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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 2, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, mud, fire and frightening flash floods. extreme conditions across the country, over two feet of snow. hundreds fleeing fast-moving fires. the may weather that has the season turned upside down. sam tracking it all. runway run in. a jumbo jet smacks into a commuter plane at one of the country's busiest airports chipping each other on the tarmac and setting off major alarms. >> got some serious tail damage. his tail is totaled. >> that's not the only one. what's going on on our nation's runways? breaking details on that sabotage at starbucks. why did this highly educated chemist allegedly lace drinks, so much poison police say it was enough to kill someone. the employee who spotted her speaks out. reese witherspoon live and exclusive in times square.
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she's here talking one on one about the surprising moment that landed her in the headlines and her brand new movie role only on "gma." and good morning, everyone. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas here. a lot of news to get to including new, breaking details on the boston bombing investigation. three friends of the younger suspect are now in custody. >> they are classmates of dzhokhar tsarnaev. all accused of lying to investigators and conspiring to destroy evidence of the bombing. we'll get right to that, but first we'll have the very latest on the wild weather that we don't expect to see in may, snowstorms, wildfire, it's unbelievable. >> all on one map. what's unusual about this is may can be a very a changeable month but usually we're settling into spring. this is everything but spring. there's very little spring on the board. there's an awful lot of
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summer-like weather in the east and west and a dip in the middle of the country because there's a block off the eastern seaboard. you see the warm pattern on the east. temperatures on the west warm as well. normally pleasant 65 in the bay area and record-setting snowfalls, you really -- you can understand it on the map but it's better to see what people are living under. take a look at the pictures. second day of may and part of the country is in early summer. the rest, in never-ending winter with record may snowfall from colorado to minnesota. 28 inches in parts of northern colorado. >> typical spring snow, a lot of moisture. really heavy snow, tough to shovel. >> reporter: temperatures in that region approaching record lows as thick blankets of ice coat the highways resulting in pileups like this on i-225 near denver. southeast, total washout along the gulf coast. water up 10 inches in some tampa streets. while in clermont, florida,
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a mud slide, sending three feet of mud crashing through the windows. in key west one couple refused to bow to the elements by going ahead with their wedding. but that decision led to the jolt of their lives. while in mississippi, thunderstorms brought flash flooding from nearly a foot of rain. meanwhile, in lubbock, texas, violent winds, up to 50 miles an hour blowing out car windows and knocking trees into homes. >> i go out of town and come back and there's a tree in my house. it was unbelievable. >> and we say extreme, it's all extremes, not just temperatures but precipes. some areas have, some areas have not. the record snow in colorado, 28 inches of snow. we're talking about, remember, a may snowstorm. then denver coming in with more than 5 inches also a daily record. then look west. where there hasn't been any moisture, there isn't any moisture and approaching the fire season. this is creating a really difficult situation with almost record high temperatures, strong
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winds and extremely dry ground about a month before fire season. our david wright is in banning, california, to show you what that month before fire season looks like. david? >> reporter: good morning, sam. what you see here are the consequences of an early fire season. yesterday afternoon that was the garage of this house and that gray mess there was a restored triumph sports car. now the garage is gone and the whole house is gone. so far the wildfire here has consumed about 3,000 acres, fueled by winds that have at times hit 40 miles an hour. strong winds, high temperatures and dry weather are all combining to create this firestorm about 90 miles east of los angeles. >> this fire is being pushed very much by this wind that we're feeling out here, hot, dry and very challenging today. >> reporter: more than 420 firefighters are battling the blaze. by day, dozens of planes and helicopters dropping water and retardant. by night, with shovels and hoses looking to make headway.
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>> any little spark or ember that gets across the line will take off and run on us again. >> reporter: some residents are taking matters into their own hands. >> we've had fires up here before but nothing this close since i've been here. >> reporter: jerry prather and his neighbor grabbed this garden hose and sprayed down trees keeping the fires at bay until fire crews arrived. this home owner wasn't so lucky. >> backed out of the driveway. wasn't worried what was in the house, knew i had to leave. >> reporter: this car races to escape the fire zone, the road completely engulfed in smoke. that's how quickly some had to get out. >> it's close to my house and i'm worried and the wind is really bad right now. >> reporter: this particular blaze is now 40% contained but the real worry today are these santa ana winds. they could mean major danger across it is region. >> could be a dicey day, thanks very much.
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to the new arrests in the boston bombing investigation. three of dzhokhar tsarnaev's best friends have been charged with obstructing justice and lying to investigators and pierre thomas has been tracking the latest. good to have you in the studio. >> good morning. we've been working the story all night. there's an intense international investigation under way to figure out if these young men are misguided youths trying to help a friend or members of a terror cell. the three friends of the boston bombers were led to jail in shackles late wednesday after appearing in boston federal court. robel phillipos, dias kadrybayev and azamat tazhayakov seen posing in the photograph with dzhokhar last year are facing charges of obstruction of justice and making false statements to the fbi. >> i know they are good people. i don't believe what they're saying. >> reporter: this morning court documents say the men intended to slow down a major terrorist investigation by destroying key evidence. it began three days after the attack and just hours after the press conference where the fbi released images of the marathon bombers, dzhokhar's friends began to suspect he was involved.
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>> it is extremely important to contact us with any information regarding the identities of suspect one, suspect two and their location. >> reporter: at 8:43 p.m., investigators say one of the roommates texts dzhokhar saying he looks like the suspect on television. dzhokhar allegedly responds, lol, laugh out loud. you better not text me. come to my room and take whatever you want. within minutes, the fbi says kadrybayev texted his roommate tazhayakov saying have you seen the news? the men reach out and meet at dzhokhar's dorm room. room and inside discovered a laptop and backpack containing hollowed out fireworks. by 11:00 p.m., investigators say they decide to leave with the items and throw them away in this dumpster behind their apartment. one of the men's attorneys say they were just helping a friend and were not truly clear on what he may have done. >> he did not know that those items were involved in a bombing or of any interest in a bombing or any evidential value.
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>> reporter: while there's no evidence the young men knew about the attack, the fbi be wants to know what they were doing before the attack happened. as one law enforcement official told me last night, they lied to us once, we will not trust, we will verify, george, elizabeth. >> taking no chances. pierre, thanks very much. the morning's other top stories including a near miss in newark last night. >> terrifying there. good morning to all of you. we begin there, big scare in newark, new jersey. two planes colliding on the runway running into each other. you see the damage to the wing of one of the planes right there. it wasn't the only mishap, by the way, at an airport overnight. abc's david kerley has much more now on the growing safety concerns this morning. >> reporter: they were taxiing for takeoff. >> scandinavian just clipped the regional jet. >> reporter: at newark airport a big wide-body scandinavian airlines flight headed to norway swiped a smaller united jet. >> got some serious tail damage. >> it was a big bang, we all
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kind of shook in our seats. >> reporter: both jets were headed to the runway, the united express jet going to nashville in front when the bigger sas jet turned right. its left wing sliced into the smaller jet's tail. >> apparently it did affect the tail end of the plane in some way. all of a sudden there were 10 large fire trucks around us. >> reporter: then just hours later, another ground mishap. this time in chicago when a polish jetliner clipped wings with a lufthansa cargo jet. no one was injured in either incident. it appears both were low speed encounters. much different than this at jfk two years ago when a regional jet was spun around like a top by a much larger aircraft. and here's the worry. these so-called runway incursions are a concern but the number of incidents keep going up. there are about 1,000 a year and in the first three months of this year, a 16% increase in incursions. >> thanks for that report.
