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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 5, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning, our time is 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> pike has been tell us of the warm-up headed our way. it is wednesday. when will it get here? >> looks like tomorrow and the hottest days are friday and saturday. now, the cloud cover, the visibility is reduced in a few areas like santa rosa at 3 but
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cloud cover more than fog. so we do not see a lot of drizzle and why visibility is unlimited in the more doesn't -- horizontal area. 67 to 81 inland, quite a spread. 63 in san francisco. downtown to 7 in san -- 76 in sn jose. the coast will be up to 63. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:00, if san jose we have construction. this is if fremont, northbound 680 between south mission to north mission believed we have a few lanes blocked and that will last until 6:00 this morning and as you can see the folks are moving to work we are looking at volume building, and, now, over to daly city where we have a construction project in the works, northbound highway one at skyline boulevard, one lane is blocked until 6:00, and as we head outside, this is the
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berkeley drive coming down 80 westbound and that is headed over to the maze it is a quick 13-minute drive to zip down from highway 4 and over to 580. kristen and eric. >> the economic come back in silicon valley is coming at a price, a new study says the south bay commute hasn't been this congested since the "" boom of the late 1990's. now more on the trouble spots from matt. >> the good news at 5:00 a.m. on 101 and great america parkway you can see traffic is light but during the commuter hours it is one of the worst sections in the san jose metropolitan area. a new report by the traffic research company shows the overall levels of traffic jumped by 9 percent during april, basically more jobs means more drivers on the road in the bay area which is hiring. in san jose congestion increased 25 percent from april 2012 to april of this year and san francisco saw traffic jump by 22
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percent. drivers notice a difference. >> there is a lot more traffic. i drive through the east bay on the peninsula, down here, and 101, bay bridge, 680, 880, everything is happy. >> how much time are you wasting in traffic in san jose? from match to march drives spent on average an extra 32.4 hours in traffic and when it comes to the monthly tally you are looking at 2.7 hours in traffic, and san francisco is higher on the list ranking 3rd overall for worst traffic in the notion and 10th for worst traffic in the world. >> developing news in vallejo authorities are investigating a fatal police shooting last night on a large boat in the vallejo marina, an officer was investigating a loud verbal and physical confrontation on the boat after 8:00 lat night, and police say a man pointed a
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weapon at the officer and authorities say the officer then shot the suspect in self-defense. the man in his 40's died at a hospital. coming up next half hour, abc7 news will have a report from the scene where investigators spent the night. >> sketch of a man was released would attacked aile described at 20, 5' and 8" weighing 150 pounds with black hair with studded earrings in both ears. the woman was jogging on a trail at the palo alto nature preserve on sunday morning and attacked her from behind near the palo alto golf course. she was able to break free and he ran off as two bicyclists approached. >> major league baseball is deciding whether to suspend top players including an oak a's pitcher and former san francisco giants star. it centers around a miami clinic that sells performance-enhancing substances.
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abc7 news ace katie marzullo has new details. >> this comes from espn investigative show. they found the owner of the miami clinic which is closed is expected to meet with officials on friday and start naming names, including at least 20, maybe 40 names, including oakland a's pitcher, who was suspended last year if using a banned substance. also, former giants outfielder who testified positive last year. his blue jays were at at&t park last night and cabrera was booed when he came up to bat. we have rod rig -- rodriguez. several star players are named as having bought the substances. the owner agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for a lawsuit being dropped. rodriguez team made addressed the situation last night.
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>> there is always someone trying to beat the system from a medical stand point. >> there are smart people out there. but thing like this happen and we have to talk about it again. >> the mlb is considering suspending players for 100 games which is the penalty for second offenses. under baseball rules no suspensions are announced until players accept them or exhaust the appeals process. for players who choose to fight the process could take several months. >> the richmond city council has passed a 45 day moratorium on any new peoples for cash for gold businesses. some city leaders are convinced the stores help criminals exchange stolen gold for cash and contribute to the recent spike in burglaries. they say burglars steal gold and other valuables from homes and change them for money at the stores. richmond city planners say the
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counsel will extend the moratorium next year when it meets next month. richmond joins the city of san pablo which passed a moratorium on cash for gold stores in april. >> the f.b.i. and local authorities are looking for a crew of three robbers responsible for several recent bay area bank robberies including robbing the cafe bank at center street in millbrae and the metropolitan bank at powell and broadway in san francisco. they are suspected of sticking up a well wells fargo. the men wear a mask in each robbery and they are then to jump on tellers' counters. whens have seen guns during each robbery so if you can help investigators identify them call the local authorities. >> the caltran director is sending to help the management team for the future as crews try to fix the bolts on the new bay bridge according to the "san francisco chronicle".
