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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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incident. the supervisor says the incident is being taken seriously by police and city officials. >> it's not entirely clear why we hat such a large crowd, why there was this fight that had ensued. i think we have to wait and see what the facts show. reporter: police are testing that weapon to find out exactly what kind of projectile it actually fires and whether or not it was functional at the time. also looking into why that second individual, who was not holding a weapon, was also shot. both individuals who have not been identified, are still in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. we're live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: police in concord made an arrest in the first homicide of the year there. 25-year-old garcia ramirez of brentwood was shot to death during a large party last night. witnesses at the party gave officers a description of the
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gunman. they arrest edvin sent ochoa of concord. an argument preceded the shooting. >> an update on a story we brought you yesterday at 5:00. after a standoff in santa rosa, police arrested a man wanted on a number of charges. officers tracked down 22-year-old eric pinnade da to a home last night. they say he century surrendered. he was wanted on reckless evading and child endangerment charges for leading police on a chase with his 15-month-old son in the car. >> a 30-year-old woman suffered a heart attack today during the san francisco rock 'n' roll half marathon. the woman was in cardiac arrest when pair met kicks were called. they were able to revive her. she was taken to a hospital and remains in serious condition. the inaugural rockin' rolf half marathon that began and ended near aquatic park sold out. the race raised more than
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$75,000 for various charities. caltrain service is back on schedule after a fuel leak on the tracks. the leak happened between the bay shore and the south san francisco caltrain station and shut down service so the south city station and limited trains to one track. tonight both tracks are open, and all trains are running on time. 800 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from the tank of a southbound train after it struck a large piece of metal on the tracks. fire officials say the spill did not pose a danger to the public. >> east bay land fill workers voted to go on strike today and it remains unclear if they will be on the job tomorrow. waste management employees walk off the job last month. the strike -- that strike focused on workplace safety issues. the current dispute centers ton the latest proposal that calls for cutting pay by 50 cents an hour. >> workers overwhelmingly rejected the plan to cut wages
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and benefits, but less money in the pockets of workers while they're own ceos are taking home 7-1/2 million a year from a company that made $800 million. >> waste management claims custom efforts should have their trash picked up as usual tomorrow. the company's livermore land fill accepts garbage from several cities. business leaders from the bay area and across the state are heading to china tonight on a trade mission, but the governor is not among them. the los angeles times reports brown delayed his trip in order to celebrate his 75th birthday today. he and his wife are set to leave monday to join california business leaders in california where they'll try to rebuild california's business relationship with the country. >> we're learning more about a young american diplomat killed in afghanistan. 25-year-old woman and four other americans died when a suicide bomber targeted their convoy.
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here's the story of one of america's best and brightest. >> 25-year-old ann had next words of her parents, truly beautiful soul. she was brave and generous. she new the risks but volunteered to go to kabul. she was a press officer and helped highlight stories of afghans who overcame the odds. reporter: afghan musicians playing in car car carnegie hall in new york. >> would boys were in an american movie and nominatedded for an oscar. today her father sent me these photos. she wanted to travel throughout the country. >> she was living in a fortified embassy compound and constantly wanted to get out. she didn't want to stay inside the embassy compound. >> that what led her to this road in a poor city in southern afghanistan. she was escorting afghan journalists to hand out books to
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school kids. when a suicide bomber drive right into her truck. she was such a wonderful woman, her parents said in the statement, strong, intelligent, independent. she died doing what she loved. >> leaving and the possibilities of changing people's lives, of making a difference, having an impact. who was taking knowledge in books to deliver them to the school. reporter: in her home town today white ribbons and american flags for the fir foreign service officer killed in afghanistan since 9/11. today, diplomats like ann are on the front lines and that makes them more vulnerable, including the youngest and the most promising. abc news, london. >> ama: it's been another overcast day in the bay area. but lisa says some big weather changes are coming. >> winds have picked up across the bay area in advance of a cold front that will move through tonight. i'll have the details and how
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much rain and what to expect on live doppler 7hd when we return. >> ama: how an energy drink and a steak could have the same damaging effect on your heart. caught in the act. wait until you hear how much loot one airport worker is
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>> independent film director blank died today. he had a 40 year career and focused on the unique and overlooked. he was known for his lively and moving document riz on people
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who have a passion for life. les blank was 77 years old. >> new research finds a link between heart disease, compound found red meat and an energy drink. researchers say once the compound lands in the intestines the microbes produce a substance called metabolite that speeds up hardening of the arteries. it's an added ingredient in some energy drinks. the cleveland clinic conducted the research. >> the fact there are some high levels of this compound in some energy drinks, or just supplemented that people can take over the court -- counter and self-medicate, i think is a cause for concern, because our data really suggests that this is a risk factor for accelerated heart disease. >> ama: the study is published in the journal of nature
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medicine. there well bay closer look on abc7 right after the newscast. >> a hidden camera sting captures an airport worker stealing from airport luggage. >> the harrowing story of an 89-year-old woman who was kidnapped and forced into the drunk of her car for two days. >> it's overcast out in this evening.
