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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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every potential lead on tuesday. good have recovered a vehicle. >> now, the sargeant would not share details and says information is a piece of the investigation and sharing too soon can run the risk of compromising witnesses. police call this an active investigation and stress keeping those details descriptions and suspect descriptions close to the vest this, is information that is shared with us exclusively and that anyone with information is asked to contact the oakland police. nick smith abc 7 news. >> new at 4:00 a teacher in concord accused of hitting students during class. this is cell phone video showing the teacher with a long object that is not clear what it s she's accused of
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snacking one student witness and threatening others. that teacher is now on paid administrative leave during an investigation. >> the parents of a 2-year-old girl whose teacher is accused of binding her hands and feet with tape are now suing the school and the teacher. our media partner reports the child parents had to seek psychiatric care for their child. suit seeks damage and the teacher has been barred from working in child care in california and a criminal investigation is ongoing. >> happening now an investigation underway in antioch after a triple shooting that rattle aid normally quiet neighborhood. police say a man shot a woman and her adult daughter, then committed suicide. it may have been the result of a domestic dispute. >> when -- when that happens
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near to you, we see those things in the news, looks like something in the news. now this looks like the real thing. >> the two women listed in critical condition. the shooter identified as 23-year-old jimmy bills. >> police are hoping you can help catch armed robbers. >> police believe this pair have been targeting large stores around the area. now there are pictures from one probry. >> mark? >> they've hit a home depot and police tell me it's the same guys every time. pictures show guys walking in, putting a gun into the back of nick. >> so he walked in put it to his head. asked to open the register. >> mike vaughn was on duty that night.
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and we showed video of the robbery. >> saw them crying and they froze up. i told them i'm the manager of the shift. i'll open it for you. they can't open it. >> he kept his cool. now, police are hoping that this video and a 20-year-old reward can lead to an arrest without anyone getting hurt. >> we want a peaceful outcome. that is why we're hoping someone, maybe a family member or a friend will step forward. >> do you think if you knew these guys you can recognize them from this video? >> yeah. i would know what they looked like. >> you'd know the way they move? >> yes. yes. >> coming up we'll show more that have robbery video and update you on what happened the last time police released
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security camera video and got a tip that led to a suspect. >> we're following a developing story where a gunman has taken four firefighters hostage. they're barricaded insifd a home in suwanee georgia. a captain says the fire department responded and five firefighters were taken hostage, one has been released you can see from this video, police presence is strong. police have not said why the gunman have taken these firefighters hostage. >> who senators announced a major deal on the issue of gun background checks. under the agreement agreement,
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background check wobz expanded to include commercial sales at gun shows and would have to be channeled through licensed dealers and they'd have to keep records of the transactions. >> i want to make it clear from the start that this is a start. it's not the end of the work. >> criminals and dangerously ill shouldn't have guns. i don't know anyone who disagree was that promise. >> california requires background checks and the national rifle association responded with a statement the nra says extending checks will not prevent next shooting. now, coming up at 4:30 with attention on the debate how is the market making it more difficult to buy a weapon? and why michelle obama got emotional when talking about the debate. >> a car crash came close to damaging tommy's joint.
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he slammed into a car and you can see this impact was so fierce, the car spun around, slammed into the side of the restaurant. the driver was not injured and neither was anyone inside of the restaurant. >> new at 4:00 an area near jack london square will undergo a major transformation. brooklyn basin project will include retail space and a community park. jerry brown announced that deal. it will fund the deal. the ground breaking is in this week. >> limb scene drivers staged a protest in front of the public
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utilities commission in california. these limo drivers upside about a phone app ride sharing service that's are taking away their business. it held a work shop to regulate how to regulate the drivers. >> it's not fair that a lot of us paying like almost $300 a month for commercial insurance and a fee for the airport every time that we have to pay. >> and one big issue before the p.u.c. is whether the online transportation services fall under ride sharing category meaning regulated as carpools. cab and limo drivers say they need to pay fees and carry commercial car insurance just as they're required to do. >> a big honor coming for a brave 8-year-old girl. at the state alcohol kpol lawmakers will recognize alechlsa lewis for calling 911 when her mother became ill. during the emergency call you can hear alechlsa relaying words to her mother from a 911 operator.
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>> we're at grandma's house. my great grandma is here. so... >> wow. >> i told her that i was going to call ambulance. she wanted to get scared. >> you can hear from other young heroes at 6:00. we'll talk to children from san francisco being recognized for swiftly getting help during an emergency. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 expanding online education. an announcement giving access to certain course autos plus, they've been married 75 years, they're secret to staying in love so long after saying i do. >> this willow tree is a sure sign there are beavers living here.
