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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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reporting live in santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> the 8-year-old girl shot by an arrow is waiting for a care package from one of the country's pop super stars. her mother tells axe bc 7 news that singer tailor swift is singing -- sending her daughter a gift. shes was struck in the left leg by an arrow. she told abc 7 news she sang swift's songs to stay calm. >> a police standoff is over and officers called to the home on felix road for what turned out to be a domestic attack. the skmus wife nrt hospital. and he's under arrest. >> the 1-year-old baby shot in his home is now home from the
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hospital, released this afternoon. a bicyclist shot on the street is also recovering. the gunman fired at least 18 rounds. his grandfather says he's glad no one was seriously injured. >> iing forrive the guy for what he's done. i hope he gets help from anywhere. someone needs to get this guy off the streets. get him help. and hopefully, someone will turn him in. >> police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to arrest. coming up at 5:00 abc 7 talks to the baby's grandmother. >> oakland police investigating reports of a shooting at food max on east 14th street and durant street. witnesses say he shot someone inside when officers got there,
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they found shell casings at the scene. >> police looking for a woman who crashed her car into the side of this house in the bay view district just before 4:00 this morning near paluy avenue. >> i heard a boom and the house shook. i'm like it's an earthquake. my mom said it's a car inside of the house. >> the crash punched a hole in the side of the house. the driver ran off. no one was hurt. >> new at 4:00 today a san bruno school is looking at the possibility of an inside job after 18 lap tops were stolen last night. >> it happened at el crystal school during a break n thieves broke a window to unlock a door. the principle says 22 mac book pros were taken and four
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dropped outside of the building. >> i believe that they knew where they're kecht, they knew which cart had the mac book pros in it. they knew how to unlock the door. and they knew that, what time the custodian was off. >> the loss is estimated at more than $20,000 just for the lap tops. and closer to $40,000 with software included. >> police released images of a man who robbed a bank. take a look this, is surveillance video, or images of the man inside of the bank just before noon tuesday. they got a good shot. you can tell he's african american, about five eight with a large build as you can see. last seen near 20th and webster streets. >> abc 7 news has learn thatd people killed in yesterday's fiery crash were from petaluma. >> this happened when a big
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rig driver choked on food and passed out behind the wheel near the old davis road in davis. >> his truck then hit two cars, crashed through the freeway center divide and hit a bmw head on killing both occupants. they've been identified as a 76-year-old and his 74-year-old wife. >> there has been a plea deal in the road rage case accused of a driver a -- chasing down a bicyclist this, morning 82-year-old harry smith plead nod contest to charges of assault, skmit run and driving on a suspended license. the district attorney agreed to drop an attempted murder charge. smith may get nearly nine years for chaigs the bicyclist then rear ending him. >> a former student sex abuse case against moraga school district is being considered
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by a contra costa judge. the civil suit accuses of district and administrators of covering up sexual assaults on her in the early 90s. the school district is trying to get the case thrown out. >> only in 2012 did she have a reason to believe she had a claim against the district for that concealment and for that cover up. therefore, only in 2012 did the statute of limitations again. >> the suit claims she was assaulted by two different teachers when a student at the school. the district covered it up. the judge made no ruling today and set the date for another hearing on july 29th. >> just days after they opened remember, workers shut down one lane on the new devil's slide tunnel. >> caltrans closed one two of the lanes in the tunnel for striping work. the tunnel reopened about an hour ago. the $439 million project
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opened just monday. >> epa announced change in the way that gasoline is the new gas rule will cull sulphur. gasoline is n.california is made this way. the oil indus warned it will increase gas prices by almost nine cents a gallon. >> here a look at at and t park. giants and as will be begin to file in. in developing news is developing. off the field signing has giants fans stacked this, is huge. >> the giants and buster posey will announce national league mvp sign signed a nine year, $167 million contract. this means posey will be behind the plate with orange
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and back. >> posey on the night of super stardom is huge. >> gr g.for him. >> yes. >> last night, 40,000 fans rocked at and t park and saw the a's win. many people drove into the city thursday morning had to take alternate transportation to get home. that is how bad it was. >> here is a look from our skyway camera. give yourself plenty of time to get there. cars on left trying to get onto the bay bridge. it's slow in both directions. >> the mayor kicked off oakland a's spirit week other spirit events include green and gold lights in oakland international airport. >> the western division champs