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last week, metropolitan we transportation mission officials said they will not determine physical july 10 if the new bay bridge opens labor day weekend as scheduled. crews are installing large steel cables over the next several weeks to fix 32 faulty bolts. >> enjoying how they have been testing the bay lights the past few mornings, and you can see some of them are stuck. >> stuck if a good position. mike has the forecast. >> the main layer is thick again this morning but the clouds are at the top of it which is around 2,000 to 2,500'. today, the air quality is high amount tree pollen, moderate grass, low ragweed and ozone is low if now. saturday and sunday could be "spare the air" days when we get that heat and the ozone builds. u.v. index is very high so easy to burn today.
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as far as our day planner the next 12 hours we are in the 50's, low-to-mid 50's and 57 is possible, overcast, now, with sunshine around noon for most areas and still a push through the golden gate with up to 67 inland, and below average in most neighbors, 54 to 76 at 4:00 and jackets are needed, low 50's to mid-60's by 7:00. three day forecast, we jump eight degrees away from the coast and another eight degrees on friday and saturday will be the hottest days in the forecast. we will have sunshine even to the coast. leyla gulen? >> as we take you down the peninsula into woodside, there are reports that redwood city has construction here and northbound 280 starting at the county lane, to san mateo county, this is going to extend to farm hill boulevard we had one lane closed and that lasts until 6:00 a.m., and, also, on our bridges we have plenty of construction, eastbound side of the bay bridge coming from san
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francisco toward oakland which is where we have three lanes taken out. we had a couple of lanes shot down in the westbound direction and that has re-opened and as you can see we are seeing volume building ahie island. we will go outside to bridge president reagan and we had construction crews out there picking up cones and northbound side suspecting -- is opening up. kristen and eric? >> pizza hut has an offer it hopes you can't refuse ahead. >> the newest place crooks are fencing stolen phones and it is right in your local shopping mall. >> picture perfect what makes this snapshot the perfect photo and who is behind it but, first, the tech bytes. >> in today's tech byte meet the next generation of power saving processers, with the latest generation of core processors contribute to 50 percent longer
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battery life which is nine hours of power. and a new wedding band that heats up 24 hours before the anniversary, with a heat chip but it is not yet available in
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>> good wednesday morning. this afternoon, a uniteed airline baggage handlers at sfo will enter a plea for stealing
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valuables if luggage. the 45-year-old was caught if a police sting operation two weeks good morning after united got 50 complaints that electronics were stolen from passenger's luggage recently. san francisco police set up a sting operation like this one conducted by us targeting t.s.a. screens at the airport and attached tracking devices to tablets, phones and other valuables laced in luggage. some of the items disappeared and were later traced to his home. >> the young the follower of the cult murderer charles manson will plea for release going before the parole board. she now is 63. she has been in custody for 44 years. she we was convicted with man son and two followers in the murders of actress sharon tate and a society couple. the lawyers say he is a changed woman. the prosecution and survives plan to oppose hero lease. >> police are raising concerns of the growing number of
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electronic kiosks that recycle electronics for money popping up across the nation in malls. they accept used electronics and pay cash but police thing they help thieves quickly unload stolen smart phones. they say the kiosks require a fingerprint and i.d. and transactions are monitored but those security measures can be circumvented. >> a petition is circulating on the peninsula to make a well traveled roadiver for bicyclists. the petition zeros in on belmont avenue where route for drivers headed eastbound and westbound between highway 101 and 280 with many schools on the road. cars citizen by above the speed limit leaving little room for bicyclists and they want to lower the speed limit to 25 miles per hour and add more crosswalks. the road has already been reduced in some parts in two lanes to one for bicycle access.
