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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  April 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> lisa: just a little while ago officers started going door to door with this flier in hand. a sketch of a man police say tried to kidnap a little girl yesterday afternoon. police hope the man in the flyer will look familiar to someone who can help identify him. the attempted kidnapping happened just before 2:00 here at snow flake way and raindrop circle. the man walked up to a two-year-old girl as she played in her driveway. he grabbed her and started running. her mother screamed and chased the suspect, who topped the little girl in bushes and kept running. police have been searching the neighborhood for clues. special search dogs were brought no to try to catch the suspect's seen -- scent. those who live neared are scared and worried about the children in the neighborhood. >> there are other little kids around in the neighborhood, and makes me wonder. i don't nope what these people have in mean or whatever, what
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you do with a kid, but it's a little concerning, and i will keep an eye out for them. >> police are also going to businesses along willow pass road, store owners are posting the flier in their windows. here's is another look at the sketch. a white male in this 30s. police are looking for the car he may be driving. a mid-90s marine or burgundy ford explorer. back here live now. one thing i do want to mention police believe this man will strike again if not caught soon. >> ama: four fishermen out looking for today's catch ended up trapped aboard their burning boat. abc7 news news cameras there are and tomas roman was there when they were brought safely back to
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shore. reporter: the four friends thought it would be another day, fun day on the bay fishing. brian gee, who owned the boat, says he doesn't know what went wrong. >> in the names- -- flames were to big to happen. >> he is the owner of the fishing boat in flames. three men can be seen on the boat's beau farce from flames as possible. one man in the water. gee says at 9:30 a.m. his engine misfired. >> i heard a zap and a poof and then flames. >> he says the flames and thick black smoke swept up from the boat quickly. a fire extinguisher couldn't handle the flames. >> one friend went into the water because the smoke was overwhelming. >> the 9-1-1 call brought out the boats. but with the tide out the water was too shalley for the fire boats to get close enough to put out the fire and boats to reach
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the crew. marine 7 of the san francisco motion department was able to get into the shallows to rescue the men. you can see them come along expied pluck one man from the water and the other the jumped board. the response was ten minutes. >> we have one have fastest boats on the bay and can get into shallow water. part of our homeland security unit. >> in the four men were brought ashore where fire and paramedic units are waiting. three men was treated and released. one taken to kaiser hospital. after smoldering in the bay for three hours, the boat was toed -- towed into pout by the firefighters. >> we went out with marine 20 check -- marine 7 and check to make sure it didn't become a navigation hazard, and the man who what hospitalized was treated and released.
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>> ama: new at 6:00, the grass fire in san jose burned five acres today before firefighters got handle on it. officials tell us the fear gap just before 2:00 this afternoon, in a homeless camp on communications hiller in highway 87. took nearly two hours to put out the fire because the firefighters had trouble getting to the fire and had to battle high wounds. >> maintenance sharing his story of miraculous -- >> he and his sister nearly drowned on vacation. they went on a fishing trip but to the boat they were on began taking on water and sank. the siblings slept 14 hours in the water swimming towards land. >> intense, long 20 hours. >> we were very lucky, found a very small sliver of beach, and we were able to get to safety that way. >> once on the beach-the-siblings spent the night eating mangos and bananas.
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a farmer found them the next day. >> a car chase turned into a violent confrontation for alameda county sheriffs deputies. the car deputies were chasing exited westbound 580 and ended up at 106th avenue and macarthur where a side show was on the way. the people at the side show pelted the sheriff's deputies with rocks and bottles. >> on the streets of oakland n.i.c.e. night, triple shooting killed a teenager and wounded two people. happened at 9:30 on 53rd 53rd street. the 19-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene man. and woman are expected to recover from their wounds. the shooting happened around the corner from where 21-year-old mother was shot to death in her car wednesday night in front of her son. new developments tonight in the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. the fbi lab has confirmed the two bombs used were detonated using toy car remotes.
