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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy monday! i am not sure those two words together fit. >> we can make it work especially with a weather forecast like this. >> nice and warm. here is mike. >> it will be warm today. hopefully this much as outside when it was almost warm. you can see from live doppler 7 hd how dry the air is. talk about the winds, the
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fastest wind is five miles per hour from the east at livermore and a breath in san carlos so we have high pressure, stagnant air, good news is we are going to have a lot of pollen. at least the ozone will stay below unhealthy levels. here is the spread, now you know the microclimates are coming around the bay, warm 78 to 90 inland and warm sunshine and 84 to 90 and at coast it will be mild and 64 to 72. we will find out about the commute. will it make you hot under the collar? >> it will. at 5:01 we are taking you to livermore to the altamont pass where we have a report of an accident westbound 580 at slim road and the backup is growing. there is a tire in the road, so keep that in mind and give yourself extra time. for everyone celebrating earth day, happy either day, mass
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transit is running along at top speed so if you want to reduce the carbon footprint and ditch the car, bart, muni and caltrain are nice and cheer. >> developing news. investigators say the wounded boston marathon bombings suspect is communicate and the city tries to heal with several events. now the latest from the newsroom. >> law enforcement sources say that the suspect is awake and responding to on-and-off questions and responding in writing. but this morning i want to show you this picture of 29-year-old krystle campbell killed in the explosions will be laid to rest. this is the church in medford her private funeral service will be held at 11:00 eastern time this morning. as for dzhokhar tsarnaev, investigators are at the hospital asking him about other cell phones and other unexploded bombs. there is no credible evidence of co-conspirators so far.
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he remains in serious-but-stable condition and has severe wounds to his neck and throat. it is not clear whether the woun self-inflicd or suffered g shootout with police on thursday in watertown. during the shootout the elder of the two brothers called their mother to tell her he loved her. we have learned when dzhokhar tsarnaev was hiding in the boat that f.b.i. negotiators tried for 25 minutes to convince him to give himself up after a verbal exchange he fell out of the boat. >> there were three boston police officers that surrounded the boat and other officers came and assisted and we held that position until the f.b.i. loss tag rescue team could come in place. >> the week of terror is over and the city is working on a five-phase plan to re-open the blocks surrounding the site of the bombing. tonight, boston university will hold a memorial for the third rav from chinauate student, and
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and they will be in attendance. the creditly injured transit hospital is hospitalized and a moment of silence is held at 2:50 eastern time. e moments when the firstf e bombs went off a week ago today. >> as life slowly returns to normal in boston, authorities are still working on the bombing crime scene and there will be a couple more days before the crime scene will be fully reopened. they are collecting evidence from the sides of buildings and bleachers and checking the structure integrity of the buildings near the site and the boston police officer will return personal items to people would left behind things today. stay with abc7 news for the newest details on the boston university bombing suspect and we will tweet the latest developments at abc7 news. >> today is the first test of how the air travel will cope with federal sequestration cuts
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that began yesterday. air traffic controller are being furloughed and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has potential impact here. >> the duty manager tells me so far no major delays reported at sfo but she pointed out it is early and today will be a true test. it will be essential you check with the airline today. if there are so many factors at place, it is hard to tell exactly where the delays will be, how long they will be, it will depend on what airports you use, what carrier you take. in will be fewer controllers at airports because of the sequestration cuts ordered b congress. the f.a.a. says safety will not be compromised but there will be delays and today is the first big test as it is the first business day of the cuts. air traffic controllers hope that pressure from the public will stop the furloughs.