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>> chrysler is locked in a fight with washington, dc over the safety of a most popular vehicles. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, chrysler says the jeeps are safe and is refusing to comply with the government request to recall three million jeeps after rear end collisions were linked to fire deaths. the recall would cost chrysler at least $500 million. another recall this morning from toyota, 87,000 lexus and prius vehicles because of a brake system influence. investers looking at reports on jobs and factory orders saw yesterday closing lower worrying the fed could stop help boosting the economy. pizza hut has a new bargain as the measure mounts to come up with cheap eats, a $5 large pizza with one topping available starting today until june 15 only for pickup but not delivery
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as they dike it out with "little caesar's." >> you want to know how to be really popular in look at this, this picture of a salad could inspire you, posted by cooking show host paula deen, and is reported the most popular picture has been reposted 307,000 times and "liked" 8,000 times. experts say the photo exemplifies the world for popularity with no human faces, little background and lots of color. that is not me saying it but that is science. >> now a picture of the sunrise and put that on. >> would it do very well? when does on facebook especially out here because they are so colorful. i will show you what is going on, as we come up on 518 we will start with live doppler 7 hd and
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it is dry with the marine layer of clouds covering our neighbors and wins are 12 miles per hour in napa and sfo and 13 in oakland and concord and some of the fastest around the bay, and to the central valley, fairfield is 23 and when it is fastest that is when you have the sea breeze. now, today, our forecast panel shows temperatures are beginning to be below average again and we will have afternoon sunshine and breaking along parts of the coast and another night of clouds with high pressure coming in and bringing us the hot highs and dangerous rip currents at the coast for friday and saturday. today, compared to where we were yesterday, it will be warmer inland and you can see in concord and san jose the heat is sneaking in from the south so you will be warmer and santa rosa will have the cloud cover quicker, and that is why you jump untwo degrees and oakland is one, san francisco the same as yesterday and fremont is one degree cooler, so, to big change there.
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we will take a look at the cloud cover pushing into the central valley this morning and by 10:30, east bay valley and santa clara valley sunshine and by noon the sun will break out across the bay but we still have fog on the coast and through golden gate bridge and by 3:00 we will see the sunshine develop. from 50's at the coast to a few communities in the east bay valley especially on highway four holding on to 80. we will be in the mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay with san jose and cupertino at 76 and from 75 at los altos to 56 in millbrae and at the cost we will have temperatures in the upper 50's near 60 with mid-60's around downtown and south sausalito and poet plume is the school spot and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70's and the east bay sure we have mid-60's like 66 at berkeley to low 70's at fremont and antioch and brentwood the temperatures are in the 80's in the east bay valley and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's. today, very comfortable, tomorrow, a little less comfortable with temperatures
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jumping two to eight degrees and we will jump four to eight degrees on friday and hold well above average for saturday, sunday we cool a little bit but will notice it more monday and tuesday. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, at 5:0 we have we have a car with t tire on northbound at the capitol expressway. we have clear conditions, though, as we take you to the drive time, traffic at 580 is loading up into dub lip, and 101 a 12 minute commute to sfo. away from 101 to cupertino it is 17 minutes. very clear conditions. i want to keep you in san jose. we will look at 280, it is dark out there but we can see a little bit of light coming up, and we can see that cars are trying to make their way to the road but it is very light with
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no accidents to report away from 17. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> another honor for the super bowl champion ravens, they have been invited to the big house today. >> a new survey people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. authorities are investigating a fatal shooting last night on a
