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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. eats 5:00 a.m. on saturday. i'm katie marzullo. here's a quick look at the weather. >> good morning. the marine layer will fade-away so plenty ever sunshine and warmer air to overspread the bay. temperatures in the upper 40s to the upper 50s right now in the bay. by the afternoon, look at the spread. quite a summertime spread but the cool upper 50s at the coast with the clouds lingering at the shoreline to near 90 in our warmest inland valleys. there will be a few high clouds from time to time. otherwise with the warmer air mass we are on our way to a pretty nice weekend with the warmest air for today and mother's day. i'll let you know which day is
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warmer and when the tool down occurs all coming up a bit later. katie. >> thank you. we have breaking news in antioch where an officer-involved shooting is under investigation right now. it happened near buchanan road and barcelona circle just after 9:00 last night. antioch police is only confirming an officer was involved in a shooting. it's possible the victim was killed. the police have not confirmed this is a fatality. also there are concord police at the scene, along with antioch officers. it's not clear which officers from which department fired their weapons. concord police at the scene would only say antioch police are conducting the investigation because the shooting appeared in their city. abc7 news reporter kira klapper will have a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. a shooting in oakland is developing news this morning. police need help identifying a man shot numerous times near a bus stop. it happened at sixth street and
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adoline last night. police responded to to gunshots and found a man on the street. bullets hit a nearby liquor store, some park cars and a home but anybody else was injured. america's cup practice is on hold this morning. the america's cup training accident that killed a british olympic medalist is calling into question whether the risk of these cutting edge catamarans is too great and if the race itself should be called off. heather ishimaru reports. >> boats from the san francisco department's marine unit are docked at fisherman's war of. after the chase boat the police boat was the first to respond. the coast guard and fair department arrived soon a we asked the coast guard if the accident has changed their thinking about emergency response planning for the race. >> i think at this point it's just too early to tell. we really need to wait until all
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the investigations are completed so we can know exactly what happened. >> some say it's a dangerous sport and the sailors accept the risk, but that was before the 46-year-old olympic medalist, husband and father dade. >> these boats go faster, they are designed to be as light as possible. they will break. that was always part of the plan. the problem is do they go too fast and are they too big? >> the team artemis and oracle boat is a new high-tech class of boats. they can foil or fly above water. in fact, the sail is called a wing. they thought it was a chance to remove the stuff if image for a more tv friendly exciting event. three years ago they were warned against the america's cup going
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with the new untested boats. >> it's a beautiful sports. it's got -- it's eloquent, and i don't think you need to push the technology side to gain more fans. >> nothing is off the table. we will look at what happens through the review process. >> at this point there is been no timeline announced for the review and investigation. in san francisco, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. a principal in san lorenzo is aapologizing after wrongly accusing a freshman of sigh better bullying during an anti-bullying assembly. the review said the principal made the accusation in front of the freshman class on may 3rd saying the male student circulated an inappropriate photo of a female student on social media. when it was determined the boy that not done anything wrong, they held another assembly for
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the principal to apologize and telling of his mistake. the principal has not been disciplined. a health inspector and restaurant owner yesterday, it happened yesterday at noon at a restaurant under construction at taylor in jackson. the inspector told he was slapped by the restaurant's owner. the police cited the owner for maryland battery, but the owner said he wasn't even there. the department of health said they have seen an increase in aggression against inspectors. they plan to plant organic crops today at berkeley today. group previously occupied a tract that led to several members being arrested. a planned supermarket development at the site was approved by the city but it fell apart when whole foods decided to pull out of the deal. now there is plans for a smaller sprout farmer's market at the
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site. occupy the farm wants the land preserved for urban farming. the university said it will not allow a university encampment and david curly what it has to to protect their property rights. oakland has their fourth police chief in four days. anthony was named interim chief wednesday after howard jordan unexpectedly stepped down, stepped down himself yesterday morning. the deputy chief will serve as the new interim chief. he was previously in charge of the department's internal affairs unit. that man has assumed the rank of captain. his decision to step aside was voluntary, officials say. tomorrow will be a huge day for the warriors after dropping game three of their lay off series with the spurs last night at oracle arena. tony parker was hot for the spurs, scoring a game high 35 points and for the warriors steph curriry tweaked his ankle again. he stayed in the game, but he was clearly hobbling.
