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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 24, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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$337,000. next there were three chiefs who in overtime made between $113,000 and $124,000 bringing the paychecks up to $332,000. pretty shocking numbers. the union president tells the chronicle that this is insane. he blames it on chronic understaffing. he says --. [ inaudible ] >> we lost the microphone there, but we will try to bring you the rest of that report. certainly you get the idea on the firefighters making a lot if overfoam and in some cases hundreds of thousands despite a new policy if place to crackdown. it is 5:03 and we will move to over news, the street where the boston marathon bombings happened re-opening to drivers and we are hearing from the boat owner who helped bring the massachusetts manhunt to an end.
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abc7 news reporter is live. >> boylston street, look at this, crews working into the night to fix the sidewalks and erase all signs of the bombings. there is the video. police officially opening the street to the public only a few hours ago. we have newness on the suspects. we learned the older brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev, bought two mortar kits in february from a new hampshire store that contained up to 1.5 pound of gunpowder not enough to detonate the bombs. the surviving brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev, has been upgraded to "fair" and telling investigators he and his brother devised the attack from the intent and they had no direction or financing from government or rogue groups. dzhokhar tsarnaev was discovered in a backyard boat after a shootout with police. in an interview with abc7 news, the boat owner describes finding him. >> i know i took three steps up
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the dadder, i don't remember stepping down off the ladder. this hits you after when you think, my god, we could have...i don't is surreal. >> according to the new york news people donated $10,000 to buy him a new boat but the money would be better spent on victim charities. one victim, m.i.t. police officer collier, will have a memorial service this morning, and vice president bide and his wife will be there at m.i.t. canceled classes today. lawmakers are asking tough questions of how the government trapped dzhokhar tsarnaev weapon he traveled to russia. the vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee is asking federal agencies for more information about would knew what about the suspect. >> thank you, new this morning in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, and a foiled
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railway attack in canada, officials plan to review safety protocols tomorrow to better protect passengers. according to the "san francisco examiner" they will talk about new communication strategies and improving relationships with other agencies at the board of directors meeting. bart is conditioned about the increasing number of people who camp out in stations as well as a lack of officers due to hiring difficulty. >> an update is expected from caltran on the investigation into broken bolts on the new span of the bay bridge and how it is going to fix them. 32 of the 96 feel bolts broke at bottom the casing and the bolts are used to connect bearings on the colt up that control movement. the new eastern span in an earthquake. san"san francisco chronicle" ret as retired metal experts submitted a new analysis that suggests more rods could snap in coming years unless caltran replaces them.
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abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more ahead the >> the state senate will consider a tax on sugary drinks in sacramento adding 12 cents to every can of soda and other sugary beverages. the senator says something needs to be done to curb alarming rates of obesity and diabetes but the california restaurant association is not happy say the restaurant industry is facing a lot of other cost increases right now. >> this morning, new questions are raised about governor brown's security detail after a man was caught trying to break-in to his sacramento apartment. johnson managed to get on the balcony of the governor's condo while he was away. detectives do caught in believe the suspect knew who historied there and talked about it while talking to a crime victims group at state capital. >> the gentleman who was found on my balcony trying to break in, i live on top on the 4th
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floor. i was not home. >> the governor brown also said that three men tried to break in to his oakland hills home a year ago and his wife was home alone at the time and he says the men were relieved after they told officers they were looking to buy real estate in the area. a security detail is assigned to the governor and his wife at all times. officials declined to discuss security measures for the governor or how they handled the two incidents. >> new this morning, we should find out whether transit widers value to pay month for rider and decide whether to put off the increase set to take effect in july which would raise fathers - fares to 2.25. it could trigger a drop in ridership. >> this morning, boy, if you are going to commute, it will be a decent commute in terms of no weather problems.
