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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> meteorologist mike nicco is here with the bay area forecast. >> ladies, good morning, we have live doppler 7 hd showing no radar runs. a little drizzle is possible along the coast but more cloud cover than over the weekend as the sea breeze is coming back. look for increasing clouds this morning and you can see from the exploritorium camera if san francisco clouds are sitting above the bay area so no obstruction there. we will keep an eye on sfo to see if flight arrival delays are going to happen. we will feel cooling today 70 in the north bay valley to 82 in the north bay valley and at the
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coast, pockets of sunshine and mid-to-upper 50's. leyla gulen has the commute. >> we are taking you to san francisco where we are going to show you some pictures if a little bit but the westbound direction of lombard is blocked off with a big tree in the lanes. all three lanes are should down and use chestnut to get through that one block area. headed over to san jose northbound 101 between great america parkway to highway 237 there is construction wrapping up and as we head outside into oakland, this is a look at the macarthur maze and 80 westbound is showing clouds funneling into the bay bridge and the drive eastbound away from 580 you are in good shape to berkeley. >> happening now if you are driving through the east bay this morning you will want to give yourself extra time if you
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cross the richmond san rafael bridge. expect delays according to caltran now that work has started to replace the western drive bridge decks.stbound trafo eastbound lanes on the approach to the toll plaza and drivers headed westbound will move across the median for a quarter mile if that sounds confusing you can see the map shows the western drive on-ramp on eastbound 580 is closed, so big rigs have to make a nine mile detour. the project is expected to last three months. >> in san francisco, marina district a tree toppled and is blocking several lanes of traffic right now. we will go to abc7 news reporter matt keller on the scene. >> you can see lombard is
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blocked off and 30 yards down street you can see the big tree is across all three westbound lanes. the tree and the damage to the parked electric us the no one was injured. the big issue beside the owner of the lexus is the traffic. the tree crew will be out here in the hour and they are expected to take a while for clean that up. no word on when that is expected to be completed but eastbound lanes are open. westbound lanes are closed. >> matt, thank you. the remnants of a violent storm that claimed 13 kleins in oklahoma has sent wind and rain to northern new england and a tornado to south carolina. people in oklahoma are cleaning up after the weekend storm that spawned five tornadoes, damaging
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winds, hail and extreme flash floods. in missouri, winds caused a canopy to collapse on to two cars. a worker was able to rescue a mother and her two children from the crushed car. among those killed in oklahoma were three veteran storm chasers, friends say they died doing what they loved, certaining for dangerous storms. this is what happened to their vehicle when a tornado with wins up to 165 miles per hour turned on them friday night. it was their final pursuit after years of sharing dramatic storm videos with television viewers and weather researchers. >> the search for a missing teen from sacramento swept over a fall in yosemite will resume. the 19-year-old went swimming on saturday afternoon during a hike with his church group. he was caught in a current and went over the fall which is almost 600' high. teams spent all of yesterday looking for him and dogs have
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been brought in to try to track his scent. so far, no sign of him. >> in the bay area, volunteers widened the search over the weekend for a missing san francisco team who is recovered from a traumatic brain injury. police say the 19-year-old sean sidi has not been seen since may 21, two weeks ago when he said he was going to the park. searchers mend in the park to plan where they would like for sean sidi. >> police initially thought the cell phone of sean sidi's last call was at bakers beach and the reconfigured information is the cell phone call came from the east end of the golden gate park which is why we are here. >> they also searched marin and sonoma county, with information that sidi may have gotten into a car. >> a 540 mile bicycle ride
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across california to raise aids awareness is in the second phrase bicycling from santa cruz to monterey county, starting the seven day journey from grand yesterday morning and the bicycle ride to los angeles is the largest annual aids fundraiser with funds benefiting the san francisco aids foundation and hiv and aids related services in los angeles. >> how will be weather be for a bicycle ride today? meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> more tolerable than over the weekend when it was so hot. it will be breezy today, also. good morning, everyone, everyone in the 50's but no novato at 48 degrees and we jump up to 50 at santa rosa and san francisco and hayward and mountain view and fremont and san jose at 54 degrees and at 50 in the los gatos and 56 in oakland and dress for 55 in concord, and 56 if livermore and warmer in antioch. here is how the kay breaks down,
