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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 29, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- bomb investigation. agents dig even deeper into the boston bombing suspects' backgrounds after uncovering new revealing information about their family. highlight on police departments nationwide fight back as thieves target owners of iphones and other valuable gadgets. what is being done to protect your property, how you can protect yourself. political humor. the president's joke-filled dinner sets a new stage for a second term in office. >> these days i look in the mirror and realize i am not the strap young muslim socialist i used to be. >> a rare evening where the president takes on the role of a
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stand-up comic. we will look at presidential humor past and present on this monday, april 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. we begin this half-hour with top lawmakers who appear convinced that the boston bombing suspects got help from overseas. >> this comes after russian authorities turned over recorded phone calls between the mother and one of her sons. abc's gio benitez reports from boston. >> reporter: the wiretap has the world asking questions. what did the russians hear in that 2011 recorded phone calls between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mom back in russia. u.s. officials learned of the calls only last week and they're now a focus for investigators. >> i do believe she comes into the united states, that she will be detained for questioning. so, i think there is a connection there. >> reporter: while the mother was added to a u.s. terror watch list in 2011, son tamerlan may have been going through changes of his own. friends reportedly say after two golden gloves titles, he had
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abandoned his dream of competitive boxing. after he was barred from the national championships because of his immigration status. a pivotal moment they said turning him toward islam. d more than a at, that six-month trip to russia. >> the real test of it whether he was radicalized or not is russia. we have to do a lot of investigation in russia. when he went over to russia and came back things changed. >> reporter: tamerlan's body sits unclaimed in boston. tsarnaev's father said he would fly to the u.s. but now we are told he is too sick to travel. son dzhokhar remains in a federal prison medical center outside of boston alone in a 100 square foot cell. dzhokhar is no longer talking to investigators. but on abc's "this week" chairman of the house intelligence committee told george stephanopoulos, that agents are tracking other leads. >> there are still persons of interest in the united states the fbi would look to have conversations with.
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>> reporter: investigators want to know if there was a master bomb maker, someone training these two brothers. that person may be overseas. gio benitez, abc news. mississippi man accused of sending poison filled letters to president obama appears in court later today. james everett dutschke was arrested over the weekend at his home in tupelo. charges were filed originally against kevin curtis, who was cleared after no evidence was found. legal showdown over michael jackson's death is set to begin. it pits his mother and three children against concert promoter aeg. lawyers from both sides give their opening statements today. and jackson's family is suing aeg saying it was responsible for hiring conrad murray and causing the singer's death. high-profile celebrities and two of jackson's children may testify the trial is expected to last for months. >> it is interesting when you think of who may be on the stand. why the family would bring this -- well, i know it is billions
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of dollars when you think about it -- pretty much just kind of dragging his name through the mud. >> because it is a civil suit. everything is on the table. things that weren't admissible in trials can go on the table. child molestation, allegations all brought back. >> all going to be on the table once again for his now older children to hear. which i am sure that is going to be disturbing. big names, quincy jones, diana ross, two ex-wives may take the stand. >> possibly prince, spike lee. incredible. could last deep into the summer. >> i feel bad for the kids. we say that a lot when we are talking about michael jackson. >> yep. . moving on to this now. a mystery from western michigan. authorities are asking for help in connection with a suspected kidnapping. 25-year-old jessica heeringa missing since friday night, preparing to close the gas station where she works. investigators say her purse and belongings were found undisturbed. her fiance and family members are understandably distraught. >> he's not doing really well at
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all. he's taking this really hard, as anybody would. how else are you suppose to take it? your loved one is gone. the mother to your son is gone and no answers. >> there were no security cameras operating at the station when heeringa disappeared. police are looking for a silver minivan that was seen in the area. >> sunday morning mass in albuquerque turned into a frantic scene when a man began stabbing faithful at a catholic church. lawrence kapinger, started attacking members of the church choir after they began singing a closing hymn. members of the congregation can't believe what happened. >> he had a knife and was attacking our soloist and our flutist tried to protect him and got stabbed also. >> i noticed the subject run up and started attacking basically the choir the i just ran over there immediately to do what i could to stop it. >> parishioners including an off
