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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 28, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- wires crossed. we're learning russian authorities secretly taped a phone call in 2011 in which one of the boston bombings suspects discussed jihad with his mother. but they only told u.s. officials about it a few days ago. so, could the terror attack had been prevented? washed out. flash flooding forces people to abandon cars and head for higher ground. look at what happened at this gas station. severe weather hits the south. find out where the storms are heading next. comedian-in-chief. president obama takes the mike at the annual white house correspondents' dinner. >> these days when i look in the mirror, i have to admit that i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist i used to be. >> the president pulled few
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punches, as he took on his favorite targets, including himself. and boy wonder. meet the 5-year-old mensa member who was already reading when he was potty training. what it's like for his parents to have a little genius around the house. and good morning, america. much of washington will be sleeping in this morning following the white house correspondents' dinner. president obama got plenty of laughs, but some of his best jokes were aimed at himself. like when he suggested becoming more appealing by adopting michelle obama's hairstyle. >> we were willing to try anything. so, we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. [ laughter ] >> i was going to say, no bangs.
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>> no, you don't like it? >> i'm not going for that look. >> we'll have more on last night's big event later on in the show. also coming up, the twist in that ricin case. first, the prime suspect was a elvis impersonator, now it's a martial arts instructor under arrest for trying to send a poisoned letter to president obama. was this a frame job stemming from a personal feud? >> he had quite a disturbing past as well. also, tomorrow's a big day for the royal couple. prince william and catherine, duchess of cambridge, they'll be celebrating their second wedding anniversary. it's already been two years. this morning, a first, as kate appears in a video message to encourage people to support one of her favorite charities. we'll have the latest from london. we'll start here with the crazy round of weather overnight. take a look at this picture, 80 to 100 cars stranded in flood waters in houston. that's just the beginning. ginger zee, our meteorologist, back in the house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: what started all of this was a cold front. it brought severe weather as it
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dragged across south, texas all of the way to tennessee. a lot of that was hail, and up to golf ball-size hail up to houston. you can see it here, piling up on the stairs. thanks to ktrk, our favorite affiliate in houston. let's get right to the video, how much flooding and hail happened. it was not only piling up on porches, but flooding into the streets. you see it in the parking lot. and the flooding in houston was all due to more than a half-foot of rain in some places. so many cars left behind. today, not going to get as much. but up in nashville, they had 1 to 3 inches, too. all that rain moves south and east, as do strong storm potential. watch it from montgomery to macon there. you could see in parts of the kay lie th-- carolinas, two-plu inches. much more coming up in the
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nation's weather. now, back to bianna. >> those images are frightening. all right, thank you. we're going to turn now to the major new development in the boston bombings investigation. it turns out that russian authorities intercepted troubling phone calls between one of the suspects and his mother two years ago but u.s. officials weren't told until just days ago, so could this tragedy have been prevented? abc's gio benitez has the latest from boston. gio? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. to be clear, we don't know what was said in that conversation, or why the russians wiretapped the phone, but we do know whatever was heard caused serious concern. overnight, abc news learning the recorded phone conversation between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mom in 2011 worried the russians so much that they asked the u.s. to investigate tamerlan. u.s. officials told abc news they learned of the wiretap within the last week. >> these tapes are potentially important if there are more to them than has been publicly released. >> reporter: it's critical new information as investigators try to piece together the life of the now-dead tamerlan and his younger brother, dzhokhar.
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while we don't know if agents were able to find tamerlan's laptop in a landfill, we're told investigators found tamerlan's cell phone in a nearby apartment. the focus now, who is that mysterious man named misha? he's the one who reportedly influenced tamerlan or even may have radicalized him. his mom calls misha just a friend. >> friend, like a real -- the one he could share his life with. >> reporter: reports say that investigators may have identified misha, but it's not clear if there is any connection to the boston bombing. on the streets of boston this weekend, things are going back to normal, for people and businesses. people walking by, smiling, looking at the flowers you just planted, what is that like for you? >> it gives you goosebumps. >> reporter: and what would have been 8-year-old martin richard's first little league game of the season, people wore jerseys with his name to remember the youngest victim.