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this is going to be impactful and we agree there should be another way to accomplish this. airlines are not happy about this, either, and they say the passengers should tell the f.a.a. they don't like this and find other ways to cut. the f scheduled to last through the end of september. >> the ground staff of the german airlines have walked off the we job forcing germany's biggest carrier to cancel the majority of flights. some united passengers to germany may be booked on a different flight so check your ticket and the airline. >> oak police are searching for the down man involved in an attempted robbery in an upscale neighborhood on saturday night. the shooter tried to problem a man walking down the street but
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shot him and not taking anything. the victim was taken to the hospital and is stable condition. the shooter ran off. hayward police are looking for the shooter who killed an oakland man. the 26-year-old victim was me onanklin avenue onrs at a saturday night and witnesses say he was arguing with another man before being shot. >> 30-year-old woman in shows arrested in the kidnapping of an 11-month-old girl will appear in court today after being taken in custody on april 12 in connection with an incident in march. it was hernandez who drove away in a general with a baby inside the mother had stepped out of the car to close the garage door and left the key in the oil in - ignition. ones tied hernandez to the crime. it is not clear she knew which was a baby this the back seat. the baby was found unharmed. hernandez faces kidnapping and drug charges. >> the oakland school board will
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name the temporary superintendent. the board member grew up in oakland and attended 9 public schools of oakland and takes over as tony smith resigned after superintendent for family reasons. 9 school board wants to hire a permanent leader before school starts in the fall. >> san francisco's golden gate park is back to normal after a massive clean up. up to 15,000 people turned out for the annual marijuana celebration open saturday and they left behind appear estimated 11 tons of trash. city employees understood work on their day off to clean up. the number of people who came to the city should make up for the cleanup that is costing taxpayers but a city supervisor say the people gathering were responsible for vandalism in surrounding neighborhoods and want do ban the event. it is not for medical reasons but recreational reasons so we value to crackdown as a city
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because of the irresponsibility of the organizers of the event. >> business leaders in the height neighborhood say the participants should get the proper permits like every other major event. o residenhave to comep with big bucks to kick start the big waterfront development project that the governor brown and the mayor announced last week. financiers in china agreed to back the $1.5 billion project but the chronicle reports that oakland will have to put down a $25 million down payment to buy and clean up two waterfront properties to set aside for affordable housing. the entire development features 3,000 housing units, 200,000 square feet of retail and 30 acres of parks. >> i am about to text my husband and tell him to dress the kids in shorts. and short sleeves. >> it will be warm. >> it is time to break out the
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collects you have not worn this year. e air is.notice thishot, how our temperatures aremi. th wm in some areas compared to where we should be in the 40's and fists but instead we are in the 50's and 60's, a good base for quick warming when we get the sunshine and stagnant air, we will be 64 at coast. by 4:00, we could have a few records falling including possibly in oakland, concord, maybe up in the north by around napa. at 4:00, up to 88, and cool at the coast but, still, warm during the evening hours and a nice night to have dinner on the patio. as we look through tuesday you can see temperatures drop three to five degrees and same on wednesday and by thursday we are closer to where we should be in
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the mid-70's inland and 60's at the bay. >> good morning, everyone, we look at the dry in san jose and downtown san jose, northbound along 87 beyond the julian avenue off-ramp it is looking clear with no accidents to report. to the golden gate bridge from sausalito, it is moving along without any problems and no construction to get in the way, either, so you are not seeing delays headed into san francisco. we do have one issue and this is toward 9 altamont pass and it has cleared up, but it has caused the slowing coming from tracy. 25 miles per hour the westbound 580 at flynn, it has cleared and all lanes have re-opened. >> thank you. as you probably have shopped on amazon you have paid state seems tax but that is new in california. what the u.s. government wants to do now that willake it so
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everyone has to pay internet sales tax. >> a one-two punch from mother outfr fld, tousang facing another headache
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, 5:14 and this is the view from mount
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sutro looking on e lightsf san anciosget re t night separae day with more on the weather. it will be warm one coming up in a few minutes. >> the days of tax-free online shopping could end. the not is plan on voting by today to give states the authority to collect sales tax on all internet purchases. amazon is urging customers to call lawmakers to shoot it down. local governments have been losing billions from online retailers not collecting sales taxes. california and eight other states are the exceptions. with state laws requiring online giants to collect taxes from internet purchases. >> amazon is upping customers to write the congressional representatives to oppose the bill. >> there are a lot of rattled nerves but no damage or injuries reported following an earthquake in mexico. people stood in the streets after the 5.9 earthquake shoot central mexico. witnesses seeingildings swing iy
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200 miles away from the center. some people evacuated high-rises in the capital as a precaution. >> more rain is in the forecast in the midwest hampering recovery. the floodwaters killed three people whose vehicles were swept east road. in illinois, several homes have been condemned because they are sliding downhillsides. heavy rain and floods led to a stated of emergency in grand rapids, michigan, with rivers not expected to crest until some time today. >> this morning, crews are gaining the upper happened on a wildfire that threatened hundreds in the foothills is 85 percent contained with full containment expected later today. some 400 homes were evacuated identify the weekend but everyone was allowed back in last night. the flames burned 125 acres of gas land and the fire began on saturday when sparks from equipment being used by a gardenergnedss.