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>> ama: an airport baggage handler faces charges for allegedly stealing more than $84,000 worth of items from people's luggage. video shows the airport worker stealing electronics, jewelry, guns, from passengers are bags
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in st. paul, minnesota, during an eight month period. you can see a baggage handler open and rummage through a blue suitcase. experts say this is a major flaw in airport security. >> can't secure bags because of the sheer volume and the movement of the bags and the handler's ability to have the bag where no one is watching at any given time. >> the baggage handler is charged with ten felony counts of stealing firearms and aggravate from theft charge. >> two people are in custody for kidnapping an 89-year-old woman and leaving her in the trunk of her car for two days. it started on march 18th in delware when she offered two teenage girls a ride across town. when then car stopped, they took her keys and forced her into the trunk of the car. for two days that it kempt her there with no food no water, no medication, and only opened the trunk to rob her of cash.
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and eventually dumped her at a cemetery but she was not giving up. >> i was crawling through the cemetery on hands and knees. no jacket. finally somebody found me. >> ama: two teens were arrested and charged with kidnapping and carjackingful smith is expected to make fall recovery. turning to our weather, which is definitely changing this week ahead. very spring-like lisa. >> lisa: certainly is. the live doppler 7hd very quiet but that will be changing because a cold front is on the way. to the north this cold front has been providing some very strong thunderstorms up to the northern sierra nevada, near susanville, and very gusty winds, so a piece of this will be sliding south tonight and in advance, look at the winds. gusting to 21-miles-an-hour. sap -- san san jose, and
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fairfield, everybody feeling the breezy winds. here's a look from the roof camera. nice out there. temperatures will cool out our coast. 55 half hoop -- half moon bay. here's a look rat sutro. a little ominous there. upper 50s union city, 70 in los gatos. so well begin to scour out the clouds behind the cold front, but we will look for some very gusty winds tomorrow. and there's a wind advisory along the shoreline. chance of showers tonight and cloud up again. much warmer tuesday and wednesday, the winds will subside and go offshore so means very warm weather for the middle of the week. 47, palo alto, we have some sures on the coast. 46 in san rafael, 50 in richmond. some advisoryies, the west slope of the sierra nevada, one to three inches of snow tomorrow. wind gusts could be over
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50 miles-per-hour, so if you're headed to or from the sierra, be advise for slick roads and travel delays. here's a piece of the energy sliding down overnight. so we'll keep with the breezy conditions and chance of showers. once the system slides to the east the difference then pressure gradient and high pressure building in, and low pressure in the great basin, will provide a very windy start to the week so what's why we have the around another vicary for the shoreline. winds gusting at 40 myself. 7:00 tonight, light rain, chance of light showers all throughout the bay area, and it's going to take until after midnight we see this clear. by early tomorrow morning the winds, especially along the coast, but everybody else will feel them as well, too. but in terms of the rainfall, we're looking at anywhere from a tenth to an inch central bay. quarter inch in the higher elevations of the south bay and
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a quarter inch in sonoma county. so a little rain coming our way, breezy winds tomorrow. northwesterly winds 020-30-miles-an-hour. 65 in oakland. so, nice and sunny, but the warmth will be offset by the breeze. 68, san jose. another game tomorrow night, the rockies in town, with up er 50s, breezy winds, and look for the winds to back off, bringing i us warm, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the sea breezier returns but pleasant. sunshine, dry through next weekend. so abc7 news has another -- video forecast, "spare the air", power outage information. >> colin is in for shoe. final four ladies. >> ladies taking center stage. not a great shooting team. not the biggest nor the fast it
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but they know how to win. the first ever final four win on
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>> president obama has two daughters, not two sons. makes sense he would pick three of the final four teams in the women's bracket, including cal. he believes in the bears. why shouldn't the rest of us? could the magical ride continue against louisville? 8-2 cardinal to start. cal answers with the 14-2 run. claire don gets it started with the pull upjumper. gray, ducking, turning, scoring,
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cal 16-10. but louisville, the no-look behind the back pass. le cal had a ten-point lead at halftime. second half. clarendon, eight points in the first half. coast to coast. off glass. you think the senior wants to win it? 45-37 cal. then the bears go on a turnover binge. right now, cal clinging to a 52-51 lead with just over three minutes to go. >> and opening home stand full of festivities concluded today with the championship ring ceremony. then the series finale against st. louis began and all was good until a nightmare of the fourth inning for matt cain, when something is transported with white gloves, it's a great deal. rings arrived on a cable car trolley, a proud moment for the players and franchise. second final the free years.
