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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 20, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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shoulder. >> eric and kristen? >> more now on breaking news from the delta. fire crews were on the scene of an early morning house fire that spread. it is happening on the island, and at least three structures have burned on taylor road. they got the call at 2:30 a.m. with power lines promising pg&e turning off the electricity. we have a crew headed that way and we will take you there live when the crew is on the scene. >> from contra costa county, a silver alert has been issued for a missing elderly man from danville, 83 years old, 5' 7" and 180 pounds safety seen leave his home yesterday and police spoke to him on the cell phone and he was disoriented.
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a silver alert is issued for the man from the bay area to southern california. if you see him, call the police. >> the city of santa clara is putting the its money where its mouth is to lure super bowl 50 to the new 49ers' stadium, approving a package of incentives to satisfy the nfl. our reporter is live in santa clara to explain. >> one of the biggest incentives is the beautiful brand new stadium that is going up so quickly it is hard to believe. the city council thinks whatever revenue they have to give up they will make up the revenue and then some if they can get the big game come to town voting unanimously to waive a list of fees from hotel tax for nfl staff rooms to ticket sir charges, parking fees, all nfl requirements if santa clara wants to be considered as a
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super bowl host. the new stadium is finished in next year and if the super bowl comes in 2016 the stadium will be two years old at the time of the the hilton santa clara is optimistically planning a $140-room addition in time, ready in time, for the super bowl in 2016. the city will make their pitch to the nfl in may. >> we have some fees waived so we are more attractive. it is the first time we are doing this. we want to be competitive. >> miami is also a contender and will be competing against santa clara but miami has already posted ten super bowls. perhaps it is someone else's turn and sources tell abc7 news that miami probably cannot afford to waive those fees. the city of santa clara will take their pitch package to the nfl on may 21st.
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>> thank you. new this morning, president obama is now in israel going the first visit to the country and a new effort for peace between israelis and palestinians. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, is live in the newsroom. several countries are on the agenda? >> yes, the president will stop in jordan and in the west bank for a meeting with palestinians who have clashed with the united states over denied bid for statehood at the u.n. the white house officials say the president will not try to broker a deal between israelis and palestinians on this trip. this trip is just going, air force one landing in tel aviv less than two hours ago and the israeli president and prime minister binyamin netanyahu met president obama at the airport. lots of handshaking and photo ops and a friendly scene but polls show president obama is deeply unpopular with many israelis and they want
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reassurances the united states is serious about their defense. here is what the president said just moments ago. >> the united states of america stands with the state of israel because it is in our fundamental national security interests to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you, america. thank you for what you are. thank you for what you do. >> he wants president obama to feel at home on this trip. a side note to a serious trip, the israeli embassy released this cartoon video of the meeting set to the golden girl's theme song and the lyrics say "thank you for being a friend." president obama is on the way to jerusalem if meetings with israeli leaders and he will be in the region through saturday.
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>> we just a knew days away from a supreme court hague on california's ban on same-sex marriage and even supporters of the ban admit that a growing number of americans are okay with gay marriage. the supreme court is set to hear arguments on the constitutionality of voter approved proposition 8 but the supporters want the courts out of the debate. a day after hearing, the court of help the defense of marriage acts which denies we benefits to married same-sex couples much the issue of whether marriage should be redefined is for the people to define. >> some google employees may have been supposed to high levels of a chemical known to cause cancer. reports show that more than,000 employee could have been observation posed after part of
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the ventlation system was shut down that is sitting on a superfund toxic waste site near middle field road. a google spokesman says that the employees were never in danger. >> some of the largest grocers including whole foods and trader joes will not sell a type of fan engineered by a biotech firm. this is at the same time that the fooded if is expected to approve modify salmon. the new species is created by modifying the genes to make it bigger and, arguably, healthier and is the first such food approved for wide-spread human consumption. >> a judge asked two psychiatrists to examine the man facing child for stealing a intermediate from sausalito. the 62-year-old is accused of stealing the $2 million yacht and then running it aground east coast in pacifica leading to bizarre hours-long waiting game
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with the coast guard before he finally surrendered. if doctors agree he is not well enough to defend himself he could end up in the state mental hospital. >> repair work on a damaged bay bridge tower will be completed tomorrow. this video shows workers putting on the last large panel that is used to protect the footing section of the bridge tower. they are on track to install three more panels. you can see the damage from january when an oil tanker sideswiped the base 69 bridge in heavy fog. >> they are working together. are they looking at more rain? >> probably using umbrellas. mike? >> the golden gate bridge shows a little bit of mist and some drizzle and light rain starting to develop. our highest rainfall total has been santa rosa at quarter of an inch and more than .1" in union city and oakland and just shy of that at concord.
