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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 11, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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where two residents were trapped by trees but were rescued by neighbors. 101-mile-an-hour winds overturned cars, whipped trees into homes and downed electrical lines. more than 43,000 people losing power. this picture captures st. louis' famed arch right at the moment it's hit by lightning. missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and the airport grounded all flights and sent everyone into tornado shelters. this airport was already under construction after a tornado ripped its roof off two years ago and four other tornadoes were reported in nearby arkansas. in botkinburg, the forces of nature were no match for the church. >> just pulled in, saw the damage, saw the boat, the trailer and the storage building. the wood, saw the roof gone and tons of people out here helping. >> officials say at least 30 structures damaged and 4 people injured in the storm. as you can see how the tornadoes are in two zones one near st. louis and one outside little rock where our ginger zee is there in clinton, arkansas, after a night of storm chasing.
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wow, that's a lot of damage. >> reporter: sam, we chased that storm that did this, twisted steel and bibles. . you can see the building still trying to stand there, the becames, twisted and torn, this was one building that was damaged. there were dozens of homes and we know that four people were injured. what we also know is that this tornado popped up and down, reported of course but i think they will confirm it, up and down. you've seen video of us storm chasing as it tried to wrap up close to a town called mountain view. fortunately it did not touch the ground again. for so many of these communities now that we're standing in the rubble it will be a day full of cleaning up. sam? >> ginger, what comes behind that is not clean weather.
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let's show you where those storms are moving and moving east. from tallahassee, birmingham, columbia, atlanta, washington d.c. and pittsburgh. we'll give you all the details in a full report in just a moment. >> thank you so much. now to the gun control debate starting today on capitol hill leading possibly to a vote later this morning in the senate. as we told you though the first lady made an unusual and very tearful plea for gun control and background checks on the sales of guns just yesterday in chicago. abc jonathan karl was the latest in washington. that is the first we've seen the first lady go in public policy. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. with the senate poised to take its first gun control vote in a decade later this morning the first lady is clearly stepping into the fray. it's something we've rarely seen from michelle obama, the first lady speaking in chicago, making an appeal to congress on a hot political issue, the president's
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plan to combat gun violence. >> these reforms deserve a vote in congress. >> reporter: mrs. obama choked back tears as she talked about attending the funeral of hadiya pendleton, the teenager shot and killed one week after performing at her husband's inauguration. >> i told them that there is a reason that we're here on this earth, that each of us has a mission in this world. and i urged them to use their lives to give meaning to hadiya's life. i urged them to dream as big as she did. >> overnight in washington victims of gun violence, including family members of some of those killed at sandy hook elementary read the names of every person killed. families have been making the rounds on capitol hill imploring senators to pass new gun laws, a meeting that left one of the principle architects of a compromise in tears.
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>> i'm a parent. i'm a grandparent. let's all share. i can't imagine. i just -- i can do something. >> reporter: the emotional appeals come just as we are seeing the very first bipartisan agreement on guns in more than a decade. this coming -- this agreement to require background checks on all gun purchases at gun shows and online. george? as i said the first bipartisan deal on guns that we have seen in years. >> debate begins today. thanks very much. now to that tense standoff with north korea. u.s. officials believe the north koreans have missiles on the ladies and gentlemen of the jury pad but so far no signs of a test. martha raddatz has been tracking
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this through the night. this is so murky. >> reporter: george, north korea is clearly trying to cause maximum anxiety, tension and uncertainty. u.s. intelligence knows that a mid range missile is ready to be launched at any time and yet the north koreans seem to be playing a dangerous guessing game. remember, this type of missile is mobile. it is on the back of a wheeled vehicle. they can raise the launcher, lower it and drive away and move it somewhere else. >> report out of south korea this morning that the north koreans have said all they have to do is push a button to create a sea of fire. >> reporter: that might be close to the truth. the u.s. is still convinced that north korea is going to test this missile or maybe more than one but fire it into the water into the western pacific. the fear, of course, is that something might go wrong. the missile does have a range that can reach as far as away as the u.s. basis in guam. everyone remains on high alert.
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>> it might have to be shot down. thanks very much. the rest of the morning's top stories. >> the roaring stock market surging to yet another record high despite the worries about the job market. american's 401(k)s are sky rocketing. what lies ahead. linzie janis awake this morning with answers. >> reporter: the markets have been on a tear. each finishing at noon highs, the dow within a couple hundred points of 14,000. that would be a significant milestone. why are markets rising after a sharp slow down in hiring last month. most wall street insiders say it's thanks forgot federal reserve policy of pumping cheap money into the economy. it looks like it's going to continue its policy. stork market investors like that because it means low interest rates which makes us turn to stocks for better returns on the money.
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>> thank you for that. meantime the federal reserve has launched an investigation into one of the worst security breach in years. policy meetings were released to head of schedule to dozens of people including workers at several big banks giving them an early jump on decisions being made. investigators say it appears to have been an accident. a major recall that we learned about overnight. toyota, honda and mazda are recalling 3.5 million vehicles in total because their passenger air bags may not inflate properly. here are the models affected. most of them toyotas and honda. the good news no serious injuries have been reported and to take a closer look at this list of recalled vehicles, log onto "good morning america".com on yahoo!. it is being called the boldest space mission since the trip to the moon. nasa wants to capture a small
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asteroid, smaller than one that recently passed by earth, then wants to tow it around the moon. so astronauts can study it and learn how to better protect the earth. president obama is asking for some $105 million to fund a mission that might be thought more of a play date with an asteroid than anything else. caught on surveillance video in chicago, a store owner fighting off a gun toting robber with a baseball bat. the man and the accomplice demand money. he pulled out the bat and starts swinging and doesn't stop even as the robber fires the gun. two robbers got away. the man got hit in the leg but is expected to be okay. finally, another man's incredible brush with death caught on camera. you're not going to believe how he survived working in a philadelphia store, shots fired on the street outside, bullets went flying. he hits the floor. you can see a pound cake is actually going to fall on his
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head right there after it was struck by a stray bullet. he doesn't realize though that he has been hit. he looks down, he sees the hole in his shirt. then he looks at his belt. the bullet stuck in his belt buckle. that's how close he came to lord knows what. saved by a belt. >> i want one of those belts. that's amazing. >> a lot of super hero stuff in the news today. >> no kidding. >> asteroids, knocking bullets away. it's a remarkable day in america. >> thank you, josh. now we're doing to turn to the latest on a harrowing ordeal for five firefighters caught in a dramatic situation. they thought they were responding to a medical emergency and they ended up in a fright ening standoff with the s.w.a.t. team swooping in to save them.
