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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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developing news. two brush fires break out in a matter of hours. one chases people out of their homes while another shuts down a bay area highway. good evening, and thank you for joining, i'm ama daetz. we beginning with the wildfire in concord. fire crews made quick work of the flames. three apartment buildings were evacuated. crews got it under control an hour ago. the red cross is at the scene to help those evacuated. no word on what caused the fire. >> ama: firefighters have a
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firefighter -- have a wildfire under controller in livermore. the fire jumped the freeway at one point and sparked on the other side, closing westbound lanes around 2:00 this afternoon. they are now back open. the fire charred 50 acres. our dry, windy weather has been a big factor in a lot o our recent wildfires. let get an update from meteorology leigh glaser. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd showing you clouds and mist and drizzle starting to move in near the coast. but we were talking about the fires breaking out near the san jose area. san jose, northwest winds, gusts at 24 miles-per-hour. very dry conditions and check out the wind speeds. 22, san carlos, 17, mountain view, and livermore valley, gusts to 25, concord. the good news is the wind is
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coming off the ocean, a cooler direction, and looks like we could possibly see some rain here on monday. take a look at the forecast coming up. >> ama: tonight parts of texas are flooded. firefighters in san antonio said 130 people were rescued, many pulled from submerged cars. you can see the top of roofs. officials report a woman died after the flood waters swept her rescue crews say water is up to four feet high in some homes and hat swallowed entire roads. >> there has some good news for the residents of moore oklahoma. the class of 2013 held their high school graduation ceremonies. seniors from the year schools walked across the stage to receive their diplomas in oklahoma city. graduating senior's father lost his home, her mother is a teacher at briarwood elementary.
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>> we have to look forward and think for the best of everything and be happy we're graduating. >> seniors, please change your tagsles. [cheering] >> with the turning of the tess tassle, the class became a symbol of oklahoma's vow to move forward. and they promise not to say goodbye to their town. it's been a week since a man disappeared after bay to breakers, family and friends of beau rasmussen were looking for any sign of him. they were joined by close to 200 volunteers. to the mass roman has an update from the search center in san francisco. reporter: the family says there's no reason that their son would vanish on his own.
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they have been using this hall here as their search command center, and volunteers have been coming and going all day after trying to find some sign of rasmussen. >> if you're watching, please come back and we really miss you. >> colt unions the nine-year-old brother of 27-year-old beau rasmussen who has been missing for a week. colton is here with his five-year-old brother, quinn, and beau's father and mother. they came from their home in portland, oregon, to get a sense of what happen to beau. >> hoping and praying we can find our son, and we have large search team out today. >> more than 150 volunteers, family and friend, from all over california, oregon, and washington state, are here trying to find a trace of rasmussen. he was last seen during the bay to breakers race, his long time friend and buddy richard talmadge is being debriefed after searching ocean beach for hours. >> guy was with him on sunday. before he went missing.
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>> was muse send, who lives in emeryville, has not been seen since noon sunday, his pants, shirt, hat, and passport were later found on the shore. >> we have no evidence he ever made it to the beach, out of all the bay to breakers people, 80,000 people on at the beach that day, and no one saw him. >> his disappearance is a mystery. volunteers comb 20 miles of coastline, searching the tall sand dunes and beach. this volunteer stopped this woman and told her about rasmussen's disappearance. roy was in the bay to breakers and came out after getting an e-mail. >> they sent out an e-mail to all of the people that participated about the search party today, if anybody wanted to help search. >> no car or doorway within miles is without a flier consider for help. >> the search is just about over today. the family says there won't be a formal search party tomorrow but
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are still asking people to come out and try to fine some sign of their son. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. we're live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: and there's another search for a missing man in san francisco. sean seedy was last seen on oak street tuesday morning. his family says he recently suffered a traumatic brain injury and was last hear from when he called his father saying he was going to the park. sean's father says the cell phone company tracked the signal to baker beach. crews have been searching there and in golden gate park for the past three days. defense secretary chuck hagel addressed sexual assault in the military during his graduation address today at west point. >> second all harrah'sment and sexual assault in the military are 0 profound betrayal, a profound betrayal, of sacred oaths and sacred trusts. this scourge must be stamped