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you can see the radar showing that, now, the cell that went over the golden gate bridge is over angel island and alcatraz. we have good radar runs headed to sonoma and headed if this direction the rain has moved away from mountain view and from the sunol grade you will have a better chance of light rain. it is moving from southwest to northeast for the bet radar return upextreme of the north bay. it looks like you will have a better chance of organized wet weather through morning hour but all of us have a chance of periods of rain through the morning commute with showers developing as we head to noon and they will be scattered in the afternoon hours and by 7:00 the dry public starts to move in with temperatures struggling in the 50's and 60's and we will be warmer tomorrow and breezy and warmer with a lot sunshine on friday and saturday.
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sue? >> in surprise with all the rain in the north bay we have multiple incidents happening in the north bay, and first of all, good news in santa rosa the ramp to northbound, from northbound 101 to eastbound 12 has been cleared. that is now wide open. we have a solo spin out, south 101 at lakeville highway, a tow truck has been requested. a little bit further east, highway 121 at 37, first reports of an accident here. kristen and eric? >> 5:1. >> factor fit? the health care ultimate state imc.v.s. is giving to their workers. >> a shocking act of defiance as >> a shocking act of defiance as a teen is sentenced to prison [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
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even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> santa rosa, berkeley, and slow, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:14. scrap metal thieves targeting parked cars in south san francisco looking to steal a specific part, the convertors which are part of the exhaust which reduces pollution. trucks and s.u.v.'s are targeted because they are easier to crawl under. between $50 and $250 for each convertsor and the best way to protect your car is to park in a secured area. >> oh -- ohio teen convicted of
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killing three students last month and injures three others is showing no remorse and sentenced to life in prison yesterday. he removed his shirt to reveal a t-shirt with "killer" hand written across the front. he laughed and smiled as victim families remembers and they described him as a monster. he cursed at the families of the victims and gave them the finger. >> 5:15. colbert could have extra material for the show as his sister is a step closer to becoming a lawmaker winning the democratic primary for an open house seat in south carolina. it is not cher which republican she will face in the may election but the former governor sanford leads the contenders which are be down to a final candidate in a run off in two weeks. >> advocates and employees are
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upset over a new health insurance requirement at c.v.s. which is demanding employees on the company insurance plan undergo health screenings and report a range of personal data including weight, body fat ratio and blood pressure. workers who don't, can see their premiums go up by $600 a year. c.v.s. wants to have access to health records and if you don't you pay an another $50 a month. the new policy is an attempt to cut health insurance costs and encourage workers to develop healthy habits. >> the boys and girls club of san francisco will cash in on 49ers' all pro linebacker's year. before the season he pledged to donate $5,099 for every sack he reported. i will ask you a pop quiz and he had 19 1/2 sacks, the second
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highest total in the nfl. he will deliver a check for under $100,000 today to the boys and girls club of san francisco and the peninsula will share that wonderful donation. why do you think it was $5,099 a sack? >> related to the 99 i saw rushing around the fieldst. >> that would be a great guess. you get an "a." >> the first one. >> so proud. >> so proud. >> good morning, everyone. i will be proud of you, too, if you make it throughout the commute without causing issues. we have not driven in ain't in - rain in a long time and usually there are solo spinouts. we have live doppler 7 hd and you can see the rain is starting to taper over the heart of the bay and south bay but the north bay is stuck in a different plume of moisture.