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not with cell phones. batteries in the remotes were manufactured by a bay area company, fremont based energy corporation. and western intelligence officials secret lidrecoed a conversation between one of the bombing suspects and his mother who is currently living in southern russia. the pair vaguely discussed jihad in their conversation. the mother was placed on a u.s. terror watch in 2011. and fbi agents finished sweeping a landfill near massachusetts. they were looking for explosive materials that it may have been thrown away be the brothers. they have not revealed what, if anything, was recovered. >> the long flight delays case by the fir low of -- furlough of air traffic controllers will be a think -- thing of the past by monday. some airports, especially those in the new york area, have seen delays up to two hours in the
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past week. >> still to come at 6:00. a piece of hollywood history is returned nearly 20 years after it was stolen. the bay area connection just ahead. >> plus, the unusual sight in the sky tonight. what is out there and why now is the time to catch it. >> leigh: if you're in the east bay you can see that. near the coast the fog will remay. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. you can already see the fog making its way into sa
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>> a classic car you may recognize from the movie "pulp fiction" has been recovered in the bay area. the 1964 chevelle malibu belongs to director quintin tarantino. thieves stole the car in 198 4. last week it was tracked down to oakland. no one will face charges because i happened so long ago. >> a chance to be part of the solution to end sexual violence was -- participants walked a path that had shirts on a clothes line. the walk is sponsored by san
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francisco women against rape, who provide support for assault survivors. members of the san francisco symphony spent part of their saturday supporting colleagues in minnesota. ♪ >> ama: the symphony played a benefit concert at st. mary's church. all proceeds go to the minnesota orchestra and the st. paul chamber orchestra. those musicians have been locked out of their job for 18 months. >> hundreds line up hoping to become part of this summer's marys -- america's cup. what they're looking for, just ahead. a beautiful saturday as you see fog rolling in, meteorologist rogue league lying is up with the fast. >> the aye's sell bratting the 1973 world series champions with a reunion. the
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>> ama: the america's cup is ramping up and organizers are
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now hiring and hundreds of hopefuls showed up at their job fair today. >> the america's cup pavilion may be empty now but soon the venue on the embark dare rewill be the destination for upwardded of 20 concerts. organizers hoping to fell the 9,000 feet paflon for all shows between may and october. first they need a big staff. >> positions as far as ticket takers, ushers, guest services. >> about 200 people are vying for 100 jobs. minimum wage, seasonal jobs that come with the perk of getting paid to see the bands. >> we have dragons opening the venue. we have train -- a little bit of something for everybody. >> sting, i'm waiting for that one. >> madeline already has a fulltime career. >> i'm curious.the america's cup. i wanted to step out of my
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comfort expoan see what it was like to be more in the entertainment industry. >> but many of the people here don't have that luxury and really need this job that pays 10.55 an hour. mel is a musician. >> i'm in between jobs right now. thought i'd see what they got available. >> i pray. this is -- >> people who applied for jobs will found out if they got the job by the middle of this week. you can still apply online, go to our web site, and click on "see it on tv". reporting in san francisco. abc7 news. >> ama: hundreds of people across the bay area today participated in the march of dimes annual march for babies. ft. mason in san francisco was almost overrun with families and babies. our morning news traffic reporter was in the event. the run raises funds to help
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moms have healthy full-term pregnancies. amy hollyfield was part of the march for babies today. she emceed the event in san jose. >> it was nice day outside today but things are changing temperature-wise. >> leigh: they are. we started off this morning with a lot of fog around the bay area. that lifted nicely, except at the coast, and no moisture out there as we're seeing now, live doppler 7hd, but the fog bank still starting to move back inland over san francisco. from the high definition east bay cam you can see it. the bay ridge right here. once the fog moves out, some locations managed temperatures in the 80s. livermore, the high today, 86. san jose, 73. oakland, 68. san francisco, in the fog, only 59. santa rosa, 76. from bottom to top on this one.
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here's a look from san jose. a lot of blue sky this hour. san francisco right now, 53. oakland, 61. 67 in san jose. half moon bay, ten degrees shy of that at 57. santa cruz, 67, and from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera you can see that band of fog that's moving in through the golden gate, headed towards the east bay and you'll deal with that tonight and tomorrow morning, right now, santa rosa, 65. livermore. 79. los gatos, 73. here is a look at the forecast highlights. fog at the coast overnight. more warming, mainly inland, tomorrow afternoon. and then get ready for a nice warming trend developing by wednesday, thursday, friday. lows tonight, with the fog creeping into the north bay valley areas, san francisco, the peninsula, inland locations mid-to-upper 40s. low 50s toward antioch.
