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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  KGO  May 15, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening now, the fbi launching a major investigation into the growing irs scandal. agents set to start showing up at irs offices across the country. could the crackdown actually land people in jail? it's a blockbuster trial date. o.j. simpson and jodi arias both set to testify in their high-profile court battles. the first time o.j. takes the stand in any trial as jodi arias will make a last-ditch attempt to save her life. the backlash against abercrombie & fitch reaches a fever pitch. a new movement growing now to give the clothes to the homeless as kirstie alley rails over their thin customers only policy overnight. breaking new details on angelina jolie revealing she's
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set for even more life-saving surgery after her double mastectomy. her doctor outlining every step this morning as brad pitt speaks out now about her courageous decision. and good morning, everyone. robin off today. great to have amy robach here and another explosive story developing right now, that american official thrown out of russia accused of being a spy. you see him right there and the u.s. ambassador, michael mcfaul summoned overnight to the russian foreign ministry walking in. >> let's look at what everyone is talking about. the wig, there it is, russia claiming it caught an american diplomat in disguise in that blond wig trying to recruit a counterintelligence officer into the cia. this real-life spy game playing out right now. >> with the world's worst wig. unbelievable. >> like could have fallen off at a moment's notice. >> very strange. to that fast-developing scandal at the irs. the justice department opened a
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criminal probe, the fbi investigating now and abc's pierre thomas is in washington with the latest. good morning, pea pierre. >> reporter: today the fbi is launching a team to investigate the irs. and what began as a political scandal has taken a serious turn that could lead irs officials in jail for violating the civil rights of taxpayers. overnight the irs acknowledged some of its actions were inappropriate but said it never intended to hide the issue that some agents were targeting tea party members and other conservative groups for years. that statement is not stopping a widening probe. in a surprise move, attorney general eric holder revealed he's already launched a criminal investigation. >> the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken. i think everyone can agree if not criminal, they were certainly outrageous and unacceptable. >> reporter: a criminal probe means irs officials in cincinnati, california and washington, d.c., now face fbi agents showing up at their offices to interrogate them.
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e-mails could be subpoenaed. >> that's going to change, i think, probably the day-to-day working of a lot of people at the irs. >> reporter: the new inspector general's report released late tuesday blasts the irs for unfairly targeting conservative groups concerning their tax exempt status. report suggests a lack of oversight at the highest levels calling some employees ignorant of tax laws. overnight president obama said he read the report issuing a statement calling the irs actions intolerable and inexcusable. meantime, on capitol hill, outrage. >> this looks like a blatant abuse of power on the part of the irs and it suggests to me there is a culture of rottenness. >> reporter: but some in the gop don't trust holder to investigate. they want a special counsel to pursue this case, george. >> they are holding those hearings on friday. pierre, thanks. to that developing spy story playing out between the u.s. and russia. as we told you, the u.s.
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ambassador called into the russian foreign ministry overnight over claims an american diplomat disguised in a really bad blond wig is actually a spy. abc's martha raddatz has more now from washington. martha, this is a weird one. >> reporter: it sure is, amy. this morning, 29-year-old ryan fogle is on his way back to the u.s., the first american publicly accused of spying in russia in more than a decade. the u.s. says ryan fogle is a diplomat. the russians say the young american is a spy, captured red-handed with a crazy blond wig trying to recruit a russian intelligence officer to work for the u.s. the supposed evidence, not one, but two wigs, three pairs of glasses, ziploc bags filled with wads of cash, a microphone and this letter supposedly intended for the russian intelligence officer which reads in part "dear friend, we are ready to
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offer you $100,000 to discuss your experience, expertise and cooperation. we can offer up to 1 million a year for long-term cooperation." but look closer at that evidence. that blond wig, it's raising questions. spycraft seems more maxwell smart than -- >> bond, james bond. >> reporter: peter earnest, a cia officer for 20 years says it's an unspoken rule spies don't get caught with a disguise. >> they don't want to get picked up with spy stuff on them. unless as speculation goes it's a total setup in which case you say let's throw a couple of wigs in there. >> reporter: no secret the u.s. and russia still spy on each other. remember anna chapman, the stunning russian spy part of a sleeper cell? she frequented fashionable bars and restaurants in manhattan. but the russians are now claiming outrage over ryan fogle, a russian official in
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this video saying, how could you stab us in the back like this? they couldn't be too outraged because one thing has changed since the cold war, spy or not, ryan fogle was returned to the american embassy within hours after his detention. amy. >> all right, martha raddatz, with the very latest. >> we just do not know this story yet. >> no. >> too bizarre and too obvious, right? >> yeah. >> that's the worst wig in the history of wigs. >> we know that. >> that is conclusive. >> very obvious. >> indeed, how about some other news? we'll begin with this developing story. the military's second high-profile sexual abuse case in just two weeks. a sergeant at ft. hood, texas, has been suspended from his position as leader of a sexual harassment prevention program because he himself is being investigated for abuse of sexual contact. just last week, the assault prevention officer at the air force jeffrey krusinski was gel is ordering all thmilitary'
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prevention officers to be retrained. >> a surprising headline impacting the economy after a u.s. budget surplus in april, this year's government deficit is expected to shrink far more quickly than we thought coming in roughly $200 billion lower than expected thanks to spending cuts, tax increases and higher payments from mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. but some do worry this may actually hurt the economy because it may tempt congress to delay a long-term budget deal. and a controversial new recommendation may have you thinking twice the next time you order another drink at dinner. the national transportation safety board is now pushing states to lower the blood alcohol level that qualifies as impaired from 0.08% to 0.05%. that for an average woman means two glasses of wine during an hour instead of three. the restaurant industry opposes the change. it says targeting extreme drinkers would be more effective to reduce crashes.
