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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 28, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> world news is next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. this is "world news." tonight, extreme weather. floods and flames and new tornadoes tonight. as 50 million americans brace for a rough ride. we have a new video inside the heart of a very big twister. explosion. a freight train hurdles off the track and triggers a massive fireball. what was on that train? "real money." home prices now soaring. how to get thousands of extra dollars for your house. and our "america strong" series is back. men who survived brutal imprisonment, only to bring up lessons about courage and honor. ♪ oh god to thee we lift our prayer and sing ♪ ♪ oh god to thee we raise our prayer and sing ♪
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good evening. as we come on the air and start this new week together, millions of american families are bracing for severe storms and already tonight new tornadoes. here is one touching down in corning, kansas. and in a lot of other places, there are a lot of ferocious storms and a lot of hail. let's get right to it with abc's meteorologist ginger zee. she's here. >> diane, the atmosphere tonight is fuel for violent storms and we're already watching tornado warnings from texas to nebraska, to michigan. >> tonight severe weather is on the move again. tornadoes reported across the plains. just one of many weather extremes across america. in california, high winds and dry conditions are driving
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raging brush fires. in the plains and midwest, hundreds of severe weather reports this weekend, including 22 reported tornados and softball-sized hail. for northwest iowa, flooding. nearly ten inches of rain, destroying 1,500 businesses and homes. last night a colossal tornado in north kansas. this is what it looked like inside. storm chasers brandon ivey and sean casey deliberately drove into this tornado. >> i wasn't standing up and manning my camera. i just left it running, and i was pancaked on the ground. >> reporter: using casey's tank-like vehicle called the tiv. this isn't their first time inside a tornado. they film with an imax camera, and the tank they ride in is made for this. see the spikes on the sides? they use them to dig in. the vehicle can then be lowered, so when wind goes up and over,
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like the opposite of an airplane wing, it forces it to stay down. tornados are one of nature's great mysteries. and with video like this, we can get valuable information about how they form, how they grow, and that can be used to help warn the public and also teach how to build structures to withstand them. >> that exotic cross-section of violence and beauty. i wanted to capture that up close and personal. >> ginger, what else are you seeing out there right now as we're watching all this? >> tonight the threat is still very evident for a lot of folks. i want to show you exactly who has to be concerned. stretching from texas through oklahoma, northern missouri, all the way into western pennsylvania and new york. that's just tonight. the set-up for this week, with the jet stream the way that it's moving looks not only dangerous, but potentially deadly. it digs in, doing a negative tilt and really allow for those storms to be violent. right there in the center, the hot pink color.
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>> again, we're talking millions and millions of americans looking at the sky tonight. thank you, ginger. and we turn next to that mysterious explosion after a freight train collided with a truck today outside baltimore, maryland. it was so powerful, it could be felt blocks away. and eyewitnesses said buildings shook, windows shattered. abc's david kerley is right there. david, that's the smoke i see behind you? >> reporter: it is, absolutely. firefighters just started pouring water on it again, the burning railcars. plenty of smoke. this started at 2:00. a truck driver is in serious condition. and wait until you see this explosion right after the derailment. >> two railcars burst into flames after derailing. but as the fire intensifies, a massive explosion. >> back up! >> reporter: two warehouses had their walls shredded, windows blown out in the surrounding area. people in a 20-block area told to stay away.
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>> i thought it was an earthquake 'cause the house shook. it wasn't just a normal boom. >> when it went, it knocked me down and my two other co-workers. >> reporter: here it is again, the blast that intensified the fire. officials say a garbage truck that hauls dumpsters, hit the train. 15 cars in all derailed. the rail company says there are no dangerous inhalents. the burning cars carry acid. another car is filled with a hazardous chemical that can be explosive. this is the third serious derailment this month. friday night in missouri, a train took out the supports for an overpass. and rail lines snake through every major city, and many neighborhoods, like the one on fire tonight. david kerley, abc news, rosedale, maryland. with thanks to david, we turn next to what's being called a staggering security breach. a report that chinese hackers gained access to the blueprints of some of the nation's most advanced weapons. they can copy the design for their use, and the chinese could possibly cause problems with the
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u.s. weapons. abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, on this new threat. >> reporter: american officials told abc news today at least 29 of the country's most critical weapons systems have been compromised by chinese hackers. from the navy's aegis system to knock out enemy ballistic missiles. to the state of the art f-35 jet fighter -- to the most advanced marine combat vehicles. >> this chinese may be able to discover vulnerabilities in those weapons systems that would make them easier to attack. >> reporter: and easier to copy. this is the $1.4 trillion u.s. f-35, and this is the remarkably similar chinese j-20, which showed up four years later. here the u.s. global hawk high altitude drone, and a look alike chinese version. >> it closes the gap, and it is not a gap we want to see closed. >> reporter: the list of compromised systems, first reported by "the washington post," was part of a pentagon
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study that said the u.s. "sustained staggering losses." >> this is probably the greatest national security challenge facing the united states. >> reporter: and all the while, officials say, a huge team of chinese military hackers, operating out of this building in shanghai, continues to refine and accelerate its efforts to rip off u.s. military designs. the pentagon spokesman said today that there has been no erosion of u.s. capabilities, still what's happened is serious enough to make some analysts wonder if, worst case, chinese hackers would be able to shut down the ability of the u.s. military to defend or to counterattack, diane, in a time of war. >> all right, brian ross, thank you so much. now we turn next, right here to the jersey shore, where people are battling back seven months after hurricane sandy, and today, that political odd couple, reunited to celebrate jersey spirit. president obama and new jersey governor chris christie touring the point pleasant boardwalk.