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bet in the vallejo marina. a man pointed a weapon at at officer investigating a disturbance and the officer shot him in self-defense. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report coming up. >> in berkeley teams pull add suspect car out of the water park, after driving the car into the water while being chased by san francisco police and the c.h.p., the chase began in san francisco's mission district. >> number three, former san jose vice chair chavez and water district official are headed for a run off, the drop two vote getters among seven candidates if supervisor to replace george shirakawa jr. >> 20 major league baseball players could face suspensions up to 100 games investigating a miami clinic that sold performance-enhancing drugs including oakland a's pitcher
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and former giant cabrera. katie marzullo has dailies at 6:00. >> den more wries control volunteers from the bay area are headed to oakland to help in the recovery from several devastating tornadoes the team will join a dozen other bay area red cross workers already on the ground there. >> if you liked yesterday, you will like today, in fact, i appreciate kristen mentioning ground hog day is what we will have. as we look toward the future the heat is on and i give you an update on how hot it will be this week. >> we have a brand new problem that could hatcher your commute to sfo and we will tell you about that but, the bay bridge toll plaza is moving smoothly into san francisco. >> this morning, the super bowl champion ravens will visit president obama at the white house but one of the most important players from the victory over the niners will not be there traded to san francisco in the off season tweeted on monday he would stay in santa
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clara and take argument in organized team actists. the ray vans bean the 49ers in february. president obama will honor the super bowl champs at 9:00 a.m. >> women worldwide copy the style of the duchess of cambridge and good reason why. a survey of british women shows she is their number one beauty inspiration. a beauty survey shows 30 percent like to buy rods used by the duchess, and telephone percent go for victoria people him and others include american stars jennifer aniston and angelina jolie. interesting is now that kate middleton is popular, brown hair dye is more popular than blond. >> for! >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. including the dogs of senior citizens forced to lebanon their
5:27 am
hopes overnight after an emergency leaves them in the cold and what first spenders found at the scene. >> shakeup inside president obama's national security team. who is in. who is out. >> having none of it, the heckler who took on the first
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> nice way to wake up on wednesday at 5:29. great to have you with us. >> let's see what the rest of the day looks like. mike? >> we will look at live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry this morning. we have maybe just a little bit of drizzle at coast and you can see the marine layer of clouds at 2,600' at mount tamalpais looking at the only point you can see the sun. the first forecast is 67 inland
5:30 am
to 81, quite a spread between the north bay and east bay. 63 in san francisco and 67 at san jose and the coast will have areas of sunshine develop up to 60 degrees. the traffic before you head out the door, here is leyla gulen? >> before you head out the door you may want to run out with your hair wet because we have a crash out here near the airport, sfo, southbound 101 at airport boulevard and it is causing slowing there, two lanes possibly blocked with an accident just popped up so if you have a flight to catch get an early start. things moving swiftly but under clouds and you can see lots of clouds out there and eastbound traffic is moving fine from foster city to hayward. >> it is 5:30. developing in us from vallejo where police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own, it happened with the officer spended to a call at the vallejo marina and our reporter
5:31 am
is there with the latest. >> i just got off the phone with vallejo police and an officer told me what the man was holding, they say he had a modified gun and they say he was on board a boat at the marina and you can see there is crime tape here where they were doing the investigation. the officer i spoke with said he has been with the department for 20 years and and not remember them ever being involved with a shooting on a boat and they are considering to quite inbound. they got a call to come to the many that at 7:00 last night, and there was a violent loud fight going on here on a bet. an store got here at 8:00, he found a man in his 40's aboard a large live in boat that appears he was living on the boat. they say no one else was on board when they got here. he pointed a gun at the for. the officer shot the man in
5:32 am
self-defense. the man died at the hospital. they haven't said who he is. they say they don't know would he was in a fight with. no one was here when they arrived. this word on whether the man was drunk or on anything. that is all part of the investigation. they have a long way to glow -- go figuring owe this happen until then the officer is on paid leave. >> developing right now in vallejo an early morning fire broke out at a housing complex where low-income seniors live. this happened at 1:00 o'clock a.m., with firefighters ever value waiting 100 people living in the building and investigators say it started on the 5th floor someone left a pot on the stove. four units were damaged. the broad cross is helping the people find a play to say. it just re-opened in january after a deadly four alarm fire
