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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 4, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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that does it for us here at 5:00. tonight the race is on. the wild fires in the west. tripling in size in just 24 hours, 4,000 homes threatened. we're on the front lines. plus ginger zee on the sudden change. will it bring any help? look at this. the before and after. does this home hold the secret why so many homeowners this time will have a home to turn to. >> what's being revealed by the death certificate tonight? was it more than the bullets that killed the older brother? a new outrage in the community where they plan to bury him. >> he just bombed us and we're taking care of him. it's not fair. >> the disturbing very about to be captured on this dash cam video. police trailing this car in an american town when suddenly a man jumps out and unleashes extraordinary fire power. how did the two officers survive this?
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dear mother, the letter tonight revealing even a president's mom can meddle. >> what rose kennedy did that left jfk to ask, next time, let me know first? >> good evening. it's great to have you with us on a saturday night. we begin with that explosive and very early start to this year's fire season. you can see it here right behind me over my shoulder. homeowners are watching as the flames approach including this man standing on his rooftop. thousands of homes in the danger zone tonight. an army of firefighters on the battle lines wrestling to get the worst of it under control. you can see the smoke from space, the satellite image shows the smoke blown out to sea. in a moment a big change in the weather system. ginger zee is standing by but first
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clayton sandell in the fire zone for us tonight. >> reporter: after a terrifying couple of days battling a monster blaze, today firefighters are cautiously breathing easier. >> to have a fire burn more than 28,000 acres in a short amount of time in may is something we don't see very often in california. today the relief in the weather is relief for firefighters. >> reporter: remarkably no homes have been lost despite fire coming right up to some back doors. the fire captain says it's not just chance. >> you see a metal door. exterior. >> reporter: he says some homes are built to survive. >> there are no openings that would allow hot embers to come through. we have a tile roof, excellent protection. >> roofs made out of wood shingles make firefighters cringe like the only one lost in california. overall homes in california are becoming more fireproof.
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since 2010 new houses must have sprinklers. >> firefighters count on something called defensible space, an area around a home that is clear of brush. it helped save this home last year in washington state. >> i don't know what this was. an rv i guess. >> reporter: it's not a guarantee. firefighter bill thomas took us to where, despite plenty of defensible space these were untouched. these were not. >> you try to predict fire behavior but it is by nature unpredictable. >> reporter: the winds are starting to pick up here again. it's the potential for flare-ups that have firefighters worried and still 200 homes evacuated. officials tell me that by tonight some people may be able to go back home tonight but only if it's completely safe. >> clayton, thank you. driving those fires right in the beginning the santa ana
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winds. just listen to this. this was something this week, that moment when a firefighter could barely stand against it all. tonight a change in the weather and ginger zee is here tracking it. hopefully this will help. >> yes. santa anas are powerful. we wanted to show you what happened this week. the arab sinks, compresses, warms up and dries. that's about to change. >> and tonight the system is moving in. >> right. remember, this is a sea breeze that comes on. that low coming on shore changes and shifts the winds from the other direction. temperatures drop, rain showers. that's right. rain showers start tomorrow into monday. >> ginger zee here at the desk. thank you. we turn overseas to afghanistan where we cannot forget our u.s. troops. we learn of two separate attacks. seven american troops killed, 19
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this weeks, days after that dramatic video of an american plane coming down at bag ram air field. >> reporter: the first attack was in kandahar, birthplace of the taliban. five americans riding in an armored vehicle hit by a roadside bomb. later, in western afghanistan, an insider attack. an afghan solider recruited to fight the taliban instead turned his gun on two americans, killing them both. this is now the deadliest week of the year for americans. on friday, a refueling plane on its way into the country from neighboring kyrgyzstan crashed, killing all three americans on board. and on monday, these horrifying moments. this civilian cargo plane had just taken off from bagram air field. the plane stalls in midair, then drops straight into the ground. all seven american crew members on board never stood a chance, and died instantly. david, today's attacks come as the taliban annual fighting season is less than a week old,
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raising concerns that this summer could be the deadliest one yet. overnight we learned of an air strike in syria as president obama debates whether or not the u.s. should get involved in syria and if so, how. alex marquardt is in jerusalem for us. >> reporter: good evening. david. this as president obama struggles to deal with the syrian crises. israeli officials said the target is sophisticated game change missiles headed for hezbollah. this is israel second air strike this year. israel said it would do anything to prevent chemical weapons from falling into the hands of enemies which could harm american interests. syrian forces have stepped up their operations and made gains across the country. opposition activists accused them of carrying out massacres over the past two days and left more than 100 people dead.
