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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 2, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, target oklahoma. first it was the tornadoes. now, it's flooding, bringing watery devastation. >> you just never think this is going to happen. you know, to you. >> this morning, the threat of severe weather now moving east. the new danger zone today. pulled from the flames. an abc news chopper spots this desperate man trapped in a massive wildfire in california. we'll show you what happened after they called for help. the danger lurking in your freezer. dozens of people getting a potentially fatal disease from contaminated frozen berries. what health officials are doing this morning to stop the spread. and he's the wobbling wonder. a 4-year-old with serious moves. he's now going viral.
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live, this morning, we brought in some experts to help the "gma" anchors match this little boy, step for step. ♪ "gma," the nightclub this morning. >> yeah. getting real. >> woo woo. >> what you might have heard on the microphones there was rob nelson with a little woo woo. >> good day to be here. >> the deejay this morning. deejay sundays on "gma." >> ron claiborne off this morning. very happy to have you here this morning, sir. >> good to be back, as always. >> we'll look forward to you doing the wobble later in the broadcast. >> back at ya, my friend. >> i don't know. i pulled a hammy going on the air. we have a lot of stories to tell you about this morning, including a commercial for a breakfast serial bombarded with racist messages. not because of the product. but because of who is pitching it. and now, the company behind the ad is taking a bold stance. it's really generated a lot of
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nasty vitrial. >> they had to shut down the comment section of the website. look at this puppy. her name is little debbie. and she has a prosthetic paw. she has an amazing back story. she was abandoned. and this morning, we tell you who got her on her feet and how. let's start, here, with the extreme weather. it's now moving east, as we speak. and oklahoma not out of the woods. the death toll from the latest twister outbreak stands at 11. over 100 people got hurt. the tornadoes are over. but now, the pulverized state is dealing with flooding. abc meteorologist ginger zee is leading our coverage this morning. she is in el reno. ginger, good morning. >> good morning, dan. now, from all of the devastation behind me, our headlines turn straight to that water because it does a lot of damage, too. and flooding, not just from here in oklahoma, but up through parts of missouri. the mississippi, right along it. a mess. i want you to see all of the states in flood warnings at this point. river gauges that have reached
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major flood stage. you can see all of the dots there represent them. not only the rubble behind us. but of course, all of the water on top. >> their homes are flooded. >> reporter: this morning, there is widespread devastation, even well beyond oklahoma, after friday's storms combed across the midwest and plains. in gillespie, illinois, a high school gymnasium crushed. >> like a bomb went off. the windows busted. glass stuck in walls. and the roof went off. >> reporter: from above, this missouri neighborhood, ripped apart by violent winds. >> there's some really bad home destruction. those homes are not safe. they need to stay out of the damaged homes. >> it's coming down right now. >> reporter: the most terrifying images, still from the oklahoma city area. where 48,000 remain without power. 200 can't live in their homes. >> you never think this is going to happen. you know, to you. >> reporter: as if the tornado wasn't enough, the storms
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brought flash floods that gnawed away at the land. entire communities displaced. homes look like they're bobbing in at least four feet of water. >> there's the top of my boots. and there's my knees. it's pretty deep out here. >> reporter: now, that same system marching east, bringing hail, damaging winds and flooding. record rainfall drowned the roads in paducah, kentucky. this man using a bucket to clear his car of water. residents in ft. wayne, indiana, forced to evacuate their water-saturated homes. and around st. louis, homes leveled by high winds and at least three confirmed tornadoes. even though we are right here in oklahoma and the weather much better, i want to show you where the severe weather will be threatening today. you know how hot you've been in the northeast. the humidity, high. well, it is ready to erupt. volatile weather possible along that same cold front that did all of the damage here. now, the threat is in the northeast. and a little pocket back in west texas, too, we don't want to forget about. the biggest threat, 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts and larger. an some large hail.
