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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 29, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking right now. a powerful explosion rocks the center of one of europe's most famous capitals, injuring dozens. victims reportedly buried in the rubble. a desperate search at this hour. developing now. an entire california town on lockdown after an 8-year-old girl is stabbed in a brazen home invasion. her 12-year-old brother, the only witness. helicopters using infrared to find a suspect who seems to have vanished. real-life open water. the harrowing ordeal for two siblings. the trip to paradise turning perilous in an instant. swimming for their lives for 14 hours. fearing sharks with every stroke. our abc news live exclusive. ♪ wild thing and up close and personal with this very, very hungry camel.
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how this family bit off more than they could chew on their midwest adventure. as we like to say, wait until you see what happens next. well, she laughed through the whole thing, that little girl. >> yeah, but daddy, come on, maybe roll up the window? >> good morning, america. hope you had a great weekend. two weeks to the day of the boston marathon bombings, we have a lot to talk about. new information about whether the bombers acted alone. as video surfaces overnight of a younger brother in a more innocent moment with his niece. you see it right there. >> we'll hear his voice for the first time, too. this, as we learned the russians had wiretapped conversations of the older brother with the mother. but first, the breaking
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stories overnight. >> terrifying news out of europe. a powerful explosion has rocked the center of prague in the czech republic this morning. people are believed to be buried in the rubble. the explosion occurring in the center of the city, near the national theater. it appears to be a natural gas explosion. it shattered the windows of nearby buildings. it was heard nearly a mile away. we'll have more details as they come available. also breaking right now, an apparent assassination attempt this morning against the prime minister of syria. a bomb went off near his convoy. the prime minister managed to escape. suspicion immediately turned to fighters fighting with syrian rebels. and people in a rural area of northern california are being told to lock their doors this morning after police say a man brazenly entered a home and stabbed and killed an 8-year-old girl in the quiet town of valley
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springs. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: police say the call came in saturday at noon. the girl's 12-year-old brother says he found an intruder inside their home. when the man fled, the boy found his sister stabbed. the 12-year-old was able to give police only a vague description of the suspect. >> a white or hispanic male adult. the age was not clear. however the clothing described was blue jeans and a black or dark shirt. >> reporter: police say the brother is not a suspect at this time. >> we're continuing to talk to him. which would be normal because he was the last person with the child. >> reporter: police and csi teams scoured the crime scene. >> we collected some fingerprints and what we believe to be dna. >> reporter: an all-out manhunt is under way. in the rural county outside of sacramento. >> we're searching extensively.
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it's a difficult area to search. >> there are a lot of empty homes and outbuildings. lot of huge rofk croppings where somebody can hide in. >> reporter: and this morning, still no sign of a suspect. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. meanwhile, some brave churchgoers, including an off-duty firefighter, are being credited for stopping a man who went on a rampage during a catholic mass on sunday in albuquerque. the man armed with a knife and yelling fake preacher jumped across several pews, stabbing members of the choir. injuring four people, two critically. no official word on a motive as yet. a major milestone in lower manhattan. crews there will raise the final section of the spire atop the new world trade center. the first section was added late last year, not long after this picture was taken of crews hoisting the escalator to the 101st floor.
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the tower will become the tallest building in the western hemisphere at a symbolic 1,776 feet tall. and there's a mystery in oregon this morning. how did that -- get there? police have no idea. the truck ended up lodged roughly ten feet in that tree. no one was inside. hospitals nearby have not reported any victims of a crash. a local rescue team tweeted -- and i quote, said tweet -- this is not something you see every day, end tweet. >> end tweet. >> that's as far as we got. i have no followup. >> you have to work on that. >> great job. we're going to turn now to the latest in the boston bombings investigation. that brand-new video we told you about, dzhokhar tsarnaev teasing his niece. we're hearing his voice for the first time. >> give me a kiss. >> okay.
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>> no, give me a kiss. atta girl. now get out. >> no. >> abc's brian ross is here with more information on whether the bomber acted alone. good morning, brian. >> reporter: from the beginning, it was a plot hard to come the grips with. this morning, that continues to be the case. with the revelations that the fbi is still tracking what it calls persons of interest in russia and here in the united states. the younger tsarnaev brother said they never even tested the bombs before setting them off that day two weeks ago today. and many law enforcement officials and members of congress believe the two men, or at least the older one, had to have been well-trained in bombmaking during his six-month trip to russia last year. and may have had helpers here. >> there are still persons of interest in the united states that the fbi would like to have conversations with. the unknown is the little over six months in russia. clearly, that is where they went from the process of
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radicalization to pro-violence. >> the older brother? >> the older brother, and to violence. >> reporter: the older brother, tamerlan, was in russia at a time when a chechen terror group there lost two key leaders about the same age. including a canadian citizen who william plotnikov, who was a professional boxer before becoming part of a movement. a few days before he was killed by russian forces in july of last year, tamerlan returned to boston from russia. the fbi continues to have great interest in the mother of the two accused bombers, zubeidat. she denies her and her family have any connection to terrorism. over the weekend, her phone calls were recorded by russian security forces while she allegedly discussed jihad with her son. overnight, the mystery man called misha emerged from his
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home in rhode island and said he did not have anything to do with encouraging tamerlan. >> he said, i was not tsarnaev's teacher. i never taught him anything. if i had been his teacher, i would have certainly told him that doing something like this is very, very wrong and against the precepts of our religion. >> reporter: the reporter says misha said he has been interviewed by the fbi and called the fbi during the interview to make sure it was okay to talk to reporters. he's a person still of interest, but not that much interest apparently. >> so many questions. all right, george. we're going to move on to the latest on the investigation into the letters tainted with the poison ricin mailed to president obama and other high-level officials. a suspect is now in custody. big questions right now about whether a feud has fueled the entire case. abc's matt gutman is in miami, florida, with the latest.
