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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> we follow breaking news in the east bay. >> cruise on the scene of a pirate a landmark. abc7 news amy hollyfield has the latest in oakland on the fire. >> right now, firefighters are watching it very carefully. they pulling stuff from their there could possibly spark another fire, anything that caught their attention, watching for hotspots and watching the merritt bakery. this icon did not bun and is still standing and caught fire at 2:45. firefighters got here and it was
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burning inside on the first and second floors. they were able to save the merritt bakery and got the fire out in 30 minutes. they say this place, believe it or not, has had fire before. >> a high volume place and has a lot of activity as far as cook ing so if the place is here long enough, and it has been here since the 60's, maybe longer than that, and you are in business for over 50 years you will have a fire or two. >> longer than that, since 1952, 61 years here on east 18th street in oakland. it has survived ownership changes and money problems, the city has had to step in to keep it a float a few years ago but it is still standing with smoke and water damage inside. the merritt bakery is still here. the owner has not arrived and we have not heard the plans going
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forward with employees just got here and he has worked here if 35 years. firefighters do not know what caused the fire. >> thank you, it is 5:02. a different situation with our weather this morning. >> just a little bit of drizzle, not enough to activate the windshield wipers. >> no one here has used them so far. that is the good news. a little damp. we do not have organized areas of wet weather showing how dry it is. if you look at the visibility, most is around ten miles per hour, and in santa rosa eight and three at half moon bay so not much in the way of fog. cloudy conditions today and that means without the sunshine it will be cooler. 68 to 72 inland and 63 from san francisco to 71 in san jose and around the bay and low 60's at the coast. time if a check of traffic.
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any traveling in cupertino along 280, away from 17, you do not have too much company out there but we do have good news, in burlingame, so you are going to be headed in this area, rather, brisbane, bay shore boulevard, this is are we had an evercontinued big rig in an embankment and that cheered. to the south in palo alto, we have a report of a crash northbound 101 at organize expressway and no word if it is blocking any lane. a check of the drive time traffic, we have a drive into dublin and the 80 coming down from highway 4 to the maze is 13 minutes. >> new this morning, the parents of the bride killed in the horrifying limousine fire on the san mateo bridge are speaking for the first time since the tragedy. the parents neriza fojas did an interview on philippine tv and said it is very hard to accept
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what happened. bride pride was scheduled to return next month and get married there. she had been married in a civil ceremony in the state and was celebrating with friends the night of the accident. the father says he last talked to his daughter on friday through skype and she showed them the gift she bought her mother for mother's day. >> 43-year-old filomina is identified as the 5th woman killed. all five victims and four survivors met at the house on saturday afternoon for leave in the limousine for a bridal shower. her husband said one of the sons was very quiet yesterday. >> what is wrong with you? what is going on? he told me, it is going to be mother's day and i don't have a mother. it's...not feeling good. >> he blamed the driver for the tragedy saying he was the captain of the ship and responsible for his passengers.
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>> doctors have upgraded the conditions of two of the people who survived the fire. amalia loyola and jasmine desguia were taken to santa clara valley medical center in critical condition and they have improved to "fair" condition. the highway patrol identified the officer who stopped to help while the limousine was on fire, the sergeant is being called a hero, the c.h.p. says morris is not prepared to talk about what happened that night and says the focus should remain on the investigation. stay with abc7 news for a developing update in the limousine fire investigation with complete coverage at and breaking news by following us on twitter@abcnews bay area. >> in cleveland, new details are emerging why police were called twice to the home where three kidnapped women were held for a decade but did not find them. the women finally escaped on their own without police help. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more. >> police say they went to the
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house in 2,000 and 2004, first because a suspect called them, to report a street fight, and the second was related to the job as a school bus driver and we learn all three women may have been regulate at some point during their alleged captivity. the abc7 news affiliate in cleveland quoting a police source says there were at least five pregnancies inside the house and that one of the women had two to three miscarriages because she was malnourish the. we do know a child was born to amanda berry and the six-year-old girl in this picture is her daughter. a neighbor says that the suspect ariel castro often had a little girl with him who called him "dad." this morning, the three girls and the child are in secure locations with their families. michelle knight is in the hospital but it is not due to injuries. she should be released today. the women are free and safety because she escaped and called 9-1-1 on monday night.