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you could see an isolated tornado. and there will be rain behind it. more folks die in flooding every year than they do in the tornados. and sometimes in hurricanes. it's one of the top killers, as far as weather goes. and look who gets the rain. the heaviest falling in the southeast, from raleigh to chattanooga and along the gulf coast. i'll be back for the nation's weather. for now, back to the studio. >> you warned us yesterday that the flooding could be deadlier than the storm itself. we'll see you in a few moments. ginger, thanks. for tornado victims in oklahoma, it is a test of will, as they struggle to clear away new damage on top of old. the oklahoma city area has barely started recovering from the deadly ef-5 tornado, when the latest round of twisters hit. it's providing a challenge to oklahomans' resilient reputation. let's go to abc's alex perez who is in moore, with more. alex, good morning. >> reporter: here in moore, it has been one thing on top of another. it could be months before the cleanup is complete. and it's what happened here during the first round of storms
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that created such panic for so many during that second round of twisters. battered but standing strong, this morning, parts of central oklahoma, cleaning up, as the piles of debris keep growing. >> i think it will be okay. it will. >> reporter: houses demolished. but families, thankful to be alive. >> we survived under that stairway. and holding on to each other. >> reporter: communities banning together to help those who lost everything. >> the help has been overwhelming. everyone has a big heart here. >> reporter: the images of that deadly twister unforgettable, especially for those who tried desperately to escape. >> when it was really approaching you faster than you could get away from it, you start to get a little frightened. >> you're being followed by it. you can't get out of the way. and they say on the radio, get out of the cars. get off the road. where were you supposed to go? >> reporter: authorities worked through the night to rescue motorists stranded in their cars.
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many fleeing with the may twister in moore still fresh. >> too much, too soon. we're expecting the same type of devastation and didn't want to hang around for it. we wanted to leave and get out. >> reporter: for many in this part of oklahoma, the devastation from these storms has simply been too much for them to stick around. >> i had enough. i'm sorry, oklahoma. but no. >> reporter: then, there are people like our friend, beverly, who says she is oklahoma-strong. and she will not let any tornado chase her away from home. dan? >> oklahoma-strong. alex, thank you. from extreme weather in the heartland to huge wildfires in the west. more than 1,000 homes are now being evacuated as out-of-control fires burn in california and new mexico. look at this video of a trapped man, spotted by the news chopper from los angeles affiliate kabc. abc's clayton sandell tells us what happened next. >> reporter: this morning, the powerhouse fire is earning its name.
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massive flames tearing through mountain canyons north of los angeles that haven't burned in 30 years. >> it's hard to get our firefighters in these areas with the thick brush. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 firefighters are attacking the blaze from the ground and air. and imagine the horror of this man, spotted by a kabc tv helicopter. he's stranded not far from a monstrous wall of fire. but before nightfall, he was rescued. new mexico is fighting two out-of-control wildfires. near the town of jemez springs, residents forced to evacuate about 50 homes. >> this is the canyon where we like to come and fish. it's going up in flames pretty quick. >> reporter: a second fire near santa fe, is choking the city in a smoky haze. fires are also burning in colorado and oregon. fires have destroyed thousands of acres. there's two big problems for firefighters. number one, the winds. and number two, the heat. 100-degree-plus temperatures. the flames are being supercharged by extremely dry trees and terrain.
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drought has parched the entire west. nearly half of new mexico is suffering the driest conditions you can measure. drought may be driving a huge spike in cases of something called valley fever. first, winds kick up fungus spores from dry, parched soil. once airborne, the fungus settles in the lungs. for most, it's like having the flu. but some cases are fatal. >> they never expected me to come out of the hospital. >> reporter: firefighters are warning, this fire season will be long and dangerous. coming at a time the forest service says it will hire 500 fewer firefighters nationwide this year, thanks to budget cuts. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, near santa clarita, california. >> thoughts go out to the firefighters, too, risking their lives battling these blazes. >> now, dealing with budget cuts on top of that. let's go to rob nelson, now, for a look at developing stories and the headlines this morning. great to see you. no dancing yet? >> not yet. later in the show. it's coming.
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good morning, everybody. we begin with breaking news overnight. a powerful earthquake rocking taiwan. at least 1 person was killed and 18 others injured by the 6.2 magnitude quake that sent panicked shoppers there running into the streets. there are also reports of cracks in the walls and even falling ceilings there in homes in central taiwan. british police say a man has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill prince harry. the threat against the prince was made late last month, a day after a british soldier was killed on the street. a 30-year-old homeless man walked into a police station, started talking about killing harry, and then, was arrested. iraqi officials say they have broken up a plot to manufacture chemical weapons to smuggle to the u.s. and europe. several members of an al qaeda cell were detained and presented at a news conference saturday. the group did have raw materials but had not produced any active chemical weapons. and one-half of one of tv's most memorable couples has passed away. >> oh.