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while things appear to be going back to normal here in boston on boylston street, investigators really want to know if these alleged bombers were working with anyone else. dan and bianna. >> that's a huge, continuing question. gio, thank you. lots of other news overnight and we turn to ron claiborne. good morning, everyone. we begin with the arrest in the case of the poison-laced letters sent to president obama. and other public officials. a mississippi man was taken into custody early saturday. abc's clayton sandell has this story. >> reporter: for the second time an arrest has been made in the investigation into ricin-laced letters sent to president obama and senator roger wicker. 41-year-old mississippi martial arts instructor james everett dutschke was charged with developing, possessing and attempting to use a biological toxin as a weapon. the arrest came after
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investigators searched his home and former karate studio. >> did you ever handle ricin? >> no, i wouldn't recognize ricin if i saw it. >> reporter: at least some of his neighbors are happy to see him go. >> he seemed odd. there was something about him. i don't put it past him, not one bit. >> reporter: charges were initially filed against elvis impersonator kevin curtis, who was later cleared after no incriminating evidence was found. >> this past week has been a nightmare for myself and my family. >> reporter: curtis' attorney claimed that his client was framed by dutschke, saying there was a history of bad blood. dutschke was arrested earlier this year, charged with molesting three girls. he's expected to appear in court on monday. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. and if your flight is late today, well, you may not be able to blame government budget cuts. the faa said that its furloughed employees are going back to work and staffing levels should be back to normal.
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that should happen by tonight. thousands of flights were delayed or canceled throughout this past week. a fire broke out at a refinery outside of detroit, michigan, the thick plume of dark smoke could be seen for miles a way. the explosion could been felt blocks away. the area was temporarily evacuated until the air cleared and no one was reported to be injured. the cause of the fire is being investigated. the duchess of cambridge has released her first-ever video message supporting one of her favorite charities. >> children's hospices provide lifelines for families at a time of unimaginable pain. the support they give is vital. in order to carry out this wonderful work, our help is needed. >> and prince william and kate celebrate their second wedding anniversary, that's tomorrow, but they won't be together, she'll be visiting at a children's hospice. finally, glowing sheep. scientists in uruguay have
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raised genetically modified sheep to glow green in ultraviolet light. they use the gene from jellyfish. the lambs are now 6 months old and are all perfectly healthy. to those scientists in uruguay, we have just one word, porte. why do that? they're fine. we believe. >> for now. >> we'll check them out in about ten years. >> all right, thank you, ron. now to that cocktail of politics, comedy, journalism and celebrity. known as the white house correspondents' dinner. obama and d.c. heavyweights rubbing elbows with reporters and a-list hollywood celebrities. as customary, the president took the mike and made a series of jokes. how did he do? abc's reena ninan is in washington. >> reporter: that's right. a series of jokes that poked fun at him, republicans and even conan o'brien. overnight, washington insiders and hollywood stars came together for the yearly bash, a
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star-studded bashing of politics and the media, all in good fun. >> democrats, republicans, the white house, congress, you all came together to make this spoof. that's what real bipartisanship looks like. >> reporter: even kevin spacey's scheming congressman from netflix's "house of cards" was on hand. >> mr. president, welcome to nerd prom. >> reporter: for many, the highlight of the annaul event is the roast of the president. conducted this year by conan o'brien. >> your hair is so white, it could be a member of your cabinet. >> reporter: but president obama knew exactly how to roll with it. >> when they considered conan for this gig, they were faced with that age-old dilemma, offer it to him now or wait five years and give it to jimmy fallon. >> reporter: living up to the tradition of jokes at his own expense. >> call me self-centered, but i can think of one minority they can start with.