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>> temperatures will be mild today. a little cooler than a couple of days ago. mike? >> well start with live doppler 7 hd and we have marine layer clouds rolling in from the coast, they are not bringing any rain. i have heard no reports of drizzle so far. we are off to a dry start. pollen is not moving much from yesterday. it should drop a little bit with the cleaner air coming in from the ocean so the closer you are to the ocean, hopefully the less pollen there is to deal with. you can see the flags on the ferry building, blowing from west to east. you can see the lack of stars. big drop this morning when you step outside. especially in the northbound and east bay 20 degrees cooler with the mid-to-upper 40's and clouds are fating -- fading by noon and the next 12 hours any are planning to be outside at 4:00, not a lot of sunshine away from the coast and 73 inland to 52 there and 50 to 63 in the
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evening, but you need a coat. the clouds are starting to overrun downtown san francisco and as we look into the next three days we will have morning clouds tomorrow but they will become less of a factor as a warming trend starts friday into saturday. >> at 5:09, we are saying no problems on the road and we are seeing extra conditions and that is what we have at the maze. as you take the drive along westbound 80 it is looking decent and we are seeing a few extra cars, eastbound along 80 coming away from 580, and you do not see any problems or crashes to report but a we have is construction in the south bay moving through san jose southbound from the expressway, we do have a couple of lanes blocked, and cones should be picked up at 6:00 a.m. and now a look at the drive time traffic as we head to the 101 coming from san rafael, to the golden gate, 20 minutes gets through and 16 minutes from walnut creek at 580 and 880 from oakland to to 80 at 43 minutes.
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>> good news for twinkie lovers and superman fans. what is the connection? bloomberg business report is next so you have to wait to find out the connection. >> trip to the grocery store turns into a battle for a woman determined not to become a victim of crime. >> serious new trouble overnight for disgraced bicyclist lance armstrong and what the u.s. government is demanding. >> do you have the case of munchie
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>> new this morning a desperate search for victims is under way in bang lash after a massive building collapse the near the capital and 70's people are confirmed dead and more victims feared buried. the building came crashing down and 600 people have been rescued^. no word on what may have caused the eight story building to collapse. >> the u.s. government is going after millions that lance armstrong earned during the pro bicycling career, with the justice department accusing him of violating his sponsorship and the lawsuit is opportunityic saying he gave the postal service brand tremendous exposure and the seven tour de
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france titles were stripped because of doping. >> woman is lucky to be alive after a trip to the grocery store. a man in ohio grab add woman's purse in a store parking lot. she says she was putting groceries in the car and the man attacked her and tried to take her purse. the woman was determined and hung on to the purse while he held on, did you see that, and went into his car, he drove off, and dragged the woman with him for a short distance before she finally let go. police said the man had punched her in the head several times and she was not seriously hurt. police watching this are probably thinking, don't do that >> i admire her grit but let the purse go. can you buy another. >> twinkies could be back on store shelves sooner than you think.
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>> jane king has that and more. >> if you are looking for a job try the construction industry. home building consulting group says that the labor shot acknowledge in the home building is so acute in some parts of the country it could take years to rebuild the labor force needed to meet demand. >> listen up, twinkie lovers, it could be back on the shelves in the summer after the bankruptcy hostess will relaunch a georgia bakery that makes the treats. >> apple hinting no new products this summer but later to year and through 2014. apple announced a massive stock buy back and multibillion dollar dividend payments. >> you can leap tall buildings and see the new superman movie before almost everyone else, starting may 18, walmart will sell tickets for special advanced screenings of the new superman movie "man of steel," which will take place june 13 the night before the movie is
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released, the first time in entertainment history they are partnering with a retailer. that is the bloomberg business report. >> a new option for those tired waiting and all day for a package to be delivered. federal express now allows customers to recover a delivery in a two-hour window that will cost an additional $10 with a money-back guarantee. customers also have the obligation of rescheduling a delivery or sending the pack only to a different location for $5. >> no need to jump in the car, burger king is coming to you. they will soon offer delivery service at 15 of the bay area franchises. they is tried knit four other cities and they say it has improved sales and they are expanding to chicago, los angeles, and san francisco. the minimum order is $10. i was thinking of ordering breakfast but...a little problem, they don't deliver