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they even went head to head in an arcade game. governor christie won. he gave his stuffed bear with the chicago t-shirt to his new friend. 161,000 families were displaced by hurricane sandy and seven months later, the number has shrunk, but 39,000 families are still displaced tonight. and now the latest on the fire aboard that cruise ship at sea. 2,200 passengers on board and it harkens back to another cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico. so what went wrong this time? abc's matt gutman with the passengers. >> reporter: from boat, to bus, to plane, the exodus of more than 2,200 cruise passengers began today. but some, like marlene sluscher, can't shake the fear. >> we were like 20 feet from the fire, and, you know, i was awake before i even heard the very first noises.
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>> reporter: watch this new video of confused passengers mustering on deck after a fire gutted the stern sunday. ashley wallace told me terror set in, right here, the moment life boats were lowered for a possible abandoned-ship call. >> when the boats were lowering, that's when everyone started crying, and the lady passed out. passengers sardined on deck, and in those orange life jackets. for wallace, the terror of the night turning into the tedium of the morning. hours later, the all clear. leaving harrowing memories for passengers like little sofia bua. >> i just started crying. i thought we were going to die. >> reporter: but despite the recent string of cruise mishaps, it's still a safe vacation choice for your family. since 2003, nearly a quarter of a billion people have sailed on cruise ships, and the industry says only 59 have died from fires and accidents. that's about one fatality in four million. still cruise-ship passengers are a captive audience. >> when a fire happens, or
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there's any type of catastrophe, you're at the mercy of the people working on the ship. >> reporter: because they are floating cities on the sea, often with thousands aboard. matt gutman, abc news, freeport, bahamas. and still ahead here on "world news," is your home worth thousands of dollars more than you realize? a red-hot housing market, and the red-hot tips that could mean "real money" for the family, next. and one thing only... and those people are what i like to call... wrong. take metamucil. sure it helps keep you regular but it doesn't stop there. metamucil has psyllium, which helps lower cholesterol, promotes digestive health, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. it can multi-multitask... look at it, it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits, 1 super fiber. ♪
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tonight, some good news for home owners, there are big numbers out today. home prices in america, jumping up almost 11% from a year ago. the largest gain in nearly seven years. so if you're thinking now is the time to sell, here's abc's paula faris, with ways to boost the price even more. new ways to make "real money." >> reporter: there's a home-buying frenzy. americans finally feeling confident enough to take advantage of those record low mortgage rates. and for the two million americans currently selling their homes, they're looking to cash in. home prices across the country surging, which is why the mcdougal family of phoenix has their home on the market, where prices are up more than 22% from just a year ago. >> take you through the virtual tour. this is the outside point of our house right here. >> reporter: we heard it in las vegas today. >> good afternoon. coming to you from indigo springs creek in las vegas, nevada. home prices are soaring here in las vegas. >> reporter: and atlanta too.
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>> coming to you from atlanta georgia. like to show you my new listing. >> reporter: this 1,400 square foot single family home in las vegas would have listed for roughly $158,000 a year ago. today it's $200,000 -- up over 20%. and in atlanta, this three-bedroom home could now fetch $180,000, up roughly 19% from last year. >> you think this is a trend that's going to continue. why are you so optimistic? >> the prices seem to be right in line with where buyers are willing to pay and sellers are willing to sell. >> reporter: but even in a hot market, there are ways to put more money in your pocket. tip number one, listing earlier in the summer is better. may and june are the best months. tip number two, list on a friday. studies show it gets toured nearly 20% more. tip number three, use a professional photographer. those that did had a higher sale to list ratio. and tip number four, don't forget the details.
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by cleaning out the clutter, buying a new faucet, replacing that outdated tv, we helped one family increase the value of their home by over $24,000. >> i'm optimistic. i'm not a real estate agent, but i'm optimistic. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, new york. and coming up next, is it cheating to put a ladder up at the top of mount everest? controversy brewing on our instant index. the top of mount everest? controversy brewing on our instant index. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] [ male announcer ] fight pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath fast with tums freshers. concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. ♪ tum...tum...tum... tum...tums! ♪ tums freshers. fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath.
