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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, mayth, mother's day. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning. we have a little fog. it is less widespread than yesterday but where yes have it it's impacted up to the north. it is clear elsewhere. temperatures are a little bit warmer this morning and that will take us once again to warmer afternoon inland. but at the coast the clouds will feel. it will still be cool with numbers in the tuesday. overall upper 40s to the upper 50s. by this afternoon the upper 50s at stinson, inland, will
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see the upper 90s. temperatures this evening pretty nice but the see breeze will come back and it will be quite breezy. if you are headed to the giants game, stay tuned to that forecast. we will talk about cooler weather headed our way as soon as tomorrow. carolyn. >> developing news. foothill counsel of valley springs is in shock this morning after the investigation of the death of leila fowler has led to her brother's arrest. the 12-year-old is accused of stabbing her to death. this after three action of the boy telling authorities he saw an intruder come into the home. we have the details on the stunning development. >> calaveras county can sleep a little better knowledge stunning news outside of the office will only two hours earlier his deputies arrested the brother of leila fowler. >> at a 5:10 p.m. detectives
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arrested the 12-year-old brother of leila on the charge of homicide. >> several days after the killing, leila's 12-year-old brother. now the accused killer, joined family members at a vigil. we are blurring his face because he is a minor. more than 1,000 people gathered at jenny lind elementary school where leila was a third grader. her mother spoke briefly to the crowd. >> i want to thank the community for the overly amount of support you have given my family. it will never be forgotten. 8-year-old girl was stabbed inside the home three weeks ago. her brother told investigators he encountered a tall man with long, gray hair who then ran off. they said they collected dna at the scene, collected household knives and searched a nearby pond for evidence. it put the entire community in a state of fear as authorities conducted a door to doorman hunt
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that gradually tapered off. a neighbor who claimed seeing a man runway from the fowler home later recanted the story. >> we have put in over 2,000 hours into this investigation to provide leila fowler's family with answers in her death. >> the schaefer of did not address some obvious questions such as a motive or whether the weapon has been found. he says the investigation is not every yet. john alston, abc7 news. now, the brother cannot be charged as an adult because he's under 14 years old. legal analyst jim hammer tells us the process will be private. >> the focus in juvenile court is going to be on figuring out who this kid is, what is his family situation like, is he appropriate to be in the family setting or taken out of the family setting, either foster care or some kind of custodial setting. but the focus is on how to rehabilitate this kid at 12-year-old. radically different than an adultery proceeding.
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stay with abc7 news as we continue to follow this story. you can also find breaking news updates on our facebook page and our twitter feed. abc7 news bay area. developing news, another northern california manhunt is expanding with federal agents and four swat teams joining the search for a wanted killer in humboldt county. authorities believe 45-year-old shane miller killed his which have and two young daughters tuesday night in shafta county. he has some prior convinces for drugs, weapons and parole violation. he is considered armed and dangerous. there's been no sign ever him since wednesday night when his pickup truck was found abandoned near the town of petrolea. this shows federal and state s.w.a.t. teams from three departments heading out to conduct search operation necessary the thick back woods. haywood police are investigating what caused a
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crash that injured two people and damaged a house last night on mannon avenue. two people are seriously injured after an accident that closed the road between ranker place and schaefer road. two to three cars was smashed, a house was damaged in the accident. we will let you know just what happened as soon as retails are released later this morning. disappointment in vallejo as little league players learned yesterday's games were cancelled because of yet another shooting near one of their fields. it's the second time shots were fired near the ballpark. abc7 news reporter lisa has more. >> sebastian kern should be pitching against the giants. instead he's practicing with his eight-year-old brother. it's because north vallejo little league has cancelled all of that are games. for the second time in three weeks gunshots have been fired
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near one of the games. this 12-year-old heard the gunshots that rang out thursday. police say someone in one car fired into another car at around 6:00 p.m. northern from the league was involved or hurt. >> to have someone just be as callous as that, and to not think about the lives that they are putting in danger is just incomprehensible. >> but this isn't the first time young players have been near gunfire. on april 17th shots were fired after a tee-ballgame at john williams field. no one was hurt then either but the league briefly suspended the season. games resumed a few days later. >> the first one i wasn't so angry but i was more angry at the second one. >> both of her boys play in the league. >> mainly sad. started wondering if i was going to let them play. >> she's decided only to let them play in games she can attend.