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duty officer took down the suspect and held him until police arrived. four people hurt, two seriously. turning to a violent attack in rome. two military police officers and passer by were shot near the presidential palace where italy's new government was being sworn in. suspected gunman was quickly arrested. identified as an unemployed bricklayer hoping to target politicians. one police officer does remain in critical condition. the owner of an illegally constructed building that collapsed last week in bangladesh has been arrested. taken into custody as efforts to find factory workers buried in the building's debris had to be halted. abc's muhammad lila has the latest. >> reporter: deep underneath this rubble, beyond the sight of cameras a fire was raging set off by rescuers using torches to cut through twisted metal. after five days of pulling survivors out of the wreckage, rescuers had to stop. the setback came as the country's most wanted man, fugitive factory owner mohammed
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rana is finally behind bars. an elite commando unit captured him trying to escape into neighboring india. the worst building collapse in the country's history. as coffins lined hospital hall ways, the death toll is now staggering. more than 375 dead. hundreds more still missing. this in a country where many factory workers make just $38 a month. more protests. workers forming a human chain accusing the government of not doing enough off to rescue survivors. mohamed lila, abc news, islamabad. clothing and apparel factories across bangladesh reopened. closed since the collapse because of the protests. the architects of gun control legislation that failed in the senate says he will be bringing back the bill to life. west virginia democrat senator joe manchin will reintroduce his bill that would require criminal and mental health background checks at
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shows and online. manchin said the bill failed last time because of confusion over what it contained. the mayor of charlotte, north carolina, anthony fox is expected to become the next secretary of transportation. president obama officially nominates fox to replace outgoing secretary ray lahood. the first african-american nominee during the president's second term. fox has been mayor since 2009. here is evidence you always have to be careful at a baseball stadium especially during batting practice. check out this photo. that's tampa bay rays reporter kelly nash. took that of herself on saturday before the rays' game against the red sox. on top of the fenway park green monster. take a close look, notice what is behind her. when a player hit a ball too close for comfort. there it comes. nash though luckily was not struck by the ball. >> incredible. >> sure is. now, here is the reason for a nearly hour-long delay to saturday night's pro soccer game in columbus, ohio. wow, a fire broke out in the
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stadium's scoreboard during warm-ups. fans were moved out so it could be distinguished. no one was hurt. investigators on the scene today to figure out what caused the flames. >> may be a bad omen there a tension all you olympic hurdling hopefuls out there. several of you are watching. got to be a few of you. this is how you don't bring glory on yourself. >> that's right. this happened in china. watch this guy on the left. doing okay in the first couple. then he just starts going right through the hurdles. straight through. >> wow. the guy completes the disaster. ends up in the neighboring lane. makes a mockery of the event. crosses the finish line. great going there, buddy. almost funny. i don't know what he was trying to prove. not funny if you are the guy in the other lane trying to win. this guy is falling in front of you. it is dangerous.
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look at that guy. >> so i guess at what point do you say you, know what i am not going to win. let me finish the race? not exactly the way to do it though. >> that is just crazy. he looked remarkably small. barely above them. >> upset too. sailing over traffic jams. could it be? an automaker wants to fly like george jetson. >> apple pickers, thieves who can't wait to get their hand on your iphone. see how police are going undercover to catch these bad guys. you are watching "world news now." ♪ send it off in a letter >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by tide w" id. weather brou to you by tide vivid. oh, she only uses tide vivid detergent plus boost for her whites. now, up until a week ago she used chlorine bleach. yeah, because before it was salt, lemon, milk. well actually... that part's true.
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for all the wonders of these little gadgets, the iphone its popularity has been one of its biggest problems. thieves love them too. >> apple picking is one of the most popular urban crimes. now police departments are fighting back with controversial undercover operations. abc's rob nelson explains. ♪ >> reporter: it is certainly a common sight these days, our eyes glued to that little screen. lost in our own handheld electronic world. ♪
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a common sight that also makes us sitting and distracted duck for crimes like this. commonly known as apple picking. thieves targeting our gadgets and making off before we realize what is happening. >> it is the modern day purse snatch. >> reporter: san francisco part of a nationwide crackdown on stolen iphones. a controversial plan in which police are not focusing on the crooks, but on the buyers of the stolen phones. >> trying to cut the head of the snake off. so there is no market to sell the phone. >> reporter: in cities like new york and washington, d.c. teams of undercover officers are posing as sellers of stolen iphones and busting the buyers. officials are trying to put a dent in the $30 billion annually in lost or stolen phones in the u.s. it is a black market that it not only global, but lucrative. with phones resold overseas for as much as $1,000 reach.