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meanwhile, what started as a peaceful may day protest in seattle turned into violence and chaos. as the march was winding down, some demonstrators suddenly began throwing rocks, bottles and metal pipes at police smashing windows as well. police, as you can see here, battle back with flash-bang grenades and pepper spray. in the melee, nearly 20 people were arrested. an american detained in north korea has been sentenced to 15 years hard labor. kenneth bae of washington was arrested while leading a tour of chinese businessmen in hostile acts. his fate could be a new bargaining chip for north korea in its diplomatic standoff with the u.s. and his hit song began an anthem throughout the '90s. this morning the world is remembering chris kelly. ♪ jump jump daddy mac will make you jump jump ♪ >> mac daddy, as he was known, half of the duo kris kross whose
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megahit "jump" spent eight weeks atop the charts discovered singing in a mall when they were just 13 years old. kelly died in atlanta of an apparent drug overdose. he was 34 years old. and it is one of the cathedrals in sports but could wrigley field soon be without its beloved cubs? while showing off plans for a half-billion dollar renovation of wrigley field, the cubs owner wednesday threatened to take the team elsewhere. he is demanding big new video screens with ads to help generate revenue. those poor cubs. he says if his plans are voted down, he may just pack up the team and leave. >> that sounds a little bit like i'm going to take my ball and go home. >> yeah. you know what, we may see a unicorn run through the studios today. >> the neighbors don't like it, huh? neighbors can't see if he puts up -- >> if he puts up the big screen it takes away some of the -- it is right there.
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>> people go and have all these parties in the brownstones and can't see over -- i love wrigley field. >> i'll let them know. >> i'm sure he doesn't care. >> all right. thanks so much, josh. we turn now to the latest on that bizarre case of the woman who allegedly tried to plant poisoned orange juice at a california starbucks. she is now under arrest and the employee who caught her in the act is speaking out. abc's neal karlinsky has the latest on the story. >> reporter: this morning police want to know why a highly educated chemist for one of the world's top pharmaceutical companies would allegedly swap out juice for sale at this starbucks with sabotaged versions laced with poison. jacqueline, a starbucks employee who didn't want her full name used, tells abc news, she ran after the woman after a customer spotted her taking the bottles out of a bag, one orange juice, one mango fiber and placing them in the display area. >> i brought the bottles back to my manager.
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it smelled like nail polish remover and some type of alcohol. i just knew it wasn't the orange juice. >> reporter: police say the bottles contained juice mixed with rubbing alcohol was enough to kill anyone who took a drink. >> the hazmat team was able to go ahead and look at the contents of the amounts in the bottle. they were lethal doses. >> reporter: the suspect is no novice mixing chemicals. ramineh behbehanian is a chemist for a subsidiary of johnson & johnson. her linkedin profile notes her expertise in drug delivery and controlled release technologies. police say they don't have a motive but the woman did mention something about her dealings with starbucks staff. we were unable to reach her for comment. >> if you look at someone who is high functioning in society that would do something like this, it lets you know how much of their reality has been distorted. >> reporter: starbucks says no other bottles were tampered with. the chemist with what seemed a promising career now faces
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attempted murder charges when she is arraigned later today. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. now we turn to an edgy new ad that has pepsi apologizing right now. critics call the online commercial for mountain dew racist so pepsi pulled the ad and abc's linsey davis is here with more on the provocative marketing campaign that pushed the envelope too far. good morning, linsey. >> not only calling it racist but the most racist commercial ever. critics say it portrays racial stereotypes and makes light of violence towards women. it was all created by a black man who says the story line is so bizarre, it was never meant to be taken seriously. >> i know my rights. >> reporter: the premise of these online ads is absurd enough. >> give it to me. >> reporter: a crazy goat who becomes obsessed with mountain dew. >> give me more. i want it. >> reporter: they've gotten 2 million views since march and now there's a sequel. >> come on, which one is he? >> reporter: but this morning
7:15 am
some are calling it the most racist commercial ever. >> it's me. you should have gave me some more. >> reporter: the ad features that battered waitress now on crutches being urged to identify a suspect out of a lineup of black men. >> you better not snitch on a player. >> this ad is destructive because it further pushes forward the stereotype of black men as being violent criminals. >> reporter: the backlash growing so big, pepsico just pulled the 60-second spot saying "we apologize for this video and take full responsibility." the ad was directed by tyler, the creator, an african-american rapper, producer and comedian. his publicist tells abc news it was never tyler's intention to offend. for those who know and respect tyler, he's known for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes through humor. this isn't the first time a major corporation has come under attack for pushing the envelope with an online only ad. just last month, the conservative christian group one
7:16 am
million moms urged kmart to pull their online ad promoting free shipping. >> ship my pants, right here? >> reporter: far from pulling it kmart started airing it on cable tv. >> i just shipped my bed. >> reporter: the word dew is apparently a reference to the do it slogan but this ad is one thing they won't be doing anymore. one thing tyler's publicist was quick to point out is the black men in the lineup were all tyler's personal friends. elizabeth, george. >> not sure that helps. how did it get through the filter? >> amazing. wow, okay. >> sam, you got the latest on the heavy rains drenching the south. >> it really is from one extreme to the other. we talked about temperatures and we talked about the snow and we talked about the dry and the fires in california so now let's talk about the rains. a big, heavy pocket of rain and this is going in areas that don't need it. where we put the yellow mark the heaviest concentration 3 to 5
7:17 am
inches of rain from memphis to st. louis and north into central illinois, those are the areas that were flooding just last week. very high river flooding and then the other yellow area in florida. we had 10 inches of rain in mobile, 6 inches of rain in palm beach county yesterday. these are areas, once again, getting pounded with 3 to 5 inches of rain. all of that just sitting there, another day today. quick look at where spring is if you're looking for it on the map, it's been gorgeous in new york city yesterday. will be again, boston included. washington, d.c. i think even charleston and raleigh probably looking pretty good. that's the weather around the nation. your local forecast 30 seconds away.
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>> let's just see if we got it all, record heat, record snow, record rain all today. >> check, check, check. >> and fires already beginning. >> right. >> wow. looking forward to record nice weather, sam. all right. now let's move on to a new cold war. an ice cream war raging in upstate new york. sno kone joe versus mr.
7:19 am
ding-a-ling. >> what? >> police say the competition has gotten very ugly. abc's john muller has the story. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, the gloves are off in gloversville, new york. >> ding-a-ling just gave us the middle finger. >> reporter: after an all-out turf war between sno kone joe and mr. ding-a-ling has turned criminal. >> who sways over the five points? >> reporter: like a challenge right out of "gangs of new york" joshua malatino and his girlfriend amanda scott were arrested tuesday charged with harassing and stalking their out-of-town competitor who runs a mr. ding-a-ling truck. 34-year-old malatino and his 21-year-old girlfriend were shadowing the rival truck's driver, blasting their music yelling "free ice cream" in an attempt to pry away his customers. >> he had two ice cream trucks and they were both engaged in that course of conduct.
