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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2013 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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called hot yoga, facing a big lawsuit from a former student, why she says he sabotaged her life. >> we'll get into that. but, first, we'll start with that breaking news at the marine base in quantico overnight. a marine killing two other marines as well as himself in a shooting. abc's reena ninan has the latest on this story. good morning, reena. >> reporter: elizabeth, good -- authorities are trying to learn more about the suspect and the motive and why three active marines are dead. one of them, a woman. the shooting began around 11:00 p.m. last night. the suspect shot and killed one marine before barricading himself inside a barracks building near the officer candidates school at quantico marine corps base. mps responded to the scene surrounding the suspect and putting the base on lockdown. announcements were made over the basewide p.a. system and notifications were sent to residents via facebook and twitter. base residents are to follow all instructions being delivered by the giant voice system.
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please remain inside your homes with doors locked. suspect barricaded by law enforcement personnel, not under custody. the standoff lasted throughout the night before the all-clear was given basewide. according to sources, the suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound before taking the life of one other marine who was trapped in the barracks with him. >> we have begun to deal with the tremendous loss for our marines, who have lost their comrades in arms. >> reporter: officials believe this was an isolated incident, but to give you a sense of what a tough week it's been for the marine corps, there were no fatalities in the entire month in afghanistan, but just this week alone, there have been ten in the u.s. elizabeth? a security breach at one of america's biggest airlines, a man posing as a pilot gained access to the cockpit on the philadelphia runway.
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you see him there. this is a story straight out of "catch me if you can." thankfully they did. abc's david kerley is tracking the latest now at reagan national airport for us this morning. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this was supposed to be a flight from philly to florida. the alleged impostor was nabbed before takeoff. but, you're right. it brings to mind "catch me if you condition," the movie. in the movie the character leonardo dicaprio gets his way in the cockpit. >> frank, captain oliver. john larkin, the co-pilot. >> reporter: but 61-year-old philippe jernnard found out the hard way it's not as easy as it looks. jernnard was wearing what looked like an air france pilot's uniform when he tried to board a flight in philadelphia. he was a ticketed passenger and asked to are an upgrade. when he was denied he headed straight for the cockpit. >> portrayed himself as a pilot and made -- gained access to the cockpit. >> reporter: jernnard reportedly said he flew 747s for air france. showed what appeared to be an
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air france crew member i.d. and sat down in one of the cockpit jump seats but when the real pilot boarded the flight he questioned jernnard's credentials and police removed the alleged impostor. >> well, it's disconcerting because we don't know what his designs were. he could be anything from just wanting to take a look at the cockpit to some other criminal designs. >> reporter: while cockpit doors are locked during flights since 9/11, they're usually open during the boarding process. >> and we certainly don't want anybody up there who is not supposed to be there. that's up to the pilots to make sure that doesn't happen and they performed perfectly in this instance. >> reporter: this suspect was pulled from the plane long before takeoff. this morning jernnard is being held on a million dollars bond. facing a number of charges. josh, i don't think he's flying anywhere any time soon.
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>> not any time soon at all. thank goodness for that. david kerley, thank you. >> all the things he didn't want to see in coach that he -- paula faris now in with the top developing stories this morning. good morning to you, paula. good morning to both of you. we'll start overseas and begin with president obama wrapping up his visit to israel before visiting the church of nativity, before crossing into jordan, but is the trip doing anything to advance that push for peace? senior white house correspondent jonathan karl is with the president. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. over and over again on this trip the president has emphasized america's never-ending support for the state of israel but he is concluding the trip with a challenge to the israeli people, to once again restart the effort to make peace with the palestinians. this morning, the president paid tribute to victims of the holocaust at israel's yad vashem memorial. it's been a trip high on symbolism. >> please raise a glass with the president. l'chaim. >> reporter: but low on any progress toward peace.
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in the only major speech of the trip the president sought to bypass the political leaders here and talk directly to the next generation, telling a group of 600 israeli college students to put themselves in the shoes of young palestinians. >> look at the world through their eyes. it is not fair that a palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. >> reporter: israel has cut down on deadly attacks in recent years with the u.s.-funded iron dome missile defense system and by building a massive wall separating the palestinian territories from the rest of the holy land. but obama warned that is not enough. >> no wall is high enough and no iron dome is strong enough or perfect enough to stop every enemy. >> reporter: he said the only way to achieve lasting security is peace between israelis and palestinians. the president is wrapping up his mideast trip here in jordan, where he will meet with king abdullah. the number one issue is the conflict in syria that sent 400,000 refugees across the
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border to jordan. paula. >> jonathan, thank you. and on capitol hill, the stage now set for the most serious gun control debate in more than a decade. majority leader harry reid has now confirmed the bill will be debated when lawmakers return from vacation next month. it will call for universal background checks on gun buyers. an emotional scene in a new york courtroom. a man who spent 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit has finally been freed. david ranta convicted in 1990 of killing a local rabbi but a recent review found that police had mishandled evidence as well as coached those witnesses. and we want you to look at this. more than 100 people injured in a massive highway pileup. the crash set in motion during a blizzard in western canada. tractor trailers, a bus, even a truck carrying cattle all tangled up but amazingly, no one was killed. and a major medical headline that will get you to put down that salt shaker. researchers now blame one in every ten deaths in the u.s. on
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salt. much of it in those processed foods such as bread and cheese remain the top sources in our diet. and talk about march madness. it truly was madness when the 14 ranked harvard crimson stunned number 3 new mexico. 68-62. get this. it is harvard's first ever tournament win. how about that? and what an ending to the marquette game with one second to go, vander blue, maybe one of the best names in sport, nails the winning layup saving the day, 59-58 over davidson. >> it was a great first thursday yesterday, i will say. it was great. >> for davidson. >> a lot of research. finally, the world's most famous groundhog has been indicted. a prosecutor in ohio wants to charge punxsutawney phil with fraud for indicating last month that spring was around the corner. you guys, this is severe. he's calling for the death penalty. >> oh.
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>> but beyond a doubt he'll give in once the nice weather -- i'm glad someone is not blaming sam for once. >> thank you. >> we'll blame the little rodent. >> the groundhog. >> which is not to be confused with -- yes, okay. good. >> all right. >> thank you so much, paula. we're going to turn now to the very latest on that chilling shooting in cold blood in colorado. overnight police caught 9 man they think may be the suspect in the death of that prison executive. this man could have ties to a white supremacist gang in chicago and abc's pierre thomas has been tracking the story and has more on the suspect and those ties to that gang. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. today, police are hoping a high-speed chase and shootout in texas may give clues to who murdered colorado's chief of corrections in cold blood. in texas, thursday, 11:00 a.m. the ram page begins on this busy stretch of highway.