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temperatures in the 50's, with clouds increasing now through 7:00 and they will pull back to the coast by noon and this you will see them opening up for sunshine in the afternoon, and 74 is the noontime temperature inland neighborhood and 64 around the bay and we will stay in the 50's at the coast all day and 78 inland and we will drop back into the 60's away from the coast for the evening hours. the three day forecast is going to stay cool tuesday and wednesday, and warmer weather is on the way for thursday and more so this weekend and i will show you that in the seven-day forecast coming up in seven minutes. here is a check of the commute. >> thanks, mike, at 5:07, bart is running on time and we do not have anything in the way what we experienced on friday. that is excellence news. as we take it to the altamont pass, we have a construction project until 6:00 a.m. eastbound 580 between grant line road to the alameda county line
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we will see a couple lanes blocked but look at the westbound traffic that is what is packing up as you make the driver over the altamont pass and to livermore so busy conditions out of tracy. here is a look at the drive along northbound 101 between sfo and 380 we have a construction project and that is going to be blocking a lane until 6:00 a.m. we will see what happening outside, in walnut creek from highway 4 to highway 24 we are look at seven minutes to get you there so track is building at this hour. >> the cost of some apple products are going down, the bloomberg business report is next. >> the bay area connection linked to a deadly hepatitis outbreak caused by frozen fruit. >> growing turmoil in turkey and what scores of protesters are demanding after a weekend of deadly clashes. here is the tech bytes. >> apple and the government will
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square off in court this morning in new york. the government is accusing the tech giant of conspiring with publishers to raise e-book prices but players for apple say this is faulty assumptions. motivated to get in shape? there are apps that could help, brands that monitor your activities from how many steps you take to how many calories consume. a technical editor tried one. >> they tell you a lot of your activity but the big thing is they motivate to you do more, the goal of having 10,000 steps that day and knowing where you are in that goal during the day motivates you more to get up and move. >> it retails for $99 and jaw bone is retailing for
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>> coring daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:12 on monday morning. isn't that a gorgeous sight from the camera? it was warm over the weekend. meteorologist mike nicco has more on a cooler and breezy forecasts. >> light voter turn out is expected for the million dollar special election in santa clara county to replace form supervisor who will be sentences
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on friday on charges of misuse of campaign and taxpayer funds blaming some of the problems on a long time gambling addiction. there are six candidates on the ballot some predict a run off with no clear winner getting 50 percent. >> a popular bag of fruit has sickened dozens in california and four other western states. now we have learned one bay area resident has contracted hepatitis a. costco sold thousands of bags of this organic mix, 880 were sold in contra costa county, from farms in oregon that have been linked to 30 cases of hepatitis a including 62-year-old would from eastern contra costa county recovering after being hospitalized. >> people should check the freezer to remove this product. i understand costco is contacting the consumes that much frommed the product.
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>> hepatitis a usually comes from food workers would do not properly wash their hands. doctors say anyone could be exposed and should vaccinated quickly. no official recall is ordered but costco has pulled the berries. >> whales in san francisco are getting more protection from commercial ships. the captains now have to follow narrow routes in and out of the bay. the new traffic lanes were developed to protect endangered rails from ship collisions. whales feeding near the bay could benefit from the new lanes because they will be less likely to be hit. merchant ships would cruise through sensitive feeding grounds. >> anti-government protests continue in turkey the biggest against the prime minister since he was elected more than ten years ago. the demonstration began as a small it is in over the plan to demolish a park in central
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istanbul. the prime minister is calling for calm over the caseylation and dismissing allegations security used excessive force. >> big recall is issued for some of the most popular cars. >> good morning, a recall on popular 2013 cars including 3930,000 ford and lincolns in the united states because of fuel leaks. this includes the explorer, taurus and fusion and police intercepters and lincolns. last year ford recalled 1.4 million vehicles and this year it has recalled 700,000 already. like magic, disney raising ticket and parking prices up 15 percent putting one day park at $95. model iphone prices are headed in the other direction.
