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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is action on tuesday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we will start with the weather forecast because it is hot and dry and we have winds. >> it brings with it a fire advisory. >> cold front will kick up higher wins and a high fire danger from 6:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow evening. it is still comfortable with temperatures in the mid-50's and
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in the afternoon hours, again, it is going to be warmer-than-average temperatures with winds picking up around 6:00 so this going through the afternoon hours, 64 to 69 at coast and around the bay, 72 in south san francisco to 83 headed to palo alto and inland we will have 83 in petaluma to 88 in livermore. we starting the drive in the east bay from berkeley and toward 580 so the westbound 80 drive into the maze, it is moving along out there. at the bay bridge county here is another picture that is moving along beautifully, so if you are headed out of oakland to san francisco we are not seeing any slow downs but there is a report in the number three lane of a black object that could be slowing traffic down when you head toward treasure island with a quick look at the map to tell you about this, a possible stalled big rig and along northbound 250, rather, 280,
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eric? >> a man wanted in a carjacking spree is under arrest this morning accused of abducting a driver at gunpoint and trying to do the same to another. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is right where it all started. >> it must have been terrifying starting right here in this shopping center, the 30-year-old jeffrey boyce is in custody. he was armed and they found rifles and several hundred bullets. here is what the police believe he did. first, an attack at 4:30 at the ups store. police say he ordered a man to drive him around. the man did. but they stopped and police say the suspect tried to move self rifles from his car to the victim's car and the victim was able to get away.
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at 6:51 police got a call about a man pointing an ak-47 at a woman's head and demanding her car. police say for some reason the suspect got spooked and ran away and officers say they caught him shortly after. his mother had called san francisco police saying she was worried about him and worried he would be checking into the russian cobs lat and described him as mentally ill. he now is in custody. no one is hurt. police say the investigation is ongoing. >> now the latest in the boston marathon bombings, the surviving suspect legal team is coming together with two well-known defense attorneys, with marine conrad public defender for three states and judy clark helped the uni bomb are avoid the death penalty and the deceased
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suspect, table -- tamerlan tsarnaev was in known contact with a known canadian terrorist. and he met in person with a militant recruiter at a mosque overseas. both men have since been killed by russian police. f.b.i. investigators are looking atrophy mail d.n.a. discovered on bomb fragments at scene of the boston marathon bombings. "new york times" reports agents took d.n.a. samples from tamerlan's widow during an interrogation. >> the calvaries county sheriff says the measure defer an 8-year-old girl in her home was an intentional attack. he and the family appeared at a news conference last night. abc7 news reporter kira klapper has the latest. >> the sheriff believes the killer went to the house with the intent to attack legally
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fowler. barney walters and krystal walters were unable to speak understandably. the eight-year-old died from shock and blood loss from multiple stab wounds. the murder weapon is not found and no sketch is released. yesterday during the manhunt they interviewed and searched sex offenders and paroleees in the area. authorities say they will not rest until they fine the person responsible for her death. >> we received phone calls today from the attorney general and the california department of justice and they infollowed us they would not only expedite the case but the case would be the priority case they would work on in the state of california. >> yesterday at the elementary where she was in 3rd grade
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they wrote cards and hung ribbons. counselors were on hand to help with the grief felt not only for her but the entire family including her where who found her. a memorial fund has been set up for her with a vigil tonight at 7:00 at jenny lind elementary school. >> this morning at 10:30 san jose police will reveal new details of the arrest of a woman seen putting tainted orange juice bottles in a starbucks display case last night in south san jose. the woman left quickly after being spotted but a store employee got her residence -- license plate as she drove off and the 50-year-old ramineh behbehanian was arrested. one bottle has juice with rubbing alcohol and the other was juice mixed with nail poll inremover. they believe this is isolated