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a neighbor said if he knew what was happening it would have ended differently. >> if we would have known you would never have gotten the call, the coroner would be putting a white sheet over someone. >> the associated press reports that the suspect, ariel castro, actually helped in the search for jesus jesus and played music at a fundraiser for the girl and comforted her mother. castro and the brothers have not been charged yet. a judge gave police an extension in order to do that, and the investigator say they will be interpret the men today. >> it is 5:07. in the east bay police in pleasanton are looking for a bank robber with a robbery happening yesterday morning at a chase branch. these are surveillance foe thoses much the suspect, african-american define 35 and 43 standing between 5' 10" and
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6' talked. he has a mustache and walked away after the robbery. >> neighbors in san car close -- san carlos will work with police to stop the rise in burglaries. the spike is troubling. one caught on camera a woman with a child knocked on the door to see if anyone was home and accomplices tried to break in. people received advise on crime prevention and neighborhood watch programs at the meeting last night. >> a c.h.p. officer is going to be honored tonight for saving the life of a man who jumped off the golden gate bridge. he saved hip. sergeant briggs will be reunited with the california man who went to the bridge to kill himself in 2008. he spent appear hour gently coaxing the man east lidge and that is the last time the two saw each other. tonight, he will get a chance to say "thank you." the american foundation for
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suicide prevention is honoring sergeant briggs at an event in new york. >> the warriors will try to rebound from monday night's heartbreaking loss in san antonio when they take on the spurs in the western conference semis and they practiced in san antonio preparing for game two after blowing out a 16-point lead against the spurs and lost game in doubling overtime on a last-second three-pointer. jackson says the warriors were the better team for most of the game and wants the players to focus on doing better. it would not hurt to develop the killer instinct. >> how are you feeling about the game? >> how am i feeling? it is quite an expense. >> now we will check with mike nicco, weather-wise looking at pictures. >> clouds this morning, good morning, everyone, that is not stopping the tree and grass pollen again so if you are
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sneezing that is why. the toll plaza toward the east bay hills you can see the slow clouds hanging around and drizzle from time to time, but most of us have not used our windshield wipers and did not find slick streets. it is damp. 52 to 58 is the temperature. at noon we will have sun developing in the east bay valley and santa clara valley. by 4:00, our day planner, 59 to 69 from coast to inland and grab a jacket, it will be cool this evening in the upper 50's to mid-60's. from the exploritorium to the bay bridge, port of oakland, you can see the slow clouds and the next three days, tomorrow we will see the air mass will be cool. by friday, we will start to modify it, and temperatures back to average and saturday and mother's day, on sunday, temperatures are warmer-than-average, away from the coast. have a great day and now an update on the commute.
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>> good morning, the drive through berkeley to the maze is moving swiftly out there and we are starting to see a few extra folks making the drive to the maze, the eastbound 80, the drive coming away from 580 is looking clear and we have construction projects into the east bay and along highway 4th leverage on-ramp is blocked until 6:00 a.m. and you can use leland to railroad avenue to get by but look at the westbound traffic it is building and 31 miles per hour and northbound 101 at o.j. express way, in word yet if it is blocking any lanes. >> it is 5:11. >> i don't he if this means we will be working until we are 80 but 80 is the new 65 when it comes to retirement. >> the bloomberg business report is coming up next. >> the labels are everywhere, a big change that governor brown wants to make to california chemical warning law. >> if you have nod made a sandwich yourself in a while, we
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the san francisco board of supervisors agreed to a settlement with the cell phone industry group after a federal appeals group ruled against the right to know law. the deal ends the legal battle with service providers over the 2010 which was on hold requiring
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all cell phone merchants to distribute radiation warning materials with the phones they sell. the wire lot organization said it affected the first amendment right not to have the government force them to endorse a controversial or false message. >> governor brown today is call on the state legislature to change the law requiring warning labels on anything containing chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects. the labels are required by proposition 65 and the governor considers the law a resounding success but wants to do away with some of the frivolous lawsuits filed in connection with it. the toxins allowed that cause harm to protect women and babies is a thousand times below what is considered safe and he wants that change to 100 times below 679 the governor wants to cap attorney fees and raise the burden of proof required before claiming can be filed. >> mountain view resident could get a new park after the city council voted to buy a piece of land for $3 million which is
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locateed on -- near the old middlefield way and the owner is selling the property to the city rather than to a developer in hopes the city will town it into a park. the council plans to hold public hearings to decide what exactly to do with the open space. >> a new report suggests that some childrens are soaking poor students and funneling aid to the rich. here is jane king with the bloomburg business report. >> low income college students could be surprised at tuition breaks wealthy kids are getting. a report says colleges like george washington are using aid to lure talented students from wealthy families and forcing some families that make less than $30,000 to pay more than $15,000 a year with loans. not all schools do this. the report praises amhearst for charging little or nothing. and disney posting a 32 percent
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jump in quarterly profit a month visited florida and california attractions. >> how long do you need to work's you can retire? northwestern mutual says that 42 percent of those survey say they expect to work until they are at least 70, with some expecting to work into their 80's. >> if you have not made yourself a sandwich in a while you are not alone, seems of sandwiches at restaurants are up almost 5 percent yet we are eating the same amount so that means a lot fewer of us are making our own sandwiches and buying them someplace else. you know without are. half the sand wins eaten were bought at restaurants and the sandwich industry is valued at $28 billion. >> why is no one making their own sandwich? >> because someone else can make it for you. >> that is a lot of money.