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>> reporter: making light of stereotypes and rumors. >> i have to admit that i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. >> reporter: and owning up to gaffes. like when he called kamala harris the best looking attorney general in the country. >> as you might imagine i got in trouble when i got back home. who knew eric holder was so sensitive? >> reporter: viewers got a sneak peek at steven spielberg's new epic "obama" with daniel day-lewis in the lead role. >> wouldn't believe how long it takes to put these ears on. >> reporter: the comedy didn't disappoint last night. he wrapped up mentioning the tragedies in massachusetts and texas. overall, though, a funny, upbeat night with a lot of hollywood glamour. but no matter what they say, it is still the nerd prom. >> i like the method acting. daniel day-lewis at his best.
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let's bring in george stephanopoulos who was at the dinner last night. good morning, george. >> hey, guys. >> hey, george, some critics who say that this thing has become too focused on celebrities and makes the media look even more elitist and separated from the people we're supposed to be serving. what is your view on that? >> i guess. i have heard the criticism. this is just a night of fun. a night for the politicians and the press to get together. it's been going on for almost 100 years. the celebrities have been building up every year for 20 or 30. i think you see by the tone of the jokes, the attack jokes against each other, no one takes it all that sly, it's just a night to celebrate what we do. one of the things you saw in the speeches from the president, from conan, and ed henry, the head of the white house correspondents press association, was a reminder of what we do every single day and night. except this one night. where we just take off and have
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some fun. >> i want to discuss an urgent matter, a startling report issued by the white house last week, that syria likely chical people. now, the president said that the use of chemical weapons would be a quote, game-changer. does that mean the administration is now weighing military options? >> yes, some military options. but they first want to verify the intelligence they have that the syrians have used chemical weapons, they want to make sure they were ordered by the syrian military, they want to be absolutely sure before any kind of military action is taken that the syrian government is responsible for this. you know, that's likely to happen in the next several weeks. what that also means is, though, even if you move toward some joint military action, with our other allies in the arab world, allies in europe, th doesn't mean that u.s. boots are on the ground. the u.s. is pretty clear that's going to be avoided as well.
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the question is, is anything short of that is going to be effective against the assad regime? >> the administration said that it doesn't want another iraq. all right, george, thanks. great to see you. george has a big show this morning. he'll be talking with the top members of the house intelligence committee about the escalating tensions in syria, as well as the boston bombings. that's coming up later on "this week" this morning. let's go back to ginger zee. hey, ginger. so many of the weather headlines focuse flooding. we have been watching the red river which has started flooding in some areas. we're going straight to logan, north dakota, where they've already started seeing it. fargo and some spots looking for the red river to crest at 38 feet. manageable, they say, because they prepared for it on wednesday. we'll watch as that goes through. warmer temperatures, some of them in the 70s there. ten degrees above average in some places. that's aiding in the flooding starting. and of course a little extra rain. in that quarter, half-inch range, could be a lot worse. if you want to find some heat, you have to go to southwest and phoenix may get a little early, their first 100 degrees. it may happen today. 101 monday. i'll leave you with a fly across
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the nation. for now, that's the big picture. >> it's been a lot more mild in the northeast. and coming up, i'll show you what we have in store rainwise coming our way. >> don't like to hear that. it's a controversial new sting operation aimed at a distinctly modern crime known as apple picking. that's when thieves snatch your smartphone. but is ts technique a step in the wrong direction? abc's rob nelson is here with the details. >> reporter: it's one of the great headaches in this era of
7:16 am
technology, losing your smartphone or having it stolen. it happens to thousands of us every single day. now there's a new national crackdown under way with police going after all of those gadget thieves out there. but it's not in a way you might expect. it's certainly a common sight these days. our eyes glued to that little screen, lost in our own handheld electronic world. a common sight that also makes us sitting and distracted ducks for crimes like this, known as apple picking. thieves targeting our gadgets and making off before we even realize what's happening. >> it's the modern-day purse snatch. >> reporter: san francisco was part of a nationwide crackdown on stolen iphones. it's a controversial plan in several big cities, in which police are focusing not on the crooks but the buyers of stolen phones. >> trying to cut the head of the snake off so there is no market to sell the phone.
