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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 9th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are cooler across the bay area. anywhere from a couple degrees to about six degrees cooler. the strong on shore winds return. and we have temperatures mainly in the 50s. a couple 60s by the delta. 58 union city, 60 los gatos. we have a fire watch today until tomorrow. which could so a chance of
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isolated thunderstorms that could strike some thunderstorms and fires. we will talk about the rest of our forecast today. the week ahead looking pretty good, that's coming up. >> breaking news out of walnut creek. investigators are trying to determine what started a house fire that badly damaged a home early this morning. the two-alarm fire began at a home on raymond court. fire officials say crews were able to quickly get a handle on the flames, but as you can see, the fire still caused quite a bit of damage. officials say it appears the fire started on the outside, then spread into the home. an arson team is investigating. we have a reporter on the scene. we will have more information on this story in a live report coming up at 5:30. a family in oakland is looking for a now plays to call home after a fire damaged their house. what is unusual in this case is that fire, which broke out yesterday, did not start at the house. it was pushed there by strong
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winds. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story from where it all began. >> people running out of the way to get out of the way from hot ashes from flew from the wind. >> we started hearing popping noises and then what was a clear sign was the palm tree caught on fire and it went up and that's when we started to run away. >> a couple family members even got burned by the flying embers. they were having a birthday party when they noticed a fire in the building that abutts their yard. their neighbor quickly started sprague down his house. >> the wind is so high right now, it was going -- there was smoke everywhere, along with the ashes. some of the ashes was getting on other properties, like mine. >> oakland crews tried to get a handle on the main fire in what used to be the school but wind pushed the smoke and embers into
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the nearby neighborhood. that started fires in two nearby homes and struck were sent there to get ahead of the other fires. >> we are making no embers are flying and no potential or other fires in the area. >> after a couple hours crews got a handle on all three fires and people returned to their homes. one returned to a house with a burned roof. >> the good news no one was seriously injured, and that includes firefighters, who had to deal with a very persistent wind-whipped blaze. abc7 news. in developing news out of the east bay, all lanes of interstate 580 are back open this morning following a grass fire near livermore. you are looking at cell phone video of the fire that began just before 11:00 last night. it burned about 20 acres.
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all lanes east i-80 were shut down. >> we are following news out of sun any available where police are investigating a murder that occurred outside a sports bar early this morning. officers responded to a shooting at the peacock lounge bar on east prefremont avenue just after 1:00. officers found a man shot to death. it's unclear what led up to the shooting but investigators believe a party may have been going on when the crime took place. no arrests have been made. the vallejo family has been torn apart by violence. a man shot and killed his wife yesterday and then police shot and killed him. it's the second officer-involved shooting in that city in a matter of days. we have the story from vallejo. >> sadness and pain fill the eyes of those who loved nadia.
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police say the 49-year-old mother of four was shot and killed by her husband, mouhamed. >> she loved him, he loved her. >> just before 1:30 things suddenly turned violence outside of a store the couple owned together. michelle had just left the store an hour before. she said the two had had a small argument, but thought nothing of it. >> they had a small problem, an argument, and she never told me it was going to happen. if i knew they had a gun, maybe i would tell her come to me. >> police say the woman ran out the back door and down the ally. he chased her and shot her. two of the couple's children were in the store at the time. a police officer arrived two minutes after the shooting. >> an officer sees the suspect hiding behind a car. he confronts him. he fires at the officer and the
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officer fires his own service weapon at the suspect. >> naas was rushed to kaiser vallejo. he died a short time later. this marks the second officer-involved shooting in vallejo in four days. tuesday a man was shot and killed after he phoned a flare gun that was modified into a shotgun at police. the district attorney and internal affairs are investigating both of the shootings. in vallejo, abc7 news. in another shooting involving police, investigators searched downtown wenzer for evidence after police shot and killed a man. he was suspected of stabbing a woman. witnesses say the man attacked her in front of a starbucks around 7:30 yesterday morning. >> there was a lot of commotion, and i saw a man walking away from starbucks, an older man. he might have been in his late 50s, early 60s. i saw him slip something under his shirt. a young boy came after him and said, dad, why did you do that?