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steven osunsami has the latest from atlanta. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. police moved quickly. they gave it just a little more than three short hours and then busted into this home to free those firefighters. they were worried the gunman was growing more and more unstable. so they didn't want this to drag on. it started with a call for help, the homeowner telling authorities he was having heart trouble. five georgia firefighters trained as paramedics raced to the home and came face to face with a gunman threatening their lives. >> multiple hand guns and rifles. >> reporter: the firefighters say he threatened to shoot unless he helped get his power, cable television turntd back on. records show the home was for closed on fast fall. as dozens swarmed the neighborhood evacuating the homes one of the firefighters escaped, neighbors watching through their windows were terrified. >> i imagine we're safer in our
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house than out of our house. >> reporter: then all of a sudden the sound of concussion grenades, the s.w.a.t. team busting in trading gunfire. one officer was shot in the hand, the gunman was killed and four firefighters walked out with minor injuries following the explosion. >> it got to a point where we believed their lives were in immediate danger and we made the decision to go in and neutralize the situation. >> reporter: in december of last year two firefighters in western new york were killed by a gunman who set a fire and then shot at the firefighters who came to put it out. police say they tried negotiating with the man even offering him food, but say he wouldn't listen to reason. george? >> steve, thanks very much. new developments now in a bizarre custody battle involving a florida couple from kidnapping two young boys from their grandparents and taking them to cuba. today they're facing a judge for the first time and gio benitez
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is on the case in tampa. >> reporter: this morning joshua and sharyn hakken appeared before a judge for the first time charged with kidnapping and child neglect held out bond until monday. their sons, the little boys at the center of what became an international custody battle are now back at home with their grandparents after a five day-318-mile trip aboard this boat, the salty paw which their parents purchased before heading to cuba last wednesday. >> we were conducting as much as on land and sea. >> reporter: now police say the crucial tip that led them to the family came from the person who sold them that 25 foot boat. overnight sharyn hakken's former boss spoke to abc news saying the woman he knew was a good mother who quit her job to spend more time with her sons. >> she was a very normal, very mild mannered kind of laid back
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kind of person, dedicated to her kids and family. >> reporter: that's a far cry from the picture investigators now paint of hakken and her husband. >> they're under the state custody. he's not supposed to be near them. >> reporter: they say the couple tied up the boys' grandmother who had legal custody two hour before taking off with the children. police say the couple who were both engineers lost custody of their sons in june after they were found in a louisiana hotel room with drugs and guns, allegedly telling police they were traveling across the country to, quote, take a journey to the armageddon. the couple now faces life in prison and that boat, well, it's still in cuba. cuban authorities reportedly found guns on board, including an assault style rifle. >> that is a strange one. thanks very much. let's switch gears now. a lot of excitement building in the south, gosh. >> tell you what, augusta, georgia the place to be this weekend for it. it's the biggest weekend in the
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golf world as everything is on the line for the players, none more than for the most famous and new number one, tiger woods. he has won four times, donning that famous green jacket four times and now we'll see if he will make it a fifth time. it has driven up ticket prices for a resale to astronomical levels. take a look. if you are looking for a hint that he's back, just try getting in to see him play. fans are flocking to see tiger woods chase a fifth green jacket at the masters this weekend. and ticket prices for the competition have sky rocketed on the secondary market, a four day pass to the masters now going for as much as 40 times face value. >> it's a fever pitch, palpable out there. you can really tell that people believe tiger is going to play great. >> tiger woods number one in the world again. >> after three tournament wins thus far on the year, woods is back at the top of his world ranking.
7:15 am
>> it was nice to get back to ranked number one. a lot of players who have tried to get there and haven't been able to do it. i've been able to get there throughout my career. >> reporter: meantime attempts at his public redemption have been buoyed. still nothing will complete his past from well worn transgressions quite like another green jacket. while there is no guarantees in golf, not with pros like rory mcilroy organ. will this one be his fifth act? >> we have ex pan sieve careers. i feel like i'm basically right in the middle of mine. i have a lot of good years ahead of me and i'm excited about this week. >> regardless of how you feel about tiger woods, there is no argument here. it's a better sport when he is atop it and tiger woods in
7:16 am
contention at augusta -- >> it's going to be great. >> something for everybody. full coverage begins today and tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. on espn. the problem with the masters weekend, sammy, it rains at least once in four days. >> we are going to look in that direction. i hope everyone enjoyed sudden summer, how about that how about if we get that? spummer? >> several record high temperatures in the 90s. in comes colder temperatures. colder air is going to come in with showers as well. just get ready for that. this is where that cold air is poold. amarillo at 30. chicago at 31. cold air rushing in behind these stronger storms. it's going to cool down on the eastern sea board and behind it but it means for most of us back to seasonal temperatures.
7:17 am
that is the weather around the nation. here's the rainiest cities brought to you by sargento.
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obvious >> today the severe storms do move in to that area where the golf will be played. >> thank you, sam. coming up on "gma" more fireworks in the joidy arias trial. criminal attorney mark geragos here to weigh in live. >> also a family fortunate weigh in, the mother and son over a bitter battle over millions. mother and son in a bitter battle over millions.
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>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas were we follow developing news in san francisco where police are sending for two carjacking suspects. they crashed a stolen car into a fire hydrant leaving this gusher behind. they bailed out at union street and took off running while being chased by san francisco police and the c.h.p. the car clipped a muni bus and hit the side of an apartment building before hitting a fire hydrant. the search is underway in the russian hill and marina areas. leyla gulen? >> at 7:25 we are showing a brand new accident blocking one lane, westbound 80 we are looking at slowing coming away from highway 4, and it is slow there. it is a grind to the bay bridge. the fire that we reported usuallier is along northbound 101 on caesar chavez but it is
7:23 am
out so it will not cause delays and we have moderate traffic into the city. >> when we come back our >> when we come back our ys of walking
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>> coming up on 7:28 with all the sunshine in downtown san francisco with temperatures ten degrees cooler than yesterday and most of us 14 to 14 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. temperatures right now are in the 40's to low 50's and in the 50's along the coast. 50's along the coast. it will be in the
7:26 am
7:27 am
then she mentioned in early january getting this kidnap and ransom policy on my son and i said, well, why would you do that? >> you will not believe this family feud. huge fortune at stake creating all kinds of tabloid headlines and it's over a fortune created by a tabloid, created by "the national enquirer."
