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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is wednesday. already at the middle of the week. it is 5:00. >> what is the weather looking like today? is there a change? >> a little bit of a change. you will notice it already outside. good morning to you. the fact that live doppler 7 hd
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is not showing any organized areas of wet weather in our neighbor, but there were a few overnight while you were sleeping but notice how they have dried. this morning, a few sprinkles at best. most of our streets are dry. that is a change from yesterday morning. no need to worry about the wet weather as you get caught up if a sprinkle. we will talk about this afternoon, it will be warmest inland with sunshine, 72 to 78. around the bay, a few lingering clouds but mostly sunny at 62 to 73. the peninsula will see clouds and everyone else is going to see sunshine and temperatures hovering around 60. leyla gulen? >> quite a few construction projects are wrapping up and we have one that is sticking around until 6:00 this morning. as you travel in the eastbound direction it is showing a left lane is blocked until 6:00 a.m. for paving work with a buildup of traffic westbound from antioch and to pittsburg. we have this report of a stalled car blocking a lane eastbound 580 before you come up to the
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dublin interchange but look at the green, it is pretty good. the walnut creek is to the north there and you are southbound drive from highway 24 it is seven minutes on highway four. kristen and eric? >> san jose police, officials, and neighbors come together to tackle growing crime concerns. this comes as they reveal the identities of two teens shot to death on sunday. abc7 news reporter is on the shooting scene near a kohl's department store. >> you can see the candles lit at the memorial for the two teens shot and killed behind the shopping center in east san jose. this morning, police have identified the victims in the case. they are a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old. friends and family say they were students at the independence high school. they were shot and killed on sunday evening in the parking lot behind a kohl's kohl's depat
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store on rhinehart drive four hours before another homicide in south san jose where a 20-year old was shot to death putting this year's homicide total at. police union leaders blame a dwindling number of officers on street for the rise in crime. >> the staffing decreases at this department's suffered in the last two years is corresponding to the numbers of homicides. i don't know how you can ignore it. >> the 19 homicides this year put close to the pace of last year of 47 homicides. in 2011 there were 40, and in 2010 there were only 20. increasing staffing would help but it is hard to determine if it would stop the most recent homicides. a crime prevention meeting is held tonight starting at 6:30. the public is invited to attend. >> reporting live if san jose for abc7 news. >> developing news this morning, caltran is facing more criticism after another bolt problem with the new bay bridge's bicycle
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path railing, officials say the problem was discovered over a year ago and it has been repaired and the railing is bolted on to the path itself to allow for expansion and contraction depending on the weather. a protective cape was not welded properly causing the cap to break. officials plan to she the media the repairs today. >> still in word whether the new span of bridge will open on time. the bay area toll authority expected a definitive verdict today on what caltran would meet the labor day deadline only 96 days away. a spokesman says that more testing is needed on 2,300 bolts that were used to protect the bridge if an earthquake and 32 have already snapped. the toll authority is waiting for those test results and a repair schedule before they will know if the bridge will open on time. it is 5:04. a media traffic barrier to prevent head-on collisions will be in blaze on the golden gate bridge in the next two years
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according to the marin independent judge. the bridge district has received more than $20 million from the metropolitan transportation commission in federal grants for the $26.5 million project. final reviews are done so construction can begin and the movable barriers will be in place by early 2015. >> parts of the plains and midwest will see severe weather today with heavy storms yesterday spawning 20 tornadoes michigan, overnight. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more. they cannot catch a break. >> it is a mess. it is wild and wicked. it is like you said, michigan got its share overnight. the national weather service reported that several funnel cloud sightings and one tornado in and around flint, michigan, with the newest video showing homes reduced to heaps of debris and trees and power line causing wide-spread electrical outages with no injuries reported.
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a man who ventured out the house described what is let his good rage. >> part of the if sense gone. all the stuff to there, i am just scared to look at it. >> it started in kansas last might and this massive twister formed over one town and moved to another and was on the ground for more than an hour. kansas saw several large tornadoes and 4" hail if some politicians. abc7 news confirms one home in corning was destroyed and several other buildings damaged but in injuries, again, the good news is that there are reports of a rare tornado in eerie, pennsylvania, and media reports one person was killed when the mobile home was hit and there are reports of power lines down and tremendouses down and flooding. several inches of golf-ball sized hail are accumulating in texas and forecasters are there expecting a significant outbreak of tornadoes in parts of oklahoma, kansas, and nebraska.