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we talked about that yesterday, the thought bay would get the heavier rain and as we look into the state you can see the central valley will get rain. check out the snow that is falling in the sierra, here is a look at tahoe right now, you can see the flakes are small but they are falling. we thank lake tahoe tv if this beautiful picture. the rain has left 87 near h.p. pavilion and the temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50's and san francisco, and walnut creek and palo alto and mill valley, it is mild this morning. as we look down down to the east bay hills, we have upper 40's to near 50 at santa rosa and fairfield and low-to-mid 50's to los gatos. we have waves of light rain continuing today, and it will be breezier and brighter as the dry air rushes in behind the system tomorrow and friday. we have another chance of rain next week before we round out
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the month of march which has been dry like february and january. here is a look at the cold front, the last triggering mechanism and until this moves through we will still have a chance of some rain. the final rounds of rain are rolling through today. here is how it happens: at 7:00, the plume of moisture stuck in the north bay and the cold front pushes it cross the bay, through the lunch hour, and finally, out of the bay as we head toward the afternoon. we do have scattered showers which you see here during the rather part of the afternoon in the early evening and toward the overnight hours the dry air rushes in and we wake up tomorrow, clear with patchy fog and the breezes kick in and notice all the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. rainfall amounts, we are lucky to get .25 to .5" in north bay and up to .1" in the south bay. the seven-day outlook shows 50's at the coast. mid-60's to upper 60's around the bay and upper 60's to low 70's inland starting tomorrow.
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>> happy wednesday, hump day, a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza everything is moving nicely and roads slick and wet. lower speeds are the key this morning. take extra time. we have situations in the north by, all the green you can see on the map is just wet roads not necessarily where it is raining. good news in santa rosa the northbound ramp to eastbound 12 has been cleared from an early accident and still we have a solo spin out at petaluma and further to the east we have an accident and 121 at highway 37 could be slowing things there. kristen and eric in. >> 5:20. >> betting on march madness may not be so happy? >> coffee could be the secret to a longer life but not just any
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>> a $3 find at a garage sale is a multimillion dollar treasure, this rare bowl sold for $2 million at a new york auction. the owner bought it for $3 in 2007 and had it displayed in the living room before becoming curious. the 5" bowl is a thousand years old and came from the northern sung dynasty. >> i would have paid $3 and
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dropped it. >> new jobs are sprouting in green industries. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. if you are looking for a job you may want to consider clean energy. a federal report shows green jobs grew four times faster than others in 2011 compared to the year before and california and maryland had the biggest job growth. more health concerns of energy drinks with prominent doctors asking the f.d.a. to consider reducing the caffeine. monster, red bull and five energy say the drinks are safe but doctors say the high levels can return in heart problems and seizures and obesity. >> are you betting on the basketball tournament? more than a third of ncaa betters will bet more on march madness than on the super bowl. be careful, of those who bet last year 60 percent lost money. that is the bloomberg business report from the new york stock
5:23 am
exchange. >> live doppler 7 hd zooming on 242 and grand as we head through concord, you can see the better radar runs and points to the west open highway four, pittsburg, bay point, antioch, the delta, that is where we have the heaviest rain the next hour or so with more lined up to come ashore and it looks like it will be wet anywhere north of fresno today with 60 in monterey, sacramento and chico and snow and before lake level and rain at 50 and to the south, clouds and 70 in los angeles and 90 in palm springs. >> hello, everyone, nice to see you out there and a little bit of wet roads on the golden gate bridge you can see a windshield wiper here, which is needs and extra time is what you need for the commute. a couple of problems in the not bay with an accident in petaluma area, southbound 101 at lakeville highway, they waiting
5:24 am
for a tow truck with a car in the dip. and to the east, highway 121, c.h.p. is on the scene waiting for a tow truck. a lot solo spinouts because of the wet roads. >> 5:26. happiness, a morning cup of coffees makes a lot of us happy but it could do more. a couple of special coffee could be why special on the green island -- rather, a greek island live in their 90's. 87 percent drink boiled greek coffee which boils the cells in their blood vessels and the boiled greek coffee is high in antioxidants but only has a moderate amount of caffeine. >> the marine debt toll climbs after mortar shell explosion in the desert. >> the east bay preschool where
5:25 am