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according to mobile security firm lookout. the crackdown has not come without controversy, with critics questioning whether it is a form of entrapment and also if it is even effective. san francisco's district attorney, george gasson doesn't agree with the sting operations but it is a pressing issue. >> a large number of victims being subjected to a robbery, often they're getting hurt physically. they're almost always getting hurt emotionally. >> reporter: rob nelson. abc news, new york. >> so disturbing. >> yeah. a lot of the video was in a train station or on the train. apparently the top three places where you can lose or have your phone stolen -- coffee shops, office, and bar. >> i can see the bar happening. >> the bar for losing your phone. if it's in your pocket getting stolen. coffee shop, alert of your surroundings. the office? watch that phone. >> got my iphone. 40% of the thefts in major american cities, involve the cell phone. modern day purse snatching. just like the guy said. next up, some comic relief, the president proves he is a
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stand-up guy. >> the comedian in chief takes no prisoners. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from
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>> i have been criticized for going over the heads of congress. what's the fuss? a lot of things go over their head. >> remember if you really want a friend in this town, get yourself a dog. i wish somebody told me that before i showed up with a neutered cat. >> here it comes. nuclear proliferation. nuclear proliferation. >> tonight i want to speak from the heart. i am going to speak off the cuff. good evening. pause for laughter.
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>> sound like he is reading our teleprompter there. year after year as you saw, president of the united states gets to make fun of everybody without getting flak from the media. because they ask him to do it. >> a tradition at white house correspondents dinner. this year, president obama obliged. making this "favorite story of the day." abc's david muir has all the highlights. >> reporter: it started with his entrance. >> thank you. how do you like my new entrance music? rush limbaugh warned you about this, second term, baby!
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>> reporter: about aging in office. >> i did it. these days i look in the mirror and i have to admit, i am not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. i understand second term. need a burst of new energy. so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. >> even the first lady laughing at that. about one of mitt romney's biggest supporters. >> you know sheldon adelson spent $100 million of his own money last year on negative ad. you have got to really dislike me to spend that kind of money. sheldon would have been better off offering me $100 million to drop out of the race. i probably wouldn't have taken it, but i thought about it. michelle would have taken it. you think i'm joking. i know republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012. but one thing they all agree on is they need to do a better job reaching out to minorities.
3:21 am
and look, call me self-centered. but i can think of one minority they can start with. hello? and think of me as a trial run, you know? >> reporter: and there was this about the criticism he didn't spend enough time with congress. >> why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> that is great stuff. >> just loose. >> must have professional writers. the jokes are way too good. >> he is so much looser this time around. he knows he doesn't have to butter up to anybody. it is his last term. he is just going to have fun with it at this point. by the way. don't know if you saw pictures at the correspondents' dinner, lots and lots, hey. of celebrities. like john. >> nice.
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all right, everybody. welcome back. welcome to "the mix." we'll start the mix with something that i think everybody can get on board with. flying cars. ever been stuck in a traffic jam and thought, if i could just sail over these darn cars i would make it to the other side on time. hyundai apparently unveiled the flying electric cars, and single passenger cars, for congested cities, new york, chicago, l.a., across the country. these, they're essentially the flying car. they include a multi rotor, and four electric motors and propellers and they don't stop there. so this is some of the pictures. you can see. more contraptions than anything else. single person.
3:26 am
you can't drive your dog or family with you. but they're also coming up with all kinds of concepts. including a portable transporting car you can carry around with you. >> cool. >> that's, that's next. i'll take that too. >> been waiting for the jetson's car all our lives. almost. almost here. >> almost here. >> cool. talk about this dog. really cool. he is from san francisco, 3 years old. australian cattle dog. talent is balancing just about anything. this is cookies. few more shots of jack. balances books. what else?. >> can be a model. >> frying pan. >> wonder if he is a good cook? >> he is fantastic. his owners say it started with a popcorn kernel on his nose one movie night. just got really good at it. he is a little bit of a rage right now. >> they asked people to send in idea. and send stuff for him to balance. that's how they came up with the crazy idea.
