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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. high school horror. the deadly plot exposed with an enormous cache of weapons. six bombs found at a student's home. his alleged intent, to mirror the columbine disaster. why would this teen want to kill his classmates? wild ride. a nascar race is stopped by a tv cable, flinging through the stands and on the track. ten fans are hurt and racers are demanding answers. and rage at rutgers. after a scandal that threatened to bring down the sports department, questions about the woman brought in to clean it all up. does she have her own abusive past? we'll speak to one of her former players. ♪ i just came to say hello and holiday celebration. we have everything you need to know for this unofficial start to summer. from enjoying the sun to delicious dishes you can grill.
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"gma" is holiday central on this special holiday. and good morning, america. i'm david muir. and i woke up the luckiest man in america this morning. amy robach, paula faris, ginger zee, and lara. lara, you've been called in to make sure we believe. if you've been called in to make sure we behave, we're in trouble. >> the usual cast of characters, having a lovely day off. so happy to be with you guys. >> they're calling me charlie this morning. >> what can we get for you? >> wow. >> how about that? we want to remind everyone, this is memorial day. while we're having fun, it's also to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for our country and its freedom.
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we are looking live at the tomb of the unknown at arlington cemetery, a very clear reminder of why we celebrate this day. sa lieutenant a fast-moving developments in oregon. police say they have stopped a frightening plot to blow up a high school. the suspect, planning to cause more death than columbine. police say weapons found p under the floor board in the teenagers bedroom. and abc's linzie janis is here with overnight developments for us. >> reporter: prosecutors say 17-year-old grant acord, seen in this facebook photo, was on a mission to blow up his oregon high school. this morning, he's being held at a juvenile jail, after police say they found a deadly arsenal, including homemade bombs, hidden under the floor boards of his bedroom. >> reporter: police say they were tipped off late thursday by a 911 caller, who said acord was planning an attack and wanted friends to film it. they briefly searched his mother's house that night and returned with the bomb squad
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friday. inside, they say they found pipe bombs, bombs made from drain cleaner, homemade napalm and molotov cocktails. six devices in total. >> this individual manufactured devices that would have been capable of causing injury or death. >> reporter: prosecutors do not have a motive for the attack. they say they found detailed plans in journals. even a timeline. >> checklists, diagrams, inspirations. sources. and a focus on re-creating the model of columbine. >> reporter: fellow students describe acord as shy and aloof. >> i say to hi to him in the hallway. i was like, well, i should probably talk to this kid. make sure he feels okay. >> reporter: this morning, the school superintendent said police and bomb dogs have swept the high school twice and found nothing inside. the 17-year-old is due in court on tuesday, where he will be charged as an adult.
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for attempted aggravated murder and possession and manufacture of bombs. and overnight, a shocking revelation. one student telling reporters, he remembers acord striking up a conversation randomly at school, about making bombs. >> a red flag. they swept the school? >> they swept the school. it's clean. linzie, thanks to you this morning. i want to bring in brad garrity, a former fbi special agent. he joins us from washington. brad, good morning. >> good morning, david. >> it's stunning to hear when these point back to columbine so many years ago. police say he wanted to outdo them. why does that attack so resonate with these troubled teens? >> that's because that was the first major attack by two students. and it was, up until cho at virginia tech, the most lethal. and even cho referred to klebold and harris. what is interesting, is klebold and harris referred to timothy mcveigh at oklahoma city, each trying to outdo the other. >> you heard the young man there in linzie's report, saying i
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talked to him in the hall way because i thought i should. he seemed to be sort of a loaner. and the other heard a red flag raised and mentioned this. what do you look for? and what should you do? >> every one of these school shootings or bombings are premeditated. the kids tend to talk to other kids, via the net or in person. so, there's a lot of information out among the students about someone who is about to commit an act like this one. so, the key is, communication between school management and the students is critical, so they feel okay to step forward. in this case, i believe one of them called the police. >> as you know in so many of these cases, these are lone wolves that blend right in. with just a few seconds left, tips for all of us? what do we do to spot them? >> they are loners. they will mention things. they'll have inappropriate behavior. they're probably depressed. and they almost exclusively are isolated. brad garrett, joining us from
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washington. a very tough story. amy, over to you. it was a crash-filled race in nascar's coca-cola 600. it was a bizarre twist that turned dangerous for fans. ten were injured when a tv cable snapped, striking fans and stopping the race all together. a lot of people asking how did this happen? john muller is here with details. >> the last of the injured are out of the hospital and recovering this morning. the investigation continues. this year's coca-cola 600 will go down in history as the race where the cable snapped, causing injuries, damaging cars and causing big delays. look at this video. watch as the rope holding this camera failed, falling from the air during the middle of the race, dangling over the track before getting caught in the wheels of a racing car and pulled on to the track of north carolina's charlotte motor speedway. drivers swerving to avoid impact.
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the cable injuring ten spectators, sending three to the hospital. look again from a different camera angle. the nylon rope, which moves across the track, filming the race from a bird's-eye view, falls from the grandstand. then, the rope gets stuck on several cars and violently whips across the track. >> it got wound around the rear. it tore the brake line loose. >> i heard a big thunk on the right front tire. i thought the tire blew out. >> reporter: the camera itself, which is supported by three separate ropes never falls. but the race was delayed for 27 minutes. the cause of the accident has yet to be determined. this morning a full investigation is planned. fox sports released a statement. we certainly regret that the system failure affected tonight's events. we apologize to the racers whose cars were damaged. and our immediate concern is for the race fans. this camera system has been successfully used in the past, even at this year's daytona 500. nascar's vice president tweeted that his thoughts and prayers are with the fans.