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case. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has a report from starbucks in 30 minutes. >> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting where a transit bus was hit in east oakland last night. police say the victim was shot before 10:00 and died at the scene. the transit bus service was erupted. >> the oakland city council is scheduled to take up the mayor's proposed city operating budget which she submitted two weeks ago. the mayor's $1 billion spending plan for two years boosts police staffing and ends library closings but delays tackling long-term debts including fund ing for police academy courts and will expand the police force to 700 officers but she wants to reduce funds to nonprofits such as the oakland zoo and cut hours at city
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recreation centers. the city council has until the end of june to pass a final budget. ought berkeley city council takes the first step to a big raise to minimum wage workers. they will discuss raising the minimum wage from $8 to $10.55 an hour. better chicago would join san francisco as having highest minimum wages in the city or in the united states. supporters know it is the most expensive cities to live and work in. opponents fear higher wages will mean higher prices and hurt pice . >> nba center jason collins is speaking out about becoming the first active player to come out in major american sports being gay. he spoke to abc7 news in an interview with george stephanopolis after acknowledging that he is gay. he said rather than waiting for someone else he did it himself. he is receiving a lot of praise if his decision from across the world of sports and politics
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committing comparisons to jackie robinson. we will have a report from washington next half hour. >> the warriors can clinch the playoff series against the nuggets and advance to the next round tonight. the warriors have a commanding 3-1 lead in the series after betting the nuggets 115-101 on sunday night. if the war yours win game five, they will meet the san antonio spurs with game time at 5:00 p.m. if they do not win they will run to oakland and face the nuggets again in game six on thursday night. you can show your warriors pride by posting this badge on your facebook page. >> time to check the weather forecast. >> exciting times and sizzling weather, too.
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>> absolutely, everyone, we have record warm temperatures on the way in the forecast. we will focus on the wind because they will be the catalyst for the fire danger developed this afternoon. they are very quiet and sfo is ten miles per hour, and everyone else is seven miles per hour or calm and you can see the way the arrows are pointing, we call that light and variable wind and that is what you get under high pressure. now, today, as we look at downtown san francisco we will have high amount of tree and grass pollen and ragweed and ozone are low. if trees bother you, another bay day for you today. the next 12 hours, 45 to 55 at 7:00 this morning and a few passing high clouds, and on the back side, it will be sunny at 60 to 76 and 60 at the coast at 4:00 and 86 inland and the breezes kickoff at 7:00, and 58 at the coast at 79 and inland, and the breezes keep the fire danger in our neighborhood until 6:00 tomorrow evening and look
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at the record warmth possible on thursday and friday. now the commute, leyla. >> we have a couple of stalled big rigs including in san francisco, traveling along northbound 280 as you come up to this area one lane is blocked. in the east by we have another one headed along westbound 80 and that is blocking two lanes, look at the backup already for the usually risers and you are looking at heavy bumper to bumper track -- traffic so give yourself extra time. in san jose the drive along 280 away from 17 is quiet and not too many folks on the roads just yet. >> a barbecue could kill your wallet this year. >> amanda knox speaks out in an exclusive, the never before seen
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clips from the interview with the accused killer. >> an ambitious new project to measure climate change on the bay from our friends across the street at the
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we hear from amanda knocks at
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the center of an italian murder mystery. she spent four years in an italian prison before an appeals court set her free. she was convicted in 2007 murder of her roommate. today, she releases her memoir "waiting to be heard." her lawyer said show expects the new trial to begin in the next year when the italian supreme court ordered this. >> what was your reaction? >> incredibly painful. i felt after crawling through a field of wire and receiving what i thought was the end it turnout it was the horizon. >> she spoke about being called a devil and other things that are being said on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> two california prisons are ordered to relocate 3,000 inmate whose have high risk of
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contracting valley fever with the outbreak described as a public health emergency. four people have died from the disease at the two prisons. it is a fungus that causes flu-like symptoms and can be fatal caused by inhaling spores from infected soil. >> the moratorium has launched an ambitious project to show how climate change is affecting the ocean and san francisco bay. noaa has lowered a buouy next to the building which has instruments to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the water and transmit the data by satellite to noaa, research on how the ocean is getting more acid and this is part of an exhibit that monitors air and water conditions an the bay.
