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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 22, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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to the s.u.v. >> c.h.p. and caltran tried to assess the stability of the hill when more rocks started to fall. in fact, during our shot to the abc7 morning news. >> a lost rock is now falling on to the freeway. we have been told by the c.h.p. to "move." move away from the area. we had a mini landslide with a bunch of rocks just falling on to the freeway here. >> later, crews decided the hill was safe and re-opened the freeway. katie says the boulder is the last thing she expected on her friday commute. >> i was scared. i survived. it could have been worse if i wasn't paying attention, i could have crashed in a bigger one. >> the driver of that s.u.v. suffered some minor injuries and had to go to the hospital. caltran may return later today to check the hill, check the stability of the hill, which is
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fortified with a fence and a concrete median wall. clearly, today, that did not help one bit. we are live in marin county this morning for abc7 news. >> thank you, happening now in the south by, the c.h.p. has re-opened all lanes of interstate 280 after a woman who was walking alongside the highway was hit and killed by a car that did not stop. the southbound side of 280 was closed for nearly seven hours. other drivers called 9-1-1 to report the crash before 3:30 this morning and somebody tried to help the 39-year-old woman but she was already dead. the c.h.p. says they don't know why she was walking along the interstate but they hoping that somebody will call in a tip that leads them to the hit-and-run driver. >> from san leandro parents at an elementary school are warned of an alarming incident. jefferson elementary school officials say someone tried to grab a second grader coming from a restroom. according to the child, a person who he thought was a teenager
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put a hand over his mouth but he was able to get free and call a teacher. last night, a robocall want out to parents of the incident and one parent said he feels the school is not safe enough. i fell like it is too lax, there are too comfortable and people should be more precautionary rather than reactionary. >> the school is investigating all possibilities including if it was an older child at the school fooling around. a meeting to discuss the situation is scheduled for next friday at the school. >> new this morning, san francisco's archbishop is making strong statements against same-sex marriage days before the course takes up proposition 8 and will hear arguments if the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional. archbishop is talking to abc7 news reporter right now. early this morning he told "usa
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today" that to legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant. he also says a court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage may only intensify the debate. you can see his interview with the archbishop this afternoon going on abc7 news starting at 4:00. >> five bay area police departments are now in the middle of a 24 hour tweet athen, the palo alto, east palo alto, fremont, mountain view, and los gatos police departments are participating in the event with 160 agencies taking part. they are tweeting of service calls to increase awareness of police work and their issues. fremont police tweeted "call a man in 50's down on a bench waving his arms and moaning, fire and p.d. on the scene." hashtag, poltwt and that is a
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hashtag they use, poltwt, on twitter you can follow us for news any time at abc7 news rather, abc7 news bay area. >> the cruise ship owned by carnival arrived a few hours ago and it was all supplies in spite of the troubles we heard on other cruises. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live from pier 27. they have a different opinion of carnival? >> i saw all happy people, happy faces getting off the we ship this morning. can you make out the top of the ship over my shoulder. this ship is a pno cruise which is one of their brands, camp value cruise line is also a carnival corporation brand of course it was the cruise line that has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons but that is not impacting anyone in san francisco.