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open monday. >> former 49ers and raider offensive tackle is talking about being gay for the first time. and he said he never considered coming out. and no nhl athlete has been prior to retirement. >> athlete does decide to come out he made emotional strive to deal with insults. versed to deal with his personal life, his professional life is going to be, nothing private anymore. i would imagine. >> harris is facing charges for assaulting an ex-boyfriend last year, his trial scheduled to begin in april. >> happening now san francisco mayor ed lee is on the way to china for an eight day visit. he'll be looking to increase
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chinese investments in san francisco. they're considered loaning almost $2 billion for hunter's point ship yard project. >> there is a special place in their heart for san francisco. i want to build on that. keep that dialogue going. >> about 30 people will accompany the mayor including former mayor willie brown. lee will visit his father's an seft tral village. he expects the red carpet streemt. -- treatment. >> it's the end of an era. end of an institution after 27 years. tommy toy. changing demographics can issues forced the
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restaurant to close. >> still ahead at 4:00 a reason to be afraid of the dentist one doctor did is warning thousands of paish dwronts get tested for life threatening disease autos he's worth big buck buzz how much does mark zuckerberg owe the irs? we have the answer. >> dramatic video of a man walked off of a subway platform and the plan that rushed to help him. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them live. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. stay with us.
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sky 7 hd is live over oakland international airport.
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a body of a marine has been flown in from virginia. the 19-year-old was one two of marines killed by a fellow marine last week in northern virginia. >> these are live pictures from sky 7 hd. she's from oakley, here family says she graduated with honors from high school and joined the military to pay for college. the gunman is from pacifica. >> now to a terrifying case out of oklahoma. health officials saying a tulsa dentist may have exposed thousands of paish dwronts life threatening diseases like hiv and hepatitis. marcy gonzales has the story. a scare for 7,000 people in oklahoma questioning if they were exposed to deadly infections while in the dentist's chair. >> what if the tests ends up positive. >> health officials are urging all of the patients to be
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tested after one patient with no known risk factors became infected with hiv and hepatitis c. sparking an investigation. >> when the health department investigators and we left we were just sick. >> among the sickening reported findings, investigators say the doctor of 36 years reused needles and vials, medications 20 years past their expiration date allowed unlicense add sis stants to give ivs and didn't clean instruments properly. >> the instruments were horrible. i won't let my nephews play with them in the hurt. they had rust on them. >> patients wait for results cdc is now now joining this investigation. >> i'm very concerned about how many more there may oob no charges have been filed we're told dr. harrington is being cooperative and closed his practice while the investigation continues. calls to him have not been returned marcy gonzales abc
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news, new york. >> going back out to developing news we brought you moments ago. live pictures over oakland international airport. a body of a bay area marine has just been flown in from a military base in virginia. a 19-year-old lance corporal sarah estromata a marine. >> they took the casket and placed it into that hearse you can see on the left side of the screen. you can see others there sal yurting and this is just one of those tragedies we're just hearing out of virginia. >> yes. just a somber moment for the family and for the military family them bring the body of lance corporal sarah castronata back home. the gunman is from pacifica. these are live pictures. sky 7 returns. the woman on the left will be
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placed in her final resting base. we'll continue to monitor this, looks like they will be taking off now. it seems like ceremony is ending and will be taken away. >> stay with us, we'll continue to follow that. moving on to other topics now. weekend is here and could bring rain by the end of the week. and lots of sunshine with fog this morning dense as pointed out earlier, things cleared out nicely. here is a look showing clear skies and fog gathering at the coastline now. we have this rainfall off shore. the moisture well off shore at the moment. that is going to be temperature readings and
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clouds in the atmosphere, lots of sunshine burning through. it's 60 degrees now in san francisco. 73 this oakland. 76 in san jose. 63 at santa cruz, another live view from our sutro camera, another beautiful look at the sky there. we have temperatures 778 in santa rosa now. 77 in napa. and it's been we'll see fog moving into the bay and sunny, mild again tomorrow, not as mild as today, showers likely sunday. satellite image animating it shows that big nice sunny break we're experiencing now. here is a big low pressure system off shore, our weather maker for the weekend influenced weather today, circulation is sweeping mild air in the bay area.