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and a crisis could be brewing in the coffee industry and it could hit you hard in the wallet, as well. a function gus plaguing the coffee crop in central america is expected to reduce production there by some 17% this year. prices already the highest in months could surge as growers brace for $500 million in losses. that qualifies as a national emergency here at "good morning america." and finally, a truly unforgettable prom night for a group of teens in florida. they are enjoying their well-earned hero status after making an unexpected stop on the way to the prom. >> slammed on the brakes. >> all of a sudden we all got pushed out. >> we all began to help. >> reporter: the high school seniors on their way to the prom when their limo driver saw a minivan flip right in front of them. without hesitation in their gowns and tuxedos they rushed to help a mother and her children in a desperate situation. >> i went towards the trunk, opened the trunk up and the first person i saw was the
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little kid. >> i saw this little boy coming towards me. i was just asking him basic questions like what's your name? like, are you okay? where is your mom? >> she was saying, oh, where's my baby. i went over grabbed her baby and showed her, look, your baby is fine. >> reporter: the mother, karen exalien, says the only thing she remembers is the teens reaching in, helping her out of that van. she calls them the best-dressed rescue team ever. >> i'm like, are they coming from a wedding? did we just ruin these people's wedding? thank you very much. they really, really did their thing that day. >> one, two, three. hero! >> everyone is okay. as for those kids they've already picked up several awards for their actions and they say they couldn't have lived with themselves had they not rushed in to help. makes you feel good about the future. >> best prom ever. they will never forget that. >> oh, gosh. let's turn now to that latest
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on that dramatic revelation from angelina jolie. brad pitt speaking out for the first time as we learn more about jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy. how she managed to keep it secret and the next surgery she needs. abc's paula faris here with all the details. good morning, paula. >> good morning, george. jolie hinted that the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery were just the start leaving the door and conversation open for her next challenge which we now know. this morning, exclusive new details from "people" magazine that angelina jolie's double mastectomy was just the beginning. >> sources tell "people," she will have surgery to remove her ovaries and will do it as soon as she can. >> reporter: her mother battled both breast and ovarian cancer succumbing to the disease at 56 after a ten-year battle. her maternal grandmother also suffered from ovarian cancer. jolie's doctors said she had a 54% chance of developing it. her fiancee, brad pitt, telling "usa today" "it was really
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important to her to share her story and that others would understand it doesn't have to be a scary thing." he went on to call her decision heroic. dr. kristi funk of the pink lotus breast center oversaw her treatment. >> we hope that the awareness she is raising around the world will save countless lives. >> reporter: throughout the month's long mastectomies and reconstructive process jolie appeared anything but scared. >> this violence can be prevented and it must be confronted. >> reporter: we learned it all began with her first surgery. february 2nd. but always a mom here she's photographed taking the twins to the natural history museum with brad only two days before doctors removed breast tissue. then in march, she traveled to the congo on a humanitarian trip. and here she was on april 11th in london at the g-8 summit championing women's rights and humanitarian issues just 16 days before finishing her treatment. >> she doesn't even have a publicist.
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so you tell your husband, you tell your doctor, you tell your manager, maybe your agent and that's it and those people keep the secret. >> reporter: on the pink lotus breast center website dr. funk detailed every decision she and angelina made about her treatment reflecting on the day she visited angelina to confirm our biggest hope "all of the breast tissue was benign. i was pleased to find her not only in good spirits with bountiful energy but with two walls in her house covered with freshly assembled story boards for the next project she is directing. brad pitt and the kids trying to make the recovery fun for the entire family setting up their own postop recovery area. when will the power couple get married. brad pitt just wrapped his latest film so should be out and about -- i know. that in the 8:00 hour. thanks paula. >> now to prince harry taking america by storm.
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drawing crowds everywhere he goes from the jersey shore with governor chris christie to his home run at harlem baseball field, harry is a big hit on this side of the pond. abc's bob woodruff joins us with the latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, amy. you know the prince is now on his last day of his seven-day american tour. he is heading up to connecticut for his polo match later this afternoon. so far he's been on a very successful trip. you may actually remember that the last time he visited the u.s. he was photographed naked partying at a hotel room in las vegas. but this time, he has shown his charm. overnight at a fund-raiser in manhattan, prince harry talked about sharing his love of sports with american children through his charity. >> i visited a project in harlem this afternoon as you already heard and met many of these young people whose lives are being changed through the power of sports. >> reporter: earlier tuesday harry roared into new york and hit a home run with some of those young people. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the high-spirited
7:14 am
prince playing the quintessential american game, number one for an adoring american crowd on the field and off. busing in a bit of london to the big apple. his new york romp coming hours after a more serious side of the prince touring parts of the new jersey coast ravaged by superstorm sandy. governor chris christie as his guide. >> everyone getting together and making things right is fantastic. >> reporter: girls of all ages trying to get a look at the prince. harry turning on the charm for several youngsters hitting the arcade to help a little girl win this stuffed elephant. she named it harry. >> he's really handsome. and he's really nice. he has a nice personality. >> reporter: when asked if he made a difference so far on his royal tour -- >> me, no. >> yes, we love having him. >> now, his polo match later today is a benefit for his
7:15 am
charity sentebale he founded in south africa in lesotho. 400 invites to the game this afternoon and they will be >> y you met with the prince last night. >> you make it sound very official. i was at a very small reception. i did get to talk to him. he said, bob, he's worried about today's polo event because he hasn't been on a horse in a year and he said that you might want to bet on him falling off because it's incredibly likely but -- yeah, he's excited. >> he's a good player. >> like riding a bike, that polo. he'll do just dpien. >> smart guy lowering expectations as always. >> here raising money, royal foundation giving lots of money to lots of great causes. >> lara met the prince. i bought a powerball ticket. powerball fever is here again. jackpot likely to top $360 million. third largest prize ever. abc's gio benitez is here with what you can get with a golden ticket. >> good morning. also the third time just this
7:16 am
year that the powerball has topped $200 million and some of us may soon be very rich. this morning, the powerball has a new nickname, the jackpot juggernaut. delivering huge checks in just five months. >> is that the right numbers? >> reporter: tonight the powerball comes back for more. $360 million up for grabs. not to mention no one won tuesday night's $170 million mega millions jackpot. that's a combined 520 million bucks. >> the game changed about a year ago. the cost of the ticket went from $1 to $2 and now there are 44 states plus the district of columbia. more people are playing which makes it grow even quicker. >> reporter: so what can you get for $360 million? how about this bel air, california, mansion. the 12-bedroom home is on sale for $125 million. but you might want to save some dough for big-time amenities. real estate shark barbara
7:17 am
corcoran knows exactly what the megarich want. what are they looking for? what are tse >> pools, cabanas bigger than you your housegether put together and the biggest status symbol build your own museum to show off your art collection. crazy but, hey, they've got the bucks. >> reporter: you might even have spare change left over for six greek islands recently purchased for $11 million or perhaps you would like a super yacht like the one rumored to be built for the crown prince of saudi arabia, "the topaz" worth $350 million. that's also what it would cost to buy some sports teams like the chicago blackhawks or the boston bruins. some good options there. i'll take the six greek islands. remember, that $360 million jackpot can keep growing before tonight's drawing. if nobody wins we may see a truly record-setting jackpot worth at least $587 million and, george and amy, you have until
7:18 am
10:00 p.m. eastern to get those tickets. >> we'll be back again. gio, thanks very much. now to sam. that record heat coming our way now. >> we shouldn't be surprised by anything on the weather boards these days, george. i'll tell you you'll be surprised by this. in an area that just had snow less than two weeks ago above 100 degrees with record-setting numbers. 101 in omaha. sioux city, 106. minneapolis 98 degrees. that's not the only thing. this area, these temperatures, it's never, ever, ever before been this warm this early in the season in places like sioux city, omaha, lincoln and minneapolis. those are crazy warm numbers and that heat is sliding to the east. washington, d.c. after a chilly start you're up 30 degrees from your morning temperature. new york, you're up to about 70. raleigh, 89, 90 today. rain in the southwest and we'll talk more about that in the next half hour.