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a suspect opens fire on police during a routine traffic stop. >> when he came by me, he was probably running 100 miles an hour, he had his left arm out the window. he was just shooting. >> reporter: the shooting wasn't over. >> the suspect tried to pull out on -- off 380 business and was struck broadside by an 18-wheeler, he exited the vehicle with a firearm and engaged deputies in a firefight. >> reporter: the suspect's mangled car caught the eye of police. it appears to be very similar to a suspicious vehicle seen near the home of colorado corrections chief tom clements. he was gunned down at his front door tuesday night. colorado police suspects his killing was not random. >> mr. clements obviously was the target of this homicide. >> reporter: initially, the suspect's identity was a mystery. >> there's no identification, nothing. >> reporter: sources tell abc news they believe the suspect is evan spencer ebel and last night were seeking conclusive
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identification and describe him as a former denver inmate who may have been part of a white supremacist prison gang. police said that the suspect is brain dead. last night colorado police were on their way to texas to search the car for clues about clements and possibly another murder. nathan leon, a pizza delivery man was shot and killed last sunday. sources tell abc news police in texas, discovered a domino's pizza jacket and pizza box in the suspect's car. police are hoping the suspect's gun and ballistics evidence will help them figure out if he's involved in either killing. >> pierre, do we know any more about this potential tie between the fact that this was a former inmate in a denver prison and one of the victims was head of prisons in colorado? do we think that's the possible motive there? >> reporter: the primary thing is the car. similar description of the car in the chase and what was near the home of mr. clements. the ballistics evidence is going to be key, sources say, because that is evidence at both the
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crime scene of the shooting yesterday on the highway and at the corrections chief's home. >> so, while they're still searching for evidence they don't know exactly what the motive will be. we'll get more on that as that develops. thank you so much, pierre. all right. now a story you know much about, elizabeth. the latest on amanda knox. new pictures and details about her life here in the u.s. right now. of course, you'll remember she was the american college student studying in italy who was convicted and then acquitted of her roommate's murder, and now her case, if not her, is back in an italian court. abc's john muller here with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning, josh. amanda knox is not in italy this morning. she's here in america getting ready for the release of her memoir but the final chapter of this sensational legal drama is not quite written now. now, italy's highest court will decide if it was right to set her free. >> my family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. >> reporter: amanda knox is enjoying her freedom but her italian legal drama is not quite over.
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on monday, during a supreme court hearing in rome, the final step in knox's legal process, she will learn if italy's highest court agrees with the decision to free her. the prosecution appealed knox and sollecito's acquittal in a 100-page report questioning apparent contradictions in the ruling. the worst hearing outcome for knox would be a retrial and another agonizing wait for it to all end. knox's defense has appealed her slander conviction, a result of her falsely accusing her former boss patrick lumumba. as her roommate's killer. in 2009, she testified that she suggested lumumba after she was confused after nearly 50 hours of interrogation. >> we believe what she told us. >> reporter: knox already served the three-year sentence for slander during her four years in prison. in seattle knox's back in class at the university of washington.
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she spends free time with her boyfriend, james, her three sisters or playing the guitar. knox dedicated this past year to writing her upcoming memoir "waiting to be heard." now, besides the worst case scenario of this hearing which could mean retrial, there is a best case scenario which she would officially remain free and have that slander conviction overturned and if that were to happen she could seek compensation for false imprisonment, so a lot at stake here. >> thanks. amanda knox will speak for the first time in a primetime special with diane sawyer on april 30th. that will air at 10:00 p.m. eastern. elizabeth? >> all right, and now to march madness with a different take on all those brackets. hard-core fans filled them out closely and monitored closely, this guy, basketball championships, but the craziness for brackets has gone way beyond basketball. >> everything. >> everything, tv shows, dessert contests. anything you can think of. >> candy bars, cereal. >> now in the mix. paula joins us. another sports fan. >> i have to say this is
7:14 am
probably my favorite time of the year. josh. >> amen. >> besides christmas. brackets are being busted. upsets in the making, on and off the court proving you don't have to be a basketball fan to appreciate march madness. it's that time of year. the mayhem of march. >> three points! >> everybody is in on the bracket craze, from justin timberlake to president obama, all facing off to see who's best at picking the trail of winners leading up to the coronation of a new college basketball king. but if predicting the best in hoops isn't your thing you've got plenty of other choices. today, paper and cyberbrackets are being prepped for everything enabling pop culture fans to pick the winners of matchups in categories ranging from best desserts to champion zoo animals. welcome to bracket wars. if dragon and swords are up your alley, guess what, there is a bracket for "game of thrones."
7:15 am
and the best to come over the past 30 years, according to a pop culture website, it wasn't "friends." >> how you doing? >> reporter: "cheers" or even "seinfeld." it was "the simpsons." >> whoo-hoo. >> reporter: richard sandomir, the co-author of "the final four of everything," says you need one element to have a good bracket. >> anything with a lot of choice. it's sort of an eternal kind of decisionmaking game. >> reporter: college hoops brackets have been all the rage since the 1980s, so what are the chances you'll get a perfect one this year? how about 1 in 9.2 quintillion. that's a 9 with 18 zeros. but even if you're a long shot keep in mind pope francis, he didn't even make the bracket created for this year's papal face-off proving this might be the year of the underdog. all right, favorite book, there
7:16 am
is a bracket for that. most hated basketball player of the last 30 years, there's one for that, as well. >> we can also say we work it out every year, me and the friends this time of year, number one overall seed, guys, candy bars. >> snickers. >> reese's. >> mounds. >> i don't know. >> mounds? >> i'm with paula. snickers. sam? >> i don't think it's fair to choose between your children. i love them all equally. outside it's finally settled in now. this cold air stretches from seattle all the way to jacksonville. look how much of the country has got that chill and a lot below normal. up to 20 degrees below normal. chicago, windchills are at like 15 this morning. memphis, feels like 33. here's the spring outlook. generally what the government's forecast service is saying that we will get to spring and get to a warmer than normal spring. it's just going to take two weeks to get that warm air toward the east and, of course, we're going to try to get rid of the drought in the southeast you're starting spring without
7:17 am
one. still a drought in the western areas.
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>> all that weekend getaways brought to you by kohl's. >> tgif. still to come here -- what a story this is. chris masters yanking a tree out of the ground in an effort to save his mother's life. it's an abc news exclusive. and the defense psychologist in the breakup murder trial facing sharp questions from the jury in a dramatic day in court. are their questions clues to a verdict? also, the founder of bikram yoga. why one of his students is suing accusing him of trying to sabotage her. and lady gaga's born brave tour bus pulls into times square. stay with us. we'll talk to her about a lot including her recovery. .
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>> from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. in marin county all lanes are open on southbound 101 on the south side of waldo tunnel, boulders rolled into the lanes and caused a major problem south of sausalito with several drivers getting flat tires and causing other damage to the cars. >>ing is alert in san jose, still, good morning, everyone, southbound 280, we have what it looked like earlier an accident involving a fatality, and this is what it looked like, the two right lanes remained closed and
7:23 am
estimated time of opening is 9:30 this morning, and southbound is still very slow and you can use 880 to 101 to avoid this. eric? >> when we come back, our
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>> here is a live look from the east bay hills, emeryville, and san francisco and how today is going to be warmer-than-average but for redwood city city at 67. san francisco, napa and san jose and livermore and oakland, two to five degrees warmer than we should be topping out with 70's inland and 60's around the bay and a lost 50's along the coast where the
7:27 am
you're looking at the star wrestler they call the masterpiece in the ring.
