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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is "world news." tonight target oklahoma, the aftermath this evening, deadly tornados striking twice, the twisters caught on tape. the drivers caught right in the middle, trapped on the interstate. the mother and child among the dead. who told families to race away from the storm? where should you hide when you are trapped on the road? tonight our team right there with meteorologist ginger zee leading from the storm zone. also tonight the wildfires out of control on two fronts, the smoke moving in and blanketing an american city, families evacuating. remembering a tv legend. who could forget edith bunker? jean stapleton has died. we look back at her groundbreaking role and an impossibly good-hearted one. ♪ those were the days
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good evening. it's great to have you with us on a saturday night. we do begin with extraordinary images caught on tape, tornados hitting oklahoma yet again. you can see the funnel cloud there off in the distance. just a week after we were in moore, oklahoma for that destructive tornado. look at this tonight, the newest storms to hit. what it was like from inside one of those countless cars trapped on the oklahoma interstates. that's debris barrelling through the air straight at the drivers. suddenly caught in the middle of it all. cars pushed right into another lane, that debris smashing windshields. many families tell us there were conflicting warnings. some on television telling them to get into their cars and beat the tornado. those tornados so powerful. a wind turbine there next to it right on the ground falling on
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top of a school. the violence spreading beyond oklahoma. st. louis, missouri, dozens of homes damaged by a tornado there. winds up to 150 miles per hour. the rains triggering flash flooding and rescues. this image today, a man kayaking down the street in ft. wayne, indiana. this was widespread. our extreme weather team is across the storm zone tonight and leading our coverage. meteorologist ginger zee is in oklahoma tonight. good evening. david. i'm right here next to this gigantic wind turbine blade that smashed into a school, a daycare where small children go. i want to give you perspective of what happened here. check it out. that huge blade smashed into the top about a quarter of a mile that tornado threw it. fortunately, none of the children were inside. chaos as the oklahoma landscape is scoured again.
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tonight we know that at least nine are dead, more than 100 injured as five confirmed tornados ripped through just 11 raw days after that ef-5 monster erased moore, oklahoma. among the dead, a mother and baby believed to be sucked from their car. on this day that jet stream we've been talking about for a week dug in, hot and moist and unstable air, the violent storms unfolded like clockwork. five hrsefore the tornado touchdown, the national weather service warning by 6:00 p.m. the tornados lined up one after another, terrifying targets, oklahoma city. i-44 they shut down the highway going north so people can't get into oklahoma city. this is a serious situation. two tornados back to back heading downtown. >> turn the car around! >> storm chasers trying to get away blasted with debris. the tornado turn rights into
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them. look at that right there, another group of chasers lifted by the wind. inside that vehicle it looked like this. an airport shredded, semitrucks tossed as one of the tornados flipping dozens of cars along i-40. the tornado races from the southwest, meets the highway and takes a sharp right turn heading straight through the busy freeway. with the ravenous twisters came drowning rain. >> out my back yard where there's a large rapid. >> the roads collapsing as up to 8 inches of rain fell. >> that road right there is in very bad condition. it could collapse at any time. >> reporter: it wasn't all in oklahoma. a vivid strike at one of america's other great cities, st. louis. preliminary reports of at least three tornados, winds topping out up to 150 miles per hour. from central missouri to illinois, water rescues as far as fort wayne, indiana.
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one of the p maintenance men told us that this turbine is one of the three. the other two, they don't know where the tornado brought them. >> proof of the extraordinary power of these tornados. we're not in the clear yet. more severe weather in the hours ahead? >> already popping up in western pennsylvania. along the cold front, the potential for them all the way through southern texas, not just tonight but one more day into northeast and new england. tomorrow high alert for afternoon and evening for those big cities you see included there. >> ginger zee leading the coverage tonight. thank you as always. as you heard ginger report there, part of what made this round of tornados in and around oklahoma city particularly terrifying was that thousands of families were trapped in their cars, traffic coming to a stand still on major highways with that storm brewing. closer the gridlock proving deadly. this happened around the rush hour. many said they were told to try to flee the storms. alex perez also in oklahoma on
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that part of the story. >> reporter: with the deadly tornado looming above, a driver's nightmare was unfolding below, complete gridlock on i-40 and roadways across oklahoma. >> you see it on tv and you say i'm leaving. not going to wait around for this one. >> beverly is one of thousands who panicked and got on the road trying to escape the twister's path. the problem is she drove into what seemed like a parking lot. >> we thought we had more time, weren't expecting this mass exodus of people coming out. as we turned and got into the line we realized it was bumper to bumper. it was gridlocked. >> as she peered out the back window she snapped this picture, the storm behind her. >> it's approaching you faster than you can get away from it. then you start to get frightened. >> many torn by conflicting messages, some media urged residents to get in their cars and flee south. >> i think the reason for this
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is because may 20th is still, as i've said, just very much in our hearts and minds and too much too soon. we didn't expect this at all. it instills paranoia in people. >> that paranoia led to a traffic standstill and proved deadly as nine were killed. she drove to a nearby convenience store and sought shelter in a freezer. the mayor scolded those residents who took to the roads. >> they should have known better. they had two or three days of knowing this storm was likely. >> tough words from the mayor. then the storms returning. alex, you reached out to the national weather service. are you ever supposed to flee a storm in your car? >> the national weather service says you should never get in your car and try to flee a tornado unless you have several hours to get ahead of it.
