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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 3, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bus when a truck rear-ended the bus in the city. a spokesman said that bus driver and two passengers suffered shoulder, neck, and back injuries. other buses were rerouted while the police investigated. >> president obama is coming to the bay area to help raise money for fellow democrats. the white house says he will headline private fundraiser in san francisco's pacific heights tonight. the money will be used for the mid-term congressional elections. democrats are focused on retaining control of the senate and regaining control of the house of representatives. the president was last here in october for his re-election campaign. >> demonstrators opposing the keystone pipeline are planning to protest outside one of the president's bay area fundraisers saying if he is serious about fighting climate change he must reject permits that call for moving oil from canada to the
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gulf of mexico through several states. >> guests at a hotel will wake up to a picket line this morning. workers at hyatt fisherman's wharf will demonstrate over fairness issues. this is yesterday's demonstration from sky 7 h.d. over the grand hyatt hotel in san francisco's financial district. union local organizeers want a position created on the board for a worker representative calling the campaign "someone like me" hoping to get all hotel workers represented in boardroom decisions. tomorrow they plan to rally outside the santa clara hyatt. >> tasers for san francisco police intervention officers. the san francisco police commission will consider chief's recommendation at meeting to allow the officers to carry the tasers. a group representing african-american officers is against the proposal. officers for justice say they are concerned tasers would be
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used on certain classes of people such as drug users and minorities. the police officers association believe tasers are an appropriate law enforcement tool. >> san jose mayor is putting pressure on major league baseball to make a decision on a plan to move the a's to his city. the mayor wants a face-to-face meeting with the commissioner to kick start the process that has been dragging on for four years. the giants oppose any a's move to the south bay as they claim they have territorial rights to san jose. however, san jose officials are threatening to go to court to challenge the giants' claim and bring the a's to the bay area biggest city. a personal meeting could help resolve key issues and avoid litigation. >> coming up on 4:35 and we want to get you a check of the weather to plan the day. mike? >> we start with a live shot, all the cloud cover, low cloud cover looking down from mount tamalpais this morning, you can barely see the light of san francisco trying to shine
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through the clouds this morning. we are off to a foggy start again. keep an eye on sfo for flight arrival and delays and can you do that with flight tracker at same for oakland and san jose but under these conditions it is usually sfo with the issues. american canyon and petaluma and half moon bay at 46 and pleasanton at 48, and walnut creek and saratoga at 49. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's and palo alto is a warm spot with pittsburg at 53. today, areas of fog and clouds through 7:00 and temperatures hang out in the mid-50's at the coast to a few pockets of sun developing at lunch hour. we will stay in the 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. in the afternoon, especially in the mid-and-upper levels clouds will gather, and mid-70's at 4:00 inland and mid-60's around the bay and 60 at the coast. this evening, most of us are in
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the 60's. get ready for the heaviest rain this time tomorrow. isolated hour is possible on friday and the best chance of any rain over the weekend is in the north bay. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> happy hump day to you out there. as we look at the macarthur maze you can see 80 westbound taillights are moving well, and northbound seeing no problems or crashes as yet. that is good news. what we do have is construction. headed back out to the altamont pass right new, eastbound 580 between greenville road to gasoline road we will see a couple of lanes blocked. plan ahead for the commute to the central committee. headed over to oakland, northbound 880 we have construction at fruitvale until 5:00 a.m. so it should wrap up shortly. >> 4:37 now. a hero comes forward, the man who rushed in to stop a driver on a rampage describes the
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moments of terror and confusion inside a san jose walmart. >> san francisco takes action to make thousands of homes safer in an earthquake. what it will mean for renters. first here is the tech byte this morning. >> would you be willing to watch tv ads in exchange if free access to video content? that is the concept with users earning cash and buy new movies or tv episodes to view on the mac or pc. the "wall street journal" reporter likes this. >> a good deal considering i spent 10 or 15 minutes of my time and was able to quickly watch some content for free. >> it is not currently available on mobile devices. a new app lets you create works of art while you sleep monitoring your movement while you sleep and translates it into colorful
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 4:40 on the morning news. a look from the rooftop camera toward san francisco with no bits of fog but in the north bay there is scattered thick fog. leyla gulen will tell us if that is affecting the drive. >> the kidnapping and rape of a six-year old girl has authorities across the state looking for her attacker. a transient could be anywhere in the state. the sheriff just released this sketch of the suspect going by the name of eric or eddie around 5' 10" and is hispanic. the little girl is in the hospital being treated for her injuries. >> three days after a man's wild rampage inside a san jose walmart we hear from a hero who helped stop the attack.