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breakfast! sorry, folks. >> when you finish the forecast can you...go out. >> i can do that. >> you are delivering cooler weather so that is probably good enough. >> i turned the air on yesterday. not as warm as the day before but the house never cooled off. maybe you dealt with that, too? today is much better back to free ac for all as the sea breeze is back and the main layer wind. they are not bringing any rain anywhere right now and maybe some drizzle at the coast but probably not. the visibility at half moon bay is about four miles, so it is not along the ground but that is how you know it is main layer cloud versus fog. you can see the visibility and most of us are above four miles. here is a look great emeryville, or in the east bay hills high definition look of the full moon over the clouds hugging the bay and we are going to have sunshine today but at the coast
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where the clouds are more stubborn and they will move inland tonight and that will set the stage for the cool of the day tomorrow, the clouds will take a long-term to move back to the coast as we get in the weekend the marine lay fades away and brighter and warmer weather is along the way, but the coast will warm up. i will show you that in the seven-day outlook but, first, a look at what going on, 47 in santa rosa and napa is 46 and failed is 48 and livermore and union city is 49 and los gatos is 46. here is a look at the fog or the cloud forecast. you can see all of us are foggy at 9:00, and by 12 it is clearing but along the coast, it is just cloudy with a few pockets of sunshine developing and 50's for you. now what will happen in the seven-day outlook, cooler tomorrow, five- to ten-degrees cooler and we gain that friday as the sunshine will come out quicker and away from the coast,
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temperatures are 30 average, low-to-mid 70's an the bay and low 80's but, still, mid-50's at the coat. if you are headed to the day game, 12:45 first pitch, things are become to normal and sunshine and breezy and cool around 60 degrees. >> good morning, everyone, at almost 5:20. there could be fog along the coast and for those would were driving along the coast through half moon bay and pacifica use the low beams and not the high beams where it is clear is in san jose with a check of the drive along 87 and beyond the julian off ramp you is a few extra cars but looking clear with no crashes. we do have a crash and we will update this, over the altamont pass, as you head into livermore, westbound 580, you are down to 37 miles per hour, c.h.p. is running a traffic break to get two cars out of the lanes and speeds pick up as you head further into pleasanton and dublin/pleasanton.
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>> a handshake between microsoft bill gates and the president of south korea is spark debate and making headlines worldwide, this is video posted on youtube, could accuse bill gate of being rude for keeping a hand in the pocket while shaking hand. in korean culture a one handshake is appropriate only among friends but people of the same age or younger otherwise it is seen as expressing superiority to the other person. no comment from bill gates or from the president of south korea. >> firefighters in san bernardino credit an alert tow truck driver with spotting a massive landslide and calling 9-1-1. two people inside escaped after a leaking water pipe caused this landslide, a 25' wide fissure opened and the foundation plunged 150' downhill. the house, still; in place and engineers are working to save
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it. >> turning our attention to the weather, did you turn on the ac? >> i did. i did. i am not sorry. mike has had to, also. >> i turned it on. >> your wife threw it on? >> the wife. >> you threw her under the bus. >> what? what? >> you said you turned it on earlier. >> we, she, her, happy wife, happy life. first pitch you get free air conditioning at 59 with increasing sunshine and breezy temperature up to 62 as we round out our game. quiet radar wise, you can see the clouds along the coast and 59 at monterey and low 60's around san diego and near 90 through the central valley and 63 in tahoe. >> in the east bay as we take you to walnut creek, coming out of pleasant hill, we are looking
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at the southbound 680 and it looks like you are moving along pretty well out there although we have more and more cars piling on to the freeway and it is starting to bunch up as you come closer to 24 junction and, now, as we head over to the drive into the east bay, again, if you are headed along northbound 680 to fremont, to eastbound and westbound, washington boulevard on-ramp shut down until 6:00 a.m. and a quick look at the drive along 280 we have a wreck out there blocking a lane southbound side at woodside? >> a boxer ortiz lost on "dancing with the stars" last night with he and his partner getting knocked out of the game after six competitive weeks on the show. he never gave up and he first learned the foxtrot and then the jive and then the rhumba and is looking to return to boxing in a bout that means 15 remain on the
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show and he will reveal who he thinks will walk away with the trophy. >> safety questions continue to surround the new eastern span of the bay bridge, ahead at 6:30, the problems one engineer says could happen in the future if a fix does not happen now. >> boston crews work late into the night to re-open the street where two bombs exploded. ahead, new details we are learning from the young man accused of carrying out the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on a wednesday morning, we thank you so much for joining us, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. want to take it down a notch? >> like the temperatures? >> we don't have a choice. mike? >> the marine layer of clouds, we talked about those, they are back, with no precipitation.