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>> that man appeared to be headed toward the police station. officers say they shot him after he pulled out a knife and lunged at them. the woman who was stabbed is in serious condition this morning. the sonoma county district attorney is investigating is that case. pg&e is trying to figure out what caused an explosion in an underground utility vault in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood last night. it shook the ground just before 7:30. firefighters stood by. they stood outside the central ymca until pg&e crews arrived on the scene. no reports of any injuries. strong wind gusts appear to be to blame for knocking town a tree on to cars in san francisco. at least one car near webster around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt.
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mishap did delay drivers for a short time. the branch fell around the same time wind warnings were in effect on the bay, the golden gate, and the richmond san rafael bridges. wind was whipping up in the bay area last night. this is sausalito. high winds damaged a power play and caused power outages to several homes. pg&e tells us all power will be restored by 7:00 this morning. yesterday's hot weather, couple with blazing sunshine, made it really dangerous for high school graduates and their guests in eastern contra costa county. temperatures reached the mid-80s during morning ceremonies at the heritage and freedom high schools. at least two dozen people needed medical attention. one woman prepared for the heat but then began feeling sick of a watching her grandson graduate.
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>> i knew it would be hot and uncomfortable. we were sitting where there was no shade burks a breeze. i thought we will brink plenty of quarter we will be fine. >> we had the triage center ready and services ready, like water. >> the local fire chief said medical teams followed special disaster plans when they treated that large group of patients at both schools. heat ruined the day at a high school graduation in a sierra foothills. they had to cancel their ceremonies after several people came down with heat exhaustion minutes after the ceremonies began. 15 people went to the hospital, including two in critical condition. they have a synthetic turf football field and fire officials said that raised the temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. grads will be able to pick up their diplomas at the school tomorrow. you want to check out this
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site on treasure island where it was pitch-black overnight. a blown transformer fuse took out power to the entire island just before 9:00. no outages were reported on the neighboring island. crews from the san francisco public utility commission have been working overnight to try to get power restored. lisa, we are talking wind, and we are talking high temperatures. a dangerous combination. >> certainly 107 yesterday in livermore contrast to go 64 half moon bay. right now you can see the fog from our exploritorium camera. we have it in parts of the bay. numbers downtown, mid-50s. a much cooler day on the way, compliments of that stronger on shore push. i'll tell you how much cooler and we are going to talk about a seasonal -- what's that -- week ahead. that's coming up. >> after mr. obama's big meeting with china's new president, governor brown got his turn. why he was so excited about the
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introduction. >> and a toy gun
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>> president obama has wrapped up his summit with china's new president. cyber security was at the top of the agenda. >> as the leaders of the world's two biggest economic engines strolled among palm trees in the california desert, president obama had the difficult task of asking china not to hack american computers for corporate ideological property or defense secrets, at the same time critics say is spying on its own
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people. >> that's a complicated and important piece of business but it's different than these issues of theft and hacking. >> the white house will release a statement from the national intelligence to make it clear the administration is not hacking the servers of facebook and yahoo to read american e-mail. instead the government targets foreign intelligence information under court order. president obama says he's trying to strike the right balance. >> we are going to have to find ways to deal with this big data in ways that are consistent with our values. >> the chinese president stayed away from the issue publicly. he's seen by some as a new model of chinese leader, building popularity with his high profile singing wife. in their travels the chinese first couple caused a sensation at home when the president opened and carried an umbrella
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for his glamorous wife. the lead was forced to keep a low profile. because michelle obama stayed behind in washington, there were no opportunities for a public appearance. abc fuse. governor jerry brown also met with the chinese president. brown, who was in china less than two months ago, beliefs california has an important role to play in future trade agreements with beijing. >> definitely mentioned the fact that china has a huge capital to deploy around the world and california would be one of the spots. >> while in china the governor established the california-china office of trade and investment. he is trying to attract chinese investment in the golden state's public infrastructure, like high-speed rail. leaks of classified documents have revealed sweeping surveillance programs that allow the government to compile
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information on every phone call made in america. in this week's sunday exclusive, dianne feinstein, fair of the senate intelligence committee, answers questions about whether the government has gone too far and if such surveillance is necessary to protect and prevent terror attacks. you can watch it right here at 8:00. knew this morning berkeley residents can celebrate a car-free telegraph avenue today as the city kicks off a new street festival. starting today telegraph avenue will be closed to traffic from a certain area every sunday this summer. the sundays on telegraph street festival will feature outdoor restaurants, local musicians, and it will continue until september 22nd. the third sunday streets event of the season returns today in san francisco's bay view and dog patch neighborhood.