7:20 am
>> reporter: according to reports, malatino began threatening his rival telling him "you don't have a chance, this is my town" proclaiming "i own this town." >> we got to set our own mark and enforce it. >> reporter: like a snow cone kingpin out of "scarface" it's not the first time malatino has tried to freeze out the competition. >> we have addressed issues similar to this with mr. malatino and his legal counsel cautioning him against this type of behavior in the past. >> guys, we reached out to the attorney for sno kone joe and his girlfriend. he had no comment. if convicted they could face three months of cold, hard time. >> ding, ding. coming up on "gma," a marathon day in the jodi arias trial. closing arguments now. dan and nancy weigh in live. reese witherspoon is joining us live for an exclusive interview just ahead. and can you sleep in your cosmetics? our reporter tries out the latest beauty trend. will she still look like this after a night of sleep?
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>> officials updated the status of two north bay wildfires saying full containment on a wildfire north of calistoga north of know may is expected tomorrow evening rather than tonight. it broke out yesterday in dry conditions and destroyed an old
7:25 am
farmhouse and spread over 125 acres and is now 60 percent contained. in napa a 20-acre fire near soda canyon that started last night is fully contained and that fire destroyed a trailer. >> how is the commute, leyla gulen? >> a crash in san ramon is leaving two lanes blocked along northbound 680 coming up on the canyon. look at the backup. there are heavy delays. there is no word when it will clear up. the drive through san jose along northbound 280 coming away from 17, we have quite the buildup of traffic out there so give yourself a few extra minutes. >> when we come back mike nicco
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>> the check at half moon bay is 75 degrees and the rest of us are in the 40's and 50's and antioch and fairfield are upper 50's with a hot day away from the coast and you see cooler temperatures this afternoon and the local sea breeze kick ms. and the rest of us be careful from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 is when the dangerous heat is out there of the check out the at strategics where the record highs are today. the seven-day outlook shows sunday it will be 20
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reese witherspoon right there on the red carpet for her brand-new movie "mud" getting lots of aclaim for her performance and matthew mcconaughey and will join us live and exclusively on "good morning america." robin off. great to have elizabeth vargas here. i saw it last night. it really is remarkable. she's amazing and your man is incredible. >> thank you for referencing my man. >> your man. >> getting lots of really good buzz. >> it's a beautiful film. we said it's like "the outsiders" meets "huck finn." also ahead the final witnesses who have taken the stand in the jodi arias trial. it was a dramatic and very long last day of testimony. dan and nancy will weigh in live as the case finally maybe later
7:31 am
this week will go to the jury. also, miley cyrus as perhaps we've never seen her before opening up in an interview. how she says she's struggling to balance career and personal life. a struggle we all face right now. really special "deals & steals" ahead. these are our favorites. from oprah's big "o" list. these are really great things. you do not want to miss it. my computer is at the ready. >> i have my eye on box number three. >> oh. >> did you peek? >> i did. i couldn't help it. right away this morning to the latest on the jodi arias testimony. it has concluded. ahead, instructions from the judge closing arguments from both sides and then, of course, the jury will begin deliberating as early as this weekend. abc's ryan owens has the very latest as the trial heads into its final act. >> reporter: even the woman on trial for her life struggled to stay awake on the final marathon day of testimony. the last witness didn't finish
7:32 am
until almost 9:00 at night. >> i wasn't sure if you switched topics or we were still on -- >> no, we're done with tigers and bears. >> reporter: the testimony bordered on the bizarre as two psychologists, neither of whom ever met or talked to jodi sparred about what drove the 32-year-old to shoot and repeatedly stab her ex-boyfriend travis alexander and make up so many stories. >> the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> i do. >> reporter: the defense hoped this neuropsychologist would convince the jury that arias was a battered woman who killed in self-defense but what they might remember most is that he spilled water not once, but twice all over the witness stand. >> sorry about that. i was doing so well. >> reporter: while this real-life drama drags on, hollywood can't wait. the lifetime channel has already started shooting the tv movie "dirty little secrets: the jodi
7:33 am
arias story." the lead actors look strikingly similar to the victim and to his killer. >> travis svralexander is worki his magic. >> reporter: they too are riveted by the trial and waiting for their story to finally have an ending. >> the fact that the trial is still ongoing actually makes me care more about the story. >> it'll be interesting to see if the trial is ended by the time we finish the movie. >> reporter: the real courtroom drama resumes later this morning with closing arguments. finally. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> time now for our legal team to weigh in. "gma" legal analyst dan abrams and nancy grace, host of her own show on hln. nancy, you've been on the trial from the start. who is going to play you in the lifetime movie? >> you know what, a lot of people have asked me about the lifetime movie. bottom line, i'm more concerned about what's happening in the real courtroom than what's going to be on a movie after the
7:34 am
verdict. you know, we were all up last night till about 3:00 waiting to digest all of the testimony. but i'm sure that jury was wide awake just like we were. >> so i can see the dryness in your voice. you don't think that last day made any difference? >> well, i think it was interesting that they tried to catch the medical examiner in a snafu in the autopsy report. the defense made the grave mistake by bringing on a shrink psychologist to talk about the bullet injury to the brain suggesting it did not go through the frontal lobe of the brain and the significance is if it didn't, travis alexander could still be chasing jodi arias even with a gunshot wound to the head. that's ridiculous. you got to have an m.d., a medical examiner, for instance, to talk about that so that was a big boo-boo in the late night hours by the defense. >> dan, closing arguments coming up then go inside the jury room. take us inside that room and on
7:35 am
a trial like this, do you think that -- at the end the jury goes with their gut on whether they like or believe arias or go through the evidence. >> sometimes people underestimate what juries do in long trials. yes, occasionally there's an o.j. simpson case where you have a nine-month trial and three or four-hour deliberation. either what happens is, number one, the jurors go in and take an initial vote. a lot of the time you see them go in and say, what do you think? that doesn't always remain the same by the time they leave. other times they won't take a vote at the outset and start piecing the evidence together. the difference in this case is it's not a whodunit, so they don't need to piece together all of these evidence to say, oh, it's -- the question is, why did she do it? and i think as a result, that's a different kind of analysis that the jury is going to have to go through and as a result, i would think that they would probably start by giving each other an indication of what they think about her guilt in terms of the crime. >> nancy, given the point that
7:36 am
dan just made -- >> a pretty good idea why, though. i got a pretty good idea why. after she had sex with him all day long he told her he's going to take another woman to cancun, oops. i shot him and stabbed him to death. that's what happened. >> well, nancy, that's interesting, though, if that's the case and what you believe, that kind of cuts away a little bit against premeditation, doesn't it? >> absolutely not. because bottom line, when she goes to see him, she crosses the desert in a fake car that she rented, the tag upside down, dyes her hair first, carries gas cans so she doesn't have to stop at a gas station and leave a trail, turns off her cell phone so she can't be triangulated to go and change his mind about the cancun trip. that was the marathon sex day, well, it didn't work. surprisingly -- >> that's the most -- >> to manipulate a man. >> the most important thing in the case as far as i'm concerned, can the prosecutors convince this jury of the things that nancy just laid out?