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explaining that tisn't easy. what down to do? >> i would rather play. i would rather be playing right now, i guess. >> starting monday games will be played at dan foley park. league officials are sure their players will be safer here. league officials are also calling on city leaders to make the neighborhood around williams and thurman fields a priority. they say more officers are needed now. in vallejo, abc7 news. >> we are learning more about the fatal officer-involved shooting by concord police friday night. officers say 21-year-old charles burns was suspected of dealing drugs. police were doing surveillance at his home in antioch friday night around 9:00. the officers tried to serve a search warrant were they say burns hopped into a car driven by another man and rammed an unmanned police car. burns got out and tried to run away. two officers opened fire. >> they blocked him in on the other side.
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one guy got arrested. he tried to run out of the car and they shot him. >> nonstop, nonstop. we didn't get up until this stopped. >> the other man in that car was arrested. developing news, a lake county neighborhood is sinking into a hilltop. it's happening in a neighborhood in lake port. that's a city on the west side of clear lake. as abc news reporter clayton sandell reports, homes of that been standing for 30 years are now falling apart. >> in this neighborhood in the northern california town of lake port, the hillside underneath is collapsing, taking with it trees, streets and homes. >> the whole subdivision may have to move out. >> mike and jenna were warned to empty the home they lived in for 16 years and get out. >> we love it up here. we've always loved it up here. it just is devastating because all of this has happened within two months.
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we're just -- we are trying to stay optimistic. >> the entire subdivision of 29 homes is in danger. this house dangling on the edge. the floor swallowed up. >> you look at the slope of the driveway. that home was sitting up above there. >> engineers are desperately trying to decide why the hillside has become so unstable but so far there is no smoking gun. it's not the first time this landslide earlier this year on washington state's would-be island knocked homes off their foundations and there is more telltale cracks in lake port, all anyone knows for sure is the ground is still moving, shifting entire lives along with t clayton sandal, abc news, denver. >> it is mother's day, as you know. happy day to you. a lot of special treats for mom today. how will the weather be? >> we are talking about a fairly similar conditions to yesterday, although with some minor changes, some warming in planned
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less fog. here's a look outside. partly cloudy skies and 54 downtown right now. one more warm day before things change and we get back to the cool flow and dramatic cooling in some spots. we will talk about it coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, new details about moments before the deadly dent last week involving the swede everybody catamaran
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:12 on this sunday, may 12th. happy mother's day to all the
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moms, grand moms, antis, anyone helping to raise the babies these days. this is a live look from our exploratorium cam, showing you it's going to be a beautiful day. this is a bit of the bay bridge. lisa argen will be along to tell you just how spectacular it will be today a bit later on with her accuweather forecast. a meeting is scheduled for this tuesday with the four teams in the america's cup to discuss thursday's tragedy on are san francisco's bay. teams from the u.s., italy, sweden and new zealand will be in san francisco this week. they will decide what steps, if any, to take in the weak of that catamaran accident that killed a british medalist. the skipper's father tells a newspaper his son heard a sharp crack moments before the boat tumble forward. they report the racing yacht folded like a taco shell, according to crewmembers.
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one enthusiasts believes the cup will go on. >> i don't think anything will deter us from hosting, let alone attending any of the events. there's more public awareness now that an accident has occurred. >> the man died after being trapped underneath the wreckage for ten minutes. a tour in california conclusion off today with this year's course starting in southern california and heading north. the eight-day, 750-mile race ends in santa rosa, bringing the climax of the race to our region. cycling fans say the bay area stages should determine this year's winners from among the world's elite cyclists. individual time trials come to san jose friday with a grueling climb to the top of 3800-foot mount deabably next saturday. those trials are expected to draw tens of thousandsf fans
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to have the cycling world's attention for a full day. the final stage runs from san francisco to santa rosa. concession workers at at&t park have authorized a strike. they voted at the ballpark yesterday. they want their first raise in three years. now the vote doesn't mean a walkout is imminent. there are negotiations between the union and management wednesday and thursday. management calls yesterday's vote unfortunate. three young women are savoring free come in cleveland this weekend. new video shows their moment of freedom last week. at the same time new questions are being raised about the investigations into their abductions. chuck zest son has the latest. >> they marched in honor of michelle knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus. the three will celebrate mother's day in freedom for the
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first time in a long time. for the first time we see the moment of liberation, police officers knocking down the front door and amanda hugging her daughter moments after she was freed after help from the neighbor charles ram san. a moment relived by a police officer who investigated their disappears for a decade. >> it was a surreal experience hugging them and talking to them. >> that jubilation is tempered by some. some saw he saw her right before they were kidnapped. >> i thought it was weird but i didn't think anything was wrong until a couple days later. it was weird enough to remember the plate and remember the vehicle and remember the description of the guy. >> a description the brothers reported to a police hot line but police say there is no record of that call. >> i know the guys are involved in the investigation both on our side and with the fbi and they would not have left those kind of things go. they would have checked it out and vetted it it out.