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>> news this morning in maryland, officials say fire is finally undercriminal after a crash between a freight grain and a garbage truck that set off an explosion that can be felt for miles. there were 15 train cars carrying chemicals that derailed and ignited the blaze much the fire department says they had to let the blaze burn itself out and the garbage truck driver was hurt and the ntsb is investigating. >> chevron corporation is expected to face demonstrators weapon the annual shareholders meeting begins at headquarters in three hours from now. a group of shareholders and a coalition of activist groups announce they are planning a breast at that meeting, and their griefans are political to environmental. they say chevron's $2.5 million contribution to a conservative super pac last year may have been illegal because the company holds government contracts.
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>> the union representing 168 berkeley police officers will release the results of a survey on use of tasers. the police association asked voters their opinion on using tasers and berkeley and alameda are the only two students with police departments that do not carry them. berkeley city country who support the use of tasers say it can be useful toll and help in avoiding use of three that will force. opponents say they can be the equivalent of three that will force when used on people who have medical conditions. this morning, shark fans are still recovering from last night's disappointing game seven loss in los angeles, which eliminated our team from the stanley cup playoffs. the sharks trail 2-0 in the second period after two goals by kings' right wing and san jose did not fold, though, and the russias remain within a goal but they could not stop quick who made 25 saves and the king held
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on and won the 7th game to advance to the western conference finals. >> it is 5:08. a tough loss but a great season. >> great season. a lot to look forward to next season. >> we will check with mike. >> the regular season means something because the home team won every game. we will try again next year. now, summer is on the way. as we look down on san francisco from sutro tower it is quiet, with scattered sprinkles. we have settled into the allergies, grass is moderate, tree is high, and mold and ozone are low, but ozone will pick up with the heat wave so we will watch that for friday, saturday, and sunday and the burn index is quicker because of the extra sunshine. a few sprinkles this morning and cloud cover is mild, mid-to-upper 50's and a 60 is possible, and it will be brighter at lunch than
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yesterday, and 50's at coast and mid-to-upper 60's for bay and inland and we will top out pretty close to average under mostly sunny sky this afternoon, mid-50's at coast and upper 60's around the bay and mid-70's inland. temperatures will taper and it will be nice and comfortable and most of us in the 60's but look how we jump five- to ten-degrees tomorrow and another 5 to 10 decks on friday and in the 90's on it from and saturday and 80's at the bay and 70's on the coast. leyla gulen? >> in oakland, had construction project is were wrapping up northbound and southbound 880 between 66 and high street cones are being picked up as we speak and roll is also starting to build on the road in the northbound direction. watch out for that. in marin county on the border of marin and sonoma we have a couple lanes blocked northbound 101 and you are going to be seeing the cones picked up at 6:00 this morning, and
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southbound side in in fact oh toward highway -- southbound side from novato toward highway 101 you are in go shape. westbound 80 shows the traffic building at this hour. >> wal-mart pleads guilty to champions they put your health at risk with the bloomberg business report next. >> singing a new tune on san francisco's market street. >> hope, dreams and a tough break, fire destroys an antioch strip mall and lost are more than just
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all bay area. this is abc7 news. >> santa cruz police are asking the public to help them find a bank robber. they released this surveillance video from the want of the west on pacific avenue that happened at 3:30 yesterday. investigators say this man demanded crash that did not have a dye pack or g.m. -- g.p.s. device. he had pocked mark complexion and scruffy hair. >> a bill with expand who can perform early abortions and allow nurse practitioners and certified mid-wives and physicians assistants to perform
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the first trimester abortions. republicans say it would increase the risk to patients. the bill is headed to the not after it was approved by the assembly. athis morning, business owners in antioch are trying to figure how they will recover physically from a fire. flames destroyed five businesses in a strip mall on buchanan road yesterday morning starting in the attic and spread quickly. a jeweler lost hundreds of thousands. two bashers say they are not sure how they will pay the bills and the fire caused extensive damage to a hair salon and burger restaurant. >> a swedish music company will move into a famed building on market street in mid-july and will use three floors above the