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the earliest 90 in 30 years, by the way, so incredible heat. >> i am shocked. >> may i quickly? are you worried at all about this? >> not a bit. >> it'll even itself out but it's very unusual. update on the international space sensation. remember chris hadfield made the music video on the space station. >> how could we forget? ♪ and there's nothing i could do ♪ >> his ode to david bowie. he's back on earth now parachuting to earth and right back on twitter saying "forgot to mention first long hot shower since december, felt so good. step one on return to earth felt good" tweeting overnight in north america. he was on this program 1995 playing bass in an all astronaut band. >> wow, fantastic. >> good news. we want to tell you huge testimony coming up in two blockbusters trials. o.j. simpson and jodi arias both
7:21 am
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excuse me. would you mind moving your enormous phone? you mean the enormously awesome galaxy? ping! search "one trick pony." [ all gasp ] aren't you a little young to have an iphone? [ all gasp ] whee! [ indistinct shouting ] you think if they knew about the nokia lumia they'd stop fighting all the time? i don't know. i think they kind of like fighting. come on! ♪ [ male announcer ] the windows phone nokia lumia 920. engadget's readers choice smartphone of the year. ♪ >> now from use. good morning, we continue to follow breaking news from redwood city where firefighters are making progress on a three-alarm fire at an apartment complex. we have video taken earlier showing just after the fire broke out at 5:00, and inside a carport that spread to an
7:25 am
apartment building at oak side and 2nd avenue across the street from the elementary school. multiple cars were damaged and there are reports of several injuries. no word on the cause. >> now the morning commute from leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, at 7:25. we have sky 7 over this accident. it was a fatal crash involving a caltrain number 102 and a pedestrian. right now, caltrain is getting service up and running again. they were single tracking lanes but now it appears that both tracks have re-opened. we will keep you updated as more details are available. >> when we come back, mike nicco
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>> we are looking from the san francisco exploritorium in the bay bridge under a partly sunny to partly cloudy sky. we have a little more cloud cover here than in some other parts. air quality is high. ragweed and ozone are low. moderate amount of grass pollen. as far as temperatures, we are in the 50's. santa rosa is 46. close to average but
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♪ everybody yeah ♪ rock your body >> we're listening to the backstreet boys. not everybody can do that right there. nice shot of fame on the treadmill and look at him go in times square this morning. he can show us how he does it coming up. >> i don't think we should try that at home. >> no. >> that's probably not going to end well in my house. we're playing it, everybody, because the backstreet boys are here live. >> times square. >> yes, they are and huge bunch of girls out there out there since 3:00 a.m. >> the escalating backlash against abercrombie & fitch now. it has reached something of a fever pitch. the movement growing to give the stores' clothes to the homeless as kirstie alley lashes out at
7:31 am
the store's thin customers only policy. >> and we cannot wait for this. from "modern family," everybody, eric stonestreet is here live. >> it'll be a good one. >> he is always so much fun. and we begin with a big day in the courtroom. two major events for the first time in his felony trials we'll see o.j. simpson testify. jodi arias likely to take the stand too and in the sentencing phase of her trial is where we'll start. abc's ryan owens has more on whether arias will face the death penalty. >> reporter: this morning, jodi arias is back in the phoenix women's jail where she spent much of the last five years since she murdered her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. the 32-year-old was on suicide watch in the psychiatric ward of a different jail for five days after telling a local station she'd rather die than spend the rest of her life behind bars. >> i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life and that is still true today. >> reporter: later this morning the same jurors who just convicted her of first degree murder will begin hearing
7:32 am
testimony about whether she deserves the death penalty. the prosecutor's expected to call just one witness, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on alexander's body. arias stabbed him almost 30 times and shot him in the face. >> if you have injuries to the backs of the forearms -- >> reporter: the doctor will tell the jury travis alexander's death was cruel and was alive through most of the attack and had defensive wounds on his hands as he fought to get the knife away from jodi arias. next, the defense will try to save her life. arias, who testified for a remarkable 18 days during this trial, will address the jury again, this time to beg for mercy. >> the defense is going to tri to show that the manner in which that she caused travis alexander's death was not particularly cruel. he may well have died quickly so he didn't suffer any incredible mental anguish, but i think that's going to be an incredibly
7:33 am
hard sell. >> reporter: the defense will likely call any of arias' family or friends who will try to convince the jury there is something about this convicted killer that's worth saving. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. and now to that other big event today, o.j. simpson in court trying to win a new trial and get out of the extensive prison term he is serving for armed robbery and kidnapping. he's expected to take the stand today and abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: when o.j. simpson takes the stand this morning, it will mark some of the most anticipated testimony in any courtroom in years. he never testified in his famed 1995 murder trial for the deaths of his ex-wife and a friend and never took the stand in the robbery and kidnapping case that put him behind bars four years ago either. >> how important is his performance if you can call it that tomorrow? >> some of these will come down to credibility, determined by
7:34 am
the judge. >> reporter: his friend tom scotto who traveled to las vegas just to watch tells abc news simpson runs the gym and coaches a baseball team in prison and is ready to finally speak up for himself in court. what do you think he has to do on the witness stand? >> he needs to be himself. be himself, be genuine like he is. be ka rcharismatic like he is. be o.j. >> reporter: it's built on the allegation his former attorney, yale galanter, wouldn't put him on the stand and didn't do a good or even fair job when he went on trial for this robbery. galanter has remained silent lew will testify later but not before o.j. simpson once again finds himself in the media crosshairs in court finally telling his version of events with his freedom at stake. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, las vegas. >> and for more on both cases let's go to vinnie politan, former prosecutor, now host of
7:35 am
hln's "after dark." you heard o.j.'s friend. when he takes the stand for the first time we'll see him in one of these trials taking the stand. his friend just wants him to be himself. is that going to work. >> he can't just be himself. he has to do something much, much more which is somehow say his attorney messed up in a huge way and i think what he might say, george, is that his attorney was with him in vegas the night before the big caper, the robbery and this kidnapping and his lawyer knew what he was going to do and his lawyer may have actually been involved and knew his plans and as a result had some sort of kong applicant of interest to represent him at the trial to protect himself. i think that's his only chance, but is a judge really going to believe him? >> of course, the attorney will have a chance to come back and rebut the testimony, as well. let's move on to jodi, jodi arias, now in the sentencing phase of her trial. we know what the prosecution is going to do with their medical examiner witness, try to prove
7:36 am
cruelty. >> yeah, and to prove the cruelty this is what i think the prosecutor has to do in court today, juan martinez, say, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, she had a gun, she had a knife. she could have shot him in his sleep, one shot back of the head. he never would have known what happened. instead, she chose to stab him 29 times, why did she do it, ladies and gentlemen? because she wanted him to suffer. she wanted him to know he was going to die and she wanteded him to know who was doing it and that, ladies and gentlemen, is cruelty. i think that's his best argument today. >> we also saw the interview from jodi arias who says she wants the death penalty. do you think the jury is going to buy that? >> no, because it came out of jodi arias' mouth. they know that she is a liar. she lied to them in court under oath on the witness stand. she lied to investigators. that's all she does. i think she thinks she's smarter than everybody and is trying to use some sort of reverse
7:37 am
psychology. don't give me the death penalty hoping she gets life in prison. >> is there anything she can do to save herself? >> well, here's the thing, you know, with the death penalty, it's a very personal decision for a lot of jurors. the fact that she's a woman, that she's a young woman is probably her best bet because you've only got about 64 women on death row out of 3,000 in this country. so odds are she has a better chance than a man might have. but in light of everything this jury has heard, especially from jodi arias herself, i think she's got a difficult, difficult task here. >> vinnie, thanks very much. >> sam? >> cool breeze that works to the west coast. we've talked to a lot of folks out west, the heat this early in the year has been a issue for them. very dry. concerned about the fire season so getting a momentary break here from this cooler air backing in, 67 in san diego, 70 in l.a., san francisco, this runs all the way up by the way to seattle where it's a little cooler along the coastline.