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our instant index tonight starts off with exclusive new details about that tribute from one rock legend to another. did you see paul mccartney paying respects to the king, elvis presley? laying a guitar pick inscribed with mccartney's name at elvis's grave. as mccartney says, so elvis can play in heaven. mccartney stopped by graceland this holiday weekend and was allowed to strum one of elvis's beloved guitars, and the song was "loving you." ♪ loving you ♪ just loving you >> yes, an elvis original. and we also have news tonight about the very top of mount everest. 29,000 feet up. he made it there, and others also made it there. over and over again they made it. the problem is the number of climbers has skyrocketed 300%,
5:49 pm
and it takes them a long time to get down, which means there's a kind of gridlock at the top. so here is the new novel solution, a ladder to accelerate the climb down, 40 feet of it, anyway. moving people along. though critics are up in arms, saying that is cheating. and coming up next here, a lesson for people of all ages about courage and honor. it's "america strong." [ female announcer ] love. it's the most powerful thing on the planet. love holds us in the beginning. comforts us as we grow old. love is the reason you care. for all the things in your life... that make life worth living.
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and finally tonight, as we look back at this memorial day
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weekend together, i want to tell you about something that happened that will probably never happen again. 40 years ago, the vietnam war was ended by president nixon and hundreds of prisoners of war came home, after years of brutal captivity. so the nixon library decided over the weekend to invite the former prisoners, still living, to recreate a dinner held at the white house long ago. and tonight, in america strong, some of those p.o.w.s sit down with us to remind a new generation what courage and country really mean. they were the ace pilots shot out of the sky, taken prisoner and tortured by the vietnamese. shoulders pulled out of sockets, burned with electric wires and not for weeks, but years. >> captured november 7th, 1967 and there for 1,955 days. >> 2,103 days in a prison camp. >> 1,900 days in prison.
5:54 pm
>> 40 years later, they recognize the squeaky gate from that prison hell. >> they're coming for somebody, and it ain't good.y end to death over the first month on his wounds. >> captain gruder says as he listened to the screaming, he knew his only choice was to ask god to teach him how to forgive. >> i got on my knees and after three months of real heavy prayer, hours a day, i could finally form in my mind, the words, lord, forgive them. >> i was praying for them. praying for the captives. >> that's a t. >> through their prison walls, they tapped letters to each other, for god bless you. and came away with lessons about what courage really is. >> what is it? >> courage is fear that has said its prayers. >> none of us was as strong as we wanted to be, or we thought we would be. courage is not always the end of the fight.
5:55 pm
courage is a process. >> when they returned to america, in 1973, they were so thin, the u.s. sent tailors to remake their uniforms before they appeared in public. >> i bounded up the stairs and stopped at the top. and blow them a kiss. >> that's john mccain, and right behind him, colonel ellis, who said they got on the plane. he was handed a big cigar and hugged a nurse. >> we had not seen a woman in five and a half years. can you imagine that? >> and captain gruder, who seemed so subdued on the flight home, soared in a dance of joy at the sight of his little brother all grown up. >> the son of a gun is stronger than i am. i can't believe it. this kid they beat up all my -- that i beat up all my life is now strong, and i can't believe it! ♪ >> and then there they were on the lawn of the white house for dinner with the president. and then last friday, 187 of them, nearly a third of the
5:56 pm
original group, gathered again at the nixon library. remembering when brotherhood was everything, in the distant memory that is vietnam. >> what is it you most want to say to each other? >> a lot of people only have five or six friends that they can really count on in a tough situation, but we had 300 friends, that we knew would take, not just death for each other, but torture for each other. torture is much harder to take than death. and we had 300 friends like that. >> in prison, they wrote down songs about america on toilet paper. they hid it from the vietnamese. and 40 years ago, they found one of them, written in prison. it's called the p.o.w. prayer, about honor and freedom -- and home. ♪ oh god to thee we lift our prayer and sing ♪ ♪ oh god to thee we raise our prayer and sing ♪ from within these foreign prison walls ♪
5:57 pm
all the harm at the hands of our enemies ♪ ♪ we pledge our faith and loyalty ♪ ♪ to our god, america, and thee ♪ [ applause ] >> and the nation salutes them back. we thank you for watching tonight. we're always here at "nightline" will be here later and we'll see you again tomorrow night. goodnight. will be here later and we'll see you again tomorrow night.
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goodnight. local economy and value of your home. we're going to be live in a hard hit neighborhood that is becoming a seller's market. >> if you're looking for a job, here is more good news for you. >> we're live tonight where
5:59 pm
thieves have struck. you're going to meet disabled boater who's have been left on shore with barely a paddle. >> there is scrutiny of emergency loans offered by banks some consider debt traps. 7 on your side is coming up. >> your house is probably worth more today than any time in five years, we're bouncing back prt great recession. the bay area is leading the way. good evening, everyone. >> if you known a home in the bay area, it's become one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. the monthly case shiler index shows home prices around the country are up 10% from this same time last year, houses in the bay area have risen by more than 22%. only prices in phoenix have gone up faster.
6:00 pm
we have live team coverage for you tonight. we have the housing news and cornell bernard with more good economic news from marin county tonight. laura i'm going to start with you. that is right, dan. we've been doing stories about a dismal market. but starting today, not anymore. once common place scenes like these nor longer the normal in the bay area community hard hit. >> is it still bad out in antioch? >> i don't think so. no the. >> this realtor got into the business at the height of the market. since then, she seemed prices here plummet by 70%. and neighborhoods seem to be for sale but now, antioch and other communities are exkbreernsing a real estate


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