7:28 am
chris plasters, he now deserves a new nickname now, superhero. seen with abbie boudreau there. he bear hugged a tree pushing it down and all to use it as a battering ram to get into a burning home and so save his mother. an impossible story only it actually happened. we'll hear from him in an abc news exclusive. that is just ahead as we bid you all a good friday morning. robin and george, well-deserved time off. great to have elizabeth and paula here. >> you hear about those mothers being able to lift cars off children because the things you can do to save somebody you love, that adrenaline although he -- >> that's a lot of adrenaline. >> adrenaline and muscles, right. we'll get the latest in the breakup murder trial. the jodi has been grilling jodi arias' psychologist who said she suffered from ptsd and memory loss. the jury based on the questions they were asking isn't buying it
7:29 am
and barely contained disdain. >> i would call that. >> well said. also the founder of the bikram yoga empire is facing major charges from one of his students, former students, i should say. why she's claiming he tried to sabotage her career. >> and the international sensation, ladies and gentlemen, i know because it says so right there. grumpy cat is with us this morning. >> wait. can we get two shots? >> grumpy, no. >> sam. >> no. >> split screen. >> no, do it. >> we'll just stretch a little, america. >> it's coming. >> have you heard any good jokes, america? >> trying. >> well, sam was even playing along. we'll have a whole contest. >> oh, there we go. >> sam or grumpy cat. >> grumpy sam cat. >> very close actually. it's very close. >> all right. thank you, sam. >> more on that very hard-hitting story in a moment. first we will turn to
7:30 am
serious news. we've got the latest on the so-called breakup murder trial in phoenix. a forensic psychologist was testifying for jodi arias' defense and he faced some sharp questions from the jury thursday in a dramatic day in court. abc's ryan owens is in phoenix, arizona, with the latest on that. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. i can't tell you how interesting this was to watch inside of the courtroom. this jury has a way of getting right to the point with their questions. first, they were very tough on jodi arias herself and now they sounded just as skeptical of her psychologist. >> do you often make mistakes in areas taking medication? how do you know she didn't kill travis out of jealousy? >> reporter: the judge read more than 100 questions that jurors had for the psychologist who diagnosed admitted killer jodi arias with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> is it possible that a person can plan and carry out a murder and still suffer memory loss? do you always develop such a
7:31 am
fond relationship with the individuals you evaluate? do you feel comfortable with diagnosing a person with a condition if they continually lie to you. >> reporter: dr. richard samuels he admits he made that based on one of those many lies. at the time of the ptsd test, arias was still telling that dramatic tale she did on this interrogation tape. >> actually didn't see it. i heard it. first. >> reporter: that two intruders broke into travis alexander's home and killed him in front of her. >> my diagnosis of ptsd was based upon the fact that she met the criteria as listed in the diagnostic and statistical manual. >> reporter: samuels tried to convince the jury that lie didn't matter because shooting and repeatedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend was still so traumatic to her, it caused ptsd and made her forget committing the crime. >> can you be sure jodi is not lying to you about the event on june 4, 2008?
7:32 am
>> not with 100% certainty, i can't say that. my job would be a lot easier. >> reporter: jodi arias could face the death penalty if this jury does not buy her story of self-defense. up next, what may be the final witness for the defense, a domestic violence expert who will say arias was a battered woman, even though she never reported that to anyone until after she was charged with murder. elizabeth? >> all right, ryan owens, thanks so much. for more now we bring in "gma's" legal analyst dan abrams. and, dan, the disdain and sarcasm. here are a couple more. is arias taking medication for her terrible ptsd disorder? isn't it possible arias didn't write anything negative about the victim because there was nothing negative to write. >> they're mocking him. it's more than just sort of disdain and disbelief. they're overtly mocking an expert in their questions to him. sort of filled with sarcasm in the way they're asking him. let's say this, the fact that a
7:33 am
juror, the fact that the majority of the jurors don't buy it for a second is not that surprising. this has been an almost impossible defense from day one. the question is, is there one person? is there one person who's going to hang up the jury is there one person who will possibly -- >> believe her enough. >> argue for a second degree murder conviction here. i think jodi arias' defense team has to know there is almost no chance, i would argue there is no chance that they are going to win an acquittal based on self-defense. >> this is one of the few states that allows jurors in criminal cases to directly question witnesses. you say actually this could be problematic for that one juror wavering because in essence what you're having is a juror discussing the case before you're supposed to. >> usually you don't know what the jurors are thinking and respect allowed to deliberate -- >> they're not supposed to tip their hand. >> except these questions do that so now you know exactly what at least some of these jurors think and that is not good news for the defense at
7:34 am
this point. >> the danger being somebody waivering might be coaxed into conviction. >> could be. but it's one of the few states that allows it. >> dan, thanks so much. >> on it goes in arizona. we'll turn to that abc news exclusive, what a story this is. the former wwe professional wrestling star who leapt into hero mode when he learned his mother was trapped inside her burning home. chris "the masterpiece" masters attempted an impossible feat to save her life and what do you know, it worked. abc's abbie boudreau has his story. ♪ >> reporter: chris "the masterpiece" masters is known for his brute strength in the ring. but on tuesday, masters channeled that strength in a real-life bout with danger >> that's why i started tearing the screens down, i was like break these windows. >> reporter: to rescue his mother from her burning home, masters used had is bare hands to wrestle a tree that was blocking her only way out.
7:35 am
>> then i basically took this whole tree and bear hugged it all the way down to the floor. >> i don't know where it came from, from the ground or what he did but all it was -- >> reporter: masters has the battle wounds to prove it. the former wwe star whose real name is chris mordetski went into here row mode after he got a phone call saying his mother was locked inside her home and the landlord threatened to burn it down. they tried to busting down the door and that's when the man inside lit it on fire. >> a guy won't let you in that you don't know and it's like i can't find any good way to get into the house. >> reporter: the 6'4", 265-pound self-described mama's boy says that's when he took matters and that tree into his own hand. >> i said break those freaking windows, she's in that room. >> reporter: he reached through the broken glass and pulled his mom, diane, to safety.
7:36 am
>> that was the moment for me. i mean i've never loved my mom more than one moment. >> reporter: the neighbor was arrested and she's calling her son a hero, a label the masterpiece isn't quite used to. >> this was just me saving my mom's life and probably the craziest day of my life and you know, one of the scariest things i've ever been through. >> reporter: abbie boudreau, los angeles. >> that is a wonderful story. >> really is. time now to turn, sam, the images of spring. >> one or two. we'll talk about -- easy, easy. we'll talk about the little sneaky snowstorm that was in massachusetts came up with about -- it was just offshore and came up with about 10 inches of snow in some locations then take a look at this video out of arkansas. there are two areas of snow going on in the country right now. a lot of places near jonesboro picked up about 7 inches of snow yesterday. now, take a look at where the snow is going.