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warriors came up short and the spurs now lead the series two games to one. but don't blame the fans. john alston shows us the full house once again at roaracle arena. >> they couldn't hit a three. that's what it is. you don't hit threes, you don't win games. >> almost all of the faithful stayed until the bitter end and for many of them it was a eye plant more to the parking lot. >> we are a little bit down but we have been given up. the series has a long way to go. we have to make adjustments. san^antonio made adjustments, they kept klay out of the game and we will make our adjustments. >> it was an ocean of gold. a few levels down oakland city councilman larry read. >> this is about as stressful as my job, particularly the last home game. it's really exciting. i'm enjoying myself, as all the
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other fans are. >> fans like david armstrong were more than happy to spend $150 for the nose bleed section. >> the very last seat, yep. up now and my nose is bledding. but it was worth it to see the warriors in the playoffs? >> it was absolutely worth it. >> it was a party atmosphere near the rafters. >> i'm curious, is there a ten second delay between the time action happens on the court until you see it up here? >> no. i can see that. its in stainias. >> even up here? >> yes. >> the next game here is on sunday and the warriors are are also making plans to put potential game six tickets on sale on monday. in oakland, john alston, abc7 news. >> you can watch game four of the playoff series tomorrow at noon right here on abc7 followed by after the game with larry beil and mike shumann. lisa argen is here now at 5:08. tell us what's going on outside. >> we have plenty of low clouds and fog this morning.
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we will look for that it burn off wick -- quicker and that will mean a warmer afternoon. here's a look downtown. sun coming up after six. i'll tell you how warm it's going to get. and the warmest day of the weekend, that's next. >> thanks, lisa. also look at this amazing video. speaking of weather, the city that got pounded by baseball-size hail. and gun owners facing a shortage of bullets but what h
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>> a third woman held captive in a cleveland house is back at home this morning. michelle knight was the first of
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the three kidnapped in 2002. she left the hospital last yesterday afternoon. in a statement released on her behalf the hospital says she's in good spirits and grateful for the outpouring of gifts. also dna tests confirm that the suspect in the kidnappings, ariel castro, fathered amanda berry's six-year-old daughter. it is still a shock to the neighbors. >> i can't believe it still. i'm very happy and excited for the girls. >> prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty against the 52-year-old castro. he's being held on $8 million bail and is currently on suicide watch. abc news reports massachusetts investigators now have mounting evidence that the boston marathon bombers may have been involved in a triple homicide. the murderrings took place on september 11, 2011 in a town west of boston. three men were found in a home
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with their throws slit and their bodies covered with marijuana. one victim was a former boxes partner of tamerlan tsarnaev, and officials tell abc news they have forensic evidence connecting tsarnaev and his brother dzhokhar to the crime. tamerlan was killed in a shotout after the bombings and has been buried at this islamic cemetery in rural virginia. boston area cemeteries refused to accept his bodies and now people in virginia are complaining that they were not consulted. right now there is a nationwide ammunition shortage and it's not just hunters and recreational shooters impacted. your local police department may be paying more and waiting longer to get ammunition to train its officers. as abc7 news anchor eric thomas reports, some departments of trying to stretch their supplies with items you might have in your own home. [gunshots] >> some police officers take their weapons to the range to qualify three or four times a
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year. but richmond police ltd., louie, has his officers shoot monthly. he buys the department's ammo, which can now take twelve to nine months to get. >> we are having to alter our training to a certain degree in order to maintain the skill level that we expect of officers and that the community expects out of us. >> and the increase in prices was sudden and jarring after last fall's presidential election. he said a few years ago he could get this duty ammo for 200 bucks a case. now it's $800 or $900 a case. practice ammunition prices are also through the roof so his officers are doing more training without ammo. >> we will do five to ten repetitions without any ammunition. so they get the mechanics down and then we will get several ammunitions with live fire. >> the department is also making more use of what some of us may think of as toys. officers use this air soft pistol, just like the one you
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can buy in any sporting goods store, to learn to draw and shoot quickly. this one helps them to put the weapon on target. the training done this way shows no loss of skills. >> because we are trying to train smarter, the actual effectiveness is as high or even a little high are he. >> he spends a lot of time on the internet look for bargains and for now the department has just enough. but for the recreational shooter there are still shortages, some of it doing to panic buying after obama was re-elected. >> the fear i think drove people to say i have to get it now before it's gone. >> kevin anderson is president of the united sportsman shooting rave in concord. they try to sell ammo at ten% over cost when they can find it. some competitors charge three times as much. but it means limiting customers to two box as day. they both hope things will calm down over the next few months. eric thomas, abc7 news.