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>> michael fin yes taking your questions and will answer them live a little bit later. >> at 4:11 a live look at traffic. durm the giants game? the congestion that calls is maddening in both directions. traffic going to the east bay. and not a heck of a lot better on the right hand side of the screen. back with more
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you can still expect mail delivery saturday for now. u.s. postal service today announced it's delaying plans to stop delivering regular mail on saturdays. a bill passed by the house requires six day postal delivery for the remainder of the fiscal year ending september 30th. post master wanted to stop saturday mail deliveries beginning in saug aug to save $2 billion per year that, is $2 billion. last year the postal service lost $16 billion. >> a popular online education program offered at san jose state is being expanded. the lieutenant governor on hand today as they signed a mem rand yum expanding the program as well as establishing it at 11 other campuses. it was developed by harvard and offer online courses in a wade range of disciplines at no charge. >> this to introduce three to five additional courses across
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multiple disciplines from humanities to business. and social sciences to applied science autos under the program san jose state will establish a senter to train members from other campuses interested in offering the online courses. >> business news now. t-mobile unrolls a new deal preparing to sell iphones for the first time and ra yahoo hoping a potential partnership will help boost their mobile revenue. >> yahoo ceo met to talk about ways her company westbound more deeply integrate nootd software that runs iphones and ipads. myer making mobile the center piece of the strategy to win back users from google. if latest numbers are an indication pc industry appears to be in free fall. global shipments are plunging. idc says pc shipments were down 14% the worst drop since
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1994. the numbers were bad across the board with u.s. market posting a nearby 13% drop. big reasons, smart phones and tablets gobbling up market share and inability of windows 8 to rekindle interest in the pc. t-mobile has got a promotion to drum up business. now it's going to sell the iphone. and t-mobile says customers can trade their own old iphones a 4 s will get you $120 off a new t-mobile iphone. stocks higher on speculation earnings will be stronger than estimated sending s and p and dow to new records. shares higher on shares of apple and oracle and if they were voting on twitter for best hero category. it's the first time the network is allowing instagram
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voting. at bloomberg studios, carol, larry back to you. >> a michigan couple celebrated 75 years of marriage. >> this is remarkable. walter and eva greenwood both 93 marked their diamond anniversary by renewing vows they met during a ymca dance and had a court house wedding. >> three great grandchildren later they've never had a serious argument living in the same house built 60 years ago and hand holding never stopped. >> i found out she's going keep me. i found out y. >> why? >> she says she hasn't got time to break another one in. >> sense of humor, walter
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makes her feel special. walter says he always gets in the last words, they're "yes, dear". >> very smart man. >> yes. i can see why it lasted 75 years. >> they've never had a serious argument and we can't go an hour, but we're in the married. >> yes. >> it's gorgeous out there. >> moving here quickly, thin clouds and developing near north coast north of us. sunny skies here in the bay area. it's a lovely day you can see here looking at the golden are gate, 72 across the bay. san jose, 80 degrees. another live view from our camera is under clear skies
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and temperatures 84 at santa rosa. and 86 in los gatos, forecast features partly cloudy skies overnight, high clouds, a few low clouds, cooler and windy conditions return on sunday. but we'll have nicer weather before that. a weak cold front and cooler conditions tomorrow, once again will be pleasant. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, high clouds, low clouds passing through sweeping down from the north and through the day tomorrow and will be a bright day. lots of sunshine, still. overnight look for partly cloudy skies. lows into 50s, inland locations lows into upper 40s, highs tomorrow around or just above 70s in spots.
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68 in redwood city. pacifica and half moon bay, downtown san francisco, high of 64 tomorrow. north bay valleys mid-70s to napa. east bay highs 69 in oakland. 68 union city. inland east bay will be milder than that. ask with low to mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather through saturday a sharp cool down sunday, monday will be coldest day with highs only into mid-50s to mid-60s. we'll warm up and calm down again by mid week next week. >> thank you. >> you've got a million of them. >> yes. he does and that is the problem. >> and coming up next, one little girl's wish comes true.