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>> ariel castro, the man accused of abducting and raping the three women hired a private defense attorney. dna confirms he's the father of a six-year-old girl who also escaped from the house. castro remains jailed on $8 million bond. chuck sievertson, new york. >> new testimony and e-mails have surfaced about the deadly a tack last september 11th on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. was enough done to protect america lives? did political consideration influence the obama administration's immediate response in don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. we have the winning numbers from last night's $270 million power ball draw. 6, 13, 19, 23, 43, the meganumber 16.
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no one got all six numbers, but there is someone in the bay area who is a bit richer this morning. three tickets in california matched five numbers, but missed that power number. one ticket was purchased in petaluma. each ticket is worth $573,000. wednesday's jackpot climbs to $350 million. the odds of winning power ball, about 1 in $175 million. i wasn't anywhere near petaluma so i guess it's not me. >> me either. >> okay. well, the weather is a winning combination today. but there is some wind? >> that's right. by 1:00 in the afternoon san francisco really feeling that sea breeze. over 20 miles an hour. so expecting your high temperature in the city early on. by about noontime it should be hitting the low 700 he is and then it's downhill after that as the sea breeze kicks up. still plenty of sunshine. here's a look at live doppler 7hd where you can see where are not tracking any precip or
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clouds. but the marine layer is pretty shallow this morning. it will stay at the coast for the time being. but then we will even get some sunshine at our beaches. temperatures still running cool there. here's a look downtown with 54 san francisco. good morning, oakland. clear and 55. mountain view at 57. san jose looking at 56. half moon bay 52 and 50 in santa cruz. so we do have fog around salinas. here's a look at the bay bridge and also up toward the north bay. otherwise we are looking at less in the way of the low clouds. 55 in fairfield. livermore mid-50s. we will see a little bit of warming in our inland east bay today. elsewhere a little bit of change. napa 46, santa rosa 48. so we will look for this morning low clouds and fog confined in san francisco, the coast, a little bit up in the north bay. we will call it partly cloudy. this afternoon still just upper 50s to the low 6 tos at our coast to lower 90s inland. cooler conditions tomorrow with
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a pretty good onshore push and some later afternoon clearing. so 24 hour temperature change. we are warmer just by a couple degrees around the bay and cooler in napa by about 7 degrees and couple degrees of cooling in novato. we talk at the top of the hour arou fog in the north bay, 2 1/2 mile visibility in novato and quarter mile in santa rosa. we are looking at some of the low cloudiness but by 10:00 everyone will be sunny. the high pressure builds into the eastern pacific and we will see some sunshine. still a few high clouds in association with this system here that will visit us tomorrow. this will bring the stronger on shore flow, later clearing, cooler temperatures. but today the numbers are warmer aloft. we have less this the way of low clouds and fog. we will warm up quicker. 90s return for chico, sacramento, look at the triple digits for fresno. mid-80s los angeles and 78 in san diego. in the south bay today another
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nice day. san jose 84 for you. upper 80s in los gatos. only upper 50s only half moon bay. san francisco warming up to the early afternoon and then the sea breeze and temperatures dropping through the 60s. but 80 in petaluma, 86 in napa. so a few degrees warmer in some of our inland spots today. ed 1 castro valley. a couple degrees warming fremont at 82. here's the 90s returning for pittsburgh. the forecast upper 50s to mid-90s today. look at the 8 to 10-degree testimony drop tomorrow and that takes us through the middle of the week and a little bit of recovery by the end of the upcoming work week. we will let you know all of those details when you check us out on twitter. that's #livedoppler 7hd.