7:38 am
that is very good news. not for the desert area. heat still there. here's where there is rain. some will deliver in some powerful storms. we think it's in eastern texas and possible from pittsburgh to philadelphia to washington, d.c. that later on this afternoon some gusty storms develop with some powerful winds and heavy rain so we'll watch for that zone, as well. locally there could be about 2 inches of rain there in those strong gusty winds, as well. there's the hot spot in central texas. that rain runs up the eastern seaboard and after that brings in r >> all that weather was brought to you by university -- >> was that running man? >> i just needed to get warmed
7:39 am
up. >> can we see that again? >> no. >> can you do it in reverse? >> no. >> the running sam. thank you, sam. and we begin. all right. coming up, woo i've got big backlash for abercrombie & fitch right now. why kirstie alley is lashing out at the popular store. and the latest in angelina jolie's life-saving surgery and how her mom inspired her decision. ♪ with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. ♪ don't stop what you do ♪ i won't stop loving you ♪ because i love the things you do ♪
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we are back now at 7:42 as a brewing controversy for abercrombie & fitch, kirstie alley blasting the store. she's not the only one and abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. good morning to you, rebecca. >> reporter: we've been hearing from social media and now kirstie alley had harsh words for them overnight. now a movement is under way to give the brand's clothing to the homeless. the backlash for the trendy clothing store, abercrombie & fitch, is reaching a fever pitch. kirstie alley now slamming the store and its controversial ceo, in an exclusive interview with "entertainment tonight." >> he says apper courtroom by clothes are for people who are cool, look a certain way and are beautiful and are thin and blah, blah, blah, blah. that would make me never buy anything from apper courtroom by. >> reporter: she is the latest to weigh in on a growing controversy over the fact the apparelmaker doesn't sell women's clothes above a size 10. >> all: don't support
7:44 am
>> reporter: on monday protesters gathered outside of an a & f store in chicago. the backlash also escalating on twitter, facebook even on youtube where one popular poster started a fitch the homeless campaign asking customers to rebrand the popular retailer by giving their apper courtroom by clothes to the homeless. abercrombie isn't commenting but ceo mike jeffries once told "salon" magazine "a lot of people don't belong in our clothes. are we exclusionary? absolutely". >> that's bullying. you're excluded. you're included. >> reporter: it began last week when we went inside their flagship tore in new york city and revealed the retailers carries double ear sos and doesn't do xl or xxl for women. this family is sending back every piece they own. >> i wanted to let the company
7:45 am
know how i felt about it. >> not only will i not let my kids shop at apper courtroom by again i will not let them wear what they already have their their closets. >> i have two kids in that bracket and never walk in those stores because of his view of people. >> reporter: and business experts say this could become a big deal since 67% of consumers are plus size shoppers, the average woman's size in america is a 14 and the abercrombie model as a result could be going out of style, lara. >> a big deal, indeed. thank you very much, rebecca. all right, coming up, everybody, the clues right now that baby number two could be on the way for beyonce? >> clues? interesting. and a "play of the day" for you. boy, a dog tries, try again. oh, rover or skip. >> ah. >> freeze it. >> oh, boy. ♪
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." everything okay? are you okay? lara. okay. we'll be all right. all right. here we go. this is a great new tune. "crossroads." >> yeah. ♪ >> it started with a whisper ♪ >> take a look. if you have a pet -- oh, you've seen this -- that little fellow or lady cannot confirm -- desperately wants that frisbee, desperately does not want to get wet. what's going to win? oh. are we a glass half full or a glass half empty. >> the dog is going in. >> gravity is going in. >> let's face it. now, there. movement. movement. is he going to get there? is he going to get there? you can do it! you can do it!come on.
7:51 am
come on. you can do it! if you just give it -- oh. >> yay! >> whoo! >> all right. >> yes! i knew he was going to get it and i was still worrying he might not get it, but he got it. all right, coming up. "modern family" eric stonestreet and we got the backstreet back upstairs and the treadmill guy getting busy on the treadmill. go nowhere. ♪ everybody wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days!
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, the warriors have their backs up against the wall. the spurs blew out the warriors 109-91, to go 3-2 in the best of seven. tomorrow is game six at oracle arena. it will be cold, too, and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast the. >> close to average today from the 60's around the bay to 70's inland and 50's at the coast. we do have a chance of scattered light showers tomorrow, less than .1" with the north bay most likely to see measurable rain. warmer this week. >> we still have motorcycle safety an
7:57 am
accident northbound 101 blocking one lane at most boulevard. the motorcyclist was driving at a high rate of speed with heavy backups and major delays northbound direction with southbound spect
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ everybody yeah ♪ rock your body yeah ♪ everybody yeah and everybody has been lining up for the backstreet boys. first one got in line last night at 9:00 a.m. there they are there right now signing autographs, shaking hands. they'll be singing live in just a little bit from old songs to new ones. here for the backstreet boys. >> a lot of excitement on the set because sitting right here with us is "modern family's" eric stonestreet. >> you know me now? >> yes, i recognize you. >> funniest week ever so get ready to be really funny. >> oh, what? i ask you not to tell america that i was the first one in line for the backstreet boys.
8:01 am
keep that between us. >> america knows your name. >> now i know you know. hilarious. >> i mean what says funny like a horn? >> nothing. >> laugh time. >> we got it all for you. >> i don't hear anything. >> oh, my god. >> we're tired of it. >> okay, sorry. >> so how is it going? >> all is well and you know what, not only funny but also inspirational. we'll switch gears and talk more about angelina jolie's life-saving surgery and why her mom inspired that decision so very, very much. but, you know, when you go to a salon, ladies, i understand it's very expensive to get a blow-out. >> excuse me? >> it is. >> my, gosh. >> what kind of program is this? >> so i understand it's very expensive. well, how can you save some money? >> sam's blushing. >> rarely happens. thank you very much. how can you save money?