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good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. in just a couple of of hours, we might learn whether or not that big ricin scare was started by a small-town intrigue. this mystery plot pits a bipolar elvis impersonator against a karate instructor. later this morning, james everett dutschke is expected to appear before a judge. the president, a u.s., senator, and a local judge got envelopes with ricin. >> i wouldn't recognize ricin if i saw it. >> reporter: on wednesday, the 41-year-old former tae kwan do instructor denied involvement, even as investigators searched his home. his arrest comes day after the arrest of this man.
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45-year-old elvis impersonator kevin curtis was charged, but the charges were dropped. >> overwhelming, to say the least. >> dutschke and curtis worked together in the past. the attorney believes dutschke used her client as a patsy. signing them with curtis' initials. >> it took a lot of planning. very diabolical. >> reporter: dutschke, meantime, is also facing two charges of child molestation. he pleaded not guilty to those earlier this month. now, his court hearing this morning, we might learn the mystery motive behind this act. dutschke's attorney is not commenting about the accusation. her client could face life in prison. robin? >> one bizarre twist after another. >> that is a stiff penalty. to the white house, where president obama is facing new calls for military action in syria, after releasing evidence last week that the assad regime has used chemical weapons.
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abc's jon karl is tracking that from the white house. the white house is considering stepping up military involvement if the evidence is confirmed. >> reporter: that's right, george. the official line is that all options are on the table. but senior officials have made it clear that ground troops are not going to happen. they're looking at arming the rebels, targeted air strikes or a no-fly zone. i wouldn't expect to see any of these any time soon. the evidence needs to be corroborated. even once that happens this is a white house that is determined not to rush into any stepped-up military involvement. >> it could take several weeks. on a much lighter note, the white house correspondents' dinner over the weekend. the president is really honing his standup skills. take a look. >> i understand, second term, need a burst of new energy.
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so, we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. i thought this looked pretty good. but, no bounce. i really do respect the press. i recognize that the press and i have different jobs to do. my job is to be president. your job is to keep me humble. frankly, i think i'm doing my job better. >> you know, the president seemed to be enjoying himself there. he's always been pretty good at this. i think he's gotten better, george. and with the series of news events we have been through over the last weeks, months, it's one of the rare chances that he's had to get up there and tell jokes. >> he did seem to enjoy it. he loves going after the press. thank you, jon. >> we'll have more on the correspondents' dinner later. right now, michael jackson's life and death are back center stage today. opening statements are set to start in the jackson family multibillion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit.
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against the promoters of the singer's comeback concert, which never happened. abc's david wright has the details for us from los angeles. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this was the series of 50 concerts that never happened because the 50-year-old pop star dropped dead of acute propofol intoxication during the rehearsals. the family is now trying to blame the concert promoters. in a grim encore, his life and death will play out again in court. in a case starting this morning, it's expected to offer the most in-depth details yet of the superstar's final days. >> a lot of money at stake. what his life was worth from the point that he died forward, how much could he have made? >> reporter: the superstar's mother, kathryn jackson, and
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others filed the case saying that concert promoter aeg live is ultimately responsible for his death. claiming they forced him to complete the tour despite red flags. >> who was conrad murray, the man who killed michael jackson who is in jail, who was he working for? >> reporter: aeg argues conrad murray was an independent contractor, hired by michael jackson, not them. but the jackson family insists the company should have vetted him thoroughly before agreeing to pay his $150,000 a month salary. the star-studded witness list is expected to include diana ross, quincy jones, prince, and jackson's ex-wives, lisa marie presley and debbie rowe. jackson's two older children, expected to take the stand as
7:15 am
well. >> that is going to be the most emotional, the most unpredictable moment of the trial. how do you cross-examine the children? >> reporter: the trial is expected to last several months. no cameras allowed in court. there's a lot more than just money. even billions of dollars at stake, also jackson's reputation, because we're expected to learn a lot more about his erratic behavior in the final days. robin. >> thank you. it would be difficult to see the kids on the stand. now, let's get the latest on what has been a wild weekend of weather across the south. tornadoes, massive hailstorms. sam, you have been tracking those for us. >> soaking rain. you know it's a tough rainstorm when your car is floating down the street. people saw that in houston over the weekend. eight inches of rain. look at that. enough water, knee-high in streets, eight inches in some homes. so, this is a lot of water. 150 water rescues in just a few hours. and then, as that began to move east over the weekend, that
7:16 am
continued to dump rain and storms. pictures of funnel clouds in leah, georgia. some places just south of atlanta got three inches of rain. that's about 75% of the normal april rainfall coming in one storm system. today, from florida to new york city. the heaviest rain, areas shaded in red, two to three inches. and then some records. palm springs, 98, phoenix, 103. that's an awful lot of heat.
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>> with 72 in bismarck, coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about the snow melt. what happened with the snow pack up there. >> thank you. a story about a young man who suffers from tourette's syndrome, forbidden by jet blue from flying with them because he couldn't stop saying the word bomb. he warned the airline beforehand but he was still grounded.
7:18 am
>> reporter: this case raises a lot of questions. the young man doing everything he can to explain behavior ahead of time but still being denied access to a flight which he planned for two years. when 19-year-old michael doyle arrived at the airport for his flight to puerto rico, he was worried. worried about what he was going to say. >> i was telling myself in my head before, don't say bomb. when you try to suppress tourette's it comes out even worse. >> reporter: and it did. those with tourette's often can't control verbal tics. through security, at the gates, michael, uncontrollably blurted out what can be a frightening word these days. >> i probably said bomb, bomb, about -- 100 times in that terminal. and through tsa. >> reporter: traveling with friends to an 18th century battle reenactment, doyle had planned ahead, carrying medical documentation, describing his condition.