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starting the forecast animation at 6:00 in the morning we'll see wide spread clouds and maybe scattered showers developing into afternoon hours tomorrow, mainly over higher terrain, then, overnight into morning we'll see more organized shower activities continuing throughout the day sunday, into sunday fight. and it looks like it will be a wet easter sunday, rainfall totals may be up to an inch in the north bay. perhaps half an inch in the south bay. overnight tonight with partly cloudy skies will be mild, low temperatures into low 50s and tomorrow, another mild day. upper 60s to 70s in the south bay. and low to mid-60s on the coast. upper 60s in the north bay. low 70s inland east bay. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. after weekend showers we'll have partly cloudy skies monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and then, more showers likely on thursday and friday. can't believe april is here already. >> i know. >> wow. time is flying. >> thank you. >> just ahead here one of the first signs summer is just around the corner. opening day when we return. >> new after 4:30 a view under the sea. the bay area researcher using squides to learn more about life u
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california great america amusement park opened its gates today, crowds of adventure seekers were eager to get their thrill on but swril to wait for the newest attraction. the gold striker roller coaster won't open until spring and the park won't be open seven days per week until late may. this is an important part of santa clara's economy. >> we hire up to 2500 people during the season coming up at 5:00 david louie checks whether the park is still the source of teen summer jobs
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like it used to be. >> well, do you think you use a phone to look at facebook quite a bit during the day? you're not alone. a commission finds smart phone users check facebook 14 times per day. peak time at night before bed time. nearly 80% of the users reach for devices within 15 minutes of waking up. often after the cup of coffee that is the next thing we do. mark zuckerberg is facing a tax bill expected to owe the irs more than $1 billion for 2012. that bill is from his decision to exercise a stock option and buy more than 60 million facebook shares when the site went public. we don't know what he'll owe it's known irs will treat the stock options as income which translates into roughly $2 billion and since the tax rate is close to 50%, well, you can dot math. he's going to owe a lot of money.
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he can afford it. >> i think so. >> clearing up communication in the oakland police department y many officers have had trouble sharing information. >> also here escalating tensions in north korea. new warning and america's reaction. a man walks off of a subway platform. the witness risked his life to
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abc 7 news learned an independent engineering report commissioned by the city of oakland confirmed that cell towers are interfering with police radios. a copy of the memo sent to the mayor on this. sheer the report. >> the problem surrounding the police radios were magnified in july. the gay the president appeared at oakland fox theater. a large contingent of police were outside to handle problems that could arise from protestors. many said they had trouble communicating on their radios. there had been complaints about the glitches of the system which had just been installed in 2011, the year before. it had been riddled with interference and glitches right from the start. >> they tried to keep it.
