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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new right now. behind bars. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty for the man accused of so much evil in cleveland. as chilling new details surface in a bizarre letter he left behind about his sex addiction and expressing remorse. breaking at this hour, an incredible find 17 days after that massive building collapsed overseas. a miracle survivor buried in the rubble. her hand waving from under the debris and she was just freed moments ago. chaos at the jodi arias trial. s.w.a.t. teams called in after a man claims bombs will go off when she re-enters the courtroom. this as arias is moved to a nearby psych ward. her case now on hold. and this morning. a very special live event on "good morning america."
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we meet a brand-new "sesame street" character for the first time from an open casting call to the world. get ready to meet -- >> it's a "good morning america" exclusive. rosita, don't ruin it. >> my lips are sealed for now. happy friday, everybody. george off today. great to have josh here by my side. paula faris here, as well, with us, and we are counting down to one of our favorite "gma" traditions. >> so good. we're standing by, of course, it's our live mother's day spectacular. emeril's breakfast in bed and there he is with his small army traipsing through a neighborhood. don't say anything if you see them outside, it's going to be a good one.
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>> no, no. >> certainly not. but before we get to all that, we begin with new details right now about the terror those three young women in ohio endured. as you know they're free now and it's their alleged tormenter now in prison. abc anchor david muir in cleveland with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, good morning on a very wet and dreary morning here in cleveland as ariel castro sits right here in this county jail behind me, the prosecutor in this case indicating he is not taking the death penalty off the table. this as we learn more about the homecoming, gina dejesus telling her parents she did not want to sleep upstairs in her room like she had been forced to for nearly a decade. the family all sleeping in the living room on inflatable mattresses to grant her wish. overnight hundreds of cleveland residents took to the streets celebrating the return of three of their own, while ariel castro, the man accused of unspeakable evil, is now the one in captivity. castro moved to a new cell in the county jail after being charged with the horrors inside
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that home. as we learn more about what it was like to come home, gina dejesus, and the moment inside that van overcome with emotion after seeing that crowd and it was her mother who gently judged -- nudged her in the van to give a thumbs up. she got out and she did that. a mother picking up where she left off. >> because she's still that 14-year-old girl. >> in my eyes and in my heart she is. >> reporter: so much lost time. >> yes. but it's -- it's awesome, though. no matter how hard it is for me, it's awesome. >> reporter: you got her back. >> yes, got her back is the most important thing. >> reporter: gina's mother nancy ruiz revealing something else, she knew ariel castro and near that decade without her daughter when she would run into him he would ask how the mother was holding up without her daughter. you would see him and he would say how are you doing?
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>> yes. >> reporter: like nothing was wrong? >> yes. >> reporter: that's chilling. >> you don't know how many times i've been through that street, i passed by that street. i was just two blocks and a half away from there. >> reporter: abc news has learned that inside that house on seymour avenue the young women were locked up and chained in the basement early on in their captivity and were moved upstairs in later years. gina and michelle knight often in one bedroom. amanda berry and her daughter in another. castro would bring home food and the young women would cook it, sometimes he would bring mcdonald's, and amanda berry's little girl who was carried into her new home this week, she was the only one ariel castro would take out in public and we're now hearing from a longtime friend of castro's who said he just met
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the little girl just last week. as castro sat in court his head buried a community wondering what plays in the mind of a man accused of so much evil. we are also learning this morning wews, the abc station here in cleveland, reporting on a note found in the home. ariel castro had written this note within the last couple of years expressing remorse and saying that he's a sex addict likely offering little consolation to the families of these victims who are now home and little consolation to the prosecutor who plans to go after him to the full extent of the law, robin. >> that's so true, all right, david, thank you very much. we'll have much more with elizabeth vargas on "20/20" tonight. and we bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams. you heard david talking about that bizarre note. what kind of a factor will that be in the case? >> it might become very important, like an admission, a confession. in the context of this case, it's minor compared to everything else we know in the context of this case. remember, he's only charged with a handful of counts right now.
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he's going to end up with being charged with hundreds of counts. every single illegal action he took, every assault, every sexual assault, et cetera, is going to be charged in connection with the case. you'll be talking about hundreds of charges. >> and because of the alleged miscarriages that he caused, the prosecutor is saying they may seek the death penalty. is this a death penalty case? >> i would absolutely expect the death penalty to be sought in this case. in ohio the law is very clear on aggravated murder. if you premeditate and then commit the termination of someone else's pregnancy unlawfully you are subject to aggravated murder. aggravated murder is a death penalty eligible crime and honestly i can't think of a case that is more appropriate for the death penalty than this one. >> he said to be cooperating with police right now. how does that factor in and when you think when david was talking to gina's mother and she said that he would say, hey, how is she doing? it seems like it's such evil.
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>> it is and i don't know that his cooperation will help him in the legal sense. i think his only hope at this point is to somehow cut a deal for life in prison without parole. i don't know that he's going to be able to do that in the context of this case. >> so much more ahead. all right, dan, thanks very much. appreciate it. all right, robin. we're going to turn to an abc exclusive, new questions for the white house this morning about whether it knew the truth about the benghazi terror attack. abc's senior white house correspondent jonathan karl has been working the story overnight and joins us now from the white house. good morning, to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, josh. as you know, when this attack happened the white house initially said that it arose out of a spontaneous protest over an anti-muslim video. that turned out not to be true and the white house said they relied entirely on cia talking points. but i have obtained 12 different versions of those talking points that shows that they were dramatically edited by the administration. take a look at two of them. on the left one written by the cia.
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on the right one that was used by the white house. the final version, what was taken out? all references to al qaeda and all references to cia warnings before the attack about the terror threat in benghazi. >> so then, jon, again, if this gains traction as they seem to be direct contradictions how bad could this be for the state department and its former head hillary clinton? >> reporter: well, that remains to be seen, but, josh, i have had e-mails read to me that show that many of these changes were directed by hillary clinton's spokesperson at the state department, victoria nuland and in one e-mail said "it could be abused by members of congress to beat up the state department for not paying attention to warnings, so why would we want to feed that." after that e-mail, all of those references were deleted. now, the white house is saying that there is nothing inappropriate about the state department giving input into this and ultimately the cia drafted these talking points and approved them but i'll tell you, josh, they initially said only one word had been changed. >> new questions requiring answers.