7:28 am
we'll have all the details coming up. good morning, america. robin off, great to have elizabeth here. >> some poetic irony. also ahead we have all the fireworks in the jodi arias murder trial this week. coming up we have renowned criminal defense attorney mark geragos to weigh in whether he thinks she has any chance of avoiding the death penalty. >> could it be the end of "buckwild" following the tragic death of its lead star? a producer is fighting back over the cancellation of the hit reality show. >> it was a big show. we have a big "deals and steals." we have to call it "deals and steals" because we're contractually obligated but today it's just steals. sorry tory johnson. you can't afford not to stick around. home edition and we've warned you. >> my favorite segment. >> you are under arrest. all right, guys. but first right to that breakup murder trial, the prosecutor
7:29 am
revealing wednesday that the victim said he was extremely afraid of jodi arias, not long before she killed him. we're going to talk to famous criminal defense attorney mark geragos about the case in a minute. first here's abc's ryan owens with the very latest on the case. >> indicates that you are a sociopath. >> reporter: prosecutor juan martinez ended his brutal cross-examination of the defense's most important witness using murder victim travis alexander's own words, text messages he sent to a message to a woman who would soon kill him. >> i want to you understand what i think of you. and ended you are the worst thing that ever happened to me, correct? >> correct. >> that is true in this case, isn't it? >> objection. >> sustained. >> reporter: over the last nine days psychotherapist alyce laviolette testified jodi arias was a victim of domestic violence. arias admits she shot and repeatedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the summer of
7:30 am
2008 but claims it was self-defense. the prosecutor says not only was travis alexander not an abuser, he was the victim, long before arias reached for that knife. >> isn't it true that mr. alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, jodi arias, based on her stalking behavior? >> he was afraid of her, yes. >> reporter: martinez says she showed up ininvited. peeked in the windows to see him with other women long after they broke up and hopes painting her as a stalker proves she planned the murder and it was premeditated and she deserves the death penalty. >> you are biased in this case in favor of the defendant. >> objection. >> reporter: up next they'll ask the jurors what's on their minds. so far in this case, their questions have often been tougher than the prosecutor's. for "good morning america," ryan
7:31 am
owens, abc news, phoenix. for more we'll bring in criminal defense attorney mark geragos author of a new book "mistrial." you've been paying close attention. >> i have about. >> do you think jodi arias has any chance at escaping a first degree murder conviction and death penalty? >> i do. >> why? >> i think all of the expert testimony they've had, the reason that they had her up there for so long which is quite an unusual -- >> that she was a battered woman. >> a battered woman and just the fact they had her there for weeks and weeks so the jury would come to know her, had some kind of feelings for her. whether they despise her or not there is something about the idea of putting somebody to death who you've gotten to know. i think that part of the strategy on the defense was, look, it's harder to do that. they may want to convict her. they may have -- what she did
7:32 am
was terrible obviously but may have some understanding. >> while they may have made a case she was a stalker they did read extensive e-mails that were nasty and mean-spirited and over the top. >> there's been a lot over the top about the case. she's clearly over the top. some of the activities that were going on between them and the tapes that you've heard that she made i think were over the top. >> why did she keep those tapes. >> why did she keep them? obviously there was an obsessive/compulsive component and to some degree his, as well. >> do you think martinez is doing a great job or do you think he's been bullying to jodi arias and the expert witness -- >> i don't understand. there's quite a bit of irony. you have a case with a female defendant, albeit somebody who
7:33 am
admitted she stabbed 27 and shot on top of it but a prosecutor that is bullying her at the same time and then not so much her but then the expert, as well. >> all right, we'll be talking to you more later in the show about your new book but interesting to hear your take on this case. >> thanks. now to george. >> thanks, elizabeth. the family's feud over a huge fortune built on lurid headlines, the founder of "the national enquirer" left a multimillion dollar estate when he died and his wife and son are still locked in a bitter battle how to divide it. matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: family feud tailor made for the pages of "the national enquirer." accusations of theft, stalking and fraud. >> she will try to villainize me in the sense of she's the old mother and i'm the son going after her. >> reporter: but this morning the family that sold theresa lashs stories once now finds itself at the center of one, a
7:34 am
bizarre battle hitting lois pope, the heiress of "the national enquirer" fortune against her son paul. >> she sued me five times in 24 years. she's an actress and loves the limelight. >> reporter: it's now become so heated, lois is seeking a restraining order against him, accusing paul of maliciously and repeatedly harassing his 79-year-old mother and circulating salacious and false stories. this morning in an exclusive interview with abc news paul pope says his mom started it all. >> we were getting along fine then she mentioned in early january getting this kidnap and ransom policy on my son. and i said, why would you do that. >> reporter: he now believes her insistence on that insurance policy for her kids was a veiled threat. the unholy war between these two popes stems from the fortune of family made by selling "the
7:35 am
national enquirer" after its founder general rose so pope, the family patriarch died in 1988 but in new court documents lois says her son burned through his $20 million share thanks to a, quote, ex-traf geptsdz and excessive lifestyle" and now he wants more. paul denies those allegations saying instead his mom is hoarding the family fortune. >> there's probably overly billion dollars of assets that have not been disclosed. >> reporter: lois is refusing to comment but mother and son will meet again in court. until then, someone might want to tip off "the national enquirer" about this one. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> nice finish there. matt. >> i think he just did. to the weather from sam. >> we begin with the snowy side of the spring storms we showed you. the tough side. now it might be as tough for 30 inches of snow in rapid city, south dakota. 30 inches. remember, their one day with 20
7:36 am
inches slammed their all-time april snow record so this is just a little bit more on top of that. here's where the snow continues on top of that storm. another line from minneapolis in toward marquette. duluth, a part of that, green bay and milwaukee coming in with snow there. how about getting rid of the heat and bringing in more april-like weather? two days of clouds and one day of probably soaking rain tomorrow before we get into the milder temperatures or not milder, really, the more regular april temperatures. boston, 49 on saturday, new york, 57 on saturday. washington, d.c., 67 on saturday but it's today and tomorrow the clouds and showers are in. that's the hot zone today and, again, anyone headed out toward the golf course needs to keep an eye on their storms, your
7:37 am
>> that must mean it's time for "gma's" pollen report. all that warm weather across the south and east means increased tree pollen. new heavy concentrations in northeast texas and south carolina and georgia border. you want to know what the pollen report levels are in your neighborhood -- all you got to do -- >> that's a tree. >> go to on yahoo! josh, if we counted -- >> you count one, two, three. >> we'll count them during the break. >> i hope we get some of those butterflies again. >> stay tuned. also coming up, "buckwild" bo bombshell. mtv yanks one of its most popular reality shows off the air. why the producer says it was the wrong move. >> "good morning america's" pollen report is brought to you by the makers of knopf drowsy claritin. with claritin you can experience
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...and get another one free? before 9am. all april long. [ male announcer ] subway, eat fresh. all right. back now at 7:43 with that "buckwild" bombshell. the hit reality show now canceled after the tragic death of its star. a producer though of the show pushing back now saying the decision was a mistake. >> they're up on a mud hole.