7:19 am
it got him through security. but in the boarding area on thursday, the jetblue pilot heard him say "bomb" and refused to allow the young man on the flight. his friends stayed with him. >> it's very frustrating after three hours of sitting there. and then, two years planning. doesn't happen. >> reporter: frustrating, but also a sign of the times? >> tensions are high. people are worried. they're nervous. they know that there have been terrorist attacks. at the end of the day, the pilot in command has the decision of who gets on that airplane and who doesn't. >> reporter: jetblue says after furtherer investigation, the situation was deemed to be innocuous. but no guarantee that he'll be able to board a future flight. >> it does not make me want to fly at all. >> reporter: you could hear him with the tic when he said bomb in the piece. he stayed home. so did his friends. they missed the reenactment. this will start a discussion in the aviation industry. over the next couple of weeks,
7:20 am
how do you handle this? especially someone with medical documentation. the pilot is the one who gets the final say, no matter what. >> you can't blame the pilot. you wish they would have found another way around it. >> he did everything he could. giving them the documentation. letting them know. >> he let it be known. he let it be known. let him fly. >> what do you guys think at home? tell us at right now. lots more ahead. vanished. a young mom missing. abducted from the late shift. what her family is saying this morning. real-life open water. the harrowing ordeal for two siblings swimming 14 hours in shark-infested waters. we'll talk to them live in an abc news exclusive. and trading barbs over basketball. why an nba cheerleader is under attack over her weight? terrible. big wedding anniversary. are there new clues to whether will and kate are having a boy or a girl? we'll tell you.
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7:25 am
bart property or attack station agents and could be banned great 30 days to an entire year. where are the trouble spots, leyla gulen? >> there have been a few. as we go to the east bay, this crash cleared an hour ago. this is at san pablo dam road, and an hour from the carquinez bridge to a made because of an early crash that cleared an hour ago. in the santa cruz mountains, a closing at bear creek between highway mine and highway 35. >> when we come back our meteorologist, mike nicco, has
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>> look at the sunshine in downtown san francisco where we have a legal bit of an allergy problem, with trees and grass high. we will look at how were warmer temperatures are compared to average, 19 in livermore to about eight in san francisco. that puts us at 72 in san francisco and a lost 80's to 90's inland, a far cry from the 50's we are in now which is the saving grace with the
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♪ ♪ down in a park how is this for a once in a lifetime surprise? a tiny clip in l.a., saturday night, the rolling stones show up, 20 bucks a pop to see the rolling stones live. they called it the kickoff of their north american tour. >> in way. they just -- >> showed up. >> can you imagine? >> that never happens to me? >> it never happens. we say good morning america, on this monday morning. inside the real-life open water for a brother and sister, swimming 14 hours, shark-infested waters. we'll talk to them live. they're here in the studio. >> they look great now. >> emphasis on live. thank you for being here. inside the incredible new eye treatment that promises to
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remove the puffy dark circles and in just ten minutes. thiss i a natural segue. you want to laugh at mine. they're right there. are you ready to laugh? we're asking you, america, for your help. if you think you're funny, we'll tell you how you can send your jokes to us. you could be telling them right here on "good morning america." all the details straight ahead. >> and the weather man and the "gma" team walks into a crowded airport lounge. >> oh, boy. >> not so much. nice try there, sam. details ahead. right to the michigan mom who vanished this weekend. police believe jessica heeringa was abducted from the gas station where she works. a massive manhunt is under way.
7:32 am
good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. overnight, jessica's family december rattly waited for word from police. but no luck. authorities say she was suppose to be on her way home when she disappeared. this morning, jessica heeringa's fiance is clinging to hope while trying to keep their 3-year-old son calm. >> she's a good mother. she needs to come home. she has family who loves her. >> reporter: it's been nearly three full days since she vanished after wrapping up her late-night shift at this gas station. >> i talked to her an hour before this happened. she was going to be out early and home quick. >> reporter: he talked to his fiance by phone between 10:00 and 10:15 friday night. her last transaction happened at
7:33 am
10:55. moments later, someone contacted police saying they found the gas station unattended. they found her keys on the counter. >> no signs of a struggle inside the store. it's apparent that the burglary or robbery was not a cause of the int dent. >> reporter: authorities are searching for a suspicious gray minivan seen behind the gas station shortly before heeringa went missing. >> everybody's looking for you. and we're going bring you home. >> reporter: now, the gas station did not have surveillance cameras at the time of her disappearance. authorities say they have gotten tips from around the country. but family members are hoping someone who saw something will step forward. george? >> we all hope so, thank you, alex. now to the dramatic survival story of a brother and sister shipwrecked on their vacation. kate and dan suski spent 14
7:34 am
nours open waters after their fishing boat sank. they're here for an exclousive interview. first, here's rob nelson. >> reporter: a four-hour fishing trip that turned to personal. dan was battling a 200-pound marlin when disaster struck without notice. water flooded the boat. sending them and the captain and first mate into the rough waeter as they watched the ship capsize. >> it was completely surreal, watching the boat, stern down, go sub surface and seeing it underwater. >> reporter: in the waves, they quickly lost sight of the captain and mate and embarked on a terrifying swim, thinkening they could die, with images of the stranded diver in the movie "open water" fueling their fear. >> oh, my god. >> we could see land off in the
7:35 am
distance and started swimming that direction. >> reporter: and then, 14 hours into it, some hope. they came upon a sliver of beach where they survived on bananas and mangos, until help arrived a day later. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc, new york. >> kate and dan suskii welcome to new york. you look great. >> thanks, all things considered. >>any injuries? >> joint pain. ankles and shoulder. >> take us back to the moment when this began. what happened? >> i was there fighting the marlin. >> it was a big one. >> the captain said about 400 pounds. there fighting the fish. getting tired. about 45 minutes in. heard a loud noise and looked back in the cabin the. the captain looked at us.