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>> we do not have heightened fire worries? >> we have two but we don't have the wind. if something starts it will not get out of the control. but the fact it could start it is high. it is so dry. you can tell we are already running sprinkler systems where we usually run them in the summer and it is only april. it will cost. >> lot to keep the lawn green and the vegetables going if you have a nice garden. live doppler 7 shows how quiet it is and how dry it is this morning. we will talk about what is going to happen as we head in the afternoon hours, total sunshine and the warm the everywhere today. tonight will be the last clear and mild night because the clouds are going to slowly come back with the sea breeze or the marine layer and that is why we are 10 to 20 degrees cooler by friday. here is a look at pollen count,
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look at this, the same graphic showing up for the last couple of weeks with high amounts of tree pollen and moderate grass and high amounts of weed pollen. as far as our temperatures, near 90 today in los gatos and gilroy, and a lost mid-to-upper 80's through the santa clara valley and santa cruz is 86 but this time tomorrow you could be 10- to 15-degrees cooler as the rge comes up so that is a place to run tomorrow to get from the lingering warmth that is still around. 79 in millbrae, 82 in san mateo and you get to the mid-and-upper 80's to los altos and to the mountains you have low-to-mid 60's to daly city or around pacifica and also toward half moon bay but near 70 daly city and the sunset and near 80 in downtown and south san francisco and same in sausalito, and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 60's at your beach and mid-to-upper 70's hercules and berkeley and then mid-80's
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from oakland down to fremont and to castro valley and mid-80's around san ramon and everyone else will flirt with 90 in the east bay valley. headed to the game, what a great game. sunshine to start. stars to end. not breezy, 68, dropping down to about 60. with our low tonight you saw in the mid-50's to around 60 and look at the temperatures, dropped by friday and saturday and sunday, it will be very comfortable to be outside. is a great day. >> sounds like a beautiful day, as we take your check of the san mateo bridge the drive from hayward to foster city a few extra tail lights making the drive to the high-rise and it remained clear as you continue in the westbound direction and today is earth day is share the ride and reduce our carbon footprint and in san jose we have a problem out here, a stalled car, southbound along 280, it is blocking one labor but so far, so good and not
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causing any delay. in gilroy, we have a report of a power outage that could affect your traffic lights so if you are going to be in the gilroy area make sure the traffic lights could be turned into four-way stops out there. >> it is 5:20. netflix could be ready to crackdown on millions who use the service for free. bloomberg businessort sta ahead the. >> an art show getting a revival in the north bay. a close call for a florida boy. >> today on "katie" we are not going to take it anymore! solutions to deal with the people driving you nuts. croods." that's "america's money." i'm diana perez. have a great day, everyone. e'll.
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>> welcome back, a popular street painting festival is set to run to downtown san rafael after a two-year hiatus, according to the marine independent jour italian stre pnt festival this june. unlike years past it will be $5 to get in. the festival was held for 17 years in sap ralph until 2011 when the nonprofit arts organization canceled the event because of lack of funding. coordinators are trying to raise the $120,000 needed to bring the colorful festival back. >> toyota says prius sales could slow even more if gas prices keep falling. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> are you guilty of sharing netflix account with fans or friendly? they could tighten up the
5:24 am
policies or boost prices. right now the company has no restrictions on the number of pc's tablets or phones you can use or the number of people who can sign in. an analyst estimates up to 10 million people use the service for free. drivers have enjoyed lower ay.ces at the pump and pricescos aaa says the nati average is $3.52a gallon down 17 cents from a month ago. that is not good in us for toyota with the top executive saying it could lead to lower sales of the prius. so bar the sales are down 8 percent as of the first three months of the year with 36 million americans suffering from migraines and the biotech company has scoffed that targeted injections with hot pepper oil could treat them. an analyst says it has the potential of reaching $1 billion in sales if it meets approval.