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out. >> it comes a day after president obama delivered a similar edict to and a halfal academy graduates amid a series of sexual misconduct reports and a report showing the problem is growing. it's a cause jackie spear has taken on. she said today hagel's acknowledgment of the issue is powerful. >> sending a strong message to another generation of military leaders and i can tell you as long as i'm in congress, will be on this issue. >> ama: says fighting sexual assault in the military has been the toughest battle she ever engaged in as a congresswoman. >> an investigation is underway after two freight trains collided in missouri. happened this morning at an overpass south of st. louis, at least seven people were injured. the fire department took this photos. the overpat collapsed when one train struck a pillar. most of the victims were treated and released from hospitals. >> for the next week federal investigators will study the bridge that collapsed north of
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seattle. a portion of the skagit river bridge fell thursday after a big regular ran into the bridge's framework. investigators will look at the part that failed and compare it to similar bridges acrossnatione same fault. >> a familiar voice in the bay area is silenced. the woman at the center of the scandal that brought down the head of the cia is talking publicly for the first time about her high profile affair. coming up, what she hopes will redeem her. first, strike of another kind at at&t park during today's giants game. fine out if fans are feeling the impact of a
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>> san francisco, we celebrate dui versety -- >> a well-known radio talk show host has died. gene burns join kgo in 1995. for 16 years he hosted a talk show called "the gene burns program" and hosted a program that focused on the restaurant scene called "dining around with gene burns." burns most recently could be heard on saturdays. the suffered a stroke in april. gene burns was 72.
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hundreds of concession workers walked off the job at san francisco's at&t park today. 750 employees staged a one-day strike. they work for the food and beverage subcontractor, centermate. -- center plate. they shay they have not had a pay raise for three years. >> for six months out of the year we have our medical. we make $11,000 a year. we're not asking for much. >> ama: the san francisco giants say the protest did not disrupt service at today's game. the employees plan to return for tomorrow's game. the giants released a response apologizing to fans and saying the organization is not involved in the dispute. protesters held rallies across in the nation, including here in san francisco to protest genetically modified foods. the target is feed giant monsanto. organizers say they're calling attention to the health dangers posed by general genetically
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modified food. mop monsanto sells seeds. based in st. louis, said it respects people's right to express their point but believe seeds help farmers produce more food and conserving water and energy. up next, the woman involved in the affair that led to the resignation of the top man at the cia breaks her silence. what paula broadwell is saying now about her own family and how they reacted to the scandal. >> looking outside, a bit windy out there, and there's a threat of possible rain
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>> ama: the biographer who famously had an affair with cia general david petraeus is talking about it. she sad down exclusively with the abc station in charlotte, north carolina and says the affair has caused her much guilt and feels bad about hurting her family. >> i'm the first to admit i made mistakes and i'm regretful for the pain that this cautioned but at some point you pick yourself up, move forward, and keep moving. >> ama: she is married with two young children. she says her husband and friends are standing by her. broadwell met the married general petraeus by researching a book about with wartime
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leadership and hopes her work with veterans will redeem here. >> thousand office boy and girl scouts took part in an event that has been a memorial day tradition in the bay area for the past 50rs. ♪ >> as the nation remembers our military members who died in service, the scouts placed american flags at each of the 112,000 graves at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. more than 2500 scouts took part in the event and we'll hear from them coming up at 6:00. >> you can see the flags were blowing in the wind. leigh? >> leigh: you're right. this weekend, memorial day weekend, pretty much signifies the beginning of summer. doesn't even feel like spring out there today. live doppler 7hd showing you the clouds piling up near the coast. the woken is blowing envelope
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direction. the gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour and that has definitely meant for cooler than normal temperatures this time of year. san francisco, 57. mountain view, 66. santa cruz, 73. and as we look live over the bay, towards oakland, as well as berkeley, santa rosa, 74. fafi72. union city, 58. here's a look at the forecast highlights. drizzle developing near the coast tonight. it will be a cool night across much of the bay area. a mixture of sun and clouds for your sunday, and, folks, looks like we're going to get wet. some parts of the bay area, as we head into the memorial day on monday. overnight lows tonight, chilly in the north and east bay locations. livermore, 49. 50s elsewhere, and the low clouds will start to penetrate a little further east overnight and that's where we'll look for the trizle as well. overneath tonight you can get a sense that the low clouds