7:42 am
>> they're definitely not breathing? >> no, ma'am, they're dead. >> reporter: this frantic 911 calls reveals the moment budding star shain gandee was found dead in his suv, the victim of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. now a week later mtv is making the bombshell decision to cancel "buckwild." they were found dead in shain's truck, the suv partially submerged in mud and the muffler completely covered possibly causing the poisoning. the men were mudding, driving into mud and trying to get out. a passion of shain's on the show. >> like a stress reliever. >> reporter: nicknamed beggande candy, it focuses on nine teens in west virginia and they're deeply divided over the news it will not be back. viewers are taking to
7:43 am
"buckwild"'s facebook page some supporting it saying "it was a good and right call. it won't be the same." others are outraged saying "i don't think shain would want his unfortunate passing to take away from his friends." >> i think they acted responsibly on behalf of their shareholders. when it poses great risk with modest reward, that's a bad business to be in. >> reporter: mtv explained their decision explaining "given shain's tragic passing we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him." and now one of the show's producers is firing back. j.p. williams who also managed gandee and seven other cast members telling "the hollywood reporter" this is a network that has shows about pregnancy and they'll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child but a kid guys by accident doing what he does for a living and they cancel the show.
7:44 am
my job is to protect these kids. this will get ugly. filming had begun on season two and mtv is going to air a special tribute in shain's memo memory. that producer vows shooting the show even if that means he will have to finance it himself. >> that's tough. >> thanks, lara. coming up here remember the bicycle soccer -- we brought you the "play of the day." you ain't seen nothing yet. >> what? >> oh, no, trust me. now, jergens takes you from pale to a perfect glow.
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> all right, let's go right to the videotape. this is an actual sport. >> okay. >> it is known as combat juggling. >> what? >> seriously. it's on espn. you remember, must quote, must juggle while attacking and opposing the forces. you're watching the finals right here.
7:49 am
>> oh, no. >> much more on "gma live." wow. [ female announcer ] the laughing cow. rich and creamy cheese in indulgent, mouthwatering flavors you just can't resist. and at 35 tiny calories per wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today? the laughing cow cheese. and every flush after thath - with pull-ups training pants. press the button! our pull-ups big kid app is the new way to make potty training all kinds of fun! don't miss out download the app today! i'm a big kid now!
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coming up, "deals and steals." now, from abc7 news, i am eric thomas. vallejo police are investigating a gun battle that left four people wounded with at least 30
7:54 am
shots fired by people in two vehicles last night, four people were wounded and taken to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, it is immediate by april standards and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and brisk at the coast and mid-to-upper 50's with high clouds clouds and sunshine and another cooling trend on sunday. >> if you are headed to work you will see lots of traffic in the east bay and southbound 880 before highway 92 a crash blocking a lane and you are backed up from highway 238 and walnut creek is busy on southbound 680. eric? >> the news continues, now, with "good morning
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ let's go and a lot of energy out there in times square this morning. big crowd. sam the champ. great signs right there. robin is off. today elizabeth vargas here and we're celebrating spring all week and so
7:58 am
spring-like here. and the butterflies are back. >> they're back. >> now the producers want us to use these nets. i think that's an unfair advantage over the butterflies. >> we should be able to do it with our bare hands. >> i just like having them. hello. hello, gang. >> oh, i caught one. >> oh, look, i got a little buddy here. >> i think it would be -- >> i got a buddy on my -- >> oh, you have a little bird. >> oh, my gosh, you're like snow white. >> there you go. >> a little snow white. >> that's something. >> that's great, though. >> happy spring. >> happy spring. >> lovely. also ahead this morning in this half hour, there's been a big shake-up at victoria's secret. have one of the company's most popular angels had her wings clipped? inside the miranda kerr controversy that has sparks flying and she was just on the show. >> lovely lady. lovely lady, yes. also, former congressman anthony weiner's wife
7:59 am
huma abedin breaking her silence for the first time since her husband's scandal. she reveals why she stayed with him and how her mentor, hillary clinton, helped her through her crisis. >> from there, a little comeback. >> yeah, interesting. a lot of interesting headlines. also coming up, how to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body. we will take you inside the machine that sizes you up. >> ooh. >> all right. >> so you really can say i'm wearing them now. as josh said earlier, because hadiya tory named it, we are obligated to call it "deals and steals" but, ladies and gentlemen, forget deals. they're just "steals." you won't believe -- the box so big it covered her up. >> and butterflies are outside now. >> a lot coming up. this morning we'll first get news from josh. we'll start with something you were discussing, the extreme weather that sam and ginger and the extreme have been following all night long. take a look. we saw in this morning. it's a church north
8:00 am
of little rock, arkansas, this morning leveled by a reported tornado. further north, meanwhile, a state of emergency has been declared in missouri. dozens of buildings damaged near st. louis. winds topping 100 miles per hour downed trees. tens of thousands of people are without power at this point. the outages reported. fortunately, though, no serious injuries to report at this hour. still, further north, however, more than two feet of snow in south dakota. ice piling up in wisconsin. >> the ice, so bad actually in parts of minnesota, the national guard had to be called in. sam will have more on the extreme weather such as it is in just a few moments. meanwhile, in washington we're expecting a showdown vote this morning clearing the way for a full debate on gun control in the senate. on wednesday, victims of gun violence including families of the newtown school shooting victims visited washington, met with more key lawmakers including senator joe manchin who teared up during the discussion. you see him here.
8:01 am
manchin has helped broker a deal that would require background checks for all gun sales. and overseas south korea is moving more military might into place as the country braces for a missile test by north korea. the pentagon sending a high-tech radar to the region to track any launch. it's all happening while north korean leader kim jong-un's appointment is being celebrated in the capital of pyongyang. meanwhile, back in this country, police in california are now vowing to track down pranksters behind a rash of phony 911 calls known as celebrity s.w.a.t.'ing. the latest victim, ryan seacrest. now in each of these cases, there is a false report that armed men are trying to break into a celebrity's home. lawmakers are now considering legislation aimed at stopping the trend, which is costing taxpayers as much as $10,000 per incident. just stupid. >> wow. meanwhile, a frightening scene caught on camera in detroit. you look at this. a woman and her son returning to their car after shopping for balloons. a carjacker comes running up
8:02 am
with a gun, jumps in the driver's seat, the mother quickly grabs her son out of the backseat just in time before the man and his accomplice take off with the car. but mother and son were okay. and finally, speaking of okay, this woman should play the lottery today. that's what police actually said after seeing this. take a look. driving down a highway in miami, the truck in front of her hit an overpass. a huge piece of heavy equipment came crashing down right onto the driver's seat of her car. she, though, made a split-second decision to slide into the passenger's seat. if she waits one second later, she's dead today. >> oh. >> as you can see, actually took it in stride laughing. >> oh, my gosh. >> about it all afterwards. i got to tell you, that's the laughter of life right there. >> wow. >> and thank god for it.