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target is cutting $50 off the iphone 4 and 5 and an additional $50 off if you trade in the working cell phone when you buy it. best buy is offering $50 off a new iphone speculation rising over when the next iphone comes out and what new features it will have. >> down day on friday for strocks sparking concern that the fed will withdraw the massive economic stimulus. coca-cola has a new way to share your drink, with splits in half originating with the ad agency in singapore, but it is not clear if it will become widely available. that is news from the new york stock exchange. >> our meteorologist mike make, would you share your can with me? >> you can have both sides, both halves. >> what a pal. >> such a warm weekend, mike. >> tell me about it, sitting in
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the 90-degree heat watching the money fly out the window. >> we will save some money today and tomorrow and possibly wednesday and thursday but it will change as we head toward the weekend and it will be hot again. we have the winds but they are not that strock but fairfield is what we always want to look at and it is around 21 miles per hour and that is not the guests which are fast -- is not even the gusts which are faster. as we look from mount tamalpais to the marine layer which is 2,000' thick so from 600' above that, our camera is 2,600' along mount tamalpais. it will be cooler today and tomorrow and the cooling will spread inland and deep in the next few days and becoming cloudy and more cloudy than this morning keeping the temperatures
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comfortable in the 50's and a warm weekend ahead. we are also talking about the weekend and here is the cloud cover from now through 9:00 and inland valleys, it barely makes it in and it will pull out at 10:00 and take until noon around the bay and a few breaks in the cloud cover along the coast, and it will be cooler today. we will start down in the south bay and we will talk about mid-to-upper 70's headed to gilroy and that is the warm spot and milpitas is 72 degrees. on the peninsula, a wide range from 64 at millbrae to 66 in san mateo and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 50's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and upper 50's at the breezy beaches and mid-to-upper 60's for castro valley and fremont and low 80's so if you get the house cooled this morning you do not need the air conditioning.
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tonight, the temperatures are again in the 50's. tomorrow, we will have our coolest day and wednesday we will gain any temperatures we lose tomorrow and look at the string of 90's, friday, saturday, sunday, sound familiar? what we have lived there. leyla gulen? >> we have a problem in san francisco, a downed tree that is problemming all three lanes of lombard in the westbound direction. in san jose we have this construction project that will last until 7:00 a.m., southbound 880 between highway 237 to the great mall parkway we are looking at those lanes that are blocked because of maybing work. as we head over to san francisco lombard street westbound between buchanan and that area will be shut down so use chestnut. no word when that is going to re-open. here is a look at the drive time traffic 580 coming from tracy to dublin, already 32 minutes so traffic is building up fast, 101 headed out of san francisco to
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sfo, 12 minutes and northbound we have construction blocking a few lanes. kristen? >> ladies listen to this, could a common item your kitchen been the key to reducing cancer deaths in women? a study says vinegar test slashed cervical cancer by a third focusing on 150,000 women in india where the disease is the top cancer killer and doctors reported the results yesterday at a cancer conference in chicago. experts called outcome "amazing" and say the quick, cheap test could save tens of thousands of lives through early dedetection and treatment. >> seven things to know as you start the day. >> a lunch time with a billionaire for a good cause how much you need to fork over to dine with warren buffett. >> so excited about the show because we are checking in with child stars who are all grown up who we grew up with, what is
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>> good morning, a look look at the san mateo bridge and it looks cloudy with the temperatures changing. meteorologist mike nicco will join us to talk about the ups and downs and leyla gulen will have the commute.