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what she wanted and how waits answered. >> after 4:30 this super hero powers two sisters had to find to save their father's live. >> another live look at traffic this, is from our camera looking down at interstate 80. and it's -- i'm guessing everybody just wants to get home to enjoy the weather. but the traffic is snaking back throughout the maze on the righthand side of the screen better for folks heading towards san francisco and back but that is thick as well. stay with
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this is good. >> a woman thought she'd won $40,000 but turns out she was wrong. they could not contain themselves after learning they'd won $40 million. >> she was so excited you can see she's doing a happy dance right there. you'd be dancing too. her daughter double checked and found the winning amount included a lot more zeroes than first thought. >> she says she's now planning a belated honeymoon to hawaii to celebrate beyond that happy dance. >> i think she's still dancing. >> i would be, too. >> disneyland helped plan a surprise reunion. a little girl made a special wish to snow white about her marine dad. >> unfortunately we have just
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learned that we have lost this video temporarily but we can tell you that alisa brown was visiting the magical wishing well when this happened and we hope to bring that for you later. >> moving on to hollywood news. >> the scoop on today's on the red carpet report. >> and life story of jackie robinson. >> last night it was all about major league baseball's first african american player. >> the script was great. it's different than anything we've done before. >> 42 slides into theaters friday. >> justin timberlake took the
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stage with queen latifah last night. obama says the music united people throughout history. on the race track celebrities practicing for upcoming toyota pro celebrity race. >> not like have you this opportunity every day. just want to harness the opportunity. and race day april 20th. for more interviews go to >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 tensions rising on the south korean peninsula. what the u.s. is saying about it's role. >> former congressman anthony
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weiner considering
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the debate over guns in the society has been fierce since the newtown shootings but as rhetoric heated up so did sales of guns and ammunition. >> abc 7 news has been looking
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into that and joins us now from san carlos with word ammunition sales have been hot. sergio? >> well, it used to be if you're a relg target shooter you can walk into any gun store, buy a brick, then walk o because sales are so popular in the last several months, now, all of you get... little boxes like this. >> this is nice with sites on it business has been brisk since december, they've been seeing a surge in purchases think can't keep up with. >> a.r.s flew off the shelves then, some tactical defensive type shotguns flying off the shelf autos if you glance you'll see empty spaces because bullets for several types of guns in short supply here and aconsiders the country and they have been for a few months now. >> very seen the political
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messes. i have never been out of 22. ever. >> 22 caliber is the ammunition of choice for target practice. these days most stores will only sell two small boxes at a time and double the price. online, the rounds are often sold out. >> because a lot of people are convinced that president obama is going to unleash a tax or try to take guns away demand for guns and ammo has gone way up. >> this economist with independent institute nokland says this is temporary but points out an irony about gun control law autos if it were the case that these increases in prices were lapsed, then, i think that would be more effective than any gun control program currently being
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concerned. >> of course this is all about supply and demand. today, has been busy in this store. of course, this is expected to alleviate itself once gun manufacturers can catch up with demand it's just not clear when that is going to happen. >> thank you. >> the president says his proposed budget for 2014 can shrink deficits as well as expand u.s. economy. calling for cuts to social security, medicare and other federal benefits and calls for tax hikes on wealthyest americans and could bring in almost $600 billion over 10 years rmt both republicans and mr. obama called for cooperation. >> why don't we kind common
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ground and move on them. >> if we can come together have a serious, reasoned debate not driven by politics and come together around common sense and compromise, i'm confident we'll move this country forward and leave better something for our children. >> white house officials are hoping they can win the support of senate republican autos south koreans used to threats from the north. anxiety over a possible missile launch is building. intelligence officials say two miss yelz under position just over the border in the north now, they're fueled and ready to launch. pemplts say pung yang could fire missiles at the same time and say this could be more rhetoric but leader kim jung un to confuse the united states and the south. the obama administration says the u.s. is ready. >> our country is deal with
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any action north korea may take. or any provocations. that... they may instigate. >> jap jant the ready deploying interceptors throughout the nation. japanese, south korean and u.s. war shipz under position. >> the student accused of stabbing 14 people on a college campus in texas confessed to the attack. authorities say the 20-year-old dylan quick pointed out the stabbing spree in loen star community college allegedly chose victims randomly. the suspect told investigators he has fantasized about going on a stab attack since he was 8 years old. pieces of the razor blade were found embedded in a victim. all 14 are expected to survive injuries. quick is being held in jail pending a mental evaluation. >> a florida couple is in
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custody this afternoon charged with kidnapping their two young sons and sailing to cuba. they returned to the u.s. overnight after being arrested by cuban authorities yesterday, police say he took the kids from his wife's parents house. the grandparents had been given legal custody because of higgins arrest on charges. the hunt came to an end when the family was spotted on a sail boat. authorities thanked cuban officials for assistance. >> they've been support skbrif very cooperative in all of our requests in trying to make sure we get the family back, safely. >> the two boys 2-year-old chase and 4-year-old cole are now back with grandparents. >> new york congressman who resigned over a sexing scandal is considering a come back, anthony weiner says he's thinking about running for mayor of new york city the democrat tells "new york times" magazine it's now or maybe never for me. he concedes he would be an under dog.