8:02 am
how about this? if you made your husband go to the salon and learn how to help you do it at home. i don't know. i don't know. >> that's weird. >> but it's coming up on "gma." that's all i'm saying. >> would you want him to blow dry your hair. >> it saves money apparently. >> and marriages. >> yeah. >> blowing each other out one -- >> you're right. >> it's happening. >> the hair is all i'm saying. >> we got to move on. >> transition to news if that's okay. josh. >> we'll begin with the criminal investigation now under way into the irs and its targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny. fbi agents will now be questioning irs officials in cincinnati, in california and washington. now, the investigation could result in jail time. a government watchdog blames ineffective irs management, but found no evidence that anyone outside the agency influenced
8:03 am
those actions. and for the second time in as many weeks, the military is investigating allegations of sexual abuse by a soldier whose job it was to protect against it. the unnamed sergeant at ft. hood, texas, is accused of abusive sexual contact. he has been suspended from his job. coordinating a sexual harassment prevention program. of course, just last week an air force sexual assault prevention officer was charged with sexual battery. and now to the latest on those wild spy allegations aimed at a u.s. diplomat in russia. the american ambassador to moscow was summoned to the russian foreign ministry but left without comment. of course, on tuesday a low-level diplomat ryan fogle was kicked out of the country after being accused of trying to recruelty a russian agent. they claim they caught him with cash, spy gear that included the worst wig we've ever seen. legal battle in new hampshire is pitting a group that calls itself robin hood versus some tenacious parking police. the robin hood members walk the
8:04 am
city of keene loading change into parking meters that are about expire. their way of standing up for the little or late guy. the city is suing claiming the group is harassing parking officers causing stress and anxiety and it's demanding that the robin hoods stay 500 feet away from officers, of course, we'll keep you posted on that nefarious goings on. and finally, a story that's, well, taking off online. any competition for the cult classic mcrib sandwich. so many people so crazy for said mcrib, burger king giving in on the action. the limited release. bk rib sandwich strikes a very similar theme, boneless pork, tangy sauce, sweet pickles. >> check, check. >> only available through -- >> that's impossible. >> i eat everything. >> you eat like a pirate. >> no way. >> i've never had a mcrib.
8:05 am
>> we one. >> delicious, hot and -- >> we'll bring in a burger king and we'll bring in one -- >> let's do that. >> i like that idea. >> let's try them out because the mcrib is mcspecial. >> it's mcdelicious. >> it's mcdelicious. thank you, sam. "pop news," everybody. good morning to you and a lot of speculation online this morning that beyonce may be pregnant. >> what? >> baby detectives -- >> that was a joke. >> on the internet on high alert because she canceled her concert in belgium last night just a few weeks into her four-month world tour so it's pretty early but reportedly beyonce was told that she needed to residue to ex-haugs and dehydration. another clue according to the internet not me, according to the internet is the dress she chose for the met gala, some people say they saw the inkling of a teeny, teeny tiny -- >> no. >> i know. that's brutal. >> do not shoot the messenger.
8:06 am
this is what people are saying online. >> she looks amazing. >> i totally agree. i am the reporter of all things. >> i was with her just two weeks ago. she was glowing but -- >> well, she had like something really tight and she didn't show anything. >> no, okay, well, you heard it here first. beyonce apologized to fan missing the show on her facebook page and didn't give any details as to why she wanted to sit one out. she has another concert tonight. we'll see if she makes it. if you love the current cast on "saturday night live" you may need earmuffs for this. there may be a exodus for the late night show. love this show and cast. on the heels of last week's announcement that seth meyers is moving on now bill hader will also say good-bye after this weekend's season finale. you know him as stefon, hilarious. one of my favorite "californians", what, what, what and another favorite, fred a
8:07 am
armisen as is jason sudeikis. lots of big shoes to fill for lorne michaels. i have a story about a deflatable duck that -- >> that's not a euphemism. >> sam. >> i don't know -- oh, here we are. hi. we're just hanging out in times square. dancing on a treadmill. you never know when you come outside this door what is going on but let's show you. >> hey. >> when we say backstreet's back, we mean on the treadmill, in times square. live shot of washington, d.c. and we'll show you what it looks like all over the eastern seaboard. we're lining up for what could be very powerful thunderstorms late this afternoon into the evening. i think it's likely they'll have gusty wind, a little rain and hail with them and could be anywhere from pittsburgh to philly all the what i to washington, d.c. and you can see right nudged up against the warm front would be the reason why. into the west coast already
8:08 am
seeing cooler temperatures onshore but watch the areas as well over the next couple of days as a cold front drops. vegas drops into the 80s by the time we're into the weekend, a big difference. l.a. already showing >> i had to come down here because of this. how could i -- how could i miss this? anna pary where are we going. >> going inside to lara. >> greatout outside.
8:09 am
what's coming up on your g"gma morning menu." how her mother was crucial in angelina jolie's decision. the latest couple booted from the ballroom is with us live. he went viral for dancing on a treadmill and with us live and even our director is in on the groove. there she is. the dancing director, plus, the backstreet boys, live on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of caltrate plus minerals. go beyond calcium with four essential minerals. now, jergens takes you from pale to a perfect glow.
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8:14 am
we have a very excited crowd outside here in times square for the backstreet boys coming up in just a bit. but first it is now time for our gma "heat index," the hottest angelina jolie's decision to h have that double mastectomy. dramatically decreasing her risk of breast cancer and now more surgery is ahead for her. of course, she was inspired by her mother. her mother was only 56 when she died of ovarian cancer, that was a major factor in angelina's decision. >> it was a surprise announcement intended to raise awareness and save lives. the timing, just two days after mother's day, perhaps a valentine to the woman jolie once called grace incarnate. after divorcing actor jon voight in 1978 marcia leiber tra transraised angelina and her brother james alone. jolie described their loving bond in a 2011 profile in "vanity fair." my mother and brother and i were
8:15 am
closer because there wasn't another parent. we sat up in bed at night watching tv. by the time i was older my mother was like my sister. they remained remarkably close until bertrand's death at age 56 after a ten-year battle with cancer. jolie had become a mom herself just five years earlier. she told cynthia mcfadden her mom taught her the meaning of motherhood. >> she was completely full of love and kindness and it's the legacy she left. she didn't do anything other than love her children and raise them with so much care so she's tog me a lot about the importance of that. of just being -- just everyday kindness and i think it's the most important thing about being a mom. >> reporter: in "the new york times" jolie wrote of cherished yet bittersweet memories of her mother who held out long enough to meet the first of her grandchildren and to hold them in her arms but my other children will never have the chance to know how loving and gracious she was. >> what she was was a fantastic mother to angelina and angelina wants to pay that forward and be
8:16 am
a fantastic mother to her children. >> reporter: jolie says she decided on surgery after her doctors told her the brca1 gene gave her an 87% risk of breast cancer. after the surgery her risk drops to 5%, which she hopes will help her keep the role of a lifetime, that of mom. >> the most important thing to let them know what a joy they are for you and what a pleasure it is to be their mother. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm juju chang in new york. >> i want to thank juju for that and bring in also abc's senior medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton to talk more about this because this is something now everyone is talking about and a lot of people are wondering who should get the brca test. >> in medicine before you do a test in theory you should know what you'll do with the results before you get the test and this test is absolutely not for everyone. there's a long list, however, and some important groups, number one if you've had two first degree relatives with breast cancer where one person is diagnosed at the age of 50 or younger so that's mother, sister, daughter. second big group is three
8:17 am
or second degree relatives diagnosed with breast cancer at any age so then we're talking about a grandmother or an aunt and the third group ovarian cancer. if you have two or more relatives with ovarian cancer at any age or male breast cancer in the family you want to talk about it. >> only if you have all three in no, only if you have one of those and there's a long list. there are more that we didn't mention but, you know, this is something you want to talk to a doctor about. >> it's important to note because this is an expensive test. it's $3,000. >> a lot of controversy and misinformation that came out yesterday about the cost. it can be as high as $3500. it can also be free and the test -- then the company who does this test has done 5,000 tests completely for free over the last three years. should it be more than that? absolutely, but, again, there are options available for people who can't afourd it. >> angelina is 37 years old. her age was a factor in this, correct, in terms of when you should get the test. >> amy, i think we have to distinguish between a world renowned celebrity and an everyday regular woman.