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>> a warning of a service outage at chase bank. >> get ready for a shock if you are firing up the grill, which includes ice cream and hamburger s and chips is record high because of a jump in beef prices. >> workers and shoppers say ad match guarantees are not applied consistently from store to store in wall met. >> toys 'r us is reviewing the strategy after a consumer complaint. if you have a chase bank account, it could be a rough week, customers got mail wanting their debit calls could have lower approvals and some transactions will be blocked as the bank upgrades the system. that is the bloomberg business
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report. >> we are turning our attention to sizzling water and not just one or two days, right? >> it will be around for several days and each day your body will breakdown and be more susceptible to the haze is we will check on the elderly and young and the fire danger starts today and lasts through tomorrow. we will get you out the door and let you know what is going on as far as live doppler 7 hd, this has been too much, we have seen this too much is what i am saying, and it is nice to have live doppler 7 hd but it would be nice to track rain with it. as far as temperatures around san francisco, portrero hill at 49, and forest hills at 48 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50's with the ferry building the warmest at 54. american canyon is at 50 and san leandro is 54 and 51 in palo alto and saratoga at 52 degrees and petaluma is a cool spot at
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48. in downtown san jose it is sunny like the rest of us with a high fire risk developing today and wednesday and that is the first highlight and record warmth on thursday and friday and we have cooler weather for the weekend. the cold front will kick up the gusty breezes that are going to help enhance the fire danger. the winds show in the northbound mountains, action this evening until 11:00 tomorrow morning with gusts around 50 to 60 miles per hour and the same areas have the red flag warnings starting at 6:00 this evening to can tomorrow evening above 1,000 feet feet you are most susceptible to the fires. low-to-mid 80's through the santa clara valley and up the peninsula, 82 in menlo park. mid-60's along the coast and near 70 at sunset and low-to-mid 70's in downtown and south san
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francisco and sausalito, 76, and the neighbor to the south, san rafael, is 83 and north of that, mid-to-upper 80's and upper 60's at the coast. tonight, we will drop into the 50's and 60's and probably still be the warm of the night in the forecast. record highs are possible thursday and friday. sunday and monday, 20 degrees cooler in some areas. have a great day. >> the stalled big rig is now a sig-alert. if you are traveling westbound 80, two lanes are blocked at carlson, a 15 ton big rig is unloaded and new they node a tow. we are backed up from before mcdonald avenue, a two mile backup. we will watch that. headed along eastbound four from
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antioch, a couple of lanes -- excuse me, one lane is open until 6:00 a.m. but westbound is looking very slow at 25 miles per hour from antioch to pittsburg. >> next, a monster hurricane with the eye more than 1,000 miles wide. "katie" has a candid interview with vanna white selling 30 with vanna white selling 30 years on "wheel of at a dry cleaner, with vanna white selling 30 years on "wheel of we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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>> here are five things to know today. >> one, san jose police will reveal new details on the arrest of a south bay woman seen
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putting taint the orange juice bottles in a starbucks display last night in south san jose. we will have more on what the bottles were tainted with in a report coming up at 5:30. two, california's department of justice says the top priority is finding the person who murdered an 8-year-old girl in calvaries county. a vigil will be held tonight for leila fowler, a murder weapon has not been found. >> three, developing news from the north bay where a man wanted in connection with a crime spree is under arrest. he is accused of kidnapping a man at gunpoint and trying to carjack a woman's truck before he was taken into custody. >> four, red flag warnings for the first time this season so no open fire through tomorrow in the east bay hills. the warm and dry and soon-to-be windy conditions have brushfires breaking out four to six weeks earlier. >> the oakland a's won a
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marathon 19 inning game against the los angeles angels at 1:41 this morning! moss hit the two run home run in the bottom of the 19th to bet the angels 10-8. it lasted 6 1/2 hours. that was the longest ever in both teams' history. a last people left but for those who stayed, whex, what a game. the weather was not a factor. it was warm. >> now mike has the forecast. >> now tonight's forecast, the first pitch at 7:05 and it will be 67 degrees and to 6 by 10:00 and it will be breezy at the end of the game. the weekend ahead in livermore, we are going to top out at 96 on thursday, 94 on saturday, so
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flirting with record high temperatures but the 20-degree drop by monday. we will talk about that in the seven-day outlook. >> two-mile backup with a sig-alert westbound 80 on carlson boulevard a stalled big rig is blocking two lanes and this is at least six miles per hour in some areas coming down from mcdonald boulevard. the travel times, 880, headed away from san leandro, to oakland, 11 minutes and the 24 from walnut creek to the maze is 15 minutes and 101 from petaluma to novato, that is a short 12-minute drive. >> nasa has captured images of a massive hurricane on saturn. the eye of this storm is 1,250 miles across 12 times larger than any storm seen on earth and is spinning super fast with clouds at the edge whipping at 330 miles per hour.