8:03 am
thank god for it. >> close call. >> thanks, josh. lara? >> yes. >> top that. >> "pop news" time, and jennifer garner held down the fort while ben affleck made "argo" and put her career on hold so he could focus on directing what would become the best picture at this year's oscars. now it's ben's turn to play mr. mom. at the premiere of his latest movie to the wonder, affleck said he'll stay home with the kids while jen works on a couple of films. she has "draft day" and "dallas buyers club" coming out with matthew mcconaughey. hey, hey. >> i think it's been three days. >> i had to figure out a way -- >> withdrawal. >> -- to say. anyway, ben totally content with taking a backseat for awhile and that is a great marriage. right? that's wonderful. >> great. >> takes turns. >> kids, away making the movie. >> now great quality time with the three kids. she said you should start working out.
8:04 am
it's full contact in the interview. another jennifer certainly been working a lot lately is jennifer lawrence, best actress winner spotted on the set of her new movie this week wearing a neck brace, simply part of her character's costume. we talked about this, the untitled movie by david o. russell getting a lot of buzz. he obviously selected "silver linings playbook." it's about a '70s fbi sting operation. she has the look going. glasses, earrings, hair, check, check, check, '70s. >> i feel like she'll call me home for dinner. >> exactly. the film also starring bradley cooper. okay. >> casserole will be served. >> casserole. my mom's famous cowboy casserole, i'm imagining. i found out also in the film, we talked about bradley cooper, david o. russell, robert de niro. so basically -- >> christian bale in it. >> yes. >> and amy -- >> did "the fighter." >> and amy adams. >> so i would imagine it's going to be a strong picture.
8:05 am
>> who's not in this actually? hey, what time of fat o'clock? >> pardon me? >> a new scientific -- an unscientific survey commissioned by a diet supplement brand says there are certain days and times that are real danger zones for anybody watching their weight. sunday nights are the worst for snacking, especially 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. other diet danger zones, between 3:00 and 5:00 and friday, saturdays and sundays. i want to know what aren't danger zones. everybody at 10:00 a.m. eat. >> good on monday. >> you know, this job, you have that extra meal. you have to fight the urge to have like that fourth meal. >> i do get that late afternoon -- >> oh, i definitely do. >> the energy is low. >> you want those carbs. >> a couple bags of m&ms and you're rearing to go. >> thankful thursday and, boy, are we thankful for these pictures. that is 3-month-old austin getting a lot of love from some french bulldog puppies. baby puppies cuddling. >> oh, my.
8:06 am
>> look at that. >> oh, man. >> if this does not put a smile on your face on this thursday, then i failed miserably. >> you have not failed, lara. that is fantastic. >> omg. >> that is "pop news." >> oh. >> thank you, lara. >> we could stay on that picture for a few minutes. >> we'll bring it back, but now we get some weather from sam. >> oh, lara, lara, lara, you win. you win with the babies and the puppies. i love that sign. i love that sign. now, since all of you are together, who is that marvelous lady that made that sign? >> leann meritt. >> leann meritt. and where are you guys all from? >> shelby, north carolina. >> is there anyone left in shelby, north carolina? i love you guys. welcome in. also, it is your birthday lovely lady. tell me your name. >> alyeska. >> alyeska, where are you from? >> unionville, kentucky. >> a beautiful town.
8:07 am
we want to show you a lovely shot, actually out of houston and it's been kind of a showery time there but the rain moves out today, by the way, and look at where it goes. heavy rain calling it a two-parter. southern section is more today but by the time you get into the northern section, that is a tomorrow, heavy rain expected that from new york city, washington, d.c., all the way into raleigh. i think you pull out of it by the weekend. but friday's going to be a little difficult there and in comes that area of high pressure on the west. 80 in vegas.
8:08 am
>> i'm -- i am -- this makes me happy. that is the sweetest thing. let's go back inside to -- >> lara. >> all right. thank you, sam. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." anthony weanary wife breaking her silence and how hillary clinton helped her through the scandal. and is one of the most famous angels losing her wings with the controversy on the catwalk. "deals and steals." up to 70% off just for you our "gma" viewers. all that, plus an exclusive announcement from facebook coming up live on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of centrum flavor burst. who says multivitamins have to taste like multivitamins? flavor burst. who says vitamins have to taste bad.
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so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's working. six years and counting. know the symptoms. talk to your doctor. ah. >> the best. >> they're the best. >> we'll get to the bottom of it. >> what seems to be the problem. talk about hot stories. >> we'll find out. >> already celebrating prom out. talking about our "gma heat index." anthony weiner. remember that twitter scandal cost him his seat in congress and his marriage to one of hillary clinton's top aides but they have weathered the storm, had a baby and now wiener is talking about a comeback run for mayor of new york city and juju chang is here with more. juju, his wife is a fascinating woman, the center of all this and surprising how open she was about how difficult this has
8:14 am
been. >> she's been very dignified but honest saying she went through every emotion you can think about, rage, anger, shock, and more than anything else, disbelief. they went from the glittery power couple to the butt of jokes. she's forgiven her husband two years later and see if the public voters might do the same. it was salacious, even compared to all those other sordid political scandals. >> it is a shame. a shame. >> reporter: he was the charismatic and ambitious congressman, a rising star among new york democrats. she the exotically beautiful globe-trotting senior adviser to hillary clinton. anthony weiner and huma abedin came crashing down with the click of a mouse. >> just tell me definitively is that a photograph of you? >> we're trying to find out where that photograph came from.
8:15 am
>> reporter: at first wiener denied tweeting lewd messages to young female followers before coming clean resigning in disgrace and going to rehab but two years later much has changed and they have a son jordan conceived before the scandal broke and wiener, the now stat-at-home dad is eyeing a run. they're finally breaking their silence. huma telling the public about the world when he did that. >> i make it particularly to my wife huma. >> i feel like i couldn't breathe, she said, i felt like i was in an airplane really high in the air and the practice enis coming apart at the seams and i am just doing all i can to hang or for dear life. she says it's been a struggle to move on. "it took a long time to be able to sit on the couch next to him and say, okay, i understand. and forget. it was the right choice for me,
8:16 am
i didn't make it lightly. the questionen 0 so many mind, why? why did she forgive him. >> women typically do not want to start over and they believe that any man they're going to meet is going to have some type of issue. >> reporter: she admits she had countless conversations with longtime friend and boss hillary clinton, a woman who knows exactly what it's like to endure a public betrayal. while these won't talk about those conversations it has many wondering could political calculations played a part in her reconciliation. >> one of the thing voters like to get their arms around, whether this is someone that has a home life or a family life they can relate to. and up think it's a tremendous asset for him to have someone of her stature and grace standing by his side. >> reporter: while she may never spell out the exact reason why she's standing by her man she says it's every woman's right to make whatever decision she wants and not be judged by it.