a teacher admitted to tying up a student is re-opening today. what the school is doing to make sure this never happens again. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd tracking showers across the bay area. where will the showers go next? in your neighborhood? well track the latest storm and the impact on your commute with mike
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is wednesday at 5:29. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> the middle of of the week presents us with rain. >> wednesdays are the best time to get wet weather lately. driving down to the delta where we have the best radar run with light-to-moderate rain just north of antioch and pittsburg
5:28 am
on the delta water and moving into the central valley. most of us do not have to worry unless you are cross the delta and headed to antioch with another system near oak knoll and near napa in ten minutes and at point reyes it is headed to novato the you may see an uptick in your wet weather the next 25 minutes. we have a drying trend in the south bay and the north bay we get the best of the wet weather but anyone could have rain at any time today. we will talk about how long the rain will last coming up if a second but first a check of the traffic. sue? >> speaking of the north bay where the rain is, obviously, that is where we have a lot incidents this morning. back, now, to the napa area, highway 121 at 37, a solo spin out at the merge by the raceway in snow -- sonoma and there is a
5:29 am
vehicle on northbound 101 where a vehicle in the ditch. and all mass transit is off to a great start. >> we continue to follow breaking news from the delta. crews are on scene of an early morning house fire that spread to other homes. contra costa county fire officials say three structures have burned on tail road with a call around 2:30 this morning the power lines in the area are prompting pg&e to turn off the power and crews now seem to have the fire under control with a crew headed that way. we will take you live on the scene. >> and classes will resume after a hut down of a pre-school after the discovery of an instructor who bound a two-year old girl's ankles and wrists for refusing to take a nap. there new detail on the teacher. the district attorney is now reviewing the case.
5:30 am
the d.a. will decide if the teacher will face criminal charges. the teacher resigned in january. the mother found out about this incident when the teacher shows her a photo of the bound toddler at a special gathering. an assembly woman is introducing legislation to train teachers to spot and report child abuse. the assembly woman says the legislation is needed to shore up gaps in the country law. last year, former san jose principal was convicted of failing to report suspected child abuse. one of the bills requires districts to make clear that teachers report this as part of responsibility and administrators must review the policies and allow 9 school districts to remove immediately teachers wered is of child abuse and dismiss them at any point.
5:31 am
>> another marine has died from a mortar shell explosion in nevada desert. mourners held a visible ill last -- vigil last night to honor the marines killed in a training exercise. six are in a reno hospital, from camp lejeune, north carolina, training for night warfare. >> every loss of life is heartbreaking. whether it occurs in afghanistan, hawthorne, or camp lejeune. ought marine corps has suspended the use of the mortars until the investigation is finished. the defense department will release the names and hometowns of the fallen marines today. >> new information in monday night's fatal shooting a car theft suspect by san jose plus. the officer who fired the faith shot wounded a murder suspect during a shoot out in november. police say the officer, a
5:32 am
five-year veteran, shot a man after officers confronted him. they say the driver tried to run down the officer so he fired. you can see where it happened in this area. in november, the officer shot a man suspected of robbery and new december after a police chase and gun battle that left another officer wounded. >> santa clara is moving failure with the bid to host the super bowl at the new 49ers stadium in 2016 or 2017. the city council voted unanimously last night to offer concessions to the nfl. santa clara will waive a 10 percent hotel tax on the 350 rooms the nfl stack occupy and waive a 10 percent ticket surcharge and two other smaller fees. officials hope it will make the bid more attractive and competitive with miami, the other finalist to hope the super 50. representatives take the pitch to the nfl on may 21 and abc7
5:33 am
news reporter will have a live report at the top the hour the. >> it is expected to be a tense gathering when hewlet-packard board of directors holds the annual meeting with shareholders today would have been calling for the ouster of half of h.p.'s 11 board members after the palo alto-based high-tech giant made several poor investments including the botched $8 billion takeever of software maker in 2011. they argue that reshuffling the directors could undermine c.e.o.'s efforts to revitalize the company. >> in south korea, an investigation is underwe over a possible cyber attack after computer networks of broadcasters and banks were paralyzed in seoul days after forth korea blames south korea and the united states for cyber attacks that shut down websites in pyongyang. south korea officials suspect a north korea link. tens is been running high between the two over the nuclear ambitions.