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two crewmembers of the international space station are planning to walk into space any minute now to try to bring the craft to full power. here's a live look from n.a.s.a. tv. you can see one astronaut in the foreground. that door that he's facing, the crewmembers that are going to do the space lock on the other side of that, that's crew lock. they are going through the depressure risation portion before they head out into space. we are watching it live and will continue to watch it as the morning goes on but the actual mission sits self is the astronauts are trying to fix a leak during their spacewalk. there is been an ammonia week that's made them have to shut down some of the electrical system. unplanned spacewalks like this they say are especially risky. we wish them the best. and they are trying to
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repopulate endangered birds and it's not open to the puck often. but dan ashley has more. >> walking into pandemonium averys, visitors are treated by a chorus of screeches, hoops and:s. they are surround bid whimsy in the los altos hills. >> we have two version how we got our name. this is the special version, pandemonium is the word for parrots. but we got the name before we had parrots and before we knew it was the flock name for parrots. >> she started her flock in 199 when she stopped on the express way to res view an injured dove. >> i pick it up and took it to a vet. >> word spread quickly she was
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willing to help out injured or abandoned birds. >> one by one and ten by ten they started coming. >> it led to pandemonium averys, a nonprofit organization. now volunteers help maintain the animals and take care of the facilities. >> it's called it because every time i say to my husband, this is the last i have one. we now have 64. >> pandemonium avararies, they still take care of the birds they initially took in but they are no longer accepting new birds. it's one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the united states. the facility is home to more than 360 birds and 70 endangered species. >> what we have here is a green pheasant by john. we have more than the entire world.
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>> they are currently actively engaged in breeding several of their endangered species, including the blue crown and victoria crown pigeon. >> in terms of the crown by john, they are the modern day do-do bird. that was the world's largest by john and now these are. >> maintaining is expense i have. >> unless we get more support from the public, we won't be able to save the birds. >> pandemonium avaraies is opening their doors for a few special mother's day events this weekend. the proceeds will go toward continuing the program. for information call the number on your screen. 650-948-7008 or e-mail. some remarkable new weather video out of texas. take a look.
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my, goodness. hail as bigs baseballs pelted the san^antonio area yesterday afternoon. a resident recorded this incredible hailstorm of the hailstorm as it passed over her backyard. several living nearby said the hail caused big problems, as you might imagine, shattering windows in homes and cars. ouch, talk about duck and cover, my goodness. >> seriously. >> i can't even imagine. huge. >> we have such stable weather over the bay area. that's really with us this morning, a sure sign of that is the marine layer. it overspreads most of the bay. concord and livermore are still clear. here's other look at the live doppler hd. we aren't picking up anything in the way of precip. low fog and clouds have been tugging hugging the coast and that will be the case again today. onshore push not going away but it will weaken over the weekend. here's a look at our exploratorium cam. we are checking out temperatures mainly in the 50s this
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morning. 50 half moon bay. good morning mountain view, 56 for you and upper 50s in oakland. 54 in san francisco and 53 in santa cruz. visibilities, though, are a problem with the higher pressure building and allowing for some pretty dense fog as you head on out perhaps at the beach. do be careful. santa rosa 49 right now. 55 in pair field. union city and los gatos. we are looking at the low clouds, the fog, the marine layer at about 1,000 feet. it will take until about 10:00, 11:00 until that burns back. once it does, a wide range of temperatures. sunny and mild this afternoon with temperatures still in the upper 50s at our coast but warming to near 90, not only today inland, but also for mother's day, as well. here's a look at the visibilities of just a half-mile up for our friends in santa rosa, 2 1/2 miles half moon bay. things will change a little bit so navigating this morning certainly should be a little bit tricky from the north bay
