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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> what will happen in your commute? >> great questions. an overview now of where the rain is. we have light rain out there, but the more intense rain has moved away from the delta community and is headed to stockton and interstate 5. we have some moving through the higher elevations of marin county and the sonoma county and this is headed over to petaluma and novato and san rafael, your wear will get wet again in the next 20 minutes. you can see the rain coming from 680, on martinez and headed out four from concord and bay point but not so heavy as it was before. and drifts are developing around san mateo south of san bruno and belmont and redwood city and all the way to palo alto, you could get pore light rain the next half hour. we are going to be wet at times around the bay and it will move to the south at noon and the drying will begin in the
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afternoon. the best chance of rain had morning is moving into the east bay valley after the morning commute and you will be fairly dry headed through the evening hour and the north bay coast is getting the rain this morning and it will be steady as you head to noon and in the afternoon, you will also see it tapering. >> we have serious situation in the santa rosa area and ongoing all morning with slick roads the problem. south 101 beyond hopper we have a five-car accident with all lanes of 101 blocked temporarily while they get this cheered -- cleared out. the sensors are green so maybe it is cleared. from the central valley, highway four from antioch to conquer, it is mild this morning and the east shore freeway to the macarthur maze, from highway four, just under 20 minutes. >> kristen and eric? >> it is 6:02. from contra costa county, a silver alert is issued for
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missing dan danville man who is, 180 pounds at 5' 7". he was last seen leaving his home yesterday. police soak with him on the phone and he was disoriented. a silver alert is issued from the bay area to son california. if you see it, call police. >> president obama has arriveed in israel three hours ago making the first visit to the country since taking office. air force one landed in tel aviv around 3:15 and the president was welcomed by several israel leaders including president peres and prime minister binyamin netanyahu. the white house says the president is looking to reassure israelis that the united states is committed to supporting their country in the face of any throats. katie marzullo will have more on what is next for the president on his middle east trip coming up in the next half hour. >> the city of santa clara is doing everything it can to lure
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super bowl 50 to the new 49ers stadium in 2016 includes give up tax revenue. now live from santa clara to explain. >> the santa clara city council decided it can, indeed, afford to give up a variety of tax revenue, all financial demands imposed by the nfl. those demands require the city to give up 9.5 percent hotel tax on 350 rooms for nfl staff, a 10 percent ticket surcharge and 35 percent per ticket fee that funds senior and youth program and $4.54 parking fee. private donations and general super bowl windfall will make up the loss and then some. the couple sill voted unanimously to give up the millions in revenue at a special meeting lat night. the stadium will be finished
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next year and santa clara is hoping super bowl 50 is played there in 2016. the hilton santa clara is optimistically planning a 140-room addition with views overlooking the new stadium and four of the rooms are premium and they are not worried about giving up the hotel tax. >> what we will get, the money pent during the super bowl event in that timeframe, that will more than make up to any money that is lost. >> miami is also making a bid but it has already posted ten super bowls and, perhaps, more importantly, has not agreed to wave that all-important hotel tax. santa clara makes its pitch to the nfl on may 21 does and league owners should make their decision on may 22.
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>> 6:07. only on abc7 news repair work on a damaged bay bridge tower will be completed by thursday. this video from california engineering contractors showed workers putting on the last large panel. they were on track to install three more yesterday. the damage occurred in january when an oil tanker sideswiped the base of the bridge in the fog. >> a bay area town that could add new rules for dogwalkers. >> light night passengers wait in long lines at a west point efforts because of scares. >> we have rain, we have showers, here is a look at seven-day outlook, tracking showers across the bay area.