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it came to light he was texting naked pictures of himself to young women he'd met online. >> the government announcing a break through in the fight against breast cans year how adrenaline kicked in for two teen-aged sisters. >> today q and a just ahead i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now on faceboo finney abc 7. i'll answer questions here, live in just a little bit. >> from mount tam, we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another check of the commute this, is 101 in san rafael. and not too many woes here, nobody stuck in traffic. moving nicely. stay with us, more still to
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a dog tied to tracks in southern california managed to survive thanks to quick actions of a trained engineer. take a look at the dog, he's a 10-month-old poodle terrier mix. tuesday, his 78-year-old owner tied him to railroad tracks just as a train was heading that way. the engineer saw what was going on and stopped the train in time. police say the owner has dementia.
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>> teen-aged sisters in oregon being credited with saving their father's live after he was trapped underneath a tractor it flipped, trapping him underneath. >> his daughters came running and first tried to dig him out. they grabbed and with help of a lot of adrenaline lifted it enough for him to slide out. >> i can't believe he did it. >> they're great girls, that is a lot of weight just to think, i mean, i don't know, i'm a big guy. i don't know if i can do that. >> and it's amazing other wirks he's doing fine and thankful his daughters were
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there. >> that is remarkable. >> now, we want to bring you the story we tried to bring you. >> the 4-year-old alisa brown visiting a magical wishing well she told snow white i wish with all my heart my daddy would come home. >> powerful. >> she opened her eyes there was her dad, the surprise turned into a very tight hug followed with kisses. disneyland is owned by walt disney. which is the parent company of abc 7. >> that is a special moment. >> yes. >> let's get to the forecast. it's special out there today. >> that was very touching. the live doppler 7 with satellite image super imposed shows clouds off shore and crowd free sky right now.
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sunny today, looking at national weather picture showers and snow in the great lakes. we'll see in the state of california tomorrow, from top to bottom, clouds with lots of sunshine and a mild but not very warm day. 82 in fresno. 74 in los angeles and 60s upper 50s to 60s in the sierra. a mix of clouds and sunshine. some high clouds, bright clouds throughout the day. high temperatures into low to mid-70s inland. upper 60s around the bay and only upper 50s on the coast. it will be breezy so you can expect warmth like today's to continue and it will not. >> and thank you, spencer. >> up next, baby milk frenzy.
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why certain countries are limiting purchases of baby formula brand autos how every step these students take is helping the environment. >> i'm michael finney what. should do you if a store makes a misprint on an ad? the answer coming up
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we have an update on developing news in georgia. a big explosion followed by smaller one where gunshots have been naerd a neighborhood where a gunman is holding four firefighters hostage in a home. authorities say five firefighters responded to the call in suwane skpe. taken hostage. the gunman released one firefighter. we'll have the latest on abc 7 news at 5:00 and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> checking healthy living news a possible break through in breast cancer treatment. pfizer says the new experimental pill has been fast tracked by the fda. it's been designed, or designated as a break through therapy helps speed up development. the drug is being evaluated as an initial treatment for women
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whose cancer spread to other parts of the body. rush for foreign made baby formula resulted in a rationing at british supermarkets because british stores noticed people were buying large quantities and exporting to china for profit. the contaminated scandal there led to a sharp demand in imported formula. restricks in place to prevent people leaving hong kong with more than four pounds of powdered formula. >> students and staff members in sacramento state are supplying power to the campus with 19 elly. ptical machines. every time they work out it's converted into energy. more people pedal, more electricity is produced. >> one person a 30 minute
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workout is equaled to 15 minutes of powering a ceiling fan. >> i feel like it's mini motivation. >> officials say electricity has been has been generated for more than tw days he michael finney is here now answering questions sent to him by facebook twitter and e mail. a and i got a cell phone ticket for being on the speaker phone. >> there are speaker phones and then, there are speaker phones one that's don't get a ticket are built into the car. if you just have a normal phone you open up and use it, general lit courts are saying no to that one. so let's assume you have into one in the car.
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you fight the ticket and say, it's built into the car bring in photographs of the car so the judge can see how it works and she'll rule in your favor. >> jill wants to know what is the tax code for feeding feral cats. >> are you kidding me? >> this is such a soft ball to me. there is a tax ruling on feral cats. that is how come i thought you're kidding of. the rule is that if you can feed feral cats but you have to go through a chairitable organization. have you to give it to an organization f organization wants to give you food then drive it over there, you can subtract for time and gas that it took you and oo that is fascinating. we used to have a homeless cat feeding station in our home.