8:18 am
it's a very individual one. >> all right. we thank you very much for those very important things. switching gears now to something else burning up the "heat index," a surprising way that some husbands are making themselves actually useful at home. it's all about this upscale salon in new york offering blow drying classes to teach men how to style their wife's hair, but can this new beauty school actually be a way to save big bucks and maybe a marriage? abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: blow, twirl, repeat. that's the drill at a blowout bar. a salon not about coloring or cutting your hair just wash and blow. they've become all the rage across the country because they tend to be faster and cheaper than a full service salon. a typical blowout costs $35 and many women go as many as three times a week which once you add tax and tip we're talking
8:19 am
roughly $500 a month. that's $6,000 a year. but what if your husband could do it for you? just think of the savings with time and money. >> always keeping the brush away from the face. >> that's where arson comes in. >> once they have the rhythm of the brush and blow joer, it's easy. >> reporter: he came up with a lesson at louis licari salon. a hair-raising $2400 for six two-hour classes. >> hold it tight. >> got it. >> reporter: this is jeff langberg's second class. the investment banker by day realizes the potential is here. >> what's the most difficult part so far. >> making sure i don't burn her. >> reporter: he says it comes down to effectively we willing a 200-watt machine in one hand and a hairbrush in another.
8:20 am
sounds like a great way to bond with your spouse which is why i recruited this guy. paul, my husband of just two months to see how well he could handle the heat. >> this is the way turn it on. >> a transformation in a matter of minutes, not just my hair but my husband. >> she has products in her hair. >> reporter: maybe this will be a new way for him to smooth things out when things in our marriage get a bit hairy. >> oh, he's good. >> and thank you, paul, for doing that. a blowout can cost you $85 or more in new york so there might be savings in training the hubby in hairstyling over the long term. >> how did he do? >> he was pretty coordinated. he wasn't so bad. i don't know that we'll try it at home. >> 4:00 a.m. every morning. >> right. >> george, when you do this for ali, promise somebody will film it. >> so far below zero the chances --
8:21 am
>> the mere question -- >> still weird because i feel like that would be weird -- >> it is strange. a lot of like pulling and strands -- >> is this something you can't do yourself? >> no. it's really difficult. you need two hands and coordination and holding the hair dryer. and twirling. >> all right. and on that note we are going to move on to "dancing with the stars" next, the gma "heat index." 300th episode. so many of our favorites showed up for the celebration. time for one more couple to say good-bye. >> the couple with the lowest combined total of judges' scores and viewer votes and therefore leaving right now is -- ingo and kym. >> here they are now, ingo rademacher, kym johnson, thank you very much for getting up early this morning. there you guys are. ingo, come on. you made it a long way for an underdog. >> yes, i couldn't be happier. i said to my wife when we first decided to come out here that
8:22 am
i'll make it for two weeks then we'll go home to hawaii and then i'll just come back for the finals, you know, and now there's no break. i am in every show emption september for the finale. >> he's done amazing, amazing. >> he has and you got your first 9s ever for the charleston. len said it was your best dance so far. so it must have felt good last night to go out on that kind of high note. ♪ >> it was, it was really fun. you know, the jive was really fun the week before that and i thought, you know what, nearly chasing me out here to do a little bit of comedy. we're a little bit off on that. kind of butchered that. >> we did a slightly better job in dress rehearsal but it's okay. >> that's the wrong foot forward. >> we can say that now. >> it looks good to me. ingo, your son has become a star in his own right. tell me what he said when you got the boot. >> he doesn't even know. he got a mirrorball trophy
8:23 am
already on top of my birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. what, your dad is not going to get the mirrorball trophy. he said, i got a mirrorball trophy. so he's 4. he doesn't really get it at all. >> ingo, i heard you're going back and forth between the australian accent, american accent. a little bit of both right there. did you and kym bond over your roots? >> yeah, the australian accent came out a little bit because she's like about as alwaussie a you can get. really fun. >> basically. we did have so much fun. got along so well. had so much fun. first time i've taken it week by week and we just had so much fun this whole season. >> we could really see it last night. real quickly before you go, who is going to go all the way? >> who's going to go -- all four of them are going to go all the way. the remaining. >> who is going to win? >> i think this is -- >> who's going to win? >> everyone has the chance to
8:24 am
win, you know, i mean if you pick fans zenda h most fans. jacoby is very entertaining. kellie is amazing and ali has the potential to win too. >> it's going to be a really, really tough battle. >> no question about it. thanks for coming on this morning. next all new "dancing with the stars" is monday 8:00:00 right here on abc. don't miss our big after party next wednesday morning with the winner of the mirrorball trophy and all of the contestants. let's go outside to sam now. >> hey, guys. do you remember marcus dorsey? the video that got him on the "play of the day." marcus does his treadmill workout while dancing. it is amazing stuff. we finally got him on the show this morning. i'm not letting go because i can't talk to you and do this at the same time. here it is. when did this get started, my friend? >> i was walking forward.
8:25 am
i was bored and i just started -- i can't dance. i can't do any of that. >> oh, you can dance. >> no, i can't. i can't -- >> did you see yourself being filmed. >> no, i've been doing it for nine years so i was assuming it was already on the web. >> ever gone awry? >> never. >> even when you started? >> never, never. >> the feet plant -- >> sam, you should try it. >> no, i'm not going -- >> i fell six years ago. it hurt so itoed falling. it hurt. >> i'll move out of the way because you can't talk and do this so go for it, my friend. i can't -- don't hurt yourself. >> what are we listening to? >> i listen to everything from dr. dre to frank sinatra. everything. >> nice, nice. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine oh yeah ♪ ♪ and don't it feel good [ cheers and applause ] ♪ don't it feel good ♪ hey >> oh, no. good job on the moves. no way!