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theater to make the new location their tech hub for the silicon valley. the music streaming company has 24 million active users and six million ad free subscribers paying $5 to $10 month. >> wal-mart agrees guilty to dumping materials. >> they pled guilty to turning environmentally hazardous materials and breaking environmental laws and agreed to pay $81 million in fines after stores disposes of hazardous waste into open sewers and improperly handled two million pounds of pesticides in missouri. another day, another report, the dow soaring to a a new high yesterday over the biggest jump if home prices in seven years. when you get a fast food craving it is for caffeine, mexican, a burger? a study says people on the east and west coast prefer coffee, like starbucks but in the
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midwest and south, subway sandwiches are more popular. burger king is a hit among customers with children and taco bell is the favorite for those under 44 and with slightly lower income. that is the bloomberg business report. >> you said it was going to be 100 in palm springs today? >> we will tap into that air mass and it will modify a little bit. coming in on friday, friday and saturday could be the hottest, but possibly be around monterey but well get to 90's in our valleys, absolutely. three days in a row of low-to-mid 90's, ouch. the good news is it is only three days and you know how our heat waves are, they last three days and they are over and that will were what. we will talk about this morning, happy hump day and live doppler 7 hd showing wet weather but stockton and all the way over to south lake tahoe and it is moving away from us so that is
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the good news, the system will still have breezes develop along the bay shore and san francisco and san pablo and the delta community, small craft advisory at 3:00 this afternoon until 3:00 tomorrow, and notice where they will be fastest, around the golden gate bridge and the wins will stay over the ocean. winds up to 25 miles per hour starting at 2:00, and tomorrow they could be at 20 to 30 knots coming from the northwest. the golden gate bridge shows a little bit of sunshine trying to break out there, as we look off into the horizon with some sprinkles and they are few and far between and sunshine this afternoon, and i would rather have the sunglasses. weekend, heat wave with the temperatures tapering and we will talk about the temperatures in the south pay with san jose in the middle and 73 degrees and a lost low-to-mid 70's, and we will have a lot of 70's on the peninsula and to the north, san mateo and millbrae getting
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cooling through the gap with the breeze blowing through there and 61 at half moon bay, and daly city and colma around 59 and low-to-mid 60's downtown san francisco and sought latte and 50 at the beaches and mostly 50's along the east bay shore and mid-to-upper 70's in the east bay valley. headed to the game tonight? the series switches over to at&t park. it will be breezy. 7:15, temperature at first pitch is 60 and dropping down to 55 degrees. here is the seven-day outlook, temperatures jump about two to six degrees tomorrow, another eight degrees on friday, and look at the string of 90's through the weekend, inland, and 80's away the bay and headed to the coast, the nice of the day is saturday. leyla gulen? >> a big construction project in san jose is going to be tying traffic up trillion 6:00 a.m. this morning, and as we look at 880, in the northbound and southbound direction, we do have various lanes that will be blocked, and cons are picked up
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at 6:00 a.m., we have striping, paving work, between highway 101 and great mall parkway we expect to see some construction crews. the rest of san jose is looking clear. on the dublin interchange eastbound 580 before you reach 680 is cleared but there is traffic moving along in the westbound direction on 680. as we look at mass transit, bart, muni, caltrain, all on time with no delays. here is the picture from san rafael coming southbound along 101, out of petaluma, over toward novato and 580 we have more traffic building at this hour. er are and i quote, -- eric and? >> seven things to know before you star the day. >> the president is caught with lipstick on his collar. >> why a miss universe had to
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know, a bolt problem on the new span of the bay bridge is coming to light with bolts used to anchor the railing for the bicycle path failed and caltran says it is a year-old problem and fixed. we will have more and what it means for the brick opening in a live report at 5:30. >> a boy accused of stab his