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they get volunteers to come and i think the food is donated. >> what is the name? >> homeless cat network. that is one of them. it would be tax deductible. >> who knew? yes. >> okay. >> next question? >> yes. >> sorry. >> a store advertised a camera for $19 and 10 hours later they changed the price and refused to honor the price. >> it would be correct. let me give you law school 101. a contract is made when there is an offer and an acceptance. so the store offered the price, you accepted it. you would have a contract. except for, there is a rule out there that says if it was a mistake the store does not have to honor it. how do you know? if it's $19 for a $709 item
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every court will rule that that was a mistake. you know had they said $695 a court may say have you to sell it but at that difference very unlikely. >> thank you. >> sure. >> new residents settling in in downtown san jose. >> benefits animal experts sate beavers can bring to the community. >> coming up at 5:00 bill making rounds in sacramento that would punish boy scouts for discriminating against gay autos and retailers could be asked to clean up products
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here is tonight's prime time line up at 8:00. then, nashville at 10:00 and join us at 11:00. >> there is great excitement
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in the south bay after a colony of beavers was discovered in downtown san jose. >> the animals have settle add long the guadalupe river. beavers have not seen in the valley in over 150 years. >> david louie is along the guadalupe river with more. >> we knew of beaver sightings in a creek in martinez but never before in an urban setting like this, in a park frequentedly joggers runners and school children. >> they feed along the river in the dark. if you look closely, you can tell the mother is expecting. may is a typical month forgiving birth. >> the photograph captured sound of the beavers chatting
4:54 pm
with each other. the tree trunk here is a sign they settled here. >> the last recorded bofr in the valley were 1855. it's 158 years ago. >> the beaver habitat is along a park trail. the guadalupe river is used to teach school children about nature. the hope is that they will get along with duck autos we're hoping to use them illustrate how healthy our water shed is becoming. >> the river is deep as beavers haven't built a dam. they appear to be living inside of a lodge along the bank. the guadalupe channels ground water to the bai. experts say the return is a sign of a healthy eco system and it bodes well for other species. >> they'll enhance water for trout and salmon. both use this river.
4:55 pm
they'll trap sediment. also, beaver ponds are like cafeterias for baby salmon. >> beavers aren't turtles if you'd like to take a look the video shot by greg go to our web site abc 7 click on see it on tv. you will be amazed. >> a lot of clicks on that. >> yes. a lot of fun. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> thank you. the bay bridge's broken wolts can't be fixed in a snap. how koit affect motorists and delay the span's debut. >> feeling heat today, i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center how warm it got and changes coming up. >> the family was just like my
4:56 pm
family. >> gun control gets personal for the first lady just as a bipartisan break through is reached washington. >> today was the perfect spring day to soak up the sun and minute have a picnic lunch like these folks along the embarcadero. >> temperatures warmer in san jose. a gloweris day. >> this live camma ra shot shows a perfect day. all across the bay area today. and this is in terms of temperature. good evening, let's goat sand aa pattel on the roof glistening not sweating today. >> not sweating saved by natural air conditioning. breeze is heerk feels great up here. it's mild. let's check out live doppler 7
4:57 pm
hd. we do have clear skies over the bay area. you'll see that and along the coastline, clouds coming. 74 degrees in san francisco. 84 santa rosa. 81 degrees in san jose. 86 degrees in ant yk. well above normal at this time of the year. of course, many of you enjoying beautiful weather and wondering will it last? >> thank you very much. there could with a problem to blame bad bolts. this is showing the ongoing construction. we're live on thousand could impact the bridge's opening.
4:58 pm
>> caltrans first announced they had a problem several weeks ago. they cited hydrogen infiltration and say they haven't determined the source or the solution. >> is there a target date you're hoping to have a solution? >> officials now acknowledge new bay bridge may not be ready to open labor day weekend. >> i'm trying not to give you a sengs either way today that we're going to make it or miss it. we don't have enough to say. >> possible delay involves giant rods or bolts beneath the bridge. they were manufactured with a corporation. caltrans revealed one third failed or crack when tightened. caltrans and rain water could
4:59 pm
have seeped in after being installed. >> would you protect against water getting in? >> it was protected but nobody thought about how these would be reacting. >> thomas is a steel expert and professor in the material science and engineering department in uc berkeley its not impossible to embritel high strength steel by exposure to watt yes, should that happen you would have to feel that the galvanized steel was either improperly fabricated or manufactured. >> last week a new batch of 192 bolts made in 2010 by dies onwere tension asked so far, they seemed to be fine. >> we're going to subject to a lengthy testing but at this point everything else looks good


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