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check us out. >> thank you. when security becomes an issue someone will say pick a good password but what is a good password? 7 on your side's michael finney has been looking into that. >> how many passwords do you have? >> 27. >> did you just make up that number? >> yes. about five. >> about five. >> yes. >> i feel with passwords you have to get something unique to know it and when it becomes that unique i can remember it myself. >> that's it in a nutshell. we know what we are supposed to do and it is important. >> we are really all in danger and it's no longer a question if we are going to become victims of identity theft, but when. >> adam is a consumer activist and founder of he said the problem is worse than you might think. if your computer gets infected with malware, forget about it.
5:23 am
david is a fraud prevention officer of bank of the west. >> the biggest thing people don't realize when you are infected with a virus the first thing the virus does is dumps all your saved passwords and sends that to guys on the internet within milliseconds. >> which means you have to change your passwords and fast. but by what? he says start by ignoring the truth. >> get one of the simple questions but when you come to the answer lie. like what's your mother's maiden name. superman. what was the name of your -- the high school that you attended? smallville high. in other words, have an answer that only you would really know that no one who even knew you would know it because it's not a real answer. >> what's your favorite movie? steal the plot. >> if i asked you to come away with you, would you?
5:24 am
>> our bank security officer says you can have a secure computer for a song. >> it's good to use a longer password if a all possible. some people use music lyrics and string notes together. ♪ come along with me] >> pick a couple movies and a couple of books and you will have plenty of password material. >> both of our experts say an easy way to incorporate numbers and symbols into a password is use number 1 or an i or l and use a dollar sign for an s. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> what elementary students are planning to do to try to bring a family home after their family's visa expires during a trip to mexico. let's play:
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>> elementary school students in berkeley are just about to do anything, go the extra mile to try to help bring a classmate home. they held a fundraiser last night for a ten-year old classmate. they talked to him over the internet. their visa expired after a trip to mexico and they have to wait five years to reapply. they hope to raise enough money to travel to washington d.c. to
5:28 am
ask congress for help. up next, some of silicon valley's greatest inventions have been built in garages. a team that's building a tiny satellite in silicon valley what they hope to prove by sending it into space. and plus can the warriors even their series with the san antonio spurs some i'm live at oracle arena ahead of game 4. if they win we will tell you how you can buy tickets to
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>> welcome back, everyone. happy mother's day. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. here's a look at the bay bridge where we are mostly clear around the bay. a little patchy fog downtown. otherwise numbers are in the 50s. we arecouple degreesst of the fn
5:31 am
confined in the central coast. it's 54 this morning in union city, 55 in fairfield with 47 and some low clouds up in novato and santa rosa. taking you into oakland, your forecast for the afternoon, fairly similar to yesterday but for mother's day today a couple degrees of warming around the bay today. so low 70s to the mid-80s. upper 50s to the lower 60s. inland we are talking about numbers getting into the mid-90s with antioch and brentwood and liver livermore as well. the sea breeze will pick up and that will impact you in san francisco today. fur headed to the giants game, we will get the early temperature warmer than later in the afternoon. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the golden state warriors playoff series against the
5:32 am
san antonio spurs continues today at a local arena. it's also known as roaracle arena once the crowd gets going. the warriors are going to need that enthusiasm to help them get pumped up. >> they sure do, carolyn. they are down 2-1 in the best of seven western conference semifinal series and they are looking for the home flit today. it's pretty close to a must-win. technically it isn't a must-win but that's the way we feel after the warriors head back to san antonio for game five. it would be better to head into the game tied than to be down 3-1. this is a game they lost the other day. today for game four, gates at oracle arena opened at ten and doors to the actual arena open at 10:30 this morning. tipoff is at 12:30 and coverage starts at noon right here on abc7. if there is a game six, get
5:33 am
this, tickets go on sale tomorrow to the public at 3:00 p.m. and to season ticket holders and warriors insiders beginning at 9:00 a.m. so let's hope that happens and mark your calendars. reporting live at oracle arena, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> thank you, kira. you can watch the warriors and spurs in game four at roaracle arena today and followed by larry beil and mike shumann with "after the game." join us at 5:00 p.m. for the news. as you are watching the game you can follow larry and schu for the best fan experience if you can't be there. larry is on twitter and shoe tweets at&t mikeshumann. new this morning the owners of the sacramento kings have thrown a wrench into that city's plan to keep their basketball team from moving to seattle. the owners are nettening to not sell the team to a sacramento
5:34 am
investor group if the nba blocks its deal with seattle bidders. a source close to the group say they are told the owners will not do business with them. espn reports the brothers have a backup deal to sell a just a 20% share to seattle investors. a group meets by phone tomorrow to discuss that with a final discussion expected wednesday when the nba board of directors meets in dallas. o.j. simpson will be back in a las vegas courtroom tomorrow seeking to reverse the conviction in the 2008 armed robbery of sports memorabilia dealers. simpson claims his lawyers were incompetent and he should get a new trial. experts call it a hale mary final appeal as he tries to avoid what amounts to a life sentence for the 65 year old. he was sentenced to 33 years in prison. he's got to serve at least nine years. he would not be eligible for parole until he is 70.