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if you are already in your car and can't get somewhere safe, move your car away from traffic and put your seatbelt onand mak beneath the windows. the first line of defense is to try to get to a shelter like beverly did and of course the reminder again never try to get in your car and escape a tornado unless you have several hours to work with. >> beverly lucky with her two kids to get to the freezer. thanks. oklahoma city is known by meteorologists as the capital of tornado alley sitting the very center of the tornado zone. powerful storms like this are expected but certainly not two weeks in a row. tonight we wanted to know are there more storms or are there simply more people now living there, higher populations from 20, 30 years ago that made for such a deadly and frightening combination. mike boettcher who lives in oklahoma city reporting in tonight. >> reporter: adversity defines the people here. check the herd before the house. life resuming amidst the tragedy.
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oklahomans have taken a lot of punches but all agree the last two weeks have been a blow below the belt. >> me and six others survived. >> this time gilmore's kitchen took the hit, as did the stockyards where it was a popular hangout. >> we survived under that stairwell. holding onto each other. >> the cafe's employees hid under a stairwell and when they emerged life was different and so was tracy. she has had enough. >> i'm sorry, oklahoma. but no. >> she's not staying. >> most we spoke to are determined to hang on even as more people put down roots here. look how much the region built up over the past 20 years. people like angela whose 120-year-old house stood witness to oklahoma's tough history but could not survive the outbreak of may 2013. >> this is where your heart is and i guess that's why we stay. >> back at the stockyards, mark gilmore will build back his restaurant. >> i ain't going nowhere.
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we'll dig a little deeper. i think it will be okay. it will. >> while oklahoma will get back on its feet, people are asking what they can do to protect themselves. mike boettcher, abc news. our thanks to mike,al ex and ging ginger reporting from the tornado zone tonight. the other major headline breaking late today involves a tv actress jean stapleton playing edith bunker, the ever forgiving wife of archie. ♪ guys like us we had it made. those were the days ♪ >> she famously played edith bunker. who could forget that voice, the sweet-hearted wife who would put up with her tv husband, archie bunker. >> it's for our anniversary, look archie, gloria and mike made us a brunch. >> a what? >> a brunch. >> it figures. she's reading cosmopolitan again.
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>> there you are. >> the 1970s series "all in the family" was long thought to be one of the truest reflections of that time. queens, new york. the loud-mouthed bigoted archie played by carroll o'connor. he wasn't always kind to edith. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> that's all right, edith. your main trouble is that your tongue is always racing with your brain and your brain always loses. >> carroll o'connor once wrote of her, "the benign compassionate presence she developed made my egregious churl bearable." >> i brought you a nice glass of milk. oh, archie, you're home. >> no, edith. i'm still at work. >> jean stapleton was born in new york city. her mother an opera singer, her father in advertising. she spent time on broadway in funny girl along barbra streisand who was about to become a broadway star. it was the loveable edith bunker
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america fell in love with. >> oh, irene. >> behind all that fluster, bunker loved her, too. ♪ those were the days >> those were the days. jean stapleton is survived by her children, a daughter and son who told us that in their mother's words she was an actress, not a celebrity, a philosophy that separated her in many other performers past and present. we move on with other news this evening out west to the wild fires. firefighters battling fast moving flames, forcing families to flee their homes and the smoke moving in. here's clayton an dell tonight. >> reporter: tonight the land of enchantment is a land on fire. new mexico is fighting two out of control wildfires. residents have been forced to evacuate about 50 homes, at least one was damaged. a second fire outside santa fe
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has blackened at least 8 square miles, choking the city in a smoky haze. >> we have had the smoke coming over in years before but it's never been this close and never been that big. >> reporter: north of los angeles nearly 1,000 firefighters are attacking giant flames, threatening power lines. this season's flames are powering through extremely dry trees and terrain. drought stretches across the west, nearly half of new mexico suffering the driest conditions you can measure. here on the powerhouse fire north of los angeles firefighters have two enemies. both the wind and temperatures, 100 degrees plus. fire season is already off to a raging start and with conditions like these, it's going to be a long, hot summer. overseas to turkey. a scene out of the arab spring, demonstrator clashing with police in central square. it started as a protest against
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development project that would have replaced a beloved park. hundreds of people were injured. the action fueled growing anger over that government's authoritarian moves. back here at home tonight to a health alert about an outbreak of hepatitis a. costco is pulling a frozen berry product off of its shelves. townsend farms organic blend is suspected of making at least 30 people sick in five states. officials expect more cases to emerge since it takes up to 30 days for symptoms to appear. much more at our website abc much more ahead an saturday evening. it's your money and tax dollars at work. the dance video the requires was hoping you would never see. a rare gift, a look back at new york city more than 70 years ago, the tourist who was rolling with their camera, the images now just discovered, a tour like you've never seen coming up.
