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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we found one party in the water, hanging off the bow, and then three members of the crew. >> abc7 cameras captureed the rescue in progress. four man trapped on a burning bottom, saved moments before it became engulfed in displaims fire crews were sporessed to stand on the sidelines. the men out fishing today were trapped on their burning boat three-quarters of a mile out from candlestick point, and reaching them wasn't easy. we were there when they were
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brought to shore. reporter: the boat's owner says he doesn't know why it burst into flames this morning. he is only glad that rescue crews were able to rescue him that quickly. >> this 21-foot fishing boat is in flames about three-quarters of a mile off candlestick point. you can see three men of the bow of the boat, attempting to stay away from the flames and smoke. one man is in the water. the owner says at 9:30 a.m. saturday, just of his engine sounded funny. >> killed the engine. started up again. then heard this zap, poof, and then flames report report he said the flames swept up through the boat quickly. they used a fir extinguisher with little result. >> one friend win went into the water bass the smoke was overwhelming. >> mike was watching watching ta this morning. >> i want want to be on the boat, in. small boat. looked like. and nowhere to go with a fire
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like that. >> 9-1-1 calls brought out the fire boats from coast guard and san francisco. but with the tide out the water was too shallow for boats to reach the crew. the only rescue boat that could reach the stranded fishermen was marine of the san francisco police department. you can see the boat pluck one man from the water as the other three jumpedded a -- jumped aboard. >> we have probably one of the fastest boats on the bay and capable of getting into shallow water. part of our homeland security unit. >> the four men were brought appoint in south san franciscoy pie and paramedic units were related. three were treated and one was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the boat was slowly differenting and burning in the late afternoon. monitored bay south san francisco buyer boat. the boat was toed in here to
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oyster point an hour ago, total loss. the man at the hospital for smoke inhalation has been treated and released. >> ama: now to the latest developments in the boston bombings investigation. abc7 news has obtained a government document suggesting the two suspects may have had outside help. here's a report from boston. reporter: investigators are increasingly suspicious that the tsarnaev brothers had to have had technical advice to build their bomb. a government document obtained by abc7 news -- abc news said the alleged bombers knew more about bombmaking than they could learn from the al qaeda magazine inspire. that raises the specter that older brother might have been trained in more advanced bomb raking on a trip he made to russia. >> did he receive training, what type, what individuals did he deal with. >> the boston bombs were
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detonated by a remote control from a toy. the surviving suspect spent his first full day here in a federal prison hospital. much to the relief of some at boston's beth israel hospital where he was until friday. >> i'm pretty happy he is not here anymore. i think it will take the stress and the pressure off of the patients that are here being treated from the bombing. reporter: as boston slowly and painfully heals, boylston street where the bombs went off, re-open for people and business. >> we're looking to move forward, and we're looking to get back to our normalcy,, let that process start. >> the bombings youngest victim, martin richard, didn't live to play in his first little league game of the season. he was remembered with jerseys in his name and his team mates honored him with a moment of silence, and this memorial
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painted in center field. >> ama: one of the clues that may have helped determine the bombs were detonated by remote control is this small battery, it's used in remote controls and was found among the bomb's remnants. the fbi visited the company and collected information on customers who purchased the batteries. >> another developing story tonight. the fbi has made a new arrest in the poison letters sent to the president and senator. the agency says everett dutschke was arrested. the letters were sent last week to president obama, senator roger wicker of mississippi and earlier to an 80-year-old mississippi judge. dutschke insists he is innocent. due -- developing news out of the nation's capital.