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it's for our anniversary. look, archie. gloria and mike, they made us a brunch. >> a what? >> a brunch. >> a brunch. it figures. she's reading "cosmopolitan." >> jean stapleton played the one and only edith bunker on the '70s classic, "all in the family," playing the sweet, caring wife to archie bunker. she won three emmys for the role. stapleton first made her name on broadway and also appeared in several films, as well. she was 90 years old and died of natural causes here at her home in new york city. and finally, they don't usually show it when someone runs on the field during a sporting event. but they did make an exception at a college baseball game last night. this husky stopped play in the second inning of the game between arizona state and cal state fullerton. the dog finally ran off the field through a gate there in left field. the ump ruled him safe. very cool. >> entertainment. >> not bad.
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a little distraction there. >> if they can't find the owner, i'll take that dog. that dog is beautiful. >> it is a cute dog. and agile. >> agile, exactly. we're going to turn to breaking medical news right now. as many of you may be preparing your breakfast this morning, there's a developing and potentially lethal headline to tell you about regarding a breakfast staple. dozens of people are sick in five states after eating frozen berries and pomegranate mix, contaminated with hepatitis a. we want to welcome abc's susan saulny, making her weekend debut. susan, welcome. >> good morning. glad to be here. ever grab for a bag of frozen berries to make a smoothie for breakfast? or to make muffins or a cake? plenty of people do. you might want to pay special attention to a new alert coming from federal health officials. some of those berries are making people very sick. fitting organic berries in your diet is supposed to be one of the most healthful things to do.
7:13 am
but that's being tested now. the food and drug administration has linked an outbreak of hepatitis a to a frozen organic berry mix, processed at an oregon farm and sold nationally at costco. this morning, officials say thousands of bags of tainted berries may be sitting in freezers across america. >> it's shocking. >> yeah. it's really not good. >> it is concerning. >> it makes u >> reporter: so far, at least 30 people have been sickened in 5 western states. arizona, california, colorado, new mexico and nevada. health officials have not announced a recall. but they recommend avoiding townsend farms organic antioxidant blend. costco has pulled the product and is trying to notify customers who might have bought it. but it's unclear how many people that may be. >> we just used it four weeks ago at a big family breakfast. we put it in some muffins. it's concerning. we hope we don't all have hepatitis. >> reporter: hepatitis a is a highly contagious liver infection. symptoms can include fatigue, fever and joint pain. >> it can be deadly, yes.
7:14 am
but not for everybody. once the virus has infected you, it's impossible to treat and get rid of. on a quick basis. it goes away over time. >> reporter: hepatitis a often finds its way into the food supply through infected food handlers who don't take proper precautions, such as washing their hands. federal officials are trying to find the source of the contamination. but the berry mix contained produce from farms here in the u.s., argentina, chile and turkey. so, the search could take a while. >> a big scramble this morning. very scary. susan, great to have you on the broadcast. thank you very much. and welcome to abc news. moving on, now. more embarrassment this morning for the irs. with this new video surfacing. it shows irs employees doing a line dance, all of it financed by your tax dollars. this video was used as entertainment at an irs conference a few years ago. take a little listen here. ♪ >> come on, now. come on, now.
7:15 am
>> your tax dollars at work. so, let's bring in george stephanopoulos, who is getting ready to host "this week" this morning. george, when americans see this video and take into account the recent reports about irs agents targeting tea party groups, some people are going to be tempted to conclude that this agency's out of control. >> it makes you think. be careful whatever you do at corporate events, right? >> exactly. that's for sure. >> that's for sure. absolutely. that has nothing at all to do with the target. but it is another arm of the irs, spending $49 billion, over 220 conferences over 3 years. that audit is coming up on tuesday. the new director of the irs says this is something that can never happen again. he put controls in place to deal with it. you know what it's going to be. it's going to be fodder for more investigation, more hearings on capitol hill. we're looking at the irs targeting. at minimum, a huge opportunity cost here for the obama administration to try to push the rest of their agenda. and real questions about administration of the irs. >> at least here at abc news, we do our dancing on camera.