8:17 am
they had only been married for a short time and by all accounts she was very much in love and pregnant with their first baby and here he was asking for a second chance. at one point wiener described huma sneaking to meet me in the trunk of her car to avoid the media. it was a sex scandal with no sex involved, just sexting. >> huge scandal. >> read the whole interview. it is really remarkable. both thoughtful. gripping stuff. >> it really is. >> thanks, juju. next in our "heat index," a major shake-up at victoria's secret. reports that they're not renewing miranda kerr's contract. has that angel had her wings really clipped? and linsey davis as that story. >> good morning. victoria's secret only hires ten models to be their angels and miranda kerr, one of the highest paid has held one of those highly coveted spots since 2007
8:18 am
but now it seems her halo may be at stake. her eyes and smile may be devilish but make no mistake, miranda kerr became a supermodel by playing an angel. according to at least one online report, the 30-year-old model may now be getting her victoria's secret wings clipped. there are claims that the lingerie empire won't be renewing her contract, a million dollar fall from modeling heaven. >> to walk into the victoria's secret show is a huge accomplishment in the fashion industry. >> reporter: the wife of actor orlando bloom made angel history in 2007 signing on as at the first ever australian model to don those signature wings quickly becoming a household name and a spokesmodel for clinique happy and reportedly has a difficult reputation, demands a massive salary and is reportedly not a big seller for victoria's secret. a brand that's collection of models is just as important as
8:19 am
the products they parade. >> the victoria's secret brand is bigger than any of the individual models' brands so that's why victoria's secret can get away with recycling models every few years. >> reporter: victoria's secret appeared to deny the rumors but hinted her busy schedule and other commitments from kept her away from the company more than it would like. the company telling abc news, it has no plans to stop working with her. kerr has already agreed to walk the 2013 fashion show. still while the victoria's secret catwalk was undeniably the foundation for the success of other big-named models from tyra banks to heidi klum and gisele bundchen all ultimately decided it was time to hang up their wings in order to line their wallets. >> all these other brands and companies come after them and they just kind of forget much the first person who put them on. at the end of the day it's not permanent. it's just business. >> the president of victoria's secret told us, miranda kerr is
8:20 am
one of the best models in the history of the business. sheels always be an angel to me. she is 30 which is it often the retiring age but also the face of her own brand of organic skin care products. she has lots of projects she's working on but none maybe as exciting as being a victoria's secret angel. >> yes. >> 30 is the retire. by the way she was here. she looks 20 at most. all right, linsey, thanks so much. back outside to "deals and steals" time. >> hi, tory. >> blooming as you can see and so are the deals. you have -- i always say it but this time you've done it. you've outdone yourself. you are under arrest for the steal. >> soft spot with the home stuff. >> we love the home stuff and these are so good you'll want to go online right away. at yahoo! promo code, links, yada, yada. >> my sister buys these deals,
8:21 am
my niece buys these deals. >> sam buys these deals. >> here we go. >> here we go, baby. >> numero uno. >> not this one yet, this one. these are from -- these are recycled reversible indoor/outdoor rugs. made from recycled plastic, all weather. a variety of sizes and patterns to choose from, does not include -- oh, no, you're revealing the next deal. yikes. ready, so these rugs normally -- normally 66 to $160 depending on the one you choose slashed in half. but for "gma" viewers starting at just $33. ready? >> not part of the deal. >> here you go. >> help us up with this one. oh! these are lunch totes. we've got a variety of different sizes and patterns. less amazing picnic bags so
8:22 am
these are really fun especially as the weather is getting nicer and want to go out and sit and enjoy the flowers. normally 20 to $30. these are slashed by 70% starting at just 6 bucks. >> okay. ready we got to get to this one. this is like the brand that is -- okay. blenders, juicing, smoothies is all the rage. this is three horsepower. this is no joking around could power a small go-kart. there are one, two, three, seriously hard core, this one is normally $550. >> are you kidding me? >> these are commercial grade, i mean major, major from omega so a huge assortment when you go to the website see the link -- it's not just these two but a big assort many. normally ranging from 140 and as i said to $550 slashed in half starting at just 70 bucks for juice and blending. >> juicing is all the rage.
8:23 am
>> it is all the rage. >> ready. >> yes, we do. >> whoo. >> this is emeril all clad by emeril. that was perfect. that was perfect. it's okay. >> and the lids don't break. >> that was a test. yes, that was intentional to show us how durable this is. emeril would be proud so you get this 12-piece set, it's all stainless steel really beautiful. normally $200. emeril has us hooked up here, 55% discount, 90 bucks for the whole thing. last but not least, for your furry friends, look down there. carrie barker is an adorable company based in income flk. dog beds, cannysters for dog food, toy, ranking from $8 to 190 slashed in half starting at 4 bucks for your furry friends. so much more at at yahoo!
8:24 am
>> check out the website. we'll be right back. >> now from abc7 news, i am eric thomas. san francisco's police chief is no longer asking some of the officers be allowed to carry tasers. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the chief withdrew the propose awe last night at the police commission hearing. he wanted the less lethal weapons certified for officers to have the option of using them with suspects they could not
8:25 am
reason with. with so many restrictions tied to the proposal the chief decided the tasers were for longer viable as an option. leyla gulen? >> good morning, at 8:27 we are looking at san jose with a rot of a motorcycle accident along northbound 101 blocking a lane. the fire department is now on the scene and you are coming to a halt out there at 32 miles per hour as you approach the crash but it is quite slow continuing the drive in the northbound direction. >> mike
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> we are bang and looking at antioch at 61 and mostly sunny conditions. the big story is temperatures are 10- to 15-degrees cooler than they were yesterday. that puts our temperatures at the coast in the middle-to-upper fists. around the bay, we will be in the middle to upper 60's and inland in the upper 60's to mid-70's. the seven-day outlook shows fairly calm and mild on friday and saturday but breezy and cooler on sunday and ♪ out here in times square this morning. you are listening to brad paisley, country superstar, brand-new album out. making all kinds of headlines
8:28 am
with "accidental racist." he's here live and tomorrow morning taking over our spring concert series tomorrow. >> interesting to not only hear his single. also coming up in this half hour, la toya jackson is here to talk to us about her brand-new reality television show giving us a sneak peek inside the lives of the members of the top music family, the jackson family. she looks gorgeous. >> she does. >> looking forward to that and also looking forward to this. master chef alex guarnaschelli here to sweeten up our day vp sharing the secrets to some of her incredible desserts. >> ice cream. >> oh, my goodness. >> sandwiches. >> napkin, napkin. what is on the edge of this? >> it doesn't really matter. >> okay. >> oh, really. good job, josh. >> and we have an announcement from facebook.
