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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 8, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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and the owner of a deli in mckeesport, pennsylvania, whose call to 911 rescued tanya koch, held for ten years. >> it is so important to be vigilant, because there's people like jaycee dugard, me, elizabeth smart, and now these three girls. don't ever give up hope. >> reporter: we are all each other's keepers, and we know it as john walsh, whose own 6-year-old son was taken from him and murdered, and who turned his pain into the crusade that became "america's most wanted" put it last night on "nightline." >> the public want to help, they don't know how to help. they had the guts to help me catch 1,200 bad guys and recover 60 missing children. >> reporter: there are hundreds of thousands of missing children right now. so many, just one glimpse away from rescue. if you see something, say something. because they're the real heroes. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> reporter: fighting for life, for freedom, calling to us. i'm here. >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years.
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and i'm here, i'm free now. >> she's free now. good luck to her and the others. thanks for watching. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. we're online at good night. see you back here tomorrow.
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it is happening in
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oakland. graphic pictures of just how dangerous it can be to protect the public. somebody shot a bullet through a roll door. >> it was just after an hour ago. and minutes later a short distance away from the fire station there was a fatal shooting. and authorities are investigating whether these incidents are related. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. our other top story, the latest in the clevelandtion.hos. >> police want to know if a fourth woman who disappeared in 20ked to is linked to the kidnappings of the three women found alive yesterday. ashley sommers vanished when she was 14 and in the same five-block area where the other women disappeared. >> they worked into the evening hunting for clues in the home where the women had been restrained with chains and tape. investigators expect to start questioning the three suspects tomorrow. brothers ariel, pedro and o'neil castro. they have not yet been charged. >> neighbor charles ramsey helped free the women yesterday and he talked about
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the homeowner, ariel cos strow on anderson cooper's "360" tonight. >> what was he like? >> cool. he wasn't ?o freak of nature. -- he wasn't no freak of nature. he talked about the same things me and you talk about. he talked about you. >> investigators believe one of the suspects fathered a child with victim amanda berry. that girl is now six years old. police say she is doing well tonight. >> berry and gina de jesus has left the hospital and the third victim, michelle knight expected to leave tomorrow. >> jaycee dugard is accepting an uh wrd for the center -- award for the center for missing children. now, her reaction to news of the rescued women. >> call it coincidence, but the police officer who found jaycee dugard was speaking to em fas of missing children -- to families of missing children when the news broke. both have spoke about the
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miracle giving a boost to their efforts. >> what an uh -- amazing time to talk about hope with everything that is happening. >> jaycee dugard believes hope is what kept the three kidnapped victims alive. she leads a foundation that supports families of missing children, and tonight the national center for missing and exploited children honored her with its hope award. >> i want to thank my mom for the hope she has always had for me. >> for 18 years jaycee's mother never gave up while her daughter was being held. just like one of the cleveland victims she was raped and gave birth while this captivity and likewise held in plane sight. now police are facing questions about the handling of missing persons cases. >> it has a lot to do with the inter department mental politics. >> this retired uc berkeley police officer is credited with finding dugard. she wrote her master thesis on
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why police officers ignore their intuition. >> i got a lot of slack for taking the time i did on the jaycee case. a lot of time police departments, not all of them, but a lot of time police departments are not supportive of outside the box thinking. >> both jacobs and due guarded guarded -- dugard stressed the need for more people to be aware and alert. >> and last of all i would like all of us to remember to just ask yourself to care. >> jaycee dugard emphasized the importance of these cleveland women to heal in private. the case reaffirms her belief that many more missing children are still waiting to be found. dan, carolyn? >> alan, thank you. and later this evening "nightline" will look into the suspected it cleveland abductors and the women who broke free" nightline" airs at 12:35. a peninsula legislator plans to introduce a bill that would make limos safer. this following last week's deadly fire.
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limos with fewer than eight people are not required to have fire distinguishers. jerry hill will introduce a bill that would require the fire distinguisher in the passenger compartment of every limo operating in the state. the limo that burst into flames on the san mateo bridge carried nine passengers, one over the legal limit. one of the victims was identified. she lived in alameda. august of the victims and four survivors met at the house on saturday afternoon. her husband says one of their sons was very quiet this morning. >> what is wrong with you?n?wha? mother's day and i don'tng to have a mother. >> he blames the driver for the tragedy saying he was the so-called captain of the ship and was responsible for his passengers. the story continues to move and develop.