7:17 am
>> reporter: in cities like new york and washington, d.c., teams of undercover officers are posing as sellers of stolen iphones and busting the buyers. they're trying to put a dent in the $30 billion annually in lost or stolen phones in the u.s. it's a black market that is not only global but also lucrative, with phones resold overseas for as much as $1,000 each. according to the mobile security firm lookout. the crackdown hasn't come without controversy. with critics questioning not only whether it's a form of entrapment or if it's even effective. san francisco district attorney george gascon said that he doesn't agree with the sting operations but it is a pressing issue. >> we have a large number of victims that are being subjected to a robbery. often they're getting hurt physically. they're almost always getting hurt emotionally. >> now, according to the company we mentioned in that story,, at least $7 million
7:18 am
worth of phones are lost or stolen every day in the u. amazing number there. and they say the top three places for that happening, coffee shops, the office and not surprisingly, bars. bianna, back to you. >> not surprisingly, rob. we want to tell you about history being made last night in a small town in georgia. nearly 60 years after brown versus the board of education desegregated the nation's schools teens in one community held their prom. for the first time this one was different from the others. ron has this story. >> it's stunning to believe that it took until this year before a group of teenagers broke down a racial divide that most communities eliminated decades ago. last night, the students at a rural high school in georgia put on dresses and tuxes and held their first integrated prom. overnight, students at wilcox county high school were celebrating their prom night with a little extra enthusiasm. for any teenager, a prom is a monumental occasion.
7:19 am
but for this georgia high school, this prom has been over 40 years in the making. for the first time ever, the rural high school students danced together at a prom that wasn't segregated. for decades, the county school board has avoided officially endorsing prom festivities. instead, relying on parents to host their own events, and that control the invitations. that led to two dances year after year. one for white students, one for black students. >> it's time for a change and we have it this evening. it feels good. >> reporter: some students have lobbied over the years to end the practice of segregated proms. this year a group of wilcox county seniors decided to take matters into their own hands. four girls, two black and two white, created this facebook page, integrated prom, asking for support for their cause and donations to fund an independent bash open to everybody. >> we were doing that so that we could get the word out and so that some people would begin to donate and help us out in what
7:20 am
we were doing. >> reporter: saturday night, nearly half of the high school student body turned out for the integrated prom, making memories that will last a lifetime. despite this year's groundbreaking integrated dance there was once again this year a segregated prom, not a sanctioned event, it was a private one organized by the white parents of the white kids. >> baffling when you say groundbreaking in 2013. >> 2013. >> all right, ron. one school at a time. >> slowly, apparently. >> very slowly. now to an usual problem, what do you do when you're 18-month-old is already reading the newspaper while potty training. or he's 5 and asks you chemistry problems you can't answer. >> this little man's parents said that school is a problem for him because classes, they're just too easy. abc's tanya rivero is here with the story. he's such a cute kid.
