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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 23, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bombings. reddick and moss and waller dropped in on 11-year-old aaron hern yesterday who lives in martinez is a big a's fan. the team is if boston playing the red sox. they plan to honor aaron hern and his family this summer at the coliseum. ♪ you've got the friend in me, in me ♪ ♪ you've got troubles and i got 'em too ♪ >> how heart warming is that? those are his classmates at martinez high school with a video get well card posted on youtube. the school allowed the kids time off to shoot it and put their get well wishes down on paper. >> the running community continues to send emotional support to the victims of the
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boston marathon. there was one unofficial run across the country last week with 100 putting on this show of solidarity including a few who ran in the boston marathon on monday but those who have not run in boston have something to contribute. >> i'm a runner and these kind of tragedies try to divide us and scare us and you cannot mess with boston. it is a tough city. you cannot mess with runners. >> many say this is not enough to stop them from taking part in next year's boston marathon. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the boston becamings with the latest on our website at and you can get ininstant updates an the clock by following us on twitter. >> breaking news from oak, police are in a stand off with the shooting suspect who has barricaded himself in a phone in east oakland at a housing project on 6565th avenue and has been in a stand off since
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10:30 last night after a shooting. the victim in the previous shooting was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> new this morning, a battle on the peninsula over an elementary school. the ground breaking is set but opponents are stepping up efforts to stop construction. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the site in burlingame. >> it is the first new school to open in burlingame in more than 50 years but a lot of neighbors who live around the school are summit drive are not happy about today's ground breaking saying this area is not safe for kids. the school was built in the 1930's and became a buddhist temple in the 1970's and the district bought back the property recently to make room for a flood of new students coming in to the district. neighbors are fighting the plan. they have gone to court to stop the school from opening, saying
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the school is on a dangerous road, lots of blind cubs, few sidewalks, unsafe for kids. >> there really is not even one street or road for a kid to walk on safely without being in intolerable danger doing so. >> we need this space. we are busting out at the seams with so many people moving here. >> a group of neighbors who are suing say they want a full environmental study done before the school can open. the district says that it plans to widen the street right here in front of hoover school to accommodate more cars that will be coming to drop kids off, a traffic study commissioned by the district found no safety issues in this area. the school is set to open next year. >> bart service is expected to be back to normal this morning after a woman was rescued from
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the tracks in san francisco. it is not clear how the woman ended up on the tracks at the 24th and mission street station but when a train approached she rolled under the platform to avoid being hit. firefighters cut power to the third rail. the woman managed to get through a small gap between cars to get free. she was taken to the hospital where just a bruised knee. >> the highway patrol is boosting their presence in oakland patrolling two day as week since november and the contract was set to expire on friday. but the c.h.p. and the city have reaped a new deal to continue the patrols and expand them to four day as week. the city council will vote on the deal may 7. the alameda county sheriff will not provide extra deputies for oakland because of liability issues. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have more on the c.h.p. patrols coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> the san jose police department is getting fewer citizen complaints despite a
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russian rise if crime and a drop in the number of officers. independent police auditor found that there were 329 citizen complaint cases in 2012 which is a 7 percent decrease from the previous year. only 11 officers were disciplined for misticket -- misconduct a20 help year -- a 20-year low. they have been cutting down on public complaints saying the police internal affairs department is better at completing investigations in a timely manner. >> half dozen temperature records did you say were broken yesterday? >> he said that. >> we will take a peek at the forecast. >> remember the winds we talked about from the north bay hills? up to 22 in santa rosa and 30 in napa and 37 in fairfield is you are still stuck in the 60's this
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morning after hitting 80's and even 90 in a few areas. the clouds are lingering so the cool marine layer clouds are out there and so is the breeze that brings them. it is just a matter of time before it works inland and it will to a certain extent. we are only in the mid-to-upper 70's by lunch time where we are well in the 80's in most areas away from the coast year. 61 at the coast and 57 is the 4:00 temperature and in the mid 70's to 80 so no record high temperatures today. it will be milder this evening and easier to be outside and mid-60's around the bay and low 70's inland and mid-50's at the coast. moving failure, we are going do see temperatures drop all the way through thursday back to where they should be for this time of the year. now a check of forecast. any potential hot spots? >> we do, and the picture is showing the drive along the san mateo bridge and it is moving along but we do have the ongoing construction at the toll plaza and that is going to were what
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up at 5:00 a.m., all to install automatic tolls. the drive to san francisco, we have a couple of construction projects in san jose, the first one here, southbound 880, we have a couple of lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. and as we go into san francisco, the eastbound 80, highway has a lane blocked until 6:00 a.m. and the eighth street on-ramp to 80 is shut down until 6:00. >> san jose famous city hall falcons are getting company this morning. what we hope to learn from the dirting -- daring visit. >> moving is already a couple but a local company turned it into a full out nightmare. and now