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younger sister to death will enter his plea. the 12-year-old brother of 8-year-old leila fowler was charged with second degree murder. he said an intruder killed her. >> tornado touched down near flint, michigan, one of 20 tornadoes stretching to texas with in injuries reported but more severe weather is expected today. >> people in lafayette are looking out for a mountain lion after 14-year-old napped a picture of this big cat on saturday. the teen thought he was taking a picture of a squirm at his aunt's home. >> number five, an impressive run is over for the sharks. they were eliminated in the playoffs by the defending champ and the whom team woman every game of the seven game series with the kings winning the decisive game seven at home. 2-1 was the final advancing to
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the western conference finals. >> live doppler 7 hd shows dry weather out there and the best chance of showers is moving off to the east with a report of drizzle around the bart station so it is out there this morning, and i will talk about a heat wave coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> we do have clear conditions across the bay area with traffic starting to build up over the altamont pass, but in san jose, we do have quit a bit construction project blocking various lanes along the nimitz with all details to a little bit. >> a couple of great stories a fairytale turned into a nightmare for one contestant at miss universe pageant. the 26-year-old ontario was jubilant after being crowned the new miss universe canada last weekend and the tax day she was stripped of her crown. it was awarded to the real winner, a 26-year-old from calgary. a typo caused the mistake, a
5:26 am
typo and she said she had no hard feeling. >> president obama had some explaining to do during an event at the white house when a smudge of lipstick ended up on his come all -- collar. the aunt of a guest had to make sure there was no wrong idea. >> auntie, look at this, that is why i want everyone to know: i do not want to be in trouble with michelle so i am calling you out in front of everyone. >> you know why the president has secret service protection. president obama did not let the lip tick change the focus of his speech honoring asian-americans. >> when he aunt auntie where you call elderly women, respectfully. >> i think he meant it in "save
5:27 am
me" sense. >> we continue with the top stories including a county that could raise the minimum wage for some workers. >> the post office needs your help to track down a burglar and a crime caught on
5:28 am
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:29 on this wednesday. thanks for starting your day with us. >> slight change in the weather on the way. mike? >> a little bit. not so wet this morning. there are sprinkles and drizzle from time to time but no organized areas of rain. our cloud cover is not nearly as thick as yesterday. visibility down to five miles at half moon bay and seven in novato and six in santa rosa and we are not dealing with thick
5:30 am
fog. the area from the roof camera to the ferry building and the bay bridge, you can see it is cloudy. we will keep an eye on sfo so snow if there are flight arrival delays developing. sun an the bay and 62 in san francisco. 73 in san jose. we will be in the low-to-upper 70's with total sunshine inland. have a good day. leyla gulen? >> the drive from tracy is looking lethargic at 580 coming from tracy to dublin. the red shows down to 26 miles per hour down 37 and it picks up. but we are looking at slow-and-go traffic, all the way into livermore, and into dublin. in san jose we have a construction project in affect northbound and southbound 880 between 101 and great mall parkway and lanes will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. with rail repair and striping. this is 280 in san jose away from 7.
5:31 am
you can see there is not much traffic in the area. >> new embarrassment surfaces for caltran over the new bay bridge. this is over broken beaumonts on -- bolts. >> another bolt problem. this is the first time we have heard this one. if you confused with all the bolt issues this is the first time this bolt problem has been made public. this involves the motorcycle path. the railing for the bicycle path is held in place by bolts. they have caps over them. the bolts have failed. caltrain officials say they have known of this. they have fixed it. it is the first time the public is hearing about it. caltran plans to take reporters and camera crews up to the new bridge this morning to show the repairs. this is not the first bolt problem we have her. the bigger problem is the 32
5:32 am
bolts that cracked in march. these are rods that are circumstantial to the stability of the bridge. that will require a $5 million to $10 million repair and it costs the agency some of the public's trust. all of this could impact the opening. it is scheduled to open on labor day. now officials say they don't know, they are not sure when they can open it. they need to do more testing before they decide if they can make the labor day deadline. >> 5:39. the driver whose crash killed three people in colma over the weekend will be arraigned on charges of tell any hit and run and vehicular manslaughter. paul diaz was intoxicated and speeding when he rear ended a honda before slamming into a retaining wall. all three passengers were killed. a family member says one of the victims, a 23-year-old rosa was