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through novato and mill valley and also down along the coast. keep that in mind. we have high pressure building in off the coast and that is pushing the storm track to the north. but we are also going to see a had few high clouds drift across the sky from time to time. mostly sunny sky with fewer high clouds around the bay today and that will allow for maybe not quite as warm as we could get if we had full sunshine. but nonetheless, it should be a nice afternoon with numbers climbing into the 90s away from the bay with very little of a sea breeze so temperatures in sacramento mid-90s, upper 90s in press no, upper 60s and partly sunny conditions monterey. look for upper 80s reno. a warm afternoon if you are not right near the bay or coast. 83 in san jose today. look at all the 10s returning for much of the south bay, santa clara and morgan hill upper 80s. 76 in in redwood city, 69 milbr. san francisco coming in in the upper 60s with more sunshine
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throughout the afternoon. still 50s at our coast. cool there. 82 up in santa rosa with 80 in napa. the festival going on there. low 70s, starting out with the clouds and then a sunny afternoon. a weak sea breeze keeping it mild to warm. in fact quite toasty as you head out toward livermore and antioch with temperatures in the 90s. tomorrow little change. less of the low clouds and fog in the morning and everyone enjoying a nice afternoon then cooler agrees for monday, tuesday and wednesday it looks like we will bump up the temperatures a little bit inland but coming back down again for then of the week with a stronger sea breeze. abc7 news is another great weather resource for you to follow. that's live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest conditions rain or shine, get other information, power outage and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> and that's you. thanks, lisa. coming up next, the hidden dangers with your barbecue
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grill. we aren't talking about fire. this isn't about charcoal are to propane tanks. stay with us.
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>> a medical emergency is
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prompting the caution about the use of wire brushes. exploratory surgery was performed on the teen after complaining of stomach pain for several days. they spotted a piece of metal in his small intestine. turned out it was aware brings he will like that one you see there from a grill brush that came off and stuck to the kip than he ate at a family barbecue. >> i have really bad luck just because of this one in a million chance happening to me but good luck because they found it early and doctors put me into the o. r. and got it out. >> strange as it sounds, it happens. in fact the centers for disease control recently put out a warning about old barbecue brushes and the tiny metal brings else that rub off. knew this morning the postal service will be pecking up food as they drop off mail today. it's the start of the 21st annual stamp out hunger food drive. you are encouraged to leave
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nonperishable food by your mailbox and the mail carriers will pick them up as they deliver your mail. more than $1 billion pounds of food has been collected since it began.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are so glad you are joining us at 5:30 and we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have low fog and clouds all across the bay except far inland as we start off this morning in oakland. temperatures are cool in the 50s, but by the afternoon the range will be from about 70 to near 80 around the bay, with plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds. notice at our coast, though, we will be keeping the low clouds.
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the breeze will be up and as a result temperatures only in the upper 50s to near 61 to. but with wide-ranging temperatures and less of an on shore push we will see the warm weather spread across the bay and inland we are looking at high temperatures today anywhere from the upper 70s to near 90 degrees. we are talking about very warm weather inland. low fog and clouds at the coast and still another day for the weekend that we've got to talk about. that's mother's day. we will have that for you and the look ahead coming up a little later. katie. >> a very important day. thanks, lisa. we have breaking news in antioch. there's been a shooting near buchanan road and barcelona circle. a police officer fired the bullets. kira klapper is live at the scene right now. kira, what can you tell us? >> well, katie, i can tell you that the man who concord police shot is dead this morning. as you said, antioch police are investigating because we are within the city limits.