7:36 am
the captain went in, saw water in the fore cabin. looked in the engine compartm t compartment, it was about 70% full. >> and just went down. >> minutes later, it seems like, it just went down. >> you were together for awhile, at some point you lost sight of the captain. he wanted you to stay together. what made you say, i gotta swim? i got to go towards that land? >> i felt anxious sitting and waiting. i was starting to get cold. when i was moving, i felt a lot better. we thought we could see land and it was the thought of just waiting -- we waited for an hour. he had called in the coordinates. >> he wanted you to wait. >> yes, yes. eventually, we decided together to start swimming. we saw the -- saw a plane fly over. and then a helicopter. so we figured they were looking for us. they were between us and land. we started swimming faster to try to reach them. but they -- disappeared and
7:37 am
flew, think, back to land. and by that time, we had lost the captain. >> you had seen this movie, "open water." >> i had. >> what was your biggest fear in the mid of of it all? >> not seeing land. worrying we went the wrong direction. we knew based on the wind direction we were going pretty much toward land. when it would disappear, the fear set in. we didn't know where we were going. and then any number of things. the sharks, hypothermia, dee hydration. >> you kept your heads and made it all the way. it must have been amazing when you hit land. >> it was hard to believe. i thought i can't believe we did it. i can't believe we made it. we knew we had a ways to go. because we were at a pretty remote part of the island when we landed. so, getting to land was -- >> you showed a lot of strength and great composure. thank you for coming in today.
7:38 am
>> thank you. >> you can picture hour scary that was. let's look at pictures out of minot. we're going to talk all the way into fargo. is the red rifr at major flood level by sunday. flooding is still going on. this is what the snow pack was. over 92% by last tuesday. with all of the warm air, snow cover is 10%. a lot of the ground is accepting the melting water the. but there's still sflooding going on. then, i offer you a warm nation today. nation, 99 degrees in las vegas today. albuquerque, 84, dallas, 86, charleston, 71.
7:39 am
>> look at these temperatures. >> time for the weekly "gma" power report. we have no longer showing the red levels on the maps. oak and ash trees still a of pollen. you can find the pollen levels in your neighborhood by going to on yahoo!. fancy, fancy pollen map. the backlash is brewing. a critic asks if an nba cheerleader is too chunky to cheer at center court. >> oh, come on. and the second anniversary for will and kate. are there new clues of a baby boy or a baby girl? we'll find out. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days!
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back now at 7:43 with the controversy of the sports column nis who asked if an nba cheerleader was too chunky to be cheering. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: while the okay city thunder's been winning games on the court, one of their cheerleaders is making
7:44 am
headlines. kelsey williams, a veteran cheerleader became the focus of a cbs houston sports radio article posted online, titled is this girl too chunky to be an okc thunder cheerleader? it was posted last week. the columnist, claire crawford launched a poll. do raersd think she has the perfect look, could use tightening up or does he have to business wearing the outfit if front of people? the article prompted a backlash. one person tweeted, wow, it's possible for a woman to be a misogynist? blogger claire crawford qualifies. another saying shame on you for your irrelevant, vindictive and outrageous xaents. the article was taken down on wednesday. and now several websites, including the houston chronicle,
7:45 am
seems to be a pseudonym for anna railey. she was posted this on a website when she auditioned to be a cheerleader. >> i added my own personal style. >> reporter: she didn't make the team. she has denied writing the article. one like anna-megan raley aka blogger claire crawford who called the cheerleader fat, are idiots. willi williams is taking the high road. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> a woman. a woman. a ha. a ha. >> now i think we know why. >> now that we know the back story of who possibly wrote it. >> jealousy. >> great for people to jump in and go hey, no way. coming up, the incredible new eye treatment that promises
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> you saw it a little bit earlier in the program. it might split the couch. just another day at a drive-through zoo in kansas city. tyler holding his daughter. you feed the animal. you run out of snacks. he gets hungry. >> he's kissing her. >> yeah, and -- i know this is lovely because she thinks it's funny and fun until she he really starts chewing on her
7:51 am
head. >> see, see! >> guys. that's a wild animal. i know it's like, sort of kind of cute. but that's a wild animal. camels are, let's just say it, nasty. >> how about after the first bite, hit the gas? >> he finally does. >> and the thing is like, wait, what? >> having fun now. >> great laugh. >> calisthenics. >> and he's driving with her in the front -- i don't know. we have a lot to get to. deals and steals, robert downey jr., tobey maguire. lots.
7:52 am
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still to come, deals and e
7:56 am
>> now from abc7 news, i am kristen sze. the city of oakland will tackle a big complaint. the potholes with repair starts this week, focusing on the schools near schools and hospitals lasting until late june. now mike has a warm forecast. >> year was just the beginning but it looks like seven days above-average temperatures. good morning, everyone, 72 at san francisco, and 80 in oakland and 84 in san jose, and concord at 88 and 90's in livermore and antioch. >> a crash in the south bay on the south bay freeway looking at
7:57 am
westbound 237, a six-car pileup backed up from 880, and this is at least half an hour to get you over to 101. kristen? >> the news continues right now with "good morning america", with "good morning america", have a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ as long as i've got my suit and tie ♪ [ cheers and applause ] great crowd here with us on a monday morning. they were out bright and early this morning. for this man right here, robert downey jr. of course, the star of "iron man 3." we're going talk to him in this hour. >> it just killed overseas this weekend. also this week, our huge "gma" event. our ultimate "deals and steals" week. we're getting a little bit of a taste of it right here. >> tory johnson. >> it's a hint. >> the major kitchen-palooza
8:01 am
event. serious money-saving madness for you. you have to stick around for the details. >> oh! >> pancake down! >> as i understand this, it all leads up to the biggest deal we have ever revealed that you have ever helped us give away at the end of the week? >> i can't tell you. i can't tell you. my lips are sealed. >> i think we're beyond the five-second rule. thank you. >> thank you. >> let me guess, that's beginning right there. how about an incredible new eye treatment that in ten minutes could get rid of dark circles. how about if we eliminate the word "puffiness" from the english language. take a look at this. what are the hula hoopers doing. kelly osbourne has been using