5:33 am
engaged to diaz. >> i loved her. i miss her. i don't know what i will do without her. >> investigators say he walked away but turned himself in hours later and is held in the san mateo county jail on $750,000 bail. >> the boy accused of stabbing his younger sister to death and blaming an intruder will enter a plea. the 12-year-old brother of 8-year-old leila fowler was charged with second degree murder with spell allegation if using a dangerous weapon. we are not show his face because he is a minor. defense attorneys push to get him released from custody to his appeal and will ask the judge to close future court hearings to the public. there is a special community meeting to discuss crime problems in what was considered the safe of the big city in america after the delegates of three young men hours apart over the holiday week. two teens were fatally shot on
5:34 am
sunday behind the kohl's department store. a few hours hear a on-year-old was killed near oak drive high school. san jose is on pace to stop 46 homicides last year a 20-year high. the meeting is held the library at 6:30 and we will have more on the challenges the city is facing from abc7 news reporter next half hour. >> a santa clara supervisor's committee is considering a proposal to raise the minimum wage in the unincorporated areas. it comes on the heels of the overwhelming approval last fall to raise the minimum wage in the city from $8 appear hour to $10 an hour and it is what the supervisor wants for the county. he doesn't know yet how many businesses or workers would be affected if the board could enact such a measure on its own or if it would require voter approval. county staff will report back to the committee in august with more information related to the proposal. >> this morning, the postal
5:35 am
service is asking for your help in finding the person who robbed a mail truck. surveillance video from an oakland bit shows the burglary near the intersection of market and 35th two mondays ago. watch the top of the scene, you can see it happen, the thief hopped in the back of the up marked postal clark with mail and want through the con didn'ts and ran -- the contents and ran off. >> the silicon valley education commission is headed to sacramento to public for more education funding. lawmakers are trying to reach a deal including how to spend $3 billion revenue surplus. the governor brown wants to spend cautiously. the proposal did not which you the protected surplus. he says k through 12 receives more than in 1212 year and gives additional grants to those districts with more disadvantaged students.
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>> home prices fine the bay area is a seller's market. you may know that if you are trying to by. home prices across the nation increased 10.9 percent last year, and according to the index, the bay area doubled that at 22 percent and only phoenix saw a greater increase in big cities. bay area cities are not expected to reach the historic highs of 2005 but they still increasing at a rapid pace. antioch saw a 28 percent rise in home prices the last year and union city is up 34 percent, and east oakhand jumped 51 percent. >> we getting a clearer idea of an earthquake in northern california. officials have said the earthquake damned 50 homes in the area and caused more than did $1 million in losses. it was centered 150 miles northeast of sacramento. folks felt it all the way to the
5:37 am
forth bay and there dozens of after shocks. >> wildfire has charred 2,000 actioners three square miles in a national forest. firefighters are taking advantage of a lull in the high wind with 65 percent contained. people who were evacuated on monday were allowed to return home last night. the fire has damaged only one structure so far. >> the weather began cooperating now how is the weather for us? >> hopefully we will see the sun. >> the sun earlier today so a few degrees warmer in a few spots. this is a beautiful picture to angel island and off to the north bay where we seeing a few breaks in the clouds and drizzle, so be prepared for that. temperatures are warmer today, probably will not notice it fremont and san jose and concord and san francisco, and same in santa rosa and 77 and oakland at 68 one degree of where you were
5:38 am
yesterday. the golden gate bridge shows it was hard to see year because of the drizzle and today we can see it with clouds higher and not much moisture, and that is another reason they will fade quicker. not so much this morning and temperatures are stuck in the mid-to-upper 50's and mild when you step outside and bright are by noon and 9 inland and by 4:00, average, and 55, and 74 inland and quiet this evening from 53 at coast to 65 inland. in san jose, waking up to a cheer sky, and temperatures jump to 80's inland tomorrow, and 90's friday and saturday and 70's around the bay tomorrow but let to upper 80's friday and saturday and the warmth spreads to the cost and near 70's friday and sat. enjoy. >> we have a lane out of economying in marin county northbound 101 starting at san marin drive because of paving work with construction projects across the bay area and this will last until 6:00 with
