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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 20, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> goodgood morning, the breakig news is in the east bay a five-year-old died in a rollover accident that shut down a major roadway. >> we show you the damage to the s.u.v. on richmond mark way with several major intersections closed to traffic. >> we are joined with new information just learned. nick? >> good morning. investigators are frustrated by what happened because they say it did not have to happen.
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traffic has been backed up since just after 8:00 because calls started to come in to richmond police about a rollover that happened on hilltop drive and richmond parkway. look at the video from sky 7 h.d. showing the scene. this single accident left veteran law enforcement and first responders shaken because of the extent of the injuries to the five-year-old who has died. the view shows the s.u.v. with a damaged windshield and smashed windows and the back side of the s.u.v. is dented and the s.u.v. sits in the middle of the road near the intersection. there were six people in the s.u.v. and only the driver was seatbelted. to make it worse, the five-year-old was not in a carseat. the early investigation suggests that the s.u.v. rolled twice before it came to a stop. >> we have children and to be able to deal with seeing a child that is ejected and in extremely
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critical condition is hard. the fact that no occupant beside the driver was seatbelted is frustrating. >> detectives have confirmed again that the child died from her injuries. the five-year-old girl and we are working to learn more. there were two other children, two teens and two adults. speed was factor. investigators say that the child died because of the injuries and had the child been in a seatbelt she may have survived the accident. nicole also said it is important to mention that those who don't know how to install seatbelts have the option of going to a c.h.p. office where dmv instructors have given the permission and the correct way to install car seats. again, anyone who does not know how to install a car seat, there are options available. >> thank you.
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tragedy in san jose. we were over the seen this morning when a young bicyclist was killed in a collision with a pickup truck. it happened across the street from the school where our news anchor joins us. eric? >> i am at the expressway and as you can see some of the evidence is still here. the white pickup truck has san jose police investigators trying to put together exactly what happened here, what they do know, though, is the 16-year-old was headed toward his high school riding his bicycle. that white pickup -- excuse me. [ inaudible ]
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>> sorry about the audio problem. >> i was saying at the while, grief counselors are on hand and trying to re-create the accident using the bicycle that they just put away and the white pick yes. they are trying to figure out speed or what played a role if this. the driver is being cooperative. >> the driver stopped immediately. he pulled to the side. he currently is cooperating with the investigators regarding what occurred today. >> it is the 14 the fatal accident in san jose this year and the nine the accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. the young victim's name has not been released. again, they are still trying to re-create the accident, the white pickup truck being involved is being moved right now and grief counselors will have more on this later today on abc7 news.
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>> than you, the california highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash in western marin county on point reyes petaluma road west of novato boulevard. when officers arrived they found the chevrolet smashed into a tree and was engulfed in flames. the driver died at the scene. >> in east palo alto police are asking for help in a shooter who open fire on a car full of teenagers killing one. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us outside the home of the victim. >> he was 15, a sophmore in high school. you can see bullets went everywhere. the car sitting in the drive was shot up and that is not the car they were in. the family ran outside when they heard all of the shots but the killer got away. >> relatives of the 16-year-old say he just pulled into the
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driveway last night and dropped his older brother off when someone walked up and fired more than 25 rounds into the car, killing him. the brother thinks they meant to kill someone else and was too distraught. >> it was mistaken identity. it was not his car, but his friend's uncle sam and just giving me a ride home and going to leave again and they waited. a few seconds. when they dropped me off, i heard a lot of gunshots. >> his father heard the shots and ran outside to find his youngest son dying in the car. >> we heard the shooting, we ran outside. everyone was screaming. >> there were three other teens in the car. two of them were shot. they survived the attack. east palo alto police say there has been a recent spike in gang violence. they will check to see if the teenagers have gang ties. they say that he is not someone
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they have dealt with before. >> he was a good kid. he never caused me any trouble. >> friends and family have set up a memorial to jose and his father will miss talking and praying with his son. police had two shootings over the weekend they believe were gang-related shootings and they will step up their gang task force effort. >> new this morning, officials have confirmed a man who fell from a roof while celebrating bay to breakers has died after tumbling off the roof at fell street 3:30 yesterday afternoon. police say it appear he and others were at a party to watch the bay to breakers race. 21 people were arrested for public intoxication and 15 taken to sobering centers. police broke up 20 house parties. >> still ahead, fire destroys a
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north bay home and firefighters thing they know the cause. >> waiting for a winner, the mystery surrounding the lucky ticket in
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>> investigators could be zeroing in on a cause in a raging house fire in marin county this morning. three people including the woman in her 90's barely escaped.