8:02 am
them to lose weight. >> that is not easy. first the news from josh. more on the huge explosion overnight in europe. police say it was a natural gas explosion that collapsed part of the building near the city center near prague's national theater. at least 60 people are injured in the blast. there are fears more people could be in the rubble. surrounding buildings were evacuated. meanwhile, two weeks after the bombings at the boston marathon, the fbi is still tracking persons of interest here in the u.s. and in russia. law enforcement officials believe the tsarnaev brothers or at least the older one, tamerlan, had been well-trained in bombmaking on his recent trip to russia. his mother is drawing attention, too. she was caught on a russian wiretap allegedly discussing jihad with her son. a mississippi man accused of
8:03 am
sending letters laced with ricin to the president and a senator is in court today. james everett dutschke is set to go to court today. is an ongoing feud with the prior suspect the motive? a little girl murdered in her own home in california. 8-year-old leila fowler was stopped in valley springs, about 60 miles from sacramento. her brother said he saw man running from their house. if you have not made plans for meem reel day, you might want to and quickly. air fares will be slightly cheaper than last year. you have to move fast to get the deals. and flinl, reporters are taught to be observant and never let their guard down. one learned that almost the very hard way. kelly nash, a reporter covering
8:04 am
the red sox at fenway, photo-bombed by a baseball -- >> no, no. >> -- that came shooting that close during batting practice. not to worry. it just missed her. >> that's incredible. >> you couldn't fake that photo. you could do it a million times and not capture it like that. >> she admitted, never turn your back on the action. >> it gratz shot. >> it was great selfie. "pop news" time. good morning. good monday morning to you. get ready for "rocky" the musical. the classic story coming to broadway next march. it's got great reviews in hamburg, germany. it's an instant hit. we're sure. here's a couple of fun facts. sylvester stallone wrote it in the early '70s. he had to fight much like his
8:05 am
character to play the role. they wanted more marketable actors, like ryan o'neal or burt reynolds to make it. >> if it works in hamburg -- it's going to kill on the great white way. >> it will kill on broadway. it works in hamburg, it will kill on broadway. >> a lot of people have seen rocky. they still don't know, to this day, that he loses in the end. >> he does? >> oh, oh! >> you just gave way the ending! >> here's the deal, you deserve it. if you haven't seen it, you deserve it. it was, like, 80 years ago! >> spoiler alert. and we're raising a glass to william and kate celebrating their second wedden anniversary today. no trip planned. the duchess is spending the day visiting a children's hospice.
8:06 am
she's recorded a public service announcement asking people to support the charity. her purchase over the weekend of a blue bugaboo stroller is a chew she's having a boy. so the couple continues to they don't know the sex of the royal baby. >> what does -- >> we have been sleuthing. that's what we come up with. >> what does hamburg have to say about this? >> hamburg, are you there? we'll get back to you. and speak of champagne, no pain no gain? the florida woman, miriam tucker, knows. she was at an event where they put diamonds in the drinks. she hadn't heard and swal lode it. she's going the give the diamond to her granddaughter as a very special heirloom. >> they removed it or --
8:07 am
>> hey, hey, hey. >> it's a breakfast show. >> miriam is fine. it's a very special heirloom. >> thank you, lara. lets see if we can do this at the same time. during the live shot, out to the audience. live shot out of philadelphia this morning. go. a little clouds, mist, and drizzle. that pattern of all of that, an area of high pressure to north and a lull down to the south. i can't do all this. i come out here, hoops are flying. good morning, how are you? >> how are you? >> i love your sign. you're from michigan? >> we have a 5-year-old at home. >> from florida to philly, the clouds of moisture. some sprinkling out here. chicago, denver, they're trending down, it looks like. i just feel like, if you're standing in the rain, stay good morning for me. what is your na
8:08 am
>> we're standing out in times square in the showers. let's go back inside to -- >> all: lara! thank you all so much here's a look at what is coming up on the "gma" morning menu. the instant eye treatment. and kelly osbourne is revealing her weight loss secret. how she's keeping the weight off using hula hoops.
8:09 am
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8:14 am
concert. larry hackett, back again. what a saturday night. >> i know. >> michael jordan, almost 2,000 people at his second wedding. >> he lives in jupiter, florida. he married his new wife, yvette. if you get married at a church that donald trump got married at, the bar is set high. 2,000 people at the reception. >> incredible entertainment. >> oh, my. >> that is a structure. whoa. >> as big as three football fields. >> just as remarkable. >> 2,000 guests. >> he's been out of the limelight. he's not like magic or charles, on tv all the time. think this is his reentry back into public live. >> reentry of the rolling stones a little more intimate on saturday. >> before every tour, they do this.
8:15 am
played new haven years ago, little bars all the time. a bar in los angeles. >> how do you get on that list? >> in the old day, the hip radio stations sent something out. the band that was supposed to play the club and got bumped, they put it on their website, they got bumped by the rolling stones. >> how much advanced notice do you get? >> think the day before. you only get one ticket. you couldn't bring anybody with you. bruce willis was there. gwen stefani was there. >> i love you, i would love to take you, but -- >> there you go. >> it's always with them. sold out. tell us about the fashion, this side over here, you were at the white house dinner. la lara, looking great. >> looked fabulous. >> i thought kerry washington looked beautiful. >> we had amy poehler and
8:16 am
jessica pare come with us. >> see foe -- sofia vergara was amazing. >> sam and i had a chance to sit with -- >> hayden pannetierre and sofia. >> the president was a funny man. he was on e+ >> he was. the joke about i'm not the young muslim socialist i used to be. >> so good. >> he did this film, a dwrask on "lincoln" where he plays daniel day-lewis playing obama. >> that was hilarious. >> watching on the couch, on c-span, with my pint of ice cream. beautiful. >> i got to sit next to kerry washington for dinner. she's just a delight. it fwunz. a little bit about the fashion. we have to get back to kate middleton. she's done it again.