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after they docked the buses rolled out taking passengers on guided tours. but some decided to go it on foot. >> we are going to have a walk around and we are going do go on the tram but this evening we are going over to the rock, alcatraz >> this group loves to cruise and they are not alone. san francisco will welcome 66 cruise ships this year. they are getting bigger so 66 ships will bring over 200,000 passengers to san francisco. >> carnival can selfed 12 cruises after a month of mishaps including passengers stranded at sea. no cancellation affect san francisco which is good news since each ship equals $500,000 to $1 million in economic benefit for the area. >> the people that work on the ships, we have a large shipyard at pier 70 that the cruise ships go to for scheduled maintenance and that is the last generators
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of large numbers of union jobs in san francisco. >> of course, plenty of tourism, too, the allure of san francisco was enough to get robert on board and aside from some rough water last night he never had any problem on a cruise ship. >> everything on board is there for are you and nothing to worry about or anything like that. everything has been super. could not be better. >> it leaves tomorrow and the grand princess comes in on sunday and 66 cruise ships for a year is not a record for san francisco, the port authority tells me that since the number of passengers keeps growing it could be a record number of passengers by next year. >> just ahead, what led up to a murder-suicide that left three marines dead. military officials are searching for answers. >> president obama is wrapping
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up a visit to the middle
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>> developing news from virginia, three marines are dead in a murder-suicide. the shooting happened overnight in quantico. the military is trying to figure out a notive. our news reporter has the latest. >> tragedy overnight at marine corps base in virginia. authorities say a marine shot and killed two fellow marines
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and took his own life. >> the shooter, active duty marine was pronounced dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound by law enforcement at the seen. >> the identities of the victims are withheld until the families are notified but the shooter was a man, the other decease add man and a woman. they all worked as training personnel at officer candidate school. >> all of the candidates in the school are accounted for and safe and all of the other permanent personnel, as well, with the officers candidate school are accounted for. >> the incident began at 10:30 last night inside a single barracks and all base resolution didn'ts and employees were told to remain inside and keep the doors locked. in five minutes of notifies authorities were on the scene. >> announcement were made over the p.a. system and notifications were sent to residents by facebook by 2:30 this morning the lockdown was lited and base operations returned to normal. >> pentagon spokesman said that
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secretary of defense hagel was saddened to learn of shooting and his thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families and the families of those seven marines killed in a training accident early in the week. >> president obama is in jordan got final stop of the four day visit to the middle east. the president received a red carpet welcome from the king of jordan, troops assembled in the capital of amman before the president and the king went inside to discuss the conflict in syria and the 400,000 refugee whose have fled across the border to jordan. because of that we were monitoring a news conference president obama just wrapped up and he offered $200,000 in aid -- $200 million in aid to jordan. he went to the bible birth christ of jesus christ and got a look at the barricades that keep
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the palestinians from the west bank. he noted they need to do more to bring lasting security. >> no wall is high enough to stop every enemy. >> in his push for peace with palestinians, the president spoke to 600 israeli students using his only major speech on the middle east speech to ask for compassion. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, and the bay area forecast. >> a lot of sunshine. can you see from the east bay hills, it is a gorgeous-looking day with nice sunsets coming if you are headed to the beaches but take a heavier coat because it will be cooler than the rest us that will see warmer-than-average temperatures and another chance of rain next week. i will tell you when it gets here. >>the dangers of eating too much salt with new details of how
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a study is suggesting one in ten americans die from illnesses caused by eating too much salt. researchers at harvard looked at surveys on salt intake and
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clinical trials on sodium relationship to heart attack and stroke. the study adds to evidence that salty packaged and processed food can take a heavy toll on heart health. the study is presented at the american heart association annual meeting in new orleans, the same harvard team linked sugar drinks to 25,000 deaths a year. >> it is hard to give them up. if you do it gradually...not so bad. >> the weekend is here. nice weather, right? >> we have given up winter. >> beautiful weather away from the coast and it will be breezy. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd showing you how dry the weather is outside. no need to worry about an umbrella unless you want to save yourself from the sun which can give auburn if you are not careful. winds were a big deal yesterday and during the overnight but the wind advisory was canceled as
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they never got too aggressive in the lower elevation. you can see the yellows are in the higher elevation but where we live, our fastest wind is from the north and at 13 miles per hour in napa and 12 miles per hour in oakland and the coast is faster at 8 miles per hour. looking on downtown san francisco, all the way over toward berkeley, graduations cal on the win, san francisco was warmer at 60 and oakland and san jose are at 58 and 59, and walnut creek is 63 and palo alto 59 and mill valley at 61. ocean beach as we look from mount tamalpais this morning, it looks inviting but the air temperature is warmer than the water with 58 in santa rosa and we have that in hayward and we have 60 in fairfield, and 61 in los gatos and livermore and napa, a warmer spot at 62 degrees. here are the three things to know about the forecast: it will be bright and breezy and mild if not warm this weekend and a