5:33 am
that left three people dead and more than 100 displaced in 2008. >> teams are on scene at berkeley water park after a man being chased by c.h.p. drove his car right into the water. san francisco police and the highway patrol chased the suspect across the bay bridge and on to interstate 80 at 30 miles per hour. this is how it looked from the air from the bridge tower camera at 11:00 and the suspect's vehicle had a flight tire from running over a spike strip. authorities say the man drove into the water not thinking it was that deep but the car sank in minutes. the suspect was wanted to hit and run and was taken into custody and was pull from the water this morning, no word on what divers are looking for now. >> milpitas mom and dad are hospitalized following a horrifying traffic accident that killed their these-year-old son. police say the boy's father gilbert gill was driving at a
5:34 am
very high speed on the paseo padre parkway in fremont at the time of the crash yesterday. miss say he lost criminal, -- lost control, hit a street. he was not wearing a seatbelt and was then from the car. his wife was in the passenger seat with the seatbelt and their son was buckled into his child car seat. the boy and back what of the car landed in a front yard where he died. >> the whole car was ripped apart. he proceeded to lay in the middle of the street. i checked his son to see if he was alive but he is not here. >> the wife is in serious condition and gilbert gil is in serious condition. they left the milpitas home to take their son to the water park . >> santa clara officials will plan a run off to decide would it wills the seat vacateed
5:35 am
difficult disgraced supervisor george shirakawa jr. with three top vote getters at 41 percent and 31 percent and another at 14 percent. no one got 50 percent, it appears that chavez and am verify aide will be in a run off. shirakawa will be innocenced on friday for misusing campaign and taxpayer fund to support the cam goaling addiction. voter in hercules approved a hike in utility taxes which will not go up to 8 percent from the country 6 percent. the revenue will keep the hercules police department at current staffing levels. >> state senator calderon's attorney says the f.b.i. has no case and is trying to hassle an indent person after a federal agent served search warrants in the capitol yesterday afternoon,
5:36 am
and calderon represents the district if los angeles county. agents searched the office of the latino legislative caucus of which calderon is a member. officials are refusing to say what this is about but the searches are related to allegations of criminal activity and the "los angeles times" says it could be part of a corruption investigation. >> breaking news from washington, dc, this morning, a major shakeup in president obama's national security team, national security advisor tom dome lynn is resigning after being part of the inner circle for four years. a recent profile in a magazine painted him as domineering figure with strained relationships with cheeks and staff. he will be replaced by u.n. ambassador susan rice who will not need senate confirmation. the president will officially announce the changes this afternoon. >> president obama is coming to the bay area tomorrow for two fundraisers in the silicon valley. the white house says that the president will talk about the affordable care act while here but it is not clear if the comments are made to reporters.
5:37 am
according to the chronicle, democrats have complained recently that the president has been coming to the bay area only for private fundraisers and not making any public appearances. he will spend the night in the bay area before headed to southern california on friday to meet with the president of china. this morning, a protester with bay area ties is shocked by the reaction she got from first lady michelle obama during a speech. mrs. obama was speaking in washington, dc, and a gay rights activist interrupted her and demanded president obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order. the first lady left the body jim, walked up to the protester and said, one of the things i don't do well is this, referring to dealing with heck clears and that drew big applause and she then said the protester could "listen to me or you can take the mike but i'm leaving. you all decide." the protester was then escorted out the event and the heckler was identified as a woman linked
5:38 am
to berkeley-based group "get equal." she protesterred outside of george clooney's petroleum last -- home last year. >> mike has the forecast. mike? >> i got my water bill and it was about double last month because we have not had any rain and you need to keep the garden going and the yesterday nice. next 12 hours in the low-to-upper 50's with gray clouds dropnating and an eye on sfo and flight arrival delays. low-to-upper 60's with mostly sunny conditions inland. temperatures are below average and 76 is as warm as it gets at 4:00, and 54 at the coast and in the history h 50's at the coast but low-to-mid 60's at 7:00.