5:27 am
the hurricane is parked in the north pole of saturn relying on water vapour to continue to churn. >> we have more on the top stories including the new information we are learning in the boston marathon bombings investigation, with the russian contact that tamerlan tsarnaev may have made using social networking. >> the southfield police want you to see to
5:28 am
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, 5:29, on this tuesday. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we will stop and check on the with the forecast, with a hot and dry one and the wind will come back.
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>> three strikes and you are out with ae fir danger increasing in the afternoon and overnight. no need to worry about that now which is 12 1/2 hours away. we will work our way toward that with temperatures running 48 at novato and 45 at half moon bay and 69 in brentwood and still very warm and most of us in the low-to-mid 50's and milpitas is 57. as we look down on oakland we will talk about what is going to happen, our warmest air is inland, 83 to 88 and the breezes pick unaround the bay at 72 to 82 and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. >> leyla gulen? >> a stalled big rig in san francisco northbound 280. the big story is traveling along westbound 80 before you reach carlson, a big rig is stalled blocking two lanes and it is 15 tons, going to take some time to move that out of the lanes and it is causing a two-mile backup
5:31 am
of solid bumper to bumper traffic moving along at top speed at six miles per hour is all. a sig-alert blocking two lanes. >> we are following developing news from the north bay where a man wanted for terrorizing at least two drives is under arrest this morning. the 30-year-old is in custody accused in a wild crime spree in sonoma and marin county, the police say it started at 4:30 yesterday when he carjacked and kidnapped a man at gunpoint after driving around for a short while the victim got away and around 6:30 a woman reported a man trying to carjack her in green bay and the man walked up to the window and pointed an amount k47 at her and took off. officers tracked the description and arrested the man a short time later. we will go to abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield on what the officers found on the suspect and what we learn about where he was headed next.
5:32 am
>> developing news from the south bay where a woman is accused in a bizarre scheme to sneak boths of orange juice laced with harmful chemicals into a display at a san jose starbucks. amy hollyfield has more on the story -- no, excuse me, katie marzullo is in san jose. this is baffling. >> it is. the starbucks is open for business at this hour. open a few minutes later after employees got the okay from management. look at this video we rolled at 5:00 a.m., the very first customer showing up and they handed her a cup of coffee. she was well aware of what happened here yesterday but not everyone was. other customers were just learning this morning about it. the incident is that a woman yesterday afternoon came in and placed two bottles of orange juice in the display case and
5:33 am
that alerted the customers and they told the management, and they called 9-1-1. investigators say one bolts has -- bottle had rubbing alcohol and the other had nail polish. remove but they got the woman's license plate and she quickly found her, questioned her, and arrested her. she is 50-year-old ramineh behbehanian, and this morning customers say it is shocking but truly in this day and age nothing surprises them. >> it is terrible. crossing a big line. never heard of something like that coming in and purposefully lacing a beverage for someone else to buy. that is frightening. >> no one drank the tainted orange juice. this morning, in a couple of hours we expect to hear from the san jose police department and they will hold a news conference
5:34 am
and shed light on the motive. >> california department of justice says the top priority is fining the person who murdered an 8-year-old girl in calvaries county. a found is set up for leila fowler who was stabbed to death dying from shock and blood loss from multiple star wounds. the murder weapon is not found but investigators say they are pulling out all stops to find the person responsible. >> the california state patrol, the probation department have completed, contacted and searched all known registered sex offenses in the area where this crime took place the. >> her parents were at the press conference but they were too distraught to speak and identified arrest barney foul her and krystal walters.