7:37 am
this storm is a real player and it's going to be a real issue here. anywhere from denver all the way to probable st. louis there, winter storm watches out right now for saturday, so this is going to lay at least 6 inches, half a foot, of new snow in this area and then work its way off the eastern seaboard and plenty of cold air. every time it moves through it will drop a new layer of snow and until we break that pattern we've got this for another week or so. now we'll watch southern areas where it is warm picking up strong to severe thunderstorms, tornadoes could be includ >> all that weather was brought to you by crayola, gang. >> thank you. >> i just have to say you're a good sport, sam. >> he is. coming up why the founder of the bikram yoga empire facing
7:38 am
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back now at 7:43 with claims again the founder of the very popular bikram yoga empire facing trouble over allegations of sexual harassment. he's being sued by a former student who says he sabotaged her career and abc's nick watt has our story. >> reporter: bikram choudhry
7:42 am
pioneered hot yoga, cranked the thermostat up to 105 and gathered a global following including madonna, george clooney and lady gaga. >> this is called natural viagra. >> reporter: a former student once a world class competitor 2350i8ed suit against the 67-year-old multimillionaire guru. the hot yoga she claims way too steamy for comfort. >> obviously if she wins it would be very damaging to choudhry's reputation. >> reporter: sarah baughn claims choudhry once told her should we make this a relationship? i know you from a past life. then days later she pushed her floor and began whispering sexual things to her until she collapsed into sobs. after she rejected his advances baughn claims choudhry ruined her career, robbed her of the 2008 yoga world title even yanked her legs so hard in class she tore a hamstring. choudhry could not be reached for comment but told "nightline" -- >> i never cheat. i never hurt another student.
7:43 am
>> reporter: baughn never filed a police complaint. >> she may not garner a lot of judicial or juror sympathy because she kept going back. >> reporter: the alleged harassment took place from 2004 through 2008. the case could be thrown out of court because the allegations were too old. >> you can have marathon sex, 72 hours nonstop. >> reporter: choudhry's classes are sometimes filled with sexually charged language. baughn claims some of the young women were chosen to brush his hair and massage his body. >> people talk bad about jozy also. >> reporter: saint or sinner? one day will a court decide? for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and bikram choudhry has two weeks to respond to the lawsuit. coming up lady gaga's born brave bus tour rolls into times square. >> meet the 2-year-old
7:44 am
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> with a presidential twist today, 2-year-old jace has mastered the presidential quote library but don't take my word for it. take a listening. >> jace, what does george washington say. >> i cannot tell a lie. >> what does nixon say. >> what's bill clinton say? >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> okay, what does george w. bush say? >> you fool me once and you won't fool me again. >> and what does our main man, barack obama say? >> yes, we can. yes, we can. yes, we can. yes, we can! >> yes, he can.
7:49 am
>> i love that kid. >> yeah. >> i love that -- wow. coming up here, is he up in the control room or she? what is it? he or a she? there she is. miss america, and grumpy cat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. the hunt is over. the great deals are at jcpenney in store and online. get 20% off select women's dresses. ♪ 25% off all girls' dresses. ♪ and 25% off
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7:54 am
>> now from abc7 news, you can expect delays on southbound 280 in san jose while the c.h.p. remains on the scene to complete the investigation of the discovery of a william's -- woman's body on the freeway. >> 9:30 is the time of opening estimated to be for 101 with slow traffic northbound 280 as rubberneckers are trying to look at the scene. south 280 to north 880, to south 101 is the alternate. >> breezy from mount tamalpais, four to eight degrees warmer compared to yesterday. the warmest is sunday and coolest with a chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. >> the news continue
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
a lot of folks out there in times square surely enjoying their spring break because, you know, it's 4 degrees outside. >> yeah. >> but we thank them, they are mvps. we want to wish you a good morning, america. dj chops in the house this friday, wow. >> good dancers. getting down. >> that's nice. robin and george, some well-deserved time off. great to have paula and elizabeth alongside us. what a day. what a day today. >> what a day. and what a guest we have coming up. >> what a guest. >> online sensation, there she is. >> the grumpiest cat of all. >> the grumpy cat. >> i will say this, i have not -- i got more tweets this morning from people who were desperate to be here today to meet grumpy cat. >> really?
7:59 am
line up to be photographed with grumpy cat. >> we'll try to get -- >> look how grumpy the cat is with the mike in his face. >> if you wonder what it's like to work with sam champion each and every morning. >> ah. >> that's so not true. >> nothing like that. >> ah. >> love you, sam. >> whatever. also ahead, it's the video burning up the internet right now. miley cyrus inside, yes, a unicorn costume because, well, why not. why not. >> it's friday. >> some crazy dance moves. look at the very latest on something called twerking. paula and i were wondering what that is. >> i have no idea -- >> it might be the newest dance craze. the newest "harlem shuffle." >> twerking. also, we have pictures of christina aguilera looking amazing, fit and, wow, hot on the red carpet. her amazing weight loss transformation. we'll get more on that.
8:00 am
also, we have becky worley on the show. she's got a story -- she's with models right now. one is wearing a new pair of pants that cost only $7. the other cost 170 and we'll tell which is which. we're all about saving money and being stylish as we move into spring. $7 pants. you can find them. you just need to know where to look. you need becky worley. >> that's the big difference. it's also, well, take a look outside. take a look outside our studios because gaga's born brave bus tour pulled right up to times square. it's a gorgeous thing. i looked at it this morning and i was like, wow, there's a lot to that. we're going to try to figure it out. it's really a wonderful thing. so we'll talk about it this morning. >> making the world a better place for children, taking bullying on. >> right. >> wonderful. as gaga does. also we hope she's feeling better. first to paula with the top developing stories on the morning. >> tragically it's been a deadly week domestically for our marines. we begin with that breaking news
8:01 am
overnight, violence erupting at the u.s. marine base in quantico, virginia. authorities say one man shot and killed a fellow marine inside a barracks. he then killed a female marine before taking his own life and investigators now trying to determine the shooter's motive. the other developing story this hour is in texas. investigators are trying to confirm if a suspect mortally wounded after a high-speed chase, is linked to the cold-blooded killing of a colorado top prison official. 28-year-old evan ebel, a former inmate in denver, was driving a cadillac that matches the description of a car seen outside the home of tom clements, the state prison director, shot when he answered his door tuesday night. and a man has been arrested at the airport in philadelphia accused of impersonating a pilot and sneaking into the cockpit of a u.s. airways flight. the man from france was wearing what appeared to be an air france uniform along with a fake airline i.d. he was apparently upset that he could not get upgraded to business class. he then took a seat behind the pilot and he is being held on a million dollars bail.