5:34 am
some of the effected networks are up and running again. >> president obama arrived in israel over two hours ago making the first visit there since taking office. air force one landed in tel aviv at 3:15 our time. the president was welcomed by several israeli leaders including president peres and prime minister binyamin netanyahu. the white house says that the president is looking to reassure israelis that the united states is committed to supporting israel in the face of any threat. >> caltrain authorities are investigating another faith accident involving the train system. a train hit and skilled a pedestrian in san jose yesterday. a caltrain spokesman says the person was near a pedestrian crossing south part of the line with only one passenger on board. there is the fourth person killed on the corridor this year. >> on the peninsula, get ready if a big crackdown on distracted driving. a police task force is hitting the streets in menlo park and redwood city looking for drivers
5:35 am
talking on the cell phone or texting. traffic officers from law enforcement agencies throughout san mateo county are taking part. officers issued more than 200 citations during a similar crackdown early this year. >> it seems many of us are willing to pay for a fatter commute. revenue from bay area tom lanes are higher than projected leading authorities to consider expanding. the lanes allow solo drivers to pay a fee and jump in the lanes normally reserved for car poolers. our media partner reports that toll lane revenue on highway 237 and 880 are 50 percent above projections. toll users save five to 20 minutes. southbound 680 is also ringing up more toll revenue at 33 percent higher. several more toll lanes are planned throughout the bay area by 2015. >> the idea is becoming more widely accepted.
5:36 am
i remember 10 years ago the transportation reporter they called them lexus lanes the idea that only wealthy could afford and there was a lot of opposition. >> but people are using them new. >> we will check on the weather forecast. >> the lanes are wet. the commute is the most affected by the rain even if i was not raining the streets would be wet. from mount am tam you can see the clouds are not so low as early this morning or overnight. the rain has let us in many areas. but mountain view has quarteribl and dublin/pleasanton and napa, less than .05". in oakland, you can see the latest update and near skyline boulevard near piedmont that is where we see a drip or two. same on the dumbarton bridge headed to stanford and a drizzle and maybe light rain, clear now
5:37 am
and as we take a broader picture the last three hours the rain moved through the areas and the best chance of rain will be in the in the bay but the periods of rain will move throughout the bay and they will move south with the cold front so expect a run of rain to your neighborhood at some point dug the morning hours and scattered showers during the 4:00 hour and we start to clear out by 7:00 and we get to tomorrow, breezy with increasing sunshine. >> we are going to san jose where we have first reports of an accident and the headlights are headed in the northbound direction with an accident southbound 280 beyond the 17 overcrossing. we can not see it but obviously traffic is lit. it is the solo spin out because of shake roads and the car is off on the shoulder the that is the key this morning. the green represents slick roads out there and not necessarily where it is raining but where the roads are very wet. extra caution for you.
5:38 am
southbound 101 in santa rosa at the hopper off-ramp we have reports of a spin out. in petaluma, south 101, a tow truck is arriving on the scene to get the solo spin out, out of the ditch. >> the ncaa tournament is underway. >> the san francisco tradition in jeopardy, the efforts now in jeopardy, the efforts now underway to savet's play:
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>> cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> new this morning people are warned against going into the water off a popular beach in monterey county. the health department has detected high levels of bacteria in pacific grove. authorities are trying to pinpoint the source. the advisory is in affect until the bacteria is determined to be safe. anyone who comes in contact with the contaminated water runs the risk of getting ill. >> santa cruz is charging a quarter for paper bags. they charged ten cents for each bag but now have increased it to 25 cents to get peoples'
5:42 am
attention. they wantshippers to bring their own bags to keep plastic from polluting the environment. similar laws are in affect in san mateo and santa clara counties and the city of santa cruz open earth day april 22nd. >> 4th grader in berkeley is getting were needed help from fellow students who are lending a valuable civics lesson in the process. the 4th graders from jefferson elementary are lobbying local politicians and even president obama to help bring a boy back home. the visa expired while the family visits family in mexico and they were denied re-entry and sent back to mexico with a five year wait to reapply for new visas. the class mails lobbied the city council who passed a resolution to send to congress in support of bringing the ten year old and his family back. >> help us go to school.