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it doesn't work for a variety of different reasons. you don't know the time nor the place. >> this report confirms when a city investigation found a month after the president's visit. that sites were affecting the public safety raid yes system and signals were bleeding into channels using interference. as of two months ago, 43 cell sites had been tested. half were resolved. and most were at and t towers, donnalen says officers have no confidence in the system. there is another failure on wednesday night. >> once again, the system went down on the eastern end of the city. the system wasn't working for a few minutes, again. >> it seems nobody from the city nor the police department wanted to talk about the report. the chief referred to us the mayor whose office declined our request for interview but
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we did talk to one city council member who said there is another solution. that story at 6:00. >> north korean leader kim young un warned his pockets are ready to quote settle accounts with the u.s.. >> that is right. mark matthews is here, you had a timely interview with leon panetta on this subject. >> i did. spoke with him on tuesday at his institute. and the take on this informed not only by the post as secretary of defense, but former chief of the cia. >> this is a young leader there. he doesn't have a lot of experience. >> former secretary of defense says u.s. intelligence has been working to determine to what extent kim jong un is in charge. >> there is not much question the military leadership is probably exerting a heavy
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influence on him. >> this week the nation is reving up its people as kim jong un orders preparations for an ata tack on the united states and south korea. north korea's state run media reports the government is repositioning troops and vehicles from mid range missile launching site to long range base. >> we have to take seriously every provocative word ask action this new, young leader has taken so far. >> the u.s. sent a pair of b 52 bombers from a base in missouri on a practice mission. they're capable of dropping 16 nuclear bombs on impb targets. flights part of a joint exercise and p'yongyang is responding with pictures of kim jong un with report lid
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attack plans behind them. >> we've talked to china china's credit there is concern about the unpredicability of north korea's leader. >> china continues to send food and fuel and wants to keep north korea in china's realm of influence, but... >> they've tried to put pressure on north korea north korea. north korea resisted it. >> coming up, panetta talks about why china is not willing to cutoff supplies of food and fuel. >> encouraging news on the health of nelson man della. he had a full brak fast, said to be making progress but doctors are being cautious was because of his advanced age this, is his third trip to the hospital since december, he's had
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respiratory problems since contracting tuberculosis during his 27 year imprisonment. after release he became south africa's first black president in 1994. >> two middle schoolers are in big trouble for using their classroom hand sanitizer for more than just killing germs. they confessed to putting hand sanitizer in her mug twice. she did start to feel sick and didn't know why. >> my stomach was bothering me. and i had a temperature. i was just -- exhausted. by the time i got home. >> the teenagers are facing felony charges of attempted poisoning. doctors say it can be lethal. the sanitizer was 65% ethol alcohol, the same as a 130 proof drink. >> new at 4:00 a subway rider being hailed as a hero for jump together rescue of a man
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that fell on the tracks. you can see the victim walking distracted off the platform. a man waiting for a train jumped into action, climbed down there and only had minutes before the next train rolled into the station. >> i was rolling underneath. like where you stand. >> chris shouted to personnel to shut down the southbound line. he kept the man's head, and neck stable until firefighters arrived to move him off the tracks. >> that is really courageous. >> new revelations about the shroud of tourent. >> i'm michael finney. today q and a is just ahead.
