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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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were very confused and some were forced from their homes. oakland police served 16 high-risk narcotics and weapons-related search warrants. police threw grenades into the apartment building at 7th last night in oakland and residents describe chaos. >> i heard the "boom." i ran outside. my kid was outside playing. i got to the lobby there were so many police in the lobby they put me up against the wall and asked if i had any guns and i said i was looking for my kid. police made several arrests and recovered weapons and drugs. no one was hurt in the operation. they worked into the night and does not wrap up until 1:00 o'clock this morning. they served warrants in hayward, san leandro and antioch. police have said they will give
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more information on what they did last night and what they recovered later today. >> developing news investigators wrapped up a late night in san jose after a car plowed into a house sending a mother and her daughter to the hospital. it happened on lee avenue around the corner from lee high school near los gatos border. two teen drivers were street racing and one crashed and slammed through the front door of a home injuring the 40-year-old her and her nine-year-old daughter. neighbors rushed to help them. >> the car was lodged between the kitchen, the hall and the living room and a small hole 2.5' diameter. i could not get in. she got in. >> she was in fetal position. it was a perfect little shot for her body and she was in between some cabinets and a wall and the front portion of the car...
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>> the girl is doing fine but her mother remains in critical condition. three people in one of the cars were also injured. no charges have been filed. >> from boston, the surviving suspect in the boston marathon has a new lawyer and a different attitude with the interrogators. katie marzullo, there has been a lot going on. >> there has. the associated press is quoting four anonymous political officials and reporting dzhokhar tsarnaev has stopped talking. the 19-year-old was cooperating and admitting his rollover 16 hours of questioning but investigators were surprised when a judge and someone from the united states came to the hospital room and assigned his rights. the investigation intensifies into older brother's tamerlan tsarnaev history traveling which
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was included on two u.s. data watch bases in 2011 after russia requested assistance from russia and -- the f.b.i. and c.i.a. >> the f.b.i. took action and investigated the older brother and came to the conclusion there was no derogatory information, no indication of terrorist activity or association with other foreign or domestic at that time. >> another question, are his parents traveling? conflicting information on their plans. some reports say the father is on his way and could be in the united states tomorrow. someone still needs to claim the body. multiple reports say the mother decided not to travel at all. we know she is facing shoplifting charges in the united states. >> something nice this morning for the people in boston as life starts to return to boylston street. the mayor announced there will be free parking on the street and surrounding area as a boost for businesses that had to be
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closed for nine days during the investigation. >> bart officials will review safety protocol to better protect passengers following the boston bombings and a foiled railroad attack in canada. the "san francisco examiner" reports at the board of director's meeting they will talk about new communication strategy, training programs and improving relationship with other agencies. bart is concerned of increasing number of people who camp out in stations and the lack of officers. >> police made an arrest in a vallejo shooting that ended a little league season nearly. 24-year-old man was taken into custody on attempted murder. he and ear attended a t ballgame on wednesday and they got in an argument and he followed the man into the parking lot and shot at him with bullets hitting the car but no one was hurt. parents and employers are asking city lowers to provide police
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protection for future games. >> a man is in custody in santa clara after a tense stand off with police in a residential neighborhood. this is video from sky 7 at at the scene last night. police say they were called at after shots were fired. there are no injuries. investigators do not know what led to the shooting but the suspect surrendered peacefully before 10:00. >> in the east bay hercules is the latest bay area city to see a rash of home burglaries. the police department says 11 residential burglaries have been reported so far this month compared to two in april of last year. they are concerned because five happened on monday between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. the common method is to knock to see if anyone is home and if no one answers they break in. police think the same suspects are behind all the burglaries focused primarily in east and southeast hercules. >> a 78-year-old woman is
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treated for smoke inhalation as she was rescued from her burning home. here is a photograph of the woman trapped on the 10th floor balcony when a grease fire broke out the smoke poured from the unit at the apartment building at 7th and market after 6:00 yesterday. the woman screamed for help from her balcony, firefighters put up a ladder to the balcony to get to her and carried her down nine flights of stairs. >> woman is recovering after her son jumped into action and saved her from a house fire. according to our media partner the "san jose mercury news" it broke out in south san jose in the bedroom of a house at verde drive. she was smoking in bed and could not get up. her son heard the smoke alarm and came to her rescue. >> in san francisco now the first part of the new tunnel
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boring machines for the central subway construction project are lowered into place below 4th street this morning. the two-tunnel boring machines from china will be assembled piece by piece in four to six weeks and take aim at this wall and excavate their way 1.5 miles past china town for the new subway. the municipal transportation agency photos show the machines with a cutterhead 20' in diameter with gear 300' long. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more on the new giant drills next half hour. >> the drills didn't look like that when i was growing up. >> it has been cooling down. mike nicco, does that continue? >> the cool down will continue. check out the winds. notice how they are coming in from the ocean and it is fanning out throughout the bay into our inland neighborhoods.