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jonathan karl at the white house. thank you. robin. >> all right, josh. now to that shocking yacht accident. an olympic gold medalist killed and another sailor injured when their america's cup boat capsized during practice in san francisco bay. abc's gio benitez has their story for us. >> reporter: the crew of the massive catamaran was on a training run near alcatraz when the 72-foot boat flipped landing on its side. most of the sailors were thrown overboard into the frigid water but andrew bart simpson, a two-time british olympic medalist became trapped under the boat's platform. >> the person apparently was submerged for approximately ten minutes. >> reporter: as other boats surrounded the wreckage, simpson a father and husband was freed but later died despite efforts to revive him. >> shocking experience to go through and we have a lot to deal with in the next few days. >> reporter: simpson and the nearly dozen other sailors on
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board were part of a swedish racing team training to compete in sailing's biggest event, the america's cup in san francisco this summer. their boat, which stood nearly 12 stories tall, was sailing in roughly 20-mile-per-hour winds, officials said the conditions should not have been dangerous. even so, experts say large catamarans can be sensitive. >> catamarans have an inherent problem. they're very stable until they're not. >> reporter: thursday's accident was the second in less than a year involving a team training for the cup. in october, a similar boat also capsized during a test run. in that incident no one was injured. and it's still not clear what caused this massive sailboat to flip over but this morning some in the racing community are questioning whether these large boats have become too fast and powerful perhaps also making them too dangerous, robin. >> all right, gio, thank you. >> thank you, gio.
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we're going to turn now to one of the biggest bank robberies ever, cyber thieves accused of swiping some $45 million from atms around the world. eight members of the alleged cyber ring now facing charges and abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: flashing cash, posing with their stolen loot, these guys hardly look like the criminal masterminds we're used to seeing in movies like "the town." but prosecutors say these are just two members of a worldwide plot involving a network of criminals who hacked into international banks stealing debit card numbers then using that information to create fake atm cards. they distributed to bands of small-time crooks who awaited a signal then targeted atms in 26 countries at roughly the same time. >> this scheme was organized for months and planned down to the minute. >> find out how much money we have. >> reporter: sounds like a cyber sequel to "ocean's eleven." but authorities say these two are part of a ring of men in
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their 20s responsible for bringing this plot to new york. accused of sweeping through manhattan on february 19th, hitting 140 atms collecting more than $2 million in cash like trick-or-treaters. >> this investigation is ongoing. our efforts both as to the recovery of assets and the identification and apprehension of more individuals are, in effect, as we speak. >> reporter: we know this was no amateur operation. last month the man prosecutors believe was the ringleader of the thieves here in new york was found murdered in the dominican republic with $100,000 in cash at his side. josh and robin. >> staggering story. >> it is. >> thank you for that, rebecca. we're going to turn now and get a look at today's top headlines including this miracle in bangladesh, paula. >> yes, the unthinkable has happened. we begin with breaking news. 17 days after that horrifying clothing factory collapse in bangladesh, a survivor has been found in the rubble. it's hard to see here in this video from bangladesh tv but
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she's wearing purple. she was first spotted waving her hand, crews immediately ran to dig her out of the basement. now, people can typically live only three days without water, no word yet how she managed to get something to drink. more than 1,000 people have died in that factory. more details on this incredible rescue as we get them. and a developing story from the international space station. what nasa is calling a serious ammonia leak in the station's power system. astronauts will conduct a space walk in hopes of repairing it and they have a backup system in case power shuts down. we are told it is not a life-threatening situation. and a massive fire thursday could keep part of interstate 81 in pennsylvania closed throughout the weekend. a tanker truck overturned triggering several explosions. the fire was so intense that it melted concrete. and authorities have called off the search for two passengers missing after a carnival cruise. the australian couple apparently
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plugged overboard from middeck dropping 50 feet into the water. no one realized they were missing until that ship docked in sydney. and we couldn't see it here, wish we could have but look at the view from the south pacific as the moon glided between the earth and sun during the annual solar collapse. one photographer described it best by using one word "perfect." a perfect description. unbelievable sight. >> okay, paula. thank you very much. now to prince harry getting a very enthusiastic welcome in washington as he launched his american tour. he has a jam-packed itinerary that included a memorable meeting with the first lady who enlisted him for a surprise visit. abc's lama hasan has all the details and joins us from arlington, virginia. good morning, lama. >> reporter: yes, prince harry was here at arlington national
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cemetery. honoring american servicemen and women killed in combat. laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and walking through section 60, where service members killed in iraq and afghanistan are laid to rest. yesterday, was a different story entirely. hundreds of screaming girls giving him a rock-star reception. as he arrived on capitol hill. he was there to draw attention to his mother's charity, instead, he was swarmed by adoring american fans. and then there was this. a visit with the first lady that brought a little british glamour to washington's royalty. >> we got some surprises for you. >> reporter: harry was mrs. obama's guest. surprising military kids celebrating their moms at the white house just before mother's day. the first lady joking, the
7:16 am
parents were getting a couple of minutes of free baby-sitting from his royal highness. >> happy mother's day. i hope you guys enjoyed this. >> reporter: but it was the evening event that was most personal for the prince, helping raise money for the anti-land mine charity his mother, so passionately campaigned for while alive. >> this evening gives me great personal pleasure to my mother who believed passionately in this cause and would be so proud my association with halo and in her special way she adopted it as her own. >> reporter: his love for her cause and a preview of the work ahead on this jam-packed trip as >> the prince will be jetting to more colorado to visiting warriors games. robin and josh. >> it's nice to see the prince with mrs. obama and we should note that today is military spouse appreciation day. keep that in mind. sam and i, we both come from
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military families. that's right, lara, the three of us. >> the whole family is in the military. >> i used to answer the phone, roberts quarters. robin speaking. my dad would say, i'm the one in the military. not you. down in texas -- >> you know, big stories. we showed you all pictures of hail. texas decides they can beat just about everything. take a look at the hailstones that came down in texas, smashing windows doing an awful lot of damage to the wheat crop in that area they're getting ready to harvest around may. but here's where the storms are rolling today, from san antonio to new orleans and pocket from columbus to pittsburgh today. expect some large hail in those storms and the heat is on. now, we'll talk about all these roaring temperatures later but just wanted to give you a preview.
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all right, now to that big danger that could affect everyone getting ready for barbecue season. it's not charcoal or tanks but
7:19 am
the brushes you use to clean your grills and neal karlinsky has the story. >> how are you feeling? >> reporter: 16-year-old tristan says the mysterious stomachache that put him in the hospital bed was so bad, it felt like he was being stabbed from the inside out. >> pretty violent and it hurt really bad. >> reporter: after days being sick to his stomach he was admitted to seattle children's hospital where doctors were perplexed and worried so they performed exploratory surgery on his small intestine. >> suddenly i saw a glimpse of light off a piece of metal. my colleague who was operating with me said that looks like a brush bristle. >> reporter: he unknowingly ate one of these, a wire the size of a hair from a common grill brush that apparently came off and stuck to the chicken he was eating at a family barbecue. strange as it sounds it's not unheard of. >> feels like a stabbing pain in my throat. >> reporter: the centers for disease control even put out a warning about old barbecue
7:20 am
brushes and the threat of tiny metal bristles rubbing off. tristan's parents had never heard of the problem and are now throwing out their brush and urging others to check theirs. >> i don't want anybody else to have to go through this. it's been horrible. >> reporter: in the meantime, tristan has gone from scared to overwhelmed about his strange close call. >> i have really bad luck just because of this one in a million chance happening to me but have really good luck because they found it early and have good doctors that put me into the o.r. and got it out. >> reporter: he hasn't been able to eat solid foods for days. he's been starving for something good. don't offer him anything off the barbecue for awhile. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> definitely something to keep in mind. >> yeah. coming up, chaos at the jodi arias trial. s.w.a.t. teams called in after a bomb scare as she is moved to a psych ward. an inspiring story for you. two brothers injured in the boston bombings back together again. stick around. big changes ahead at "american idol." all four judges about to be fired?