8:02 am
and that clock ticking this morning in the banking crisis that is threatening stock markets around the globe. politicians of the european nation of cyprus are expected to vote on a bailout plan today even as protests intensify. people furious over one plan that would allow the government to seize money from people's pensions to pay off the country's debt. cyprus has to raise $7 billion by monday to avoid bankruptcy. and it is being called a divorce for the record books. oil exec harold hamm, one of america's wealthiest men is reportedly embroiled in a nasty fight with his second wife. without a prenup reuters reports she could get a $2 billion settlement including partial control of continental resources, america's fastest growing oil company. ouch. and if that's not enough for you, how about some simple public revenge. this billboard was stopping traffic in north carolina. take a look. a woman named jennifer appears
8:03 am
to call out her cheating husband. okay. michael. it says "gps tracker $250, camera with zoom lens, $1600, catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account, priceless. tell jessica you're moving in! well, publicity stunt. turns out the billboard is one big marketing stunt because the message has now changed inviting jessica to visit a local restaurant. that restaurant -- >> because with the publicity stunt we will not partake in but, yes, everybody thought it was a real -- >> i mean, that was all over the news last night. >> i know. >> i guess mission accomplished. >> giving some people an idea how to handle it in real life. >> that unnamed business establishment for the -- >> wine therapy. >> really? >> two ladies were meeting up. >> pop goes the news. >> let's get to it, everybody. happy friday to you all. we have some great news to start "pop news." valerie harper.
8:04 am
the website deadline says there will be a reunion of all five key people from "the mary tyler moore show" on betty white's "hot in cleveland" for an upcoming episode. it's believed that this will be the very first time that the five former castmates acting together for the first time since it wrapped in 1977. the stars will reportedly take the episode on april 5th. so glad to hear. >> i got goose bumps. >> goose bumps story. >> that's what fridays are all about. so in love with her. that song just -- yeah. also, we're happy to report that kelly osbourne is reporting back to work at fashion police. the e! host got the okay from her doctors to return to work after a recent health scare when she collapsed on the set. earlier this month. turned out to be a seizure, thankfully doctors believe it appears to be a one-time event and joan rivers tweeted this photo back on the set. looks like she was ready for her
8:05 am
close-up which we will see tonight when "fashion police" airs. and in the world of random pop news, this a quickie but i had to share. a real-life defendant named bart simpson just stood in front of a judge named mr. burns. yeah, you heard right. bart simpson and mr. burns happened yesterday at warwick crown court. bart got off with community service. no word if the court reporter's name was marge. and finally -- >> i would want to -- >> okay, it can be a ding-free day. couldn't let this morning be without grumpy cat. here's some of our favorite viral videos of the canine persuasion. first, here's pacino, the puppy, who hasn't quite mastered the art of catching. ♪ the dog days are over >> oh. >> what do you -- love it. grumpy cat not impressed. well, what about this one, grumpy cat. here's winston. winston is a tap dancing bulldog. try this one on for size. >> love it. >> this is exciting.
8:06 am
>> that's great. >> tap-dance! >> grumpy cat, what do you think? >> oh. >> not impressed. >> hey, grumpy cat, you don't know tv, grumpy cat. >> grumpy cat, i dare you. i dare you try to hide your smile after looking at this. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> remember him? he can't control his emotions. it's too much to handle. cupcakes. grumpy cat. >> oh, i see it, grumpy cat. i see it. >> please tell me they gave a cupcake to that poor dog. >> that's not the point, elizabeth. today is all about grumpy cat. we'll make sure that that dog gets a cupcake. grumpy cat -- >> can i see the dog one more time? >> that's -- >> oh. >> that is cruel. oh. we love you, dogs and, boy, do we love grumpy cat.
8:07 am
you know who else we love, sam champion. >> samuel j., what do you have? >> good morning, everybody. take a look at this crowd in times square. sign, every one of you who made these gorgeous signs from cucamonga, california, all the way over, where, we've got the journalism team here. tell me your name. >> yatalia. >> and you? >> sam franjoni. >> we got two birthdays here. i know there's a lot more. we'll try to get around to everybody. let's get to the boards. a wide shot. atlanta is picking up some rain today. and a little bit later in the weekend, as well. take a look at how this rain covers a good part of the southeast and it is going to be some heavy rain. as a matter of fact, today where that rain is a little bit west of that. dallas into new orleans into birmingham, some heavy rain and then that rain slides east over the next 48 hours and ends up all through south georgia.
8:08 am
this is some very soaking rain. here's where the warm temperatures are. l.a., is gorgeous. vegas is gorgeous, phoen >> i don't know if i could get to everybody today. we have such a huge crowd. oh, nash, we're going inside. who are we going inside to? >> lara. >> thank you, nash. here's a look at what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." christine aguilera's stunning new look. her weight transformation.
8:09 am
plus, one of these pairs of pants costs $7. the other is 170. we dare you to guess which is which. becky worley has our story. and then, lady gaga's born brave bus is pulling, where, only right here, at "gma" in times square. her inspiring passion project and latest on her recovery coming up live on "good morning america" in times square. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by coffee-mate. natural bliss. add your flavor naturally. ♪ natural bliss. add your flavor naturally. ♪ ♪ ♪ all this, and europe, only on royal caribbean. book by march 31st and get
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♪ into the suuuun... ♪ when we sail into the sun ♪ into the suuuun... ♪ sail into the sun we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ coming up, "gma's" "get the good life" brought to you by
8:14 am
ally bank, your money needs an ally. >> i know. i like the song, buddy and i like that audience outside in times square as we welcome you back to "the heat index." hottest stories trending and joining us today, assistant managing editor of "people" magazine. great to have you here. either the twerking or the picture of the liam hemsworth engagement ring back on. >> or unicorn -- >> where do we start? >> the unicorn -- >> can you define twerking for us? >> we'll start there. >>. i don't think anyone can. >> did she make up the name? >> i'm not sure if she made it up. she's certainly owning it now. you know, there's an interpret tiff dance happening here. >> a unicorn outfit -- a unicorn. >> there was rumors it was a
8:15 am
donkey. she also tweeted -- >> shouldn't actually be a horn. >> there is a small one on her head. >> very small horn. >> looks more like -- >> of course. >> how could i have been mistaken? >> why is this taken hold on the internet? >> strange place, the internet. >> anything involving -- >> why is grumpy cat? >> yes. >> and we all want to know -- >> yeah. >> confused. >> no, no, no. >> you know, i think anything involving her right now will capture people's imagination because she's not saying clearly what's going on in her life so we're all looking for clues. is the ring on, is the ring off? you know, when that outfit wasn't clearly a unicorn outfit people were thinking maybe it was a donkey reference and she was saying that she has sort of been an idiot in other terms, so, you know, we're all looking
8:16 am
for clues online. >> maybe there are. quickly, take a look. christina aguilera. >> she looks amazing. >> it actually plays a before and after. something of a make under here. >> a make under which is always a good idea with christina. i think also this was extremely shrewd because she's not a judge this season. she's not back on television this season. and yet she went to the red carpet for a show she's not currently on. what better way to make sure you get noticed and get attention than to look better than ever. i mean sort of the best revenge to hit that carpet looking like that. >> less makeup. >> very quickly, we have 15 seconds. "splash," 9 million viewers. breakaway hit? >> well, you know, who doesn't want to see kareem abdul-jabbar belly flop? >> i understand. >> go. >> i get anxious watching it because i'm so afraid of heights. >> this looks scary. >> they are overcoming real fear.