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>> it is 5:23. here are seven things to know today. one, drivers using the richmond san rafael bridge can expect a slow commute now that caltran started construction. westbound traffic is being shifted to the eastbound lane before the toll plaza. we will tell you how it is affecting traffic on 580 in a report if a few minutes. >> oakland police unveil a plan to deal with the side shows. a 25-year-old woman was shot on saturday morning after someone opened fire on a crowd watching a side show when cars get together and do doughnuts and she off. that was happening a 106th avenue and two other people were injured. >> the powerhouse fire is a major threat for people in southern california. the fire has shifted into the more populated area of antelope valley. so far it has burned 22,000 acres and just 20 percent
5:25 am
contained. >> a rare duel jury trial for two men accused in a gang rape and meeting of a girl outside richmond high school in october of 2009 after a homecoming dance. eight people were charged altogether and some have been sentenced and others have trials coming up. >> five, a big crowd turned out to see sting rock the america's cup pavilion. it is the second big concert at the embarcadero venue. there were concerns of noise and traffic but modifications to the stage contained the noise and plenty of police were on hand to handle the crowd. not sting "police," but the other kind. >> we will talk about weather. look at the cooler conditions with the biggest drop inland were dropping up to twelve degrees tonight, including 70's in petaluma and 82 at brentwood and 62 in san francisco and 72 headed down to the south bay and
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sunnyvale and the coat it will be coolest with temperatures in the mid mid-to-upper 50's and sunshine this afternoon. >> seven, a major thoroughfare in the marina district and people will have to find a way to get around it because of a fallen tree. that is coming up in a little bit. >> leyla gulen, update for those would dream of having a meal with billionaire warren buffett, bidding is underway for a private lunch with buffett as part of an annual auction fundraiser to benefit the glide foundation in san francisco with bidding through friday. last year's winner paid almost $3.5 million for lunch with the 81-year-old billionaire. right now the top bid is over $36,000 so we are out. >> we are out. >> in florida deputies went after an unusual fugitive an escaped kangaroo. we have cell phone video, a 200 pound kangaroo hopping across the screen.
5:27 am
he was on run for ten hours. officers tried to tranquilize it four times and they finally used a taser and the cang would is okay and authorities do not know who actually owns the kangaroo but a family living in the area does have a kangaroo farm. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including a celebration turning into a tragedy in vallejo the try lens -- violence broke out at what should have been a happy occasion. >> bay lights dazzled san francisco but now it is not going
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:29. >> mike nicco is here with the bay area forecast. >> thanks, ladies, nice to see you this monday morning. cloud cover shows no radar runs although there could be drizzle along the coast. if you drive into the clouds there will be some mist hanging there. we will talk about clouds this morning, with democrats in the low-to-mid 50's and clouds stay quickly around the bay and inland with temperatures holding 64 to 74 and headed to 4:00 and 7:00 we will top out near 80's inland and 67 around the bay and 56 at the coast and back into the 50's and 60's by 7:00. leyla gulen? >> we don't have crashes to speak of and that is lovely at 5:30. but what we do have is a downed tree blocking westbound lanes all the westbound lanes on lombard so if you are traveling in this area and need to get to
5:31 am
the golden gate bridge use alternated. use broadway or chestnut to fillmore and you are on your way. headed into san jose, westbound 237, to southbound 880, in milpitas we are going to see a transition shut down until 6:00 a.m. and outside a look at your drive along 101 coming to central san rafael and we are looking at clear conditions. >> we continue to follow breaking news in san francisco's marina district a tree toppled over blocking several lanes of a busy street. matt keller has the latest on how the cleanup is going. matt? >> the choneup hasn't even started but the westbound lanes on lombard in between this area are still blocked off and you can see the tree is still here with crews expected in the next half hour. you can see the tree and the
5:32 am
damage it did to a parked lexus after 4:00 this morning, no one was injured but drivers are impacted, and police recommend police get around this by taking a detour around chestnut. no word on why the tree fell. i asked if another car could have hit the tree and they say, no, that is not a possible. crews are expecting to be here soon but, still, no word on how long this tree is expected to be here in the street. >> thank you, from drives in san francisco to drives who travel between the east and north bay you need to get out of bed earlier this morning and maybe out the door earlier because of a major construction project causing big delays on the richmond and san francisco bridge. >> no problems on the bridge on the richmond side, it is still early and they expect to get
5:33 am
congested. we drove it for you, to give you a sense of what to expect we obviously did not have any traffic to deal with. they do think it will be busy in the morning. they have created an s-curve and they have two lanes in each direction and this is on the richmond side, headed to the toll plaza, and this is no shoulder so you is to hope there will not be any stalls this morning or wild the construction is going on, replacing the bridge deck and they cannot put the project off any longer. >> if you drive here you can see they have made patches and they are trying to replace the concrete on the road and have a new driving surface. >> here is a graph and maybe you can get a sense of what you are dealing with, one other issue to want out for, eastbound 580, western drive the on-ramp is closed and there will be a detour and they are replacing