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>> wow. is that a moving van on "sesame street"? somebody is moving in. we'll tell you who in just a minute. >> exclusively. ♪ can you tell me how to get see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. automatically filter amount of light. way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. vision source locations today new transitions vantage xtractive lenses experience life well lit. adaptive lens is best for you.
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brew what you love, simply. keurig. don't blame him. instead, rely on frontline plus. it kills adult fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, destroying future generations. ask your vet about frontline plus. >> new from abc7 news. developing news in san jose where police are on the scene of the santa clara valley medical center where a van crashed in the main entrance of the hospital. a photograph sent by a viewer shows where it happened, just before 4:00 this morning a
7:25 am
driver and a hospital john tore were injured with no parents affected. now the hospital is open and using alternate entrances for paints, staff, and guests. now how is the traffic? leyla gulen? >> we have a planned if you report of appear accident that is happening in tracy eastbound direction on a 80 at the 205 split and the car has overturned and is blocking a lane. if livermore you can see the red on the map bumper-to-bumper traffic toward dublin/pleasanton and the new crash in san mateo southbound 101. >> when we come back, our meteorologist mike nicco has the
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>> welcome back we are in the low-to-mid 50's with flight delays at sfo at an hour and 14 minutes. temperatures are four to eight degrees warmer than yesterday and warmer this week. check out all the sunshine, near 90 inland and 80 around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. have a great week.
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>> oh, no. does that button reveal our new friend? do not push that button, rosita. it'll ruin the surprise. >> i want to push that button. >> whoo! balloons. >> oh, my. a big change ahead at "sesame street." what is going on here in our control room? a brand-new character joining the cast and we're about to reveal it to you, who it is, it's a "gma" exclusive. we're so excited to share it with you as we say good morning, america on this friday. george is taking the day off. great to have josh by my side and paula faris, as well. dj rob knight is here spinning us into the weekend.
7:31 am
i guess because the control room was so busy with all the "sesame street" characters that we get the deejay. >> this time they have very big fingers and hard to hit the buttons. >> that's true. >> you can imagine our early morning here. hey, plus we also have a story about a murder for hire. shaking up the music world right now. grammy nominated rock star under arrest after a stunning sting by police. also ahead, a remarkable story i just cannot wait to share. two brothers severely injured in the boston bombings. see them there. they were actually sent to separate hospitals. didn't know if the other had survived. didn't see each other for weeks. they're back together. we were there for the reunion, it's a wonderful thing. >> i have chills already, josh. it is one of our favorite things that we do at "gma" and it's about time to give one lucky mom the surprise of a lifetime. emeril is live. i don't think we can tell you where but there's a palm tree and there's a crowd of people in the neighborhood.
7:32 am
look outside your window but tell no one if emeril is out there because the surprise is later on this morning. >> look at the size of the crowd out there. >> i know. that is ahead. but first that shocking twist at the jodi arias trial. court suddenly postponed on thursday just as a jury was to begin considering her fate. abc's ryan owens joins us now from phoenix, arizona, with the latest on this. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. so now no trial until next wednesday after the judge abruptly canceled what was supposed to be the start of the aggravation phase. why did she do it? no reason given. so more delays and more drama in a case that's already seen way too much of both. >> count one, first degree murder, guilty. >> reporter: is it possible that jodi arias murder trial got even more bizarre after the verdict was read? consider this, the convicted killer is right now on suicide watch.
7:33 am
her case is on hold till next week, and the s.w.a.t. team swarmed this phoenix hotel after a man allegedly threatened to bomb the courthouse. >> no, never mess around with any threat. >> reporter: hard-charging sheriff joe arpaio tells abc news arias will stay on suicide watch at this sprawling desert jail at least through the weekend. he put her here wednesday after she told a fox station here in phoenix she'd rather die than spend her life in prison. >> the worst outcome for me would be natural life. i would much rather die sooner than later. i said years ago i'd rather get death than life and still true today. >> reporter: she granted that interview 20 minutes after a jury convicted her of the premeditated murder of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. but two days before the jury's decision, she tweeted this from behind bars with the help of her friend "i wanted so much to avoid trial but the state forced it.
7:34 am
my only other option was suicide and, well --" even though her court hearing thursday was postponed detectives say this man didn't realize that. the s.w.a.t. team and bomb squad descended on his phoenix hotel and arrested him. he's accused of using his twitter account to post bomb threats against the courthouse where arias is on trial and bragged the bombs would go off just as her case was supposed to get under way thursday. inside his hotel room detectives say they found backpacks and ammunition, but no bombmaking material. >> i'm a little concerned whether there could be others involved. we're hopeful that this is an isolated incident. >> reporter: that young man now facing a terrorism-related charge. authorities here not messing around as the national spotlight on this case is not going anywhere any time soon. speaking of which, we'll see you next week, josh. >> all right, ryan, we will. now to an abc news exclusive and one of the truly inspiring stories to emerge from the
7:35 am
boston marathon bombings. two brothers who each lost a leg, but refused to live lives spent looking back at what was. they were rushed to separate hospitals, didn't see each other for weeks, but we were there for a loving reunion and their story of courage and strength will endure. ♪ this isn't just any trip down the block. for paul norden, on the way to see his older brother j.p. it's like any other day of their lives, now forever changed and no matter lost limbs nor i.v. poles nor even wheelchairs can render their bond unbroken. j.p. and paul norden are the archetype of what it is to be brothers and so much more. best friends, neighbors always and working together as roofers since high school used to seeing each other every single day, and
7:36 am
so on april 15th, together they went to watch an old friend finish the boston marathon. that's paul, smiling in this grainy photo at the finish line just moments before a bomb ended their lives as they knew them. >> initially i didn't know what happened. i just remember a lot of pain and looking down and then my next thing was i was looking for him. >> i want to know what happened with my brother and my girlfriend. >> could you see either? >> no. >> you couldn't? what did you think? >> just -- that it just kept running through my mind what's going on with them, what's going on with them. i mean i knew i lost my leg but i didn't know if they were all right or not. >> in the chaos the brothers would be rushed to different hospitals. j.p. to brigham and women's. paul to beth israel, not knowing whether the other had survived. >> a guy just kept wiping my face and just telling me that, you know, everything is going to be okay. just said to myself, i don't want to -- i don't want to shut my eyes.