8:29 am
>> what? >> just ahead. you're not going to want to miss it. but i have some other stuff to do first. >> but first -- >> who needs a napkin? to the first new technology that can help us find a perfect pair of jeans. we'll have to do it after we get done eating this. it takes your measurements and then recommends the right style of jeans and fit for your body. abc's rachel smith who is host of "on the red carpet" put the machine through the test. ♪ >> reporter: endless stacks of styles, colors and trends, finding the perfect pair downright daunting. but, behold, meality, the jean machine setting up shop in stores and malls across the country. we found this at bloomingdale's in new york city ready to show us the top three trends for spring. colors, prints and floral. you take a look at this thing and almost -- >> denim and in less than 30
8:30 am
seconds, you can step in, and it's going to give you the perfect recommendations. >> meality sends out harmless radio waves that bounce off the moisture on a person's skin collecting over 200,000 points of reference to get the perfect scan. you can sort results from wash, leng length, rise and price. >> dangerous. >> dangerous. >> oh, yes. we enlisted stylish daredevils to take on the machine. three "gma" staffers, alex, nissan and danielle. >> kind of problem areas. >> wider hips and shorter legs and definitely a recipe for disaster. >> for me it's the hips/leg ratio. so whatever fits me in the hips will not fit in the legs or vice versa. >> and i kind of have a little bit of a butt and trying to find the right jeans. >> reporter: with that let the scan and search begin. >> 247. have you ever tried any of
8:31 am
these? >> 20 pairs. >> holy cow, 20. wow. let's get to it. >> all right. i like these. >> ooh! let me see. i love the cuff look. wow. those are hot. >> they fit my hips real well. >> oh, my gosh. spring. >> i like the color. >> jean genius, turns out for these ladies, meality really is a miracle worker. rachel smith for "good morning america," abc news, new york. >> the meality machine is available at bloomingdale's and select malls nationwide. right now it's free. right now bloomingdale's is the only one with this women's jean machine but it's available for men and women for tops and sweaters and skirts and much more coming up. and, oh, by the way, all the jeans you're seeing are from bloomingdale's. danielle and alex, who tried it out,
8:32 am
it tells you according to your body type what fit and size. >> yes, what brand you should be wearing and what size you are. >> what did it tell you? >> it told me what size i am, i'm a size 26, told me the length so it tells me if you should wear a skinny leg -- >> did you find it was accurate? >> i found that it was accurate for me. it worked for me. how about you, alex? >> yeah, both these jeans we're wearing now are -- >> it was no more taking six pairs into the dressing room. >> it gave us three pair and we tried them on, and they all fit. >> fantastic. >> i'm wearing spring colors. this is like the new trend, black and white pattern. or you know -- >> funky. >> these are particularly slimming. >> you have the patterns. ladies, you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> over to josh. that's like magic right there for me. i don't know. i think they can now board the plane right after they do that. they can go right to the gate. >> always look gorgeous, but i knew something was up
8:33 am
this morning when i saw the hair was like particularly sparkly wonderful. i was like, wow, we're made up on "gma" this morning. first look at a major innovation that potentially affects everyone that uses facebook. it is called facebook home, and we have a very special treat. the buzz had reached a fever pitch. >> we're finally going to talk about that facebook phone. >> facebook is jumping into the mobile phone wars, well, sort of. this friday facebook will take over the face of your phone with the launch of facebook home. now, it's not a phone but software that will put your facebook news feed on your phone's home screen. >> the idea is just to give you a very casual, very immediate look at what's going on. as soon as you unlock your phone, your facebook feed. your friends' photos. and you'll be able to go through them without having any extra software. >> phones with the software preloaded will go on sale this friday, and android phone users will be able to download the software free on the same day.
8:34 am
iphone users will have to wait for their version of facebook home. for facebook, it's an exciting step into the mobile phone business, but the question some experts have, is it really an improvement? >> a lot of us have come to rely on it in a very big way. you might use it several times a day every day but not everyone is that into it and for those people, it won't make sense to replace your home screen. something you're only casually using. >> he's right. we tried it. take a look. take a look at this. a photo sam and i took just a short while ago in what sam likes to call weather central and what i like to call the pantry. >> where we keep all of josh's breakfast food. >> if you post it to the "gma" facebook page, this is what it's going to look like on facebook home. a status update from the "gma" page will appear in our news feed and shows up on the screen and phone. it's called cover feed, and if sam decided to send me a
8:35 am
message, his facebook photo would pop up as what they're calling a chat headment >> yeah. >> sam is most effective as a chat head. >> why do i have to be the chat head? no, so i'm very -- this is all very clear but you can see our full preview on on yahoo! >> yeah. >> josh, i think there's one special place -- outside is fantastic though particulary today, but one special place right under the sign, the patch at broadway farms. ladies and gentlemen, you are in the patch. tell me your name? >> my name is carly. >> carly and -- >> jordan. >> pam. >> barbie. >> one more. >> britain. >> let's get to the boards and one or two things going on. ah, the patch is so lovely. we'll start with that live shot out of minneapolis -- am i right? is it minneapolis? yeah. we had to switch live shots because not only are they getting snow, but they're getting lightning. so it's really kind of a difficult day in the zone there.
8:36 am
also, let's see a little bit more of where the know is going. take a look at this heavy line. this is more today. i know you've had a lot, but this is more. this pushes into canada. don't worry about it moving east too much, but canada, you're in the way of that, by the way. here come those strong to severe storms through the deep south, new orleans and tallahassee. all the way up into pittsburgh. louisville, you're a part of it. washington, d.c., as well. those will move, i think it's heavier rain that pushes from washington all the way up into boston by friday. >> all of that weather was brought to you by safelite auto glass. >> the masters in and around atlanta.
8:37 am
>> big storms. i think i'd be concerned about the storminess. >> tough day at augusta national. >> let's head inside. more from mark geragos at the center of so many big trials, michael jackson, scott peterson, chris brown, all hired geragos to get them out of legal trouble and the same defense lawyer is talking about all that and a whole lot more in his new book "mistrial." abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: mark geragos is famous for defending the infamous, people like chris brown, on probation for beating his girl rihanna. >> you're not just a lawyer. they confess things to you. you're a therapist to some degree. >> reporter: when michael jackson was accused of molesting a child or scott peterson accused of killing his wife, it was geragos' job to defend them. are there people you would not represent on moral grounds? >> i don't think that i would make moral judgments. >> reporter: but let's say they had captured instead of killed osama bin laden. would you take the case? >> no, i don't think that i would. >> reporter: not on moral grounds, mind you. geragos says he just feels that
8:38 am
sort of case wou&d belong in a military court. >> i don't think you should import that into the criminal justice system. >> reporter: geragos says the criminal courts are struggling as is. his new book "mistrial" argues with the fact that there is something wrong with the fact that america's prison population has quadrupled since 1980. your book is the case for legal reform from, if you'll forgive me, the scumbag lawyer's point of view. >> right. well, we get a lot of hate mail. >> reporter: he gets a lot of that from folks like nancy grace. >> the jury won't buy it. >> nobody is buying anything from you, geragos. >> reporter: who do the best to convict his clients long before their cases end up in court and yet i've seen you do an interview or two. >> my feeling is if you don't respond in the court of public opinion, then you've lost your case. >> i'm free. i'm free. >> reporter: that said, he never asks whether his clients are guilty. his job is to defend them anyway.