8:26 am
speed it up. >> that is fast enough. >> all: go, street. stonestreet, stonestreet, stonestreet. >> a chance of that happening. >> all: stonestreet, stonestreet. >> my friend, that is unbelievable. and you do this for how long? >> 60 minutes. >> 60 minutes, an hour on the treadmill. >> every time. >> and are people coming up to you and saying, can you teach me how to do this? this is a class. people making kred money off of doing this. >> they all said they'll fall. i said -- they all said they're going to fall. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, eric stonestreet, go nowhere. >> all: stonestreet, stoep, stonestreet.
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, the 12-year-old boy charged in the stabbing death his younger sister will appear in court today. the brother of 8-year-old leila fowler was charged yesterday with second degree murder and use of a dangerous weapon. we are not showing his face because he is a minor. officials released the step mother's 9-1-1 call, after her son said he scared off appear intruder. we posted that on-line at now the morning commute. leyla gulen how is it? >> in the south bay we have another motorcycle accident not far from the one we reported usuallier, northbound 101 at fair oaks blocking three lanes. as you can see bumper to bumper
8:28 am
traffic with solid traffic coming away from 85 and a 40-minute drive to get to from 85 over to
8:29 am
>> we have a beautiful picture from the san francisco exploritorium to the southeast to the pot of oakland, a gorgeous shot. now, air quality today, everything is good but for grass is moderate and high amount of tree and the same all week.
8:30 am
if it has not bothered you yet, it probably when. we are in the 50's but antioch is 54 and 70's and 80's in [ cheers and applause ] >> one, two, three. ♪ no one else can teach me how to love again ♪ ♪ because you left a permanent stain on my heart ♪ ♪ and i can breathe again ♪ never mind what people say because they don't understand ♪ ♪ how you left a permanent stain on my heart you never leave me there ♪ [ cheers and applause ] the backstreet boys. there they are, right there. showing off their brand-new song "permanent stain." and, boy, these fans have been lining up all night long here in times square for the backstreet boys and cannot wait to see them live in just a little bit.
8:31 am
>> that's right. and from the backstreet boys to our special guest, eric stonestreet, always fun having you on. >> yes, i am. i can't hear you right now and it's very loud here in times square even though you're next to me. i cannot hear a thing. back to you in the studio. >> come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> it invades your soul. >> yes, it does. it's crazy. how do you do this every day? you get to be out here in the center of the world. >> obviously for the nuniest week ever cannot not have eric stonestreet here from "modern family," of course. >> yes. >> before we get started, let's take a sneak peek. tonight's "modern family." >> you're poking me. >> well, i know, sweetie, but if i don't get the pins just right your bun could fall out during your routine and it could mess you up. let's test it out. all right. jump. good. spin. now give me beyonce. ooh-ooh. okay, i've done everything i can
8:32 am
do. it's up to you now. [ cheers and applause ] >> you never actually get a cancer to see it. >> no, that's the first time i've seen that clip. i don't get to see the episodes until america gets to see them. >> jesse tyler ferguson on with us yesterday. and he said -- we saw him being ultra competitive in a later scene. he said he would be that dad. he's going to be that dad who's rooting at all costs. what type of -- if you had a daughter in a gymnastics competition, what kind of dad would you be? >> i think i'd probably be pretty competitive. i think that's where the story line comes from, one of our writers, danny, his daughter is in gymnastics and he found himself, you know, internally rooting against another girl. i mean it's all -- it's your kid so -- >> i have a 4 1/2-year-old daughter playing soccer and i can't believe i have semi malicious thoughts about other 4-year-olds. shooting done, season in the can. >> yes. >> how was it to get another one under -- >> it feels so good. we just love that america has grabbed on to the show and watches it as consistentlys
8:33 am
they do and can't believe i've been on, you know, such a great tv show for four years, and we're all looking forward to going back. you know, we have a good thing going there. we all love each other and get along great and our writers are fantastic, so we're all eager to get back in august to start season five. >> this the up-front season when all the networks show the new shows to advertisers here in the city and i was struck just yesterday how many single camera shows there are. how good does it feel to be part of an ensemble that really reinstituted that as an effective way to tell a story? >> yeah, there were a lot of shows before us that were that way, but there's no doubt that "modern family" hit something in hollywood and, you know, lightning struck and people run to that and try to re-create it when they can, so it feels good to know that other shows want to be a version of "modern family" somehow, but, you know, it's good for tv. it's good for people. i love that people are watching comedies and letting actors act and writers write and maybe get rid of some of that other stuff on tv a little bit. >> yeah.
8:34 am
you know, on twitter i follow you. i always feel your pain as a sports fan, as well. >> yeah. >> yesterday in kansas signing the great andrew wiggins. k. state fan. >> yes. >> are the wildcats ready? >> well, we have to get ready. we're not ready but i love kansas state. that's where i went. you know, i actively root against k.u. as much as i can. >> yeah. >> i just did it right there, but, no, the kansas state/k.u. rivalry is awesome and proud to be a wildcat just like jayhawks are proud to be jayhawks. i just don't get them. >> what's this rock talk? we did see clowns in the audience and this is actually -- i understand -- like the clown, this was a big thing for you. >> oh, yeah, when i was a kid, i wanted to be a clown in the circus. i wanted to travel with ringling brothers and i didn't get that opportunity but i said it all worked. now i get to be a clown in the biggest circus of all, hollywood. >> what goes into auditioning
8:35 am
for clown school? >> well, i don't think there is a clown college anymore but i went to kansas city in chicago twice or each once and auditioned and i had to do a little clown sketch and try my best to show that i could be a clown. >> can you do like the balloons? >> yeah, but it's more physical comedy and falls and gags, you know, you have to realize you have to communicate with the top ring of the top row of an arena. >> i would argue it's worked out for you. >> it's worked out. >> it's really worked out. again, it is obviously a phenomenal show for us each and every week. "modern family," 9:00, 8:00 central. >> something fell in times square. they are flowers and they are down. the flowers are down. >> the patch is down. the patch is down. >> did you knock these over? did you knock these over? >> samuel champion, the patch is down, sam. >> help them. >> the patch is down. >> that's virtually impossible because our very real, very live flowers at the patch couldn't possibly be laying on their
8:36 am
side. they couldn't possibly -- very real. very real flowers. good morning, everybody. how are you? where are you from? >> green bay, wisconsin. >> green bay. >> dallas, texas. >> dallas, texas. >> dallas, texas. >> dallas. >> nebraska. >> nebraska. and, wait, you're hiding from the camera. you can't come to television and hide from the camera. tell me your name. >> roz. >> where are you from, roz? >> georgia. >> let's get to the boards. you cannot hide from the camera. you just can't do it. here's what the twitter and facebook pictures look like outside. we've got one from new jersey this morning. a lot of folks talking about when you see a halo around the moon or the sun, normally that's very high cirrus clouds that give you that effect when you see something like that. absolutely beautiful. a little bit of clovis. good morning, everybody. here's what's happening. we've got this area of storms that will follow the warm front as it lifts in. might not get all the way to new york and boston but to pittsburgh to philadelphia to washington, d.c., there's a potential of strong storms today lining up with gusty winds. here's where the heat is. st. louis, today, 89 degrees. this part of the country all the way to kansas city just had snow falling on the ground a couple