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>> thank you very much, jane, good morning, at 5:25 on this warm to hot monday. san francisco is 78, a cool spot, and you are two degrees warmer than yesterday, and mid-to-upper 80's for santa rosa, concord, and oakland, and san jose, and one to three degrees warmer than yesterday. r ob forgot we existorm with temperature in the upper'se ey and 66 in tahoe and 69 in moan tray and this is tomorrow and wednesday's weather to the south with the clouds keeping san diego and 62 in los angeles. we will have very warm temperatures this afternoon, so be prepared. leyla gulen? >> if you are going to be a beach bum today, you may want to take note this, the great highway is still closed and this is between lincoln way and folk boulevard along the beach closed until further notice because of
5:26 am
the sand that has blown on the freeway with the high winds. along 4, 580 and 80, it is looking clear but 4 from antioch to concord you are at 20 minutes and the 580 from the central valley is down to 23 minutes and 80 is clear from highway four to the maze and not a problem out th >> a six-year old boy is alive to tell the story of being attacked by an alligator. joey was about do go canoeing with his fore when he wondered too close to the water edge and suddenly an alligator jumped out of water and chomped on him. >> he grab my arm. >> i had my son like this here because i didn't want to play tug of war with the alligator so while i am doing that, i am
5:27 am
punching the alligator on top of the head. >> a witness saw it as well and kicked the alligator in the belly and it finally released the boy and he was rushed to the hospital and suffered only minor injuries. that is a very lucky boy. >> a couple of months away from russian's gay pride parade and ahead at 5:30 how the boston marathon could affect the event. >> and the investigation into the bombings and how the young suspect is communicating with
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:29 on a glorious monday.
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>> deplorous and warm. i am eric thomas. now, more from mike. we will start with live doppler 7 hd, good morning, everyone, tells the story of how dry it is . noar rur. let's talk temperatures what is waiting for you. check out antioch, 68 degrees. in live more, it is 51. 55 in concord. 58 in hayward. 57 in oakland and san carlos and san francisco and san jose. 48 in novato. today, it will be warmer-than-average temperatures with near record highs 78 to 88 around the bay. 62 to 68 comfortable at the coast and 84 to 90 inland. leyla gulen, how is the traffic? >> the drive to san jose showed an early problem with a stalled car southbound along 280 before 7th and it is cleared with in lanes blocked. and other travel plans, we,
5:31 am
still moving along at top speed between highway 85 to 237 and you are under 20 minutes, 11 minutes headed along 880 between 238 to oakland and along 92 not a bad drive at only 12 minutes. how are the tolls? cash-paying lanes are loading up, you can see a few extra headlights making the drive to the westbound direction. this morning a moment of silence will be observed as 11:50 our time when the first of two bombs went off at the boston marathon a week ago. we learned that dzhokhar the suo died called his mother during the shootout and investigators are focused on the brother who survivorred. dzhokhar tsarnaev is awake and communicating with investigators in writing. when they carjacked a car during the get away attempt. victim left the cell phone inside and that is how they were
5:32 am
able to track the suspects. we are joined live more. >> good morning, a lot has happened in the week since the bombs went off. investigators are talking to one brother and looking into the other brother's past. a walk after the boston marathon boston marathon, one senator is dead and the other is in the hospital, but the search if answers continues. law enforcement officials tell abc7 news that the 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is awake. he is unable to speak. he is answering questions in writing, and authorities asked about potential acome polices and any unexploded bombs. >> i am not convinced they were planning other attacks. we have to be vigilant the. >> since he was captured after a dramatic end to the manhunt the
5:33 am
broader investigation has focused on the older brother, the 26-year-old who died in a shootout with police. he traveled overseas to russia and chechnya and linked to jihadist videos online. some wonder why he fell off the f.b.i.'s radar after they questioned him about possible terror ties two years ago. >> he got off the radar. he traveled overseas to the most dangerous parts of the world. >> the bombings left three dead and dozens injured. many are still in the hospital recovering. yesterday boston remembered the victims and prayed for healing. >> forgiveness does not mean we do not realize the heinousness of the crime but in our hearts when we are unable to forgive we make ourselves a victim of our own hatred. >> a moment of silence is held at 2:50 eastern this afternoon
5:34 am