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and nascar will work with fox on the investigation on what went wrong with the camera system. >> minor injuries. they had to be painful. >> oh, yes. >> thanks, john. now, to the new trouble for rutgers university scandal-scarred sports program. a bombshell report is out this morning about the new school's athletic director. she is facing accusations about how she treated her players. gio benitez has been working this story overnight. >> reporter: good morning to you. and this morning, for the first time, we're hearing from one of julie hermann's former players. she and others describe what they called mental abuse. and now governor chris christie wants to know more. she's the woman rutgers hired to turn the athletic department around, following the damning video of coach mike rice, berating students, shocking the nation just two months ago. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but this morning, new questions about how julie hermann treated some of her
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players 16 years ago as head coach of the women's volleyball team at the university of tennessee. kelly was on that team. >> she told us we're fat, we're stupid, we're alcoholics. not letting us shower or eat from our road trip from florida to tennessee. >> reporter: 15 women spoke out in a new jersey star report. now, new jersey state senator, raymond lesniak wants her to resign. governor chris christy wants to talk to rutgers about the allegations. >> it was no longer worth the scholarship. it was no longer worth playing volleyball. we didn't care what happened. we could no longer play under those circumstances. >> reporter: the women say in 1997, they detailed the alleged abuse in a letter to the tennessee athletic director. the star ledger says herman quit. just days ago, craig wolff confronted her with the allegations. her first response was, wow, that's not familiar to me. >> reporter: and this, when hermann was named athletic
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director, a reporter asked her about a video from a lawsuit where a assistant coach was arguing she was fired after becoming pregnant. this is the video of that employee's wedding. >> you know, because, the office and all it would be hard to have a baby in there. when asked about that video. >> there's a video? you said there's a video? there's no video, trust me. >> reporter: and that lawsuit was settled, by the way. meanwhile, we requested comment from hermann through rutgers and her assistant, but have not heard back. the question this morning, did rutgers know about the allegations before hiring hermann. and we have not heard back from the university. >> that video looming large in this case. we want to turn to paula faris, who is tracking another cruise ship disaster. >> good morning on this summer holiday. a scare for passengers aboard a
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royal caribbean cruise ship. it was bound for the bahamas. the cause of that fire is currently under investigation. no one injured. as the nation marks memorial day, president obama is planning to uphold a time honored tradition of heading to arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. this follows a somber visit to moore, oklahoma where the president toured the devastation. he come fortd survivors and is insured them that they will not be abandoned. >> even after the tv cameras go away we'll be there to make sure moore bounces back. >> after the president's visit thousands gathered at a church in moore to honor the people who were killed and comfort one another. at the indy 500, a race caught on dash cam. gram ray hall had 7 laps to go
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and then this. look at him holding on tight to the steer wheel before slamming into a wall. obviously he didn't win and he wasn't hurt. in washington state the bridge that collapsed will be replaced by temporary span expected to be up and running by june. a permanent bridge is expected to be replaced by fall. the i 5 bridge buckled when it was hit by a truck. a brief taste of freedom for a peg win. it looks like he doesn't quite know what to do with his new found freedom. i guess he likes being a jail bird. he walks back and forth. finally a hand ler arrives dropping him back into his enclosu enclosure. >> he was going back and forth but then found the water.
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>> he wand to go home. sglnks on this memorial day an exclusive interview with john allen. he was drawn into the recent controversy who resigned due to his affair with paula broad well who expressed her regrets last week. the general spoke about that and the sacrifice of his troops to martha raddatz. >> reporter: he served in the marine for 41 years. his wife at his side for nearly all of them. but the last few years of service were surely the toughest. >> 561 troops you lost. you said that's a number you will never forget. >> that's right. i think about it all the time. there's a moment of reflection about the 561 empty chairs around dinner tables. >> allen told us he thought long and hard about leaving his post in afghanistan last november
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when an investigation was launched into an exchange of e-mails he had with jill kelly, e-mails discovered in the midst of the scandal involving david petraeus. >> i was notified that e-mails had become known that was going to require an investigation into the appropriateness of the relationship. i had reflected on whether i could remain in command and i believed i could. in fact, i felt an obligation and a duty to remain in command. >> allen was completely cleared of any inappropriate conduct and says he remains friends with petraeus and his wife holly but he turned down the n.a.t.o. command to take care of kathy who suffers serious health issues. today on this memorial day they are thinking of those who served. >> this is an opportunity for all americans to think not just
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about the troops in uniform today and all they're doing every moment but what everyone has done. the sacrifices of all of our troops for so long to give this country the quality of life that it has and the freedom that we enjoy every single day. >> it was some memorial day weekend. we actually had snow in upstate new york. >> nothing says unofficial start of summer like three feet of snow. >> it's going to be warm this week probably, right? >> paula, you're good. have you been watching the forecast? >> i've been paying attention. >> we go from snow from 80s and 90s. from white face mountain they had three feet and some got up to five feet in vermont. the skiers are happy. i don't know about the rest of the folks up there. we are still chilly. frost and freeze advisories.
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40s in buffalo. i promised you a little warmth but heat. look at that. so hot. 90 on wednesday in d.c. philadelphia 91 after the mid week. we'll talk more about the nation in a bit. your local forecast in 30 seconds. first your selected cities brought to you by choice hotels.
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>> it is not just a severe weather threat for today. it intensifies and potentially could get very dangerous midweek all the way through to the end of the week. >> back and forth. thank you so much. we move on to astronaut chris hatfield, the interplanetary sensation, with 15 million clicks on tube for his rendition of david bowie's space oddity. paula got to meet him.
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>> did you get to see it. >> it is amazing. >> major hatfield became the first person to produce and record a music video from outer space. he was our front man, not only sending "space oddity" but other videos and tweets that made us feel like we were on that journey with him. ♪ ground control to major tom >> reporter: this viral video viewed over 15 million times, put astronaut chris hatfield on the map. all the way from outer space. the 53-year-old rocket man, strumming and singing along to david bowie's "space odyssey" from the international space station. >> i'm delighted that david bowie himself liked the way we did it. we rewrote the words so the astronaut doesn't die in the end. i think it helps show the complete human experience that exists with the space station. >> what kind of feedback did you get from him? and will you be collaborating in the future? >> gosh, i don't think so. he has since tweeted back that he really liked it.
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that he thought it was a great version of his original genius. >> reporter: hatfield's music video and real-tweets and spectacular photos won him a huge following. making him the first space-based social media star. in fact, he's credited with single handedly rejuvenating interest in space. what do you think about those comments? >> it's only the result of so many thousands of people. i get to be, you know, the frontman for all of the space agencies in the world. >> reporter: even before hatfield became the hippest man to orbit earth, he had been mixing his passion for music and outer space for years. ♪ all dressed up and nowhere to go ♪ >> reporter: in 1995, he even appeared on "gma" with a group of musical astronauts called max q. as for his latest hit -- >> it's something that a lot of people can see. and maybe have a look at what the space station can bring us. not just as a laboratory. but as one more great human capability to understand where
7:20 am
we are in the universe and what it means to us at all different levels. >> so, one of the biggest challenges of producing that video, trying to play a guitar that would continually float away from his handa liifficult. back on earth, he has roughly four months of rehab ahead of him just to get his body reacclimated. when he got back, he couldn't hold up his neck. >> gravity. >> a creative guy. much more ahead on "good morning america" this monday morning. an abc news exclusive. three jurors speaking out from the jodi arias murder trial. they tell all. what really happened behind closed doors. and why they wanted to convict that killer and put her to death. and amanda bynes, ripping rihanna on twitter and threatening to sue the new york police department and her parents. what is going on with this former child star? and remember the pantaloons, and the head nod? while we're still dreaming of jeanie.