5:27 am
still we are abnormally dry and to throw the "d" word out there is premature but in the valley and we will talk about that in the coming days. 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday, 15 to 19 around novato and santa rosa and livermore. we are running in the 40's in most neighborhoods and we have a few 50's, san jose, mountain view and san carlos and toward antioch, as far as today, we are in the low 60's and low 70's an the bay and cloudy at the coast and hugging 60 and a lot of sunshine inland upper 60's to upper 70's. >> as we take you into san jose we do have a report of a stalled clear on the julian on-ramp of the southbound side of 87 but northbound traffic is moving smootly coming into downtown san jose. back in the east bay, right out of tracy and livermore over the altamont pass, we are looking at 32 miles per hour and we still have the crash that has been
5:28 am
pushed to the shoulder westbound 580 at greenville road so a little bit of activity as we get a flatbed to tow the cars. >> new this morning, more bad news for the new eastern span of the bay bridge, a respected expert knows why some key bolts on the civilian have snapped and what caltran needs to to do make it safer coming with a warning. >> an expert says more bay bridge bolts could snap and come in years unless caltran identified the problem. a retired metals engineer did an analysis and gave it to the bay area transportation leaders this week and criticizes caltran for what he calls inadequate testing , of 200 high strength steel rods including 32 that broke in march because they were too brittle. caltran figures how to fix the bolts, the specialist in high strength steel, is recommending that the state test all bolts and replace those with could be
5:29 am
suspect and come up with new testing requirements for streel used on all public bridges. caltran will have an update on the fix this morning. a big retear job which could cost millions and take months. the new span is scheduled to open labor day weekend but if the fix is not taken care of it could be pushed back. >> investigators question boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev from his hotel room today. if russia, his mother is headed for a second day of f.b.i. interviews. the city took a step to resuming normalcy this morning. they just re-opened the scene of the bombing as officials are in southern russia to speak with the suspects' parents. >> suspected bomber dzhokhar
5:30 am
tsarnaev this morning has been upgraded to "fair" condition in boston hospital. his freeways and family come do his defense. >> my son is mustily. that is it. >> in russia the mother and older brother's mother claims they were innocent. >> i know my kids having in to do with this. i know it. i am mother. >> the friends released this video of him doing a robot dance, a sharp contrast with this look of the brothers carrying bombs through the crowd which are the with parts found in any hardware store including parts of a remote control toy car. the manager at this new hampshire fireworks store tamerlan tsarnaev material in february. in washington, dc, f.b.i. agents are trying to verify how and
5:31 am
where the bombs were made. >> we have minimal information from the individual in custody now. >> in boston, new steps toward healing, this morning, boylston street was re-opened to the public and yesterday, two more funerals for the victims, 8-year-old martin richard and m.i.t. police officer sean collier. >> vice president biden will be in boston this afternoon to speak at a memorial service for collier. police are investigating a fail shooting in downtown open before 10:30 last night. the bart station was evacuated and closed for an hour while detectives investigated. so far, police have not released any further information on the shooting. >> more developing news, san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the city that sent a person to the
5:32 am
hospital with life-threatening injuries shortly before 9:00 last night. police are now searching for a car that may been involved and investigators are trying to determine if this was gang-related. >> this morning, teachers of an east oakland middle school are holding a demonstration and they say the campus is unsafe for themselves and for students. teachers on 989th avenue will hold a call to action in front of the school at 7:00 and teachers blame a lack of leadership to growing safety problems and say several recent incidents have rattled nerves. a situation included a cash circling the campus last friday by two men identified as possible gang members. vallejo little league officials are pleading for politician protection after gun violence forced them to suspend the season after a shooting between two parents. over the weekend, league officials decided to resume games. players are back on the field but now parents want police to
5:33 am
patrol north lay -- vallejo little league games. >> it is dangerous out there. these are the faces on the field out there. don't let tragedy happen to these guys. >> our officers are stretched pretty thin. we have to go from one priority scale to another. >> they should have 160 sworn officers but only has 85. police say the best they can do is drive by the park when they are not overwhelmed with priority calls. >> california is on track to collecting $4 billion more than governor brown expected in personal income tax this career. the legislative analyst says the state has been posting strong tax collection this fiscal year and noted they continue to be robust after the april 15 filing deadline. the governor says were of the extra money will likely go to public schools and community colleges under proposition 98
5:34 am
the state education formula approved back in 1988. >> mike admits he had to turn, no, his wife had to turn on the air conditioning and we did, as well. >> necessity matter month did it, the household bill is higher >> the allergies could be too much to handle, then i would turn off the air conditioning. the southern surge is moving beyond the golden gate bridge and all the way up to the sonoma county coast and that is leaking into our valleys in the north bay. the crowd is not so...persistent or aggressive trying to get to the east bay valley. we have clouds with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's, cooler this morning. our day planner is jumping up to 73. 66 away the bay and 55 at the coast and the same type of temperatures at 4:00.