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abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is at the home. what do investigators think? >> they pinpointing a cause to a weekend barbecue. the 95-year-old woman who lived in the home, a long-term fixture here, this beautiful old house, most of it is gone. a weekend barbecue could be the cause. the fire lit up the night sky with fierce flames breaking through the roof of this home and spreading quickly. an elderly woman, her son, and his wife, narrowly escaped running next door to the neighbor. he called 9-1-1. >> they were in the process of calling 9-1-1 and the phone, the fire reached the phone and...the 9-1-1 call was cuts off. >> the extent of the damage became painfully clear at sunrise, a collapsed roof in the center of the home, the garage
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destroyed, a vintage 1966 mustang along with it. >> never seen anything like this. particularly so close to our house. >> homeowners told firefighters they were barbecuing on mound and it is believe that stray embers from the grill are a possible cause to the place. >> you put the embers in the wrong spot, it takes just one to ignite everything that is around it. it can sit there and smolder for days. >> firefighters do not know if ashes were transferred to a trash can but the investigation continues. right now the owners are trying to salvage what they can. the elderly woman told me a few moments ago she is too shaken to speak with us on camera. damage estimates from the fire are 500,000. >> happening right now new
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details in an early morning brushfire in the oakland hills. investigators believe a bonfire by young people probably started the fire. it broke out in joaquin miller park off skyline boulevard at 1:45. the area is so remote that crews had trouble finding the fire. firefighters are not taking any chances because of history of fires and they are watching for hotspots and digging out a line around the burned area. >> new details on the fire burning south of yosemite national park, firefighters are gaining some ground in a fire at yosemite lake park and now 80 percent contained and it stands at 91 acres with one home destroyed and several others threatened. firefighters used water dropping aircraft to control the flames since it broke out yesterday afternoon. >> meteorologist, mike nicco, ahead with the trust. >> pretty hot is part of the fire danger but not much in the way of wind. when we do get the wind the temperature will drop about 20 degrees so we will keep our
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fingersrossed if that does not come to fruition. good morning, everyone, from emeryville, temperatures are in the 90's, and barely in the 70's a couple of days from now. i will show you why such a dramatic drop. >> yahoo makes it official, and why everyone is not happy about the
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer mire announced they are buying tumblr for more than $1 billion. yahoo c.e.o. is hoping this will turn around the decline. >> that is right. it has been ten months since yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer joined yahoo and is trying to reinvograte the website. she hopes that tumblr will help do that. 50 percent of users are younger than 25 and she needs them. this is the boldest move to date. yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer calls the blogging site a "game changer." >> today is an exciting day for yahoo, tumblr and the users. yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer spoke town vestors by conference call
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announcing the $1.1 billion cash purchase of tumblr. she started with a vow that has become the headline of the acquisition. >> we are making sincere promise to not screw it up. >> she tweeted a link to her own tumblr page with this gift "yahoo, tumblr panic and freak out, keep calm, carry on." the first time an animation has been created with an animate gift, but many are not buying it, worried this acquisition will mean user policy changes or ads flooding the blogging platform. the founder and c.e.o. of tumblr wrote to his employees and followers that yahoo will only help tumblr get better faster. they will continue to be independently operated as a separate business and he will stay on at c.e.o. of the new york-based company. with 105 million different blogs and 900 posts a second,
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temperature employer holds the key to the audience that yahoo needs, 16 to 35 and the hope that this will help yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer reshape yahoo. >> as popular as tumblr is, it is unprofitable so it remains to be seen if it will make money for yahoo. the deal will close in the second half of this year. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> turning it over to our meteorologist, mike nicco, we have a lot sun out there but the wins are keeping the fire danger down. >> that is the thing. with the winds so mild the temperatures will drop. it does not mean a fire cannot start but it will not get out of control because we do not is the winds. good morning, everyone, coming up on 1:20 and as we hook at live doppler 7 hd you can see how dry the air is, this transition like the last couple transitions with such a dramatic drop is due to a cold front and rain but this time we do not get that little bit of rain.