5:43 am
(inaudible). >> you are just a 4th grade group but are doing a big thing the. >> today they are on a national news show and are slated to appear on local radio talk shows throughout the week. >> a grass roots effort to save the san francisco tradition of carnival is in high gear. community groups in the mission district held an emergency meeting to save the parade of festival. the nonprofit says that it can no longer afford the to day event and groups are mobbizing to try to get 500 volume steers and getting $170,000 in donations. >> businesses in the san francisco bay area can step up and help support carnival and save it and be a sponsor. >> you do not cancel christmas. you don't cancel carnival. >> enough money has been raised to hold the carnival parade on may 26. >> college basketball fans st.
5:44 am
mary's advanced to the field of 64 in the ncaa tournament, defeating middle tennessee state. they beat middle tennessee state 67-54 and will play auburn hills michigan. >> the cal women on the tournament on saturday against fresno state in texas with the president supporting them. president obama picked the second seeded bears as a final four schools in the women's bracket and cal over top seeded stanford who are in the same region. >> you asked if i thought president obama was being legal and i said, no, not at all just because cal has more but they breakdown the brackets and analyzed if there was a swing state and he needed. >> the verdict, do you remember?
5:45 am
>> no. no. no, i don't. >> good political answer, "i don't recall." >> just like capitol hill, i take the 5th. >> first day of spring at 4:02 this morning. we have spring showers in the north bay but at the peninsula and the coast we have more developing so drips are likely to keep 101 and 280, all those areas, a little bit wet this morning thanks to the ongoing showers developing over the coast and with the west to east flow we will continue moving over the neighbors the better part of the commute. this morning, temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's, san francisco, oak, san jose, walnut creek and palo alto, mill valley at 49, and this is how it looks at walnut creek, 680, you can see right now we have santa rosa and napa in the upper 40's and
5:46 am
los gatos running in the low-to-mid 50's. sue will have more to talk about 680 and walnut creek in a second. for me, it looks dry. waves of light rain moving in today and breezy and brighter thursday through friday and next chance of rain is next week so we have another chance before we end this dry month. the cold front is still to the west with the colder air you can see is going to help push the cold front through today and when it does it will bring us the final round of rain. 7:00 in the morning, best chance in the north bay and light or embedded moderate rain you can see in the yellow and the moderate rain goes away as the storm system slides to the south and the north bay will get the lion's share of the rain with steady rain at noon and it becomes scattered headed in the afternoon. in the evening, it starts to clear out, and there could be one or two sprinkles left but by midnight it is gone and the dry air filters in tomorrow and the breezes kick in and that really
5:47 am
brings the sunshine on and with the breezes, temperatures start warming tomorrow, also, and written fall amounts hoping to get up another .25" to .5" in the north bay and up to .1 itch possible in the south bay. after being stuck in the 50's to mid-60's this a few areas today we will be near 70 each day from friday through next tuesday inland and mid-to-upper 60's at the bay and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast. be safe. sue? >> in walnut creek, southbound 680 at the not main, toward the 24 junction we have an overturned vehicle left rain, two other cars involved. right now i do not see a lot of slow because it is early but if that stays longer the commute is going to be difficult. we will be following that. we also have a situation in santa rosa area with five vehicle accident south 101 at hopper you can see the red line
5:48 am
solid traffic getting south of santa rosa and five cars at the off ramp at hopper and it will be a tough one this or, folks with slick roads so give yourself plenty of time. >> coming up in the 6:00 hour, the bay area town that could make it harder for professional dog walkers to get their job done. >> doctors reveal new finings on children and autism. what you need to know. >> humans acting like animals caught on camera, what beachgoers are accused of doing to seals and the response to city officials to make sure this never happens
5:49 am
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5:51 am
>> our breaking shot of the morning, firefighters are battling a fire that spread to three homes, now, after a call at 3:30 this morning. we will hear from the crew on seen and what is going on there. right now, or in a couple of minutes we will hear what is going on. >> stretch of beach in san diego is off limits to beachgoers after a hidden camera caught shocking cases of people abusing the seals in a terrible way. the camera recently caught two women harassing pregnant seals at night. the camera also captured people punching and kicking we the seals even sitting on them. the mayor of san diego has