7:37 am
i just felt if i shut my eyes and let myself go that that was it. >> reporter: across town their mother liz was at home making the boys' favorite supper when she got a phone call which she told me about the morning after the bombing. >> my son called me at 3:00 on my cell phone. they were hurt really bad. >> reporter: nearly a month later those emotions remain raw. >> i see what they're going through. it's just heartbreaking. >> reporter: but this day, this day is not about heartbreak. it's about hope because as boston is recovering, so too are they. >> go on in here, right? >> that first time when you guys got to see each other -- >> i bawled. when i saw him, i just let it all out. it was amazing. i didn't see him for 14 days. i see him every day of my life,
7:38 am
six times a day. >> for you the same? >> oh, yeah, he's my best friend. >> do you see how good a mom you are here? >> i have good kids. >> reporter: brothers who refused to be victims living examples of their city's new mantra, "boston strong" and teaching us all what that means. in the quiet moments, maybe when everybody is finally gone for the day, what do you think about now? >> just if -- i don't get better, i let them win. and i don't even want to acknowledge them. >> and look at that picture again just a few feet away, that white baseball cap. >> i just think they're cowards. that's -- i mean, i don't know. i don't know anyone that would just do that to people. i really don't. i know there's bad people in the world, but i also know that there's a lot of good people in the world. >> and two men who are not cowards and who are very good people.
7:39 am
those two brothers and i tell you, the best thing about this job is when you don't know what to expect and their resilience and courage and strength that day was remarkable. a family friend set up a benefit fund to help the nordens' recovery. please go to our website on yahoo! for more information. >> norden strong. >> norden strong. keep it up, guys. time for a look at the weather, and, sam, some video right now that i know for everybody in this city means a whole lot. >> it really does. big, big, big story live happening now. wabc news copter 7 over the 75 of the spire going onto one world trade. that's a 408-foot spire finally makes the tall or the height of that building 1776 feet honoring the year that the declaration of independence was signed. it is now the tallest building in the western hemisphere. by the way, if you want to know when that building opens, 2014 is the expected time to get -- >> not soon enough.
7:40 am
>> it is an important day here in new york city and i think for a lot of people it's a day of respect and reflection but i think also of hope when you see that gorgeous sign of that spire going up on the building. let's take a look at where the rain is. right now powerful storms in louisiana. we have warnings going up there. we have very heavy rain and that's just to be expected here in the hot red zone that moves into alabama, mississippi, a part of that trigger zone as well with 2 to 3 inches of rain, nashville, pittsburgh, you're in for some heavy rain. i think even the eastern seaboard will see some with the front but probably late tonight. the east coast probably gets a great day before the storms get roaring in that direction. drought monitor, these are powerful numbers, 16 inches below normal in crescent city, california, san francisco is almost 11 inches below normal in rainfall. that is a tough situation to be in going to a very hot, dry
7:41 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. >> thanks very much. coming up, the bizarre murder for hire plot. why a grammy nominated rock star is under arrest now. come right back. and after we get sarah some headphones, it'll be perfect. honey... thank you for making our home his home. our home is his home. [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. tell yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. celebrate your family, and those we embrace in our lives, with my new open hearts family designs keep your heart open... and love will always find its way in. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to perfect your outdoor space. get 2 rose or hanging baskets for $10 at lowe's today. we are back at 7:44 with a shocking murder-for-hire plot. rocking the music world right now, abc's so sell ya vega has
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the story. ♪ >> reporter: they are a grammy nominated chart topping heavy metal band with a christian twist. as i lay dying has sold more than a million albums. but this morning lead singer tim lambesis is behind bars accused of doing something very much against his religion, hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife. police say in april lambesis asked a man at his gym if he knew anyone who could pull off a murder for hire. that led to a sting operation in which the 32-year-old allegedly handed an undercover agent $1,000 in cash, a photo of his wife and her security gate code. police say he even supplied an alibi, days when he would be away with their three adopted kids. >> when specifically asked do you want her dead, he said yes, that's exactly what i want. >> reporter: on thursday lambesis pleaded not guilty.
7:46 am
>> i would say it's probably a misinterpretation. in terms of actually wanting her dead, no. >> reporter: it appears to have started when megan lambesis filed for divorce in september saying tim's behavior changed calling him unavailable to their kids and obsessed with bodybuilding. videos online reveal lambesis' startling physical transformation seen here in 2008 showing his love of tattoos on "l.a. ink" and buff here five years later. but this morning, the allegations are no laughing matter. the rocker who sang about his christian faith could now face nine years in prison. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you very much, cecilia. you hear the music and now the reveal, the new "sesame street" character. we'll tell you who he is exclusively right here on "gma." whoever it is, they can dance.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
ah, what a glorious day for some history. >> uh-huh. >> as we see the final 75 feet added to the new world trade center building making it 1776 beautiful and symbolic feet tall now, now the tallest building in the western hemisphere. >> look at that. >> welcome back. welcome back. coming up here, big changes ahead in "american idol" are all the judges out? and there he is, emeril creeping to mom.
7:52 am
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> breaking traffic news. leyla gulen? >> we are following this fatal crash in the burlingame area involving a caltrain. i can show you where this is on the map, southbound 314 hit and killed a pedestrian. all lanes are stopped. this is between burlingame and roadway stations. kristen? >> mike? >> good morning, everyone, cloud cover will be gone quick like yesterday but we have flight arrival delays in sfo.
7:57 am
upper 60's for most of the bay area and 70's near 80's inland in our east bay valley and it will be our warmest afternoon this weekend. hope you enjoy it. >> the news continues
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ oh, you can tell it is friday. we have lots of happy people outside our studios here in times square. always nice to have them here and nice to have rob nice, dj rob nice, i didn't even make him do that. oh. all because we will be revealing the newest "sesame street" character, so rob is getting a little help so -- >> hands off the turntable. >> a little tract there. george is taking a little well-deserved time off. great to have josh here and paula faris, as well and all week long, we have been
8:01 am
celebrating our heroes with our huge live "you're not dreaming." >> it's been terrific and all been leading to this. moments away now from the surprise as long as small airplanes don't surprise you, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. he is clearly on the move right now getting ready to give a special mother the surprise of a lifetime and, emeril, we've actually got someone here who is very excited to see you. our dear friend rosita from "sesame street." i think she might actually think your big surprise is for her. >> oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. is mr. emeril making me breakfast in bed this morning? oh, mr. emeril, i would like to have orange juice and rancheros. oh, yes. >> careful, rosita. she is funny.