and the exact time the first of two bombs went off a week ago. in washington, dc. >> thank you. a bay area boy continues to recover this morning from the bombing at boston children's hospital. the 11-year-old aaron hern was injured by shrapnel as his mother crossed the finish line. word spread that the martinez boy was one of the injured and half a dozen local merchants are helping the family with medical bills and spends including mountain mike's pizza donating 30 percent of the sales. >> we are doing great and we should be able to give $2,000. we will add the numbers up soon. >> family friend with aaron hern in boston says he is responding well to treatment and is already in physical therapy. no word yet on when he will leave the hospital and come back home to martinez. >> developing news here in the wake of the boston bombings, san francisco's police chief is proposing to set up cameras on a
5:35 am
key artery. abc7 news repor bernard lnew idea. >> san francisco has security cameras in high-crime areas of the city but in the wake of the bombings in boston police chief is floating the idea of setting up cameras on market street to monitor big evens and parades. san francisco's gay pride parade is about two months away and it is one of biggest events hosted by san francisco each year, close to a million people showing up. last october, hundreds of thousands of giants fans lined market street to cheer on the world champions after winning the world series, a victory parade up market street the all the events have been saved but not always the occupy protests have shut down streets as recently as last year and led to arrests, the chief tell the chronicle he plans to suggest g about security in the
5:36 am
wake of the bombings in boston. el owned buildgs onameras on mark street and theheese says that is fine but with an event like gay pride with a million people here on market street a camera could be the only tool to help keep everyone safe. talking about cameras is one thing and paying for them is another and it will not be cheap. how to pay for it remains to be seen. >> there is a special run today in the not bay to honor the boston marathon victims. with runners leaving at 6:45 for a 2.mile run. runners are encouraged to wear yellow and blue the official colors of the boston marathon. then they can share stories of how the bombings affected them.
5:37 am
the victims were on the mind of thousands running through presidio in san francisco. it included a competitor who finished the boston marathon before tragedy hit. scott witnessed the bombing aftermath and says he maps to run the boston marathon again next year. stay with abc7 news for the newest details on the boston suspect. the bay area company helping track down criminals like the bombers. >> a stretch of highway 101 in san jose is re-opened this morning following a fatal accident. the highway positive toll says one died in a solo vehicle crash southbound 101 last might and the highway patrol is trying to figure out why the car veered east road with the investigation blocking two lanes if three hours. >> in vallejo a search is underway for one gunman that left a 19-year-old hospitalized.
5:38 am
the shooting happened near fairgrounds drive. one house was hit by bullets and the shooter and another person were seen leaving in possibly a toyota. >> t ball is back on for the north vallejo little league at a shooting incident at a field forced the cancellation. on wednesday an argument noon the t ball parents broke out leading to shots this is not the first time shots is been fired near the young ballplayers but after a meeting the parents involved agree to withdraw so the season with resume. >> big change to shoppers in san mateo county after this morning, plastic carry out behalves -- bags are banned. stores are now required to stop providing the bags. shoppers are being asked to carry reusable bags or pay ten cents for a paper bag applying
5:39 am
to grocery and convenience stores, pharmacies and other shops but not restaurants. there are exceptions if produce, meats, and prescription medicine which will still use plastic bags. had are some locations that e giving away free reuse ability bags and i tweet add link to the location but you should check it out and there is a movie shown about why it is important. >> good information there. mike? >> coming up on 5:40 on monday. temperatures are running from the same in livermore to seven degrees warmer so we are starting off higher with the extra sunshine today and the light breeze we will end up warmer. welcome to the warmest day this week with records falling. now, this morning we are in the mid 50's and a few 40's and the rest of us are in the 50's to near 60. by noon, look at, that we are 80 inland and mid-70's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast and by 4:00, we are nearing the
5:40 am
records. we will be in the upper 80's inland and upper 70's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast and enactist, still, keep anat wre are falling in the u 70's by 7:00 and upper 60's around the bay and upper 60's, night and comfortable at the coast. temperatures are showily dropping tuesday and wednesday away from the coast. by thursday, 10 to 20 degrees cooler than today. leyla gulen? >> 5:40 and a check of 9 berkeley drive westbound 80 we have a few extra cars on the road and the headlights are thickening as you come westbound toward the maze. we still is a short drive at 15 minutes to get between highway four and the maze. as we look at the drive in walnut creek in the east bay the southbound 680 is moving along pretty well but it starts to slow down as you approach 24, the 24 junction.