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abc7 news reporter spoke to one man who acted fast a story you will hear only on abc7 news. >> after the cutlass crashed into the san jose walmart on easter, the driver was surrounded by customers trying to stop him. the guy in the hat lying on top of him in the cell phone video is art, from san jose, all 350 pounds of him. >> i said "stay down" and i looked in his eyes and he said what did i do, i didn't do nothing wrong. i am like...look at this carnage. >> police say the man was 33-year-old hamid zaid who witnessed say was hitting people with a metal object, a 61-year-old employee was hurt. >> to see the man hurt on the floor and he was there working the day off, his day off, easter, it was not good to take him down. >> it was among several drug
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fueled outbursts that authorities accuse zaid of committing, he has a history of erratic behavior. police show up, many police show up in the neighborhood on several different occasions. >> art is glad he showed up when he did. >> i home the judge theys the book at him. he needs to be locked up. >> zaid is only accused. he has not been convicted. he will face a judge on thursday to hear the charges. he is in jail on $200,000 bail. in san jose for abc7 news. >> the board supervisors approved legislation requires buildings especially vulnerable in earthquakes to undergo upgrades by 2020 and all costs could be passed to renters except those with financial hardship. 3,000 buildings in the city that have garages or store fronts are required for the retrofit that can cost $130,000. the san francisco examiner
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reports unexisting law property owners can pass through 100 percent of the cost, renters will pay an extra $38 to $83 a month. the new law approved yesterday require as new hardship proposal be streamlined and made 12 months for tenants to avoid paying part or all of the increase. >> oakland city workers step up demands for pay raises at the city council begins budget talks. hundreds of workers rallied before the council meeting complaining they have not had a raise in six years. three of the unions are negotiating new contracts with the city and union leaders say the city now has the money to grant the request. however, some council members say the city is still facing a tough financial situation. >> new this morning, five caltrain crossings could be getting safety upgrades on the peninsula. the san francisco examiner reports the project includes crossings in redwood city city,
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in palo alto at churchill and west meadow and mountain view at castro street including longer traffic signals and gate downtime so drivers have to wait longer for trains to pass through. the caltrain board is scheduled to vote on the $2 million project tomorrow. >> another disappointing report from the tahoe snow pack survey with the reading by officials showing the sierra snow pack is between 50 percent and 70 percent of normal. the snow melt provides a third of the water used in california and most of nevada. the snow pack is especially thin on the northwest shore and tahoe city where the last three months were among the most dry in more than a century. >> exactly 4:45. mike nicco, what going on? >> thick fog. first live doppler 7 hd shows it is just fog. it is dry this morning. no need to worry about traveling
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through wet weather. looking where it is thickest in the north bay valleys, three quarters mile visibility in santa rosa down 101 to novato so, 12, 116, 29, all have fog this morning. headed to half moon bay we have thick fog along the coast. in the afternoon, though, the low clouds lit with mostly cloudy conditions because of the mid-level clouds ahead of the system. it is also bringing a bump up in temperatures and it will be mild from the coast to our inland neighborhoods. steady rain for the commute tomorrow and a chance of rain moves to the north saturday and sunday. it is a small chance but the north bay could get a sprinkle saturday and sunday. the cloud cover shows at 5:00 this morning, notice how it just sits until, say, 10:00, and we start to see it evaporate inland. stubborn around the bay by noon and the low clouds are gone back