5:35 am
it's that time of year, graduation ceremonies. u.s. attorney general eric holder was the commencement speaker yesterday for the berkeley law school. his appearance drawing cheers and jeers. there were 400 graduates. some saying it was an honor for the nation's top lawyer to speak to them. but protesters countered that holder needs to be held accountable for his policies. >> you are about to embark on your legal career with a tick consequence, a cross-roads in history. >> i'm here to protest u.s. policies of torture and indefinite detention. the situation in guantanamo. >> i think it's disrespectful to protest a graduation personally. but they are entitled to their opinion. >> holder told the class of 2013 the world is looking to graduates for the leadership they are uniquely qualified to share. silicon valley is famous for start-ups launched in garages.
5:36 am
hewlett-packard and apple to name the most prominent ones were now some young men are using their garage to build a satellite and launch it into space. jonathan bloom pace a visit to the teen behind sky cube. >> hunched over a small table in a cluttered garage they are feverishly working toward a tight ted line. >> they are charging the batteries. these ones are not charged and we are not sure they hold enough charge for us. >> there are countless variables in lay. >> what bothers me is the radio shifted mode. >> and they have only one chance to get it right. >> we are building a cube set. it will launch into orbit in 2013. >> this science project will blast off an rocket and fly high above the earth. it's powered by sun, packs a tiny radio and three cameras. >> you will be able to request a picture of the earth and the next time the teite goes
5:37 am
over this part of the earth it will take a picture and send it back to your phone. >> he's an app developer and a space nerve. when his app last time did so well he quit his day job and decided to go where no one has gone before. >> it's about doing something only big governments could do. >> the tiny satellite will orbit the earth seg pack tweets and pictures for people willing to pay a dollar for the privilege. >> this is code for high world so that's what i'm programming here. >> they had to build a lot of things themselves like the solar panel that they built from scraps to save tens of thousands of dollars. >> we had to pick the best ones. >> he pieced together the little leftover solar cell triangles that cost a mere $1.50 each and when the satellite a deployed the panels unfold to charge the batteries and reveal the
5:38 am
cameras. then comes the tricky part. >> the physics come later when it's tumbling through space and we have to predict the tumble but we can't do that until it is up there. >> they have to take the pick spurs and then bet the pictures off. >> cost about $40. pretty cheap. >> he showed us what they bull to listen to the satellite. they can post all their transmissions to the internet but all good things must come to an end, including this one. >> this is the grand tie naturally. >> after the six month term in space the giant satellite will pop out this giant paw loan. it will trying it out of orbit and send it hurdling back into the atmosphere k that's when you might catch a glimpse of it as a fast moving star in the night sky. >> if you are a kid who contributed, that's a wild moment at the end of the thing. >> the end is only the beginning. they raised $1,167,000 on kick starter, enough to build a second satellite. >> if this works and we pull it
5:39 am
off, it won't be the aft satellite we will do but we will talk about that one when the time comes. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> up next, what's being call the wall mart loophole. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. low wage workers are saying their hours are being cut so the companies don't have to provide healthcare under obamacare. >> and this is a live look showing you the beauty of the bay. lisa argen will have your mother's day forecast in
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> there is a move in sacramento to penalize companies who cut back on workers hours insurance
5:42 am
next year when health insurance laws kick in. nannette miranda reports on the benefits and the potential risks of closing the so-called wal-mart loophole. >> my hours are being cut. >> with her schedule being reduced, full time retail associate barbara couldn't afford to buy her own healthcare anymore so she enrolled her son in a government program. >> he's on medicaid mao and i will have to enroll myself. >> they say that's a growing trend. beginning next year the federal affordable care act requires employers to provide coverage to anyone work more than 30 hours or more a week. to avoid the mandate, hours are reduced. it's forcing many low wage workers to go on taxpayer paid state programs like medical. there is a proposal to close out anyone who is trying to take
5:43 am
advantage of the so-called wal-mart loophole. the money will go to med-a-cal. >> this emergency's of it will continue to grow until it squeezes out all other programs. education, public safety, you name the program, it will be squeezed out. >> company deny hours are being reduced to circumvent the law. opponents, including wal-mart, are keeping up to fight the proposed penalty. they say there's already a federal penalty in place and the state fine could be up to six times that or up to $15,000 per employee. they insist any added cost will hurt the economy. >> it's like a gun to the employer's head. it promises to increase our unemployment rate. guarantees it. and that's what we are telling people. >> she just wants her full time hours back and health coverage. >> it's something that i should be able to provide for.