3:27 am
>> my old dog otis could put a cookie. leave it. leave it. leave it. what you would do, stay, okay. he would drop it. snatch it before it hit the ground. i didn't try a frying pan. >> next internet sensation. the one place you would not think there was a shortage of pizza makers? >> new york city. >> italy, maybe. shortage of pizza makers in italy. apparently considered manual labor to stoop down and work 10 to 12 hours. can't get any body to do the work. a recession, shortage of people. need people to apply for the jobs. italians won't touch it. apparently, egyptians are apt at learning the mastery of flipping a pizza. hole in the wall places are filled with egyptians to do the work. >> as long as somebody is flipping the pizza. i am happy. >> don't care where it is coming
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this morning on "world news now" -- today's opening statements in the michael jackson civil trial. the money at stake as jackson's family sues his concert promoter and why there could be bombshell testimony. family secrets. what federal agents are uncovering about the boston suspects and why investigators are digging very deep into their mother's background. sudden surge, the downpours in the houston area and mother nature's big scare. an update on flood watches in 19 states. taylor swift's spending her $17 million move. and this was no career move. the deal that reveals so much about the singer's wealth. that's coming up in "the skinny," on this monday, april 29th. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now" with hn muller and diana perez. we begin this half-hour with what could be bombshell testimony in the trial against michael jackson's concert promoter. >> after three exhausting and challenging weeks of jury selection, legal insiders predict jurors are about to get an earful as the case is presented to them today in an los angeles courtroom. abc's rob nelson has a preview. >> reporter: it could be the most complete account of michael jackson's final months. attorneys for michael jackson's mother will try to convince a jury that her son's concert promoter, aeg, was responsible for his death. ♪ prosecutors claim aeg negligently hired, supervised and controlled dr. conrad murray. aeg denies it had anything to do with murray who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving jackson powerful doses of the drug propofol. murray is serving a four-year sentence. analysts predict this trial will expose in detail jackson's
3:32 am
legal, and addiction problems. >> all of the strange behavior that michael jackson exhibited during his life will be part of this trial. >> reporter: billions in damages may be at stake as the family demands justice. >> if you have got michael jackson's children testifying. that is going to be emotional. >> reporter: aeg executives deny hiring murray and denies any wrongdoing. >> this is really phase two of the conrad murray case. the question is really, was he working for aeg? or was he michael jackson's personal physician? >> reporter: along with his mother, jackson's three children, paris, prince and blanket are listed as plaintiffs. his two eldest children may be star witnesses in a case that could expose family secrets not heard before in public. >> for aeg, the defendants in the case that is going to be the most difficult moment. how do you cross-examine those children? >> reporter: rob nelson, abc news, new york. fbi agents digging into the boston bombing investigation to find out if the suspects acted alone.
