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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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passenger train. investigators say they conspired but never came close to carrying out at tack. would it have happened in canada. amtrak and via rail jointly operate train autos the federal government dropped charges against a mississippi hahn accused of sending ricin laced letters. he walked out of jail and told reporters the situation is overchemming and says he respects the president and loves his country and said he didn't know what ricin is. the release came a day after baitors found no evidence of the poison in his home or car. authorities searched the home of another mississippi man. they aren't saying what, if anything was found. >> the associated press is
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facing a breech of its twitter account. hackers sent out a false alert. a group called syrian electronic army is claiming responsibility. this tweet had an impact on wall street. a spokesman tells abc 7 news the company does not comment on individual accounts. and the dow jones ended the day ended higher. >> a big day for wall street for a pair of companies. apple stock ended the day mer than $406 a share, increase of nearly 7.5 points.
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their estimation stock has fallen and we'll find out why. >> and net flix shares jumped to close above $200 a share. analysts say ilts because net flix is adding new subscribers. >> police hope a witness will come forward to help them catch a vandal that covered a car with racist graffiti. a woman discovered her bmw had been vandalized at her home on 56th street. td victim has no idea why anyone would target her or the car owe i view this as a hate crime and feel safety is being threatened and someone would be so bold to do this in my
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driveway what else would they do? >> a man has been arrested for trying to break into a building governor brown lives in. a few days ago the man jumped down on to a balcony and police arrested him. brown says the apartment was not the target. he does not believe the burglar knew he lived in the building. >> san francisco city attorney suspects an answer by the end of the week about reported patient dumping. an investigation by the sacramento bee found nevada's main psychiatric hospital sent nearly 1500 patients to other states in the past five years. though they zrnt a connection to the areas. >> 700 came to california. 36 to san francisco with a one
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way ticket and no means of support. >> herera asking for answers from hef nef's governor on the director of nevada health and human services. herera says san francisco will ask for compensation from nevada if it finds proof of the patient dumping and investigators cleared a wild animal park near fresno today of any wrong doing following an intern's death. a lion mauled a 24-year-old to death last month. a probe found project survival's cat haven did not violate any animal welfare cat policies. the lion attacked while she was cleaning the pen. the big cat attacked hanson after going through a door that had been left unlocked. a sheriff shot and killed the lion. >> public nudity ban is getting a trial before a judge. three nudists trying to get charges against them dismissed.
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carolyn? >> well, dan, it's another legal loss. the nudists had been claiming they were illegally arrested when disobeying the city's new law and trying to convince the judge to toss the case. >> they're back. this i'm fully clothed. they were taken into custody at city hall during this demonstration. the first day the city's ban went into affect. >> just wanted to test waters to see how much police department respects our first amendment rights. we have known they won't. they wanted to demonstrate what this means when it comes to constitutional rights, free speech. >> a judge ruled nudity is not protected as an expression of free speech. the nudists have resubmit that had case z today, challenged the city is n.superior court
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trying to get fb infractions dismissed. >> we asked for a verdict of not guilty. the court disagreed. and found that the client because were in a public place found them guilty. >> small bands may be the only ones still fighting. the plaza in the castro now looks like any other park in the city z police department says san francisco seems to have gotten the memo. >> people appear to be complying with the 154 police code that. is what this law was intended to do. is to minimize these events. >> the judge just a short time ago found all three nudists dwilt guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. they say they're considering an appeal.