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>> the timing of this tape for the irs was not optimal, to say the least. other headlines this past week, michele bachmann announced she will be stepping down. think about her and sarah palin, taking a pause from politics, who are the female leaders in the gop? >> michele bachmann said she would follow the sarah palin model. at least people close to her. michele bachmann wasn't that much of a leader in the house, even though she made a splash when she ran for president. you have kelly ayotte of new hampshire. cathy mcmorris rodgers in the house. republicans and governors, nikki haley of south carolina. susana martinez of new mexico. and i don't think that is the particular problem for the republican party. the question is, where does the tea party go from here? and can people like sarah palin and michele bachmann have influence on the outside? >> making headlines. george, great to see you. and george has a fascinating showdown brewing on his broadcast today. president obama's one-time
7:17 am
right-hand man, david plouffe, and former bush adviser, karl rove appearing on "this week" later this morning. let's check the national forecast once again. get it back to ginger zee in oklahoma. ginger, good morning, once again. >> hey, there, guys. are you enjoying that infinite summer? it's not going to last forever. i want to show you now exactly what's going to happen. today, it will be hot and humid. maybe not as hot as it's been. a little more cloud cover. isolated thunderstorms will turn into more of a scattered thunderstorm event. looking at highs. upper 70s for some. and 80s, close to 90, for a lot of folks along the coast. then look what happens. the cooldown begins. and new york city gets back to -- well, closer to average. 78 on tuesday. boston, down into the low to mid-70s. so, you will get that instant fan from mother nature. you know who hasn't had it? inland there in the southwest. look at that heat. phoenix up around 108. 103 for palm springs. cool right by the coast. if you go to the southeast, you all know that yesterday was the
7:18 am
beginning of hurricane season. the atlantic. and the tropical moisture is already pumping up to florida. sarasota, 88. you see all of the thunderstorms and clouds. jacksonville, 87. >> i have one really nice photo to share with you today. this one, from one of my twitter friends. nick around the chicago area always takes great lightning pictures. he got the mammatus clouds. i'm sending that new word to you, dan.
7:19 am
>> mammatus. i'm going to try to use that in a sentence today. ginger, thank you. we'll see you later in the broadcast. now, to a nasty fight over a breakfast cereal, of all things. this brings to light talk about a post-racial america. it involved this cheerio's ad, which features a biracial couple. it has produced an outpouring of nasty comments online. so bad the company had to shut down the comment section on youtube. and abc's linzie janis is covering this story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this really is sad. thousands of more people have come forward to express their outrage over the comments. >> dad told me that cheerio's is good for your heart. is that true? >> reporter: it was supposed to be an adorable ad about a little girl trying to make her dad's heart healthier. but this morning, cheerio's youtube page featuring the commercial is on lockdown, after the comment section filled up with racial slurs, aimed at the ad's interracial family. one comment reportedly said, more like single parent in the making. black dad will dip out soon.
7:20 am
the ad points to others, referring to nazis and racial genocide. >> i really do feel we should be past this issue. 15% of all married couples are mixed races. when you have social media allowing small elements who violently disagree with this, to have their say, you're going to get this kind of a reaction. >> reporter: the online bigotry has sparked an outpouring of support for the cheerio's ad. one fan posted to the cerealmaker's facebook page. i can't believe the amount of racist feedback. pretty sad for 2013. another wrote, thanks, cheerio's, for showing america the most important ingredient in family is love. meagan hatcher-mays, a biracial law student, says the offensive remarks may not be all bad. >> what i appreciate is it brings to the surface some of the things we thought maybe were dead and gone. they're really not. >> reporter: it may seem crazy to be discussing the commercial. that may be because american
7:21 am
companies are behind in reflecting today's society in their advertising. >> i think that this ad kind of opens the floodgates for advertisers to show more of the very varied fabric of american society. >> reporter: cheerio's issued a statement saying, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all. and i got in touch with some advertising execs. i heard back from one of them, sir martin thorel. the head of wpp. he defended american companies in the advertising industry. saying, they do reflect society. the problem is, the internet gives a voice to everyone. >> it was interesting to hear the perspective from the biracial law student, too, saying it sparked dialogue in this country. it's not always the kind of dialogue you want to hear. >> a good shift. >> great to see you. thank you. we have uplifting news this morning. it's a touching act of kindness following a heartless act of animal cruelty. a pit bull puppy named little debbie, found abandoned, starving and with a severed paw is now getting a new lease on
7:22 am
life, thanks to a creative medical team that took a procedure used on humans and made it work for dogs. abc's tai hernandez has the story. >> reporter: 5-month-old little debbie has a fresh start. just last month, this pit bull was found with a severed paw. the organization run lucky dog rescue took her in and gave her something to bark about. >> i'm thrilled for her. it's going to make it easier on her. >> reporter: little debbie doesn't have the perfect stride yet. but she's adapting quickly. >> we put it on now. and she's toe-tapping. and with that toe-tapping, she's kind of intuitively finding out where her heights are, her zones are. >> reporter: little debbie won't be a puppy forever an will need a new paw that fits her growing body, in about three months. >> once she reaches full growth she'll have a prosthetic that's utilized for much longer. >> reporter: but for now, this pit bull is not slowing down. >> this dog went from walking a really slow pace to an all-out
7:23 am
run very comfortably. >> reporter: with the new paw and the ability to run, all little debbie needs now is a family to grow with. >> she's a little timid. once she gets used to you, she's very sweet. >> the company that made the artificial paw for little debbie, around and about, in plantation, florida, says it will work with whoever adopts the little puppy to ensure she continues to thrive. she's doing great. >> absolutely. thank you, tai. coming up on "gma," the amish as you've never seen them before. amish teenagers embracing social media. and giving us a rare glimpse into a rite of passage known as rumspringa. also, kim kardashian and kanye west are finally telling friends if they're having a boy or girl. we'll show you the surprising length some couples go to in making a big announcement. the great outdoors...