5:39 am
the highs compared to average only live more is remain warmer at 79 which is one degree. san jose, oakland, san francisco, two or three degrees cooler. napa and redwood city, five and six degrees cooler. we should be in the 60's and upper 70's but instead we are in the mid-60's and low 70's. jump of two to eight degrees tomorrow and another four to eight degree jump open saturday and friday and saturday are the hottest days. dangerous rip current are developing at the beaches today. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> good morning, we have a serious crash near sfo but before we get to that, a check of mass transit and caltrain, bart, muni, everything is on time with to delays. we will go to our waze app tracking this accident, by sfo at airport boulevard and it is a major accident. we are looking at three lanes blocked so southbound 101 at
5:40 am
airport boulevard is slow. check out apple app and google play to check it out. lots of headlights in berkeley away from highway four and minutes toward the waze. >> thank you, leyla gulen, a lingering controversy and this year the walk for breast cancer could be last in the bay area. >> nor map -- more8tes0p0p
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covering petaluma, antioch and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back on wednesday morning, a prescription alert from target after a pharmacy employee has come down with hepatitis a working in the hayward target and sat and at the san leandro target on 15th. stop using your prescription immediately and return the medicine for a refund. new details of the hepatitis a outbreak linked to contaminated froze were berries from costco,
5:44 am
a 22-year-old woman was treated for the infection from santa clara county and is the third confirme area. >> new details of a violent crime spree and a manhunt in oakland. police have released a photo of this man, jamal cleveland suspected of two shottings, three carjackings and two possible kidnappings in a span of two hours ending when he crash add car in a pole on 105th and ran off. police say the two shooting victims were the ex-girlfriend and the father. both are in stable condition. >> the local red cross is sending ten more volunteers to help people affected by the devastating tornadoes in oklahoma leaving today to join a dozen other workers from the bay area who are on the ground. the national weather service has revised the storm to an ef-5, the highest strength possible,
5:45 am
with wins up to 296 miles per hour and cutting a swath of 2.6 miles to be the wide evidence tornado on record. >> animal welfare advocates are offering $189,000 reward in a disturbing case of dog abuse in oakland. the father images may be difficult for some people to watch. marla was so abused vets had to put the german shepherd down. surveillance video shows someone dropping her off last week at the oakland animal shelter. miss say calls are coming in from across the nation with office of help. >> this month, susan g. komen walk for the cure in san francisco could be the or will be the last. next year organizers canceling the they day walk leader and a half dozen other cities, a spokesman said the decision was made because of declining participation in high costs. participation has been down since susan g. komen founder sparked controversy when she
5:46 am
moved to take away the grants from landed parenthood and former walkers are switching for other walks including the avon walk for cancer. >> hopefully breast cancer will not lose. >> the decision by susan g. komen to end the walk will not affect the race if the cure which will continue. >> we will see what kind of weather we are looking at today for walking, bicycling or other activists. >> when the sun breaks out it will be comfortable in most areas but breezy the closer you are to the coast is it will be difficult because of the wind and we have dangerous wind again on the bay developing this afternoon. right now live doppler 7 hd picking up nothing but dry air and the marine layer is not giving up much in the way of its moisture other than possibly patchy fog long the coast. here is what i am talking about the winds and the waves are fastest along the golden gate
5:47 am
bridge to, say, angel island and alcatraz so want out for the western winds at 15- to 25-knots. they hang around until 9:00 this evening. today, as we look at downtown oakland, we will have sunshine this afternoon and lingering clouds along the coast and highs mostly below average but the east bay valley we are close to average. one more night of clouds and we will have clear nights, sunny afternoon, and highs dramatically ramping up friday and saturday with the rip currents. be careful at the coast. 9 cloud cover is up 80 into sacramento which is 89 for a high but everyone else in the central valley is in the mid-to-upper 90's because of the lack of cloud cover. we will watch the east bay valleys, clearing out around 10:30, most of the bay starting
5:48 am
to clear out by noon but you will have finger of fog moving through the golden gate bridge and the coast. today we go from 50's at the coast to 80 inland. south bay has mid-to-upper 70's, san jose and cupertino at 76. 66 in millbrae but ending up at 75 in los altos, half moon bay, a warm spot, at 61 and sunset is 60 and mid-70's for downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito and 67 at petaluma, and most of the north bay valley in the low-to-mid 70's and breezy bones in the unper -- upper 50's. and 74 at san ramon, and 80 in antioch and 81 in brentwood. a day gay -- game and it will be 62 to 64. now the seven-day forecast shows big jump tomorrow and then it is
5:49 am
uncomfortable to dangerous with the warm of the temperatures this year inland friday and saturday. leyla gulen? >> everyone, at 5:48, we will head over to sfo where we have an accident southbound 101 at airport boulevardd there is one lane blocked. we are looking at top speeds in the southbound direction so hopefully it will be cleared off the freeway shortly. we head over to the drive over the altamont pass with plenty of traffic in the westbound direction and the construction project is wrapping up eastbound 580 between grand line road toward the county line and outside right now the san jose commute beyond the julian off-ramp we have a few extra cars making it up to h.p. pavilion. >> i would love to have a ticket to the game. but i don't have one. the governor of mississippi is making waves after a comment he made over america's education
5:50 am
problems saying american education started declining when mothers started, working outside the whom speaking yesterday in washington, dc, during an education forum hosted by the "washington post" yesterday. >> how did america get so mediocre? >> when both parents started working and the palm is in the work place. i can see i am going to get in trouble, the e-mails tomorrow, i can just see them. >> he clarified saying that puts pressure on families and affects education after a report last week showing a major change in the workplace where moms are taking over as the primary breadwinners. >> san francisco giants catcher proves his popularity again. >> new problems for toyota, the concern leading to a new recall for the automaker's popular
5:51 am
hybrids. >> at 6:00, protests continue in turkey and what the state department is telling americans trav
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hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪
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wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> toyota announced a recall of 250,000 hybrid vehicles over a break problem. the recall includes 242,000 prius and lexus hybrids manufactured between march and october of 2009.