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a bill would make it harder to enforce quality of life laws if offenders happen to be homeless. it would outlaw police against pan handling and sleeping on the street. the sponsor called it the homeless bill of rights. >> the decision either or situation but sometimes portray that had way. so we're doing everything we can. >> firefighters in southern california credit an alert tow truck driver with spotting a landslide. the driver called after seeing the landslide growing. both people inside escaped
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unharmed this morning because of what that tow truck driver did it. appears a leaking water pipe caused this landslide. a 25 foot wide fissure as well. the house has been red tagged and no other homes are threatened but again nobody is hurt. >> wow amazing. >> yes. >> good heads up there. >> coming up word is out with voice activated texting. we're going to have finding autos stay tuned z search for a different kind of bandit at the home stadium that ran off with barry bonds home run history. >> a charter school that just earned recognition. why is it at risk of close something. >> running cooler today, i'll let you know how much more temperatures will drop as we head into your wednesday. abc 7
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a huge bronze plaque honoring barry bonds has been stolen. the plaque was bolted and glued in just beyond right field. officials say it just disappeared the glue is still in place. stadium officials plan to review surveillance video to find out what happened. they hope to get the feed on camera. the plaque has been near the spot where his record setting 756th home run landed. another memorial honoring bonds's 500th home run remains in place tonight. >> a high school ranking 36th engineer the country. there is a problem. the school may shut down soon
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because of alleged animal establishment. >> the washington post rated america's most challenging high school. this is all based on state proficiency standards and how well they prepare students for college. now, this is a man at the center of the controversy ben shavis. he talked to abc 7 news. oof u.s. news ranks five engineer california and 36th in the nation among high schools. it's charter was revoked by oakland unified school district last month. >> the founder was awarding business to his own companies. there was forging of attendance skprordz use of public credit cards for
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personal expenditure autos the found jer no longer affiliated from the school. >> if i stole there is a lot of checks floating around. a lot of money in my accounts which not that much. but no. i did own the building. >> oakland unified says he leased buildings back to the zoom at a higher price than the district would charge but shavis claims the districts didn't have a building big enough to house them. shavis shurd us he charged american indians below the rate. >> we have a new team that has been in place since july, 2012 that is the director just hired a week ago. they're now appealing and hoping to
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convince the board the school is financially stable. american indian gained national attention for its unique model and focus on reading and math. >> the time they spend on mathematics. an hour and a half each day on math met mattics then another and a half hour with tutoring or home work or support if needed if not they're spending time with it. >> if i took it why don't you put me in jail and not destroy kids educations? >> and the district attorney would be the one charging shavis but the office assured me no official complaints have been filed. a decision is skmekte skmekted -- expected, cheryl, next month. >> thank you. >> new research finds that it's just as dangerous to use
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voice activated tests as to text manually. the texas transportation institute found response times were slower no matter which method was used. u.s. transportation department says 3300 people were killed and 387,000 injured in distracted crashes in 2011. a lot. >> yes. >> this is so bad new guidelines are sent arounded around new contraptions in the car. >> it's almost where do you start? the bottom line is trying to get drivers to keep eyes on the road and limit distraction business electronics in vehicles. it wants devices to be design sod drivers don't have to look away from roads for more than
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two seconds at a time. that includes texting and phones and equipment redevices and tools like gps and recommends text messaging be turned off by driving. a study lists distractions as the greatest risk to drivers. there is a new option started today they requested a delivery within a two-hour window. it will cost an additional 10s buds come was a money back guarantee. and now, a pool of money to help struggling homeowners increased. many people maying eligible for money and not know it so listen up. the california housing finance agency signed on several big
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banks into the program including wells fargo, chase, and bank of america. at least one and a half billion dollars available to help homeowners keep homes. the principal reduction program provides low and middle income homeowner was up to $100,000 to help thaem void foreclosure. best part money does not have to be remaid unless the home is sold within three years. >> have to be under a hardship having lost job or through divorce or another financial hardship. and when you look at their situation, their home has to be underwater and able to in cases write down the cost of the payment. >> we have a link to the program and a phone number on our web site abc 7 >> the home crisis doesn't make headlines but there are other hoo thank you very much. >> let's take a look now at weather.