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chance of rain comes back to the forecast on wednesday and thursday so another great weekend to work outside in the yard and maybe wash the car and have the kids do it for you. you can see alcatraz, the golden gate bridge, you can get beautiful shots of the bay area. compared to yesterday, four to eight degrees warmer than it was. why is that happening? we have high pressure over the ocean that gave birth to a smaller one that moved over land and that is bringing us the dry and warmer offshore wind. for temperatures today we will be 69 in milpitas and low 70's for the rest ofs south bay and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula. the coast brisk, and we will have mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and toward sausalito, and upper 60's to low 70's through the north bay valley and cooler and brisk and mid-60's to upper 50's and upper 60's for the most part in the
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east bay shoreline with oakland around 69, and 69 in pittsburg and everyone else in the east bay valley is in the low 70's and you will have the slowest of the winds. tonight, cooler mid-30's to low 40's and well have low-to-mid 40's around the bay similar and to the coast. if you traveling to tahoe we had snow usually this week but this weekend we are going to see a warming trend with a lot of sunshine and a temperature near 50 in the afternoon and if you are headed down to los angeles, our temperatures are near the 70 degree warm with sunday being the day with the least amount of sunshine in the morning giving way to afternoon sunshine. we will be warmest on sunday afternoon, temperatures are going to taper a little bit on monday and tuesday and still above average away from the coast and wednesday and thursday they are coolest with a chance of rain. abc7 news has another great weather resource, following live doppler 7 hd for the latest weather conditions, rain or
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shine and get "spare the air" alerts and power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> i appreciate your congratulations as a cal grad. >> i picked them, march madness comes tomorrow to berkeley with the men and women playing. yesterday, the bears upset unlv, 64-61. tomorrow night, cal will try to advance in sweet 16 in the ncaa tournament for the first time in 16 years. the bears take on syracuse at help pavilion and the second seeded cal win place press necessity state and stanford women meet tulsa on sunday. >> ready to give up on your brackets after a day, you are not alone. jimmy kimmel has a humorous take. >> anyone fill out the bracket? it is too lates you could still
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put ten bucks in the garbage disposal. i lost all, i had team wolf going to the final four, but that seems like a mistake, between march madness, facebook, twitter, they say the average american worker will work a total of 12 minutes the next three weeks. >> jimmy kimmel live airs weeknights live at the new time following abc7 news at 11. >> we have more still ahead, meet muffins, mike nicco h
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>> coming up on abc7 news,
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someone so fed up with winter he is going after the famous groundhog and san mateo homeowners clean up a mess but is it enough to please the neighbors? or the city? >> mike nicco has a new pet. >> we have ann marie here. nice to see you. welcome from the humane society. tell us about the love muffin. >> this is enough fin, a four-year-old chihuahua, good with kids, loves people, a great little walker and she loves to be on your lap. she is perfect in the car on the drive and just a great all around dog. >> great with kids any age? obviously young kids have to be trained a bit. >> the paperwork says 10 and up but it is usually a situation by situation case. >> you have rooms at the peninsula? >> they have you meet everyone in the family meet, and a behaviorist is usually available
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and they can observe the interaction and talk about the job and make sure it is okay with the children. >> great, if you are interested in muffin or any of the animals at the peninsula, call the humane society so we can find some of the animal as society. isn't he cute? >> muffin needs a little home. >> who cannot love muffin?
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> hi, baby. [cheers and applause] hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's returning contestant thinks fate brought her here and thinks a $1 million payday is in the stars. please welcome back from harlem, new york, lynette burkley, or l.b., as we like to say. >> thank you. >> l.b. >> i am having a ball. >> i can tell you're having a ball. >> i am having a good time. >> you still feel that confidence, too, that if you ask for it, it will come. >> i do. >> okay. >> come what may. >> okay, and i understand, also, you love to get down and boogie a little bit, don't you? >> i do; i like to shake my groove thing. [both laugh] >> well, we expect to see more of that, okay? >> let me shake my moneymaker. >> shake your moneymaker. so far, your moneymaker-- >> [laughing] >> so far, your moneymaker amounts to $16,000 in the bank. you're 5 questions away
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from round 2, in which case, you keep all the money. 9 away from $1 million but no lifelines remaining at this point. okay, are you ready, l.b.? >> i'm ready. >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] all right, here you go. in 2012, the professional art handlers local 814 labor union in new york city fittingly had a dispute with which of the following? >> "c," sotheby's. >> final answer? >> final answer. >> that's a good one. it is sotheby's. [cheers and applause] shake that moneymaker. let's put some money in your bank. what are we gonna add to the bank? $100. okay, $16,100. that's okay. 4 away from round 2. >> i actually used to work at christie's auction house. >> did you? okay. >> yes.


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