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they are still behind me. it looks like there were several cars that were involved in the incident last night. let's get to the video we have just after the shooting. just after 9:00 last night we are here at buchanan road near barcelona circle. you can see in the video concord police and investigators are looking, putting down markers where shell casings fell from multiple gunshots it has been more than 8 hours now. antioch police, as we said, have taken over the investigation because the shooting happened in their city but, again, concord police are the officers who shot and killed the man. investigators tell me they expect to be here for a few more hours this morning. we are finishing measuring and mapping the shooting and then they tell me there is a home that they need to go investigate. reporting live in antioch, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> kira, thank you for that. construction workers at at&t park could soon walk off the job. union has called for a strike authorization vote today. nearly 800 employees who work for an outside company call
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center plate said they haven't had a raise in more than four years. if the workers approve the strike, management claims giants fans will not see any disruption in service on game day. u.c. berkeley graduation ceremonies begin this morning at 10:00. two political heavyweights are among the speaker. us attorney general eric holder will aggression the u.c. berkeley school of law commencement at the greek theaters and protesters are expected to greet him for the detention of brings norse at guantanamo bay. here you see last year's commencement. and apple cofounder steve woes woes -- wozinak will be there and jerry brown. >> you have been named the u.c. berkeley's top graduating senior and you are only 18 years old. the medal winners has won more than 40 awards totaling more than $300,000.
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education reporter lyanne melendez dez has the story. >> congratulations. that's great news. >> ritankar das is one of cal's brightest seniors. as you would speck, his grade point average is high. >> it's 3.99. >> and you did it in three years? >> that's right. >> he doubled a major in chemical engineering -- chemical biology and bioengineering. students qualify for the award as long as they have near close to a near perfect gpa. >> a 4.0, just sort of crazy gpa at that point but what matters afterwards is what actually they did with all the talents that they have. >> das was born in india. his family settled in milwaukee when he was only seven. the family moved to fremont just about as he was about to enter
5:35 am
u.c. berkeley. while at cal he has won 40 academic and community service awards. two years ago he founded "see your future" an outreach program for all students, but especially those living in underserved communities. >> every young person can change the world. but as a society we have to acknowledge that and we have to give them ways to show that. >> do you have time to date? >> yes, but it's not something i pursue. i love to play basketball, and i'm an outside shooter. >> das said he wants to focus on helping others less fortunate than him. >> how that is going to happen, i can't tell you. but as long as i find myself working on that, i'll be happy. >> at u.c. berkeley, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. dan is also an accomplished violinist and chess player. from here he will go to oxford and then m.i.t. for his ph.d..
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>> wine country is rocking this weekend with the first-ever bottle rock festival. it's all about great music, wine and food at the fairgrounds in napa. while most folks love the idea, some are not so happy about the crowds it's bringing. laura anthony has the story. >> oh, my gosh. >> what could be better than a little gourmet food and wine and a lot of music? >> what's with the earplugs? >> it's loud. just trying to save my ears for the long run. but i can still here it. it sounds great, but it's loud. >> earplugs are not the first ever bottle rock festival seems to be a hit. >> got to rock, baby. >> ♪ >> when not grooving to the likes of frankie and the country
5:37 am
line, there's plenty to eat and drink and the local winery figures this is a great showcase for their effort. >> yesterday was just a real rockin' day. a good crowd. expecting a bigger crowd today. very enthusiastic people and fantastic music. >> of course, the napa valley is also known for its restaurants. >> there is a good variety of local restaurants here, and i think it will bring people in from out of town. >> some of the neighbors have set up shop in their front yards. >> i like what they are doing here. >> others, though, not festival haters, say the five-day affair has created some hardships for them. >> it's like you asked for it, you said okay, your buddies talked you into it, you went in and did it and it hurt like heck and you have to live with it. >> that neighbor and others will have to live with this for a couple more days. the festival runs through sunday
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night. tonight and tomorrow night are nearly sold out. besides offering good music, good food, good wine, organizers are hoping also to raise about $1 million for 20 local charities. in napa, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thousands of cat lovers will be in the east bay today for the first ever oakland cat festival. this real life cat burglary became nationally known in 2011 for stealing objects in his san mateo neighborhood and dusty's owner said he's still at it. >> he's still trying to bring things back. he goes out at night and looks around. but the most of -- most of the things he brings back now are rubber bands. he can't seem to find got stuff anymore. >> if you would like to see dusty and the cat videos, the event is today from three to ten at the walker art center on grand avenue in oakland. it's a benefit for the east bay