8:02 am
>> emeril. >> i love it. i love it. also in a few moments you know, we saw the moving van that was coming up -- we have a brand-new neighbor on "sesame street." everybody does so we'll tell you who that is very exclusively. >> there he is. >> he's got the moves. >> he sure does. >> and we have so much buzzing in our "heat index" today. remember that bikini picture. kim kardashian had a lot of people thinking she looks great. we'll talk about that. she is now seven months pregnant and on "american idol," could it really be that all of the judges are about to be axed? we'll get into that. >> randy says he's out. i don't know about the others but we'll find out. first to paula faris with the top developing news stories right now. we have more on that miracle in bangladesh getting dramatic new details about that woman pulled from the rubble just this morning. 17 days after a clothing factory collapsed in bangladesh and
8:03 am
spent more than 400 hours under concrete and debris and reportedly told rescuers that she survived by breathing through a pipe inside of the rubble. more than 1,000, woulders died in that collapse. the worst disaster in the history of the clothing industry. and prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty for cleveland kidnapping suspect ariel castro. those charges could be filed in connection with pregnancies that he is accused of terminating. our cleveland station reports castro wrote a note a few years back in his home in which he called himself a sex addict. an abc news exclusive this morning about the white house spin after the terror attack in benghazi, libya. documents show the state department requested changes to a cia memo deleting all references to previous warnings about al qaeda and the terrorism threat there. the changes appear to been made to avoid criticism for ignoring those warnings. and a rare show of bipartisanship may keep student
8:04 am
loan rates from doubling. house republicans are now working with one of president obama's bills, his proposals to tie student loan rates to the government's cost of borrowing. and finally, a little advice. don't ever park on a drawbridge because this is what could happen. we don't know who had the bright idea of parking there, but here's the car -- >> oh. >> i think it's not in good shape, safe to say, right? no one's parking brake is that strong. it takes all kinds -- >> oh. >> never do that. >> oh. >> down it goes. >> let's see it again. >> is there an insurance clause for that. >> hello, am i covered. i was on the bridge and now the bridge is now -- >> truly good idea. >> thank you, paula. >> a little "pop news." >> friday version. good morning everybody and goom to you. "the real housewives of new york" may be evicted today. bravo has given them a hard
8:05 am
deadline to sign the new contract or that is it. they will cancel the series. the women had reportedly been refusing to sign on for the sixth season because of ongoing contract negotiations and had banded together, "friends" style for leverage. they were supposed to start shooting on monday and at the end of the day today is the deadline. we will see. also in "pop news," the williams sisters, venus and serena 15 months apart to the center court and beyond. their story of perseverance and their father's unorthodox vision of a dream is the subject of a fascinating new documentary that goes from flashback to the girls hitting balls at out of a grocery cart when they were 8 years old and the sisters' unbreakable bond as they battle for dominance against each other. "venus and serena" opens today and can be downloaded on demand. >> i saw a sneak peek. >> excellent.
8:06 am
>> it is riveting. >> fascinating is what it is. finally, what's the secret to a long and happy life? if you ask 105-year-old pearl cantrell, hard work and bacon. every meal every day and i quote, it better be crispy. oscar meyer heard of her affinity for pork products and gave her a lifetime supply and sent the wienermobile to her home to give her a ride and she, of course, rode shotgun. you didn't think i was going to let that go. >> you go, pearl. >> terrific. >> thank you there, lara. time now for the weather. sam outside. >> we are outside in times square. you know what, i love our everyday crowd but there's something special about a friday crowd. there just is. there just is. tough picturers coming out of louisiana this morning. so let's get right down there, early, early in the morning, an awful lot of lightning and the
8:07 am
storms got worse, 1 to 3 inches, torrential downpours and tornado warnings popping up in that area. a little damage in beauregard parrish and we think that's just one of the hot spots with strong to severe storms today. two of them. one in the deep south and one farther north. here's where the heat is roaring, vegas, 97 by the time we get to mother's day and phoenix at about 100 degrees. and that's right. i said mother's day so make sure you got those cards and the whatnot ready for moms, all
8:08 am
>> from times square to "sesame street," oscar, my friend, oscar, i hear you're such a fan of morning shows you're thinking about making your own morning show. >> yeah, well, it's an alternative morning show i'm shopping around. >> yeah. >> it's got a lot of trash talk in it. >> oh. >> i'm not sure that's mornings. what would you call it? >> well, listen, i got the name right here. >> grouch morning, america. >> yeah? that way you can still call it "gma." >> i don't know. lara, what do you think? i'm not so sure. >> i think you should go for it. yep. all right, here's a look at what's coming up on our "morning menu." jennifer aniston revealing secrets about her hair.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
♪ coming up, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas', the original nooks and crannies english muffin. >> oh, the patch of broadway park. look at this great crowd we have with us on a friday.
8:14 am
and we're back now with our gma "heat index." the hottest stories. you go rob knight sending us into the weekend. that includes kim kardashian's proudly flaunting her baby bump. i don't blame her. possible sweep at "american idol" and 50 most powerful moms in 2013. bhoerz is coming up sunday. joining us with her take editor in chief bonnie fuller. >> hey. >> so we saw, bonnie, we saw kim kardashian on the cover of "us weekly" proudly showing her baby bump and she's getting a lot of criticism for the weight gain with her pregnancy. what's up with that. >> it is so wrong. she looks fantastic. didn't you think she looked great? >> i think the fashion choices that she's made, that -- a lot of people -- >> like that right here? >> they don't flatter her. >> she's made some very controversial fashion choices, she's been wearing dresses that are ultra short, that have got big skirts, so the thing is she
8:15 am
just -- at the metropolitan gala, this had to be the most controversial dress at the gala. >> the floral dress and then robin williams, the comedian, he tweeted a picture of him as mrs. doubtfire and said, i think i wore it better. >> yeah, i mean, you know what, he has got a point. he didn't wear it better but the dresses do look similar. >> what she does for a living. she gets -- >> thousands and thousands of hollywood moms and moms in general get it right. they look beautiful when they're pregnant and pick the right fashions. >> she's allowed to pick whatever she wants. >> let me tell you -- >> listen, that dress, though, from the metropolitan gala at hollywood life we had hundreds of thousands of clicks on it. our audience, they wanted to see every bit of it and the matching shoes and the gloves and were fascinated. exactly. that's what she wants. >> also part of our "heat
8:16 am
index," "american idol," the four judges, all four of them may be out? randy jackson, who is the longest serving one has already said this is his last year. what do you make of this? >> well, we're hearing the same thing that there's going to be huge turnover and changes, not just with the judges, they all could go but the whole format could go and the theme night like beatles night could go. >> wow. >> do you think that the judges are all out because they haven't done as well this season? >> yeah. yeah. ratings -- >> when simon cowell left i stopped watching. that original judging panel was a part of -- >> paula abdul. >> why not bring them back? already rumors? >> well, no, because, of course, simon has his own show now with "x factor" and it's doing well but not that well so i think -- the reason they got to change, they have got young contestants and they don't even know the songs, the beatles songs, shocking. >> and i wonder if the whole