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♪ i love this kid. this is internet sensation, brant dallas. he's 4 years old. ♪ i love this kid. this is internet sensation, brant dallas. he's 4 years old. showing complete mastery of the new dance called the wobble. which is all the rage on the bar mitzvah and wedding circuit this morning. we brought professional dancers into the studio to teach us how to do the wobble. class will be in session. you're about to see bianna golodryga as you've never seen her before. take all of your preconceived notions and throwing them out the window. >> keep dreaming, dan harris. we'll see you dancing. maybe rob will be dancing, as well. >> i'm ready, man. bring it on. let's get to it. yeah. >> we'll do that segment now? >> yeah. >> we're going to spare you. good morning. i'm bianna golodryga, alongside dan harris. it is sunday, june 2nd. also this morning, kim
7:31 am
kardashian's glamorous baby shower is today in beverly hills. her mother, kris jenner, has invited a who's who list of celebrities. and the sex of the baby will be revealed. coming up, we'll look at the surprising way couples like kim and kanye announce, and even find out for themselves, if they're having a boy or a girl. >> never got an invite to that party. >> it's in the mail. we're going to begin with the amish as you've never seen them before. young people, given an opportunity to break away from the traditional way of life for a turn in the outside world. >> we're talking about the amish rite of passage known as rumspringa, when young men and women are allowed to break everything forbidden in their culture, including alcohol, cigarettes and the internet. images of teenagers snapping selfies is certainly not new. these teenagers whose faces we're obscuring for privacy reasons, these teenagers are amish. yes, amish. the tech unsavvy religious group, known for wearing prairie dresses, churning butter and driving a horse and buggy.
7:32 am
when amish kids hit a certain point in their teenage years, they enter what is known as rumspringa, which literally means "to run around." you may have gotten a taste of rumspringa on shows like tlc's "breaking amish." >> i want to experience everything. >> reporter: amish kids get to set aside their culture's strict rules and explore the outside world.q2"tq' it's over, they fa choice. stay out in the world. >> new york city. >> reporter: or come home and be baptized. and these days, this generation olds rite of passage has a new twist. as first recorded by buzzfeed, amish teems are punching up rumspringa, by embracing social media. especially facebook. horses and buggies are replaced by wild limo parties. friends dozing with bottles of liquor instead of fresh milk. boys who grew up without telephones or electricity, showing off their cigarettes and beer. noah hirschberger left the amish community in 2008, the day before he turned 17.
7:33 am
he told us about parties like this one, as seen on the discovery show, "amish mafia." >> drinking, smoking. loud music. there's big parties every weekend. every saturday night, there's a party somewhere. and they get together. hundreds of them at one place. that's how they socialize with each other. facebook is some of it. but they still -- weekends, it's parties everywhere. >> reporter: chris webber works with a group that counsels amish teens on drug and alcohol abuse. >> with the amish, they do everything in large, social circles. what you get is you're not going to have five kids sitting in a bedroom drinking beer and watching dvd. you'll have 50 kids in a shop playing beer pong because that's the size of their social circle. >> reporter: after rumspringa, most amish teenagers rejoin the community. but they try to incorporate some of the modern technology they experienced on the outside, without violating their beliefs. in the past, for example, they've hired non-amish people to drive cars for them. or they have put up phone booths outside of their homes.