7:21 am
>> reporter: gus was their first child, so they didn't know he was extraordinary until a friend pointed out that few 4-year-olds can read. they swear it was gus playing on an itouch with educational apps starting at just 3 months old that gave him such a huge head start. gus is already smarter than most people you know. his parents said that he began reading before he was potty trained at just 18 months old. >> he asked so many questions about chemistry that i called up a graduate student and asked him if he would be willing to sit down with my boy. >> reporter: and he speaks japanese. he was tested, turns out he has an iq of 147, 12 points higher than what's needed to join mensa. >> where smart kids go. >> reporter: the exclusive high-iq society. but he's so far ahead of his peers, kindergarten is a struggle. >> they teach me stuff that i already know. >> he's reading sight words at
7:22 am
school and books at home. >> i have to skip second grade and stuff. >> reporter: impressive as he is, gus isn't the only kid in mensa, he's not even the youngest. at 3 years old, this boy from england holds that honor. in 2000, this 4-year-old appeared on "the tonight show." will these pint-size geniuses become the next doogie howser? or a classmate of elle woods? >> iq of 187. it's been suggested that stephen hawkings stole "brief history of time" from my fourth grade paper. >> reporter: perhaps greatness does awake but not necessarily, as mensa points out, some early-achieving toddlers grow up to be of average intelligence. as for gus, he has big plans. >> a doctor. >> a doctor, indeed. now, for parents wondering if their little darlings are mensa
7:23 am
material, here are things most toddlers who joined had in common -- they began speaking and reading extremely early. they have unusually good memories and often prefer playing with older children. fear not, if your toddler does none of the above, dan and bianna, it's not all early-achieving kids end up being smart. so, there you go. >> i love him speaking japanese. >> if he's that smart, he should have googled potty train and trained himself. >> uncle ron. coming up on "good morning america" -- the mother who simply vanished. her keys and purse left on a counter as she worked at a gas station. what happened to the 25-year-old? meet the young woman who snuggles for a price. how much does she charge? is she meeting a basic human need or is this prostitution? [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning
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♪ some people have said that what you're doing is akin to prostitution, how do you react to that? it's one of the world's newest professions. some believe, however, it sounds like one of the oldest. you'll meet a woman who calls herself a professional cuddler. describing her job as a form of therapy. find out why she says climbing under the covers is extremely helpful and totally innocent. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> did your wife let you do this segment? >> one of the mother interesting interviews i've done. it's a bizarre profession. and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, april 28th. also this morning, wait until you see what this dog is doing in the bathroom and why his manners are better than most humans'. >> that is coming up in "fixation." also, most kids don't have sophisticated palates, but this kid is eating truffles, among
7:31 am
other things, he's a 4-year-old food critic, he's going viral this weekend. we'll hear from him coming up in "fixation." but first this half-hour the all-out search for a young mom who vanished. she was working the late shift at a gas station. her keys and purse still on the counter. her family publicly pleading for help. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. the disappearance happened in a quiet michigan, suburb, considered so safe, the gas station had no security cameras. police are trying to take down tips to figure out what happened. and as you can imagine, her family is devastated. >> if somebody did take her, i wish they would just drop her someplace so they could she come home. >> reporter: the 25-year-old has not come home after working the late shift at this exxon gas station at norton shores, michigan, friday night. the mother of a young child vanished without a trace. her purse and car keys left behind. the cleaning supplies that she
7:32 am
always took out at closing time, on the counter. >> this is not normal at all. especially the fact that her purse and everything was left. >> she was going to get out in 15 minutes. in 15 minutes that store would have been closed and she would have been on her way home. >> reporter: her last sale was at 11:00 p.m., leaving just a short window of time for her disappearance. by 11:15 police received a call from a customer stating there was no employee at the open gas station. police have distributed photos and flyers of the very petite jessica. >> we have task forces tracking down all of the leads we're receiving from silent observer and from people calling in. >> reporter: among those leads, similar reports of a gray van that pulled up behind the gas station. >> someone supposedly had seen her walk out of this store with this guy, like there was no problem, but then realized when they got to his van that there was a struggle that started. hopefully, somebody has seen her
7:33 am
and can give us some leads so we can bring her home. >> jessica's son is being cared for by his father, jessica's boyfriend. the couple was having money problems, according to her mother, but the mom insists that jessica's response was to work harder and take extra shifts, not run away. insisting that this is definitely foul play according to the family. >> thank you. let's go back to ron for the other stories making headlines this morning. good morning, everyone. in the news, new details about one of the boston bombing suspects. russian officials said they secretly taped a 2011 phone conversation between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother discussing jihad. but u.s. officials tell abc news they only learned of the wiretap within the past week. and the owner of that building collapsed in bangladesh last week, was arrested this morning trying to escape that country. at least 362 people were killed
7:34 am
in the illegal constructed building. and supreme court justice stephen breyer is recovering from shoulder surgery this morning. the 74-year-old took a serious spill off of his bicycle. he's expected to make a full recovery. finally, an instant classic in the nba playoffs. the chicago bulls beat the brooklyn nets, 142-134 in triple overtime, matching the second-longest game in playoff history. time for the weather and bulls fan, ginger zee. >> chicago was abuzz yesterday about that game before i left. >> let's get right to the philadelphia this morning. that's where we're waking up with sunshine. the northeast overall going to see a good start and then some rain moving in. philly will end up right around 72. d.c., will get to 68. buffalo, new york, 72. then that rain, we talked about it earlier from houston, that's going to slide south of houston, and along that cold front, new orleans, charlotte, and atlanta, getting some of the heavy pockets of rain.