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check out the spread across san francisco: ferry building is 61 and a couple of blocks into downtown it is 18 degrees warmer at 79. we near 80 downtown, in the mission district, we are 80 in glen park and 57 at ocean beach. we have our microclimates going across san francisco. we are 68 in richmond and 69 in san leandro the cool spots and union city is 74 and everyone else, in the 80's, but half moon bay at 59. not expecting you to get in the 80's but you will be warmer and a beautiful picture with the marin head lands and the golden gate bridge, a great day to walk across the golden gate bridge. do you not get blown over, but have the sunscreen the uv index is very high and you can be burned in less than 30 minutes. the warmest day this week. breezy tomorrow. sharp drop in temperatures up to 20 degrees and warmer days will come back this weekend but not so warm. we have a game at at&t park with
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a beautiful picture there. redwood city and san jose 11 degrees warmer-than-average. oakland, napa, livermore, and san francisco, 15 degrees warmer-than-average. we are going to top out at 80 downtown. the warm air mass on the front side of this system on the back side, high pressure, spinning clockwise, pulling down all colder air and why we will see such a big drop tomorrow. for today, 87 at san jose, up to 90's in morgan hill and gilroy, as cool as 83 in sunnyvale, and look at all the mid to up more 80's from redwood city south to los altos, and at the coat, we will get temperatures in the upper 60's and 80 downtown to 78 in south san francisco, about the same in sausalito, north bay beaches, 66 at bodega bay and 70 degrees, very comfortable, without the breeze. mid-80's to near 90 in the north bay valley and in the east bay, berkeley and richmond in the 70's and everyone else the
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low-to-mid 80's and the east bay valley, upper 80's to low 90's but trapped in the cool air you will need the air conditioning this afternoon but not tomorrow. you will see the biggest drop in temperatures back in the 70's. at&t park, nationals in town, three game set and 67 at first pitch temperature, dropping down to 59. traveling around the state, warm, low-to-mid 90's through the central valley. 69 in monterey and near 100 in palm springs. back home, good news but it will be so warm today and the temperatures are mostly in the low-to-mid 50's and the seven-day outlook is so breezy when the temperatures drop it look like the marin player clouds will be a minimum, at four to six degrees by wednesday and thursday and near average for the weekend. we have another great weather resource for you on twitter with the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine and video forecast, "spare the air"
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alert and power out averages and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> a new study out this morning finds the newer whooping catch vaccine does not protect kids as well as the hold one. researchers at k -- kaiser permanente found that teens who received the old vaccine used in the 1990's were less likely to develop whooping cough and those would got the new vaccine contracted it at a higher rate. the original vaccine was phased out because of health concerns, the study called for a new vaccine that is both safe and effective. >> still ahead, will the lucky winner come forward today? the search for who won the large of the jackpot in powerball jackpot and the bay area winner of a smaller but sizable prize. >> today, truly inspirational weight loss stories, people who decided to get healthy. one of them is sherry and she
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will tell us how. 4" and two sizes in six weeks? you get, they shed the pounds by shredding them. we wil
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>> at 3:00 often "katie" amazing weight loss in 60's weeks. new research suggests that hand bags carry more bacteria that a toilet. the dirtiest item in your purse. and at 5:00, treating attention deficit hyper activity disorder without medication. we will look how a head device could bring new hope for the children and their families. >> finally, all eyes are on a small town in florida as the
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nation wait for the luckiest person in america to stem forward, the winning ticket for the $590 million powerball jackpot was sold in zephyrhills, florida. the winner has 50 days to claim the days if they take the lunch sum they walk away with $377 million and officials say they will probably consult an attorney or an accountant before coming forward. >> powerball jackpot ticket sold in san jose matched five numbers but missed tower -- powerball jackpot and is worth $2.5 million. >> not too shabby. from all of us thanks for joining
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. kicking things off today is a professor whose great-great-great granduncle was a pirate. hopefully, he will leave today with lots of booty of his own. from syracuse, new york, please welcome michael barbour. hi, michael. nice to meet you. >> hi. how are you? >> pirate, huh? what do you know about him? >> well, it's more of a family legend than anything else, but there was a simon barbour, who was a privateer in halifax, nova scotia, on the privateer the revenge-- >> what does that mean, being a privateer? >> you're kind of a professional pirate, but you're working for the government, you know, so-- >> oh, i didn't know the government had pirates. >> yeah, so the canadian government said, "take all the american ships you want, and


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