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the furloughed of air traffic controllers are over and full staffing is expected tomorrow. the federal aviation administration says it has spend ud all employee fur lows elm the move comes after the legislation that stopped the furloughs theft fur lows caused flight delays for thousands of travelers. police in the eastern contra costa county city of pitburg are trying to find a suspected kidnapper who tried to abduct a two-year-old girl. this man is described as a white man, 30 years old, with blonde hair. yesterday's kidnapping happenedder in rain drop circle, near busy will low pass road in pittsburg. the girl was with her mother in the front yard of a home when the man picked the girl up and start running. he dropped her in some bushes about 50 feet away. she was traumatized but up
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hammer. >> sheriff were confronted by an angry mob in oakland this morning of a freeway chase interrupted a side show. the car chase began in unincorporated san leandro and ended at 106th avenue and macarthur boulevard at 1:00 a.m. the intersection was the site of a side show and people began throwing rocks and bottles at deputies. several people were handcuffed but there were no reports of arrests. >> belmont police want you to take a good look at this surveillance photo of an armed robber who hit the city bank just before 6:00 p.m. yesterday. you can see he pointed a gun at the teller. then demanded money. the gunman got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. the police ask nip with information to give them a call. >> hundreds of job-seekers lined up today looking to land a summer gig at the america's cup concert pavilion. the venue's operator is hiring 100 seasonal workers from ticket
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takers to food vendors and ushers for the 9,000 seat pavilion. the positions pay 10.55 an now san francisco, minimum wage. the job fair attracted a good number of people who live in the city. >> good for san francisco residents because with the economy and you have to get what you can get if you're experienced and if it's in your city. >> ama: coming up new at 6:00, find out why people who already have jobs also turned out in big numbers at the job fair. >> a relaxing fishing trip suddenly became a hair -- harrowing experience. >> a long day. a long 20 hours. >> ama: a bay area man and his sister talk about the vacation that nearly killed them, and how they helped each other stay alive. first, ready for takeoff again. what boeing did to get the okay for its troubled dreamliner to fly again. >> leigh: this is the last
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weekend in april, and temperatures will start to warm. get ready for a big warmup next week. my
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>> ama: after beinggroundded for more than three months boeing's 787 dreamlineer took of today. the faa declared the dreamliner safe to fly after they approved boeing's plan to fix batteries on the planes. all nip upon airplane flights won't restart until september 15th. >> youth baseball officials in
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north valley comiewptz are bringing life-saving equipment to bay area fields after a scary incident this month. roanoke park, cal cal ripken baseball, is buying four heart defibrillators. one of the players was hit in the chest with a pitch and his heart stopped. the little league is buying two of the devices. bay area residents did their part to rid their homes of unwanted prescription drugs today. drug takeback events were held around the bay, including in oakland. law enforcement agencies accepted unwanted and expired medication, no questions asked. the event coincides with a national drug takeback event organized by the dea. they have collected over a thousand tons of prescription drugs at these events. >> up next.
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stranded. surrounded by sea, their boat submerged. they were lost. what the brother and sister counted on to get to dry land. >> we can see the return of temperatures in the
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>> ama: tonight we're hearing from a san francisco man and his sister about their harrowing experience, stranded at sea during a caribbean vacation. they arrived in florida yesterday. last sunday the boat they chartered for a fishing trip started to fill with water eight miles off the coast. swells separate them from the boat's crew.
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they did the only thing they could do, started swimming for shore. it was a grueling 14 hours, fighting hypothermia to survive. >> see land in the distance and started swimming in that direction, and then it would just appearle intermittently as we swam, but we felt the wind behind us and tried to use that. >> it was completely surreal, watching the boat going underwater. >> ama: incredible. battered and a bit bruised, the two made it to a small beach and spent the night eating bananas and mangos, farmer spotted them the next day and helped them to safety. >> thousands people in the bay area laced up their walking shoes to walk for babies. the march of dime event raises money to keep moms and babies healthy. nancy dean was there with her family.
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her twins were born at 29 weeks. >> i was feely pretty sad, and upset about them coming into the world so early, and coming down here and seeing all the families and seeing all the children that were big and running around, gave us a lot of hope that everything would be okay, and kind of pulled us out of the funk we were sliding into, three march for babies events were held across the bay area today. >> it's time to check on the weather, which is warming up. >> leigh: yes, indeed. in fact, inland locations today, warmed by as much as five degrees and get ready for more of that as we head into sunday and as we mentioned here, 90s rush next week. live doppler 7hd not picking up any returns as high pressure starts to build in. here's a look from the san jose cam. a lot of blue sky and current readings, 56 in san francisco,
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and that's where the fog has been moving in and out of the coast today. oakland, 63. 69 in san jose right now. half moon bay, 57. light fog. santa cruz, 69. you can see the finger of fog -- the arm of fog moving into the golden gate, in towards alcatraz'. this i high definition mt. tamalpais camera. 79 in santa rosa, napa. 83 in fairfield. 80s, livermore, 82, 76, in los gatos, here's a look at the forecast highlights. fog will remain near the coast and bay overnight. those of you inland, look for clear conditions. more warming tomorrow. then a real warming trend will take place wednesday, thursday, and friday, next week. lows tonight will keep everyone upper 40s in the north bay to mid-to-low 050s and richmond, oakland, san francisco, you can see where the fog will be sitting overnight. high pressure, yes, starting to
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build in. it will continue to keep the storm track well to the north of us, and as this thing gets closer to us, that's when even the coast will start to warm up, especially as we head into wednesday and thursday next week. so, we'll look for warmer conditions inland tomorrow. we'll keep the fog near the coast tomorrow. that's where temperatures will remain generally in the upper 50s to low 60s, but hang on, you'll warm up the first of may. hoarse the animation travesty. overnight, look for the fog to redevelop. 4:00 tomorrow morning, you can clearly see even in the north bay, protect it valley areas, the fog will scoot by or hug the coast. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and then see it pull just a little off the coast. by around 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning, but if you have plans to head to the beach, be prepared. you will be on the cool side of this weather system and the fog will be patchy.