7:34 am
it will be fascinating to see what impact facebook has on the future of this faith. an interesting part of their culture. a writer at buzzfeed, who initially reported this story pointed out, even though the kids are posting inappropriate pictures on their social network feed, most likely their parents will never see it because the parents are not computer literate. >> two different worlds. >> absolutely two different worlds. >> fascinating. let's go back to rob nelson in for ron, for the other stories making news right now. hey, rob. >> good morning, guys. fascinating culture clash there, dan. wow. good morning, everybody. the death toll from friday night's tornadoes has now climbed to 11 in the oklahoma city area. residents there are cleaning up today, and also dealing with major flooding that's put some homes under water. ginger has today's forecast coming up in just a second. a raging wildfire has destroyed 5 homes and forced about 1,000 people to be evacuated near los angeles. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the powerhouse fire. and officials in new mexico meanwhile are warning of
7:35 am
unhealthy air quality from two out-of-control fires in that state. today marks the 60th anniversary of the coronation of queen elizabeth ii. she was crowned at westminster abbey as a 27-year-old. and is now the second-longest reigning monarch after queen victoria. and finally, when taylor haberman couldn't make it to her high school graduation, graduation came to her. the florida teen is confined to a hospital bed, waiting for a heart transplant. so, she got to see the ceremony through a large screen. one of her sisters even walked virtual taylor on stage to accept her diploma. got to love that story. well done, sis. time, now, for the weather, with our own valedictorian, ginger zee. she is down in oklahoma. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, rob. still stunning pictures coming out here and stories. you can see right behind me, an airplane flipped. you see so many of these pictures. but today, really decent weather
7:36 am
for oklahoma. and a break from all of that severe. let's look at the midwest because that's who we have to talk about. it wasn't so great in illinois, where the flooding was really astounding. these pictures, actually, from missouri. and then, in illinois, this is what i was alluding to earlier, they also had tornadoes around st. louis. two of which rated preliminarily as ef-3s. so, damage there to pick up after today. most of the midwest has much calmer, drier conditions. look at the numbers there. only 65 for a high temperature in kansas city. chicago, not going to make it to 60. but you get some sunshine. and certainly, lower humidity levels. we're moving on then. i want to show you what's happening out in the west. seattle and portland, drying out a little there. they're going to be a little cooler than average. but pretty close. look at that. on top of the low pressure system, western montana up in the mountains, gets some rain and maybe some snow. but the cold front tracks south. you have some 90s there. there's a look across the nation. severe weather. two pockets in red. the northeast, and one in we
7:37 am
>> this weather report brought to you by dairy queen. dan and bianna? >> ginger, thank you. and coming up on "gma," kim kardashian and kanye west have their baby shower today, announcing the sex of one of the world's most anticipated babies. how so many american couples are now making a big deal out of the big reveal. also coming up, young mr. wobble, the rising star of the internet, going viral with his domination of a popular, new dance move. we've invited pros in to teach us how it's done. that's coming up in "fixation." thoop
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there is a big reveal coming later today. and a hollywood headline the gossip websites have been chasing for months now. supercouple, kim kardashian and kanye west are going to surprise their friends when they announce the sex of their baby during a celebrity-filled bash in beverly hills tonight.
7:42 am
>> it turns out this isn't just something hollywood couple do, expecting parents all over america are getting more creative in how they break the news. in an upcoming episode of "keeping up with the kardashians," the world will finally learn the sex of kim's baby. >> let's see the sex of this baby. >> reporter: but the news will be revealed to friends and family at an elaborate bash later today. >> i'm excited and anxious at the same time. >> reporter: it's the hottest baby shower ticket of the year. a galaxy of a-listers invited, including beyonce and fellow mom-to-be fergie. at this garden chic event, they will use party favors and gifts to reveal the sex of the baby to loved ones. some couples take this idea even further. keeping that tell-tale ultrasound secret from themselves. parents can have the results sent to a baker sealed in an envelope. then, at a shower, the first slice of cake reveals the sex of that bun in the oven.