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>> here is a live look at the bay bridge from the roof camera. santa rosa has more than a quarteribl of rainfall total and union city has .1 itch and same if concord and san francisco. in petaluma down to novato, this area is getting rain and here it is, it has arrived. headed to the peninsula you can see coming off skyline boulevard the air descends to the peninsula it is dry. just a few sprinkles and headed
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to woodside and the south bay is quiet. the east bay valley is quiet, too. temperatures are in the mid-50's to low 60's but mid-50's at the coat. we have our best chance of rain now through about 2:00. sue? >> back to santa rosa we have an accident, five vehicles involved, right beyond hopper, southbound, 101, all the green indicates wet roadways and we have misleading sensor data on the roads because we have a serious backup, the accident is being cleared off to the hopper avenue off-ramp with a second accident in the backup that now is being cleared to the shoulder and slow traffic southbound through santa rosa and we also have a good alternate, fulton road or old redwood city highway southbound. metering lights just been turn on, on the bay bridge, and sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. kristen and eric? >> it is 6:12. new this morning, a dog walking
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debate in a north baytown, the marin reports that the open space and trails commission is now considering regulating commercial dog walking in the towns open spaces. several people spoke out about the issue at a meeting last night, some say their needs to be more regulation because some bring up to ten dogs at once, and one restriction under consideration limits the number of dogs that be be walked at one time at six. >> hard to control ten dogs at the same time. >> it is. >> ahead, west coast passengers had to wait in long lines at the airport. >> man is stuck 75' under ground in new york. what he was doing and the what he was doing and the overnight operation to) 3 days g
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h. >> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> starting with live doppler 7 hd for the last three hours you can see how a drying trend is taking over the bay with the moisture headed for the not bay. there is more stuff developing offshore. we will have those periods of rain all the way through the morning commute. if you wonder how to dress we are in the upper 40's to mid-50's in most neighborhoods and only fremont, novato, and santa rosa at 47 to 48 degrees, not in the low-to-mid 50's. moving forward we will have a changing of the air mass and it will feel more like spring: windy, the sunshine will come out and temperatures are warming tomorrow through early parts of the weekend. >> kristen?
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>> from new york city, a construction worker was stuck in mud to his waste in a construction tunnel as he worked on the subway project 75' beneath the ground. it is not clear how he was stuck. >> new this morning from seattle, a security breach at the airport last night is still causing issues for some travelers this morning. the breach occurred when someone entered a secure area through an exit at the airport. the terminal concourses were evacuated and everyone had to go through a security check again. you can see the passengers waiting if long lines to re-enter. this morning, special airport -- rather, several airports report delays including seattle and portland. >> privacy advocates are upset over a new health insurance requirement at pharmacy chain c.v.s. demanding e employees with company insurance report
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their personal health data including weight, body fat ratio and blood pressure. if you don't, your premiums could go up by $600 a year. c.v.s. wants employees to give them access to health records. c.v.s. says this is an attempt for cut insurance costs and encourage workers to develop healthy habits. >> sunnyvale and yahoo could be closing in on a large purchase, an online video website similar to youtube which could be worth up to $300 million but sources caution that it could still fall apart. >> we are learning more of the tight new hiring requirements implemented by the new c.e.o. requiring teams four people to interview every single job
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applicant. each interviewer is then required to fill out a series of forms that are combined into one before going to her office for review. some critics say it is slow. they complain it is adding layers of bureaucracy. >> starbucks now has their own coffee farm. they purchased a familiar yesterday on the slopes of a volcano in costa rica. the c.e.o. says that the farm gives the company an opportunity to innovate with different coffee blends. no word on how were they paid for the farm. >> we have been talking about the rain the maybe we should talk about what happened at 4:02 a.m. our time. >> the sun crossed over the equateor, the, question knocks is what happened the spring for the northern hemisphere. we are starting off right there
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on the express way near countryclub drive we have our best radar runs and headed to petaluma, you can see right around greenbrier circle we have better radar returns and novato boulevard and san marin drive, those areas are seeing the better radar runs. it is that bit of moisture that is the best game in town. if it is not raining you are looking good, looking to the east bay hills san francisco, oakland, san jose, and palo alto low-to-mid 50's. mill valley is still at 49 degrees and as we look at the east bay hills from our bay bridge camera we are looking to the east, looking at temperatures or feeling temperatures at 49 in santa rosa and low-to-mid 50's for napa and