5:35 am
look, this evening, grab a coat, 50 at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for bay and inland. the next three days, tomorrow willing be the cooler and then we will jump up friday and saturday back above average away from the coast and in the low 70's saturday and near 80 inland. enjoy the cool weather while we have it. >> in time for the weekend. as we take a check of the maze westbound 80 is moving well but we are seeing more and more cars moving toward 580 and the bay bridge and speaking of which, a look at the bay bridge right now, the toll plaza shows the cash-paying lanes loading up and traffic in the middle lanes, fast track, it is moving swiftly out there and now i want to update you on our drive time traffic and four out of antioch is at 20 minutes and 580 headed out of tracy is 36 minutes, and 80 from highway 40 through the maze you are look at 18-minute drive out there. eric and kristen?
5:36 am
>> apple and samsung are continuing their bitter legal battle and a new despite lands the rivals in a south bay courtroom today. >> the two southern california women injured during the manhunt for fugitive christopher dorner are getting very big apology from the city of angels
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is the view from the camera as the view of san francisco as the sun is ready to rise. we will bring you the forecast and tell you about the fog and the traffic. >> more news right now a long time bay area baseball coach has pleaded not guilty to child molestation charges in contra costa county superior court. the 52-year-old resident turned himself in last month but was later freed on bail. he is accused of molesting two children after news of the arrest, a third victim came forward claiming he has been molested, back in the 80's. vote gays are looking to see if there are more victims. he held youth baseball coaching bags and owns batting cages in san leandro and will return to
5:40 am
court in may. >> the city of los angeles agreed to pay more than $4 million to two women who were hurt with police opening fire on them during the manhunt for ex-cop christopher dorner. a woman and mother were delivering newspapers and the lapd police officers fired at least 100 rounds. one was shot in the back and the other injured. they received $40,000 for a new truck. the crime spree ended when he died after a fiery stand off with authorities at big bear. >> after one of the driest winters on record in the bay area, the city of santa cruz is declaring it will be restricting the way residents use water next month. the lack of rain has left the river in santa cruz county extremely low. water officials took the worries to the city council which declared a water shortage alert. starting may one, no guardens can be warred between 10:00 and 5:00 p.m. with spraying surfaces
5:41 am
banned and all hoses must have a shut off and violators can be fined up to $500. >> you cannot wash your car and it gets dirty with a dry year, it is dirty. the city is having to balance the fees with environmental requirements. state and federal reservery -- state and federal fishery are not allowed to store extra water to store later. >> in the east bay, there will be plenty of water without extra restrictions with the water and reservoirs along with water coming from the sierra and rivers should be enough to cover current demand. >> attorneys for apple and samsung return to federal court in san jose and last month, the judge struck down half of the $1 billion in damages awarded to apple in the patent lawsuit against samsung. the judge agreed with the
5:42 am
lawyers that the jury had made some errors in calculations on the products where samsung infringed on apple pat spent calling for a new trial to set revised damage amounts. appear president contends the judge was in error and wants $895 of the damages to be re-instated. >> all the cheering you hearing on friday night this week, will be the warriors beating the nuggets to win game three because they won game two last night to even the bet of seven series a sizzling warriors shootout, they shot 65 percent from the floor, just under that, and that is a record for playoffs for the teens, and golden state beat the nuggets 131-117 snapping denver's 23-game winning streak at the pepsi center. they have been nailed at home but not on the road so that was a big strategic move.