8:17 am
the duchess effect. >> she goes out on friday wearing a $60 dress from top shop. online, it's viral. being sold on ebay for double of what you could get it for before. it happened with her engagement dress, too. she's absolutely an incredible icon. it's also not a maternity dress. it's made for women. she's rocking it as a pregnant woman but she's covering both markets. >> listen to you, larry. >> i had to get up early. breaking news, madonna and elton john made up. >> in france, a restaurant, she walked in, elton sent a note over saying, i'm sorry. she said, that's fine. this began in 2002 when he trashed her version of a bond
8:18 am
song, die another day opinion and then he went off on her for lip-synching. >> did he start it? >> he did. >> everybody breathe a sigh of relief. it's over. >> thank you, larry. >> who knows what this means for the other world's top spots. >> thank you, larry. next up on the heat index, what if you could banish the dark circles under your eyes in minute paps new you instantly. the results are supposed to last for years. bianna golodryga takes a look at this one for us. >> reporter: these four women are on a mission to fight an enemy so many of us must confront. eye bags. their kep of choice, a tear trough treatment. >> ten minutes later, they come out, no dark circles. it lasts for two years, three
8:19 am
years, four years. >> reporter: that's right. in just ten mint outs, go there this to this. >> this is a fountain of youth for the eyes. >> reporter: check out the results for this 27-year-old. >> wow, it's awesome. >> reporter: and this 40-year-old. >> i can see it's much moother both sides. >> reporter: a natural look attracted 42-year-olde esther. this is her before treatment. and after. smoother underneath. cheeks filled out. the dark circles diminished. i caught up with melissa just before her treatment. what do you think you're going come out with? >> what i'm hoping to come out with is to not wear makeup. >> you wear it just for this purpose? >> correct. >> if you have big bags, you need surgery.
8:20 am
people with mild bags, it's way to fill in the hollow. it's not reducing it but making it less visible. >> reporter: side effects include puffy eyes to possible bruising. it cost $600 to $1,000 per treatment. does it hurt? >> not at all. >> reporter: ten minutes later. you see the difference? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: you look great. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga. burning up the heat index, kelly osbourne's new slim-down look. she looks amazing. she's talking about her health scare and -- >> whoa. >> she's lost 70 pounds. >> it has to do with giant spinning hoops. what does it have to do?
8:21 am
rachel smith has the details. >> reporter: it's the latest hollywood weight loss craze causing a hoopla. it's called hoopnotica. a favorite of kelly osbourne. >> you want to look good, you want to feel good. >> reporter: she did to it get ready for oscar night. it's a secret to keeping 70 pounds off, strengthening her back and arms and trimming two frinchs her weight. >> i've lost a total of about 50 pounds. >> reporter: jackie is a certified instructor and gave me a quick lesson in venice, california. >> elbows in, hands supporting. we're going to wac to the side and spin it. fwa forward and back. get your arms out of the way. >> reporter: it's transformed into a cardio workout. >> it is cardio. and strength training. you're using the core.
8:22 am
>> i feel it from my heels up to my armpits. this is awesome. >> reporter: gabriella started it. she dropped 50 pounds in a year after weighing 182. >> burn up to 60 calories an hour. moving your arms in and out and coming up. the. >> reporter: what do you feel is working out? >> my legs. abs. >> you to this and learn this and all of a sudden, your husband is like, what is she doing? >> reporter: it all depends on how she spins it. for "good morning america," rachel smith, venice, california. >> and here to join us and show us hoopnotica is jackie berk. welcome to "good morning america." it's a little rainy out. i'll use this. kelly lost two inches from her waist in one week? >> in one week leading up to the golden globes.
8:23 am
they had to take in her dress in an emergency operation. >> that sounds serious. it's a good problem to have. why does it work so well? >> it burns on average 420 calories an hour. it's the core but a full-body workout. i'll show you calm of things you can do to up the ante on it. >> perfect. sam, come on down here. >> the biggest key is to start -- come on, sam. we got this. >> go, jackie. start with a hoopnotica hoop. get it on the website. you want a nice big hoop. >> it's inches as well as pounds. >> right. exaggerate your pushes. >> sam -- do you think -- >> you ne what, you practiced. i hate you, lara spencer.
8:24 am
>> just exaggerate your pushes and everything will be fine. >> that's fantastic. look at you. >> and from here, we can add in some cardio exercise. >> come on. >> can't do it. >> what piece offed a vase would you give girls at home? >> grab a hope, we're available to answer any questions in terms of sizing. get a dvd. do it at home. or find a class. >> maybe yours is not the right size. >> maybe that's it. >> we want to thank jackie. sam, give it one more try. >> no, i'm not doing it. >> she's showing off right now. she's just good. sam -- it happens. time you, we promised it last week. it has arrived. the "gma" event to end all others. the ultimate "deals & steals"
8:25 am
week for those of you who can't leave your screen. every day gets bigger. ty, the chef is back, flipping pancakes. today's deals are the kitchen-palooza today. >> what do you have? >> we gave our friends at gilt a challenge. assemble your best kitchen essentials for us. biggest and best brands. all in one place. everything from cuisinart cook ware, hand blernnders. gourmet knives. a spectacular spot light deal. scotty, where are you? [ cheers and applause ] >> what is the spot light? >> oh! forget the sirens. this time, we have confetti.
8:26 am
here's the deal. it's not the food that you see. it's the dinner wear that it's been served on. a 42-piece dinner ware set. the whole nine yards. the shape is gorgeous. so popular. regularly $187. slashed to $55, up to 70% off. >> you gotta do it. tobey maguire, robert downey jr., next.