7:37 am
in addition to the fact that a 25 caliber gun was stolen from her grandparents' home and it was a 25 caliber bullet that killed him. those are all the issues i think together that focus on premeditation. if these jurors believe that jodi arias is in big trouble. if these jurors have questions, even a couple of them have questions about premeditation, that's a huge win for jodi arias >> that's the point. only one or two need to have questions. >> right, well, to hang the jury potentially and that's why the deliberations in a case like this become so important because they're not going to be fighting over who did it. they'll be focusing on very, very minute details of what happened here. >> okay, dan, nancy, thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> hey, george, it's hard to see the beauty in minnesota when it's covered in 13 inches of heavy, wet snow, the difference in spring and winter 12340e, winter it's dry, fluffy snow and spring snow has so much moisture in it it's taking tree lines down.
7:38 am
plus it's hard to move and shovel and get out of the way and there's more of it, by the way, i know. i don't have much good news. take a look at the southern area of the map. oklahoma city isn't getting snow. if they did it would be the latest snowfall ever recorded in oklahoma city but there may be a flake or two in that area. wichita, as well, kansas city, omaha, take a look at those areas, getting snow. into the northeast where there's spring, one corner which may not see much of it because this area of low pressure is sitting offshore and the flow will be cooler and cloudier from rhode island all the way up toward the maine coast and maybe into central maine. everybody el >> a glorious lingering look at the big board all brought to you
7:39 am
by the u.s. postal service who will have more of america's weather in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. coming up, miley cyrus like you've never seen her before opening up about her you've never seen her before opening up about her rela[ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. so do tire swings!
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♪ [ dog barks ] [ male announcer ] now's the time to prep for entertaining, get a troy-bilt pressure washer for just $269 at lowe's today. 7:42 and we are back now with the latest on miley cyrus looking edgier than ever and pushing the limits in a racy new photo shoot. she's also setting the record
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straight about what's going on with her fiance, liam. take a look. ♪ pink spiked hair, studs and lots of skin. it's miley cyrus as we've never seen her before decked out head to toe in edgy leather, leaving little to the imagination on the cover of "v" magazine. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> she was was like with all the clothes. if she could have done more, we could have done 50 pages. >> reporter: inside the 20-year-old singer opens up about rumors of a split with fiance liam hemsworth putting them to rest saying "every week it's are they broken up because we don't see a photo of them. i don't have time to go to starbucks with my boyfriend every morning. i wish i did but i don't." she's been dating since 2009 and says it's a struggle to balance the two while she's working on new music saying "he gets up to work out at 6:00 and i come home
7:44 am
around 5:00 from the studio. i've put this record before everything and i've never done that with anything. i've put too much into this record to put anything else in front of it." this isn't the first time she has raised eyebrows with a magazine spread. in 2008 at just 15 years old this "vanity fair" portrait taken by annie liebowitz sparked a firestorm of backlash from parents across the country. miley is having fun and letting her sense of style evolve. spotted in this t-shirt reading "sex, drugs & rap." "i'm going to change. i'm going to be different. i chopped my hair and bought a pair of docs and never looked back." >> she's sending a message that i'm a different girl than i used to be and i'm not hannah montana anymore. >> indeed, indeed and in the interview miley was asked about her new musical sound and says i can never say i don't love "party in the usa." that would be like my dad saying he hated "achy breaky."
7:45 am
which i can understand and she says "it is what gives you everything you have and that she would never take it back." so there you go. >> all right. hasn't she been sending the message she's not hannah montana for awhile now? >> i think we all hear it loud and clear now. coming up on "good morning america," reese witherspoon with us live for an exclusive interview just ahead. >> look forward to that. and the right then, here's the "play of the day." it is a dangerous operation and caught it all on tape. freeze it. freeze it. ♪ freeze frame freeze frame freeze frame now freeze ♪
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7:49 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> and not to get too philosophical but people who are really bored with technology that make 80% of it possible. >> so we want to thank you. and like this. there's a guy -- >> wait, wait. could i just interrupt you for
7:50 am
one moment please, sir because we're going to hijack -- >> hijacking "play of the day." >> was i not involved. >> a special day at "gma" because, yeah, please, ladies and gentlemen bring your tray table back up to its full upright position. it was two years ago today that our josh elliott came to visit us at "good morning america" in a permanent capacity. happy anniversary, josh elliott. and so here are a few of our favorite moments of the josh. >> skinny might. >> skinny mike. >> i shaved my mustache. >> you're on fire. >> not a chance. >> no. >> how about you stick to weather? >> weren't you supposed to be wearing bike shorts? >> hang on tight. >> i love you, sam. >> i love you, josh. >> aaagh!
7:51 am
>> oh, no! oh, my -- >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> it's the same suit. >> i'll never forget i was looking at george's face and your eyes got wide. there's only one thing that could have happened. it's awesome. what a two years it's been. >> i love you, josh. we're so lucky. be right back, everybody. >> "deals & steals" and reese. k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
7:52 am
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>> now from abc7 news, the woman accused of trying to poison starbucks customers in san jose is scheduled to be in court today. ramineh behbehanian was arrested of a barista saw her put two bottles of juice on a shelf that was spiked with rub alcohol. >> we will talk about a record-setting day as far as temperatures, and look at the heat advisory you will help skate the 90 degree temperatures when it can get up to 130 or 140 degrees in the hospital.
7:57 am
temperatures will drop by friday. >> this accident in san ramon causing a bit of pain here northbound along 680, as you come up on the canyon, multi-vehicle crash, we are looking at heavy backup, bumper to bumper from 580, a six-mile
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i just came to say hello ♪ hello hello a sparkling day out there in times square this morning and a very happy crowd and we are excited this thursday morning because we're going to be talking to reese witherspoon right there live, exclusive, one-on-one in just a few minutes about her brand-new role and the surprising moment she landed in the headlines. good morning, america. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> and it's really great to be here on this stunning ly beautiful day in manhattan, at least, and the rest of the country not so much. also ahead, big, new ultimate deals and steals today and these are really special because they are favorites of oprah's "o" list. we always love it when tory johnson is here. >> a great week.
8:01 am
we are going into a big finish tomorrow. bargains you'll love. again, just for "good morning america" viewers, so get ready to log on and get them while they're really, really hot. >> ready to go. >> ready to go. >> at the ready. and, hey, can you sleep in your makeup and wake up looking flawless? i know you're probably asking why would you but just in case you need to know can you do it, one woman has launched a lawsuit saying that 24-hour makeup doesn't work so we put it to the test. >> let's say you're someone that works at abc like claire shipman and you're always on the go like traveling from story to story and you may be in a different country one day from the next day. >> that's great. >> you may have to sleep in your makeup. so overnight she tried it out. we're going to see this morning if it actually works. >> ah, claire, she's intrepid. >> we begin with news first. a fast-moving wildfire in southern california east of los angeles. it's now burned more than 3,000 acres there and forced hundreds of people to flee their homes. the fire is only 35% contained but warm, dry winds are expected to pick up again.