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angel pagan got the giants on the board first. then the wheels come off for cain. like batting practice for st. louis. tagged for nine runs. worst appearance since april 2008. st. louis gave up nine runs then. won 3-2/3, just like today. 14-3 the final. cardinals take two of three. the giants play colorado tomorrow might. >> wonder what josh reddick would look like as an astro in there you go. bud anderson gets his first one of the year two runs on five hits and ten streak you hads. jed lowrie, 3-5 today, hitting an even .500 to start the season. his third home run. solo shot. following in, coco crisp. third long ball of the series, five rbis. oakland with the 5-0 lead. here'ss' bad news. josh reddick, chasing the foul
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ball. slides into the wall. turns his right wrist, case were negative. >> ultimate concentration. sharks and stars in the sunday matinee. 2-2 in the second. dallas scored twice in 26 seconds. this is an incredible goal. backhand top shelf right at you. that's precision. third goal of the year for gal $galiardi. game goes to a shootout. that's the only goal there, sharks settle for a point. 5-4 the final. their seven game win streak comes to an end. >> tonight at 6:00, reaction from matt cane. i'm assuming he is not happy. and we'll check in on the warriors, a win over utah and they'll clinch a playoff spot.
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>> they had a blast today in the south bay. the reaso
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00. a hair rowing tale. >> suffered a trauma. i guess maybe i fell. >> ama: a hiker lost in the woods for days, shares his story. and a big reward to help track down a person who illegally shot a goose in the neck.
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join us at 6:00. hundreds of people joined the colorful hindu celebration at stanford today. it celebrates the coming of spring and that means blasting each other with cowferl -- covered powder and dancing and feasting. >> that does for us here at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for everyone here, thank you for joining us. world news is next. see you back her this is "world news." tonight, outbreak. the new cases of bird flu this evening. why this strain is so alarming. america's top scientists racing to come up with a vaccine. and dr. besser with late word tonight from the cdc. he's standing by. on alert. the first major storm of the spring, moving fast tonight.
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more than a dozen states to get hit with severe weather. meteorologist ginger zee on the tornadoes. telling us, it's not a matter of if, but when. and the 80-degree temperatures coming, too. to catch a thief. watch this. the airport worker caught on tape. the moments that passengers put their luggage on the conveyor belt, his rummaging through it. tonight, authorities say his wife was in on it. and what a rush. watch the performance of the 7-year-old on the field. this way. that way. and then, he was off. >> in midfield. listen to this crowd. >> the careers and the tears, the parents who never thought they would see what happened next. good evening. thanks for being here on a sunday night. we begin with the growing concern over the new strain of bird flu. it is spreading in china. and it has top scientists
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here in this country worried because of what they've seen it do. six people have died in the last week. china revealing new cases just today. and these are the images emerging tonight. workers disinfecting poultry markets in china. many of the markets shut down, guarded by officials wearing masks. and fearing it will spread beyond china, they're checking passengers. this image at the airport in hong kong. should we be concerned here in this country? tonight, the scientists at the cdc say yes. and tonight, abc's medical editor, dr. richard besser, leading us off. >> reporter: the new strain that like the ones before, are all in eastern china. that raises a dangerous new possibility. if the flu virus mutates again and learns to pass from human-to-human, we could see the beginning of a new pandemic. why? because it's a completely new strain of flu. people have no natural immunity. and there's no vaccine to fight


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