8:37 am
of weeks ago, and here >> thank you. that weather report is by royal caribbean international. i refuse to believe it. i don't care if you show it to me. i know the patch is real. it's going to stay real. >> we'll have to fix the styrofoam. i mean the flowers. coming up, the backstreet boys are back! thank you guys very much. go nowhere. >> thank you. thank you. ♪ everybody yeah rock your body ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back, everybody. backstreet boys. wow. can you tell the audience is excited? ladies, ladies, don't you want to hear them? they have taken over our studio. this summer they go on tour. does this always happen, by the way? >> luckily, thankfully, yes, we
8:41 am
have the best fans in the world. [ cheers and applause ] >> they are. >> thank you. >> they do love you and waited literally from 9:00 p.m. last night. they love you so much. they're so happy to see the backstreet boys all together, all five members. first album in eight years featuring all five band members performing a single off of the cd in just a bit, but first we want to catch up with a.j., howie, nick, kevin and brian. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks for having us. >> so your fans have some great questions. >> okay. >> one of the questions was, now that you guys are mature, how do you manage time being rock stars but also being family men? i know most of you have kids. you now are engaged, correct? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> so how do you do it all? how do you balance? >> it's a circus act. >> yeah. >> yeah? >> you just juggle. you know, you have to -- you
8:42 am
have to spend time on things that you want to be successful and so we spend a lot of time as backstreet boys but we spend a lot of time as family men, as well. >> and we have great families that support us and understand. yeah. >> yeah. >> do you feel like -- >> hi to my daughter. >> are you stopping to smell the roses a little more than back in the day? >> oh, yeah. >> 20th anniversary this summer. congratulations on that. [cheers and applause] >> absolutely. it is. >> absolutely. as you get older, you appreciate it more. you appreciate everything more. >> what can we expect from the tour this summer from the new sound of you guys? >> we are really excited. just finished our album, our eighth studio album. it will be out july the 30th. we go on tour august the 2nd. presales for tickets are today. the tickets go on sale friday. when you purchase a ticket, you get the free download of the song we're getting ready to perform for you right now. >> look at that. a little two for one and how about this, let's hear the backstreet boys singing
8:43 am
"permanent stain." >> okay. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ out of the rain into the sunshine ♪ ♪ i called your name i let you disappear should have never let you go ♪ ♪ i want to say just for the record that you still got my heart for good ♪ ♪ i have to let the world and you know ♪ ♪ i got a permanent stain there's so much i want to say ♪
8:44 am
♪ i know i could never be out of love again because you left a permanent stain on my heart and i can breathe again ♪ ♪ i will never be the same you got to understand how you left a permanent stain on my heart and i can breathe again ♪ ♪ sometimes crazy things happen and others don't compare to you i swear i can't let you go ♪ ♪ whoa i hope you feel the same ♪ ♪ you left a mark on me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ you taught taught me how to
8:45 am
love again because you left a permanent stain on my heart and i can feel again ♪ ♪ you'll never see the stain but baby you'll understand how you left a permanent stain on my heart and i can breathe again ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ah yes permanent stain on my heart and i can breathe again ♪ ♪ i never thought i'd feel like this again ♪ ♪ you hold me whoa
8:46 am
♪ in the rain whoa ♪ no one else can see it but i'm in love again because you left a permanent stain on my heart and i can breathe again ♪ ♪ i can feel again ♪ i'll never be the same and no one will understand how you left a permanent stain on my heart and i can feel again ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ never never again ♪ left a permanent stain on my heart and i can breathe again ♪ ♪ ooh whoo ♪ you left a permanent stain on my heart ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ >> let's hear it for the backstreet boys. their tour kicks off august 2nd in chicago. we get to hear more from them right now. time for one of the classics. "everybody". [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, you guys. in a second, come see your boys. let's go, now. ♪ backstreet's back, all right ♪ hey yeah yeah ♪
8:50 am
♪ we're back again ♪ we're back again never the flame surely hot ♪ ♪ got to ask your boys ♪ ever original yeah come on i'm the only one ♪ ♪ and i set you up want your body now. ♪ everybody yeah rock your body yeah ♪ ♪ everybody yeah rock your body right ♪ ♪ because you know
8:51 am
backstreet's back all right hey yeah oh my god we're back again ♪ ♪ throw your hands up in the air ♪ ♪ wave them around like just don't care ♪ ♪ if you wanna party let me hear you yell 'cause we got it goin' on again yeah ♪ ♪ am i original yeah am i the only one yeah ♪ ♪ am i sexual yeah am i everything you need ♪ ♪ you better rock your body now ♪ ♪ everybody yeah rock your body yeah ♪ ♪ everybody rock your body right ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ everybody rock your body right ♪ ♪ backstreet's back all right all right ♪ >> do it all now.
8:52 am
♪ all right yeah ♪ rock your body ♪ so everybody everywhere don't be afraid don't have no fear ♪ ♪ i'm gonna tell the world make you understand ♪ ♪ as long as there'll be music we'll be comin' back again ♪ >> let's take it back. you know this. here we go now. are you ready? here we go, one, two, three. ♪ everybody yeah rock your body yeah ♪ ♪ everybody rock your body right backstreet's back all right ♪
8:53 am
♪ everybody rock your body ♪ everybody rock your body right ♪ >> sing it. ♪ backstreet's back all right [ cheers and applause ] >> come see us. >> thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ everybody yeah
8:56 am
♪ rock your body yeah ♪ everybody [cheers and applause] >> i don't know, guys. i think they like you. i think they like you. thanks to the backstreet boys for coming this morning. big day, steals and sales under $20. boy, it got quiet. have a great one.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, the search has resumed for nine-year-old mikaela lynch a san francisco girl with severe ought tim. she disappeared on sunday from the family vacation home in clear lake. new surveillance video shows that mikaela lynch was running up the street after she vanished reducing the chance she may have gone in the water. our meteorologist, mike nicco, how are the temperatures? >> below average and 64 in oakland and san francisco, and near 80 in the east bay. scattered showers tonight. leyla gulen? >> another accident in sunnyvale southbound 101 blocking a lane. check out northbound traffic at ten miles per hour to get out of san jose to mountain view it
9:00 am
will take you 1 1/2 >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the hit comedy "modern family, jesse tyler ferguson. and learn how the get fit with cross fit. plus, we answer your comments and questions from michael and kelly's inbox all next on the award-winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause] captioned by the national captioning institute -- --


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