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you can contact me on finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here life later. >> looking at western sky from our camera, we can see clouds gathering now, but more on the way. you how wet of a weekend will this be? >> taking a look at the golden gate bridge. it's damp out there. you can see on this all electronic toll taking bridge traffic is moving nicely
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a survey finds you can save big bucks if you shop around for prescription drugs. researchers found the lowest prices at costco, and the highest at cvs. one month supply of generic lipitor cost $17 at costco. the same drug was $150 at cvs, rite aid and target. >> japanese researchers found a blood test can detect four out of five early pancreatic cancers identifying four molecules that show signs of the disease. less than 5% of patients
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survive the cancer for five years, mainly because it can only be detected when too advanced to treat. tests can only identify over half of the cancer cases. >> that is a wonderful break through. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. rain is on the way. >> that is right. this week is ending on a spectacular note but weekend is different. here is live picture 7 hd. sunny skies and clouds gathering at the coastline. well off shorks we have the weather is coming into our direction. that is rainfall. so now, tomorrow, state wide will be sort of a mixed bag. down south, drier, sunnier, clouds thickening as well. northern half of the state will see showers developing. and we expect showers to hold off tomorrow except for maybe a sprinkle or two. high temperatures on the mild side again, tomorrow. upper 60s to low 70s, then
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this, is game two as i lose my voice, i get so excited about baseball, i can't talk. the bay bridge series game two is tonight. there will be sunlight left for the game. live doppler 7 storm developing off shore. we'll bring us rainfall starting at late tomorrow night into early sunday. so easter sunday could be a bit on the wet side. >> looks like it. >> thank you, spencer. >> just ahead new tales about the shroud of toren. you can see for yourself. >> and a glisms life under the sea. >> i'm michael finny. not much you can do about crying babies on flights but what
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pope francis led his first good friday service today at the vatican. christians believe good friday is the day jesus was crucified and believe he rose from the dead easter sunday. hundreds placed wooden crosses and chanted prayers retracing jesus's steps. the service was held in bethlehem's church of the in a activity. >> new details about the shroud of turin, the cloth believed to be implanted with jesus's image as he was prepared for burial this, weekend for the first time a 40 years, billions of people
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will be getting a rare televised glimpse at one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. the shroud of turin. millions believe this to be the image of jesus. the shroud will be on tv and in the palm of your hand. now, on the heels of good friday, new life being breathed into the shroud of turin. a app took the shroud world wide. all while research says it could be the real thing you consider there are no substances on the cloth that were used by an artist. and the fact that this blood is human blood it would suggest it's probably authentic. >> this linen cloth is believed to have covered jesus's crucified body. the fabric covered in bloodstains dirt and water marks displaying an imprint of
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a face. >> there was no portrait made of jesus. it still remains the best single thing we have. >> nonbelievers known them as the fraud of turin. scientists used carbon dating and determining it could be a medieval forgery. but in a book scientists in padua say they've unraveled that claim. it's not just seeing but believing that makes a difference. >> the shroud can never replace faith. we cannot know whether the shroud is aj thentic. we don't have the dna of jesus. >> to find out more about the app go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> michael finney is here answering questions and i flew
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across the country. a passenger had a barking dmog a carrier under seat the whole flight. his question is that allowed?. >> what a pleasant flight. and it is absolutely legal. all the government says is that if a dog or cat or any animal is where the people are, it's got to fit underneath the seat and it must stay there during the flight. they're not allowed to handle the animal. it's up to the airlines to decide whether or not they want to take animals. they can or not. if it barks there are no federal rules. so i don't know what they could do. >> east bay missile district is refusing to set up service until the last winter -- renter pays a previous bill. is that right? >> no. no.
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you're not responsible for anyone elts's bill. was the previous renter living there the same time? we can see people trying to pull a fast one. so p if they've check asked you're brand new, have you no relationship with the person before you, you don't have to pay the bill. you call me back. call the hot line. i'll take care of this in a couple hours. >> yes. >> carol asks on facebook there has been a big recall of toyota corollas because of an air bag issue. we do got a postcard. what is the deal with this? >> these rear called a couple months ago. toyota said they'd get out cars. there are pontiacs involved in this, too. about three faurters of a million cars are being recalled.
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so i'd go in sooner than later. >> yes. >> michael, thank you very much. >> sure. >> well, what is life like for a squid? i think we may now know. a biologist strapped a critter cam on humbolt squid to see how they behaved. some findings from the research the squides flicker, communicating with a red and flight flash. this species prefers to glide around the ocean, it also has incredible bursts of speed making them among fastest creatures in the ocean, scientists say ocean warming caused them to my great. >> they're huge. >> yes. sure. >> swus a report on license to drive. >> what chp is doing to help
4:48 pm
teens stay safe and become get better driver autos coming up at 5:00 parents outraged in a school at the center of a shooting threat. discipline the school is now imposing on students that stayed home. the tiny door looks like something out of alice in wonder land captivating imagination of
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here is tonight's prime time line up. there are two back to back episodes of happy ending. and clean up crews are mopping up after a water main break. sky 7 was overhead after 9:00 a.m. a break reported. water ran down several blocks but there doesn't appear any real damage.