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as we talked about everyone is waking up to a gray sky and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's. at noon, a few pockets of sunshine open in the east bay valley but the north bay and the bay itself will be cloudy and the south bay will see sunshine by noon. the temperatures are low-to-mid 60's and only 52 at the coast. most of us have sunshine by 4:00 and there will be lingering clouds around the bay and at the coast and temperatures are in the mid-50's and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60's so temperatures are going to be much cooler than they have been. today is the coolest day in the forecast. grab a coat for the evening at 50's to near 60. the weekend, starting tomorrow, we will have quicker sunshine and two to six degrees warmer and well warm up a little bit on saturday after morning clouds with afternoon sunshine and look at the surge of summer warmth, 80 to 88 degrees bay and inland and no comfort at the coast and 60. we will see if there is any comfort in your commute.
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>> pretty were. at 4:38 we are looking at the san jose drive coming along to 80 away from 17. it looks like your traffic is thin at this hour. we do have some construction in certain parts of the bay area and as we look at our ways map as you travel along 101 northbound it is coming away from atherton, we will have a couple of lanes locked until 6:00 a.m. and in the east bay we are taking the drive eastbound along 580 you will have a couple of lanes block. one lane remains open only and headed away from the toll plaza to canal boulevard and that is going to be picked up at 6:00 a.m. kristen and eric? >> it is 4:39. amazing video from the gulf coast as explosions rip through barges, the tactic firefighters are using right now to battle the names. >> also, what was he thinking in how the driver got out of this collision in one piece. >> the airline that is promoting
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mile-high flirting rebeginning "friendly skies" but first
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there were a string of explosions in mobile bay, alabama, with up to seven explosions in all including the one you see caught on camera and three people are in critical condition. the barges were empty and now crews are trying to determine how much raw gasoline was on board. they are letting the fires burn themselves out to minimize the risk and the coast guard is not letting ships in the area and has impose add three-mile no-fly
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zone. >> frightening video from china to check out. watch as this truck comes down on a tollbooth. boom. it looks like the driver did not try to stop or swerve. the passenger was severely injured but the driver was only bruised. the tollbooth was crushed no toll collector was if there. no word why the driver did not slow down. >> group from the san francisco archdiocese is planning a prayer service at the site where a man was shot and killed by police. the medical examiner identified the victim, the person, as 60 -year-old man shot in portrero hill neighborhood on wednesday. the suspect called 9-1-1 himself to report that he stabbed him brother-in-law and then arrived the suspect attacked them with a hammer and was shot. the brother-in-law suffered serious injuries from the stabbing but is expected to survive. >> san francisco police say the city's latest murder appears to
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be gang-related. it happened in the bayview district yesterday afternoon. the victim was shot inside his car open hudson avenue, and investigators say the man stumbled over to a skating area and paramedics performed cpr but he died at the hospital. >> a major effort to clean up bay area highways will get underway in a few hours. caltran and the c.h.p. are joining forces for clean up and enforcement day. starting at 9:00, crews will pick up trash on 101 in san francisco, 280 in san jose, and highway 92 in hayward to name a few. the c.h.p. will look for drives who toss liter from the windows. during the event last year crews state-wide collected the equivalent of 10,000 garbage trucks of trash. >> love is in the air, not just a cliche for burlingame virgin america with a new in-flight love connection taking off.
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abc7 news reporter has more. >> you could expect to semen and women buying a drink for someone, and now the time-honored ritual is moving to airline flights. >> it is weird because you are in a confined space. >> wish i would have thought of that. >> the founder of virgin america airlines is program meting the mile high love connection idea in a not so subtle sales pitch the. >> my guide to getting lucky at 35,000'. >> pictures provided by virgin america show how it works passengers can use the screen in front of them to find the seat number of a love interest and send him or her a drink. >> it is clever. non-bought me a drink so i don't know, really, how i feel about it but i would not object.
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>> hmmmm probably not something i would want, someone sending a drink to me because you are obligated to talk to that person or you feel somewhat obligated and you are stuck on a bus in the sky. >> it is further evidence of technology running our lives. >> a senior editor says --. >> the reality are people are more comfortable talking and flirting through electronics than in person because they do not have to deal with rejection so you have this on a plane it makes it easier and less intimate dating. >> we saw delays at sfo because of the weather. >> you don't want to talk about that? you? you? >> i concur with the lady who said you are stuck in the area is it i don't get awkward. i am worried about the morning.
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>> there will be delays. >> they will be showing delays at sfo but you can check our flight tracker at the bottom or call. you can see it is dry with all the cloud cover and you can see the clouds are streaming across san francisco during the afternoon hours taking longer to get sunshine than yesterday so today will be our cool of the day in the forecast. it will be cloudy the next couple of nights and we will have strong warming and no more clouds in the overnight hours sunday to monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. as far as the temperatures we are running, again, mostly in the 50's and it is warmer this morning than this time yesterday from one in mountain view to nine in napa and novato and oakland but with the cloud cover and the breeze it feels cooler. maybe it is psychological because of the clouds it means it is cool outside. the clouds are everywhere this
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morning. they are surging through 9:00 inland and the tapering in the east bay valley and the south bay first so by noon you have sunshine and north bay and bay showed clouds and it will take until 2:00 before we get the north bay and the coast clear and there will be lingering clouds but not so many as at the coast. in the south bay, upper 60's, for most of us. up the peninsula we will start in the upper sifts h 60's and drop to the low 60's and a brisk day at the coast with mid-50's and upper 50's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 60. only mid-50's at the beaches. at the east bay shore, low-to-mid 60's and fremont is 68. warmest weather is average at low-to-mid 60's in the east bay valley. the seven-day outlook shows the faster sunshine tomorrow at two to six degrees warmer and the run at the upper 80's to near 90 next week inland!