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>> this is abc7 news, in a few hours we should know whether the falcon chicks on top of city hall are boys or girls. this morning, a biologist will go down the side of city hall to put identification bands on the baby pair of falcons. this is video from the santa cruz predatory bird research website from years past and mom and dad, clara and fernando welcomed their first chick on easter sunday, and at least two more have hatched. the banding begins at 7:00 a.m. to much wait go to helicopter pilots will testify about the danger of wind mills to pilots also during the construction of windmills in places like the altamont pass but the construction towers do not have adequate safety lighting according to the pilots. the air ambulance service is leading the effort to get more
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safety lighting requires and the farms are resisting the effort. >> eight people connected with the san jose moving company have been charged with the stunning scheme, the prosecution says they held customers furniture and other personal belongings hostage. we have details as three defendants went before a judge. >> here's the men and women who the prosecution says lured customers with low ball quotes and held people's belongings hostage on moving day until they paid more. kim was one of hundreds of victims, the initial quote of $240 ended up being $1,000 after the foreman tacked on fees for extra packaging, materials, and hours. >> they have you trapped because you have to get out of your old pam, you took time off work, i had to go back to work, and this move had to be done that day. >> the san jose moving company went by several different names since 2004, including america's best movers and a sap and their
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office is now empty. three former employees were arraigned for income tax fraud and money non-- money laundering. >> they are a group people that come to the united states after a military duty in israel and do this type of business and it is not isolated to our county, it is something that happens across the united states. >> this case is scheduled to go to trial in june and as for the five who skipped town the d.a. will issue a warrant for their arrest. >> the postal service has dealt a blow to berkeley neighbors fighting to keep a historic post office open saying they have oh kid the sale of the berkeley post office building. city leaders say the 99-year-old building has historic significance and should be preserved and the post office said they will open a new post
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office as close to the country site as possible part of the effort by the post office to generate revenue. opponents have 15 days to appeal. >> the warriors face the nuggets in denver tonight in game two in the playoff sears. they almost pulled out a win saturday night but miller was able to make the game-winning basket with over a second left and the wore yours played without the all-star forward who is out for the playoffs. the cope says there is no time for frustration as they are ready for the game at 7:30 tonight. >> he did not give the team an earful? jackson would not allow someone to drive with a second left. by the way, that is a gorgeous necklace you have. >> this old thing? >> my giants bling. early mother's day gift. >> because you were at game? >> i wasn't but i watched on tv
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really late last night. it was exciting. and a great day on top of that and a beautiful night at at&t park. >> mileages back to normal -- my legs are getting back to normal. >> now live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is this morning. we will talk about what is going on temperature-wise in richmond district, 46 degrees and same in half moon bay and novato is same, fairfield, 67, and everyone else around the bay and in the south bay alameda and san mateo and newark and cupertino and milpitas in the mid-to-upper 50's. now the bay bridge this morning toward the port of oakland notice the lack of clouds, although the marine layer clouds are not here the air mass modified overnight as the high pressure started to move off to the east and take the record highs.
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we will have more clouds and cooler weather tonight and mild to warm but dry this weekend. very comfortable weekend. here is a look at cloud cover, it is the southern surge we talked about building up the coast as we head from noon and to the afternoon hours. the cooling marine laser a reason why the coast and parts of the bay is not so warm as yesterday. we will start down in south bay and you look at the temperatures, yes, year was impressive but they are about 5- to 10-degrees warmer, low-to-mid 80's down in the south bay with san jose at 83 and check out the marine layer clouds keeping you at 75. you are usually the warm spot. up to 80 in palo alto and you can see the low-to-mid 60's along the coast and upper 60's if downtown and south san francisco after being in the 80's yesterday we will have the upper 70's to low 80's for the north bay valley and 68 in sausalito and low-to-mid 60's at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70's for richmond, berkeley,
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oakland, san leandro, and only 80's in fremont and union city and the east bay valleys low-to-mid 80's. moving in to show you what will happen tonight at at&t park, clear sky, a little bit of a breeze, 63 is the first pitch dropping down to 58. here is a look at the seven-day forecast, temperatures tumble about four to six degrees tomorrow, again on thursday, and you can see we have mid-to-upper 70's friday through the weekend inland and near 70 around the bay to mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> sounds like a beautiful week at 4:49 as we drive to san jose we will look at what is happening on 280 headed northbound, the headlights coming away from 17, all is clear, no crashes, just construction, and in marin county, moving into mill valley, we do have a couple of lanes blocked southbound along 101 define sir francis drake boulevard to the waldo tunnel and that is until 6:00 ap, and now as we move into the east bay
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more construction on eastbound 4 between harvard street and leverage road a lost construction in this area but the two lanes on the freeway eastbound direction are shut down until 5:30 a.m. so use leland. as we look at the travel times, 4, 580 and 80 from antioch to concord, top speeds and 580 is looking clear along with 80. >> two branches of the federal government are fighting over a proposed oil pipeline. the environmental protection agency is objecting to the environmental impact from the keystone pipeline that carries oil from western canada to the texas gulf coast. the epa has sent a letter asking for oil spill risks and alternative pipeline routes. the state department says it is planning further analysis and will put out a final environmental report this summer. >> president obama is set to host a dinner at the white house tonight for female senators.