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hayward and los gatos so a mild start to a day with waves of line rain this morning, tapering in the afternoon, and we will be breezy and bright on thursday and friday with another chance of rain before we round out this. the cool front is the last push for this system, the warm front brought us the rain yesterday and overnight and now the cold front will bring us the final round. here you go with the rain, showing up well on the commuter model at 7:00 in the thought bay and with the cold front pushing it through the heart of the bay to the south bay as we head through noon and to the afternoon hours you can see it becomes scattered nature and during the evening the dry air moves in and we will wake up clear tomorrow with patchy fog and a lot sunshine back in the forecast. if we are lucky with the cold front passing another quarter inch to .5", possibly a tenth of
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an inch in the half bay. mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast the -- at the coast. have a safe day. >> rough commute this morning. we have wet roads, slick road conditions although not necessarily rain. south 101, early five car accident cleared. then we had a second accident that is cleared on the shoulder. now, a third accident in the same area, that is blocking the left lane. the alternates around this backup is fulton road or old redwood highway southbound out of santa rosa. walnut creek, south 680 the tail lights head the to north main, and eastbound 24 at 680 an overturn involving three vehicles there and fortunately it is the reverse commute. kristen and eric? >> just about 6:22. >> you cannot believe the scam that giants pitcher claims he is
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a victim of and how he is fighting back. >> he was the voice for elmo on sesame street for 20 years before scandal force him to resign. new trouble and allegations facing the puppet ♪music playing a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> from our mount tamalpais on
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san francisco across the bay it looks windy. that is not a surprise. the storm system is getting out of here. we still have showers in the bay area. that could affect your commute. we will check with our meteorologist, mike nicco, and find out when we will dry out. >> the former voice of elmo on sesame street is facing a new lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing and drug use. the 4-year-old sheldon stevens filed the suit in new york accusing him of using meth before engaging in sexual contact with him when he was just 16. three now is 24. he says the relationship with stevens was consensual. three others are suing him accusing him of sexual abuse. he resigned last year. >> san francisco giants pitcher zito is taking an old friend to court saying the friend, michael clark, tricked him into
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investing $3 million in a fitness software venture saying he was going to use the money as part of the effort to raise $20 million in equity for the company. the lawsuit claims that money was used to pay employee salaries, instead, with no comment from clark. >> a possible cyber attack in south korea overnight. the high-would file target and who the country believes is responsible the. >> the death toll climbs in nevada after a mortar shell explosion in the desert. how the military is responding to prevent another tragedy. >> 101 in mountain view is getting wet right now and you can see with live doppler 7 hd we are getting wet to the east with heavier showers falling right there and snow in the sierra but as we look forward into the future we are going to see a warming trend in the forecast.
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>> from the abc7 news traffic signal the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and it is sluggish into san francisco but in a few minutes after the break we will give you an update on the situation in santa rosa, southbound 101, three separate accidents. the details are after the
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. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> go wednesday morning, everyone. it is the 20th of march. the first day of spring is today. a look at the bay bridge from our rooftop camera. >> the rainy morning is turning to showers and mike nicco is finding the showers moving around the area. >> live doppler 7 hd shows the
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higher elevation with the best radar returns right now at glenn ell were, and down 280 and 101, all are getting a little bit of moisture. we have new radar returns from sunnyvale to cupertino and toward saratoga and headed to los gatos, so a little bit of sprinkles to light rain for you. offshore right here, it is impressive looking cell and well watch that head to the peninsula over the next hour or so. periods of rain likely through the morning with scattered showers in the afternoon and by the evening we will break out into dry weather. we were mainly in the 50's for the better part of the day. the best rain right now is to the north spreading to the east bay valleys by noon with isolated shower at 4:00. you will become mostly cloudy and cooler with upper 50's by 7:00. best chance of rain is the next
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hour or so in the north bay but we saw a cell headed to the peninsula coast so get ready by 7:30 with showers by noon, and clouds during the evening hours and 51 and cooler than everyone else. >> slick roads are the biggest concerns with several accidents. in santa rosa, the good news is the accidents are cleared out of the roadway on to the hopper off-ramp. lanes are now open, southbound 101, just beyond hopper, we had three separate accidents, one involving five vehicles, the off-ramp will remain shut down until they get the vehicles cleared out and san mateo has a stalled garbage truck with slow traffic coming into the area, in lane number two. the san mateo bridge, you have the tail lights headed in the westbound direction toward foster city and the san mateo drive looking a little bit busy with a 16-minute drive between