3:33 am
so far investigators say there is no evidence of a wider plot. congressman michael mccaul, chairs the homeland security committee, says the type of explosive devices used lead him to believe someone else trained the bombers. he wants to know more about the suspects' mother. >> i think she played a very strong role in his radicalization process i do believe she comes into the united states, she will be detained for questioning. so, i think there is a connection there. >> the real testament of whether he was radicalized or where he was radicalized is russia. we have to do a lot of investigation into russia. when he went over to russia and came back things changed. >> the father of the two bombing suspects says he postponed a trip from russia to the united states because of poor health. later this morning, james everett dutschke, accused of mailing letters laced with ricin to the president, u.s. senator
3:34 am
and judge. dutschke was arrested at his home in tupelo this weekend. elvis impersonator kevin curtis had been arrested but charges dropped due to lack of evidence. police in northern california are investigating the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl whose body was found at her home. they say the victim's 12-year-old brother found the body saturday while the parents were away. police say the brother is not a suspect, but they continue to question his version of events. police in western michigan are looking for clues in the kidnapping investigation in michigan. police say 25-year-old jessica heeringa was abducted friday night closing up the store and gas station where she works. her purse and belongings were found at the station undisturbed. no cash missing from the station's register. there were no security cameras operating at the time of her disappearance. >> to another mystery. this one in oregon. authorities there don't know how a pickup truck ended up in a tree. 10 feet off the ground. check that out. police used heat seeking sensors to see if anyone was in the truck. nobody was there. hospitals say no one came in
3:35 am
injured from the incident. parts of the houston area are starting to dry out after getting slammed by drenching rain, hail, destructive flash floods. this morning 19 states from louisiana to north dakota and wisconsin are under flood watches or warnings. more from abc's ginger zee. >> water, it is just pouring into the streets! >> reporter: raging flash floods swallowed the streets of houston. >> there has got to be 3 feet of water in this parking lot! >> reporter: 5 inches of rain fell in two hours. severe storms crushed the store in sugarland, texas and ripped apart this building in tennessee. that hail in houston so heavy it looked like snow. pelting the streets that seemed to become rushing rivers. >> all of a sudden. hail started hitting the car really hard. started pouring. couldn't see anything. we were driving real slow. >> reporter: this driver slowed
3:36 am
down. 150 others had to call houston police to be rescued. fortunately no one was killed. but flash flooding is the number one storm related killer. that means on average, flooding kills more than tornados and twice as many as lightning. >> i thought we was just going to be able to go through it and proceed on. when we got to here, i started seeing water get high and didn't go down. >> reporter: here is why. water builds up quickly. and within minutes. 2 feet of water can literally move your car. and severe storms and flash flooding attack the southeast, a warning -- turn around don't drown. another area we are watching for flooding the red river in north dakota. they're going to get a little rain at the beginning of the week. then should crest around 37 feet, which would put them in the top ten worst floods we have seen. we'll be watching that throughout the week. for now, ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> what a year it has been. unbelievable. >> when you talk about the river, which continues to crest even higher and higher, people on both sides are worried how
3:37 am
will we contain the river. mother nature has not been kind to them. now lawmakers on both sides of this river, north dakota and minnesota are calling, get this, for billions of dollars to divert parts of the river around popular areas, through a big canal to ease the pressure of flooding that continues to happen to the people. farmers are fighting it saying a waste of money. it would take ten years to build this canal. >> would it work as well? >> right. there is no telling. but right now, what is happening there is not working. >> three out of four years, yeah. >> yeah. they need a break. >> i don't know what the answer is. a sad situation there. >> uh-huh. parts of illinois, they're recovering after some are recalling a 100 year flood there. hundreds forced to evacuate their tiny town in western illinois. just getting their first look at what's left as they pile up damaged belongings. volunteers from surrounding communities had to rush in to help. >> we in this town have been humbled by the love from
3:38 am
complete strangers. we are a very small town. we banded together. we said we would support each other the we had support from far and wide that has just floored us. >> the spoon river flooding has severely damaged dozens of homes. some people won't be able to return for a few weeks. >> taking a look at your morning forecast. a wet day from philadelphia through florida. showers, thunderstorms, from minneapolis, milwaukee, des moines, and kansas city. showers from seattle to portland. snow in the cascade. northern rockies. heating up in southwest. >> first triple digit days for phoenix, vegas. upper 60s and 70s in the nation's midsection. 80s dallas to miami. 60s in the northeast. so now, talking about the northeast, we had a really nice weekend this past weekend. were you able to take advantage? >> i was able to take advantage. and i brought show-and-tell. producer said, john, take pictures. i said, sure, why not? >> can't wait to see them. >> i was working on my hedges.