8:17 am
minaj/mariah -- >> "working mother" magazine, the 50 most powerful moms like jessica simpson, angelina jolie that made the grade and what does that say to you, bonnie. >> first of all it says jessica simpson is a pretty smart lady. her fashion business is worth over a billion dollars. wouldn't we all like that? and it also says there's a lot of powerful working mothers and hollywood stars when they're pregnant, they're showing the way to women across america that you can do it too. you can have it all. you're shaking your head. no, i'm not shaking my head. it's hard, though. >> it is hard. >> don't you know it takes a village. >> easier for celebrities because they have a lot of support. they have the nannies, they have the cooks. >> thinking that. >> makes it a little bit east quarter. >> but also used to be worried about getting fired from jobs if they got pregnant. >> that's true. that's true. >> and they couldn't get roles and i remember it used to be the
8:18 am
kiss of death to put a pregnant celebrity on the cover of a mack. it's the opposite now. that's all good. >> all right. hey, bonnie, thank you for being here. have a great weekend. >> bonnie. >> you got the scoop. >> so do we. warming up our gma "heat index," a popular drug used to help so many moms speed up labor. copy toasten have a negative effect, though, on your baby's health? abc's linsey davis has our story. >> oh, get out! >> reporter: there's a reason they call it a labor of love. >> one, two. >> reporter: as katherine heigl showed us in "knocked up" having a baby is hard work but a drug commonly used for labor is now under scrutiny. at an ob/gyn conference, it showed a potential link to some full term infants having increased admissions to the neonatal intensive care units and scoring slightly lower on
8:19 am
apgar tests used to check newborns' physical conditions. however neither means the child will have long-term health issues but it's caused a firestorm on mommy blogs online. >> pitocin, like any drug can be used inappropriately and those risks with it extend not just to the mother but also to the fetus. >> reporter: pitocin often has a bad wrap among moms. 28-year-old cassie has five kids all under the age of 10. it was used in one pregnancy because she was high risk. >> pitocin is awful. i felt dizzy. i felt medicated. i couldn't breathe and -- >> reporter: dr. ashton's patient julie had a more positive experience with it. it was used during the labor of both heavy babies. >> you hear stories like it's going to automatically put you right into labor. >> reporter: and everything went
8:20 am
smoothly. >> i would do pitocin again in a heartbeat. >> with any medication that we give during labor and delivery there have to be valid medical indications and it can make the difference between life and death. >> reporter: we reached out to the drug company that makes pitocin and did not hear back. more research is needed. so far researchers only found an association, not a caution and effect. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and just to be clear here, the findings of the studies show an association, not a cause and effect. we have to interpret these findings very, very carefully. >> absolutely. also burning up the gma "heat index," jennifer aniston confessing even she has bad hair days. how does she keep her hair looking gorgeous all the time. abc's diana perez has the story. >> reporter: her hair started one of the biggest style trends in america. >> they're pulling my hair. >> reporter: in the '90s her
8:21 am
haircut, the rachel, named after her character on "friends" became one of the most imitated hairstyles of all time. >> it gave women the opportunity to feel effervescent and bubbly and excited and still be found attractive. >> reporter: now the 44-year-old actress is opening up and revealing the truth behind the cut that changed everything including her. in her new "living proof" webisoda. her stylist created the look and said because it was long and frizzy. >> cut the bottom, a couple inches and layered it from existing bangs to bottom. >> you know what happened after that? >> reporter: she confesses she finds the obsession with her hair surprising because she had an unmanageable mane growing up. >> it's one of those things that is hysterical. me of all people who grew up with the worst hair. >> reporter: she acknowledges how important hair is to a woman's self-esteem.
8:22 am
>> it matters to women because we're women and, you know, i don't know how to explain what that means. it just means something to us. >> reporter: she admitted to "allure" magazine i think it was the ugliest cut i've ever seen. the celebrity stylist and actress didn't know they were about to create a phenomenon. >> it's amazing what a haircut can do. >> they came to you and all of a sudden everybody starting coming in with the slicky, slicky hairdo and i'm like what's happening. >> reporter: for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> josh? >> robin. >> what do you say after that? >> we're about to make some history right here on "good morning america." a new neighbor coming to "sesame street" and we are revealing that brand-new human character right now and so with no further ado, kelly, are you ready? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i am so ready. >> is big bird yellow?
8:23 am
[ drum roll ] >> all: five, four, three, two, one! >> come on out. >> ooh. >> oh. >> hey. >> how are you? >> good to see you. good to see you again. come on over to the couch. hello. >> hey, rosita. >> i want you all to meet miles. he is going to be playing the role of armando on "sesame street" when season 44 premieres in september. before we get to see you, my daughter sarina and i met you when we visited recently. his journey gang when a big call went out for people to come and play. >> we'd love to meet -- ♪ sunny days >> reporter: they came from across the country all competing for a chance to live on the most
8:24 am
famous street in america. ♪ can you tell me how to get how to get to sesame street ♪ >> reporter: last summer "sesame street" held its first ever open casting call for a new hispanic neighbor to join all those lovable characters. ♪ come tell me >> baby i -- ♪ move >> reporter: the coveted part went to 26-year-old ismail cruz mordica playing the role of mondo. >> welcome to "sesame street." >> what is it like to be the newest member of the family here? >> it's such a dream come true/full circle. my first experience with television is watching tv was in puerto rico. i only spoke spanish. i learned how to speak english watching this show. >> reporter: in honor of ismael's arrival me and sarina
8:25 am
got a spanish lesson. >> i can teach you how to say cookie in spanish. >> reporter: with the help of cookie monster. >> you can say -- [ speaking a foreign language ] >> we'll say et together, one, two, three. [ speaking spanish ] >> yes, she was great. >> she's the best. all right, you said in the piece you grew up watching television, shows like "sesame street" and that is in part how you learned to speak english and now being cast and being a part of "sesame street," you're going to help teach a bunch of people how to speak spanish. how important is that to you? >> the hispanic population is growing in the united states and i think "sesame street" is a place of diversity of kids seeing themselves on the screen like it happened to me when i was growing up and it's so important to bring that image and that culture and that perspective of a multicultured d
8:26 am
generation of hispanic and american. >> high time -- sarina says hello. she was sorry she couldn't be here. >> hi, sarina. >> go to our website to learn more about mondo and "sesame street." we're looking forward to having you. all right, here comes the big debut of "sesame street" this september but hear the new sooegs is actually going to be on hispanic culture and with no further ado i understand there's a wonderful song sung in spanish and english as we go to break. >> thank you, josh. >> yeah. ♪ ♪ i love my hair ♪ there's nothing else that can compare with my hair ♪