5:35 am
a vigil is tonight in valley spring. >> support comes in for jason collins, the first pro male athlete come out as gay and now we hear exclusively from jason about his life-changing decision. >> good morning, collins announcement is called a jackie robinson moment making history if pro sports and captivated the country. >> jason collins is a powerhouse on the court, 7' center who made it to the playoffs nine times and shattered a final barrier telling "sports illustrated" i am at 34-year-old center, black, and gay. collins said it is mindboggling
5:36 am
he is the first active player in pro team sports to come out as gay. >> just waiting around for someone else to raise their hand and i'm ready to raise my hand but you still look around like, okay, come on guys. >> reaction has been mostly supportive. lakers star kobe bryant tweeted he is proud of collins be don't suffocate would you are because of the ignorance of others. >> he is a great guy, a great teammate. >> he is a good guy. i am certainly praying for him the. >> not everyone in pro sports embraced the news. mike wallace of the dolphins tweeted that he doesn'ted that we all these beautiful women in the world and guys want to mess with other guys. the post was later removed. >> if he plays another year that is going to be the defining moment in the n.b.a. or professional sports to have an openly gay man in a male-dominated locker room...
5:37 am
>> president obama personally called i didn't son collins to express his support and an aide says that president obama was impressed by the courage and first lady, too, tweeted "we got your back." >> you can see george stephanopolis' exclusive interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right after the abc7 news this morning. >> now boston marathon bombings, the suspect tamerlan tsarnaev was in contact with a known russian canadian militant through a russian media network and sources say that he met with a militant recruiter at a mosque overseas. both have been killed by russian police. investigators are looking atrophy -- at female d.n.a. found at the boston marhon
5:38 am
bombings attack taking d.n.a. from tamerlan tsarnaev's widow but even if her d.n.a. matches it does not prove she took part or knew anything about the bombing plot. >> man is arrested after the car he was riding in crashed into a home during a pursuit in hair. police tried to pull over a car that was stolen but it sped away and crashed into this home a short time later yesterday. no one was hurt. police arrested the passenger. he tossed out a gun. the driver is still loose. >> less than half an hour earlier the sheriff deputied were involved in another chase in hayward, authorities say the sheriff deputies chase add driver in western boulevard at 5:00 and that car plowed into a tree, smashed through a fence and hit a poll in front of a louse. the driver got away and no one was hurt. >> the oakland a's and many manns will sleep in and you cannot blame them because it was
5:39 am
only less than four hours ago when the a's completed a marathon 19 inning game at the coliseum. the first baseman moss hit a two run homer in the bottom the 19th and beat the angels 10-8. the game lasted 6 1/2 hours before the walk on victory, the longest game in franchise history and for the angels. certainly the longest game since august when the pirates beat the cardinals in st. louis in 19 innings so they had the traditional 7th inning stretch and then the 14 the inning stretch. never heard of that. >> i think brandon got hungry. >> right, everyone go home. >> now, mike at 5:30 and the weather. >> you get two nachos and two things of soda? >> right and two dog races. >> a fun time tonight. it will be piled at 67 dropping down to 61.