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still, though, 60's at the coast. >> we have construction in san francisco that will block the connection between southbound 101 to eastbound 80 shut down until 6:00 a.m. further down the peninsula, the eastbound 237 to northbound 85 is also shut down until 6:00 a.m. so you may see the detours in place and we are looking at clear conditions. if you are traveling 101 we do not have too much traffic and we are this good shape at 280. we have this accident, a solo vehicle spinout northbound highway nine at sanborn and that is not causing any delays through the santa cruz mountains. eric or christian? >> california would no longer get psychiatric patients without escorts from neighboring nevada, any mentally ill patient discharged from nevada state facilities is accompanied by a chaperone, family member, legal
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guardian or state employee after a federal probe into one nevada state psychiatric hospital buying gray hour tickets for discharged patients many ended up in san francisco or los angeles. >> four national park sites are facing budget cuts because of the federal sequestration. according to our media partner, the "contra costa times", the following parks are open fewer day, eugene o'neal national historic site and john muir in martinez and the world war ii home front national memorial park in richmond and the port chicago naval magazine national memorial in concord. the parks also will not hire seasonal help during the summer months. >> new york city officially canceled the fleet week festivity and san francisco may not be far behind after the navy said they would not send ships to the may event because of sequester cuts. san francisco's event lost the blue angels and the parade of
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ships. >> we have not officially canceled but without the navy and the marines participating, without the parade of ships, it would be incredibly hard with the blue angels. >> san francisco fleet week usually brings in $65 million to the local economy. >> 100 jobs are up for grabs in the north bay. what you need to know to get your foot in the door. >> victory for the environment. a south bay cement plant agrees to clean up its act. ahmed on the cutting edge in a new discovery.
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>> a new wal-mart will open in vallejo and nearly 100 jobs are available, according to our media partners, the store is under construction on sonoma boulevard with plans to open
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this summer. a temporary hiring center is open across the street from the new location, wal-mart is taking applications for 95 part time and full time positions including cashiers and pharmacy workers. you are encouraged to apply online if you are interested with a link on our website at >> the a's are hosting a game tonight. last night it got chilly and breezy. >> as it is this morning. >> great question. the baltimore orioles are here to take on the a's at 7:05 first pitch and it will be breezy with increasing clouds. dress for chilly conditions. we will drop down to the mid-50's. across the state it is quiet and you can see cloud cover spilling from the coast inland to neighborhoods and we will be cooler today in sacramento at 79 with sunshine around tahoe and maybe a scattered shower and down to san diego and los angeles upper 60's and near 90
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the warm spot and palm spring. >> as we look at the travel time, everything is running at top speed, if you are running along highway 4 to go between antioch and concord, from the central valley to dublin from tracy it will be 21 minutes. westbound not maze is 13 minutes so everything is clear and accident-free today and very quiet on this friday eve. as we take a look outside, here is a picture in the east bay, walnut creek from pleasant hill, a smooth commute moving up to 24 but you can see a fiesta tail lights as you come up on the 24 junction. >> it is 4:55. >> local company will reduce the toxins that end up if a local creek. the cement company has agreed to
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restore 3.5 miles of the creek which flows into the san francisco bay. the company was first sued in 2011 and a federal court must approve the agreement. >> a study suggests the first warning signs for autism could come early stages of a child's live. yale researchers say it is the placenta of a newborn and they can identify whether they are a sibling of an autistic child would be would nine times more likely to develop the condition l is no way to know for sure until they are at least a year older. the cases have skyrocketed in the united states to one in 50 kids today, the study is in the journal of biological psychiatry. >> researchers may have a clever way to help you lose weight. rather than see how many calories a food item have, some make better choices when they see how much exercise is needed to burn the calories.
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researchers printed menus with the number of minutes of brisk walking it would take and those who order from the menus orded less than those who saw menus that displayed calories. >> next, at 5:00, the big dig in san francisco will take big equipment to tunnel the central subway. we will show you how big. >> fighting crime with the click of a mouse, san jose police launch a major new tool to help neighborhoods protect themselves.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. our time is 5:00, thanks for waking up early and joining us. >> first a check on the weather. >> thank you very much. we start off by opening the weather window and looking at the clouds from the roof toward the bay bridge and toward the port of oak. -- oakland. nothing from the falls but drizzle from the higher elevation, and up to 3,000' and possible drizzle at the coast but no reports yet. unfortunately, we need some rain, but just not going do have any although it will be cooler today. we the be partly cloudy an the bay with temperatures 59 in san francisco and 68 in fremont as we head to the coast mid-50's


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