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to the coast and by 3:00 that is when the high and mid-level clouds come in. the 60's and 70's and today is the warmest day in the forecast with low-to-mid 60's along the coast in san francisco and upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay from richmond at 68 to 73 at fremont and palo alto and low-to-mid 70's inland with concord at 75 and santa rosa is 72 and san jose is 74 degrees today. tonight, clouds will come in and start raining on us but they will keep the temperatures up, only santa rosa and napa and morgan hill in the 40's and the rest of us wake up low-to-mid 50's and then we travel through the rain. at midnight you can see it is quiet other than the thickening clouds bye bye action the steady rain is taking over the entire bay area neighborhoods and that means it will be wet and a nuisance for the commute. heaviest rain moves through from 5:00 to 9:00 and you can see scattered showers moving to noon and the afternoon hours. overnight we will try to get a
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public of dry air but a tray shower is possible and friday we will see drying trend. temperatures tomorrow are cooler than today by five to eight degrees. expect a .25 to .5" of rain which is a good soaking. that is enough to turn the sprinkler systems off for a couple of days. leyla gulen? >> we will keep that in mind for the commute tomorrow. today we are enjoying dry conditions. here is a look at the golden gate bridge moving away from marin county to the san francisco side. we are not looking at traffic. we have a little bit of construction north of the area. i will have the details in a little bit. we have some construction going on in san francisco and this is along 101 southbound to eastbound 80 transition, it will be closed until 6:00 a.m. and we are looking at slowing out there, also, down to mountain view we have construction out there, as well, headed down from the south shore freeway
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southbound 85 to highway 280, southbound 85 between the 237 highway and 280 that will be shut down until 5:00 a.m. today. >> this morning, the connecticut legislature will approve a bill creating the nation's toughest gun laws four months after the sandy hook elementary school school shooting. the measure includes background checks for all gun sales, a ban on all new gun magazines that hold ten bullets or more, and people would already own high-capacity magazines must register them. 20 in 1st grade and six staff members died in the massacre. parents say the law does not go far enough. >> pyongyang is banning south korean workers from entering a jointly run factory in the north. 55,000 north koreans work in 120 south korean firms at an
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industrial park at the border. today, south korea says the north is only allowing the workers to return home but not re-enter. the industrial park has been an unusual point of cooperation in an otherwise hostile relationship between the koreas. north korea is angry over ongoing military drills the united states is conducting with south korea and new u.n. sanctions following recent nuclear tests. >> coming up, chaos at a race track where a petaluma teenager is killed. we will hear the 9-1-1 tapes just made public and the confusion they caused. >> a bay area girl hit by an
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>> the battle to keep the kings in california heads to the big apple. groups will be in new york city to present the plan for the nba team to the league's board of governors.
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sacramento mayor will make his pitch to keep the team in the state capital. on the other side is a seattle based group of investors including microsoft c.e.o. and sacramento is offering to build a half billion dollar arena and seattle says it already has 44,000 fan whose have committed to tickets if the team moves there. >> and a former nba star is the mayor. >> 9-1-1 recordings from a deadly raceway crash reveal confusion of where emergency crews should have responded after the horrifying accident. the crash occurred at the raceway park when a sprint car went out of control and barreled into the pit area hitting a petaluma teenager and a 68-year-old grass valley man. there were numerous calls made to 911 but the dispatchers had a hard time narrowing down the location to one of three raceways. >> hurry, hurry, hurry. >> where are you, ma'am? there are three locations where they race, okay?