5:43 am
>> shooting 65 percent sounds pretty good to me. >> that is good. >> especially on the road. stole home court advantage, that is big. they lost throw games during the regular season at home denver is all. very impressive. the a's won, didn't they have a four-game losing extreme the. >> 11 innings and they lost after the late rally. a nice night at the ballpark, though, and up early for an afternoon game. just now getting back to normal at at&t park. you can see how dry it is with the cloud cover out this. temperatures across san francisco from portrero hill at 46. same at forest hill. ocean beach, and san francisco, 48. mission district is 47. the upper market district is cooler at 45 degrees. 51 in belmont. 50 in palo alto. 53 at pittsburg. those the warm spots.
5:44 am
we have mid-to-upper 40's for the rest of us. the cooler weather is here. here is the cloud cover, high definition picture from our east bay hill down for what will be a sunny day. clouds tonight and cooler tomorrow morning, and during the afternoon hours but then the marine layer of clouds starts to get away, fade, from our forecast, and that means warmer weather is on the way. this is from mount tamalpais, dissuading clouds over the marin headlights and temperatures are warmer-than-average temperatures with livermore at 79 and napa 5976 and san jose at 73, one degree warmer and two degrees cooler-than-average in redwood city and san francisco. not bad considering we are 20 degrees warmer-than-average. by 9:00, the bay is full, by association, our valleys starting to clear and by noon the bay is clearing and the clouds are stuck and you are in the 50's. in the south bay we will have low-to-mid 70's and san jose at
5:45 am
73 and in the mid-70's around los gatos and san mateo the same. upper 50's along the coast and low do mid-60's in south san francisco and sausalito and upper 60's to mid-70's through your north bay valley the further you are away from the coast the warmer it is and napa at 75. mid-60's to low 70's for the east bay shore and treatment is the warm spot at 73 and we will have mid-70's to near 80 degrees in the east bay valley. 12:45 first pitch becoming sunny and breezy at 59 degrees and warming to 62. tomorrow's forecast shows the coolest of the seven-day forecast, by this time we get to saturday away from the coast temperatures are back to average. have a great day. >> at 5:48 as we look at the san mateo bridge the drive from hayward is look busy on flat portion of the bridge. then it picks up.
5:46 am
as we move into san jose if you are coming up to the airport it looks like northbound 101 away from 880 is moving swiftly out there with tail lights moving along in the southbound direction. in shows we have construction project so if you are headed along 880, toward 101, southbound side, we still have a couple of lanes blocked but the cones will be picked up shortly after this hour. this morning, the red cross is helping dozens of women and children forced from a people with's shelter because of a fire that started yesterday evening in san jose. sky 7 shows firefighters attacking the fire from the roof. they are not sure how it started. no one was hurt. >> bill that would extend last call for california bars is dead. a state senate committee killed the measure by san francisco democrat that would have let cities and counties petition the state to move the current 2:00 am closing back two hours.
5:47 am
he says the move would have helped boost tourism and revenues but critics say it would increase drunk driving and the crime rate around bars. >> senator feinstein is pushing a bill to expand yosemite national park that would add 1,600 acres to the park in yosemite "west," and hopes to protect the area from development which would vase the threat of fire, spoil wildlife habitat and ruin creeks. according to feinstein, the original champion, john muir, wanted the area included and says it would be acquired from willing sellers only and eminent domain would not be used. >> the buzz from a county that is bugged with new visitors. >> the big mystery at at&t park, who took a plaque dedicated to one of the most famous players? >> coming up at 6:00, apple reports the first earnings decline in a decade.
5:48 am
how is that affecting c.e.o.? we have the poll what e
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>> the natural air conditioning from the bay area and mike will tell us where the temperatures will be in a couple of minutes. >> if you use a clipper card you may have fewer privacy worries
5:51 am
in the future. transportation planners are voting to reduce the length of time your travel data can be storeed. right now they keep the information for up to seven years. the land is to reduce this to 4 1/2 years making it the same length of time that fast track data is saved. a lawmaker has introduced a bill to cut data retention time to six months but that is opposed. we will get the forecast from mike and an explanation for why they didn't turn the ac on, on the hottest day of the week waiting as the temperatures come down. mike? >> do you expect me to understand my wife? really, understand my wife? >> the house did not cool off after being so warm the day before. all that warm air trapped in there did not take so much to get it hot again.