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>> i don't know about making sandwiches but jacket wise for the kids, you need it because it is cool. >> temperatures are in the 50's. but it is spotty. by the afternoon, you will probably get rid the coat but you will need it in the evening. we will have warm weather today. the clouds are going to be more stubborn. tracking one shower on live doppler 7 hd and that going to be sliding toward, possibly, present wood the next half hour. that is about it as far as any real organized wet weather. we will talk about what will happen looking downtown oakland with stubborn clouds and cool we conditions and cloudy and cool tonight and warmer weather coming for mother's day week, a great weekend for picnic and take mom to the park will. we had add tradition of picking state of the union barrys on mother's day.
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ferry building and mission district, 42, and 50 in forest hills and 52 at ocean beach. richmond is the same. palo alto and pleasanton, and waldo creek, 55, and 50 in petaluma. everyone has a little bit will off temperature. the broad circulation and wrap around moisture is coming toward us and drizzle is an issue for a few of us and with us wrap around moisture we have the clouds longer today than we had them yesterday. so, temperatures are down in the upper 60's to low 70's in the santa clara valley with san jose and cupertino at 71 and redwood city, too, and low 60's along the coast today, to mid-60's this downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and upper 60's to near 70 in the north bay but the beaches will have low 60's. east bay shore, clouds stick
5:20 am
around, at burley -- berkeley and richmond. today, a day game at at&t park so low sunshine and 58 at 12:45 and warming to 62. the seven-day forecast with more sunshine tomorrow the temperatures are 9 same as today, two to four degrees warmer on friday and nearly six to ten degrees warmer on mother's day. leyla gulen? >> there are no strawberries to pick, the heart of san jose the drive along 101 up to the airport we are looking at cheer conditions and seeing some traffic building in the northbound direction, and those are your headlights and on the map, over to the east bay, it looks like everything is in good order here. and 67 miles per hour long 580, and 880, the nimitz is at 64 miles per hour in san lorenzo.