8:02 am
sam's complete forecast in just a few moments. now to the boston bombing investigation. three of suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev's best friends have been charged with obstructing justice and lying to federal agents. they have admitted to removing a backpack and a laptop from tsarnaev's dorm room. that backpack contained fireworks emptied of their gunpowder. now court documents say the men intended to slow down the investigation. officials now want to know if the friends were just misguided or members of a larger terrorist cell. and a new legal battle over the morning after pill and when it should be available to girls. the justice department is now suing to reverse a judge's decision that would allow girls of any age to buy the pill. the obama administration is worried about possible health effects in girls younger than 15. and a new study this morning finds a dramatic rise in the number of parents reporting allergies in their children. the cdc says 1 in 20 children now has a food allergy, a 50%
8:03 am
increase since the 1990s, and one in eight kids now has some kind of skin allergy. researchers aren't sure why, but say the overuse of antibiotics and air pollution could be factors. and more american clothing brands are considering pulling out of bangladesh after the factory collapsed last week that has now left 430 people dead and raised even more concerns about safety standards. "the new york times" reports that benetton, the gap and children's place are just a few among those re-evaluating their future in the country and disney, our parent company, has decided to stop production there, as well. another airline has announced yet another fee for passengers. frontier airlines will now soon be charging you $2 for a coffee or a cup of soda. and if you book your economy class ticket on a third party website, you'll have to pay at least $25 for your carry-on bag. >> what?
8:04 am
>> come on. >> so that delicious cup of coffee on board frontier airlines is now going to cost you $2. >> that is big, right? >> it's that big. >> and also not tasty. >> and sometimes it's warm. you've got to be kidding. >> wasn't this a record year for airline profits? didn't i see that in a "gma" story somewhere? >> it certainly feels like it. >> and there's a reason why because we're paying too much. >> $2. >> yeah. >> i think we might be in a little trouble if we fly frontier pretty soon. >> yeah. >> what? >> i love frontier. favorite coffee ever. hey, everybody, let's do some "pop news." if you watch "scandal" like i do, you know that olivia pope can fix the problems of the president while looking perfectly pressed. designer labels for her scandalously looks and for all the characters on the show. no, that's okay. you don't have to ding. and you can do this all from your couch.
8:05 am
it's a new app called "get this," and it allows you to shop your favorite shows. right now they have three on board, but they are planning on making this basically any show in the world. you literally go to the app or the website, and click on scandal, for example, as you're watching the scene, the app tells you what the characters are wearing and how to buy it and how to buy it for less. >> what's great about this, a lot of times when you go to the store, you don't know how to put the outfit together but when you see especially kerry washington who looks amazing. >> she wears very high-end clothing but this gives you looks for less. >> so the same style at a -- >> for less. >> yes. >> sign me up. >> so then does the outfit pop out of the tv? >> yeah, it pops out of your ipad, sam. it does. >> it's delivered immediately on to your body. >> yes. actually a hollywood stylist appears at your door, sam. amazing. >> so "star trek" technology. >> it's called "get this" and get this, champion. also in "pop news," you know what it's like when you try to fit into your favorite jeans
8:06 am
from a few years ago? well, imagine having to squeeze into a bikini you wore 40 years ago while being chained to a 3,000-pound drooling alien. that's what carrie fisher is going through. as preparations for the new film, carrie says she began her own preparations telling reporters she has a trainer lined up to whip her back into butt-kicking shape and mark hamill -- >> what? >> she says she will wear the same iconic looks in the early films. the bikini may not be one of them but the bagel bun hairdo will make a reappearance. mark hamill and harrison ford both reportedly in talks to do the film expected to be released in 2015, and i know who is buying the first ticket. >> this guy. >> that guy. >> this guy. >> has one thumb and he's this guy. >> hey, champion, get this. finally a big debut for a tiny gorilla named gladys at the cincinnati zoo abandoned by her mom, she is now being
8:07 am
raised by ten humans dressed in gorilla costumes acting as surrogate parents. the 13-week-old's first trip to the outdoor part of the exhibit wasn't without jitters though. she was a little clingy with one of her human dads taking a piggyback ride -- that's a human mom -- taking a piggyback ride afraid to let go but what a joy to look at that. >> so sweet, and i know they're preparing her to be able to go back with her own kind but what a lovely little thing. >> yeah, and that's "pop news," everybody. >> lovely, lovely "pop news." let's go. let's go. let's see if we can do it in two seconds or less. i just hit the camera. i'm sorry. i may have broken something. good morning, how are you? good morning. nice to see you. how are you guys? good? now we spoke a little earlier. >> we did. >> you guys, i love this. i love this. now, did you -- where are you from? >> london. >> and both? traveling together. because the look is fantastic. who picked it out? >> this is me. >> fantastic. i love it. i just need a little jean jacket and we can be a threesome. let's get to the boards. we'll show you one or two things going on this morning we want to share with you.
8:08 am
we'll talk about the heat going on in the west because it comes with some consequences here. very dry. didn't get the heavy rain, didn't get the snowpack, didn't get any of that so now we're getting the big heat. when the high is in that position we're getting santa ana winds coming with big temperatures so this could be a real tough situation for fires, just kind of keep an eye on it expecting it to roll for a little while in that direction with the potential heat and the potential for an early fire season. here's where the cold air neighboring. look at denver at about a 12-degree windchill. minneapolis, about 29. oklahoma city feeling it, 29 degrees, as well. meanwhile, in the southeast, it's another soaking day. we showed you where the heaviest rain is going. stay with your local abc stations. let's get everybody in, everybody down here, that's the
8:09 am
>> we are live in times square. blake from miami, blake, who are we going back to? >> we're going back to lara. >> thank you, blake. thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." reese witherspoon is here live with us for an exclusive on her new film, "mud." how long does your makeup last? our reporter tried out the 24-hour makeups. she did overnight. did she wake up flawless? we'll tell you. plus, our ultimate "deals & steals" revving. our biggest deal ever revealed on "gma" and great ones today. all coming up live on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of caltrate, the number one selling
8:10 am
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experask which transitions0 adaptive lens is best for you. help the gulf recover, andnt to learn from what happenedg goals: so we could be a better, safer energy company. i've been with bp for 24 years. i was part of the team that helped deliver on our commitments to the gulf - and i can tell you, safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge safety equipment and technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all our drilling activity, twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. safety is a vital part of bp's commitment to america - and to the nearly 250,000 people who work with us here. we invest more in the u.s. than anywhere else in the world.