5:41 am
we are seeing a few brake lights flashing in the distance and as we go to the map i will show you the drive to cupertino from los gatos we do have one stall northbound aye before union avenue. >> ahead we will break down the 49ers new stadium and show you the pricey features going into the stadium. >> developing news from washington state, a mass shooting outside an apartment complex and what police are reveal
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>> covering san rafael, south bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. we are getting the first detailed look at where the money is going for the 49ers new $1.2 billion stadium in santa clara. our media partner, the mercury news, reviewed monthly expense reports from the past year and items totaling $360 million or $1 million a day including $25 million for an electrical system that will allow 12,000 fans to charge their cell phones simultaneously. $62 million to pay for installing utilities such as
5:45 am
16,000 lights, and 5,500 fire alarms and more spent on developer fees and everhead costs and consultants and marketing. >> a key part of the search for the bombers was hours of video from cell phones and surveillance videos along the race route. police went through it quickly with developments made possible by a bay area tech company. it wasn't an eyewitness but a high definition camera on top of a department store that first alerted investigators to the suspects in a secure facility they put the video together with video from hundreds of other cameras including the company that makes facial recognition software that helps authorities find who they are looking for, fast. >> color, size, direction, we do faces, demographics, we determine your age and your gender, we can determine your
5:46 am
mood, are you happy or unhappy. >> the technology takes only days to accomplish what would have taken several months to do, just a few years ago. >> the warriors help to even the hey off with the series with the nuggets but they have to do it without their all-star forward out for th oe r the post-season with a torn right hip flexor with the injury on saturday when he took a nasty spill and landed on his help and tore the hip flexor. he led the league in the regular season with 56 games where he scored points and rebounds in double digits each so the warriors have to make up that harder to make up for the absence. >> i see the warrior fans cringing right now. >> giants fans are happy, great game, great sweep of the padres and more great weather for
5:47 am
tonight. >> sweep the diamondbacks and kept rolling across your own divisional teams. that is what you need to do. outside, we will get to the forecast but it will be warm by at&t standards and calm. the specific numbers in a mili doppler 7 hdshs it is dry this morning. we will talk about whas going to happen, beautiful picture toward alcatraz and sausalito and san francisco, the bay bridge, a breeze in the hills and that is how it will be the next couple of nights, breezy in the hills and the rest of us are calm and warmer-than-average temperatures overnight. near record warmth today. it will be clear and mild tonight. a cooling trend for the rest of the week. we will drop off around 10 to 20 degrees by friday. a beautiful picture of how calm the bay water is, almost mirror like, glass-like, you get a
5:48 am
little waterskiing in, it is like glass, and that is close to how it looks which is impressive for our waters. san francisco is 78, 14 degrees warmer than normal and livermore is 20 degrees warmer than average. a valley but on then t sta peninsula, 86 in redwood city, 82 in san mateo, 86 in mountain view, low-to-mid 60's to half moon bay, daly city around 70 and near 80 in downtown and south san francisco and possible record at 88 in santa rosa and 87 in san rafael and in the mid-to-upper 60's at your beaches and possible record in oakland at 83 and same in hayward and 76 in richmond, and 88 in concord, a record high, and 90 in antioch and livermore and fairfield and not close. the at&t forecast, you can see how much sunshine we will have
5:49 am
at the beginning of the game, 68 degrees at 7:15 dropping down to 60 bit end of the game. we will drop three to five degrees tuesday, when, and a big change with a sea breeze and marine layer of clouds thursday and friday and they hang around through saturday and sunday. have a great day. >> veryod mondayg, and, also, happy earth day as we look at your drive along san mateo bridge the drive from hayward and foster city is busier but in accidents on the bridge. before you get to it we have an incident, a crash involving a couple of cars and if you are traveling westbound 92 before industrial birthday there is a car fire off to the shoulder and as we take a jump to morgan hill we have a rollover crash and the car is resting on the roof on the guard rail southbound 101 before dunn avenue, no lanes are blocked but there will be spectators slowing making the drive from there and as we take
5:50 am