8:17 am
>> overcoming real fear here. >> it is a really hard sport and if you do it well you make it look easy so i think it's great. everybody in the diving community is so glad people realize, it's hard work. >> they're doing it. >> congratulations to the folks there at "splash" and thank you, kate. >> okay. >> we'll turn now to those $7 pants we've been talking about, the latest bang for your buck in the fashion world. one company offering pants for just $7 but what kind of quality do you really get at a cost like that? well, our intrepid becky worley did a little investigating to see how these size up to pricier pants. hey, becky. >> hey, guys. it is $7 pants and gilda radner said i judge all my fashion on how it feels, does it itch? and i add, is it cheap so when i heard about $7 pants, yes, these are them. i had to try them. the circular ads at the back of the sunday paper often inform me about news, slicing, dicing machines, about motorized
8:18 am
scooters but fashion? a company out of pennsylvania offers $7 pants. yes, $7 but slacks that cost less than lunch at mcdonald's, could they really work at work? pockets, handy. not always a fashion plus. that looks comfy. that crease really is built in. for life. from my real world trial i enlist liz, pants wearer. we get her a pair of work pants that cost $170. i don the $7 pair and it's off to the mean streets of walnut creek, california. for a little unscientific polling. which one of us is wearing $7 pants and which one is wearing $170 pants? >> i would say 170. >> hard to tell. >> that's a good sign.
8:19 am
>> these are probably the more expensive. >> i'd say those are $7. >> she knew. >> these are 170. you guys are sure about it? oh, my gosh. $7 pants are winning. so with the black pair, there's a good chance you could pull this off but now for a few other colors. which one is wearing $7 pants? >> $7. >> yours are 7. >> i'm wearing the $7 pants. you win. the colored $7 pants look like, well, $7 pants. she could tell i was wearing $7 pants from 15 feet away. well, guys -- >> you had me with the black. you lose me with the other colors. >> and clearly these are not tuck-in pants, you know. the elastic. sorry, josh. we had the guy this morning,
8:20 am
yoga guy with -- >> they look incredibly comfortable. >> they are. they're incredibly comfortable. >> and wear them on airplanes, casual fridays. $7 pants. >> nothing wrong with $7 pants at all. >> just saying. >> just saying, becky. >> thanks as always. >> thank you all and next in our "gma heat index." the superstar getting ready to get back to work on her album after that hip injury canceling her u.s. tour. where am i? inside her born brave bus back on the road. it is right here now. it's up in times square only here on "good morning america" and spreading a very passionate message from mother monster. take a look. ♪ i'm on the right track baby i was born this way ♪ >> get ready, little monsters. lady gaga is recovering and working on new music. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory
8:21 am
>> reporter: gaga's manager says she's doing wonderfully just one month after undergoing surgery saying "she's doing unbelievable" and is ready to get back to work on her new album "art pop." ♪ better >> reporter: although she's home recovering the born brave bus tour will keep rolling on. lady gaga's passion project, the born this way foundation launched the bus tour to inspire young people to be courageous and accept themselves. she told our robin roberts about her idea. >> it's an organization centered around anti-bullying and my mom are really passionate about that. this is our passion project. >> reporter: in january gaga was seen in washington, d.c. at the official bus tour launch. next stop new york city's times square this weekend. her manager calls her new music album refreshing saying "i can't wait for the world to hear her
8:22 am
new music and see her comeback healthy, strong and better than ever." excited fans are eager to hear the new music and to see her -- ♪ just dance >> reporter: and we are so happy to have dr. sue swearer for the born this way foundation and emory from the youth advisory board and welcome you both to "good morning america" and thank you so much for bringing the born brave bus to us. >> thank you very much. it's a thrill to be here. we're really excited. >> it's a thrill to be a part of this -- it's so important to do. how did you get involved? >> so in 2011 when lady gaga and her mom cynthia started the foundation they asked if i will be involved in the launch and i said, great, of course, they asked me to be the chair of the research advisory board. >> and emory? >> well, when the foundation was creating the youth add advisory board they were looking for young people who were act ifs in
8:23 am
their communities already and through my organization where i worked, i was nominated for teaching kids how to be constructive in a positive way. applied and was accepted. >> how big of an impact has she had on stop bullying or cherishing yourself for who you are? >> it's just been huge in terms of the message of accepting individuality and acceptance and giving youth skills and resources to create a kinder, braver world and just the impact of the foundation in terms of partnering with viacom the berkman center at harvard, it's just incredible. >> and the born brave bus will be touring around from here, it heads to chicago. that's later in the month and we thank you, everybody, born brave and we thank you, lady gaga. coming up here, more with grumpy cat.
8:24 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. in marin county traffic is back
8:25 am
to normal on southbound 101 after loose boulders and rocked rolled on the freeway. several drivers hit the boulders and flattened tires and causing other damage. boulders rolled on the lane at 5:00 this morning and shut down several lanes of traffic south of the waldo tunnel. sue? >> back to san jose, we have a sig-alert southbound 1280 all morning with an early fatality. two right lanes remain blocked. the best alternate is 880 to 101 and we do have a new accident at richmond san rafael bridge westbound beyond the toll plaza. >> the weekend forecast with our
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning, check out this beautiful picture from mount tamalpais, the breezes are picking up and will bring us warm weather today, at four to eight degrees warmer-than-average and the coast will be up to 60. the seven-day outlook shows dj chops. >> good song.
8:28 am
>> phenomenal weekend. good morning, america. ooh. >> hey, hey. old school. robin and george clearly missing out. but we're happy to have elizabeth vargas, paula faris and -- >> we have grumpy cat. >> the little -- >> grumpy cat. >> grumpy cat is purring. >> girl. >> she's a she. >> she's a she. >> she's like -- >> getting rubbed. >> she's purring. i think it's just her face. >> i think -- >> really. >> rachel, until you said that i thought this was going to be a giant, huge, fat cat. it is a cute cuddly petite little -- >> precious little angel. >> what's there to be so grumpy about, little one? >> nothing. >> certainly not this broadcast because we have had such a variety and now wait --
8:29 am
>> we have gone from the $7 pants to wedge sneaker. >> i love the word wedge. >> you say they're comfortable. >> they are comfortable and who doesn't need wedge sneakers? apparently they're a must-have in the world of fashion. one of these pairs, you might be wearing them now, one of these pairs cost $365, the other, sam, cost $27. >> wow. >> we'll all about the bar gains here on this friday. getting you ready for spring shopping and we'll play save or splurge. >> all right. you may remember some of these scenes from former "gma" shows like screaming. my buddy who was along on the ride there from the travel channel is back and this guy -- this guy is putting one family on the right track scoring a four-star vacation. there he is without being forced -- you look good, my friend. i can't wait to catch up. you really do. >> yeah.