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northbound 101 at oregan expressway, c.h.p. is on the scene but in word if it is blocking lanes. everything is green. you are in good shape. and a quick look at the mass transit, bart, muni and caltrain -- everything is running on time. >> ahead, five things to know as you start your day. you know i bleed orange and black, right? even giants fans are cheering for an incredible gesture from an l.a. dodgers' star. >> it is the final few damages on "dancing with the stars" and next we will have the latest next we will have the latest celebrity force to g this is $100,000. next we will have the latest celebrity force to g we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door here are five things to know. the breaking news in the east bay, oakland firefighters are watching a landmark bakery and restaurant after an early morning fire that started shortly before 3:00 at the merritt bakery on east 18th. right now firefighters are going through the building making sure that fire doesn't flare-up again. >> number two, an update from caltran expected in a few hours on the bay bridge bolt snafu with officials expected to review how they plan to fix broken bolts and whether it will open as planned. >> abc7abc7 news reporter cornel bernard will talk about that up ahead. >> republicans insist obama administration has been covering
5:25 am
up information about the benghazi attack that killed the ambassador and three other americans. >> four, developing news from cleveland, a judge has given police more time to file charges against the brothers suspected of kidnapping and holding three women captive for a decade. the castro brothers are in custody and investigators plan to start questioning them today. >> five, beware of the sharks. san jose's hockey team advanced to the western conference semi final after completing the first playoff sweep in franchise history at the tank last night, and the sharks knocked off the canucks 4-3 in overtime and san jose get as break while the other teams battle it out for playoff spot. >> now mike nicco is tracking drizzle this morning. >> looking at the low clouds hanging above the bay beige in the port of oakland from the similar storm camera. the drizzle is not a big issue but i wanted you to know it is out there. no slick streets as i have heard so far. that is good news. it will keep the sunshine away
5:26 am
from us and that is why temperatures are two to seven degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. we do have a little bit of moisture trying to pinwheel its way back to us. if you live closer to the central valley you could get a sprinkle this morning. it is the high country that is going to see the greatest amount of wet weather, tahoe, thunderstorms, yosemite, thunderstorms, and around los angeles and san diego, some showers. >> as we take a look at san mateo bridge, a 12-meant drive to get you out of hayward to foster difficult, and starting to see a little bit of traffic building at this hour. it look like more travel times, the traffic as you head out of antioch to concord, we are almost at half an hour and we are over that on 580, coming arm from tracy to dublin and 13 minutes, still, on westbound 80 to go from highway 4 to the maze. eric and kristen? >> big change ahead for "dancing with the stars" ending and another star is headed home. tv's bachelor was voted off the
5:27 am
show last night lasting for eight weeks. the competition before the boom fell off his rose. he had ups and downs and got the aaa for the quickstep and the rhumba and the five remaining teams battle it out for the finals and the finale will have four couples rather than three. >> selfless gesture by a dodgeers player is viral after the game at at&t park, he autographed a ball for a young fan battling cancer but he also gave the fan his jersey and his shoes, and josh took a picture of the momentoes that he gave him along with the picture and where a note saying "thanks, matt, i will never forget that moment." >> the abc7 news continues with 5:30 with the top stories including a possible toll increase for the golden gate bridge and how were more it could cost you to cross the bay area famous landmark span. >> east bay fire station is hit by gunfire. ahead, the investigation
5:28 am
underway to figure out if this is connected to a nearby deadl
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5:30 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is wednesday at 5:30. thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas. mike neck has the bay area forecast. >> we have the marine layer clouds dropping a light amount of drizzle and it is very sporadic with a lone shower on live doppler 7 hd and it could wrap down to brentwood. otherwise we are talking about clod cover that will be stubborn today. by the afternoon, we will finally be partly cloudy inland 58 to 72 and sunny around the bay, 63 to 71 and clouds at the coast up to 62. at house, how about a check of
5:31 am
traffic? >> you could be able to linger over a second cup of coffee. in san jose, 280, you are in good shape, and the toll lanes, the cash-paying lanes, rather, at the bay bridge toll plaza are building up, but it is still an 8-minute drive over to treasure island, and into san francisco. we do have this construction project in affect until at least 7:00 a.m. this is going to be one-way traffic control in affect along highway one between lost beach and gray whale coffee. >> thank you, in brisbane, crews rescued a big rig driver as the truck went 100' down an embankment before 3:30 this morning on bay shore boulevard. this was no trailer attached to the truck at the time. crews took the driver to the hospital with minor injuries and right new they are working to cheer the truck from the scene. you can see the track. so far, no word on the cause of the trash. >> firefighters are making sure there are though flare-ups after
5:32 am
a tire was put out at a well-known bakery at the merritt bakery started before 3:00. investigators are going through the building now with a picture for you to make sure this is nothing inside that could make it flare-up. >> officials say the bakery has been around since 1952 and there are fires at the location if the past. this is a lot of smoke and water damage in the building but the front is intact and still stands. we have a report from abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield at 6:00. >> commuters will learn the new bay bridge will open as schedule on labor day. caltran will review how it is going to tackle seismic worries after dozens of steel bolts snapped. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is on treasure island with more. >> today we should learn which game man caltran will use to fix those cracked bolts on the new
5:33 am
span of the bay bridge and the big question, will the bridge open labor day weekend as scheduled? early this year it was discovered that more than 30 giant seismic safety bolts snapped after being installed, how to fix the problem is the challenge for the engineer whose narrowed it down to three options involving reinforcing the bolts with a steel saddle, a repair job that will take months and likely cost millions of dollars. the governor broke his silence on the cracked bolt controversy and it appears he is not too worried about it saying, i don't know if it is a set back, look, stuff happens. he used a different words he used a different word for "stiff," and is confident caltran will have a viable solution releasing findings later this morning at a news conference. abc7 news will be there.