5:34 am
the bridge deck on western drive and westbound traffic is diverted into eastbound lanes. so you want to allow yourself extra time. if you drive in a car you can tell yourself, well, it could be worse, you could be driving a big rig and anything that weighs more than three quarters of a ton has to take a nine-mile detour. the roth is expected -- project is expected to last for three months. >> drivers should not expect to have a swift commute with work replacing a water pipe that has been if place since 1883 at red hill avenue and along sir francis drake boulevard. officials warn drivers to plan for delays around the construction site. >> police in oakland are investigating an overnight shooting that left three people injured. it happened in downtown oakland at 13th before 1:00 o'clock
5:35 am
this morning. three people were found with gun shot wounds and they are are expected to survive. no arrests have been made. >> oakland police plan to announce strategies on dealing with the growing problem of side shows, illegal car shows where they do doughnuts when a woman was creditly wounded. cameras mounted outside a dollar store capture these images on saturday morning at 106th avenue. witnesses say someone opened fire on a crowd watching the sideshow as the party bus moved through the area. the 25-year-old was shot in the head and is on life support. two others were hurt but will be fine. >> police in vallejo are searching if a gunman and a motive in the murders of two fathers at a bread -- birthday party. a 52-year-old was celebrating and a man walked up and opened fire in the garage, and he was
5:36 am
killed along with his friend, 41-year-old gonzales, both leaving behind four children each. investigators say they do not believes murders gang-related the. >> a trial begins for two men accused in gang rape and beating of a richmond girl in october of 2009 attack on a 15-year-old girl outside richmond high school after a homecoming dance. a rare duel jury trial is scheduled for 22-year-old and 20 -year-old men. the two juries will deliberate separately. eight were charged altogether and some have been sentenced and others have trials coming up. >> an oakland man will be sentenced today for killing a google job applicant three years ago. the 26-year-old george huggins faces life without the possibility of parole. a jury found him guilty of fatally shooting this man, a 45-year-old in oakland during a series of robberies. he lived in virginia and was in
5:37 am
the bay area for an interview with google and was killed after he left a dental appointment at a friend's office. >> developing news in son california, where powerhouse fire is a major threat. this is video of the massive blaze from overnight and it is burning in the angeles national forest 50 miles north of los angeles. the forest service says winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour have fueled the fire to more than 22,000 acres. it is just 20 percent contained and six homes have been destroyed. >> the cottage next to me bound down and my house, bumped to -- burned to the ground. nothing is left. everything is gone. >> 3,000 people in lake hughes community remain under mandatory evacuation with full containment not expected until next monday. >> there are problems with the nightly light show on the western span of the bay bridge and the people behind it hope to is a solution the next few days.
5:38 am
the nightly display of the lights on the bay bridge made the debut in march, 25,000 l.e.d. lights were officially switched on bag then but since then the "san francisco chronicle" reports that hundreds of the bulbs have been stuck in "on" or "off" position and the dancing effect is not happening as it was supposed to. >> the light show is only supposed to go until 2:00 a.m. but even now you can see some are stuck in "on" position and and&-- and others are "off." >> mother nature put on a cloud show. forest hills, 48 degrees. everyone else in the low 50's around san francisco and the latest update is sunny side at 50, and same with portrero hill and 52 in the ferry building,
5:39 am
downtown, mission district and the financial district. 48 in petaluma, a cooler spot, palo alto, in saratoga, at 50. and santa clara, 53. richmond at 53. in the east bay valley, 54 in pleasanton, and 60 in tracy. the cloud deck is not solid, we are seeing a few breaks northbound across the golden gate bridge toward marin headland, and the day planner for the next 12 hours, cloudy and coolest, 56 at the coast and 74 and sunshine around the bay and inland, and cooler, though, than yesterday at this time from two to 12 degrees, and 78 inland and at 7:00, 54 at the coast and 68 inland. a cloud cover is more extensive as we look beyond the ferry building toward the bay bridge and 78 tomorrow, inland, 82 on wednesday and 88 on thursday. the warming friend, as usual, is
5:40 am
missing the coast and you will be in the upper 50's to low 60's all three days. the 90's are back in the seven-day forecast and we will see you in a few minutes. >> happy to report so far it has been a quiet back to work monday commute for you at 5:40, and as far as crashes we do not see too many. in you travel along highway four in the westbound direction you are down to 12 miles per hour at antioch, and speeds pick up to 36 as you continue the drive in the westbound direction into pittsburg and it opens wide up into concord and the drive out of concord to walnut creek, seven minutes gets you to highway 24 and at the altamont pass we have a construction project and crews are wrapping things unto alameda county line and we are seeing a little bit of slowing but most it is in the westbound direction.