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hayward and the peninsula. >> we continuing to follow breaking news we brought you at 4:30 this morning, a large fire burning in contra costa county, with fire crews say three structures have burned on taylor road where we find abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield. >> firefighters struggling to get the stubborn fire out. it is still going. very strongly. on the roof. they will try to attack it from above. they will bring in a latter truck. the home was built 20' in the air because it is in a blood zone. it looks enormous but it is still burning very strongly. firefighters say it is not safe to go in because this is too much fire damage on the floor and they worried the roof will clap. it did not start here, it started next door at 2:26 this morning. it then spread to this huge
6:31 am
cedar home. the homeowners were asleep and they say someone woke them up. >> we have had a lot of thieves in the area, each day and i heard someone banging and i thought someone busted in the house and i went around the corner outside and the house next door was engulfed. >> she got out and so did her husband, she says she is not sure about her cat. they hope for the best but they have not seen the cat. they say no one was home at the neighbor's house where the fire started. firefighters have had struggles because the fire knocked down a power line and they had a live wire down so they had to pull back. they could not put water on the home until pg&e e got the power out which was frustrating for the homeowners. they wanted water on their home and they wanted the fire to be
6:32 am
put out but it was not safe. there are no fire hydrants on the island so they have been pumping water out of the delta. everyone is okay but it is a huge loss. two homes have been destroyed and a third is damaged and possibly a dead cat. >> new this morning, an investigation is underway at south korea into a possible cyber attack after computer net works of three broadcasters and several banks were paralyzed, in seoul coming days after north korea blamed south korea and the united states for cyber attacks that temporarily shut down web sites. officials suspect a north korean link. >> president obama is now in israel landing in the country less than three hours ago around 3:15 our time. abc7 news reporter, katie
6:33 am
marzullo, has that report. >> president obama is on the way to jerusalem but cnn is reporting the car actually broke down on the way because the driver accidentally put diesel in the tank. when he gets to jerusalem president obama will meet with the israel leaders and the president already made the opening remarks at the airport this tel aviv. this video is new this morning and favors one landing in tel aviv at 3:15, our type, and first came the greetings and photo op and then president obama told the president and prime minister of israel the united states alliance with israel is "forever." he says it is no accident that israel is his first stop on his first foreign trip. >> across this region the winds of change bring both promise and peril the i -- peril. i see this as an opportunity to restate our born, restate
6:34 am
america's commitment to israeli security. >> polls show president obama is deeply unpopular in israel with many would want reassurances that the united states is serious about their defense. >> a side note to the seriousness, the israeli guess has released this cartoon video of the meeting between president obama and president peres set to the "golden girls" theme song that says "thank you for being a friend." >> the leaders posed for pictures, president obama was actually caught on the mike joking he was "getting away from congress." the trip will take him to the west bank do meet with palestinians and jordan. >> perhaps a half joke. >> in nevada mourners held a vigil near the hawthorne army depot for eight marines killed by the mortar. six remain in the hospital.
6:35 am
the marines are from camp lejeune, north carolina, training for night warfare. >> every loss of life is heart breaking 50 afternoon whether it occurs in afghanistan, or haw thunderstorm, nevada, or camp lejeune, north carolina, or anywhere else. >> the hair corps has suspended use of all mortars until the investigation is complete. the defense department is expected to release the names and hometowns of the fallen marines today. >> upscale work out clothing retailer lulu lemon pulled the yoga pants from the stores because they were too see through and who is doubting the story. >> caught on camera, disturbing abuse of pregnant seals on a california beach and what a city is doing to stop that from happen again. >> a look outside, tracking the storm bringing showers to the bay area. you can see the green, mike will interpret that for us and sue
6:36 am
will tell us how it is affecting traffic coming
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>> we are back at 6:40 with live doppler 7 hd. it is shows a drying trend, a lost rain fell in the overnight hours so you will find wet streets. the best rain is to the north. we have another batch east peninsula coast. do not let your guard down. keep the wet weather gear handy. we are in the mid-to-upper 40's in petaluma and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's. it is very mile. temperatures will not warm much with periods of rain best from now to 2:00 keeping up to almost 60 and mid-50's along the coast. the next few days will be breezy and sunny and slightly warmer. >> santa rosa, spree separate
6:39 am
accidents cleared at hopper, with the off-ramp blocked but the conditions are improving through 101. to walnut creek, we have an accident with injuries, southbound 680, at olympic boulevard. our live shot shows 680 southbound, jamming up with brake lights moving to highway 24. there was an early accident east 24 at 680 so a rough go through walnut creek this morning. >> thank you, this story is getting so much youtube, a hidden camera caught on video, people abusing the seals in the most shocking way. the camera caught two women harassing pregnant seals at night. the camera also captured people punching and kicking the seals and sitting on them. the mayor of san diego has issued an emergency order to keep people off the beach at night until the official end of