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. jury selection is expected to begin in the murder trial of suspected serial killer joseph naso, the 79-year-old is charged with killing four women in yuba, marin and contra costa county between 1977 and 1994 by strangling them. the bodies of all four women were found along rural roads. he is representing himself and says all the evidence against him is circumstantial. >> the monday morning commute, leyla gulen? >> a packed house on the bray bridge with an early report of a so-called car past treasure island in the westbound direction and now we have a report in the eastbound direction at treasure island, a stalled car blocking a lane. as we look at the altamont pass, in the westbound direction, a crash at 580 at greenville road
8:28 am
and the fire department is blocking one lane on the scene. >> we will check with our meteorologist, mike ni
8:29 am
>> now the sunlight over downtown san francisco, the tree and grass will be high for allergies. as we look from sigh tremendous a hazy sky over the bay and the temperatures compared to average eight degrees warm neither san francisco and 72 and to 19 degrees warmer in livermore.
8:30 am
today is the beginning. check out the seven-day outlook, we could pull back a few degrees tomorrow but we [ cheers and applause ] a little rain. we have a great crowd outside this morning. a monday morning kicking off great and exciting week, starting off with a superhero. >> great to have the iron man himself, robert downey jr. he's here talking about the action-packed block bluster already a smash hit overseas. big in hamburg. >> which means -- and this that wasn't -- this is so exciting. helping kick off our great gatsby week. tobey maguire is with us, too. all the stars. it's too much. >> are they going to -- star-off. >> look at the cars napt is a beautiful, beautiful car. much like the once used in the movie which is just gorgeous.
8:31 am
so looking forward to talking to him. >> ravishing. we want to know, what makes you laugh. we obviously like to have a good time. that's fair to say. sometimes it's planned. often times, not at all. but -- take a look. >> i have 12. [ laughter ] >> are you okay? we have another hour left. >> it's made from donkey's milk. >> i was 14 when i learned how to say it, too. >> great to work with. that is "pop news." >> great to have you back, lar. >> from 1965 to 1973. >> it is -- >> lara is -- >> it's hard to hear out here. >> you know, george. >> i don't get it. >> it's all going to make sense. as soon as we figure it out. we're inviting you to help us make everyone laugh. >> exactly right. >> and so any joke that you have
8:32 am
that has donkey's milk in it. that is the only phrase i could hear out of that clip. if you would hit usone-liner, j you could be here telling us your jokes. we're going to do "gma's" funniest week ever. get a joke with donkey's milk in it. >> right now, tobey and robert are easing their way out of here. first, there he is again. why are some of the biggest names entertainment agrees to live on $1.50 a day? it's for a good cause. >> reporter: hollywood's hottest director, ben affleck, reportedly has a net worth of $65 million. this morning, he's going take on a financial challenge.
8:33 am
living on a food budget of less than $2 per day in the name of charity. sweeting 1.4 billion people live og less than $1.50 day. i've joining live below the line. will you? he's the latest star to raise awareness to those living in poverty. joining the ranks of josh groban. >> live below the line so that others can rise above it. a five-day collage of living under $1.50 a day. >> reporter: it might not be as easy as you think. these day, that's a small coffee at starbucks. a can of kidney beans. a bag of potato chips. it has to sustain you for three meels. >> when you're forced to think about how i spent $750 over the course of five days. it causes you to think about
8:34 am
resources and food. >> reporter: think you're ready? you cannot accept handouts from friends of a snack from a previously stocked pantry. you can drink tap water. they're hoping a movement of passionate people will bring to life the experiences of impoefrished people. diana perez, abc news, new york. >> outside in times square. if you're going to hang with us in the rain, we're going get each and every -- thank you, sir, what is your name? >> dennis. >> thank you for being my umbrella. pan that way, too. i want to get those folks in. if you're standing here in times square, you're getting on tv. happy 43rd anniversary to you two. let's get to the boards. you have sent us in the twitter and facebook pictures. the first one from alabama, a
8:35 am
ra rainbow there. chicago, fog. into the midwest, the system. there are thunderstorms popping up today right along what you see is a double-barrel cold front. it's shaken up in that ya. chicago, you're a part of that today. detroit later on as well. palm springs, you get a record. phoen phoenix, you get a record. >> look at these temperatures. after a brief break >> first of all, i just want to say, happy 43rd wedding anniversary. you're both gorgeous. >> can we say hey to marley? >> you can. hi, marley. iron man 3 is coming our way
8:36 am
with a big head of steam. it took in nearly $200 million overseas before opening in the states on friday. robert downey jr. is back as tony stark. here he is calling out the mandarin. >> my name is tony stark. i'm not afraid of you. i know you're a coward. i've decided you just died, pal. i'm coming to get the body. good old fashioned revenge. no pentagon. just you and many. on the off-chance you're a man, here's my home address, 10-880 malibu point, 90265. i'll leave the door unlocked. >> welcome back to robert downey jr. great to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] this is a sign of what you're getting already. je overseas, you're killing it. >> we sold a lot of soap.
8:37 am
a world tour. >> there is a different iron man. tony stark has taken some big, big hits. >> yeah, we figured after the avengers and all the superepic things, tony should be freaked out by that. he's doing to compensate for his anxiety is building more suits. he's going to need them against the mandarin. >> and don cheadle and gwyneth paltrow get to wear them. >> we have been wanting to do that. in the last one, don got to. so much of the success was the female audience. i thought, we have to get gwyneth in the suit. she said, i'm game. >> she says you're a wimp. it's not tough to be in the suit. >> if she says so, must be true. she's a woman. >> she say this is is a much more romantic iron man.
8:38 am
>> i think the heart of the iron man moviess that he's got a real relationship with someone who is supergrounded. think our audience relates. it drove the success. we're running with it. >> you have a new director this time. tell us about shane. >> he's a snashl treasure. he wrote lethal weapon back in the day, we did a movie kiss kiss bang ban. a movie that nobody saw. we thought maybe he and i would be a good combination for this. >> and what about ben kin kings taking on the role of the mandarin? >> he'll be the real standout performance. he takes risks playing the bad guy. as tobey maguire will concede, these movies are only as good as their bad guys. you need a good one.