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and how to stay safe this summer. jeanie. and how to stay safe this summer. [ female announcer ] you love summer. and this memorial day, we're giving you plenty of reasons to celebrate it. just use your jcp credit card to get an extra 20% off original, regular, sale and clearance prices... or, get an extra 10% off with any other form of payment. memorial day savings at jcpenney.
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with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. ♪ >> now from abc7 news. >> police in san jose are investigating a pair of overnight shootings that left three people dead. the latest happened on hayes avenue after 10:00. officers found a man shot. he was pronounced dead at scene, the 19th hole side -- local
7:25 am
side of the year. >> two were found shot behind a kohl's department store. police are looking for a "person of interest" in the shooting riding a bmx bicycle. leyla gulen? >> we have one new accident in santa rosa traveling along northbound 101 on the shoulder. we do not have injuries reported so we are looking at clear conditions in both directions. also, mass transit and running on a sunday school but ace trains, with no service today and the service resumes tomorrow. >> when we come
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>> on this memorial day tracking scattered showers to the north on live doppler 7 hd but we will see how they play out. in the north bay from 9:00 a.m. to noon you have the best chance and the central part of the bay until 5:00, and south bay scat weed showers from 3:00 to 7:00. the scattered light showers will bring less than .1" so do not cancel plans
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the jodi arias case back in the news this morning. we're hearing from three of the people in that deadlocked jury. they wanted to put arias to death. what really happened in that jury room will surprise you. we mark this memorial day honoring the men and women we lost. and the brave men and women who fought for this country. david muir, i'm hoping that george, robin, and sam -- >> and josh. >> i'm here. present. >> lara's here. >> lara spencer. coming up, we're also going to be talking about the latest of amanda bynes. in court, wearing that strange blonde wig. bynes has been tweeting up a storm. and has been tweeting about
7:31 am
others not to sizely. what she's threatening to sue the new york police department and her parents. >> i think it looks kind of good. >> wow. >> going lower on that one. >> really? still ahead, amy was put to the test in a fun and wonderful way, when she went to a royal nanny academy and learned the right way to care for a royal baby. nap by nappies 101. >> you cold me to bring my cotton balls. >> yeah. there are cotton balls. i'll explain. i don't see how that's better. their way of doing things. first, an abc news exclusive. jurors in the jodi arias trial speaking out now, why they could not deliver a verdict on the death penalty. and what they really think about
7:32 am
the women convicted of committing that brutal murder. >> by a show of hands, who voted to give jodi arias the death penalty? all three of you. why? >> because the state proved their case. it was premeditated. >> reporter: finally free to speak about the case, three of the jurors in one of the most sensational trials in recent memory, are revealing to abc news exclusively what happened behind closed courtroom doors. >> it was extremely gut-wrenching. extremely emotional, very taxing. >> reporter: after quickly finding jodi arias guilty of first-degree murder in the death of ex-boyfriend travis alexander, these jurors say that determining a sentence of life or death for the 32-year-old was their most difficult decision. >> for me, it was the brutality. and then, the way that he was treated after death. and shoved in a shower and left. that's pretty brutal.
7:33 am
>> reporter: those four who decided to vote to give her life in prison, what was their reasoning? >> they felt there was more mitigating factors that outweighed the aggravating factors. >> reporter: what punishment fit the crime wasn't the only issue this jury disagreed on. the jury foreman said that abuse was a key factor in determining a sentence. >> i believe in my heart and soul that she was mentally and verbally abused. >> reporter: but others saw things differently. >> some of us believed that she was verbally abused. some believed she was emoti emotionally abused. some believed she wasn't abused at all. >> reporter: none of the jurors we spoke to say they bought arias' claim of self-defense. >> what she was telling us didn't weigh true to me. >> i noticed early on, when jodi tells a story and she babbles and adds things on, it's a clear indication to me that she's lying. >> this whole concept of
7:34 am
self-defense was just so nonplausible. >> reporter: why couldn't this jury come to a consensus and give jodi arias the death penalty? >> you need to remember that each person have different varying ways to analyze and to look at things. >> reporter: when it was announced in court, two very different emotions from jodi arias. let out a sigh. the family of travis alexander broke down to tears. how did you react? >> i cried. we in that jury box, it was faith in the family. i told them i'm sorry. >> reporter: and for this jury, that's how it ended. the judge declaring a mistrail. meanwhile, arias' story lives on. lifetime releasing a clip of their movie, "jodi arias: dirty little secret" over the weekend. but the real-life drama resumes
7:35 am
in july, when a new jury will be tasked with life or death for arias. this group hopes the next group will finish what they started. >> all we did was not reach a unanimous verdict. we did our job. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, phoenix. >> and the jodi arias trial has been the most closely watched one since casey anthony. and anthony's attorney, jose baez is here. when you hear from the jurors and you did see and feel the impact of her testimony, what do you think they took away from her? and how did that impact their decision? >> i think the entire case was tried in a way that it was really just the penalty phase disguised as a trial. i don't think the defense had illusions of winning this case. what their goal was from day one was to save her life. i think the jurors took bits and pieces away from that trial that
7:36 am
made it basically impossible for them to reach a verdict of death. >> and the jury's been criticized. the family, you could see their disappointment. anger on the brother's face for this jury not being able to reach an agreement on the death penalty phase. was it surprising to you that they were so torn? >> no. in life we disagree on politics, religion, numerous things. you have 12 different people from 12 different backgrounds. to find them to agree on something as serious as taking someone's life is highly unusual. so, for people to be angry and upset about it, i think it's extremely misleading. >> there's a new jury allegedly going to be put together. we've got the publicity of the jurors speaking out. this lifetime movie is coming out. how are they going to find an untainted jury? >> on the supreme court, it is ruled you can't expect people to be completely ignorant of certain cases.