8:30 am
>> something is working for him. >> all right, but first we're going to get the latest craze when it comes to slimming down and staying in shape. these are special wristbands, you all have one, that could change the way you track your habits that monitors your health and fitness progress, how many steps you take per day, how you're eating and sleeping and rachel smith who hosts "on the red carpet." she gave it to us and we gave it a test. was it worth? >> well, i'm kind of a fan testing them out for about two weeks now. it told me things i knew about my health habits but somehow seeing it encouraged me to make better decisions, and take a look. ♪ >> reporter: what do you get when you cross a personal trainer, a sleep expert and a nutritionist with a cute piece of jewelry, you get this the up. great bracelet. i love it. it's part of the latest wave in
8:31 am
fitness wristbands and its apps on the hottest new way to lose weight and track your health. keeps track of your steps, how long you rest and input your mood and calories so when you think smartphone it gets to know you. can a bracelet really do that? starting now i'll wear it 24/7 to find out. i'll get to stepping. first, a check in with a doctor. so what do you think about this? >> the more patients are involved in their own body rhythm, the better. and this just gives you feedback constantly. >> that is it. when i sit too long, it vibrates. my wristband goes up. when i'm up and about, it logs every step i took. one of the good point, keep my steps up so i started to take the stairs. and gives me a goal of 10,000 steps a day. i've lost 2,141 steps in just a matter of like four hours. of course, what kind of app would this be if it didn't give
8:32 am
me a pat on the back every now and then. this is so cool. i love these little daily insights they give you. you clocked 14,524 steps today. that's more than walking all the way across the golden gate bridge, snapping a pic then walking back. cable car's got nothing on you. before i call it a night checking in one last time. i logged 14,524 steps today. what! as for sleep, it knows when i'm in a deep or light sleep and clearly i could use a few more zs. tuesday night i got six hours. then last night i only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep. not great. lastly, food. i thought i ate pretty well. but the app has a real beef with some of my choices. over the past week i noticed my two biggest problems with my food intake, carbs and sodium. i mean, who doesn't love a great carb? and yet like everything, to get the most out of it you have to
8:33 am
put into it what you want to get out of it. you have to take the time to log your calories and sleep or you won't get an accurate read on how to make yourself healthier. you can see yesterday how much i slept, my steps. but up has definitely upped my self-awareness. so here it is. >> so cool. >> isn't it? >> so the bracelet costs $129 and works with your iphone or your android. all devices have their glitches but they do have a tech site support system and just to keep you up and moving, of course but i've got to say i am a fan. i was fascinated with how it can monitor my sleep patterns, light or deep sleep. >> yes. >> but logging the food, not too convenient but, hey, it is what it is. >> thank you so much. exciting stuff. >> thanks for having me.
8:34 am
let's go out to sam, shall we, for a final check of the weather? >> why not. let's do it. let me show you this crowd in times square. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous people, including young lady, tell me your name. >> page. >> and where are you from? >> boston. >> there was kind of a special thing going on today. what is that? >> it's my birthday. >> what number? >> 15. >> 15! happy birthday. >> tell me your name. >> my name is melissa from tennessee. >> you had a birthday yesterday, too, so thanks for spending -- a little one. thanks for spending it with us here. let's get to the boards. we start with your twitter and facebook pictures. i know there's snow in pennsylvania and louisiana. beautiful sky waiting for us in that area. quick look at the storm animation as it moves across the country, by the way, this is a storm that becomes a snowmaker in the middle of the country. also, we think for some parts of the mid-atlantic and it's a big, severe stormmaker into the deep south today so stay up with your local abc stations as this unusual cold air and a couple of storms kind of cross the country.
8:35 am
>> one of the things we love about our neighbors in times square, sephora behind us. tomorrow from 11:00 to 7:00 they'll do a fund-raiser for be the match. come by and drop off some money. be the match, a great, great thing. oh, lara? >> thank you very much, sam. you are right. be the match. and now we turn to the cat who could be the most famous feline on the planet right now. we are talking, of course, about that guy, it's actually a gal. that's the number one secret fact you need to know about grumpy cat. we'll meet her and her owner in just a moment but first abc's gio benitez has a closer look at the crabby, crazy phenomenon.
8:36 am
>> reporter: hers is the grumpy face that has launched a thousand memes. if you haven't already met her, meet grumpy cat. her owners started posting videos to youtube after the peanut gallery on the internet swore that her priceless face was photoshopped. her videos have been viewed millions of times. grumpy cat spends her days playing with strings. fitting into boxes. and, of course, being grumpy. now her uber famous smile turned upside-down is splashed across mugs, t-shirts and even playing cards. she's even the latest face of this. >> grumpy cat! >> and this is an exclusive look at her web series. >> grumpy cat could not care less. >> once you take her out in public, everyone just forms -- >> everyone just wants to pet her and hold her. i wouldn't blame them.
8:37 am
>> reporter: so we brought grumpy cat to times square to see how she handles her fame. >> they're from germany. >> you know grumpy cat. >> reporter: the little cat whose frown makes anyone smile. for "good morning america," i'm gio benitez with grumpy cat, abc news, new york. >> all right. i have to reveal -- well, there's grumpy cat. i was going to tell you gio was so taken with grumpy cat he posted a picture last night. can't get enough. and neither can we. there he is. oh, gio, you're so cute. >> i don't like morning people. >> the one, the only grumpy cat. grumpy cat's owners, bryan and tabatha bundesen, are here with us now with grumpy. i want to ask you, tabatha, the name grumpy cat doesn't fit the personality in real life. >> she's a sweetheart really. everyone's noticed. >> how did this whole thing get started? >> we posted one picture online on reddit and it went viral, and now we're here with friskies for the world kitty play series. >> unbelievable sponsors. you've got all kinds of things
8:38 am
going on. how big is the grumpy cat phenomenon. >> it's insane. we post pictures on facebook and within 30 seconds they have 2,000 or 3,000 likes. >> you're kidding. >> no, it's crazy. >> and it's really just a face. you don't do anything -- right now she looks super grumpy but she's purring. >> she always looks grumpy but she's really always sweet. >> see seems to be a sweetheart. don't tell anybody. >> everything is going really, really well. >> grumpy cat is so mean. well, thank you for introducing us to sweet cat named grumpy cat. >> thanks a lot. >> loved having you here and keep us posted on grumpy's doings. meanwhile, coming up, save or splurge. high fashion workout at rock bottom prices. namaste.
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8:43. we're back with the latest in fitness fashion that will take you from the workout right through the weekend. you can of course pay top dollar for some of these items or you can do, well, you can get thrifty and we -- >> exactly. >> we'll play a game called save or splurge. with kate dimmick, fashion director of "people's" "stylewatch" so i want to talk about workout clothes so cute you can kind of keep them on all day. >> exactly, the world of athletic wear has influenced the runways and now we actually see sporty trends.