8:39 am
it drove the success of the spider-man series as well. >> i love what you're doing with the premier. in l.a. you were showing it to military bases. joint base lewis-mccord in washington. >> yeah. i'm -- in addition to supporting our troops, i'm crazy about all things military. my grandfather was a captain in world war ii. i also just feel you get great support when you go the a military base, they appreciate you're bringing entertainment to them. kind of uso-style. >> what is next for you? >> i'm going to do a movie that my glorious missus is producing with robert duval and myself. a return to a little more dramatic with -- it's family drama called the judge. >> looking forward to it. looking forward to iron man 3. opens friday. good to see you. >> thank you so much. coming up, tobey maguire,
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
oh, look that vintage car. you have to see it live. we're going gatsby all week. this is the music. director baz luhrmann. all the stars stopping by. we're thrilled to kick it off with none other than tobey maguire. he stars as nick carraway. it's an embarrassment of riches here. >> we're excited to be here. coming on after robert downey. >> you got a call from your long-time friend, leo, about doing the film. >> he said, i was talking to baz luhrmann. he's talking about doing "the great gatsby." and we were discussing you and i playing nick and jay. are you available to come over and hang out with me and baz. i lived next door to leo at the time. it wasn't a far journey.
8:44 am
>> you want to come next door, kikt around. >> maybe in four year, you'll be sitting around talking about "the great gatsby." >> were you familiar with it before that? >> i had some what embarrassingly not read the book that point. i read it over the next two nights. >> i have read the book. saw both films. highly entertaining. just action-packed. beautifully done. how do you describe it? i don't know how the describe the friends and your character, nick. >> in terms of a movie going experience, baz set out to create something new. a different kind of experience. baz has -- such great ability with the different tools he's using. whether it be music or fashion or design or the photography. and just layering all of those things to create a really
8:45 am
immersive experience. and, you know, think everybody is terrific in the film, of course, i'm biased. leo is -- is -- you know, just does a fantastic job as gatsby. and carey and joel and isla and jason and elizabeth. and everybody. >> it's great cast. carey plays daisy buchanan. you go to visit her. >> do they miss me in chicago? >> uh, yes, um -- at least a dozen people send their love. >> how gorgeous. >> they're absolutely in mourning. they're crying, yes, they're wailing. >> i don't believe it. >> they're shouting daisy buchanan, i can't live without you. >> i'm paralyzed with happiness. >> there is something about her voice. >> it draws you in. >> it draws you in like that.
8:46 am
>> i had heard baz and leo were out there meeting the -- the greatest actresses of our time, and -- you know, a lot of this is about fit and so -- i know they worked with carey and baz showed me this sort of compilation reel he was putting together, way, like his vision for the film. he was exploring it and building on it. he played it back. i heard carey. he put her in there. i heard her do one line in it and immediately, you just went, that's daisy. >> she is. she does. she becomes daisy. some of the favorite scenes, though, those party scenes. jay gatsby knew howscb to throw party. >> he sure did. you don't usually see this. people had camera phones out behind the cameras shooting those scenes. you know, you would see 30 or 40 camera phones up recording that.
8:47 am
it was spectacular. it just as a -- on the large scale, it's -- you have wow moments like that, but then, working on the sets every day. and working in those costumes, you see the thought that guess into it. the detailing. it's really story telling. you know, it really helps the story unfold. helps the tra jjectory of the character. i love working with katherine martin, who designed the sets and costumes. >> you're given a lot of credit. you bring out the character nick. you're vulnerable but awkward. it's just -- >> thank you. >> baz and all could not say enough about you. >> thank you. >> it's a great way to kick off gatsby week. >> i'm excited to be here with you. >> "the great gatsby" opens on friday, may 10th. one of our favorite, maria
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] we said it before. by the way, who has hosted more "gma" family members in her restaurant than this one right here. and the chef's club of greece finally got around to names maria loi an ambassador. >> loi, we have all eaten there. it's delicious. it keeps being delicious as the hours wear on. you're going whip some stuff up for us.
8:51 am
i want to start with spanakopita. it is spinach, phyllo. >> it's easy. cut it like this. one small thing. >> that dough looks like paper. >> it is. the way you make it. >> as you're making this, what was it to be named ambassador? that must have been a wonderful moment for you. >> i was never a chef. i was a cook. i cook on greek tv. i was saying, i'm a cook. the president of the chef club of greece said, you're better than a chef. we have the name you our ambassador. see this made me ambassador. my grandmother's old brush. >> really? >> i take it everywhere. everywhere. >> brush a little olive oil. >> you see here?
8:52 am
>> yeah. >> leave it there. you have the onion. >> smells fantastic. >> i love this. no olive oil, no butter. >> nothing. just a little bit of onion. >> no butter. butter-free in the restaurant. we take the spinach, either cut it bin bihand. >> just wilt it down. >> or cut wit my scissors. work it down. add feta cheese. >> your mixture looks like that. >> so easy, right? but -- >> get sam involved here. we're running short. >> we have to do something else. with my yogurt. >> i have to use two hands. >> my secret. >> she never gives it to us&+6+
8:53 am
there. >> i put some yogurt and then, put this -- >> wow, that's brilliant. >> and then i add just a bit of this. that's why it doesn't become you know, like dry. like you usually have or oily with the butter. >> it comes together perfectly. there is so much to get to. i want to mention, greek easter this weekend. a dessert down here. a lot of recipes. maria is giving away a lot of secrets on our website. on yahoo!. >> wow.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you, maria. a big night tomorrow night on abc. diane sawyer's big prime time special, amanda knox. you don't want to miss it. she'll be here live wednesday morning. big week for "gma."
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. it should be a mild evening when the amendment's begin a three-game series with the angels at the coliseum. mike nicco has more on the bay area forecast. look at that, mike. >> gorgeous weather. now, the forecast, about 70 degrees at 7:05 dropping down to 62. very comfortable. look at this, after a day where we will see temperatures nine degrees warmer in livermore to eight degrees warmer in san francisco. temperatures could possibly be records through friday. >> a difficult drive across the bay area and northbound 101 there is one lane blocked beyond san jose.
9:00 am
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