8:14 am
over fifty-five billion dollars here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ i just came to say hello >> look at the smiles out there in times square this morning. right to our "gma" exclusive with reese witherspoon, oscar winner, star of the new movie "mud." welcome back to "gma." >> thank you, george. >> let's get right to the elephant in the room. two weeks ago it's a friday morning i think. you and your husband are arrested. he's charged with dui. you're charged with disorderly conduct. what happened? >> it's one of those nights, you know, we went out to dinner in atlanta and we had one too many glasses of wine. we thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not. and it's just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry
8:15 am
and embarrassed and we know better and we shouldn't have done ha. >> you thought you were okay. that's why -- a lot wondering why didn't you call a car service, a cab? >> absolutely. it was just poor judgment and i think, you know, we made a mistake and it was something will absolutely never happen again. just bad judgment, you know. >> i think the other thing that surprised a lot of people was the police report. you know, we read these things. supposedly you said to the police do you know my name. you're about to find out who i am. you've been in the spotlight your whole adult life and this doesn't sound like the reese witherspoon most of us know. >> i know. i agree. i have no idea what i was saying that night. i -- i saw him arresting my husband and i literally panicked and i said all kinds of crazy things, i told him i was pregnant. i'm not pregnant. i said, crazy things and if you only hear me laughing because i have no idea what i was talking about and i am so sorry. i was so disrespectful to him and i have police officers in my family. i work with police officers
8:16 am
every day. i know better. and it's just unacceptable. >> you had any contact with the police there? >> absolutely, yeah, yesterday, you know, i spoke to them and again, just said, there's no reason to be disrespectful to a police officer. i think -- all i can say is i was just panicked. >> well, one final question and a lot of people want to know this as well. you talk about the big lesson learned. i think one of the hardest things for anyone caught in a situation like this, how do you talk to your kids about ha. >> i have to say that's the hardest part about it. having to tell our kids and, you know, just embarrassed, you know, and we have to say, you know, when you make a mistake you take responsibility and we are taking responsibility and doing everything in our power to make it right and you, you know, you just have to be honest with them. that was definitely the hardest part. >> and the lessons learned? >> there's so many lessons learned. you know, absolutely and, you know, i will -- i will always -- when a police officer tells you
8:17 am
to stay in the car, you stay in the car. i learned that for sure. you know, i think i played a lawyer in movie so many times i think i am a lawyer and clearly i'm not a lawyer because i got arrested. so, no, yeah, so i learned a lot. >> let's talk about "mud." it is a rich and moving movie. we saw it last night. set in the deep south, rural arkansas. a world you know. >> yes, well, i'm from nashville, tennessee and when i read this script i just was so touched. it's about where i'm from and about these young boys coming of age and learning what love is and a great opportunity to work with matthew mcconaughey. >> he's fantastic in it, as well. that's what's so interesting about the movie. starts out as an adventure story but becomes all about love. you play juniper, pretty hard girl right at the center of the story, the love of magnitutthew mcconaughey's life and ellis wants to believe in the love.
8:18 am
let's take a look at the clip. >> you know, you don't know him, right? >> i know he never did anything for you. >> is that what you think? >> it makes them feel good about themselves. i do love him. >> he wants to believe that too. >> yeah, you know, it's that time in your life when you're 14 and learning what love is and he's so great, that actor, he's just amazing. >> this is one of his first role, right? >> he was in "tree of life" as well but this is a breakout performance for him. >> and matthew mcconaughey, he's been taking all these chances it seems like and this one, i don't know, to me this is the breakout performance. >> so exciting to see matthew. he's working so hard and doing
8:19 am
such incredible work and i'm just honored i got to work with him. two southern people, we've always been satelliting each other -- >> you never worked before. >> no, but we had known each other. >> critics are saying and i have to agree on this, as well, your best performance since "walk the line." what did you tap into here? >> you know, she's just sort of a feisty southern woman, which i can relate to. so, yeah, no, it was just great. it was great to get back to my roots and work with jeff, the filmmaker, and the south, so beautiful. >> new mom, tennessee james, a little over 7 months old. >> little tennessee, yes. >> doing well. >> he's doing real well, getting so big. >> what's next? >> i'm doing a movie called "the good life" and it's about the lost boys of sudan and how they, you know, three of them came to america and sort of got used to being americans and just having a great time. i'm going to head to africa and
8:20 am
do a little research about the sudan. >> thank you for making time for us and thanks for coming back and thanks for being so straight about all this. >> thank you, george. thanks for the opportunity. >> absolutely. lara? >> all right, thank you so much, george. now to our "gma heat index," the hottest stories. lawsuit launched against 24-hour makeup putting the focus on cosmetic lines assay you can sleep in them and look fresh-faced in the morning. >> the question is, why would you want to sleep in your makeup? but we'll get to that in a moment. our intrepid abc's claire shipman tried out some of the makeup and she slept in it overnight. that is her putting it on. how long did the makeup last and how did she look in the morning? here's claire with the report. ♪ >> reporter: who hasn't dreamed of waking up looking as flawless as the night before? makeup unsmudged, unfaded, still in place. like kristen wiig in "bridesmaids" making a mad dash for a morning makeover before
8:21 am
magically awakening looking impeccable. >> you look beautiful. >> oh, no, i'm sure i look terrible. i just woke up. >> reporter: now makeup products sell the idea of dream-like results implying they last 24 hours. >> want lip color that lasts through nour nonstop 24-hour day. >> reporter: even mascara taking you from morning to morning. but now one woman says that lancome's 24-hour foundation, teint idole ultra didn't stand the test of time taking them to court and said it faded significantly when she wore it for a 24-hour period but beauty experts we spoke to said they're made to last and really do. >> they definitely work. there's going to be such a demand for these types of products that products that are maybe not 24/7 formulas maybe won't cut it necessarily. >> reporter: we decided to conduct our own very unscientific experiment to see for ourselves if lancome's
8:22 am
foundation, the one in the lawsuit, holes up overnight. i think that's good. i think i am fully made up for bed. we'll see in the morning. good night. in the morning -- hi, ready for makeup. >> you look nice. >> well, actually, i have -- i put on a 24-hour foundation last night and i slept in it. >> your skin looks great. >> doesn't it? >> let's touch up your eyes a little bit. >> not one bit bled on to the pillow. i thought it would be completely brown with makeup. >> it looks good. >> good to go. ♪ >> i think we have all at one point or another accidentally fallen asleep in our makeup. >> what you're wearing right now is what you put on last night. >> some extra blush, but foundation, the same. >> wow. >> this was startling to me, ladies. i am not kidding. that is the grossest thing about falling asleep in your makeup.
8:23 am
>> in your unscientific trial. >> my unscientific trial. >> you say it works. >> why do you want to sleep in your makeup all night? i don't think it's good for your skin and i seem to remember this is the trend, long-lasting makeup but nobody is promising that it's going to last 24 hours. >> sleeping as an example of how long it could go, you know. it's not necessarily -- >> in an emergency. >> you got to wash your face. >> i want to get this off. >> let's go shopping. let's hang out. thank you so much, claire shipman. we'll go out to the boys, josh and sam, and tory. >> thanks, guys. "deals & steals." because, what, now, look, everything you're about to see here is a favorite from oprah's "o" list so it's got to be good. >> you know tory johnson but brought along a special guest, adam, creator and director of the "o." >> thank you. >> and away we go.
8:24 am
>> so we begged adam to come and show us all the stuff and everyone knows what's the big question -- >> all: what's the deal? >> what's the deal. >> adam will tell us. >>ing 0, the first one is a commando reversible twin suit. totally -- twin suit season. you can reverse it. two for the price of one. >> why didn't someone think of that before? >> amazing. >> great for travel. only need to bring one with you. >> unbelievable price. so commando has given us the slip regularly starts at $136 depending on the model you choose slashed in half, starting at $68 like a two for one. >> commando is the name of the brand. because i was like, i think we might be unclear. >> oh, these are great from saab tino & company. infused oils. opa says god is in the details. look at how beautiful they are. they're on her own countertop. particularly --
8:25 am
>> you are holding her favorite. the truffle. everything truffle. if you add this to your food a renowned chef -- >> don't rub it on your body. >> add it to your food. she uses it for popping corn and pasta. >> amazing prices. so depending on the sizes you use 20 to $35 but slashed in half starting at just $10. [ cheers ] >> okay. fragrance our next selection. >> everybody -- >> grapefruit is amazing. amazing. oprah loves it. >> nothing smells this good. nothing in the world smells this good. >> wait till you hear the prices. the whole collection, nine pieces range from $22 to $58, also nest has given us 50% off starting at just 11 bucks. >> wow. >> these are great. yes. >> amazing. >> this is the big one.