7:35 am
>> this weather report brought to you by macy's. dan and bianna. >> thank you, ginger. coming up here on "good morning america" -- cuddling for a living. the single mom who started a business she called the snuggery. she said that she's fulfilling a basic human need. she has some harsh critics. >> quite the entrepreneur. also coming up -- the potty-trained pup. and that's not all. we'll freeze it here. you can see the rest coming up in "fixation." keep it here. you can see the rest coming up in "fixation." keep it here.
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♪ yeah, it's a business that takes a lot of explaining and raises more than a few eyebrows. a woman who's getting paid to cuddle with complete strangers. >> there are critics who say this new business sounds like the world's oldest profession. but the woman behind the idea says it's completely innocent and helpful. they say everybody needs a hug now and then. mary and the gang. >> i think we all need some kleenex. >> reporter: carrie and the girls. joey and chandler. >> can you hug me? >> reporter: but jackie samuels has taken this fundamental need to a whole new level. what do you do? >> i cuddle. >> reporter: you cuddle? >> yes. >> professional cuddler? >> professional cuddler. >> reporter: her business, based in rochester, new york, is called the snuggery. for 60 bucks she'll cuddle for a
7:41 am
stranger for an hour and for 300, she'll spend the night. this is strictly cuddling. we're talking hugging and holding. think pg not r-rated. what are the boundaries? >> no touching or kissing. and clothes stay on. >> reporter: she claims her business yields tangible benefits. it's been scientifically proven that human touch releases something called oxytocin, or the happiness hormone, in our brain. >> people are on the internet, they're isolated. they're buying things to make us happy. we're not acknowledging that we have a very basic need to be touched and touch others. >> reporter: her customers vary, some might surprise you. >> there is so much diversity in my client body. they range from 20 all the way up to 85. there are people from construction workers to doctors, to financial consultants. >> reporter: everybody's probably unmarried, i would imagine. >> i have married clients. >> reporter: really? who says my spouse doesn't like
7:42 am
to cuddle that much? >> i have one married client who has a wife that knows he comes to me. she has anxiety about touch. and i think she supported him coming to me. >> reporter: he's among the clients. tired of the time and expense of dating, he argues that her service fills a a need in an up front way. no mind games. no need to take her to dinner or call her the next day. >> i think everyone can use more affection and hugs in their life. so, i got the benefit of the affection that everyone goes for with a little bit simpler than day to day life. >> reporter: but while samuels has her fans, she also has her critics. some have called what she does prostitution. her controversial business even got this single mom kicked out of graduate school. some said what you're doing is akin to prostitution, how do you react to that? >> it's so obvious to me it has nothing to do with prostitution. nobody's being degraded. nobody's unsafe. we're not breaking any laws.
7:43 am
>> reporter: if anything, she says that her business is following a law -- the law of nature, at the end of the day, every human needs love. so interesting to watch the reactions on the set. look at ron claiborne. that says it all. that says it all. all right, coming up here on the broadcast -- we're going to make a sharp left turn here, we're going to talk about the 4-year-old food critic who's not a big fan of gourmet cooking, he's going viral. in fairness, a lot of this stuff you wouldn't eat either. we'll hear from him next in , axation." lot of this stuff you wouldn't eat either. we'll hear from him next in "fixation." they've ever tasted. and there are some people who haven't tasted it yet. delicious, nonfat, authentic greek strained yogurt. extraordinary fruit flavors. the fage total split cup.