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in a display of confidence the president visited damascus university. he was greeted enthusiastically by a huge crowd of students. that was his second public appearance in the past week. >> alex, thank you. back here at home and to new developments in the case of the alleged boston bombers. tonight the death certificate for the older brother revealing it was more than bullets that killed him. plus growing outrage in the town where the suspect could be buried. all as we learn about the suspect's wife. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: abc news has learned al qaeda's inspire magazine and other material was found on the laptop belonging to tamarlan's widow but investigators believe her husband downloaded them and used the magazine as a bomb-making manuel. the death certificate reveals how tamarlan died after a fire fight with police.
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gunshot wounds and blunt trauma to the head and torso. authorities believe he was run over by the car driven by his brother. cemeteries in three states, massachusetts, new jersey and connecticut have refused to take his body. a funeral home in worcester, massachusetts has the body but locals are demanding the body be moved. >> he just bombed us and we are taking care of him. it's not fair. >> reporter: for the funeral director, the decision was simple. >> the person is dead. i can't control what he dead. i'm burying a dead body. that's all it is. >> reporter: investigators tell us it's not clear if tamarlan's widow knew about the magazine on her computer, but they do want to know about a phone conversation she and her husband had just days after that bombing. now to a disturbing traffic stop caught on tape in a small ohio town. two police officers pulling a driver over when suddenly he
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pulls out an ak-47. they do survive this but it's difficult to watch. here's abc john schriffen. >> reporter: it started as a routine traffic stop in rural ohio. >> what's your location? >> reporter: without warning the driver flings the door open and starts blasting away. it all happened last march, but police have only now released this dash cam video. in it, james gilkerson unloaded 33 rounds from an ak-47 assault rifle. take another look before the shoot-out erupted. you can hear how surprised the two officers were, one letting out a scream. >> whoa! >> reporter: that officer, erin thomas, was outside the car at the time while her partner was inside. both were injured but managed to take cover and return fire, hitting the 42-year-old who can be heard on the tape saying "kill me." you can see after he's shot he fires up a few more bullets
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before he dies. authorities don't know why he went on the rampage but found inside his car more ammunition, a ski mask and instructional dvds and books on how to make explosives. both officers surviving that. we turn to the nra convention in houston where on stage speaker after speaker applauding what they have been able to accomplish in washington keeping lawmakers from doing anything about guns. reena ninan at the white house tonight. >> reporter: they may have won the first round against the white house. >> the senate vote less than two weeks ago is significant. >> reporter: nra leaders sounded more like generals preparing for war. >> we must never confuse winning a battle with winning the war. >> reporter: with nra members ready to fight gun control. the powerful images of the innocent faces of tragedy, not
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enough to beat the nra. >> this president flies grieving parents on air force one, making them backdrops. >> reporter: todayed nra showcased its youngest member, a 3-year-old. one suggests barring a move from the nra's play book. >> organize as the nra does and make it a voting issue. >> reporter: the families refusing to give up, confronting nra members head-on today. >> really in the past ten years there have been 2 million gun sales stopped because of background checks. >> if kids want cigarettes they're going to find them and if criminals want guns they're going to find them. >> reporter: the white house will continue to prush congress and exploring what action the president may be able to do on his own without congressional approval. now to american jobs tonight. many today predicting more hiring in the months ahead, companies that had been careful not to spend cash now more confident after the new jobs numbers. 165,000 jobs were added last month, the unemployment rate
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dropping down to 7.5%, the lowest in five years. it sent stocks soaring. it went past the 15,000 mark for the first time. how are american jobs being created? in mexico. shoppers south of the border growing hungrier for anything made with an american label. we are just back from mexico and beginning monday the "made in america" team returning as the cars arrive from that train from michigan. we inspect them right there with the troops and head to a supermarket. mexican families look for made in america labels. look how many they found. what's selling most and how can other american companies get in on it to create jobs back here? we'll show you how you can create jobs back here at home monday on "made in america." in the meantime to the plane landing making news tonight. the cutting edge plane with a wing span of a 787 and yet it needs no fuel. >> reporter: the world's most advanced solar powered plane, no fuel needed taking off from san
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francisco to phoenix, the first leg as it travels across the country, flying over the golden gate bridge. it has a wing span of a 747, weight of a mid-size car, enough energy for four engines and four large propellers that keep it cruising at 29 miles per hour. room for one, the swiss pilot who is also the co-creator. >> trying to do this but on solar power with no fuel with the first airplane able to fly day and night on solar power. >> the team on the ground waiting for him and that picture perfect landing in phoenix. dallas, washington d.c. and new york city all next. >> stunning images from the sky. fast food wars, our correspondent on the hunt for the dollar meals tonight. we ask how do they make any money from meals sold for 99 cents.