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spca. you can find more information at under "sea it on tv." coming up next, a parking meter battle heats up in the state capital. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. many text you if you warning at a broken meter. a measure that would give you a break and ban the practice. >> here's a live look from our sutro cam. you can see those thick, low clouds hanging in. it's 51 degrees in san francisco right now but it's going to warm up. lisa argen will
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>> odds are you have parked as a broken parking meter and have come back to find a ticket on your car. it's expensive and it's usually not your fault. >> after finally finding a spot that allows her to find a spot for four hours, the meter won't let her pay for any more time than 48 minutes. >> i'm going to a doctor's appointment right now, and the event should take more than 1 1/2 hours and this meter has stopped at 48 minutes. >> california law already allows drivers to park at broken meters, but local cities are passing their own coordinates giving the authority to ticket. it's a cash cowgill. one wants to take the local authority away and allow drivers to park at a broken meter for the maximum time posted. >> if the cities want to get the money from the parking meters,
5:43 am
they should get it the correct way, by making sure they stay in good repair and making sure motorists can pay. >> his own district, los angeles, issued more than 17,000 tickets at broken meters in one year. opponents like the california parking organization say local jurisdictions develop third own policy when is it comes to broken meters and pay stations. they want those decision to stay local. >> if i find a broken meter i figure it's fair game. >> she's standing by with quarters because she knows how ticket happy meter readers can be. they noted there's no incentives for cities to fix meter when a fix-it ticket gets them more money. >> fix the meetser and i'll pay but if you are going to sit there and get $52 instead of a dollar, that's wrong. >> she decided to take a chance and go to the doctor's appointment, knowing full well she could find a ticket when she gets back. after winning a key committee vote this week, the full assembly is expected to take up
5:44 am
the measure this month. in sacramento, abc67 news. coming up at 5:44 on this saturday morning, lisa argen has good news if you like warm weather. >> yeah. you have to get away from the coast. we will have the low clouds and fog hangtag shoreline. here's the view from mt. tam and the sun is up in another 15 minutes or so. a quicker burn off and warmer afternoon, but not absolutely everywhere. i'll explain next. >> also next, tony parker and the spurs try to take
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>> welcome back. it's 5:47 on this saturday morning. this is a live look from the exploratorium cam. the sky and the water is about the same color this morning. but it will warm up in the upper 60s with the clouds to burn off, which are should happen right around noon. there is someone here with more exact figures. lisa argen with the full forecast. >> yeah. it should bring a little warmup around the bay and inland. but the clouds will keep it cool at the coast. a nice wide range of numbers this afternoon. right now live doppler 7hd you see the sweep on top of mount st. helena. we aren't picking up anything in the way of precip. typical this time of year. we are looking for numbers to
5:48 am
warm up today. another look for you where temperatures are mainly in the 50s. 57 in oakland with 56 in mountain view. 50 along the coast, 52 santa cruz. we are looking at visibility issues up in the north bay. here's emeryville where it's cloudy and the sun almost up. 6:03 the official sun reese. down to half-mile visibility for santa rosa. 53 livermore where it's clear. also clear in concord, union city and hayward mid-50s right now with 53 in los gatos. temperatures around the bay have been pleasant were we saw the clouds burn back quicker yesterday. today and tomorrow we will hold on to them around the stay until about 11:00, 12:00, then we will see more sunshine. low clouds not clearing the coast. with the quicker burn off, we will see the warmth overspread the bay and a warmer day inland with temperatures on mother's day very similar. but if you are inland it will be getting quite warm with numbers
5:49 am
near 90. half-mile visibility from santa rosa. we talked about that. three quarter mile novato with just two miles at our coast. elsewhere not bad, but we could see the ceilings continue to lower throughout the morning hours before the fog finally clears. once it does, we will have that wide range of temperatures. a few high clouds, though, with 60s at our coast and 70s and 80s around the bay. so it should be a nice afternoon. on the mild side for the most part unless if you are around the delta where the see breeze pretty much cut off and temperatures approaching 90. so it's high pressure building on in from the pacific. with that today we will see sunshine and a few high clouds drifting south. that will allow for maybe some of the sky to be covered at times throughout the day today. but it won't inhibit our warming. we are still looking at temperatures once again into the lower 80s to the pupper 80s if you are further south from gilroy to morgan hill.