5:34 am
>> cornell, thank you. if you drive across the golden gate bridge, listen up. officials are meeting to consider a toll increase. the bridge faces a $29 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year, and the finance committee meets tomorrow. a spokesman says that the toll could go up by 45 to 55 cents. if approved, this word when the toll hike takes effect. the bridge has not raised tolls since 2008 when they increased by a dollar. >> there was a fatal shooting in east oakland where to 2030 round -- 20 do 30 rounds were fired last night at 50th avenue. the victim was driven to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. police and crimestoppers of oakland are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman. >> a fire station about two blocks away from that shooting was hit by bullets. firefighters stationed at engine company 18 on 50th avenue tweeted these pictures around
5:35 am
9:45 last might showing a bullet hole in the front window of the roll door. police is not said if the bullets that hit the fire station are related to the fatal shooting. >> the city of richmond has postponed the decision on weather to take on chevron. the city council was scheduled to decide last night whether to hire a high-powered law firm to sue chevron for the massive fire at the company's refinery in august. no workers were killed but after the cloud of black smoke covered the east bay, 15,000 residents went to million hospitals complaining of health problems. they, oned until 1:30 this morning on other city matters and never took up the issue of whether to hire the law firm. they will take up the issue may 21. >> peninsula lawmaker laps to into dues a bill after the limousine carrying thine passengers burst into flames.
5:36 am
him seeps -- limousines with fewer than eight people are not required to have a fire extinguisher. >> we will introduce a bill next week to require fire extinguishers at a minimum to start out in looking at the industry to require one in the passenger compartment of every limousine that is in the state. >> hill is look at lack of safety inspections for limousines with fewer than ten passengers. we have developing updates on the fire investigation with complete coverage at and breaking news by following us on twitter. >> the city of oakland is now the robbery capital of america. that is according to our media pan, the oakland tribune analyze ing statistics and found more than 4,300 robberies last year the most since 1993 appear acknowledge of 12 robberies a
5:37 am
day. the rate was 36 percent higher than cleveland, the second ranked city. people are preyed upon by criminals who have left the drug trade for a thriving black market in cell phones. >> sutter health says the hospitals will remain open when nurses strike. hundreds of registered nurses announced a one-week strike. it is scheduled to start may 17 and under may 24 at the medical center in berkeley and oakland, and san leandro hospital if antioch. this is the 9th strike since 2011 over wages, benefits, and patient care issues. >> canucks go home and the russias are swimming with fans in a (difficult after the team completed the first-ever playoff sweep beating canucks 4-3 in overtime on a power play goal.
5:38 am
they get a break before beginning the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. still undetermined is in the sharks will play the teams who have won in the past. >> so, looking good? >> fingers crossed. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist has clouds and drizzle. >> and tracking a lone shower moving down 80 and fairfield. we will zoom in on this particular light cell, with height green in there headed to concord and bay point and pittsburgh and antioch, and you may have a few sprinkles, possibly an hour from now as it flies toward you. that is the best chance of organized wet weather, otherwise it is damp as the marine clouds have rolled in. temperatures are in the 50's. at noon, sunshine is not as much of a problem, with temperatures
5:39 am
cooler in the mid-60's. we will hit near 60 at the coast by 4:00 under a mostly cloudy sky and partly sunny at the bay at 65. and temperatures in the 50's and 60's so light jacket for evening. more sunshine and temperatures are the same and cooler on friday and the warmth starts to drive into the forecast for the mother's day holiday week, 80's inland and 70's around the bay and 60's at the coast. now the traffic. leyla gulen? >> i have numbers you will like, here is the drive as you make it into central san rafael to 580, it is looking clear but the numbers are across a few our bridges and if you are headed along the golden gate bridge, a 4-minute drive from sausalito to san francisco, along the 80, the bay bridge, that coming from oakland to san francisco and we are looking at ten minutes to get to the west side and
5:40 am
eastbound between san quentin to richmond we are looking at a 7-minute commute. >> the former south carolina governor who confessed to an argentina lover fair stages a political come back, the election night victory for mark sanford. >> police are called if to keep the peace at a gay pride meeting and organizers of san francisco's pride parade are accused of discrimination. >> meet facebook at the professional business women of california conference on may 23 in san
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:43, a permanent memorial to the victims of the boston marathon bombings is in the planning stages. organizers say it will include items left at a makeshift shrine near the bombing site. many items will be moved to a temporary storage area until a permanent memorial is complete. boston's mayor says where and how the memorial will be is still to be determined. the april 15 blast killed three people and injured more than 260 others. >> a popular north valley arts festival is facing a financial
5:44 am
crunch that could force the summer event to be canceled. the marin art festival is a lawn party for the arts one of the most beautiful arts festivals in the country for 16 years. the producers of the festival are short $50,000 to put on the show this year, money that would go to tents and security and other production costs. organizers say if they cannot raise the cash the june festival could be a no go. >> organizers of gay pride parade postponed a meeting to re-instate a grand marshal, an army private accused of leaking classified documents. tempers flared during a heath over badly manning. police were called in. manning faced criminal charges in connection with the wikileaks case and release of classified documents. the pride parade rescinded manning's selection as a grand marshal saying it was made by a few board members.