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stay with abc7 news for developing updates in the limo fire investigation. you will get complete coverage at and breaking news by following us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. turning our attention to the weather which is taking another turn, let's check in with abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> it has taken a turn toward foggy with low clouds as well. let's check out doppler 7hd and you will see some of the gray skies along the coastline. we also have higher clouds spinning back around from the east. check out the visibility right now. half moon bay where it is foggy. the visibility is down to two miles. this is what you are going to face for the morning commute. as you look at downtown oakland from our high definition emeryville camera it is murky. oakland 57 and san francisco 54 degrees and san jose 58. it is 54 degrees in half moon bay. a cool start to your morning. make sure you grab an extra layer. i will be back with a detailed look at the weather pattern that is going to be changing later this week. dan? >> sandhya, thanks. the city of richmond may
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take on chevron. leaders are trying to decide whether to hire a high powered law official to sue chevron for the massive fire for the richmond john alston is live at city hall with a story you will see only on abc7 news. john? >> dan, city council discussing other matters right now. it could be an hour or more before they decide whether or not to bring a hired gun law official to go after chevron. they are the 800-pound gorilla in town. the refinery caught fire and exploded last august. no workers were killed, but after a cloud of black smoke covered the east bay, 15,000 residents went to local hospitals complaining of health problems. they claim the stigma from the fire will affect property values and quality of life. in a document provided to abc news by the city attorney, richmond says a lawsuit would raise chevron's awareness of widespread harm to the community and the damage they
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inflict when they ignore the repeated safety concerns. it would come compensate the community for the current and on going economic and environmental injuries and it would deter chevron from the similar behavior in the future. >> chevron is not and has not been a good neighbor over this last period. the chemical safety board has documented over the whole period that there were important decisions to be made for safety and chevron chose to ignore them and to move on to keep its profits flowing. >> that was a comment from an earlier discussion when the richmond city council voted to increase safety standards in its industrial safety laws. the council also tonight voted to remove city investments from fossil fuel companies. and that would include pension funds. the issue they have not gotten to is whether or not to hire the lawsuit of the high powered law official that is not unfamiliar with taking on
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the big companies. it represented families suing pg&e in the san bruno explosion and it has taken on bp in the gulf of mexico oil spill. no dollar figure discussed with the richmond case so far and that is of course assuming the city council if it even decides to vote to hire this law official. john alston, abc news. >> thank you. tempers flared about whether bradley manning should be reinstated as the grand marshall of the gay pride parade. manning is the army private facing criminal charges in connection with the wikileaks case and the released of classified documents. the pride parade rescinded manning's selection as one of the grand marshals. he released the paper and he supports manning. >> just before the meeting they put out a statement on facebook saying they definitely made their decision and the idea that this is an
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open meeting to reconsider what was clearly a mistaken -- a very bad mistake they made was closed. >> police helped keep the peace tonight and parade organizers postponed the meeting. it will be moved to a bigger venue for safety reasons. a pedestrian is in hospital in critical condition after being hit by a car in berkeley. police tell us it happened about 8:30 in a crosswalk at university avenue and 10th street. university is closed at 9th. the driver is cooperating with police in the investigation. tomorrow morning cal trans is expected to announce if the eastern span of the bay bridge will open as scheduled on september 3rd. they are also expected to reveal what it is going to cost to fix the steel bolts that snapped and what caused them to break to begin with. we will bring you complete coverage on abc7 news. well, communities left at risk, perhaps yours? why so many are leaving their
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posts. vic lee explains where they are all going. >> and we need cops to stop this kind of crime. the door knock burglaries and the community that is fighting back to protect their homes. >> and a red carpet appearance. what film partners george
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many bay area communities are losing their police officers , and the city of san francisco is reaping the benefit of the exodus. it has become a magnet for cops from all over. vic lee explains why. >> present arms. >> reporter: these recruits graduate fretted san francisco police academy last friday after 31 weeks of classes here. >> on behalf of the 234th recruit class, we would like to pass on the colors of the academy. >> they gave their flag to the newest class of recruits. but they won't be hitting the for some tim for some time. he runs the police academy. >> between the 31-week academy and 16 weeks of field training
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and probation, we are looking at toward a year before we have an officer really functioning in our community. >> the department is short about 200 officers from the staffing level of 1,971 mandated by the city charter. these new recruits will help fill the gap down the road. to help in the short-term the department is relying on another set of recruits. the 236th class. experienced veterans who are on the fast track. >> we are privileged to have the 236th lateral class starting with us and come together police department with years of experience. >> captain lazar is referring to this group of recruits. 23 officers dubbed laterals. those who transferred from other police departments. their academy training is only eight weeks. and after a brief 10 weeks of field training they will hit the streets. the sfpd has been flooded with applications from experienced
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cops. many of them from cities with troubled departments like oakland and san jose. gary is president of the san francisco police officers' association. >> in san jose constantly pay cuts and a new pension that knocked them to like a 65% maximum. because of the absolutely chaotic political situation in oakland, we are seeing a lot of police officers trying to transfer into our department to get out of that very unstable situation over there. >> in this class alone there are four former officers from oakland. the one the police department allowed us to speak with is a sergeant with 25 years experience in the opd. 48-year-old rick andriot says he was looking forward to becoming a cop here. >> i wanted to end my career ity i greww up in. and the san francisco police department has a worldwide reputation. >> san francisco is an attractive refuge.