5:52 am
issued an emergency order to keep people off the beach at night until the official end of the season in may. the camera was set up in january so researchers and the public could actually watch the joyous process of the seals giving birth. >> that shot of the island we saw the rain coming down on this first day of spring. what does mike have to say about the rain? >> mike, you got our attention when you said the rain could happen to anyone at any time today? >> absolutely especially in the morning. we will head toward the afternoon hours and look at martinez, here, you can see parkway drive, arthur road, that area is getting the better radar returns on contra costa county. that is over the delta communities to the north of bay point. we look at the big picture and we can see snow in the sierra, stronger thunderstorms or stronger cells to the north of us and that is what the cold
5:53 am
front is doing, sweeping to the south. the radar runs shrink in the afternoon, and 60 today in monterey and sacramento and chico, and you need rains on 80 and 50, right, sue? >> right. >> tahoe is 50 so the snow level will rise. 70 in los angeles and 80 in palm springs with clouds. >> changes required on 80 and 50 and we go back to walnut creek and good news, relatively good news with the new location of the accident overturn at eastbound 24 at 680 the you do not is slowing on 680 southbound as you make your way to the 24 junction, that is why eastbound 24, of course, the reverse commute at 680, three cars are involved in that particular accident and we have a serious situation in santa rosa, all lanes of southbound 101 blocked at hopper because of the accident currently. check back in a few minutes. >> university of california faculty leaders taking a stand
5:54 am
against giving degree credits to students for online courses offered by outside institutions. they have endorsed an open letter opposing a bill if sacramento that causes for letting students at california public universities and colleges to get credits for the most popular lower division courses taken online from outside providers if and only if the class is full on campus. the uc academic senate warns this will privatize public higher education with no quality controls. >> investigators are reprimanding kaiser permanente for mishandling mental health services making patients wait too long between appointments and dispenses inaccurate information discouraging patients from getting therapy after a recent report. the regulators have to decide if kaiser permanente will face fines. an it is now shown that one in 50 schoolchildren have autism.
5:55 am
the disorder includes language and social and behavior challenges. the centers for disease control says this means a million american children may have autism. they attribute the higher estimates to higher awareness. the survey could impact the amount of time and money spent on supporting autistic kids. >> next at 6:00, we are following breaking news from contra costa county, ahead, the overnight flames spreading to three different buildings on bethel island. >> what the city of santa clara is giving up in efforts to lure the super bowl to the new 49ers' stadium. >> and live doppler 7 hd shows where showers could be falling in the bay area
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> abc7 news starts right now. >> we have breaking news from contra costa county where flames
5:58 am
damaged three different buildings on both houses seen here. any injuries? >> a homeowner did not want to be treated but firefighters are involved. look at the house they are still fighting the flames coming from the rooftop of the huge cedar home. i talked to the woman who lived here and in neighbors banged on her door and told her to "get out i it did not start at her home but at neighbors' home, a single story house that caught fire and spread to her house which looks like it will be destroyed. another home suffered damage. her home right here and the home that originally caught fire are going to have the most damage. firefighters have had a couple of problems dealing with this. first, next to the delta, which, of course, is full of water but
5:59 am
there are no fire hydrants here so they have to pump the water from the delta. also, when the first home caught fire it knocked down a live power line so firefighters pulled back and did not put fire on the home no a -- on the home for a while which was frustrating to watch the firefighters wait. it was a safety issue because of a live wire. now you can see the results. the fire is racing out of control. there are dozens of firefighters out here battling this. they have been at it since 2:30 this morning. in major injuries. a minor injury but everyone is okay. right now the issue is trying to get this fire out that has been going for a couple of hours. >> we will check back in. >> in the meantime, mike nicco, is there rain in that area


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