5:39 am
southbound traffic clear into novato and that highway 37 and 580. as we take it over to antioch, eastbound side of highway 4, the construction project is working until 6:00, and to airport -- a street one lane is shut down.0 s the top speed but it jumps to 36 and then in the westbound direction from pittsburg to concord its is clear. this is the san mateo bridge at 14 minutes to get you from hayward to foster city and a few more tail lights up to the high-rise and still looking at clear accidents and accident-free. >> next, too close if comfort, the bay area neighborhood watching out for a mountain lion this morning and the newest apple store is making unwanted waves, with san francisco history
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning, a neighborhood in lafayette is on edge after a mountain lion was spotted in the backyard over the weekend. people are warned to watch out
5:43 am
for the big cat which was photographed hanging out in an oak tree. a 14-year-old took this picture on saturday in his aunt's backyard. he thought he was taking a picture of a squirrel. he did not notice the mountain lion until the fiscal year -- next day. >> he thought it was a squirrel but it was a mountain lion. some people are keeping their pets inside. experts say if you encounter a mountain lion stand tall, make a lot of noise, slowly back away. >> there was a 60' tree that crash down and trapped a homeowner. rick was pointing to the area where he was garden and a pine
5:44 am
tree trashed in his yard trapping him in the branches. neighbors ran to help and he says he is feeling okay but look at the damage. he and his wife just put it up for sale. the couple says they spoke to a tree specialist who said the pine was rotted the at base. >> group that helps people with disabilities to sail is turning to the public for help after thieving stole motors from rescue boats and caused thousands in damage. the bay area association of disabled sailors uses specially equipped sailboats to help sailors with disabilities navigate safely. the stolen motors were on five inflatable boats if they get in trouble. the thieves caused extensive damage when they cut through the looks that secure the motors. if you want do help there is information on our website. >> happening now, the first
5:45 am
round of this year's script national spelling bee is underway in maryland and two bay area girls got their words right a few moments ago. the 13-year-old from cupertino speaked her word correctly and another spelled an italian ham word correctly. this year they need to know what the word means. you can watch it on-line on espn 3 with a link on our website. >> and it looks like the test makers are have you the contestants people interesting foods. they must be hungry. >> coming up on early morning
5:46 am
start in live doppler 7 hd running all night watching the showers that were few and far teen compared to yesterday. they have moved off and just a few sprinkles hanging around and maybe a patch of drizzle. the wins will pick up this afternoon. headed out on the water, especially if san francisco bay, san pablo bay and the delta community, west wind at 15 to 25 notes -- knots with winds over the ocean and small craft advisory from 2:00 this afternoon through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. winds will be 15- to 25-knots from the northwest and 20 to 30 and faster tomorrow. we will look at what is going on today as far as our forecast. we are going to deal with sprinkles, that is it this morning, a lot of sunshine this afternoon. this weekend we have a mini heat wave with inland temperatures running 90 for three days and 80's for three days and temperatures will taper next
5:47 am
week so that is a prolonged period of warm air so we will not have to run the air conditioners too long. headed into san francisco through the ferry building at 55 and the same temperatures headed to downtown and upper market is 53 and portrero hill area and presidio is 55. most of us are in the 50's, warmer in pittsburg at 50, and santa clara is 56, and 58 at belmont and richmond and petaluma and half moon bay at 54. low-to-mid 70's for most of the south bay and deeper in the santa clara valley, gilroy is 77 and mid-60's to upper 60's and low toly 70's for the peninsula. near 60 along the coast today, low-to-mid 60's downtown and let to mid-70's through the north bay valley and santa rosa is 77, a warm spot, and near 60 at your beaches and hanging out in the secretaries along the east bay shore and headed to richmond and castro valley, we may get to
5:48 am
70's. if you are headed to the game at at&t park, tonight, coming over here for the last two games, 60 at 7:15 and dropping to 55 degrees and it will be naturally breezy. here is the seven-day outlook, check out the temperatures, friday, saturdays and sunday, we will flirt with 70 at the coast and 90 around the bay, and mid-90's inland. hope you enjoy. summer is almost here. >> we do have a situation right now in dublin, southbound 680 an 18-wheeler lost a load of steel in the road. we have possible lane blockage because of the debris. 580 is showing a limp over to 680 headed into castro valley.