3:39 am
me standing on the picnic table. they're a lot taller than i am. this has been going on three weekends in a row. a ton of them. there i ll the next one see. my deltoids are shot. >> more hedging. >> and shot. >> and you know what? take a good look at him on camera. he has a tan. >> there you go. a rare thing. >> by the way, there is my busted grill. 8 years old. the burners were rusted, crappy. that's me holding them up. on the left, the crappy rusted ones. and people say throw it out, get a new one. they're $1,000. yes, in fact. >> grills are expensive. >> alexa. >> that's my daughter. almost 10. helping me set up patio furniture. going to get back to the grill in a second. keep going. there is dad. >> look at my waistband. noticed this much to my dismay, looking like i am rocking the hip-hop look. really, just got wicked plumber's butt going. that's my underwear. >> cheeseburgers on the new grill which turned out really,
3:40 am
really nice. >> alexa is so beautiful. >> is she not a cutie pie. >> love the furniture. a good job with the pattern. very nice. >> very retro. >> there is your house in the background. >> i have to tell you this is amazing. this yard is beautiful. it's big. and gorgeous. the flowers. the hedges. >> look at the trees. in the background -- a dogwood and cherry blossom. >> the colors. that is amazing. it really is beautiful. >> and finally. i ordered a new couch. that's my screened in porch there. and that's well deserved nap. >> i was going to say. you deserve that rest. that nap. >> i was up like a farmer, sun up until sun down working all day. all day long. >> i need a weekend from my weekend. >> i know. that's when you know summer has arrived. >> get it done early in the season. >> you can enjoy it. >> and then the end of may. >> nice base tan to get started. >> got a tan from here on up. if you see this. all white as this paper. >> next weekend you go shirtless. >> there you go. sound like a plan.
3:41 am
>> coming up, the country's best known domestic diva. her search for love. >> later, inside the mind of a woman that will cuddle with you for money. is this a form of prostitution? we'll find out next. ♪ hold me now ♪ oh ♪ warm my heart ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by everyone's hair breaks.
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a popular website offering discounts and deals is the latest victim of cyber attack. livingsocial apologizing to 50 million members telling them they should change their passwords. >> linzie janis has advice on what you can do to make your passwords harder to hack. >> reporter: the site where deal hunters go for discounts on everything from rounds of golf to spa treatments. this weekend more than 50 million members of livingsocial are learning they have been hacked. their names, e-mail addresses, birth dates and encrypted versions of their passwords may have been compromised. john pozzati tests businesses to see how easy it is for him to hack in. >> a very attractive target. now that they have all of these passwords and ids they can try to use them on all the other sites where they are really
3:46 am
valuable. >> reporter: that's why livingsocial is requiring users to change their password. if they use the same one on another site, like online banking, it says, better change that too. >> it is so important to use different password on each site that you log in to. that way if one of them is compromised, you aren't compromised across the entire internet. >> reporter: we can also help ourselves by making our passwords more difficult for hackers to decode. >> going from six characters to seven characters could mean the difference between going from days to years to crack them. especially if you throw in some special characters, like an asterisk or period. >> reporter: another thing we shouldn't do is write down all of our passwords on a piece of paper. security experts say you can buy a device that will store your passwords. all you would need to do is remember one difficult master
3:47 am
password to get into the device. linzie janis, abc news, new york. all right. coming up, taylor swift's $17 million move. this is not a career move. some expected relationship advice for chris brown. that's next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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♪ skinny so skinny >> time for "the skinny." are you ready to be jealous? are you ready to be jealous?
3:49 am
>> that always happens -- at least once during "the skinny". >> tmz reporting taylor swift bought herself a mansion, a $17 million mansion. it gets better. she paid for it with cash. >> wow. >> can you imagine? >> look at that thing. >> beautiful. actually very tasteful. right. >> nice-looking house. >> not like. not cheesy or tacky. she paid it in cash! $17 million! it is, an 11,000 square foot mansion. she was looking at it. toured it on april 15th. been thinking about it. originally asked for $20 million. got them to $17.75. just over five acres. wow. >> wow. is right. >> cash. did i say cash? no mortgage. >> is she 20 yet, my gosh.