8:26 am
>> this is a deal of the century. i got a note from oprah saying this is life changing for her for fried foods. so excited she took it and made an instagram photo of her holding it for healthy cooking. only one tablespoon of oil. >> normally $250 slashed in half, $125. >> great, great. >> last but not least -- >> caroline seven-layer caramel cake. sam, you're going to like this. we had featured this twice in the magazine which is unheard of. >> adam, try it? i will. adam begged me to try it. >> normally $58 slashed in half, 29 bucks. >> can't give it away. we want to thank all the companies that participated in this. tomorrow the greatest deal ever.
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. california fire officials updated the status of two wildfires with full containment on a fire burning in calistoga is expected to be contained tonight. it broke out yesterday in drive conditions and destroyed an old farmhouse much the fire spread over 125 acres and is currently 60 percent contained. in napa, a fire near soda canyon road that started last night is fully contained and that fire destroyed a trailer. now to get you out the door. >> as we take you to livermore this is where we have a very serious accident and this is traveling along westbound 580 at airway and there is an overturned vehicle, two people were ejected from that vehicle, they are unconscious at the
8:28 am
moment. right now we have three left lanes blocked and a terrible backup out there. eric? >> when we come back our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the warm bay
8:29 am
>> we have the warmest weather in antioch and fairfield and half moon bay in low-to-mid 70's and record and dangerous heat away from the coast from one to 9:00. upper 90's are possible, and
8:30 am
even 130-degree temperatures in the car if it is in the sun. on sunday, okay, a gorilla and a penguin walk into the bar and the bafana tender says. >> what did the tattoo artist say to the lizard. >> do you have a funny joke? if it's funny enough you could end up on tv, "good morning america's" funniest week ever. laugh out loud. >> show "gma" how funny you are. >> go to on yahoo! and send in your best joke. go on. make us laugh. and we cannot wait for comedy week right here on "gma." send in your best one-liners, best jokes, best stories, make us all laugh. it is coming up. we want to hear from you. we want you to make us laugh. >> are you hearing the song right now? i love this. buy icono pop.
8:31 am
a song you'll have in your head all day. tomorrow they're here live as we reveal the biggest deal force field, we're not sure which, unveiled ever on this program. >> all this and the great new candle. >> let's focus on the deal and this. nominated for so many tonys from the hottest show on broadway the cast of "matilda" here today live. >> it is my favorite ever. "ironman" and "ironman 3" a smash overseas. sir ben kingsley is here to talk about it. i have to class it up before he gets here. inside to elizabeth now. all right, thanks so much. it's okay. we're sitting here chatting on the couch. now to amanda knox who after nearly six years is telling her side of the story that made her a household name. back in 2007 while studying in italy amanda was charged and convicted in the 34urd of her roommate meredith kercher.
8:32 am
amanda spent four years behind bars before an appeals court set her free and acquitted her. her memoir, "waiting to be heard," is out in stores now and this morning she joins us with her mother, her father and sister deanna. good to see the three of you again. amanda, good to have you in the studio. i remember when i first met you which was just a few months after amanda was arrested. the three of you vowed you would never ever leave her behind, leave her alone. >> that's right. >> you kept your word. >> yep. >> absolutely. >> of course. >> we knew as a family. >> you never wavered despite all the expense and countless transatlantic trips. >> no. >> i mean, you know, as a mom, i think any mom would take care of their kid and do what they needed to do. >> absolutely. >> what was it like, amanda, to hear that? >> it -- that's my understanding
8:33 am
of how family is and i think one of the more incredible aspects of my time in prison was understanding that not everyone has that and i wish it upon anyone because that's -- that's who i am. that's who we are and i don't know how one would get along without it. >> you really needed that. you're really lucky. >> yeah. >> in that respect. >> indeed. yeah. >> it is. >> it's incredible how much it makes a difference. i mean, people -- other prisoners write letters to each other just so that they can receive that and i got visits, like the fact that i got visits was an incredible thing. >> did the fact that you knew that they were in town even when they couldn't see you on the days when they couldn't visit you, did that make a difference knowing there was always somebody there. >> absolutely. i mean, i wasn't alone and
8:34 am
that -- that -- when everything is this storm around you and you feel like you're just being pinpointed, you're -- it's terrifying to be alone and i wasn't. >> i'll never forget interviewing you, kurt, and deanna, on the night just three hours after amanda was convicted in perugia in 2009. it was the middle of the night, eta, you had collapsed in anguish because you couldn't even speak. deanna, you were so distraught you got physically sick to your stomach at the courthouse. this is you and kurt just hours after that verdict was handed down. let's take a listen. >> i was stunned. how could you even do this with what was presented in the court of law? >> we yelled across the courtroom as they were taking her away that we love her because we couldn't see her. >> you know, you have to put on a face when we go and visit her, we can't cry. >> are you going to be able to
8:35 am
do that? >> we hope so. >> what's it like for you to see that moment in your family's history? it was so difficult for you. >> it's emotional. i don't think i've ever seen that just because i couldn't watch. i couldn't be there. i was not functioning that night. >> it doesn't look real. it doesn't seem like it was real in the moment because i still don't think of it as being real like it all happened. it's interesting to see. >> i'm glad it's past and we're here now. >> i didn't see that. i saw them the next day in prison and the thing that i thought -- >> they were putting on a brave face. >> yeah, and that's the insane thing. i didn't know what to expect. i was completely distraught. i hadn't slept all night. they were trying to get me to take antidepressants and it was just like leave me alone please and when i got there and i sat down with them, i didn't know what to say. like i didn't know what to do and it was actually delaney,
8:36 am
delaney of all -- she was -- like my littlest sister, this child who just told me, looked at me with a straight face, it's going to be okay. i was like, oh, my god. >> you know, you've said, amanda, that you still suffer from panic attacks. what sets them off for you? what makes that happen? >> i mean, it can be something as simple as a movie that -- i watched a movie recently in which there was an italian dialect and one of the words that i heard -- [ speaking a foreign language ] >> which means essentially come to the window so i can talk to you, it was what prisoners would say to each other to come to the bars so that they could talk to each other across the hall. i heard someone saying that and i couldn't breathe. and it's -- >> okay. >> it can be anything. >> if you google the name
8:37 am
"amanda knox," you get 7.1 million hits. you all know better than anybody that hundreds of thousands of those are not kind. some of them viciously unkind. >> uh-huh. >> doug prespreston wrote it's become a cybermom not unlike the witch hunts of medieval europe." how do you handle the strong emotions people still have about you and your innocence or guilt? >> you know, i'd say that they obviously don't know all of the factors in the case and all of the pieces of evidence and the fact that there is a total lack of evidence and it seems that they just have hatred in their bodies. >> but does it bother you? >> absolutely. >> this is your beloved daughter. >> absolutely. >> of course, it does. >> and it bothers me to think that they know me. that's one thing that baffles my mind is that people talk about me as if they know, like they're in the know about who i am when
8:38 am
no one's ever been able to speak with me and know -- >> they know her personality. >> i tend to stay away from it and i guess someone told me, no matter what, everybody has -- there's, unfortunately, people out there that are kind of filled with hate and they vent that anonymously through the internet. it's an interesting kind of phenomenon that i think there needs to be conversation about. >> i think there will be. kurt and eta, deanna, so wonderful to see you under so much happier conditions. >> thank you so much. >> amanda, nice to finally meet you. >> yes. >> all these years of covering you. all right. good luck with the book. "waiting to be heard" is on store shelves now. let's go outside and check with sam for the final check of the weather. >> elizabeth vargas, we are outside in times square. i do have to say, lara is eating all the food for the segment coming up next. where are you from? >> christine anthony, houston, texas. >> did i surprise you? >> yeah. >> wait, i wasn't ready for that. wait, it's your birthday. your name. >> vicki.