7:37 am
but has it affected their ability to be impartial and unfair? that's what they'll look for. they will be able to seat a jury. >> do you think a plea agreement is a more likely outcome? >> i do. i think it's the best for all parties involved. the way this case has been covered, on social media. >> life without a possibility of parole? >> absolutely. and time, now, for the weather. and ginger zee in for sam champion this morning. ginger? >> amy, it's been a week of severe weather. one of my storm chasing friends took this photo in ne yesterday. 67 reports yesterday. hundreds earlier in the weekend. and we have more on the way today. if you have outdoor plans i want you to pay special attention if you're anywhere from abilene to oklahoma city, wichita, omaha, and rapidity. a huge area that bumps into western illinois. we're talking isolated tornadoes here. damaging winds,
7:38 am
60-plus-mile-per-hour winds and hail. that's the thunderstorms in the center of the nation on this memorial day. there's another storm coming into the pacific northwest, bringing some decent rain. one to two inches along the coast there. just west >> i don't know about you. but my allergies are out of control, especially when i travel out to the plains. this week in the "gma" pollen report, the moderate to high concentrations across the country, mostly due to trees. in the west, cedar and oak trees. in the east, birch and elm trees. all of that making you miserable. you can find out the pollen levels in your neighborhood at on yahoo!
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and you get them bad? >> terrible. >> i was miserable this morning. all right. >> it's not getting better. >> yes. >> ginger, thank you. a lot coming up. the latest on former teen style amanda bynes. strange behavior and the arrest. and the angry tweets aimed at rihanna. what is going on? and angelina jolie's heartache. the loss of an aunt to breast cancer. was that why she made her momentous health decision? wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 12 days! 24 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day.
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7:43. we have new information on the case of amanda bynes. the former tv star whose life seems to be heading off the rails. arrested over the weekend, and more outrageous behavior in court and on twitter. abc's diana perez is here with another troubled day in the life of amanda bynes. >> reporter: amanda bynes is out of police custody this morning and back on twitter. once again in an attempt to clear her name. the problem is she's resorted to attacking her family. police and randomly, a pop superstar. >> very special stage manager. >> reporter: the former child
7:44 am
star, seen here disguising herself in a blond wig while being arrested, this morning is not disguising her feelings for new york city police or her own parents. in a series of bizarre tweets over the weekend, amanda bynes writes, quote, i'll be happy when i get money compensation from the cop who assaulted me. also, never trust or listen to a word any person from my family says to the press. i am suing them for money laundering/unethical manager work. all this comes on the heels of the former nickelodeon star's arrest thursday night when she allegedly tossed a marijuana bong out of her apartment window. saturday, she took to twitter, claiming the new york city police officer who responded to her apartment inappropriately touched her. quote, the cops were creepy. the cop sexually harassed me. they found no pot on me or bong outside my window. that's why the judge let me go. >> denied having thrown anything out the window. >> reporter: bynes appeared before a new york judge friday, wearing that blonde wig. but said very little in court.
7:45 am
this morning a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation tells abc news, the building manager has been interviewed by internal affairs bureau investigators. and he said that no one touched bynes inappropriately at any time. the official says bynes was already on the phone making allegations against police before investigators entered her apartment. >> you are in a very, very challenging situation right now. >> reporter: it has been a year-long seemingly downward spiral for the "hairspray" actress. from topless twitter photos, to dui arrests, to strange videos she hosted online. on sunday she launched an out of nowhere twitter attack on rihanna. tweeting and deleting attacks against the superstar. in response, a single tweet from rihanna, you see what happens when they cancel intervention? we reached out to amanda bynes parents. we left notes for her at her apartment here in new york city. no response. twitter right now seems to be the only mode of communication
7:46 am
she's comfortable with. lara? >> thanks, diana. >> we're just hoping to get back. little note. >> call us. >> or tweet us. >> you try that. no thank you. i don't want to be involved. all right, everybody. let's move on. coming up, we will explain how to raise a royal baby. amy robach goes to nanny school and explains nappies, cotton balls. it's all coming up. >> you look stunned there. >> what do i do? also ahead, "the play of the day." this little girl, about to receive the surprise of her life. >> you better freeze it. >> freeze it. [ male announcer ] it's intuitive and customizable, just like a tablet. so easy to use, it won a best of ces award from cnet. and it comes inside this beautifully crafted carrying case. introducing the all-new 2014 chevrolet impala with the available mylink system. ♪
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> i didn't know where to sit. do i sit over here? >> right there, charlie. >> this is "the play of the day."
7:51 am
on this memorial day, we want to honor the homecomings of families. check this out. this little girl was singing at school. there she goes. 7-year-old madeline wester. watch her face. ♪ sweet land of liberty of thee i sing ♪ >> she is stunned. she stops singing. and she runs, right into the arms of her father. what we love on this memorial day. we'll be back with more. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula,
7:52 am
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>> now from abc7 news. >> i am eric thomas. caltran will reveal if the new east were span of the bay bridge will open on time labor day weekend with crews fixing defects in the system. major questions persist about the steel rods that help support the bridge after some of them cracked. mike has the memorial day forecast? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, here is live doppler 7 hd, we have a few radar runs across the north bay around bodega pay. this all is slide down our way. so, scattered showers are possible today. with temperatures 50's along the coast into san francisco and 60's headed inland.
7:57 am
leyla gulen? >> mike, we are tracking, really, barely any traffic whatever. we are looking at clear conditions across the entire bay area. we will take a look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are looking at clear conditions from oakland and into san francisco. just want to remind you it is the memorial day holiday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] a few artists showed up on this memorial day. look at that crowd right there. and right there, center frame, the veterans joining us. thank you, vets. we should be holding that sign up for all of the great men and women we've lost and those still with us. a combined 30-plus years in the military there. we salute them this morning. "good morning america," david muir here. along with amy robach. george, robin, sam, josh. lara, what happened? >> did you make somebody mad? >> no. i love being here. i happen to love being at "good
8:01 am
morning america." and i would like to thank everybody out there. that's why i came in. >> fantastic. we're going to talk about a few other stories. i went to royal nanny school. there is such a thing. and they don't open the door for americans. what will and kate's nanny needs to know about nappies, and programs and cotton balls. >> i'll bet they will be hands-on themselves. >> it won't be -- the nanny used to be the most important person at that castle. >> with the -- >> they have specific uniforms. it's the royal nanny uniform. they wouldn't let me wear it because it's so special. i had to get something that looked like it. >> they clearly don't know who you are. we are learning more about angelina jolie's decision to have a preventive double-mastectomy. her aunt, losing her battle with breast cancer over the weekend.