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>> we have what is viewed as a stable police department where you don't have to worry about being laid off. >> just as attractive, starting pay is $88,000 a year and in five years the recruits will earn $115,000. police here retire at 90% of their salary. vic lee, abc7 news. new at 11:00, people packed a town hall meeting in san carlos where the topic was burglaries. there has been a rise in break ins across the bay area. people received advice on crime prevention and neighborhood watch programs. police say the nacogdoches burglary -- the no -- knock-knock burglaries are common. a woman knocks to see if anybody is home. they tried to break into the house, but was spooked. here is the woman who went to the front door and was knocking. >> all too common. let's check our forecast right now. >> sandhya patel with
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a good looking forecast. >> it is looking good indeed. we will temporarily see a little extra cloud cover and st as forecast as we head to the end of the workweek. we are seeing not only low clouds and fog at the coast, but high clouds up above as well. and we are watching for the potential for some drizzle. check out the time lapse from our camera. this was from this evening. you can see thearine air surging in over sausalito and richardson bay. and this is what has resulted in the sky you are looking at from our explore for yum camera looking toward downtown san francisco and out toward the ferry building. you can see the overcast skies right now. the temperatures are 54 in santa rosa and 58 in livermore. in union city it is 57 degrees. here are the highlights. we are looking at low clouds and fog and patchy drizzle overnight tonight. the clouds will linger the next two days and then it will turn sunnier and warmer this weekend as we head into
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mother's day weekend. satellite-radar showing the low pressure that brought the showers and the thunderstorms and shifting off to the east. but the moisture continues to wrap around the area of low pressure with the counter clockwise rotation. we will continue to see the cloud cover and also still a possibility of a few sprinkles going into wednesday. so over night tonight watch out for poor visibility due to the fog. mostly cloudy for your afternoon. a chance of a few sprinkles and the best possibility is in the north bay. in the morning as i mentioned you may actually encounter some damp roadways due to spotty drizzle. certainly fog out there is dropping the visibility. watch out. you will need the extra layer in the morning. make sure the kids have a jacket or sweater. upper 40s to mid50s. it will be a cool start across the bay area. and then as we head into the afternoon hours, it is looking good for the giants-phillies game at at&t park. it will be partly sunny and 58 degrees a the 12:45. it is a day game. by 3:30 we are looking at temperatures in the low 60s. here are the high temperatures for the rest of the bay area.
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71 in san jose and 70 for santa cruz in the south bay. 69 sunnyvale. you are going to see a partly cloudy sky on the peninsula. 70 redwood city, mountain view. coastal areas will hang on to some of the low cloudiness. we'll keep you cooler than today. 62 in half moon bay and downtown san francisco, 64 dries. this is where you will see the best chance of a few sprung el cs. -- sprinkles. 69 in santa rosa and 68 in san rafael. upper 60s oakland, san leandro and fremont, 69. and temperatures close to where you should be for this time of year, perhaps a little bit lower. 72 livermore. 70 in concord. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. it features the temperatures going down at the coast with that fog. the mid50s by thursday. along the coast low 70s innd la. inland. we will start to see a rebound and we will warm up to the low 60s along the weekend and mid80s inland and mother's day is looking fantastic.