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news america cup officials are holding a news conference after the death of british sailor andrew simpson. yesterday, on san francisco bay it occurred. investigators are trying to determine what caused the catamaran to capsize. leyla gulen, how does the commute look? >> not so good on caltrain at san mateo where we have a fatality southbound train 314 hit a pedestrian at oak grove. that person died. all strips are stopped at burlingame station. you can go to millbrae in the northbound direction and all trains hitting southbound or northbound are turning around and going back in the opposite
8:28 am
direction. >> we will check in with mike
8:29 am
temperatures are are in the low to his 60's and sfo has flight delays. game tonight, second of a four-game set 7:15, partly cloudy and 59, mostly cloudy and 56 by the end of the game of the temperatures are near 60 at the coast and low to my 70's at bay and upper 70's to lower 80's
8:30 am
inland and warmer for saturday and for mother's day and a ♪ ♪ i wear it down i wear it crispy all around ♪ [ speaking in spanish ] ♪ when it's tied up -- the way it's perfecto my hair is part of me ♪ ♪ speaking in spanish ] [ singing in spanish ] [ cheers and applause ] >> awesome. >> whoo! >> resonating all around times square, mundo, welcome to the street. we just met him again from the streets of the past, the newest
8:31 am
member of "sesame street." great to see him, mundo, welcome. >> in the studio this morning right across the street from "sesame street" and basically next door because we've got him there right under the "sesame street" %e.m2sign, dj rob. we have him spinning us right into the weekend. >> rob, nice. ♪ >> a little old school too. a little old school like that. thank you, rob knight. all right, we have been looking forward to this all morning. it is one of our favorite events of the entire year, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed celebrates an e. emparticular mom and received thousands of entries every one worthy filled with such moving stories and the one you're about to see is really special, particularly to me and you'll find out why in just a minute. let's go there. who's been speaking up to our winner, emeril, time to knock on
8:32 am
that door. >> hey, robin. i'm in sanford, florida, right outside of alando and a very, very special lady, nicole, is getting ready to get surprised. nicole moore. let's go do it. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine whoa ♪ i'm walking on sunshine >> well, here we come. we're coming right up to the door right now. nicole moore. ♪ whoa and don't it feel good >> here we go. ♪ hey oh yeah >> here we go. ♪ don't it feel good >> hi, are you nicole moore? >> yes. >> hi. >> you know me? >> yes. >> well, will et me tell you, you're the winner of our mother's day breakfast in bed? >> really? >> yes. >> you know what, you're live on "good morning america" right now. so, nicole, if you don't mind we
8:33 am
would love to just put a microphone on you because america wants to know just how special you are and what you've done for your family. okay. >> are you ready for that? >> sure. >> let's go right over to this little monitor and my good friend robin roberts, she's got something that she wants to say, okay? >> okay. >> here we go. ♪ >> reporter: it should have been the happiest time in nicole moore's life. >> it's her heart that makes her such a wonderful mom and a wonderful friend. >> reporter: she was married to her high school sweetheart lee. >> we always had the same goals, we always knew we wanted a family. >> reporter: and they have lauren, an energetic bundle of bright red hair and smiles. ♪ and in the summer of 2011 they had another baby on the way. >> my sister was so, so excited to have another addition to their family. >> reporter: but as summer ended that year, that perfect life
8:34 am
quickly and painfully fell apart. >> her world got turned upside down pretty quickly. >> reporter: after weeks of being ill lauren wound up in the emergency room. >> we were able to do some bloodwork fairly quickly and found out that she has leukemia. >> that was tough. that was tough. >> reporter: it was a shocking diagnosis. so shocking nicole started going into early labor. she was in one hospital across the street her baby girl in the children's hospital. >> nicole all along had dedicated herself, you know, right from the beginning to make lauren well. >> reporter: nicole's 2-year-old little girl smiling, even through chemotherapy. >> nicole never hesitated for lauren, not one minute. >> she was always just so determined that this is going to work and i'm going to give everything i got that it focused everybody. >> reporter: nicole hardly left her daughter's side. >> just laying there, it was
8:35 am
hard. very hard. >> and nicole was up all night of referee day trying to research and she just worked relentlessly. >> reporter: all the while taking care of newborn tommy at the same time. >> i think she gets so much credit for keeping her family intact when it could have easily fallen apart. >> reporter: but soon it was clear the chemotherapy was not going to be enough. >> more than 99% of children will be in remission at the end of their first month. unfortunately, lauren was not. >> reporter: doctors said that lauren's only hope was a bone marrow transplant. >> we all knew where it was going, but what someone finally said it, it was just stunning. >> they basically told us that if this doesn't work we don't have -- >> reporter: but then finally a piece of good news. doctors found a perfect match for lauren, an anonymous donor in the bone marrow registry. >> the doctors were very nervous because her disease was still
8:36 am
very aggressive but they all agreed we couldn't wait april of last year just eight months after her diagnosis nicole and her family held their breath as lauren got her transplant. >> one day i got it. it meant the bone marrow was working and that's a big deal. >> reporter: a year later that beautiful little redhead now thriving. >> from that standpoint she is absolutely perfect. >> last year i just -- i think nicole's only thought was i just want her to have a third birthday and now she gets to think about college and i'm getting married and all of those things you're supposed to think about. that was a gift. >> reporter: so this mother's day, "good morning america" and emeril lagasse celebrate a mom who carried her daughter and her family through the hardest time of their lives. >> happy mother's day, nicole. >> you're an amazing mother.
8:37 am
>> i know he's looking down on us and smiling. >> i'm truly proud of how you've taken such wonderful care of my grandchildren. >> just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best mom. >> happy mother's day. love you, mommy. >> nicole, happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling? >> well, you know, it's been a rough last couple of years, but, you know, my daughter is alive and well and that's all i could ask for. >> there's a lot of love in this family. >> i feel that. >> i have to share something with you. hey, how are you doing, my friend? >> good. >> i have to share something, the lady that nominated for this is your mother-in-law, sally. and sally, are you here? >> yes. >> hey. >> happy mother's day.
8:38 am
>> hey, baby. >> sally, how are you feeling right now? >> oh -- >> did you ever think this was going to happen. >> oh, no, 10-word submission and a picture and abc heard our story and if i understand this correctly, we have made our mess our message and i'm so proud of my daughter-in-law. she's amazing. she's worked so hard to get her family through this. i couldn't be happier. thank you so much. >> well, you know, i got a lot of surprises for you. just warming up right now. >> okay. >> are you ready for the biggie? >> sure. >> one biggie. come on with me. you ready? >> i think so. oh, my gosh. >> look at this. you got family, friends, people from your church. we got nurses from the hospital.