5:50 am
mid-70s santa cruz. 76 redwood city. notice just upper 50s from half moon bay. 56 with the clouds in pacifica. near 70 in milbrae with mid-and upper 60s downtown. 12:00, 1:00, we should see sunshine. sunny in the financial district with more clouds hanging right around the west side. 72347 vallejo. look for about 86 in cloverdale with low to mid-70s from an leandro to berkeley. 78 castro valley. you head inland and this is where the numbers will warm into the 80s. a comfortable 86, on the warm side, in walnut creek. if you are headed to the giants game today, look for temperatures to be in the mid-60s. breezy with those low clouds coming back into play.h% kind of in and out at times throughout the afternoon. but by the 4:00 hour we should see temperatures in the 60s and the look ahead notice that today and tomorrow 50s to near 60 coast, 90 inland and cooling
5:51 am
back inwand monday, tuesday and wednesday with numbers in the mid-80s. still nice but the sea breeze is not going to go away. it will be with us all week long. >> thank you. in sports tomorrow afternoon the pressure will be on the warriors to even their playoff series against the spurs after losing game three at oracle arena last night. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. there is a reason the spurs have won four nba titles. they do not panic. the warriors splash brothers finally cooled off in game three of the nba playoff series while the spurs heated up. a sea of yellow at oracle arena last night. quiet early but loud here as he poster eyes boris. the first half all about tony parker. there's no name for this shot. tony, are you serious? my, goodness. david lee, torn hip flexor and all, looks fine. scored five points in three
5:52 am
minutes of action. steph, he had nine points in the first half, five assists. harrison with authority! warriors got within three playing come from behind all night long. three seconds left in the half, can't stop tony parker. spurs up 9 at the break. curry silent in the second quarter, wakes up in the third. steph 16 points but the areaors shot just 39% from the field. meanwhile parker is going out of his mind. scores 32. bad night gets even worse for the warriors. late in the fourth, curry's left ankle tweaked. he stayed in the game but limping noticeably afterwards remember no official word on his condition. we have to mention tim duncan because he has 23 points and ten boards. warriors lose on their home court for the first time this postseason. 02-92 the final and the spurs lead the series two games to one. >> they outplayed us, they outworked us. they were the aggressor.
5:53 am
that being said, we are still a confident basketball team. if we don't play our brand of basketball, we are not good enough to just win. >> a lot of errors made in the first two games. give them credit. they are a good team. they worked tonight and they got us pretty well. >> we will have game four of the series sunday, 12:30. on to baseball. giants, they have been waiting for this. matt cain with his best start of the season against the braves. oh, baby. look at the cutie. a few weeks old maybe. 8 innings, struck out 7, picks up his second win of the year. the giants chased tim hudson with six runs in in the fourth. you can't say angel pegan without gone. two flying. 6-2. a's, trying to stop their four-game skid. not going to happen.
5:54 am
there is going for him in the third a three-run blast to right and the slumping athletics lose their fifth in a row. and 5:00 p.m. here knicks and pacers followed by another redsition of "after the game." have a great weekend and happy mother's day as well, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> you can watch the warriors and spurs in game four at roaracle arena tomorrow. and join us for abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. after the game. while you are watching the game, follow larry and schu for the best fan experience if you can't be inside oracle arena yourself. larry is on twitter and shoot tweets at meek shumann. we will tell you how much will be tonight and if anybody won the $154 million mega
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> here the numbers from last night's million megadraw. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $170 million. good luck! but first, lottery fever will be focused on tonight's $270 million power ball draw. people looking for an edge have been lining up to get their tickets at san leandro cabana's liquors. the you know it well, they have had four previous millionaire winners. it's the largest jackpot since california joined power ball just last month. odds of winning are about 175 million so buy lots more tickets. that always works.
5:58 am
next, we continue to follow break news in contra costa county. the latest on a police shot shooting in antioch. we will have a live report from the scene. and the america's cup tragedy on the bay. new information about what happened and the coast guards are planning to protect racers and
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's 6:00 a.m. on saturday. i'm katie marzullo. here's a quick look at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> hi, katie. the sun coming up in just a few minutes. plenty of low clouds and fog. we are clear in our inland valleys. temperatures are in the 50s. a little bits warmer this morning. that will be the trend throughout the afternoon. it's 50 half moon bay and the visibilities have been reduced newspaper the north bay with about a half-mile and also along the central coast anywhere from a quarter to


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