5:40 am
live doppler 7 hd shows the wind advisory from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 tomorrow and up to 50 to 60 miles per hour for the gusts. by 6:00 this evening you can see 25 to 35 from santa rosa and napa and fairfield and 34 around point reyes and up to 44 by 9:00 and the winds keep coming from the central valley and increasing by midnight and gusting to 50 at fairfield and 22 in santa rosa and near third in san ramon. overnight, it will be noisy and we will hear the trees russelling and power lines falling. be advised and aware of that. the forecast is like yesterday with a lot of sunshine and warmer-than-average temperatures. 60's at the coast and 80 around the bay. we will be near record high
5:41 am
temperatures for the three day trust. >> we have a sig-alert but otherwise it is quiet of the westbound along 80 before carlson boulevard, the sig-alert and you are down to six miles per hour. a stalled big rig is blocking two lanes and it will take a while for a big rig tow to come up on the scene but look at the backup, huge delays in the area. across the bay area through marin county, southbound, along 101 to 580, you are looking at cheer conditions but traffic is building. kristen and eric? >> we are in the middle of the first real heat of the season, ahead, the warning firefighters want everyone to hear. >> first, an attempted kidnapping in the east bay with new surveillance video that police hope will lead to a break in
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>> covering san rafael, and all the bay area. >> developing news in pittsburg where investigators have a lead in the search for a kidnapping suspect. they released the photo that shows an s.u.v. if the area of the kidnapping minutes before it happened and it could be
5:45 am
connected or could belong do a witness. on friday a map grab add 2-year-old girl from her yard at the corner of raindrop circle and snowflake way but the mother shouted at him and he dropped the girl and took off. the girl was not physically sure. >> today the city of berkeley will make a push to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary the target of neighborhood complaint s, the green leaf wellness group should be closed because it is loathed in a commercial area. berkeley requires the pot clubs be located in residential areas and neighbors complain about liter and smoking pot on the sidewalk. the owner will fight the calls for shutting it down. >> there is a potential 10 percent increase in the water rate this year and next year rising by $10 by the end of next
5:46 am
year. the extra money is needed to maintain and replace the aging system. the east bay mud board will hold a public hearing on the increases june 11. >> the end of april but fire season is already here and kicks in with the wreck flood -- wreck -- red flag warnings. the warnings are kicking in early. firefighters are concerned that people enjoy the sunshine may not be thinking about fire danger so early in the season. >> we have the red flag warning with the wins that are from the northeast and it is a concern that not everyone will be on guard. >> the warning means no open fires in affected areas and mike will show us who is affected. >> mike is working on getting that information on the computer. we have had the hot temperatures but now when you add the element of the winds picking up, that is
5:47 am
where we get in trouble. >> mike? >> we will start with the red flag warning from 6:00 today until 6:00 tomorrow. specifically, areas in red in the north bay, and east bay hills and above 1,000' we have record dry fuel and the fastest wind and hottest temperatures and the driest air. if you can, clear out the areas around your house up to 100' before you head off to work or school. live doppler 7 hd shows it is still dry, just tell, the spring we have had at far as the lack of moisture. we see a few high clouds is the cold front rolling through that will kick up the winds as we head into the evening to create the dangerous fire conditions. dress for 53 in san francisco, oakland, san jose, walnut creek at 356 and palo alto at 54 and
5:48 am
mill valley is the cool spot at 49. a few clouds from sutro tower to the east and a colorful sunrise and 53 in santa rosa and concord 57 and gilroy at 51 for the cool spot. as the cold front moves through there is no moisture and it does not have much cool air but it bumps the high air, the warmer air out of the way so we will be down a few degrees but we are going to be above average and the main thing is it kicks up the gusty winds and creates the fire danger. 81 in milpitas and 88 in gilroy and quite a spread across the santa clara valley and up to 82 in palo alto and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and daly city 67 and in san francisco, five degrees warmer and 74 in downtown san francisco and that is down from yesterday at 77 and mid-80's through the north bay valley and 76 in sausalito and
5:49 am
mid-to-upper 60's at your beaches and a lot 70's along the east bay shore and a couple of hold outs around union city. and east bay valley is touch and go with the house cooled down enough tonight and through this morning and you could be able to turn off the air conditioner with the 90's coming back tomorrow. a lost 50's but where the wind stays up we will stay in the 60's spring boarding us to remain warmer weather tomorrow with record highs possible thursday, friday, maybe saturday and cooler on sunday and monday and by monday we are in the 50's and 70's after being in the 90's . a sig-alert is in effect in westbound 80 on carlson boulevard a stalled big rig blocking two lanes and we have a four mile backup. the sig-alert is going to be in affect until further notice.