a quick drive to los gatos another look at the commute northbound 85, a stalled car is blocking one lane there. kristen and eric? >> listen to this a dangerous stunt with teens and a popular spice in your kitchen cabinet. >> the investigation continues into the deadly texas fertilizer plant explosion, ahead the progress made over the weekend and how the community is coming together. >> coming up in the 6:00 hour, facebook is ready to add some new jobs and we will toll you where they are expanding and whether the jobs could be in the ba
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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police are on the scene of a absoluteout where self several people are dead. there were three additional victims, there was a firefight, although police do not know, yet, what started the fight. four more first responders have been identified from the fertilizer plant explosion, and
5:54 am
ten of the 14 dead were emergency workers responding to the fire before the plant explode on wednesday. 200 people were injured in the small town of west, and people filed into the churches for a string of memorial services. officials still do not know what caused the blast but say it appears to have been an accide >> muni's central subway project in san francisco is picking up steam. two gigantic tunnel boring machines are on the way from china and should arrive if san francisco this week. it will take crews four to six weeks to assemble the 300' long machines and in june, then, they will be dropped in a hell on -- in a hole on 4th street where they will dig to north beach, and this will extend the underground service from south of market to china town. >> transit in general could be a good option today, celebrating earth day. what else, maybe walk the kids to school? >> great idea, get outside and enjoy it. >> we spend so much time working in our yards so we can shit and
5:55 am
and&-- so we can sit and enjoy them but you have to watch out for the pollen, because it will be moderate to high pollen, with grass and tree and high weed pollen. here is the high pressure dominating the stars and the closest precipitation, well over in utah and idaho and wyoming and colorado. we do have low clouds to the south and it will be our big game changer tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday and the surge of marine air returns. in san diego it is 62 and los angeles is 71 and 77 in palm springs and upper 80's through low 90's in the central valley and tahoe is sunshine and 66. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> as we take you to morgan hill, we have this accident involving a can that rolled over on the roof resting on the guardrail, southbound 101 before dunn avenue, we have slate delaysn the area, so it is there and emergency crews have have this, a cun 92 before indl
5:56 am
boulevard, so the ride making it to san mateo bridge could start to slow down a little bit. so far, so good, it doesn't sound like it is blocking lanes and as we take you on to 5 80, that drive is slowing down and 17 miles per hour to come through the altamont pass and it does start tolessen up as you head into livermore and not too bad making it out ofleto to dublin. >> we have been talking about earth day and in honor of the special day san francisco assemblyman will discuss legislation aimed at besting the sales of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, with a sales tax break to people would buy electric hybrid cars and will be joined by environmentalist and electric vehicle manufacturers at a san francisco toyota dealership. >> doctors are wanting teens to stay away from a dangerous stunt depicted in popular youtube
5:57 am
videos, camed the cinnamon challenge. the dare calls to swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon in 60 seconds with no water. doctors say swallowing a lot of cinnamon can lead to breathing trouble ask collapsed lungs. at least 30 teens needed medical attention last year. ston marathon bombin coat with the if you progress federal investigators are making with the young suspect. >> the air traffic controllers are now facing furloughs and delays travelers could face even in cities where workers are not furloughed. >> a giant pot party in san francisco and they left behind a please and what it ago
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the man accused of carrying out the boston marathon bombings is awake and communicating with police. >> passengers will find delays at the nation's airports as furloughs go into affect in several major cities. >> look outside from our exploritorium camera at the ferry building in downtown san francisco. gorgeous morning. warm weather will continue. maybe intensify. our meteorologist says get ready for a cool down, as well. i don't suppose you are talking about the cool fog exhibit they have at the exploritorium. >> it is localized weather. now mike has the forecast. >> small microclimate over there. absolutely. hopefully you can get there and enjoy it while it is warm. go on one of the 50-degree days and experience that? it and probably like that outside. live doppler 7 hd


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