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the chp has been cracking down on distracted driving and high pressure teens are prone to the practice. now, there is a drive to change that. we are live with the latest offer from the chp for teens and parents. hi, heather. >> it could be a good deal if concerned about the teen or you would like a refresher. say being despite better roads and vehicles over the past decade, the death rate of teens in car accidents has remained the same. so this class, they hope might bring numbers down. small is claimed at new drivers between 15-20. chp says car accidents are the
4:53 pm
number one killer of people in that age range. including distraction taz could lead to accidents. other passengers in the war. even fiddling with raitdo. the chp says the most dangerous time behind the wheel is first two years after getting licenses z there are lessons for parents. >> there is a parents have to realize if our teenager goes out, guess who is responsible? not the teenager but registered yorn of the vehicle. >> if improved safety and driving skills isn't enough chp says some companies will offer a discount for driver who's have attended a start smart class.
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>> american households will spend 145ses today celebrate easter this year. brunch or dinner accounts for $5.4 million. americans expected to spend just over $3 million on spring clothes and another $2.5 kbrinl on candy cards, and other holiday items. someone going around, passing out peeps. i declined. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. a reminder, abc 7 news alarm clock app is available and also still available if you have an iphone. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now.
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>> thank you. >> she didn't snow what hit him. one grandmother describes a terrifying moment a stray bullet hit her grandson. >> it's been a warm day but big changes are on the way for easter weekend. i'll have details coming up. >> giants shell out big bucks for buster posey. >> i didn't see it. i just took the baby and ran into the kitchen. and after that, i don't know. i lost it. >> one grandmother describes a moment she realized her grandson was shot in the neck in front of her. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the grandparents of the little boy are grateful he is doing well but say they've had
4:56 pm
enough and are moving out. abc 7 news is live from childrens hospital. i understand the little boy has been released? >> that is right. much to everyone's surprise. this family is glad he's doing okay. the grandmother described the moment that he was shot. >> i seen a hole in his neck. i went into shock. and after, i don't remember anything. >> she says she fainted after seeing her grandson bleeding. seconds before she had been feeding him in her arms. her daugt daughter in law had just gotten off work and was inside of the apartment. >> he's responsive and playing and laughing. he's fine. >> the 1-year-old was shot. police found several casings
4:57 pm
in a parking lot on mcdonald avenue across the street from the building. one teenager was injured. >> we do believe may have been the intended target. >> the apartment is located in richmond iron triangle neighborhood. >> because of area it's a possibility this might be gang related. >> the grandmother told us they'll move out of the neighborhood. the child and parents live in san pablo. >> it's not every time around, shubd a wake up call. they should be patrolling more and seeing what is going on in the city. >> the grand father was in the room at the time. >> including grandson. >> and people have -- have not arrested anyone yet and are asking for help. they're urging people to come
4:58 pm
forward with any information i'm live in oaklandland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> it was a fog filled morning today but that gave way to sunshine. will it stick around for an easter egg hunt this weekend? we're wlif a look on what is on live doppler 7. >> yes. it will depend on where you are and whether the easter egg hunts will be wet or dry. we do have moisture getting picked up just off the coastline. it's up into the clouds. not expected to reach the ground just yet. checking out high temperatures it's been a beautiful day. and 79 degrees in santa rosa. check out redwood city 75 degrees and 75 in clear lake.
4:59 pm
if you're right near the coast. half moon bay, fog held temperatures down only 57 degrees so not warm there. but it's been a warm one. up here now things starting to change i'll be back with your affect in just a moment. >> the threat of a mass shooting in pleasanton today caused firnts keep their kids home but that was appreciated by the school. they're now getting truancy notices for kids. >> for parents they thought they were doing the right thing keeping children home but the school district telling them absence would be unexcused.


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