barrels empty and they are asking anyone who can donate to do so immediately. we have a link at >> we will update our breaking news story from nevada with several marines killed during a training exercise. >> trading is underway on wall street. we can see the dow is in positive territory up more than 26 points. we will go hive to jane king
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6:42 am
>> santa rosa, berkeley and all the bay area, this is use.
6:43 am
>> we have breaking news we have been following. >> seven marines have been killed in a training exercise in nevada. we go to katie marzullo. >> the newest numbers are that seven have been killed, and seven injured in an explosion that happened before 10:00 last night at the hawthorne army depot which is located 140 miles southeast of reno. so far the identities of those who have been killed is not beingry leaseed. we have learned the victims were from camp lejeune but ask now involve a landing on group of marines but they do not have details of how the explosion occurs. some speculate it could have happened during the transportation of rounds or an explosion may have occurred during the handdling of a round the it is spread over a 240-square mile area.
6:44 am
we are covering the story and this is the largest loss of life in recent history in ground training. this is breaking news story that we will watch and come become to you if we have anything new. >> also it may have exploded in mortar two so a lot of questions to be answers. >> and questions will be asked by the team at "good morning america" and we will see what coming up. paula? >> good morning, kristen and eric. we missed you, year, eric, but kristen and kira klapper held it down nicely. coming up on "good morning america" next a story you just heard thank you covering that is breaking right now, seven marines killed, seven injured in appear explosion during training exercises in nevada overnight. we have the latest in a live report with a team on the way to nevada. has one of most famous art heists ever finally been solved
6:45 am
with the f.b.i. revealing after two decades, they know who pulled off the stunning robbery of 13 pieces of art work worth half a billion from the boston museum. we are breaking down all of the moves, the good ones, the bad ones, the ones that will remain nameless from the "dancing with the stars" premiere all coming up on "good morning america" and i don't know if you have a favorite, kristen and eric? did you watch? >> i always route for ali because i loved her in the olympics but we have a local girl and she is awesome on the disney channel. >> she is the frontrunner. >> thank you. >> eric, you are not a fan? >> i'm a fan of sleep, thank you very much. >> you will catch up today on tivo. >> a new report shows americans are more connected to their devices than ever before and are
6:46 am
now more than half a billion internet connected devices including tv's and computers with the average home having six devices and the fastest growth is in the tablet market with a surge expected in smaller tablets and half the tablets were below 8" in screen size. consumes say the smaller tablets are more ideal to use every day compared to the larger ones. >> we will see how the markets are starting out at the new york stock exchange and jane king. >> hello, people all over twitter saying chase online, chase mobile, were showing a balance of zero on people's accounts. that would be shocking. chase took the site down and says things are back to normal this morning. investors are looking at strong numbers on the housing market and construction, the commerce department says building permits roads to the highest level in five years and market are positive overall, so recovery
6:47 am
after a couple of down days with the dow right now up 42 points, the silicon valley index is higher, as well. good news of traveling into and out of san francisco international with children. the airport ranks number one on a list of the best airports for kids put together by the consumer website "travel nerd" looking at kid friendly things such as nurseries and other things to do that make it more fun and less stressful for parents. >> thank you, jane. >> she is ready for spring, wearing her white. we are ready too, but one more taste of winter. >> we need the spring showers. here is a look at our live doppler 7 hd ready for the next storm to move in from the west. right now we had a few sprinkles but it hooks like all organized areas of wet weather are over for now and a look at san jose and 87, we will talk temperatures, 50 in san francisco and oak, and san jose and walnut creek at 49 and
6:48 am
appealally at 45 and mill valley 44 and alcatraz from mount tamalpais, temperatures running in the mid-to-upper 40's and santa rosa, napa, fairfield, livermore, hayward at 50 degrees. we are going to have a great day with spring els likely and periods of light rain startingor night and that will lead to a few light showers tomorrow were that is it. unsettled as the weather will get because of the mature system system that is losing some of its strength. we have a mild and moist flow coming at us and you may notice the extra humidity we just need a triggering mechanism. we do not have that which is why we have scattered sprinkles and scattered light rain toward 5:00 and to the evening. we have a window opening around noon in the north bay as the cold front comes through of three hours of steady, light rain, through 7:00, in the morning, and by noon you can see, tomorrow, that is scattered showers again. by tomorrow night, already it is starting to dry. we will get a lot of rain in the
6:49 am
south bay, and if we are lucky a .25 to .5" in the bay and in the north bay .5", and the seven-day outlook is two to five degrees cooler tomorrow with the next system and windy with clouds opening up to sunshine on thursday and spring warmth on friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. >> we will go back, now, to pittsburg area with a sig-alert westbound highway four at san marco a big rig, multi-vehicles involved and the jam up is horrendous back to antioch. you get to pittsburg the alternate is not great but it it is right here. 80 westbound, early accident at carlson is cleared and the riff monday parkway, and the best alternate is bump butch from helicopter and two separate accidents westbound 580, that is gone and you have very slow traffic and we will look at the drive time an hour and 27 minutes from antioch to concord, westbound, four, that is a rough one. kristen and eric.