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you are in the park, correct? >> in the park. >> we are in the park, one mile east town. east town. >> the car driven by the high school senior chase johnson lost control in the first turn. the crash took the life of 68 -year-old man from grass valley and the driver's own cousin, marcus johnson of petaluma. >> the san rafael girl hit by an arrow surprised a surprise care package from her favorite pop star. nadine hairston was pierced by an arrow on a field trip at the hall of science and a get well package arrived from taylor swift coming yesterday packed with a t-shirt, poster, and backpack, and the musician's gesture is significant because she used her songs to help keep her cool while being rubbed to the hospital and swift saw tweets about nadine. >> my mom comes with package and
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i said, what is that? well, it is from taylor swift and i was was...amazing. i had no idea. >> sweet. her sister gave her an ironic gift to her help recover, that would be a bow arrow compliments of toy store in berkeley. police are searching if the person who shot the arrow. >> she is beginning to be all right. >> now the weather. mike? >> we will start with game day, game three of the season, we lost again last night. temperatures are going to be mild at 62 at 7:00 with clouds to start and cloudy and dry by the end at 56 degrees. this is game three of four with the mariners tomorrow, a day game. radar shows how dry it is. unlike yesterday where we had a stray shower, across the spine of the sierra, not going to happen just high clouds and
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mid-level clouds and upper 70's to mid-80's through the central valley and 77 in los angeles, and 94 in palm springs. safe travels. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, here is a picture of our bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic is moving very well to the upper deck. we do have some construction and this being in marin county southbound we i would between sir francis drake to tamalpais with a couple of lanes blocked. and some of the orange on the map is indicating where fogs could be affecting your commute. make sure you drive carefully out there. down to cupertino we have more construction southbound 280 to northbound 85, the transition is should down until 5:00 a.m. katie marzullo in. >> the white house says that president obama and first lady michelle obama will attend the opening of former president george w. bush's presidential library with the said indication
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at southern methodist university on april 25th. the facility is 23 acres and will house 43,000 artifacts from his presidency. of note, representatives from the university of chicago and the university of hawaii have met with officials at the bush facility preparing a bid to left president obama's library. >> hundreds of cancer patients in canada are facing disturbing news, their chemotherapy treatments may have been watered down. according to the government agency cancer care ontario, 1,200 patients got lower than intended doses of the drugs uncovered by a hospital pharmacist who tested the supplier products. the medication was up to 20 percent less powerful than they should have been. patients and families are being notified of the mistake this week. >> rope am to set up a planned parenthood clinic in south san francisco is drawing fire from neighbors although the clinic will not be providing abortions.
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the city has approved a parking plan for the downtown clinic, saying there is plenty of space. despite that, business owners say they still concerned about a parking crunch or abortion protesters blocking their doors. >> my customers feed to park in front of my store. i don't want them to have to walk miles just to get to me. >> some say they are considering appealing the city's approval of the plan. the deadline for the appeal is friday. >> next at 5:00 a.m., let the music play at the latest concert venue, neighbors, however, could be hearing sour notes. >> as president obama arrives
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. this wednesday features thick fog. >> that is our biggest nuisance, the anything fog in the north bay. it is dry otherwise. maybe drizzle at the coast. but half moon bay has half mile visibility. and quarter mile visibility at novato so it is getting more difficult to see. livermore the clouds have pushed through the dublin grade and are pushing into livermore and down to four miles' visibility. that is the case. we will see it spread through the morning hours. this afternoon, we will be rid of the low clouds and deal with mid-and-upper level clouds away from the coast. today we are cloudy and in the upper 60's and cool to mild at the coast with temperatures around the 60-degree mark.
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leyla gulen, how is the commute? >> so far, so good. we have plenty of construction. as we head over to livermore on the eastbound side, 58 0 freeway we have one lane blocked through the altamont pass, eastbound 580 between greenville road to flynn road we have a couple of lanes blocked until 1:00 a.m. and in marin county we have more construction along northbound 101 and we have incidents in oakland, northbound 880 between the colisieum and fruitvale one lane blocked until 6:00. eric and katie? >> in napa a suspect is hospitalize after being shot by police last night while police were staking out a car in the parking lot of a diner. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in napa with the latest


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