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breeze is picking up. >>s you look at live doppler 7 you can see fog. we can count on the fog to cool us off with that sea breeze that. is what we're seeing. 24 hour change about 10 degrees cooler at sfo oakland down 18 in mountain view. and santa rosa, down 11. the note nthsable cooling. you can see why. you can see sutro tower, temperatures going down 57 degrees right now. highs upper r50s to mid-80s, fairfield 85 degrees. from our mount tamalpais cram you can see fog just flowing
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in towards richard son bay. santa rosa, 69 degrees. and 68 degrees in union fi. we're looking at fog thursday, a milder pattern coming for the weekend. we still have high pressure and a dry pattern but wind is coming more in this direction. so we'll see the breeze heading into wednesday, and thursday so numbers will continue to lower, tomorrow morning watch out for dog, temperatures upper 40s to midz 50s so go tok a cooler night than last night. and 5:00 accuweather fog at the coast. temperatures low 80s into warmest communities tomorrow. 50s and 60s most of the
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afternoon so we're almost going into a summer like pattern in terms of the fog and sunshine. temperatures going down. 61 santa cruz. 76 degrees san jose. sunshine and same thing for mountain vu. upper 50s near the coast. fog lingering and enjoy the sunny, mild weather not as warm as today. 72 in santa rosa. clear lake 83 degrees. east bay communities mild and not as warm as today. 73 oakland. inland communities 77. 79 in livermore, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. cooler on thursday. warmest areas only low 70s.
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temperatures continuing with mild conditions most of the bay area over the weekend. 70s, 80s, coastal areas into mid-50s. >> excellent. >> coming up, art imitating live. >> and a costly set back what. is find on the site that could leave parts of the bay area high and dry?
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hundreds of job hunters ploked to the hire event. several employers conducted interviews at the embassy suites hotel. one woman hopes to launch her new career after graduating monday. >> i'm looking for a hospital or doctor's office looking for someone that wants to stay and
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grow with them. i'm in the looking to move around. >> our next hire event takes place tuesday from noon until 4:00 at the hilton garden inn on powell zreet street. >> filming started on the football team at de la salle high school and coach lad retired after another championship. his teams won 399 games during his 34 years on the story. a storied career. spartans had 12 undefeated seasons in a row. do you remember those undefeated seasons? amazing. >> very, very cool. something else is cool we know whether boys or girls on the falcon nest interest there. >> yes.
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coming up at 6:00 apple stock free fall comes to an end. tonight why investors decided to bite on the shares today. also, the man refused to mail it in. when his request to the postal service went unanswered. how michael finney came through for him z an east bay girl showed off a science project during a special visit to washington. those story smorz coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we know about the trio of feathered celebrities in san jose. >> a biologist went to determine the sex of the falcon chicks. >> so cute. turns out all threes are boys. a biologist repelled off the roof into the nest box.
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>> he was able to examine the boards. a contest is being held now to name those baby falcons. >> i never learned repelling when study biology in school. >> that is going to do it. from all of us here tonight from dallas, texas. at the top of the news, breaking his silence. we hear exclusively from the man who discovered the boston bombing suspect, hiding in his boat. the new twist in how the manhunt really ended. pitfall. the stock market takes a dive because of a fake report on twitter saying there were explosions at the white house. how could that happen? into the fire, i'm reporting right here in texas for the first time, the stunning stories of those who raced to the fire,
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knowing there could be an explosion, while fighting to save their town. and miracle in the rubble. the dramatic scene. a baby born in the devastating surrounding of an earthquake. incredible first breath of air, tonight. good evening to you tonight from dallas, texas. we've come here for an exclusive interview with former president george w. bush and mrs. bush, and we'll bring it to you tomorrow night. but we want to turn first and right away to the latest on the boston bombings. we're all going to hear from someone we've been waiting to meet, the boston man who went out of his home to look at his boat and ended up ending a massive manhunt for a terror suspect. and how he did it is even more extraordinary than we knew.
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we turn to news anchor ed harding of our boston affiliate wtvb, with the exclusive interview tonight. >> i know people say, it's blood on the boat. if he saw blood and went in -- >> reporter: not true? >> not true. >> reporter: david henneberry is the only one who knows the whole story of how the second suspect was discovered. but he says it's not the story he all heard. he never saw any blood on the outside of his boat. it was a more subtle clue something was wrong. he went out for air and noticed that shrink wrap on his boat was strangely out of place. he went to the garage and grabbed a step ladder. >> i got three steps up the ladder, and i rolled it up, and i can see through now the shrink wrap. i didn't expect to see anything. and i look in the boat over here, on the floor, and i see blood. >> reporter: a lot of blood? >> a good amount blood. and my eyes went to the other side of the engine block.


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