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voters elected 20 female senators to congress in november, a record. the white house says that the dinner is part of the effort to improve lines of communication with congress and lay the ground work for future compromise. the president had dinner with senate democrats last weekend with senate republicans before that to discuss various issues. >> town leaders in california want someone to pay their expenses for a presidential visit. president obama attended fundraisers in atherton and they spent $5,000 on police overtime and now they want reimbursement. they are sending bills to the white house and the democratic national committee and the two people who hosted the president. they admit that chances of getting any money is slim. by comparison the san francisco spent $42,000 on the last presidential visit. >> this morning, contra costa built officials will spray insecretary side to handle the mosquito problem in the eastern
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part of the county starting at 5:30 a.m. until 6:30 a.m. fours say there is a high concentration of mosquitoes in the area and they do not carry disease such as west nile virus but they are a nuisance for those that live nearby. >> coming up, grab your binoculars when the sun comes up, so will a special piece of technology over bay area landmarks. >> the battle against smoking take as new turn in new york and it could be harder for youn
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>> just a couple of hours from now a very special aircraft will circle the skies near the golden gate bridge and the sunlight powered solo impulse takes off from the field at 7:00 a.m. and will circle in a holding area west of the bridge for several hours and at 3:00 p.m., the solar impulse will make the first of several fly brings over the bridge at an at duty of 3,500' before landing at the
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airfield at 11:00 tonight with a total time of 16 hours in the air. may 1 it leaves the bay area for a cross country trip that winds up in new york. >> some school groups are planning to head out to see it. it is history in the making. >> very cool stuff. >> solo powered. >> plenty of solar power today. >> temperatures are still above average. look how much they drop compared to yesterday. three degrees in fremont, down to 82. 83 in san jose, four-degree drop and concord is 83. oakland drops nine degrees down to 78. so does santa rosa after the record high year. look at san francisco, 82 yesterday, to 68 degrees today. the entire state shows high pressure dominateing. but the southern surge we were watching yesterday how far to the north. we have temperatures around 85 in sacramento and 65 with sunshine in tahoe and near 90 in
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fresno and only 63 in san diego and 72 in los angeles. safe travels if you travel the state. leyla gulen? >> sounds like a good idea as we look at our map we have a bit of construction now so i will take you right out toward the drive and to the east bay, eastbound 80 until 5:00 a.m. we have one lane blocked out there and not causing any slowing as you can see so decent conditions. as we look at the golden gate bridge, a beautiful commute coming away from marin county to san francisco, we have had early construction but it is were wrapping up a little bit, with bridge work at the toll plaza and now as we head over to the drive this is headed into central san rafael and 101 freeway is looking clear headed southbound direction, the tall lights still moving swiftly out there. >> leyla gulen, it is 4:56. if you need a job attend the
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next abc7 news job hiring event with these employers looking for new workers. adt security, at&t, new york life, sleep train. you will find them all at the embassy suites hotel in milpitas between noon and 4:00 p.m. today. >> "meals on wheels" of contra costa county has an appeal for more donation saying a funding shortage could force them to drop 200 people from the roster of 1,200 seniors receiving home delivered meals much the nonprofit organization has been struggling for several reasons including reduced donations but a crucial blow has been the loss of $100,000 in funding as a result of federal budget sequestration. >> new york city is taking more steps to curb smoking. the new york city hers are considering a preparal to raise the age if buying cigarettes to 21. right now that age
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is tuesday morning at 5:00. coming off of a warm one, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. what is your name? >> i was going do make people guess but i am kristen sze. >> a record spell year. could it happen today, mike? >> that is over. one and done. a march madness thing even though it is april. but it will still be warmer than average. umbrella needed for the strong sunshine with clouds tracking yesterday along the coast, here you go, half moon bay, quarter
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mile visibility and everyone else is doing fine but they will make that right turn at the golden gate bridge and start to come in during our morning hours. i will show you how that affects the seven-day outlook. now what to expect this afternoon, next 12 hours we are 68 to 82 around the bay and 78 to 85 are the highs inland and only low-to-mid 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> at 5:00, we will look at the drive in marin county, where we see a bit of fog along the coast indicated by the on you can see at the top of the screen. we are seeing patches of it everywhere and it is not hampering traffic. that is good as we look at the traffic times, we have a drive on 101 headed between 380 to redwood city in the southbound direction, you are looking at 13 minutes on 580 from 2305 to 680 is 22 minutes, the drive from tracy to dublin/pleasanton and 85, 17 minutes from 101 to 280. kristen and eric? >> we condition to follow breaking news from oakland where police are in a stand off right
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now with the shooting suspect. the man is barricaded inside a home in east oakland and the stand off has been going most of the night and the suspect is wanted for a shooting at 10:30 and the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> people living in oakland could see added protection on the streets soon with a plan to double the c.h.p. patrols in an effort to help the police department there. for more, we go to abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield in san francisco. >> c.h.p. to the rescue. this is the second time the c.h.p. has agreed to help out oakland and this time they will do a little more than they did the time before. instead of pa fromming the streets twice a week now they will do it four times a week. oakland needs the help. violent crime has risen and the police d has a shortage of officers. the city


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