8:42 am
>> yes. >> that you can wear for -- >> if you're a busy mom and want to get a workout in -- >> that's the only way. >> ladies come out. one is a splurge, save and -- >> two of our favorite things here are the zip jacket which is taken from the classic baseball jacket and the wedge sneaker is on fire. wedge sneakers are everywhere this season. >> wait. >> all right. >> i think this is the splurge and this is the save. >> so cute. i love this. >> right. >> amazing. >> forever 21 and i love her sneakers, they're less than $30. but, if you get one thing from the look, the wedge sneaker will take you everywhere this season. >> really. you can work out in them? >> well -- you can work out -- >> no. >> exactly. >> now, this is a yoga -- >> exactly. >> you have no excuse to wear your boyfriend's t-shirt to go to yoga now.
8:43 am
we'll have so much great yoga wear that looks amazing and it works. >> all right, so one of you is a splurge, one of you is a save. pick your paddle. >> this is the splurge and that's the save. >> and she's right. but i love these roxy yoga pants on laura. they're amazing. now they branched out into yoga wear but lauren's outfit is eco friendly. >> the prices are on our website. the last one is for runners. >> all right, you guys. >> we have very little time. i'll guess splurge, save. >> you're on fire, lara. >> but i want to point out that katie's outfit, the save is all from h&m, which is such a great idea to get athletic wear there but then of course we have awesome performance wear also.
8:44 am
>> you gave us all details on our website. >> exactly. >> thanks so much, kate. thank you, ladies. we love saving and fun to play the game. and coming up, how to take a dream vacation without breaking the bank. dream vacation without breaking the bank. ♪an) 3 days of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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tuesday, how is this for living a good life? because another big party on "gma" as onerepublic takes center stage live. tuesday only on "good morning america" "spring concert series" presented by big lots. >> yes, it is. one of my favorite people on the planet by the way, we'll show you how to score a four-star trip without paying four-star prices. this man is going to do it. we'll talk to him about it. take a look at -- he's got a whole new -- he basically helped a family plan their summer vacation on trip flip.
8:47 am
♪ >> reporter: for nearly 40 years, the life of andrew and faith have been all about family. first their daughters, now their grandchildren. >> we're very close family. >> reporter: this summer they want to put their hard-earned money together and take an unforgettable trip which will include all three generations. >> when you're grandparents you don't know how long you'll be healthy enough to schlepp around. >> reporter: but where should they go? we knew who to call. >> would anyone like to go on vacation with me. >> reporter: he is the host of the travel channel's "tripflip" and knows how to score four-star trips without paying four-star prices. first bert means the chertoffs. armed with itineraries suitable for a dream treatment. number one, anaheim, california. anaheim is perfect for families, says bert. great beaches and world class theme parks. >> do you want to wear these?
8:48 am
>> reporter: he recommends hitting disneyland on weekdays, tuesdays and wednesdays are traditionally the least crowded and consider staying at the grand californian resort which has an on-site kids' club that doubles as child care. >> they will have the kids worn out so they go to sleep when you get home. >> reporter: giving him a chance to root for his angels at angel stadium. dream trip number two, hilton head, south carolina, it's also home to pristine beaches but has world class golfing and fine dining. bert recommends flying into savannah, georgia, instead of the local airport. that can save as much as $100 a ticket and bert also says, the family should look into renting a house on or instead ef checking into a hotel. >> you save money by getting your own groceries, you have your own breakfast. >> reporter: to save money here bert recommends booking coach airfare 24 weeks in advance. but don't rule out a first class
8:49 am
ticket. >> there's some great deals to be found in business class in the summer months because coach fills up so quickly. >> reporter: cultural enthusiasts can pick up the paris museum pass which grants access to 50 museums for two days. it's just 39 euros, that's about $50. >> up to you guys. i want you to put it to a vote. >> reporter: which itinerary will they choose? >> on the count of three, flip it over and see where we're going on vacation. one, two, three. >> i think anaheim makes the most sense. >> and grab you a -- >> i'm sorry. i didn't even see the story because i'm talking to him about travel secrets. airfares are crazy expensive right now. ridiculous right now. how do we get a deal. >> i fly every week, 250,000 miles domestic, okay. >> crazy. >> best time to buy a ticket, tuesday at 3:00 p.m. >> tuesday at 3:00 p.m. >> online? >> online. you can watch on kayak. they have a sliding scale and thursday they start jacking up
8:50 am
the prices because if you think about it, all the families plan their vacation when they're all home together. saturday and sunday, the worst time to buy a ticket, wait till tuesday at 3:00 p.m. >> i love this. >> yeah. >> how do i get a four-star hotel without paying the big, big, big price? that's not possible. >> favorite for my two-word combination, soft launch. >> what does that mean. >> when four-star hotels get their hotel ready, everything in place but want to test it out. get half the savings. go to, you can get half the savings because they're testing out the hotel so you can stay in the great room, try out their -- >> i love this. >> paying two-star prices. >> this is fantastic. watch this show, by the way, anything bert does is amazing. ladies and gentlemen, i promise you "trip flip." follow him on twitter, by the way, because i do. half of the bert i know. he looks fantastic. everybody, give bert's hand. we'll be right back as well. don't go anywhere.
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"gma" and emeril are at it again kicking off mother's day in a big way with the breakfast in bed contest. >> how good is that? now, what mom wouldn't want breakfast in bed served up by emeril lagasse. >> go to on yahoo! to find out how to
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enter. ♪ >> big thanks to dj chops. great song selection. so great. hope you all have a great weekend. hey, grab a cup of coffee. "gma live" is next.
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>> now from abc7 news, good morning, you can expect clays to continue in southbound san jose, 280, southbound, following the discovery of a body on the freeway this morning. sue has an update and we still have closures. >> there is a sig-alert, c.h.p. is sticking with the 9:30 estimated time of re-opening and possibly it could be closed until 11:00 so we are following that. we have the backup route here, 880 to 101. jammed. mike? >> thank you very much. it is a beautiful picket of ocean beach. today's temperatures are four to eight degrees warmer-than-average, a lot of us in the 60's and some 70's i-land but the coast is brisk with temperatures in the 50's. the seven-day outlook shows lows in the 30's and 40's and highs are warmest on sunday. kristen? >> thanks. oin u
8:58 am
announcer: it's "live! with elly & michael." today, straight from the big screen, mark wahlberg. and we're dig dishing with dolly arton. plus, zooologist david salmoni animals. th some wild all next on the emmy ward-winning "live." kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: i love audience! cheers and applause] michael: yes!
8:59 am
kelly: so they're talking about is study about how time is divided between women and men in the household, moms and dads, and specifically than women men. they are saying that men spend about 10 hours a week more than work. n paid women spend six hours more in usehold work which i believe is a low estimate. [laughter] i additional three hours more in child care which is go testically low estimate which i know i see my children a heck of a lot more a day. ee hours i can't seem to shake them. [laughter] ichael: so they're trying to say that -- ok, i get it. i think those are right though. no, i disagree with the household work and the child care. saying men spend 10 hours a day. michael: i was washing my dishes my morning after i ate breakfast. i was washing dishes, ok?


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