5:41 am
and 15 miles per hour and hobbling along headed into livermore. the mass transit, bart and muni and caltrain, bart is running on time and we do not see problems and muni and caltrain are in good shape and here is a look at san jose as you travel along 280 the drive is looking clear with a few headlights making the drive northbound away from highway 17. kristen? >> 5:41. a serious reaction this morning from the family of oscar pistorius and what set off the olympian's relatives before this week's trip back to the courtroom for him. >> they serve and protect san francisco, the new owner for some
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the family of the south africa olympian accused of murdering his girlfriend responds this morning to new graphic pictures of the murder scene. oscar pistorius' family released a statement saying they are shaken by the images broadcast by a british tv station. the photos reportedly show a bloody bats room where the runner shot and killed the model
5:45 am
girlfriend. he has a court hearing the first since being freed on bail. >> health officials are preparing for the arrival of a new deadly virus that killed half of the people diagnosed with it, the virus is called mers that begins with chills and a fever and moves to muscle aches and finally trouble breathing. the world's leading health officials are on alert. >> we need as fast at possible to learn how to control the scirrhus and run faster than the virus. >> officials fear the virus could mutate quickly similar to sars and anyone with the mers symptoms will be test asked isolated in hopes of containing an outbreak. so far, 33 people have died from the virus. >> to members of the san francisco mounted patrol unit are headed to greener pastures,
5:46 am
literally. police horses like officers cannot stay on the job forever and this morning the department hold as retirement ceremony for two horses, ham mother -- hammer and rebel go to a farm in davis and magazine -- magnum will be honored who died two years ago. and two new horses will be installed as horses. >> davis is a nice place to retire to, not too bad. >> things are great starting the work week. >> sfo could possibly have delays with cloud cover again. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd showing how quiet the radar is with the cloud cover out there, drizzle is possible at the coast the next couple of days because of thicker clouds and otherwise it will be dry with the marine layer coming back and we will talk about winds which will be aggressive
5:47 am
along the san francisco bays and through the delta communities westbound 15- to 25-knots and fastest from noon to 9:00. fastest winds are around the golden gate bridge and angel island. so if you are near there, hold on to the hats or the railing if you are on a boats taking a cruise. >> cooler highs the next few days because of a cloud deck, and cloudy the next few nights keeping us cool and in the 50's and 90's in the forecast. the cloud cover this morning shows counterclockwise blow and a couple of small low pressure centers off the coast enhancing the lows so most us are sunny by noon and by 3:00, temperatures are jumping into the 80's in the east bay valley where it will be warmest. we are in the 90's yesterday so that is where the significant drop happens today. 72 at milpitas, to 76 in los gatos, and we could get to 80
5:48 am
and in gilroy. on the peninsula, millbrae and san mateo, mid-60's but the rest of the peninsula is not so hot. mid-to-upper fists -- 50's along the coast. low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and the beaches, also, upper 50's and breezy film, and mid-to-upper 60's for the eat bay shoreline headed to castro valley a warm spot at 70's and 76 at san ramon as the breeze comes up, and everyone else is in the upper 70's to low 80's so the breeze is not giving you as much as it is, say, in san ramon. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's tonight with thick cloud cover tomorrow and tomorrow is the cool of the day in the forecast and hardest to get rid of the clouds and as you head through the forecast it will warm above average on thursday and the 90's inland so, friday, saturday, numb, mid-80's, but
5:49 am
cool at the coast and low-to-mid 60's. >> the east bay approaching the recreation area we have this accident long westbound 580 at keller avenue. it looks to be blocking one lane but it is a solo vehicle crash. we do not have delays but we have green only. top speeds in both directions right now. to the point there is a hit-and-run accident at 121 possibly blocking one lane but no delays there just yet. outside right now, the golden gate bridge shows clear conditions on the road. you can see clouds with fog. it looks like everything on the road is moving swiftly. kristen? >> league -- a freight train derailment is delaying amtrak passengers between the bay area and san joaquin valley.