8:39 am
>> vicki. you guys had a good time so far? >> yes. >> beautiful. we're glad you're here. to the boards. one or two things going on we thought we'd share and we'll start with your twitter and facebook pictures, oh, look at that. how lovely would it be to walk down a street that looked like that. here we'll show you a picture of wisconsin. could be like this. you could be under this unbelievable spring snow. now record-setting in some areas, in its lateness and amount. oklahoma city, could you see some? possible to get flakes in the air. >> are we on? all that weather brought to you
8:40 am
by bb. now, where could lara spencer be? oh, two feet away over there. >> hi, sam. hey, you'll want to join in. there's food. come on over. healthy food at that. weight watchers is celebrating five decades with weight loss for the new weight watchers 50s anniversary cookbook that takes hundreds of classic recipes we've loved but gives them a leaner more modern makeover. here to show us some of the makeovers is liz. i have sampled, i must admit, so delicious. >> yes. >> the numbers don't lie. u.s. news & world report ranked weight watchers the number one diet. we've seen it work on jennifer hudson and now here we go, will it work for every family. >> right, i love it. we're 50 years old and that says something about our staying power. >> yep. >> we're starting off with some wonderful, amazing chicken southern style chicken and dumplings. >> chicken and dumpling soup, one of the ultimate comfort
8:41 am
foods. the original version has a lot of calories in it. you have managed to shave off a lot of those calories. i'll wing it. your version has 277 calories, 5 grams of fat and 7 points. >> right, so the beauty of this we've eliminated the butter. we've loaded it up with vegetables and made those dumplings just a little smaller. >> how do you make it taste so good without the butter. the "b" word tastes so good. >> you get the flavor from chicken. you can do it with a rotisserie chicken you buy at the store. doesn't have to take a lot of time. you can make it in 12 minutes and assemble it quickly. my kids love it too. >> i want to show we do have to go. we don't have time but have to mention this incredible ziti. traditional costs 450 calories. takes up 450 calories, 24 grams of fat. your version and i do have to go after this, we'll give you all details online, 345 calories,
8:42 am
just 8 grams of fat and this is just an example of the many, many recipes in the weight watchers cookbook. happy 50th anniversary. >> thank you. >> thanks for making it here. check that out on abc news on our website and right now, "iron man" a smash hit overseas and sir ben kingsley one of the stars is with us live.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
"iron man 3" opens in the u.s. tomorrow. a hit overseas and our favorite cast of characters are back. robert downey jr., gwyneth paltrow and they face a new foe, the mandarin played by sir ben kingsley. take a look. >> the path is clear. >> master is traveling. ♪ >> what are we waiting for? >> that's it. in a nutshelby the way, sir ben kingsley, good enough to join us this morning. we see in there he has all the affecttations of movie bad guy, terrorist bad guy and yet he is so much more than he looks and
8:46 am
seems. >> well, i decided not to play him villainously but to try and play him as a man who has a profound belief in his own sense of righteousness, that's what's terrifying about these people who hack into our airwaves and broadcast to us and they have a totally almost benign passivity about them and that was my juggle. >> you do so, again, in a -- there was a line where your speech patterns are compared to a baptist preacher. >> yes. >> and i know you said there's a lesson here. read the script and read the whole script because's how you based his speech. >> absolutely. my dear colleague, robert downey jr. refers to my speech patterns as a baptist preacher then i also read in the screenplay that i prefer to call myself a teacher. i actually say those lines myself and in the script there's that -- it's all about the writing. >> sure. >> beautiful rhythmic speech
8:47 am
patterns that i can get inside a word and stretch it -- the word almost loses its meaning but becomes a threat. it was a great acting exercise. >> quickly, robert said earlier this week these movies are only as good as their bad guys. was it fun? was it as fun as it appeared to become this -- >> let me go right back at robert. i'm only as good as the company i keep. he is a magnificent leading man and on the set he was extraordinary. the new guys you mentioned in the team, myself included, were made so welcome and we were team players within seconds which is a great, you know, great attribute for a team to have and shows on the screen. >> it does and becomes something greater than itself. wonderful to have you here. >> great to be here. >> best of luck. >> thank you. >> with the film. again, it is "iron man 3" and opens tomorrow. straight ahead here, the
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ "matilda" the musical is
8:50 am
sensational. storming broadway now with a dozen tony nominations. so sit back and enjoy a little selection from "matilda," the musical. ♪ jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water so they say their subsequent fall was inetch table ♪ ♪ they never stood a chance they were written that way innocent victims of their story ♪ ♪ romeo and juliet 'twas written in the stars before they even met ♪ ♪ that love and fate and a touch of stupidity would rob them of their hope of livie ing happily♪ ♪ the endings are often a little bit gory ♪ ♪ i wonder why they didn't just change their story we're told we have to do what we're told ♪ ♪ but surely sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty ♪
8:51 am
♪ just because you find that life's not fair it doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it ♪ ♪ nothing will change even if you're little you can do a lot you must not let a little thing like little stop you ♪ ♪ you don't have grin and bear it if you always take it on the chin and wear it nothing will change ♪ ♪ might as well be saying you think that it's okay and that's not right ♪ ♪ you have to put it right ♪ but nobody else is going to put it right for you nobody but me is going to change my story ♪ ♪ sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty ♪ ♪ whoa never pretend you'll get
8:52 am
the best of me never again will she take away my freedom and we won't forget the day we fought ♪ ♪ never forget never forget ♪ never again will the choky door slam never again will i be bullied and never again will i doubt it when my mumny says i'm a miracle ♪ ♪ never again we are revolting children living in revolting times ♪ ♪ we sing revolting songs using revolting rhymes ♪ ♪ we'll be revolting children till our revolting's done ♪ ♪ participate at the same time we are revolting children ♪
8:53 am
♪ we can s-p-l how we like if enough of us are wrong ♪ ♪ r-e-v-o-l-t-i-n we're singing using we'll be revolting ♪ ♪ we're revolting ♪ whoa never again will she get the best of me ♪ ♪ never again ♪ revolting
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a big thanks to the cast of "matilda." have a great day, everyone.
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>> breaking news from livermore with major backups on westbound 580 after a fatal rollover accident. leyla gulen? >> this is sky 7 over the accident at airway. all chains have stopped. this is because of a double fatality that occurred here. you can take highway -- no, patterson pass as as an an not. >> now, the heat advisory is not on the coast, with hottest temperatures from 1:00 o'clock until 9:00 and the car can get up to 130 degrees today. there are record highs possible
9:00 am
where the asterisks are with announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the film "iron man 3," academy award winning actor sir ben kingsley. and we'll meet our next top teacher finalist from texas. plus, "dancing with the stars" do thedy dick and sharna rumba in our studio. all next on the emmy-award winning "live!" [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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