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with the price of everything going up weekly, consumers are catching a break at fa f >> we turn to those fast food wars. are they making money and if so how, and how are they luring customers in? >> reporter: get ready to run for the border. taco bell says it's about to roll out its dollar cravings menu nationwide. taco and nachos for a buck. it joins fast food rivals locked in a fierce battle for our dollar. you can get a mcdouble, wendy's chicken nuggets or a b.k. junior whopper for a buck. >> the restaurant sector is tough right now and competing
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vigorously against one another. >> reporter: how can they afford to sell food for so little? they use mega deals to get us through the door and hoping we'll buy pricier items. >> they're hoping for more customers that will trade up to other items. >> it's a gamble that franchise owners don't always want to make but it's worked well in the past. boost is sales of the big chains. it's not just fast food chains doing it. >> new buy one take one. >> after finishing your bottomless salad, bread sticks and entree at olive garden, your server will send you home with a whole new meal from the buy one take one menu. >> it's great. for the next week or so. >> reporter: there is a real flip side to all this. doctors say those deals drive many to eat more fast food and the leading experts that we talked to told us that the dollar items are often unhealthy. the foods are linked with obesity and diabetes.
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you're a nice lady. now to our "instant index" on a saturday night. what's trending this weekend. we start with proof that even the most powerful man on the planet can be embarrassed by his mom. this letter on display in the jfk library written by the president to his mother rose chastising her for asking for an autographed photo. the president saying check with me before talking to heads of state. she replies, when i ask for castro's autograph, i'll let you know in advance. caught on tape a video going viral. a man in georgia confronting a woman who just backed into his wife's suv. he jumps on the hood of the car. she takes off at high speeds nearly two miles before he's able to hop off the car at a red light. tonight we're told police are still looking for the woman driving that car.
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great news. more help for the victims in boston. the a list of performers for a special concert benefiting the families of boston. aerosmith,new kids on the block, carole king, jason aldean set for may 30. boston deserves it. orb winning the kentucky derby. many had a hunch. orb was a six to one favor by race time. the length some people will go to pamper their pets giving new meaning to the term spoiled rotten. we want you to weigh in. how far is too far when we come back. so we could be a better, safer energy company. i've been with bp for 24 years. i was part of the team that helped deliver on our commitments to the gulf - and i can tell you, safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge safety equipment and technology,
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. finally here tonight, living the charmed life, the member of the family getting the most attention, the family pet. some pet owners taking this to the extreme. here's abc's rob nelson.
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>> reporter: pigs who enjoy days at the spa. >> it's a piggy facial. >> ferrets treated like royalty. a dog whose dentist makes house calls. these pets give new meaning to spoiled rotten. >> she's my daughter so i don't mind doing whatever it takes to make her happy. >> reporter: this new jersey couple threw her dog, sophia, a bark mitzvah. from a specially chosen gown to the flowers she picked herself, her bark mitzvah was quite the affair. >> i thought i was the biggest spoiler of pets of all time, but i learned very quickly that we are very small on the totem pole. >> beth stern, wife of shock jock howard stern, is the host of spoiled rotten pets, a new show on nat geo wild. think of it as life-styles of the rich and famous for the four legged.
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yes, there on the couch with us is hank, a pot bellied pig. >> it was a dream job to spend time to people who love their pets so much. >> reporter: the love doesn't stop there. when these two dogs chico and fiona fell head over tails for each other, their owners had a lavish wedding complete with a custom made dress and a bridal party. >> you may lick your bride. >> no word where they're traveling on their honeymoon. "good morning america" first thing in the morning. spoiled rotten pets on the nat geo wild channel. i hope to see you back here tomorrow night. from all of us at abc news, have a good evening. good night.
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>> breaking news. a two-alarm fire in san ramown. >> flames shooting into the air in southern california. we'll tell you what is fueling this blaze. >> a search for the killer of an eight-year-old girl ramps um. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. we begin with this breaking news out of san ramon. this where is firefighters are on the scene of two-alarm fire. it broke out at 4:30 this afternoon. neighboring homes have been evacuated because the fire could spread to neighboring houses. >> a grass fire in napa came dangerously close to homes this afternoon. tomas roman is live in napa with
6:00 pm
the details. >> so far the cause of this fire is unknown but started at 1:00 right behind the homes down the hill, and quickly caused alarm for some local home owners. >> the quick response by more than two dozen firefighters from calfire and the napa fire department. there was a red-flag warning because of high temperatures and dry conditions. the fire quickly fed on the grass and headed towards expensive homes. wally says he had no idea a fire was fast approaching his home. >> i turned around and see smoke and then you can see the flames. >> what did you do? >> had to get the dog. reporter: by the time he tried to get things out of his house, he heard signs and realized the fire department were already on scene. they managed to bring the fire under control and out in less than an hour. back here


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