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51 for san francisco. here is the setup. high pressure starting to build in. keeping the storm track -- keeping it a little to the north of us. we still have this little trough right here and this will cool us down monday night and tuesday, but until then get ready for warmer temperatures. the further east you go, we'll keep the coastal fog mainly the bay as well as the beaches for your sunday and monday, and then after that, as the high builds in, we'll all start to see more sunshine and warm things up. we'll start off tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., fog near the coast. starts to pull become a little bit by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. still look for 60s, the coolest readings, fog will linger. breaks out into the 70s across the peninsula and mid-to possibly even upper 80s. and me a even touch on 90s towards tracy, dublin, livermore valley area, close to that value
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tomorrow. 82, san jose. tomorrow, warm things up slightly at the coast. 63, half moon bay. 76, menlo park. san francisco, 66. a touch of fog. 61 in the north bay. napa, 82. oakland, 72. union city, 76. 86 for brentwood, 84 for concord. here's the seven-day forecast. slight cooling, possibly monday night and tuesday, in some locations. otherwise get ready for things to heat up wednesday, thursday, friday, inland, mid-90s, mid-80s around the by and some mid-to-upper 60s at the coast. >> thank you, league. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sport and a fun day for a's fans. >> the a's had a dine stays winning world steers tithe for three years. thesome team held a reunion for
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the team. this team was known for the green and gold union -- uniforms and the arch bash brother, reggie jackson. >> be here, put my a's shirt on and wear my a's hat. i wear my a's hat when i play golf. worked for the yankees and love the yankees and all that stuff, but a's are of m that goes back forever. >> just to be around a team that brought that much happiness and kind of enthusiasm and everything to the bay area. it's great for baseball and that's what we're trying to do. >> mike: griffin on the mound against the o0s. they let 2 or in the fourth but with man on first, markakis delivers the two-run bomb. next batter, former a's sal bando looking on. adam jones, fourth of the year. 3-2os, a.j. got no offe
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lp. bases lea in the ninth. a's fourth straight loss. 7-2 the final. >> how about those warriors. they lead denver 2-1 after the two-point victory in game three. steph can you request continues to be a medical miracle. a gametime decision with a left ankle jerry and then appeared to hurt his ham ting. didn't stop him. 29 points,le nuggets will be a desperate team in oracle. warriors looking to take the 3-1 lead heading back to denver. >> in a good position. we got to come out and treat sunday's game like game seven, and we get up 3-1, and going into denver with the 3-1 lead, that's huge. >> mike: today in the nba game fouries and clippers. memphis pulling away in the fourth. allen lays it in and the foul. then mike connally, 15 points, 13 assists, hits the three. memphis ties the series with
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two. 104-83 victory. >> nets and bulls. four seconds left in the first overtime. bulls up two. think they've won. joe johnson says, not so fast. goes to the third overtime. both teams exhaust. the layin, the bull with the five-point lead of chicago wins, 142-13 4. nfl draft. final day, and marcus lattimore, an elite running back at south carolina, thought his career was over after an injury last season. now he is a 49ers. selected i the fourth around. 131st overall pick. would have been a first round pick put two knee injuries derailed that in just 29 college games he set a school record with 28 touchdowns was the ncaa freshman of the year 2010. great comeback story. should be ready for training
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camp, also picked up quinton patton, quinton dial. and b.j. daniels from south florida. and the raiders took quarterback tyler w tight end costa and micl riviera, and stacy mcgee, and just selected missouri western defensive end, david bass in the feign. third round of the zurich classic. missing front foot. 2009 u.s. open champ lucas glover is the leader. 14-under, up by two strokes going into sunday's final round. >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> ama: a big weekend f astronomy buffs. the unusual site
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>> ama: join me at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll take you which bay area rock music venue was named the second best in the nation. then at 11:00, growing concern about crime in san francisco's castro neighborhood. the bit of the past that is coming back to life to help. at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news.
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>> a big treat for star gazers. saturn will be clearly visible u can see the planet there in the center of the screen. saturn reaches opposition with the sun and will be visible all night long. also at its closest point to earth in year so will appear bigger and brighter than usual. >> amazing. >> that's it for abc7 news. i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. see you
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