8:39 am
for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. and coming up here, la toya jackson right across the studio. she is here live this morning. ♪ a, b, c easy as 1, 2, 3
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:44. we are back now with la toya jackson. she is getting ready to debut her very own reality show called "life with la toya jackson" and offers a never before seen look inside pop music's most famous families. so great to have you with us. >> happy to be here, lara. >> i'm glad. it's early, i know. >> i haven't seen you in a while. >> in a long time. >> i know. >> congratulations on the show. i know you've been asked to do these many times. >> yes, i have. >> why now? >> i always said no, no, and no and people think they know you and have this misconception or make up stories about you and everybody starts believing these things and i just had enough of it and i said, you know what, if you want to talk and know about me let me show you who i am.
8:43 am
follow me on my journey with life with la toya jackson. >> it involves your family and relationship with your friends. i have a clip in which you talk about a connection with you have with kathy hilton, who knew. best friend and with michael. take a look. >> one of my earliest memories with hilton is the pact we made, between myself, kathy and michael. we would have children and name them paris. she had a child and named her paris. then michael had a child and named his daughter paris. i never had children so i named my dog paris. paris passed on so i have prince. >> i want you to set the record straight. maybe the kids of michael would be a part of the show, we heard. yes or no. >> no, they're not. they're not a part. >> what about others, mom, dad,
8:44 am
siblings. >> my mother is a part of the show. she loves it. she's excited. my father the same way. he is a part of the show. i spend time with my mother and my father. we go on this road trip and the whole bit. my father, we go camping and do a lot of great things, fishing, the whole bit. it's uplifting and jovial. we've always kept our lives private and secluded. it's my life. >> there are so many misconceptions out there. >> there are. >> so i would imagine this is a way for you to have a voice. one thing that is out there in the media right now is this wrongful death suit that against aeg over michael's death. i would imagine that would bring up a lot of emotions. will we see that play out on the show? >> i'm not privy to speak on that yet and also i completed the show, the filming of the show is completed so we're done with it for now. >> so on the show we will see a never before look inside the world of one of the most famous
8:45 am
women and we will also see you searching for love. >> yeah, you will. absolutely. >> and the show is completed shooting so -- >> just completed. >> so? so did it work? >> you have to wait and see. you'll see, i'm there. i'm like love and on but i'm there. >> you got a good smile on your face. >> i'm happy and excited. >> we're glad to have you. great to see you. as always. >> good to see you,s always. >> you look beautiful. >> yeah. >> check out "life with la toya jackson" this saturday on own. coming up we have master chef alex guamaschelli. he is g she is getting us off to a sweet start on this thursday.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ back now with a woman on national television, whom i love, love, love, alex guamaschelli. iron chef, top judge, executive chef at two great restaurants
8:48 am
here, butter and the darby. this morning whipping up some delicious fragrant delicious desserts. >> hard to believe as popular and everywhere as this young lady is, this is the first cookbook but it is and everything you see is from old-school comfort food. >> delicious. alex, we'll start with the sandwich -- we saw. what took you so long to write a book, to do the cookbook? >> i have a mother who a cookbook editor. i love -- are you going to make a mustache. >> don't burn the tongue. >> so i have a mom who is a cookbook editor and if steven spielberg was your father, you would never direct a movie but i had all this burning comfort food inside me that needed to be put in a book and shared. >> so let's start -- i want to say, follow her on twitter. she will make you hungry. so what we do have here?
8:49 am
>> you can see these kind of the result. but just any kind of ice cream that you love and then this case i used butter pecan and this is a game. you can -- >> roll it. >> you can do it -- come on, i need you to roll. >> just start -- >> if i could tear sam away from the chocolate -- >> which you cannot. >> i love you but you can't afford it. >> oh. >> another one. >> and then you just literally put these -- >> i need you to roll this stuff. >> take my little creation. >> put it -- look at that. you know what, i think -- and then give me a little press. >> so special. >> and do the drive-by bowling into the ice cream sandwich. >> this is fun. >> arts and crafts, lard, let's go. this reminds me of being at dodger stadium. is this caramel? >> yes, it is.
8:50 am
>> oh, can i -- >> yes, we're melting that down. we want some of that. >> the sauce. >> pretend. so -- >> then to make this cookie butter. put baking powder, baking soda, vanilla all in here and that's -- oh, my god. how am i going to measuix my cookies. >> are you going to mix something with this -- >> if you had all the chocolate you started with and didn't lose half your chocolate from a very charming chocolate thief -- you cannot be trusted and the other thing i wanted to bring up, my childhood birthday cake and regular classic yellow cake and have chocolate on your chin, oh, my gosh. >> all these recipes, all these recipes old-school
8:51 am
comfort food. she is the singular alex guamaschelli. i want to hear more about this.
8:52 am
8:53 am
sam's still chowing down. brad paisley live tomorrow.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> if you are already thinking of your weekend plans, our meteorologist, mike nicco, can help you with the bay area forecast. >> we will take a look at the seven-day outlook by starting with today. sunshine. high clouds. temperatures are 10- to 15-degrees cooler than yesterday. that will put us in the
8:57 am
low-to-mid 70's inland and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. tonight, the temperatures are under clouds and mid-40's to low 50's. seven-day outlook shows mild friday and saturday but windy and cool on sunday. >> crash in santa rosa is clearing, southbound 101 at college avenue was blocking a lane. look at that. very busy conditions out there. also, a protest south of at&t park could cause blockage along the embarcardero. eric? >> thank announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." demi demi lovato sings her new hit song "heart attack." and nfl great kurt warner is here. plus, we'll open up the inbox, take your questions and comments. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television]
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announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] kelly: oh, that was nice. oh my gosh. cheers and applause] save your strength! this audience is so dressed up, you look amazing! michael: yeah! [cheers and applause] kelly: i can't tell if they just came from the club or they're going to the club.
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[laughter] bit of think a little both actually. kelly: it is thursday, april 11, 2013. happy thursday everybody. [cheers and applause] thursday is practically friday. michael: everybody's happy because tomorrow, that's it! kelly: that's it. michael: hello, how are you my dear? kelly: i am great. we had quite a night last night. michael: yes we did. kelly: michael strahan and i went out to celebrate the hollywood reporter 35 most powerful people in the world issue. [cheers and applause] michael: no, no, no you say it's only new york -- kelly: we say it's in the world. we say globally. michael: this is the greatest city in the world, so the most 35 powerful here, the 35 most powerful in the world. [cheers and applause] kelly: and imagine my surprise last night when i walked through the door and the children did not genuflect as they wer as the


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