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sunday, 82, san hoe says. 74, santa cruz. 76 for palo alto. 69, san mateo. sap francisco, few degrees warmer at 66. we'll keep some fog near the sunset district. north bay, 7. -- north bay, 77. oakland tomorrow, 72. interior east bay, temperatures warming. livermore 86, 83 for concord. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we may see temperatures dip a little bit heading into monday by a degree or two and then look for the 90s to return wednesday, this, friday. may will arrive. >> ama: thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports. they're flashing us back to the 70s. >> mike: back when i was a star. the oakland a's dominated major league enable the 19 70s.
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four world straight titles. today they celebrated the 30th
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>> mike: we tip off with the golden state warriors who win denver after the win last night. steph curry continues to be a medical miracle and he was a game-time decision with a left ankle injury, then appeared to hurt his hamstring but didn't stop him from being a beast in the fourth. 29 points and 11 assists. the first warrior to tally at
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least 25 points and 10 assists in back-to-back games. the warriors are looking to take the lead heading back to denver. >> we are in a good position. we have to treat sunday's game like game seven, and we get up 3-,going into denver with the 3-1 lead, that's huge. >> mike: today, nets and bulls. needed three overtimes to determine the winner. around binson, pulls up two but with two seconds left, joe johnson, the runner at the buzzer ties it. to the third ot, both teams exhausted. mohammed lays it in. bulls with the lead. chicago hangs on to take the 3-1 series lead, 142-134 the final. >> 40 years ago this season the oakland a's won their second of three straight world series titles beating the mets in seven games. today in the coliseum a reunion was held.
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the team was known for the green and gold unforms, white shoes, facial hair like rollie fixers, nick naims like blue moon odom, and cash fish hunter, and the original bad boy, reggie jackson. >> put my hat on. wear my a's hat. i wear my a's hat when i play guam worked for the yankees and love the yankees but the a's argentina part of me that goes back forever. >> mike: a's led 2-0 in the fourth but with man on fourth. markakis delivers the bomb and ties the game. next batter, the former a, sal bando, looking on. griffin had seven strikeouts. a.j. got no offensive help. bases loaded in the ninth. jed lowery, the game ending play. >> informant informant draft day, and marcus lattimore was an
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elite runningback at south carolina but thought his career was over after a right knee injury last season. now he is a 49er. selected interest the fourth around, 131st overall in 29 games he set a school record with 38 rushing touchdowns, ran for over 2600-yard and was the ncaa freshman of the year in 2010. he is working out, should be ready for training camp. >> final day of the draft for the niners, picked up quinton patton, quinton dial, and nick mood use, the raiders took quarterback tyler wilson out of arkansas, took tight ends. central flafs -- and just selected missouri western defensive end david bass in the seventh. more from the as and the draft at 6:00.
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>> ama: in a half hour at 6:00, grass fire in san jose. tonight what firefighters say caused the blaze. >> a piece of hollywood history returned nearly 20 years after its wag stolen. an international beard competition was held today in germany. in the competition was especially hairy with 100 men, and you can get in on this growing trend. the san jose sharks are holding
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a beard-a-thon during the playoffs. >> tonight on "world news" from washington breaking news in the case of the boston bombers tonight. russian authorities reaching out to the u.s. telling investigators here they recorded phone conversation between one of the suspects and miss mother, conversations that said up red flags. under arrest, the fbi zeros in op the man they say was behind the twisted plot of ricin laced letters. a giant piece of a plane found more than a decade later in a tiny alley in manhattan. many ask how did it go unnoticed all these years and how did it really get there? comedian in chief, washington preparing for presidential punch lines. >> four years ago i looked like this. today i


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