5:50 am
no one was hurt in the derailment and amtrak is busing affected passengers until the track can be fixed later today. until then, expect big delays on the saw joaquin line this morning. >> ahead, 50 years of south bay history is about to shut down. >> is there a secret deal between president obama and secretary of state, hillary clinton? ahead the new book making claims about the former opponents turned colleagues. >> at 6:00, a popular diabetes drug is pulled off the market but the agency is
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>> rescuers hope to fine workers still unaccounted for after a deadly fire in china. the death toll has risen to 113 people at a poultry slaughterhouse in northeast china. more than 300 were in the plants when the blaze broke out after dawn. only 100 managed to escape. survives say one of the doors was looked and the narrow hall ways made rescue work difficult. >> boy scouts took part in utah's gay pride parade wearing uniforms during the march defying orders by a leader of the youth organization saying
5:54 am
they were told wearing their uniforms was strictly forbidden to promote social or political position. this march comes more than a week after the boy scouts of america approved gay youth to participate in activists. >> the supreme court could hand down their decision on california's batch on same-sex marriage proposition eight as soon as this morning. a decision could come any time this month. the high court heard arguments in washington back in match. abc7 news will bring you the ruling and reaction to it the moment it comes down. >> you can see it is cooler, now, right, with a change after all the changes this weekend. mike? a cool down? >> yes, check out the temperature compared to year, these are the highs i forecast for today, only 75 in santa rosa after 87 yesterday, and 80 in concord after being 91 yesterday, and oakland drops about five and san francisco four, down to 62 in san jose and
5:55 am
74 and fremont at 69 after being 72 yesterday. the entire state still pretty quiet but the clouds are along the coast and that is keeping monterey at 60 and 66 in san diego and 75 in los angeles and 98 in chico and 76 headed to tahoe. have a good one. leyla gulen? >> you will want to give yourself a few extra minutes if you are headed define richmond and san rafael we have sky seven over the richmond san rafael bridge with a big construction project in the works with at least four lanes going to be in commission leaving one out of commission. here is a look right now, lots of work going on, and this is all repairs to the bridge deck so we are going to be aware that delays may occur and give yourself extra time. here is the picture of the toll plaza and we did have amy hollyfield out there, giving all latest updates. we will bring you more in a
5:56 am
little bit. >> president obama will endorse hillary clinton for president in 2016 and it is part of a secret deal he made with the clintons. the new york post is reporting the agreement was made as pay back for the support that bill clinton gave president obama in his 2012 re-election. the details of the deal and ongoing nude between the president and the foam president will come out in a book released today titled "the amateur, barack obama in the white house." >> a cherry stand in san jose opened nearly five decades is closing down. the orchard cherry stand has been opened since 1964 and the property is being turned into condos. the owner disasterred the business selling baskets of cherries and is proud of what it has grown into but says it is time to move on. >> we are done. it was symbolic.
5:57 am
today is the last day. >> jerry will continue to grow cherries near stockton. for fans who really miss him you can still get them. >> he deserves a retirement. >> next at 6:00, traffic is blocked on one of the business of the streets in san francisco and we have what is leading to the concern. >> the morning commute could be difficult in another part of the bay, the lane closures happening right now and the impact on drivers. >> later, yahoo is forcing users to upgrade to a new and improved e-mail service but not everyone p
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a tree falls down and blocks one of san francisco's busiest streets, and we have the efforts on re-opening the lane. >> the commute on the business
6:00 am
of the bridges will be longer than normal. what to expect as you head out the door. >> wildfire continues to burn in southern california. >> a hot going on this monday morning. glad you are with us. hope you had a great week. >> our meteorologist mike nicco has the bay area forecast and cooler today. >> absolutely. good morning, everyone, check out the cloud cover is when you know the marine laser back and the cooler weather will overspread our neighborhoods. not much in the way of radar runs just some drizzle on the coast. mostly cloudy around the bay. 7:00 it will be around 53. mostly sunny by noon at 64. below average with our temperatures in the upper 60's at 4:00. by 7:00 we are in the 60's. clouds arrive late inland valley holding around 54. you will be sun


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