5:49 am
if you coming from tracy to dublin/pleasanton it will take you 39 minutes 101 headed out san francisco to the airport at 12 minutes. 17 minutes in loss goats to san jose. that is 12 minutes and this is 87 through san jose and if you are travel northbound into downtown you are looking cheer. >> apple could be headed for a showdown over the design of the proposed flag ship store on san francisco's union square. apple will begin work to transform the old triangular levi building into a rectangular store. they do not include preserving the ajoining steps and 40-year-old fountain near the hyatt hotel. preservationists are saying the fountain created by a renown artist is popular if depiction of famous local sites. apple has not responded to us. >> facebook is promising to crackdown on people who post hate speech encouraging violence against women. the announcement comes after a
5:50 am
group of protesters convinced more than a dozen advertisers to boycott the giant. the group "women, action and the media," come planed of posts that encourage or condone rape and boatings and facebook will improve training for therian line moderators. >> more moms are bringing home more bacon these days. a record number of american women are the primary breadwinners. according to the pew research center more than 40 percent of households with children relien at mother as the chief or only source of income. in 1960 that number was 11 percent. most are headed by single moms been an increasing numbers are married women making more than their husbands and more are earning degrees and entering traditionally male-dominateed
5:51 am
professions. >> in this morning, former presidential candidate my
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> family favorite michele bachmann said she will not seek
5:54 am
another term and was not influenced by fears of losing re-election or any ethics inquiries and did future say what she will do after leaving conditioning. just that she is not ruling out a future run for office. a lot of people think she could be a commentator where you can see her doing that, i suppose. >> and jon stewart is not happy. 5:54 and now the forecast. great start to the morning but will it heat up? >> heat wave is coming our way especially if you are going to the wine country in livermore. friday, saturday, sunday, we will be in the low-to-mid 90's and relief is on way next year as temperatures drop in the mid-80's. rain is headed through the central valley and up into the sierra. 77 in yosemite. sacramento to fresno mid-to-upper 80's. 79 in los angeles. the winds are not as fast as yesterday and triple digit in
5:55 am
palm springs. >> if your travels take you from san ramon we have a situation brewing in dublin/pleasanton along southbound 680 a big rig lost a load of steel. outside right now at the bay bridge toll plaza it looks busy. if you are making the move in the westbound direction look at all the head lights coming from oakland so pack the patience. >> consumer groups new ad slams trader joe's for selling meat from animals given antibiotics including calling on them to stop. the ad warns that too much meat with act -- antibiotics makes it bad for humans. >> the state supreme court will hear arguments whether someone who is not a nurse or a doctor should be allowed to give ingestions to school students.
5:56 am
a school nurse's union is challenging a proposal made by state department of education when tight school budgets scale for eliminating nurses. state law requires nurses to add minute sister insulin injection, however, the department of education has allowed staffers to give shots since 2007 and the past the nurse's union says that jeopardizes safety because insulin is fatal if given wrong but the american diabetes association says they can be administered safely by nonmedical staff with the right training. >> more and more americans are getting eyelid lists and guess who is pick up the tab? medicare. according to a report the number of eyelid lifts paid for by medicare has quadrupled recently. the cost to taxpayers for the surgery rose to $80 million in 2012 up from $20 million in 2001. medicare does not pay for cosmetic surgeries but where the
5:57 am
eyelids hinder vision it will pay to have them lifted leaving some to question whether the surgeries were necessary or cosmetic. >> next at 6:00, stopping violence in san jose, the new meeting taking place after a rash of crimes loaves two teens dead. >> protesting chevron, the issue that has some upset with the company and how they plan to she it. >> apple c.e.o. appears to address a rumor and what he is saying about the company's sliding stock rice.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are learning the identities of the two teens killed over the weekend in san jose. a meeting will take place today to figure out how to stop the
6:00 am
increase in crime in the city. >> more bolt problems surface for the new span of the bay bridge. we are learning this morning whether to expect a decision today on a possible labor day opening. >> severe weather continues to stretch across the country with new storms that slam the midwest overnight. >> good morning, on this wednesday. 6:00, thank you for starting your day with us. first up a look at the weather forecast, mike, a great start to the day. >> most of us starting doctor but not so wet as yesterday with drizzle less likely to happen during the morning commute. look at live doppler 7 hd, radar runs and we do not see organized wet weather but we have clouds. they will go away quicker today and we will be the same but slightly warmer than yesterday. the day planner the next 12 hours, 60 this morning, 64 with partly cloudy conditions at noon and mostly sunny and 67 at 4:00, and cool in the evening, and 61 degrees. day


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