5:44 am
>> the bill has until mid-september to get to the governor's desk. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. it's been a bit on the windy side around here lately. wonder if that will hold true, lisa? >> it is. we have the low clouds and fog this morning. they are less widespread than yesterday so that means a quicker burn offer. we will warm up earlier, but the sea breeze returns and this afternoon up to 20 miles an hour. this is our sutro camera. the sunrise at 6:03. we will talk about the rest of the day, mother's day, and a cooler week ahead next. >> thank you, lisa. also next we are just hours away from the warriors trying to even their playoff series against the spurs. mike shumann has an update on steph curry's sprained an
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>> thank you for waking up and enjoying us on the abc sunday morning news. here's a live look at the bridge there, showing it shrouded in fog. it is in the upper 40s in santa rosa. mid-50s in san francisco currently. lisa argen will be along to give you a full accuweather forecast coming up. in sports, the warriors are going to try to even their playoff series with the spurs this afternoon at oracle arena. meanwhile the giants are closing out their homestand this afternoon against the braves. timmy lincecum starts for the giants. first pitch at 1:05. yesterday madison bumgarner tried to rebound from his first loss of the season. here's mike shumann with all the highlights in this morning areas sports. >> good morning. the giants hosting the braves and these two always seem to stage a great match-up. madison bumgarner, who has never beaten atlanta, was on the hill
5:48 am
and the giants blew atlanta away. before the game some junior giants received gloves from the players. a great program. first play, sandoval turns on the 3-2 pitch and lines it over the wall. gave the giants the 1-0 lead. madison bumgarner brought his a-game. 7 innings, 1 run on 4 hits. struck out a season-high 11 batters. giants bats stayed hot scoring four times in the fourth. one to the gap in right center with the bases loaded. that cleared the bags. giants on top 6-1. blanco a career high 4 rbi. giants tack on four more runs in the eighth. brandon belt, two-run single up the middle. giants now in sole possession of first place in the national league west as they crush the braves, 10-1, the final. a's and mariners, i think these in a sugar comeau. where did my cotton candy go? where was this going? a solo shot in the second off brandon mauer. welcome back to the lineup here,
5:49 am
solo shot, first of the year, 2-0, a's. seattle made it a one-run game until the sixth. how about another home run. this one from brandon moss. 4 had-2, oakland. trying to end the slide. they go the win. got some help. a's in the five-game slide with a 4-3 victory. warriors and spurs have a quick turn around after friday night's game three. game four today at oracle with the spurs leading two games to one and once again all eyes on steph curry's decision. he's a game-time decision. rolling his left ankle. stayed in the game but left out of the arena friday night. tony parker had 32 points friday, including 25 in the first half but it's not time to push the panic button. as golden state knows, this will be a lodge series. we asked steph yesterday about his ankle. >> same old story. that i have the same answers. i hope it feels good enough to go tomorrow but until i wake up tomorrow and see,
5:50 am
series. it's been thus far. so i don't look at it as a missed opportunity at all. with us, the learning experience, we build, we watch film and we get better. >> all right. to the penns in seattle. second half, stoppage time, 3-0, sounders. gets the lucky bounce and puts it in. check out the celebration. sunderings win big, 4-nil, the final. warriors and spurs game four right here on abc7. tipoff at 12:30. stick around after the game with larry and nate and, of course, the schu. see you then. have a great day. >> the bay area is in the grips of nba playoff fever and warrior fans are just sharing all that are team pride with us. wearing their team colors these fans got the opportunity to catch the game in person. lucky group, those seats aren't
5:51 am
cheap. and two young fans get the thrill after lifetime. check this out. these brother get to meet klay thompson and they took a photo with him in oakland. we want to see your pride in the bay area teams in the playoffs. e-mail your warriors and sharks fan photos to us at ureport at we will say hem on the air and online at so probably some moms for mother's day are headed either to the giants or over to the arena. weather for the giants? >> it's going to be nice. starting out we will see the warmer temperatures at 1:00. around 70 degrees and dropping with the sea breeze in the afternoon. right now we are talking about low clouds and fog. live doppler 7hd not showing hutch in the way of anything right now. we had records yesterday. south lake tahoe, 78 degrees. and 90 at the reason owe tahoe airport. we will have a warmer day today. southern salinas valley and also far inland.