6:50 am
>> ahead, five things to know before you goallying breaking news. the accident that claimed the lives of several marines in nevada. nevada. ys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment
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>> as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. seven marines are dead following an explosion at the hawthorne army depot in nevada. seven others are injured. it happened during a training exercise when a mortar exploded in a tubas they prepared to fire it. the marines were from camp lejeune, north carolina, and was 140 miles south of reno. >> the sheriff deputies is investigating the faith shooting of a man in a car after a san jose police officer fire add shot when a man drove the car toward him. the man died at the hospital. >> pope francis has been officially installed as the 266th leader of the roman
6:53 am
catholic church. he circled st. peter's square in an open jeep waving to thousands who gathered and kissing the sick. he also celebrated mass. have the biden led the delegation to vatican city. >> santa clara city leaders will sign off on offering millions in concessions to the nfl in exchange if hosting the 2016 super bowl. the bay area is competing against miami to host super bowl 50 at the 49ers new stadium. a new bart director says it is time to start about extending the bart beyond richmond where it currently stopped. the district seven director wants to extend bart to hercules with stops in san pablo. >> now the accweather forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows good news for the commute. we had a spring cypress els but
6:54 am
no organized areas of wet weather with just scattered and light sprinkles but mild again low-to-mid 60's at the bay and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast. we will have light rain that is organized in the evening and overnight and through this time tomorrow morning. sue? >> to the bay bridge, metering lights are on and the last hand lanes are better way to go with track backing to the overcrossing with major issues out there. we will go to the pittsburg area with the big rig multi-vehicle sig-alert westbound four at san marco no good alternate along the pass from pittsburg but are looking at an hour and 27 minutes from concord and jammed westbound 80 at california son an early accident cleared but traffic is backed to highway four and richmond parkway is the budget alternate. from the central valley there are two accidents that are going but traffic is jammed. we will look at the drive times
6:55 am
again, it is a rough one. the bad commute is worse this morning. >> we continue with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america" which will have a special west coast on the latest on the marine accident in nevada as we reported with a death toll up to seven
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning, america and breaking out now for our viewers out west. several marines killed. more wounded in training erks sizes in nevada overnight. new details coming up in a live report. and a heroic act. the college student who helped his campus avoid a nightmare speaks out this morning. >> the only time he made solid eye contact with me was when he was pointing the gun at me. >> he managed to call 911 and police discovered chilling evidence of a deadly plot, explosives, guns, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, all part of a planned massacre. the ultimate whodunit. it's one of the world's most baffling and expensive art heists on the verge of finally being solved? 13 famous paintings worth $500 million. could these frames finally be filled again after 23 years? now, i think we're going to start to have fun.
6:59 am
>> oh, a blockbuster night in the ballroom. "dancing with the stars" kicks off a most exciting season with the sizzling bachelor, wynonna cheered on by her famous family. and is this super bowl star the favorite to take it all in season 16? ♪ but it might just save your life ♪ ♪ that's the power of love >> oh, if you could only be here at 6:59. what you would hear. good morning, america. as you can see, george is off. great to have josh, paula faris, with us, as well. he picked a great time to take a spring break. >> he sure did. >> it is a mess out there. and a lot of people are finding ice and snow making the morning commute a complete mess. and sam will bring us up to date on that. >> four or five anchors on this program. th


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