5:54 am
toyota says they received more than 90 complaints from drivers saying they needed to apply more pressure than usual on the pedal to stop. no reports of crashes or injuries. they say 91,000 of the recalled cars were sold in north america. >> san francisco giant catcher buster posey is proving to be the most popular player in baseball leading national league cap others in votes. second place is not close, posey received 1.3 million all-stall votes in the first round of voting. second place is the st. cardinals catcher at 940,000 the leading third base vote getter is sandoval. voting ends june 28. >> what will help them more is if we get the blue jays again today in a day game. >> enjoy it. grab a $7 soda and watch the
5:55 am
game. >> city working on a ticket. >> it will be increasing sunshine. a bit of a breeze. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. i have good news. the air mass looks to be cooling just a little bit from what we talked about early in the week. we may not get to 90 in san jose. that would be a relief to some folks, 87 is pretty warm, and 83 is closer and back to average by sunday. temperatures across the state, i talked about how the sea breeze was going to affect things, and 89 to to 97, in click -- chico. now the traffic with leyla gulen. >> crash is killed southbound 101 at airport boulevard we had one lane shut down and it looks like everything is pushed to the shoulder and we have residual backup but not too much. if you are headed out of san francisco to catch a flight you
5:56 am
will be in good shape. in fremont, we have a construction project wrapping up between south mission boulevard to north mission boulevard with cones in the process of being picked up, due to a paving project but slowing north bound along the nimitz coming and going there. we will go outside right now and look at the drive which is going to be in san rafael up to san pedro and it is clear headed beyond the civic center to 580. >> the largest union for city workers in oakland is demanding an end to employee concessions and officials with the union say they will ask members to authorize a strike. union members rallied outside city hall representing more than 2,500 city workers whose contract expires end of the month claiming oakland has a $57 million surplus but is still
5:57 am
demanding concessions. folks have said that oakland faces a multimillion dollar deficit. >> the bay area now has the first case of west nile virus this year, two dead birds in san mateo county have tested positive. officials say the cases have come early in the season and west nile virus activity is expected to increase this summer. eight counties have reported cases of west nile. >> next at 6:00, a deadly shooting at a bay area marina led believes to open fire and kill a man living on a boat. >> ahead, traffic trouble spots, where you are more likely to spend time behind a wheel in the bay area and the reason delays are getting worse. >> later, a credit score secret, 7 on your side and "consumer reports" reveal hidden truth
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing now at 6:00, a
6:00 am
call about a loud argument on a boat leads to a vallejo officer to open fire and kill a man. >> bay area traffic is among the worst in the nation and commuters in one city are seeing the brunt of delays. >> oakland a's pitcher and several other players in major league baseball are facing possible suspension this morning as a new steroid cancel shakes up baseball. >> thanks for joining us on wednesday at 6:00. >> those suspends could be up to 100 games. that is a big deal. >> big deal to you, the weather is great. >> while we were sleeping, the clouds came back but live doppler 7 hd showing no radar returns. other than drizzle it is a dry start. next 12 hours around the bay, we are overcast and mid-50's to upper 50's through 7:00. it will be partly cloudy by noon to mostly sunny in the afternoon from the low


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