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♪ you're the obsession, you're my obsession ♪ time now for "fixation" where we show you stories, videos and images that caught our attention this week, we're going to start with ron. >> i'll start with something i'm obsessed with. this is fascinating to me. this is amazing.
7:48 am
some people are happy to train their dogs to fetch and roll over. imagine potty training your dog. very smart dog. actually, we're not going to show -- what you're seeing you're not supposed to be looking at. and he flushes the toilet. amazing. >> no way, really? that is fantastic. >> and he can write, read and drive a car but we don't have that video. anybody who has ever had a cat, by contrast, knows they like to sleep in funny places. we found a cat sleeping in a flower pot here. check out when happens when this cat is woken up. that doesn't look comfortable. they wake him up. the cat says, thanks for waking me up, but peace. from animals to little kids, who needs to read lengthy food critic reviews, this 4-year-old
7:49 am
has the right idea. he's providing a "read my face" restaurant review. he's going viral for his reviews. all by his facial expressions. look at the kind of foods he's eating. he's eating in this first picture, rice-cooked bacon. >> looks like he likes it. >> next up, cod fried rice. >> likes that. >> and next up, smoked eel. >> no thank you. >> we spoke to him and his father. they gave us another quick review. >> how do you like the popsicle? >> happy face. the got milk campaign? i think they got their new spokesperson. dan is going to love it. it's a cat. ready for this? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> swimming -- >> i'm not sure that the milk people are going to like that much. >> look at the milk mustache. come on. >> loving it.
7:50 am
speaking of cats, we got somebody on our staff whose name is cat. cat mckenzie. as a matter of fact, she has been helming this broadcast for months now. there she is. this is her last day here at "gma." we're going to miss her desperately. she's going to work in daytime television elsewhere. can we say where? can we say where? >> the west coast. >> she's going to the west coast. >> we're going to miss her desperately. you have been our rock. you have been our source of fun and laughs and snacks. >> thank you for all of your support, cat. love you. >> i love you guys. >> bye. >> i'm going to wrap. >> cat is the voice in our ears, always telling us when we have been chatting too much and we'll be right back with more "good morning america." >> so bittersweet. >> i know. always telling us when we have
7:51 am
been chatting too much and we'll be right back with more "good morning america." >> so bittersweet. >> i know. every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. walgreens can help when you're at the corner of "allergies" and "even more allergies." come to walgreens for expert advice and the right products, like claritin bonus packs - now $18.99 with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ time to jump in to something new ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup head to ♪in a sunshine state of mind? and click on the alamo deal retriever(sm) to get our best deal, customized for you. because everyone loves a little getaway... alamo.
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and before we go, an important programming note. tuesday night, amanda knox, after being locked away four years in an italian prison, speaks out in her first interview, the diane sawyer exclusive tuesday night, 10:00/9:00 central, on abc. also a reminder, the nba playoffs are on abc this afternoon. the knicks take on the celtics. and then the heat face the bucks. coverage begins 12:30 eastern. >> thank you for watching abc news. we're also online at
7:56 am
we'll leave you this morning with a reminder of our top story this morning, which you'll see, as we show the video, there it is. good luck to cat mckenzie. we're going to miss you and thanks for watching, everybody.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, and welcome to "this week." game changer. >> a red line for us is, we start seeing chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> chemical weapons in syria. does that military action is next? plus, the boston bombings investigation. >> it's dangerous to the greater community. >> did the interrogation end too soon? were warning signs missed? breaking details in a "this week" exclusive. then -- >> i appreciate my fellow members of the former presidents club. >> a parade of presidents in texas. armageddon at the airport and -- >> everything you ate this morning was personally shot by wayne la pierre.


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