8:02 am
we have more about the star's decision and the loss in her family. and switching gears. "the bachelorette" is back. fans sell for desiree hartsock on "the bachelor." but now, she's in control. will she find her prince charming? we're going to talk to desiree as well as chris harris. first, paula faris, doing her best justiosh elliott this morning. >> good morning. a scare for passengers on a royal caribbean cruise ship. a fire was contained to one deck. two passengers were treated after fainting. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and president obama is joining americans in honoring the nation's fallen war heroes, marking the traditional memorial
8:03 am
visit at arlington international cemetery. he is fresh from moore, oklahoma, where he consoled victims of last week's powerful tornado. he also got a look at the staggering damage. and an oregon teenager accused of plat mrothing a columbine-style attack is being described as a loner. grant acord was on a mission to blow up his high school. they found six bombs under the floor boards of his bedrooms. and new jersey governor chris christie wants to talk to officials at rutgers, after allegations that the school's new athletic director has a history of abusive treatment toward players. julie hermann's former players have accused her of coaching through emotional abuse. there is no response from rutgers. and years of frustration and heartbreak, they are all over.
8:04 am
tony kanaan has his first-ever victory at the indianapolis 500. it was no easy ride. the lead changed a record 68 times, back and forth, before the brazilian flew across the finish line. celebrating with that traditional chug of milk. he said the last lap was the longest of his life. >> i didn't know milk was traditional. >> not always alcohol involved. >> i know. but i think champagne is a little more festive. >> next year's indy 500. >> i have connections. this is really why you came in. >> yes. i wanted to give you all your monday edition of "pop news." and happy memorial day to everybody. we begin this morning with a russian businessman who bid $1.5 billion -- no. it's just million. leo dicaprio in a rocket bound
8:05 am
for space. >> come again. >> the high bidder in the am far charity auction. he will train for three days before the virgin galactic trip next year. it's expected to be a two-hour flight. reaching 70 miles into space. with a four-minute period of weightlessness, where passengers can float around in the cabin. >> just for four minutes. >> expensive minutes. >> all right. there you have it. also in "pop news," what do you -- what do you get when you match a 2,000-year-old genie with a handsome ex-president? the 21st annual light in vie yen in austria was a hit, thanks to barbara eden, appearing on
8:06 am
stage, wearing her iconic outfit from "i dream of jeanie." amazing. 40 years since the show wrapped. causing former president bill clinton to appear. still got it. clinton, honored for his work on behalf of aids research at the charity event. >> i didn't know 78-year-olds could have abs. >> amazing. >> she's incredible. >> age is just a number. thank you, barbara. finally this morning, this squeaky clean brothers, hanson, they have a new hit on their hands -- it's a beer, which i brought. this crafted, in their home state of oklahoma. there are no bottle openers on the desk. >> that's a good thing. >> taylor hanson sharing a photo, enviewing the brew with ed helms.
8:07 am
there is a connection. there is a reason for the story. proceeds of this beer going to red cross ok aftermath of the latest tornado. we say to the brothers, mm, thank you. >> that song will be in your head all day. cheers to ginger outside. we'll give her a little clink. >> i'll take it. i came straight out to this great crowd. and the first sign i see, says flushing, michigan. ladies, that's where i bought my first house. what is your name? >> beverly. >> beverly is here, enjoying new york city. let's look at chicago. wls' camera, they're going to see more rain in the forecast. but also some warming. this is the dangerous part you need to be aware of. from eastern montana and north dakota, down to
8:08 am
>> we are honoring our veterans on this memorial day. and the ladies that david mentioned before. let's get your names. >> erin williams. >> sue from florida. >> thank you so much for your service and everyone else. let's get back in to lara. here's a look at our "gma morning menu." angelina jolie's heartache. her mom, passing away from breast cancer. how it may have influenced angelina's health decision. and amy goads to royal nanny
8:09 am
school. we cannot wait for this. she gives us the 411 on nappies, programs. and how will and kate and the little one will be scared for. and sunscreen secrets you need to know to protect yourself. and your kids. all that and more coming up live on "good morning america," on this memorial day. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] ♪ ♪ [ camera shutter clicking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] meet the best low-light smartphone camera. [ camera shutter clicking ] better than iphone. better than galaxy. the windows phone nokia lumia 928. ♪
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to help prevent another heart attack. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i've lived through a massive heart attack. i don't take life for granted. see your doctor and get checked out. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz, through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. time, now, for the "gma heat index." the hottest stories trended
8:14 am
right now. this has all of us talking this morning. it's the news that angelina jolie's aunt, her mother's sister, passed away over the weekend. did that influence her decision to have a double-mastectomy when she did. overnight, abc news learned that angelina jolie's aunt, debbie martin, passed away at the age of 61, after battling breast cancer. this comes less than two weeks when jolie revealed she had a double-mastectomy, after testing positive for a faulty gene that could lead to the same for her. martin's husband, ron, said his wife had the same defective gene that jolie does. because of the brca gene in the maternal side of the family,ing and angelina did the smartest thing on earth. it takes a lot of courage to have your breasts removed. jolie explains how her family's history with cancer influenced
8:15 am
her decision to undergo the surgery. my doctors estimated i had an 87% risk of breast cancer. once i knew that this was my reality, i decided to be proactive and minimize the risk as much i could. the megastar writing of her mother, saying, she held out long enough to meet the first of her grandchildren and hold them in her arms. my other children will never have a chance to know her. we often speak of mommy's mommy. and i try to explain the illness that took her away from us. they have asked if the same could happen to me. jolie started the medical procedures back in february and completed the process at the end of april. she went on to say, the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy. but it is one that i'm very happy that i made. i can tell my children they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. so hope that she is okay. we wish her the best. >> it's a tough call. but it's a smart one. the numbers were on her side. she only has less than a 5% risk
8:16 am
of cancer. >> every woman, according to the national cancer institute, has a 12% risk of developing breast cancer. she's having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed next. we don't know exactly when that will happen. we move on. and put on your british accent here. >> i don't think anyone wants me to use that. it will turn out like brooklyn. coming up tonight on abc, the barbara walters special "bringing up baby: royal edition." barbara talks about the great expectation in a royal world. what diana's legacy means. plus, she gives us a unique perspective. to get in the spirit of all things royal baby, i checked out the tough nanny school, for a crash course on how to attend to the rich and the royal. tucked away in a beautiful english countryside of bath, about 100 miles west of london, lies norland college, largely considered the harvard of royal nannies.