5:52 am
just a little bit of low clouds and fog early. then that will disappear. here's a look from mt. tam right now. the marine layer with us is below 1,000 feet. obviously we have a little bit of visibility issues in the north pay. we usually do. novato, isn't rice and along the coast. 54 downtown, oakland 55. good morning mountain view, 57 for you with lower 50s half moon bay. here is sutro. looks pretty nice out there with the marine layer. this is pretty shallow, even though it looks like there is a lot of it. higher pressure pushing down on the atmosphere and that will dissipate, compress the ma roenick layer and the temperatures are warmer this morning. 55 fairfield. mid-50s in livermore, 52 los gatos and a few cooler spots, napa and santa rosa in the mid-and upper 40s. so the highlight to this morning, partly cloudy overall with cooler conditions at our coast. we will keep it where it was. upper 50s to the lower 60s and quite a wide range. to the lower 90s inland again
5:53 am
and the temperatures coming down for everyone tomorrow with the more generous onshore push. here's in the bluish green color. the cooler numbers. novato and napa this morning. elsewhere couple degrees warming from mountain view and livermore and with that warming and the quicker burn-off, less of a marine push earlier. we will warm up and then we are going to cool back by the afternoon. visibility less than two miles just about anywhere from santa rosa. but along the coast about five miles with that fog half moon bay. so we have a little weather system to the north and west of us and that will be influencing us tomorrow. as for today a few high clouds and slightly warmer. we were around 90 degrees yesterday inland east bay. and today we could pick up the temperatures just a few degrees. but if you are around the bay and at our coast you will feel the sea breeze this afternoon. 90 in morgan hill with 84 in santa clara. peninsula numbers ranging from the mid-70s san mateo, about 70 milbrae to the lower 80s
5:54 am
los gatos and mountain view and at our coast again pretty cool, upper 50s and the sunset with 57 downtown. you will reach that high temperature in the early afternoon. 80 in petaluma. 87 calistoga. so notice some of the reds here getting a little further west. 77 for your high today in oakland with 76 in hayward. look for 82 this afternoon in fremont. here are the 90s inland with lowed 0s antioch and 88 san ramon. this afternoon looking at sunshine. temperatures in the upper 60s. breezy winds. it could be as gusty at 20 to 25 miles an hour in the afternoon. and the afternoon dropping through the 60s. we will look for temperatures to cool off everywhere 8 to 10 degrees tomorrow and right on through rest of the work week. i know you are a frequent zoo-goer and you get a treat if you bring your pass.
5:55 am
>> it is mother's day. for some it can
5:56 am
5:57 am
there are a lot of mothers who will not see that you are kids this mother's day with them serving in the military. a group in san jose hosted their adopt a military mom for mother's day luncheon yesterday t included food, gifts and special guest speakers. organizers say it's important to recognize that going to war affects not just the troops, but their families back here at home. my son has been in the service for nine years. he has been ied, he's been shot, he survived a direct lightning hit. so like all of these moms, we live in fear. we don't celebrate a lot of birthdays, holidays because they are deployed. when i got the invitation from grace, it was, wow.
5:58 am
>> that event was paid for with donations from people and businesses. up next on abc7 news at six, an arrest in the murder that's rocked the calaveras county community. this morning a 12-year-old boy is accused of murder. and a hillside collapsing, taking nearly a dozen northern california homes with it. what is behind the sinking8taúep
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. happy mother's day. thanks nor joining us on this sunday, may 12th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning. here's the view from mt. tam. once again the marine layer is pretty shallow where we have it. it is creating a little built of fog and low visibility in the north bay. san francisco in the mid-50s.


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