3:50 am
>> according to tmz. >> this one according to "the daily news." they apparently got long exclusive interview with chris brown's dad, clinton brown. 48 years old. started talking about his relationship with rihanna, everybody criticizes the two for getting back together. also, on the list of critics, chris brown's dad. >> really? >> yes, sir. a quote, "i personally didn't really want him and rihanna back together." he says. "you have to have a balance in a relationship. you have to have some one that is spontaneous and you want someone logical. and he worries the roller coaster romance is going to fly off the rails and end in tragedy. he says, i hate to use examples. then he uses examples. michael jackson. whitney houston. amy winehouse. he says i could go on and on. he says she is beautiful, exotic, successful. and goes on to say i wonder why she can't be with some one else and names, names, jordan sparks for one. >> jordan sparks? >> in the eyes of mr. clinton brown, a good match for chris. >> no kidding. >> chris, if you are listening,
3:51 am
i know you watch us regularly. go for jordan sparks. is she dating anybody? i don't know. >> when dad weighs in. no relief even at the dinner table. martha stewart telling another network that she considered going on to try to fine the love of her life. believe it or not. she says, she got halfway through the profile. was going to use her name. she started to laugh. found it impossible to finish the application. really thought about it. 71 years old. looking for mr. right. would you ever do that if you were a single lady? >> you know what? when i was single, there were times in my life, where i was sorry and alone. even then. >> even then no? >> i would not. but i will say this. i have a lot of friends. >> lot of people. >> lot of couples. not only does it work. it is successful for them that they go on to have very long marriages. >> hard to meet people. you are working. busy. all these commitments.
3:52 am
>> she wanted to go on as martha stewart. >> if i saw martha stewart, i would thing it was a phony, a fraud. >> don't know if i would go for that one either. although, i am a girl. and that's martha stewart. l. and that's martha stewart. a stewart. and that's martha stewart. [ female announcer ] can a body wash go beyond basic cleansing?
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zzzquil™. the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil®. ♪ but you know that there is nowhere that i'd rather be than with you here today ♪ ♪ hold me now >> that takes me back to high school. driving in my girlfriend kathy's chevy nova. >> wow. i don't know where this story is going to take you though. >> all right. let's find out. we all spend so much time glued to the smartphones and computers locked in a modern isolation. a woman in upstate new york says she has a remedy. >> that's right. she cuddles for cash. >> really? >> she says perfectly innocent. just a cuddle. is that a good idea? or is it just creepy? >> sound kind of creepy. >> huh. here is abc's dan harris with
3:56 am
more. >> reporter: they say everybody needs a hug now and again. mary and the gang. but jackie samuels has taken this fundamental need to a whole new level. samuel's business based in rochester, new york, is called the snuggery for $60, cuddle for an hour. for $300 she will spend the night. to be clear what she is doing she insists, cuddling. hugging and holding. pg. think pg, not r rated. what are boundaries? >> no touching where undergarments cover and no kissing. and clothes stay on. >> reporter: samuels claims her business yields tangible benefits. it has been proven that human touch releases oxytocin or happiness hormone in our brains. >> there is so much diversity in my client body. they range from 20 up to 85. there are people from construction workers to doctors to -- financial consultants. >> reporter: sharif abdur is one of samuel's customers tired of
3:57 am
the expense of dating, he argues samuels service, serves a really need in an upfront way, no mind games, no need to take her out to dinner or call the next day. >> i think everyone could use affection and hugs in their life -- so i got that benefit of the affection that everyone goes for with a little bit of simpler rules than day-to-day life. >> reporter: while samuels has her fans, she also has her critics. some have called what she does prostitution. >> it is just so obvious to me this is nothing to do with prostitution. nobody is being degraded. nobody is unsafe. we are not breaking any laws. >> reporter: samuels says if anything her business is following a law, the law of nature that says, at the end of the day, every human needs love. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> like i said at the meeting. get a dog. cuddle with the dog. >> i don't know what to do with that one. that is just creepy. i would not, would not snuggle with a stranger. i will tell you who i would snuggle with. >> big hug. big hug. >> yea! >> big hug. >> big hug. hug it out, guys.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
happening right now, severe storms and soggy monday morning. >> a system that dropped torrential rain from texas flooding highways makes for a nasty commute up and down the east coast. we have the latest forecast. new details in the boston bombing. as investigators search for who may have influenced the suspects. was it their mother, recorded by the russians? or someone else? opening statements hours away in the latest megatrial involving the jackson family. the verdicts could mean billions for michael jackson's mom and three kids. and close call. a reporter snapping her own photo. but check out the ball right behind her. what she's saying now. and good morning


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