7:43 am
>> i don't see anything. >> reporter: plain on the outside. loaded with blue or pink frosting -- >> you're going to have a baby sister. >> reporter: instead of revealing the mystery in a clinical office, this event is filled with family, friends and a few tears of joy mixed in with the cake. kris jenner may be planning the ultimate girls' get together. but for the big news, the matriarch says kanye will be by her side. with a little male backup. fellow kardashian plus-ones, lamar odom and scott disick. >> kanye said he feels a little weird to be the only guy. so, i think if all of the guys come at the end, it's good. >> reporter: baby kimye is expected some time next month. spreading joy, whichever the sex, and gracing magazine covers for weeks to come. >> when you were pregnant, you knew before you gave birth. >> i found out as soon as i could find out. you know me well enough. i can't not know. >> you did not want the surprise? >> even when you're in the
7:44 am
hospital finding out, it was a big surprise. we didn't have a big party or reveal or bake a cake or anything like that. >> i have another question for you. >> yes. how excited are you to do the wobble after a quick commercial break? i'll take that as a yes. coming up, the tiny internet star going viral with the dance called the wobble. we're turning the set into a dance studio to learn how that's done. that's in our "fixation." ginger zee, imagine that we'll be right back. >> i'm a serious journalist, dan. love holds us in the beginning. comforts us as we grow old. love is the reason you care. for all the things in your life... that make life worth living. ♪ ♪ sweet love of mine
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ the moment i've been dreading all morning. time for "fixation." we're going to reintroduce you to 4-year-old brant dallas, and a dance called the wobble. if you follow brant's lead, start with hands on hips. throw your arms in the air.
7:49 am
and follow that with a whole lot of shaking. ♪ wobble, baby, wobble, baby wobble, baby, wobble ♪ ♪ wobble, baby, wobble, baby wobble, baby, wobble ♪ ♪ wobble, baby, wobble, baby wobble, baby, wobble ♪ ♪ wobble, baby, wobble, baby wobble, baby, wobble ♪ >> the parents threw it up online. and it goes viral. looking at the latest one. >> the kid's good. not looking bad. he's got to be -- >> one thing he has missing -- he -- one thing he doesn't have is pants. >> yeah. >> only a 4-year-old can get away with it. >> he'll love the video when he gets to college. >> absolutely. >> dan was so intrigued by the dance. we want to get professionals to come and teach us how to wobble. >> steve styles, everybody. there he is. >> whoa. that was well done, man. how are you doing? >> hi. >> "gma," always sexy.
7:50 am
what's up? >> show us how to do it. >> okay. we're going to go like this. what you want to do, is jump front, right? and shake it. shake what your momma gave you. all right? >> come on, dan. >> come on, man. >> let's go. give it a go. ready? eight. to the front. one, two, three, four. and we go to the back. okay? here we go. throw it to the back. one, two, three, four. and to the front, two, three, four. and to the back, two, three, four. >> okay. >> exactly. >> you come back. and make sure you twerk it. you were twerking before. let's see that little booty -- okay. >> when did it get so popular? >> it got popular. the song came out in 2008. it started in 2011, 2012, 2013. it's huge. >> how well is the child in the video doing it? is he actually doing the wobble?
7:51 am
>> i don't want to put him down. but, no. he's not. he's really not. he has the first part, which is here. but the dance has more to it. we do more of a cha-cha style. he's just kind of standing there, shaking it. it's not really the wobble. he's cute. it doesn't matter. >> as a stepmother of a girl about to have a bat mitzvah, this is a big thing now. >> this is up there with the kupd cupid shuffle. this is massive. they play this all the time. >> before we go to break, can you do it for real? >> yes. >> ready? >> here we go. doing the whole thing? >> go for it. >> going into break. >> five, six, seven. eight. one, two, three, four. to the back, two, three, four. to the right. to the left. to the front. cha cha cha. left cha cha cha. right, left, right.
7:52 am
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want to thank you for watching abc news. as we send you off the air, steve styles teaching us how to do the wobble. go for it. >> five, six, seven, eight. one, two. to the back.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. and welcome to "this week." sunday showdown. >> we moved more than halfway, which is a fair definition of compromise. >> it was a use of their power and their offices to target conservatives. >> david plouffe, karl rove. each guided two winning campaigns for president. both tough strategists at the white house. now, they face off for the first time at our powerhouse roundtable, taking on all of the week's politics. the irs and d.o.j. controversies. >> this is an arrogant abuse of power. >> i don't see the conflicts. >> a bold prediction for immigration. and that farewell from washington from a tea party star. >> i am confident that this is the right decision


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