5:45 am
the decision to rescind the selection has stirred anger among supporters who showed up in force last night. agoers decided to reschedule the meeting when they find a larger venue. >> delaware is now the 11th state to allow same-sex marriage, signing a law into law minutes after the state senate passed it to the cheers of supporters. the first marriages will be performed after july 1, under the bill exiting civil unions are converted to marriages over the next year. >> developing news in philadelphia, where a truck crash left shortening all over the road. interstate 76 is shut down for several hours after a tractor trailer jackknifed. the trailer broke open and, woulds of crisco fell out making a mess. a tow truck tried to remove the truck this was stuck under a bridge. no word if they used the crisco to get it out.
5:46 am
>> that would be slippery rather than sticky. >> just greece it all up. >> grease the wheels of transportation. >> how is the forecast? >> or fry it. the pie crust. >> you are we doing? >> doing good. are you? >> fine but for the drizzle. >> windshield wipers did not come on, so it is out there and it is damp and the marine layer is back keeping temperatures cooler. here is another look at live doppler 7 hd, still tracking some of the light sprinkles moving influence the central valley and packing their way to us. the east bay valley could get a few sprinkles. it will be cloudy for the better part of the original and then we have clouds open, the sun comes out and we have lost a couple hours so today will be cooler. cloudy and cool tonight and warm for mother's day week. looking down at the ferry building from our camera you can
5:47 am
see the winds are blowing from west to east. what is it doing to the temperatures, direct for 49 in mill valley and mid-50's for palo alto and walnut creek and oakland and san francisco between 53 and 356 degrees. from mount tamalpais above the fray of low clouds you can see the higher clouds off to the west and that is where some of the sprinkles are developing. everyone in the low-to-mid 70's, saab that rose, napa, fairfield, los gatos, and gilroy at 49. so moving on, we will talk about what will happen with the temperatures. in the upper 60's to let 70's in the santa clear valley, possibly hitting 73 for the warm spot. about 70 in redwood city, and 69 in palo alto and machine -- menlo park. mid-60's around downtown and south san francisco and 64 in sausalito and five or six degrees warmther for everyone else in the north bay valley and at the beaches around 60 in
5:48 am
bodega bay and as far as the east bay short line 66 in hayward the cool spot and everyone else in the 60's. up more 60's to low 70's in the east bay valley. to at&t park you can see a day game 12:45, it will be 58 degrees. 62 by 3:30. the temperatures tonight the same, upper 40's in the north bay valley and low-to-mid 50's under mostly cloudy sky. other than sprinkles and the light sure in the east bay valley today is dry and below average and the same on thursday and more sunshine and remain whatth for friday and check out the temperatures on saturday through tuesday: mid-70's to upper 70's and mid-80's around the bay. rather, that would be inland. >> the san jose drive at san jose airport, the flights will be on time, i don't see too many cars northbound direction. 101 away from 880, it is looking
5:49 am
clear with no construction project, look at this, this is the backup on the bay bridge, the cash-paying lanes use make director drive from oakland to the toll plaza it is busy and if you have a fast track we will look at that, you are whizzing by to treasure island, and we do have a couple of things going on in the east bay if you are traveling along 9 nimitz, a lane is blocked at 7th, with some slowing and about 57 miles per hour to 80 and as we take it further inland a look at highway 4, very busy, and crawling at 15 miles per hour out antioch to pittsburg we have one construction project until 7:00 a.m. this morning and it is the on-ramp to eastbound highway 4. >> 5:49. the f.b.i. is asking the white house for more authority to wiretap americans' e-mail and tweets and internet communications saying criminals are turning away from the telephone and increasingly to
5:50 am
e-mail and social media. mueller wants the silicon valley giants like facebook and google to building a says points to make it easier for agents to tap in when they have warrants to put bugs in the system. companies that do not comply could face fines of $25,000 a day. the white house must sign off on the deal before it heads to congress. >> south carolina voters get a second chance to their former governor, mark sanford is going to congress. he won a special election against democrat elizabeth busch the sister of political satire ist steven colbert. he vanished for five days several years ago and said he was hiking but later admitted he went to argentina to see his mistress. he resigned under pressure. >> the good news for housing market continues and homeowners rock a record going back at least 20 years.