6:40 am
the pup season in may. the 24 hour seal camera was set up in john so in which in januay so the public could watch the seals give birth. >> kate middleton is in a unique situation where people were so surprised to see the royals this morning. >> trading is underway on wall street. here is a look at the dow which is rallying and up 82 points. we will go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> the blame game is on after lulu lemon pulls see through yoga pants off the
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is
6:43 am
abc7 news. >> we will check with a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. paula? >> good morning, kristen and eric. i am jealous of that weather forecast but it is great to be with you. on "good morning america" we are learning more of the foiled massacrement at the university of central florida. we have a heart pounding video as police burst into the attacker's room on sunday night. too much information? c.v.s. is requiring employees to report their weight and body fat if they want to get the company health insurance. if not, they may face $600 penalty. and katie holmes opening up talking about expanding her family to a career change, the revealing new interview is next. she is looking mighty fine, right? >> i have to remain impartial about this, so i am nodding
6:44 am
yes...but staying impartial. >> all right, have a good morning. >> troublemaker! >> queen elizabeth is making her first public appearance in more than two weeks since a stomach bug landed her in the hospital. she joined her daughter-in-law today to mark the 150th anniversary of the subway station, the tube. the 86-year-old monarch toured a car on the world's oldest underground transit system. she first traveled on the tube in may of 1939, four months after victoria line opened and kate revealed traveling is part of her former life that she misses now she is a royal. >> and now lulu lemon is fighting backs, with 9 company claiming they were made according to the design specifications and the statement is a day after the retailer with several bay area stores recalled the pants because they are "too
6:45 am
shear," and the suppliers seas the retailer likely misjudgmented customer taste and wanted to blame it on the supplier. >> forget summer camp for your kids how about catch for adults? >> chances are you may already have looked for a new job even though it is only midweek. jane king? >> good morning, look at data from job sites like glass doors, they found that mondays and tuesdays are the days people are most likely to look for a new job. people are not waiting until they get home to do the job searches. searches are at height at 11 a.m. on monday but they run job searches from the office. people feel fresh and resolving to improve their situation. maybe a good day to order pizza. >> some investors are improving their situation, because of bullish combat by home builders. we have decent games going on,
6:46 am
on wall street, and the silicon valley index is positive by a third of a percent. do you have speaker -- speaker -- summer plans? travel groups offering adult a chan to to relive possibly the best moments of their child, including going to camps, many with themes such as wine, birds, and sports. >> you never stop learning, right, jane? >> never. >> i am not janes but i agree. >> you are learning a lot from mike about the rain. >> live doppler 7 hd shows you need your patience which you will need in the north where the best rainfall is. along 80 there, headed from fairfield down to vallejo and napa and look at that whole
6:47 am
area, 29 wests all the way, 37 to novato, that is where the best moisture is right now. you need change on 80 and 50 and off the coast, there is another batch of light-to-moderate rain moving in. heaviest rain is in the north bay is our visibility is lowest this but anyone dealing with fog this morning. so far, rainfall amounts have been highest around santa rosa at quarter of an inch and around .1 itch from san jose and union city and concord and san francisco. and mountain view has had a lot rain and .04" or less at napa. we will have light rain through the morning, and it will be breezy and brighter if thursday and friday and the next chance of rain is next week with a couple more chances before the month ends. the cold front is the catalyst for the rain we will have, with
6:48 am
the first round coming last night with the warm front and the second round comes in, with the cold front. it will slide into the south bay by 2:00. it falls apart rapidly and just backed scattered rain in the afternoon. in the evening we will see a drying trend and tomorrow we will wake up to clear conditions, some patchy fog possibility and dry and cooler tomorrow morning back in the 30's and 40's. tomorrow in the afternoon we will get a lot sunshine and the temperatures 8 climb. up to .1" possible in the south bay and up to .5" possible in the north bay. the seven-day outlook shows it will be breezy the next couple of days with temperatures hanging around 70 inland and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and mid-50's at the coast. have a great day. sue? >> we are back to walnut creek where we have an accident southbound 680 at olympic
6:49 am
boulevard with injuries involved. we have slow traffic behind the scene. and an early accident east 24, an overturn with a couple of cars involved. you could find slow traffic approaching 24 junction at 680 area. that is the reverse commute. we have another accident in the napa area, 121 at the winery, an overturned s.u.v. blocking the southbound lane you will find slow traffic as you head southbound and early santa rosa a couple of accidents are all cleared from the lanes, southbound 101 at hopper and we will look at drive times, 580, 4, and 80, the east shore freeway and walnut creek, the slow traffic southbound toward 24 as you make your way past north main, bumper to bumper at pleasant hill. >> five things to know before you go.