8:17 am
what distinguishes a norland nanny to your average, run of the mill nanny? >> it would be the training. for three years, they are trained to be the best. >> reporter: did she say three years? thankfully norland was willing to give me a crash course. >> in your training, you are to always wear your hair up. >> hair up, check. >> minimal makeup. >> reporter: check. >> one pair of earrings. they have to be stubs. flat shoes. they have to be lace-up. >> reporter: lace-up? >> no slip-ons, when you're carrying children. safety first. >> reporter: oh, well. i tried. >> it's very british. as you can see from the uniform. >> reporter: oh, right. the distinctive brown uniform, complete with bow tie, felt hat and white gloves. a look that's barely been updated since the college's
8:18 am
conception in 1892. >> and watch this space because we are updating. it's going as we speak. we're going towards a more 1950s look. but modern. modern 1950s look. >> reporter: all right. as a mother of two and stepmother of three, i admit, i was a skeptic. could norland, no matter how nuanced, really tell me something about the nursery i didn't know? i just hit the baby in the face. this is incredibly -- oh, my goodness. >> buckle in here. >> reporter: that would be an unequivocal yes. this was no nimble fold-up buggy from babies "r" us. is there a norland way to -- wow. they had me practicing on the same silver-cross prams that princes apparently prefer. i feel like i'm pushing a lawn
8:19 am
mower. then, it was on to the inevitable nappie changing. nappy is british for diaper. >> we're going to show you how to fold -- >> reporter: changing nappies at norland, is a real nuisance. >> and then, it gets folded down there. and them, you use a nappie liner. >> want to have a go? >> use a cotton ball. >> reporter: there's no wipes? that's a lot of work. >> hand on the baby. >> reporter: sorry. can you imagine? one cotton ball at a time. if anyone's changed a soiled nappie -- ew. i'm going to stick with the wipes. the "20/20" special with barbara walters, "bringing up baby: royal edition" airs tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc.
8:20 am
>> thanks very much. the unofficial start to memorial day. you're all here. it's official memorial day. summer season starts today. are you guys ready for this dr. richard besser is here. not only are we unofficially starting the summer season, but sunburn season. dr. besser out with a new book, "tell me the truth, doctor." you want to get it. we're going to play a game here. and the audience are going to try to answer the questions. first up, is the question -- cue the music. >> i love that. >> is it worth the price you pay -- you get what you pay for when it comes to sunscreens? true or false? yes or no? >> the real answer is no. yeah. "consumer reports" did a study. they found that the target and the walmart brand were the best and the cheapest. >> spf lower than 15.
8:21 am
is there any point to sunscreen lower than spf 15? yes or no? half and half. he was emphatic. >> he's correct. anything below 15 -- there we go. anything below 15 has to have a warning label now to say it does not protect you from cancer. that's the change. anything above 15 doesn't provide additional protection. between 15 and 50 is the way to go. >> a couple more questions to go. i wonder about this. is there any truth to a water-proof sunscreen? can it really be water-proof? yes or no? half and half. >> i see lots of noes. and no is correct. water-resistant. yes. water-proof, no. and now, the label has to tell you how long it will protect you when you go in the water. you have to put it on every couple hours. make sure you use enough of the stuff. but none of it is water-proof. >> when i read this morning, i
8:22 am
couldn't believe it. if you're in the sun for an entire day, you have to use a half-tube of lotion? yes or no? >> the answer is yes. it used to last me the entire summer. you have to use two tablespoons every couple hours. and that's going to be half a tube a day. >> tell me the truth. "tell me the truth, doctor." amy, back inside to you. sean lowe chose someone else. now, desiree hartsock is back, starring on "the bachelorette" this time. she gets to choose between 25 men who were willing to go to great lengths to impress her. and with her, the host of "the bachelor," chris harrison. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. good morning. >> you had so many suitors to choose from. and let me list a few. a magician, a soccer player, even a knight in shining armor. >> yes. >> what were your impressions of your suitors? >> i was surprised every step of the way when someone new came out. i didn't know what was going to happen, to be honest. and they really impressed me.
8:23 am
>> any surprises, chris? you've seen a lot of suitors come out with lots of shtick. how about this time around? >> des is a catch. and these guys know that she's "the bachelorette." they had to raise their game a little bit. you have to make that first imprsi. i'm not sure a knight in shining armor -- the guy came out in full regalia. but they did. they stepped up their game. they have to for this girl. >> we talked about it. let's show the good folks some of the more daring guys that desiree had to choose from. >> hi. >> you look very nice. >> thank you. as do you. >> i'm chris. >> nice to meet you. >> got some butterflies. >> that's okay. i've been in your shoes. >> there is something i have to do. >> what is it? >> if you wouldn't mind. >> oh, no. >> des, i've given this a lot of thought. and -- i'm sorry.
8:24 am
i'm really nervous. will you mind if i tie my shoe? >> oh. >> the limo, as well. what did you make of that? >> you know, i was blown away that he even brought his son. it melted my heart to see the little boy, you know, give me a flower. >> that's what you want to do on a first date, is bring your son. here's my kid. >> exactly. >> that's not awkward. >> better than keeping it a secret. >> i have to say. watching a few of them. that is so overwhelming. how do you distinguish among them? and how do you -- i hate to use the term, but weed them out? >> as they walk out, that's the first impression. but to know whether or not there's going to be something there, it really takes a conversation. >> can you tell right away? >> not right away. not right out of the limo. when guys are shirtless or --
8:25 am
you know. throwing magic tricks. it's a little distracting. it was more about the conversation. and if we had anything in common. >> you described last season as emotionally draining. >> yeah. >> why do you want to do it again? >> i wanted to do it again because although it was emotionally draining, those were real feelings. and the relationship -- >> do you still have feelings for sean? >> no. i'm past the feelings for sean. and it was nice to know what he has with catherine. >> and was true love found? >> i will say this -- i think top-to-bottom, it's the best season we've ever had. for good and bad. it was a rollercoaster ride, unfortunately. >> i think it's a true portrayal that love is unpredictable. >> hmm. all right. very interesting. very good tease from both of you. chris and desiree, thank you both. and we look forward to the season. "the bachelorette" begins airing today on memorial day at 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc.
8:26 am
coming up, the secrets to eating well for less at your favorite restaurants. and, marcus samuelsson at the grill with memorial day favorites. and, david, we love you, too.