5:51 am
>> yes, feeling the force? hollywood comes to the bay area bringing together harrison ford and director george lucas. >> target teams up with a silicon valley giant, could the new partnership lead to
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> big names in hollywood are in san francisco, harrison ford and george lucas were here for the
5:54 am
56th annual san francisco international film festival honored for changing of filmaking forever with "star wars." ford stars in "42" received top award for excellence in acting. >> which movie are they talking about in the festival? >> we will check with mike nicco. there is some drizzle out there and you say a shower was attempting to make it here? >> trying to make it to highway 4. walnut creek right now. allergies with high amount of tree and grass pollen. the system is backing toward us and the best chance of showers is in the sierra, and snow at higher elevation and thunder at lower elevation, 57 in tahoe and upper 70's through low 80's in the central valley. >> so far, the commute is go. outside, here is a look at the
5:55 am
87 coming beyond the julian off-ramp to downtown san jose, a few extra cars but it is looking clear and a check of the oakland drive along northbound nimitz at 7, a report of a crash but so far the traffic is decent with drive time traffic further inland in the east basement. >> a search is underway in san jose for a man caught on camera after robbing a popular shoe store at gunpoint. look at the surveillance video of the suspect at the dsw shoe store, dressed as a construction worker, with a bright yellow vest and white hat. he walked into the dsw and walked to the back office, pulled out a gun and demanded the manager on the safe. the robber got away with a bag of cash. he was last seen driving this car, believed to be a white toyota prius. >> good news for homeowners, fewer people are falling behind on mortgage payments with steady
5:56 am
job growth credited for helping home owners stay on top of payments. credit reporting agencies say the number of people two months or more behind is 2.5 percent, a 21 percent declined compared to a year ago. that is the biggest drop it has seen in 20 years. >> a new gene test hits the market today could help men with prostate cancer decide how quickly they need treatment. the test analyzes genes and biopsy samples and give as score for the cancer's aggressiveness. the test could help curb overtreatment. properties state tumors do not threaten a man's life and grow slowly but doctors have a hard time telling those from lethal ones. tests will show who will do fine with monitoring rather than surgery, radiation or more. >> next at 6:00 a.m., north bay homeowners decide to whether to tax themselves to pay for schools. >> critical day for the eastern
5:57 am
span of the bay bridge with a decision expected to impact planned labor day celebrations the. >> we follow breaking news from the east bay, a firefighter found something when they responded to a popular bakery overnight.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news now at 6:00, flames break out in a popular east bay bakery overnight. new video shows the damage inside the landmark the. >> new details on the rescue
6:00 am
from a cleveland home and what sources are revealing about the victims and multiple pregnancies. >> the warriors and steph curry make history in sports illustrated as they try to bounce back tonight in game two against the spurs. >> good morning, a lot going on this wednesday. >> we will hope there is no jinx so we have our fingers crossed. mike? >> hopefully the drizzle and light rain does not jinx the commute. it is just moist with a lot of cloud cover. moving forward, we are dealing with our temperatures running around the 50's. the computer is not advancing the graphics so i will reload this quickly and give you an idea what is


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