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a little dip on monday. the temperatures come back up on tuesday. carolyn, dan? >> thank you, sandhya. a big teal party as the sharks make history. >> larry beil is here with sports. good action finally. >> and a come back victory. the sharks have patented these in the series. they win it in overtime. we'll show you the penalty
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good evening. the san jose sharks brought out their brooms tonight sweeping vancouver. the canucks were complaining all series about the sharks getting all of the benefit of the calls. it happened again with a give power play in overtie. picking it up with the sharks up 1-0. look at this scary hit on brad stewart. crushed against the boards. he hits him in the head and stewart was out on his feet. somehow he was able to return. roy gets two minutes. sharks take advantage on the power play. 2-1 sharks and as caroline might say, it is a big teal party up in here. canucks power play and to alex burrows and we are tied at 2. great passing. burrows centering to edler for
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the one timer. the canucks lead it 3-2. four and a half minutes left and the sharks get a power play and little joe on the rebound. we are tied at 3. on t. here is the hit and he fell into the boards. the call was boarding. that's a gift. he didn't crush him against the boards. he happened to land there. seconds later and thorton the shot and marlow erase itself and pokes it home. series over. 4-3 final as the sharks sweep and they advance to the second round. >> i was yelling for him to shoot it. i don't know if he heard me, but it was a great play by him getting enough of that. just laying there on the side of the net and was able to bat it home. >> it was special and a well deserved win. >> moving to baseball. after sweeping the dodgers the giants are in danger of being swept by the phillies. timmy time, not a good time tonight. starting in the cove. these two guys are hilarious.
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we don't have any video for the giants which is tragic. let's see if we have the a's. can we go to the a's? if we have pictures of that it would be better with me describing the a's. we scramble to cue up the giants highlights. malone had some run support in his last few starts. one run in this latest game. nice catch by johann. he went 7 and two-thirds and the indians win it 1-0. as promised, the giants in the cove and steven and tyler are chasing a foul ball. stroke, stroke. pull up the anchor. come on, tyler. i got it. nice, nice. i'm exhausted just watching them. down the left field line and driving in brandon crawford.
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the giants trail 3-2. here it comes and there it goes. chase utley and this is way out. he is 3 for five and ryan howard went deep. lynn succumb went seven innings and allowed five runs. the phillies win it 6-2 and the giants have now lost two in a row heading to the series finale tomorrow afternoon. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. one note on the sharks. they will have a few days off before they find out who they play in round two. other series are on going. >> nice performance by the sharks. >> the men in teal. >> a teal party. >> up next, harrison ford, george lucas hanging out together in san francisco. >> but why?
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here is a look at your wake up weather. low clouds, patchy fog and drizzle. 40s and 50s and mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the drizzle and fog. carolyn, dan? >> thank you very much. new at 11:00, heavy-hitting stars of hollywood are in san francisco. >> actor harrison ford and producer george lucas who each have a hand in changing film forever in ""star wars"" uh -- attended the film festival. >> ford received the top award
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for excellence in acting. >> he was excellent in that movie. >> that's our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i' of
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mexico city where rescuers are working through the night to find victims of a horrific truck crash and fire. looked like a scene from "dante's inferno." the truck hit a center divider and exploded on the highway. the stretch of road lined by homes. 22 people were killed.
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nearly three dozen injured. queen elizabeth set to miss a big meeting of former british colonies. she is going to sit out what she calls commonwealth meeting which will take place mid november. elizabeth is 87. skipping the get together seen as the effort to reduce long-range travel. last time she missed the commonwealth meeting was 1971. 87, she could ratchet it down. >> okay to miss one or two meetings. >> i think so. now, to a story that had plenty of people buzzing in the dorchester neighborhood of boston. that is buzzing because of the amount of bees found out hanging out on the back of a yellow car. >> brave people got closer. one guy brought bee repellant. used it. a bad idea. unfortunately didn't work very well. >> i sprayed the whole back of the trunk. and i sprayed, and in my crib too, right there. sprayed there, the floor, the air. >> these are nonaggressive honey bees. they are homeless. they are full.
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just ate a lot of honey. they need a police to go. they need a home. >> the beekeeper he knows. reassuring word there. even so when the bees were brushed off into a box. the crowd watching was not taking any chances. no one was hurt. out of all the jobs in the world don't think you could pay me enough to be a beekeeper. scary. >> when he says his crib, his home or baby's crib? >> i think he is talking about the styling crib, y'all. what do you think? >> i think so too. okay. coming up, the sound of the stress that tunes men out while women tune in. coming of in the mix. hometown heroes that showed off their best when conditions are the worst. the salute after hurricane sandy. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lunesta. yield to restful sleep, where sleepless nights
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