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas on this memorial day a world war ii veteran from the east bail -- from the east bay will be honored. the 87-year-old dan franklin in 1944 when 17 was part of d part crew delivering under fires to soldiers on omaha beach. marin county holds the even at the elks in san rafael at 10:00 a.m., and we have a link to all the memorial day ceremonies on our website at leyla gulen? >> it started to be a quiet memorial day morning and now a couple of citizens, first in livermore eastbound 580.
8:28 am
we have a report of an overturned pickup truck blocking the middle lane. in east palo alto, northbound, along 101, we have three car crash out this blocking two lanes. eric? >> thank you. when we come balk our
8:29 am
>> we are tracking light showers across the north bay near petaluma, novato, headed over from san rafael across 37, toward american canyon. right now, more scattered light
8:30 am
shower on the way for the afternoon. 9:00 a.m. to noon [ cheers and applause ] the "gma" big screen over time square. that's emblem 3's new video. the breakout band coming off a sold-out tour. now, coming to central park. they're going to be in the summer concert series, friday june 7th. and pitbull in the park. we say good morning, america. on memorial day. ginger, paula, amy, lara here. >> check, check, check. >> george and robin and sam and josh have the morning off. and shirley from oklahoma came all the way to say hi to robin. we will send that to her this morning. and we have another big band that's going to have a huge performance. grammy winners, muse, will
8:31 am
perform a live concert from london, following the premiere of "world war z." we're counting down the days before brad pitt comes to "good morning america." a morning exclusive. june 17th. so much to talk to him about. lara, you're making fun of my jacket. >> can we get a wide shot? summer and -- >> i like the biker jacket. you are wild, amy robach. >> she is. coming up, we have a great story about kids from kentucky on a three-year mission of kindness. and we're there when they are rewarded with a thrill of their lives. you do not want to miss that story. >> mickey is there. >> minnie. our memorial day feast, courtesy of marcus samuelsson. we can't wait. >> love that. >> we waited all morning. hey, everybody.
8:32 am
the men of "baby's daddy" are back. they are all with us this morning. the last time we saw these guys, they bravely took on our baby diaper changing challenge. you know we love a game here at "gma." so, we have a whole, new contest for them. first, we want to get the inside scoop on their upcoming season. let's look at it first. >> whoa. >> what are you thinking, huh? are you ready to make new baby friends? >> remember, no sharing your pacifier. you're not that kind of girl. >> i don't know, man. are we sure that this place is legit? because it looks fine to me. >> all right, everybody. here they are. the stars of "baby daddy," which premieres this wednesday on abc family. hi. welcome back. >> hi. >> have you recovered from last year's baby diaper changing?
8:33 am
>> i have nightmares about it. >> take us a little bit into season two, within your relationship and dealing with baby. >> oh, man. well, she's growing now. >> yeah. >> we're just getting used to her, you know, aging. >> aging. >> aging. >> she's not that much older. >> she's getting a little older. she's mumbling now. our characters are getting more comfortable with taking care of a newborn. >> hilarity ensues. i know you are head writer. >> hey, heidi. >> i want to ask you something about i read. you play roommates on the show and you're roommates in real life. >> they do, yeah. >> it's basically a frat house. >> how did you escape? >> oh, i'm very clean.
8:34 am
so, i would die if i lived with them. i'd want to clean everything, at all times. >> maybe you should move in. >> sounds like you are the perfect roommate. we have a new challenge for you. this is -- it's supposed to look like that. it now looks like this. you have one minute on the clock. >> we're doing this right now? >> you're baby daddies. ready? three, two, one. >> okay. look out. >> on this side. >> pull that out. >> oh, wait. >> i want to help so bad. ten seconds on the clock. no pressure. >> we did it. there we go. it's there.
8:35 am
>> amazing example of parenting. >> we obviously know a lot about babies. we learned a lot from the show. >> did you go to nanny school with amy robach? >> we're definitely signing up. >> everybody, the wonderful fellas on "baby daddy." it is so fun. ginger zee, now, with the weather. >> great guys. great job, guys. i want you to come all the way over here, past the jerk chicken and into this crowd because her son just graduated college. what's your son's name? >> mark. that's okay. congratulations. we need to do some weather. let's get right into it and talk about a hot place in the nation. getting warm and toasty in the southwest. phoenix, tucson.
8:36 am
you're looking here at what's up next. we'll leave you a look with the >> brought to you by mercedes-benz. amy? >> thanks so much. and now, to our special series with "reader's digest." look at that gorgeous cover girl there, robin roberts. it's 13 things the experts won't tell you. beckley worley decodes the secrets of our favorite restaurants. how they get you to eat more and pay more for it. >> reporter: eating out. no shopping, chopping or cleanup.
8:37 am
but remember, this place is a business. and they use a few tricks to make a profit off you. when you walk into a restaurant, you can tell right away what their strategy is by listening to the music. ♪ loud, fast-pace? studies show it makes us chew faster. and it's a clear sign that the restaurant wants you to eat quickly so they can get you out the door. more diners equals more dollars. ♪ on the other hand, slow, soft music means the restaurant wants you to settle in and order a lot. we spend 40% more when listening to this type of music. yes, i would like another glass. it's delightful. and speaking of wine, do you know which bottle on the wine list has the highest markup? the second-cheapest. restaurants know we don't want
8:38 am
to look chintzy ordering the cheapest. this bottle on the menu is often three-times to four-times its wholesale cost. one slightly more expensive might be a better wine. are you marking a healthy dash? you'll spend more. diners ordered 30% more food, appetizers, sides, desserts, when they ordered a healthy entree. that means more calories and a higher bill. eat less, spend less and bon appetit. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> "reader's digest," editor in chief and the author of "the digest diet," the dining out guide, liz vaccariello is here. i love that the secrets that you're sharing with us, in addition to some of the tips we saw in the piece, you say where you sit in the restaurant makes a difference about how much you
8:39 am
eat? >> the digest diet talks about fat increasers. if you're in an uncomfortable chair, you're sub consciously rushing your food. >> that's interesting. and your other tip, you can tailor your dish at almost every restaurant. you can be that picky patron. >> you can be that person. you go to a family restaurant, the portions are humongous. it's no problem to ask for half of your entree to go. any sandwich can be made a salad. >> skip the french fries and the hash backgrounds. >> boston market, we love the chicken. if you take the skin off, you save 100 calories. >> your other tip is to spice up your food. >> red pepper contains a fat releaser. and that boosts our metabolism and makes us drink more water. or more margaritas.