5:50 am
along 17 northbound beyond the summit there is a solo vehicle spinout with slowing in the area. through san jose the drive along 87 northbound it looks like traffic is moving smoothly. kristen and eric? >> federal investigators are expected to examine the wreckage of two planes that crashed in midair in southern california. one plane slammed into a ridge in los angeles county and emergency crews found the pilot's body in the wreckage. the other plane crash landed on a golf course ten miles to the west. three people on board had minor injuries. f.a.a. investigators say the two planes collided 3,500' in the air with no indication if either pilot saw the other aircraft. >> it is illegal for cities and,s to destroy guns turned over to police at community buy backs. a bill requires donated weapons
5:51 am
now be resold. it and backed by republicans and the national rifle association. opponents argue saying destroying the guns keeps them off the streets. >> there is a big change in the bay to breakers race next month, banning bags measuring more than 8.5" by 11" and 4" deep the size of the average backpack. runner whose have not registered are banned. if you do not have an official bib you will be asked to leave the racecourse. security will be increased. >> caffeine lovers, a new food focus the f.d.a. is giving to foods with caffeine and a certain group of people.
5:52 am
>> a theft almost robbed a little league team of its season but a man saves the season. >> and michael finney teams up with "consumer reports" on an investigation on ground turkey and what a laboratory found
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> record here is possible in oakland and that is the pick city and the record high is 80 and 79 is what i forecast and
5:55 am
everyone else the record highs are more likely thursday, friday. as far as going to the game tonight, you have to sit through nine innings it will be a blessing compared to 19 inning game last night at 67 at 7:05 and down to 61 by 10:00. across the state, 70 in los angeles and 63 in san diego and 97 in palm springs and 64 in tahoe today with the record highs over. >> we have a sig-alert make a tough drive from highway four with two lanes blocked and the stalled big rig is taking up two lanes and it is showing a huge backup we are looking at single digits. in the santa cruz mountains a slow low vehicle spin out on northbound 17 is blocking a lane and we are looking at delays in that area as well. a quick check of the drive time traffic as you are headed westbound along 80 coming from highway four to 580 that is a 23--minute drive, and 280 northbound, it is 11 minutes and
5:56 am
101 to sfo from redwood city is 13 minutes. >> the owner of an iconic san francisco restaurant is make a pitch to help an east bay little league team with an online fundraising campaign to improve the baseball facility in richmond. the restaurant and a local law firm donated $5,000. it began when there was a story an an abc about the theft. $1,500 was pitched in to buy new equipment. the sacramento teams will stay put with a recommendation to reject the move to seattle to a group of investors including microsoft c.e.o. they wanted to move the team to
5:57 am
seattle. all 30 team owners will vote on the bid on may 13. >> the food and drug administration is investigating food with added caffeine and the potential impact on children's health. the announcement is in response to a caffeine gum introduced by wrigley called alert energy gum. the f.d.a. says that the proliferation of caffeine added to foods is "beyond anything the f.d.a. envisioned" and the agency is already looking into the safety of energy drinks. >> next at 6:00 a.m. an oregon man is accused of a north bay crime spree and his mother gave a warning to police just before it happened. >> jason collins speaks out after revealing he is gay. >> it happened a few hours ago, a monarch
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a carjacking and kidnapping in the north bay, ahead, the warning from the suspect's mother just before the terrorizing crime. >> only on abc7 news jason collins gives the first interview to "good morning america" and what he says led him to reveal he is gay. >> the search for the person would killed an 8-year-old girl continues in rural calaveras county. thanks positive joining us on this tuesday. >> and we have the warm and dry and then the wind. >> this evening we will need to be concerned about the wind advisory. until then, early today toward the evening, right now it is dry on live doppler 7 hd and we will start around the bay where we will have a color will sunrise because of high clouds and the cold f


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