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do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> caught op tape tonight. the irs workers and their moves. a line dance and it comes as the irs prepares to dance on capitol hill this week. reena ninan at the white house tonight. ♪ >> reporter: this short video shows irs employees line dancing. >> to the right, to the right. >> reporter: created for an irs training and leadership conference in 2010. >> i thought doing the star trek
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video was humiliating. >> reporter: referring to this video, a star trek parody created for the same conference, along with a gilligan's land spoof. >> do you think formal attire is appropriate? >> reporter: the price tag for the videos, over $60,000 total, the latest tape released ahead of a treasury inspector general's report out next week exposing the agency's spending excesses. the video comes amid another scandal, the irs is taking heat for targeting conservative groups. the acting commissioner saying this conference is a vestige from a prior era. travel and training expenses dropped more than 80% since 2010. on thursday congress will grill irs officials over the convention excesses while the white house is sending the message this won't happen again. when we come back in the broadcast tonight, a rare glimpse back in time to a summer
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we turn now to our "instant index" starting with an ambitious construction project in china. out to do it again. you may recall that 30-story hotel in china going up in 15 days. now that same developer is planning to build a 220 story tower half a mile high in seven months. 11 million square feet of space. four times as much as the empire state building. speaking of the empire state building, up for sale tonight. the tallest building in the world at least once upon a time. the shareholders approving the sale of the iconic landmark in an initial public offering valued at $4 billion. that building officially opened in 1931. to another look at old new york tonight. this one frozen in time, vintage images from a tourist so eager to visit new york more than 70 years ago. rare footage from 1939 filmed in 14 millimeter kodachrome by a
5:53 pm
french tourist visiting new york city. documenting the children cooling off with their parents in new york's washington square park, the tourists looking up from double decker buses, love this is sunglasses and looking out from the observation deck. you can see the chrysler building and a glimpse of the city. giving us a window back in time tonight. >> fascinating. when we come back the man of steel and a milestone tonight as we ask the question why did america need a superman so long ago?
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he's 75 years old and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. still faster than a speeding bullet. but what's his secret and why did we need superman in the first place? >> the adventures of superman. he may be faster than a speeding bullet but mark him as the world's slowest aging pop icon. 75 years old, his story is freshened up again and he is looking great with the release in two weeks of man of steel. if this is the umteenth depiction we've seen in 75 years starting with the early comics when there was a depression. >> about 2,000 miles away. i can be there in 30 seconds. >> in movie shorts as america fought a world war and in the 1950s when tv was born, 104 episodes of the adventures of superman and commercials. later christopher reeve played him and then it was tv again
5:58 pm
with super boy and lois and clark and smallville. through these takes where he evolved and loved and lost and even once died, something was constant and it appealed. the fact that this super human was after all pretty human. >> superman, how did you manage to get here? >> somebody had to manage. >> man of steel, he sure is. >> up, up and away. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. >> "good morning america" america first thing in the morning and we hope to see you tomorrow night. good night.
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>> next at 6:00. breaking news. a two-alarm brush fire in san jose tonight. firefighters say it's suspicious. >> new details in the murder of a well-known south bay businessman, story you'll see only on abc7 news. the new effort to save the whales. what is being done to make sure they stay safe in bay area waters. breaking news. fire crews are battling a suspicious grass fire tonight in san jose. these ims taken by the san jose fire department. the fire moved so quickly in the hot, dry weather, second alarm was called quickly. i'm nick smith in for ama daetz. crews have the upper hand on a fire bushing -- burning off 280. sergio quintana has the very
6:00 pm
latest. reporter: in just the last few minutes, some of the crews that were fighting this fire have started clearing out. they were in the last part of the mop-up stage. let's show you where the fire was burning. the big mound behind me. the fire department says this is a problem area because it's open space. and there is someone in custody as part of an ongoing arson investigation but not clear if that person is a witness or a suspect. this fire was contained to five acres. crews arrived to a grass fire on this landfill area and called for more resources. at the height of the fire attack, more than a dozen trucks were own -- on scene and a helicopter was called in. commanders mobilized a sizable response to get a quick hold on the fire to make sure it didn't spread. they were dealing with hot, dry,


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