8:40 am
i have a pizza, i pour red pepper on it. and dab it to get the oil off. >> thank you for the tips we can use this memorial day, with the barbecues that are firing up right now. liz vaccariello. and coming up, giving back. kids who give so much are rewarded with a great gift of fun. ashz part of our partnership with yahoo! and edward jones, here's our latest newsmaker interview. linzie janis spoke with "teen vogue" editor in chief, amy astley. >> it's going to be a minidress. and pumps is something that's percolating. and i think we're going to see kids getting into punk and grunge. it was big on the runways for fall. they can reinterpret it all summer.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back on this memorial day. and the winner of "good morning america's" disney hometown celebration. we invited you to nominate something special. a special organization that brought joy and caring to the lives of others. cameron mathison found our group of winners, who found a a way to
8:44 am
give even in the most trying circumstances. cameron? >> the spirit of giving is alive and well here in kentucky. this group of approximately 20 schoolchildren from the very small town of middlesborough should be an inspiration to us all. as it's often said, it's often the neediest that are the most giving. what started out at 52 weeks of giving for 20 youngsters from middlesborough, kentucky, has transcended into a ripple effect of random acts of kindness. >> the kids have taken it and run with it. >> reporter: the group was started by two local librarians. >> they are my heart. i always worked with children. >> we're helping our community. >> reporter: the coal mining town now faces hard times. but continues to pay it forward. >> we sort of thought we would be, you know -- but what we
8:45 am
found is that, you know, the blessing was ours as much as theirs. >> reporter: the charitable bunch tried to show the world that one act of kindness can change a life. but washing windows, helping the elderly, even sending letters to u.s. soldiers far away. and local firefighters at home. >> it's always refreshing to see, come into and let us know they appreciate us. >> reporter: they took me along with them to raise money for boston's public library in the memory of the youngest victim of the tragic boston bombing. they even let me help out. thank you so much. it's very generous. and raised over $500 in under two hours. high-five. yeah. with a population of just over 12,000 people, the small town actually sits inside of a 3 1/2-mile-wide crater. proving if you live somewhere small, you can do something big
8:46 am
and touch the lives of many. >> this town doesn't offer a lot for our children. we're a small town. and we wanted something they could feel a part of. >> reporter: for a group whose sense of giving knows no bounds, our friends at disney thought these little heroes deserved to have some fun. so, they sent in a special team. and in only 12 hours, transformed the community center -- into a fantasy land. they got to meet their favorite characters, have a dance party and enjoy a day just for them. and here they are, the children founders. give it up. it is amazing. i saw your faces. you walked in here. what was your reaction when you saw what disney set up for you guys? >> it was amazing. it was more than what i thought it would be. things like that don't happen in this town. it's amazing.
8:47 am
>> you all completely deserve it. and, j.d., as the mentor. three years, 52 weeks. what has been your favorite project so far? >> so far, i would choose alex's lemonade stand. a lot of people come. it's great. >> may we all learn from the children of 52 weeks of giving. say good-bye, everybody. [ cheers ] >> we salute them, too. the officers and the ladies with us this morning. we salute you all for working this memorial day. we honor the brave men and women who served our country, as well. when we come back, the barbecue that folks have been smelling all morning. we'll show you what's on the grill wh
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back, everybody. we are so happy to have our
8:50 am
friend, marcus samuelsson, with us in times square. his "new york times" best seller, "yes, chef," is in stores in paperback. congratulations on that. such a great read. heaven. josh and sam, don't be jeou we're having a memorial day feast for the ages. you're going to love these recipes. we start with jerk chicken. >> this is when memorial kicks off officially the grilling season. i want to do something i learned when i was down in jamaica, jerk chicken. those are scallions. and add a little bit of the cinnamon. >> all of it? >> jerk chicken has a lot of spices. >> all of the garlic? >> and the chiles. these are spicy. add it in. >> what is it?
8:51 am
>> this the a little bit of cardimom. >> and then, we're going to blend that. >> ready? >> go ahead. >> and then -- like that. all right. >> all right. this is magic television. consider it blended. >> we have our jerk sauce. and this goes on anything. on your park chop, your vegetable, on your chicken. >> this goes on vegties? it smells so good. >> lara, what do you like to grill summertime? >> i love all vegetables. i love chicken. i'm a great souse chef and cleaner. i like the recipes because they're doable. >> if you're a chef, you have to do a lot of cleaning. in the kitchen, the only word you can say to the chef is yes, chef. >> that's the name of the best
8:52 am
seller. >> we grill the chicken. have some corn on. we need something to set it off that's not so spicy. we have to do a slaw, with celery, apple. a little bit of mayo. >> cabbage. >> and a little bit of nuts for crunch. and you can add in the lime juice. >> i would be honored. >> now, we have a really light -- >> i'll do that. you have a light mix. and then -- >> a little bit of fun. a little bit of crunch. you know, great sandwich has to be -- have some heat. and you have to have something that takes off the heat. >> yeah. >> and then, we're going to add -- >> i will take this. >> for rhubarb pie. amy is baiting me that she's allowed to eat. i already ate my sandwich. >> the chicken. do you like the sandwich, guys? >> love it. >> look at that. look at that.
8:53 am
>> also, lemonade recipes. all of these. for the chicken, for the pie, and for the wonderful lemonade, all on our website, on yahoo! "yes, chef."ack.
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8:56 am
we say good-bye. check out david muir, double-duty on "world news." >> it won't be like this. have a good memorial day.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric total. a san francisco giants meet the a's in oakland for the first four games in the bay bridge series. what is the weather going to be like? mike nicco has the forecast. >> interesting start time at 1:07 and mostly cloudy with showers on live doppler 7 hd around san pablo bay back to marin county coast and up in the north bay. so, it look like from now until noon the north bay get rain from 11:00 to 3:00 and the central bay from 3:00 to 7:00 in the south bay. >> we have an accident in east palo alto northbound along 101 coming right up to 84, we do have an accident that is blobbing two lanes and we do see some heavy traffic. here is a look at it, heavy
9:00 am
track, according to our wazers so drive safe, everyone. happy memorial day. announcer: it's like like. today from "the hangover 3" heather graham. and we'll meet the new bachelorette. plus a performance from singer demi lovato. all next on the emmy award winning "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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