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starting to move inland. drizzle by 9:00 a.m. near the coast, and this will take some time to burn back to the coast so i look for some afternoon sunshine for your sunday. it's going to be monday that we're really going to have to be concerned with and this is the name, a late-season cold front and this could bring us rain on monday. now, this forecast model could be overdoing it a little bit. but 9:00 a.m. monday, you can see the rain bands moving into the north bay. 1:00, from santa rosa towards the golden gate bridge, looking at the rain moving in. cloverdale. moderate rain there. by 3:00. all of this shifts to the east bay and the peninsula. and then by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, the front moves through and the moisture will push down towards monterey bay. the models could change tomorrow but does look like parts of the bay area will see some rain on
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monday. 59 tomorrow for los gatos, 68, san jose. peninsula, 60s. drizzle at the coast. 59 tomorrow san francisco. those westerly winds will with you. 65, petaluma. oakdland, 64. union city, 65, and concord, 70. the seven-day forecast. a dry day tomorrow and then monday we cool off and looks like rain on monday, lingering showers tuesday morning, maybe a chance of sprinkles wednesday in the north bay, and then warm back up into the 80s by next weekend. >> ama: thank you so much. shu, the giants overcame some really bad calls. >> mike: karma in the en. the giants either get shut out or have a come from behind win. ed it was come from behind day in at&t park. you yoant
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the giants were 4-0 against the rockies but the tide turned and the rockies have now one for straight. the rubber match today. the g-men pulling out their lucky unicorns. carlos gonzalez over the wall into the covey cove. the giants battle back with
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three runs in the sixth. tied in the seventh. 4-4. runners on second and third. crawford grounds to second. belt coming home appears to be safe but is called out. loot at the replay. belt's foot touched home plate before the tag. one of two bad calls. the second one got bruce bochy rejected. pagan hits into the alley. and is going to try to make it all the way. and the giants win 6-5. two runs inside-the-park-home run, his third inside-the-park-home run. >> for those of you having a tough time adjust without the warriors we have just the answer. the car -- an 18 wheel truck that converts into a basketball
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court. they spent the afternoon interacting with fans in a variety of activities. a great way for fans to get up close with their favorite warrior players. >> basketball never stops. they come shoot hoops and get autographs and take pictures and it's a pretty cool experience. >> never did anything like this when i was growing up. cool interactive event. just come out here and get on the court with fans, sign autographs. it's fun. >> mike: sharks back in the tank item, game six. they win, and force a game seven in l.a.ment on tuesday, lose, their season is over. the series is about home ice, the home team has won every game in the regular season and the playoff. doesn't mean an automatic win for the sharks. they need to play solid defense and get the puck pass jonathan quick. >> one game. just got to make sure that
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everything that happened in the past isn't what we're thinking about. and make sure we're prepared to drop the puck. >> a lot of guys -- you can't worry about things -- we'll have a game plan, go from there and everybody is ready. >> the crown plaza invitational at colonial. boo weekly in the hunt after shooting a 4-under 66. long birdie putt on 12. four-way tie for second. matt kuchar, par-3 13th, a lipout. 11 under. we'll have live reaction from the giants locker room
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at 6:00, breaking news in the east bay. a search is underway for a child who fell off a cliff into a canal. we'll have a live report. an old computer sells for some very big bucks. how much this old apple went for. join us at 6:00. a contractor discovered a comic book fortunate while remodeling a home. within one of the homes' walls he found action comics one. supermany's first appearance. the 1938 comic book is the introduction of the -- at it is
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available on line with a high bid of $37,000. quite a > this is "world news." tonight breaking news. the extreme and deadly weather across much of the country tonight. the record rains and flash floods, now reports of a tornado. cars under water, the rescues under way, a report from the scene. look at this to the north, snow on this memorial day weekend. meteorologist ginger zee on both systems and where they're headed tonight. the new train crash, one car slamming into the other, destroying this highway overpass. the new images coming in and the investigation launched. the pharmacy scare, the fda warning about potentially contaminated medication meant to relieve pain and the recall under way tonight. don't look down on this holiday weekend. where was this test run? the people flying high 400 feet above american highways. buckle your seatbelts.


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