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>> good morning, at 6:54, live doppler 7 hd tracking showers in the bay area you can still see the green and mike nicco will interpret that and give you a final look at what coming up as you get read on your drive to work. >> we are ready to hand thing off to america america, five things to know before you go, a live look at a fire on bethel island where the firefighters are still battling a stubborn house fire that started four hours ago if a home on taylor road and spread to two adjacent structures. power lines promised pg&e to shut off classes. >> classes resume after the discovery of an instructor who bound the ankles and wrists of a two-year old for refusing to take a nap. the d.a. will decide if the teacher will face charges. >> silver alert for a missing
6:53 am
83-year-old from danville who left his home yesterday. police say he was disoriented when they spoke with him in his cell phone. >> mourners held a vigil near the hawthorne army depot in nevada after the mortar explosion that now has claimed the lives of eight marines. six members of the military remain in the reno hospital, the marines were training in the nevada desert. >> fourth graders are lobbying local politicians from jefferson lty to bring their classmate back home. a family visa expired while visiting other family in mexico and the berkeley city council passed a resolution to send to congress the support of bringing the boy home. >> now the final check of the weather. >> the best radar returns on seven-day outlook show rain on highway 37 from american canyon to novato and we have a go radar return in palo alto headed
6:54 am
toward the central expressway as you head into the south by. all the wet weather is moving from west to east and it will continue through the morning hour and we are getting a break, now, but the streets are still wet from the rain overnight. be careful, showers will develop as we head to noon and the steady rain is over and scattered showers by 4:00 and it is over by 7:00. sue? >> we are going to the san mateo bridge with first reports of an accident off of our live shot here and after the toll plaza lane, the left lane, so the very far lane number one and traffic shows a break so they might be clearing that accident out of the lanes. also, we have another accident in walnut creek southbound 680 at olympic with injuries involved here and you will find slow traffic moving through walnut creek out of pleasant hill and we have a new accident in 9 hayward area southbound 880 and another one in fremont at thornton so it is busy wet roads.
6:55 am
>> the abc7 news continues with news, weather and traffic. >> we are always on. have a final look at live doppler 7 hd which you can now follow on twitter. >> absolutely at live doppler 7 hd. it will tell you the best rain is in the north bay but we have good morning, america.
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and with the first day of spring now minutes away an arctic chill blasting half the country. subfreezing temps for so many this morning, could the cold blast last until april? sam is tracking it all. brand-new details on the failed massacre on campus. the heart-pounding video reveals the moment he burst into the gunman's room. we take you inside the crime scene and the roommate who foiled the plot speaks out. oh, my god. it's huge! >> caught on tape, the catch of a lifetime. two men hooked a deadliest predator, an 18-foot great white shark battling for some three hours to get it off the line so did they land it or did it break free? the ultimate fish tale. ♪ i'm wide awake has the fireworks fizzle for
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katy perry and john mayer. he bought her a ring. why do they appear to be leading separate lives? has music's hottest couple just gone cold? oh, sam's already objecting to the program this morning as we bid you a great wednesday. robin and george, some well-earned time off. great to have amy robach and paula faris here and we have some video to show you. it's air force one just landing in israel after an overnight flight from washington, d.c., president obama now making his first official visit to the country as president, his second, in fact, to the middle east and saying as he arrived and i do quote "it's good to get away from congress." >> we don't really need to say anything more than that. >> no, we don't.


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