8:39 am
arnold palmer's children hospital. oh, wait, you got some special friends down the street. mickey and minnie. unbelievable. ♪ >> oh, i can't believe it. >> absolutely. >> how are you feeling now? >> very good. >> robin, we got a lot of surprises in store. i can't wait to come back. back to you, my friend. >> and we will be back to you in just a moment. oh, my gosh. she was -- oh, what a story. but there is more. i know i haven't told you guys this, we have a surprise for nicole. >> oh. >> she is going to meet somebody for the first time that is very, very special to this family. so that's coming up. >> now over to you, sam. >> and you can't have a better mother's day weekend than that. i don't know how she's going to eat right now.
8:40 am
perfect time to remember that moms work hard but moms that have ill, injured or special needs kid work a thousand times harder and to keep that family together, so we salute you. let's get to ft. lauderdale, why not and show you twitter pictures and facebook pictures that have come in this morning and like to start the weekend with a nice shot of a florida beach. nothing better than that. mother's day cities, mothers canyon, by the way in arizona, hasn't heard of that, mothers arms island, florida, at 90 degrees. here's a quick look at the cooler air that moves in. and now we've got boston with a high temperature today of about 71. 74 on saturday. once this front moves through after some storms in the east coast over part of the weekend, mother's day becomes cool but a comfortable day and nice day. we think better than that saturday afternoon, saturday evening thunderstorms in that part of the country, warm, warm, warm almost all weekend lo
8:41 am
>> all that weather brought to you by target but let's go back to florida because we're not done with this yet. look at that. huge crowd in the yard. disney family is in the yard, as well. oh, there's a fantastic surprise coming up when emeril introduces -- stay with us.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
hi, are you nicole mohr? hi, do you know me? >> this is a moment -- >> you have -- >> the moment nicole moore was surprised by -- i think stunned. can you imagine -- you have no idea and emeril shows up at your door. she is a big winner of emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. we are paying tribute to nicole because she was a rock holding her family together when her precious daughter lauren was sick with leukemia and i know there's a lot of people out there. this is robin roberts. can you hear me, nicole? >> yes, i can hear. yes, i can hear you. >> great. well, first of all, congratulations and when your mother-in-law said make your mess your message it literally took my breath away. how is lauren these days?
8:45 am
how is lauren? >> she's fabulous. she's like a normal little girl. we couldn't be happier with how she's doing, you know, we're just enjoying being a normal family, you know, taking swimming lessons and going to the park and excited for her to start pre-k in the fall. >> oh, wonderful. she looks as healthy as can be. you've got a lot of love and support there, nicole, and -- >> i see, yes. >> but there's somebody very special in the crowd and i want emeril to bring her up right now. you are about to meet for the first time the young mom who saved your daughter's life, kristin icinger, the bone marrow donor. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. >> hey. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> whoo! >> can you say hi.
8:46 am
>> that's your mommy. how are you guys doing? okay? >> nicole, what is it that you want to say to the woman who saved your daughter's life? >> there's no words to describe how grateful i am for her. you know, she's -- what she did as far as a complete stranger is just amazing. she's my hero and i just -- i just love her so much. >> oh, it'll be a bond forever a and, kristin, how does it feel for you? you're holding lauren and how do you encourage others to register and be a donor? >> everyone just needs to go sign up. it's so important. >> well, hopefully we can do that by the end of the day and
8:47 am
get some people signed up as you did. it's very special. >> i know you have some surprises for them too now, emeril, don't you? >> well, i tell you, robin, and everybody out there in america, we have a few surprises. first of all, i just want to say that our good friends at thomas' english muffins were so inspired by your story they're going to give you a check for $5,000. okay. [ applause ] >> that's -- >> thank you. >> i got to tell you, and then they were inspired that thomas' english muffins is not only going to provide your family but kristin's family with breakfasts for an entire year. yeah. and then our parent company at disney, my good friends, guess what, they're going to open up the magic kingdom for both your families to go, spend some time together and have a great time with all of them. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> but most importantly, okay, it wouldn't be breakfast in bed without breakfast in bed.
8:48 am
lee, you hold the check. >> all right. >> nicole, you get in the bed, okay. and why don't you take a seat by her, kristin. thanks, chef bernard. blueberry pancakes. candied bacon. thomas' english muffins, of course and a beautiful fruit salad. all right. for both of you. >> oh, thank you. >> two very special moms. what can i say? oh. you want a bite, lauren, you want a bite? all right. you want to try some. what can i say, robin. back to you, my friend. >> everything you say -- [ cheers and applause ] all right, thanks to the walt disney company, our parent company for rolling out the red carpet and to our friends at thomas', what a special, special moment. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
calm down, gladiator. calm down. >> wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. what a great moment down there in sanford, florida. thank you, emeril. mother's day to remember. >> absolutely. >> incredible. incredible. but before we go we want to show you this. world exclusive sneak peek. sure to be one of the biggest movies. ewan mcgregor, meryl streep.
8:52 am
in theaters over the holidays but a first look right now. ♪ >> you ready for this? >> no. no way. >> hey, mom, i'm here. >> oh. >> you're so big. look at your boobs. last time i saw you looked like a little boy. >> your father for putting me through this. >> you remember your aunt karen? >> that must be this year's man. >> soon you'll be gone, never to return. >> don't start. >> your father, you broke his heart when you moved away. >> that is wildly affair. >> you were his favorite, you know that. >> i missed uncle bob's funeral. >> it doesn't mean anything. it's what in your heart. >> are you separated or divorced? >> that's pleasant.
8:53 am
>> my day families stay together. ♪ i'm a man on fire ♪ with one guitar ♪ two dancing feet >> you're supposed to be smoking? >> is anybody supposed to smoke? ♪ >> you're just hard. >> that's one thing about mom and dad. you got to tip your hat to anybody who stays married that long. some would kill themselves. ♪ >> all-star cast. to see the full trailer on yahoo!. it's there and we will be right back.
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♪ i'm walking on sunshine >> thanks so much to "sesame street." mundo, welcome to the show. oh, no, and emeril. [ cheers and applause ]
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,. >> a restaurant fire is underway, the forbes island restaurant off pier 41 suffer heavy damage in a 3:00 a.m. fire arriving crews realizing they could not reach it by land and had to call in a fire boat. and now mike? >> temperatures is near 80 in the east bay valley. 70 in oakland. 62 in san francisco. at game tonight it will be partly cloudy and 59 at first pitch. we will drop to 56. warmer this week. leyla gulen? >> we have followed a fatal accident involving caltrain line 314 southbound that hit a pedestrian and killed the pedestrian. we have a single track open.
9:00 am
trains will move through that area. an hour's delay. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "the great gatsby," carey mulligan. and "live's" new you in new york makeovers come to a dramatic end when a mom cuts her hair for the first time in 40 years. plus, a special performance from rock icon rod stewart. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] >> ♪ >> [rod stewart's "if you think i'm sexy" playing] [cheers and applause]


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