5:52 am
moderate amount of weeds and grass are rising and here is what will happen across the state today, we will have near 90-degree temperatures through the central valley and 63 at tea how and afternoon sunshine and 62 in san diego, and leyla gulen, get me out of this. >> i will help you, mike, good morning, at 5:55 headed into san francisco where we have construction project wrapping up, this is along southbound 101 to eastbound 80 the connection ramp is shut down until 6:00 a.m. in a couple of minutes that will re-open. in the east bay we have this construction project, eastbound highway four between harper to leverage, we have a couple of lanes blocked. check out westbound traffic at 15 miles per hour from antioch and it starts to pick up the further you head into concord. this is the drive through walnut creek headed southbound along 680 toward 24 and busier at this hour but still moving and know accidents. >> a big birthday bash is being held this morning at pier 39 to
5:53 am
celebrate the 150th anniversary of the port of san francisco. san francisco's waterfront is unmistakable. the port was created when hinge link was president -- when abraham lincoln was president. there will be a day long activity including a treasure hunt. >> test flight of a solar powered plane is called a big success the solar impulse flew over the golden gate bridge and bay bridge yesterday with 12,000 solar cells on the 230' wing span in preparation for a cross country trip in may with the ultimate goal a drip around the world on solar power the. >> officials at at&t park will figure out who made off with a huge plaque honoring barry bonds, the 6' tall plaque was
5:54 am
bolted and glued beyond right field. stadium officials noticed it missing last week. all that is left is the glue residue. it was where the 766' home run landed. another plaque remains in place. >> crews are fogging key areas of contra costa county against mosquitoes with the fogging operation begin at 5:00 a.m. at holland track and on bethel island and they are prime mosquito breeding grounds. crews will spay until 6:30 with high wins forcing them to postpone the fogging yesterday. >> next at 6:00 a.m. we are live with bay area employees making six figures in overtime. >> an unexpected discovery, a man who found the boston marathon bombings suspect hiding
5:55 am
in his boat. >> how much more transit >> how much more transit passan) 3 days of walking
5:56 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> from the live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, boston crews worked late into the night to re-open the street where two bombs exploded over a week ago. this morning we hear from the boat owner would found the young suspect hiding from police. >> some san francisco firefighters are earning more than $100,000 in overtime and the d needs more money, they say. >> apple stock will resume trading in 30 minutes a day after they announce the first earnings decline in a decade, something to do with what share holds will be getting with more ahead but, first, what do you see in this picture? >> a beautiful bridge and clouds. high, puffy clouds. there are lower ones, too.
5:58 am
>> we did not have the clouds yesterday so does it make a difference? >> the marine layer is back. check out the colors, blues, yellows, oranges, what a beautiful shot from sutro tower. visibility shows the fog forming around santa rosa at 1.5 mile, and everyone else is marine layer clouds blanketing the neighborhoods and we will watch sfo to see if there are delays. around the may hang out in the mid-to-upper 60's for the afternoon and a few areas with the that sunshine around 4:00 could spike around 70. inland we are 20 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at mid-40's and hang out in the mid-70's for the afternoon with sunshine already by noon and clouds will be stubborn and the temperature hangs out at 49 and low do mid-50's for the better part of the day. dress appropriately. here is traffic. >> give yourself extra time before you head out, a sea of
5:59 am
headlights westbound along 80, with heavy conditions, and there is the university avenue overcrossing and you are looking at 20 minutes new to get define highway 4 to the maze so it is piling up, and as we day in the e-bay, headed along westbound 580, the crash to the shoulder looking at 26 miles per hour over the altamont pass, and the crash westbound 580 at greenville road is on the shoulder but still some active scene and we have a stalled car up ahead in livermore westbound 580 at livermore avenue and you can see plenty of red behind it but it loosens up headed further in pleasanton and dublin. kristen? >> we start with the boston bombings, the city re-opened the street where the two pressure cooker bombs exploded more than a week ago and we are now hearing from the man who discovered the suspect hiding in his boat. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more.


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