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this free event starts at 11:00 a.m. this morning. the route stretches between 3rd and king streets. today's sunday streets runs until 4:00. weather should be great for all those events around the bay. our meteorologist lisa argen with your accuweather forecast. >> yeah. we will have some breezy winds. not gusty like yesterday. things definitely settling down as a moderate on shore flow brings cooler air, all the with a into the east bay and the delta. we are talking about a pretty nice afternoon with temperatures in the 60s downtown. but we will hold on to some of the low clouds and fog throughout much of the morning and early afternoon hours. so here's a look at live doppler 7hd. all is clear. and from san francisco right now you can see a little bit of a breeze out there. temperatures are in the 50s. so a dramatic change for some of you, but we really cooled off
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yesterday afternoon throughout the north bay and the peninsula. 61 in san jose. 15 half moon bay with 57 in santa cruz. here's a lock at gate where we g to low clouds and fog to stay with us throughout much of the day, keeping temperatures downtown just around 60 degrees. an average high is about 66 for this time of year. 63 by the delta with some winds gusting to nearly 30 miles an hour. union city 58 and los gatos 60. we were at 90 yesterday in morgan hill. here's emeryville right now. forecast highlights calling for the low clouds and fog. much cooler with a thunderstorm chance for late this afternoon into about 11:00 tomorrow morning. it's the dry lightning we are concerned about. not any moisture associated these thunderstorms. we will look for temperatures to be very comfortable for the week ahead. we are looking at the low clouds
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and fog from concord and up the coast with 3-mile visibility. not bad, but certainly cooler this morning. we have an area of low pressure traveling up from the south. with that, that has highlighted the north in the diablo range and the east bay hills for the chance of dry thunderstorms later on this afternoon, into monday morning. be careful out there. the temperatures aren't high, it's the winds we are worried about and this area of low pressure that really isn't going to be bringing up any moisture. it will be aiding in our cooling, that stronger on shore push. then a system to the north of it will kick it an out and that will also allow for temperatures to remain seasonal throughout the week. livermore 82. 74 tomorrow. lock what happens throughout the week ahead. staying comfortable with low and mid-80s by the end of the work week. we will talk about the sunshine. san mateo 67, breezy, as well as san francisco with numbers in the low 60s.
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up in the north bay, holding on to the low clouds for a while then 72 petaluma. east bay cooler. 65 san leandro. here some 70s, 80s. 78 in san ramon. we are looking at cooler days today. tomorrow and into tuesday and slowly warming you up but nothing too extreme. looks like a nice week ahead. we will let you know about your community and you can keep track on twitter. >> i was in pleasant hill yesterday, then came back to san francisco. what a temperature spread. >> aah! >> that's one way of putting it. >> in a part of san francisco with apartments and condos springing up everywhere, neighbors say something is missing, parks. even though there is a nice new park on harrison street in racon hill. jonathan bloom explains why red tape is keeping neighbors from
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using it. >> in a park near san francisco's city hall the screams of delighted children fill the air as workers catch a few rays of air on their lunch break. but across town you will hear grinding and hammering as new high-rises spring up. the 6,000 families that already live here, you won't hear kids playing. there is a park but there is hardly anyone in it mostly because it's surrounded by an 8-foot fence. >> to make this a public park sooner rather than later. >> he started a petition that in one day already reached more than 100 signatures. he knew it was supposed to be public but negotiations between the developer and the city have been slow. in the meantime it remains private for residents only and it's the only green space around. >> there are no parks because it used to be railroad tracks and wear hows. we need a park. >> unlike most land deals, the sticking point isn't the price.
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when they built it, the owners agreed to bull the park and give it to the city for free. the trouble is the city says even at that price they can't take it. >> the the recreation and parks department is reluctant to take it because they don't have money in their budge tote maintain the park. >> they need about $24,000 a year to keep the park clean and safe. city wants it to be public and they are exploring other options like paying the owner to maintain it for letth public in. there are other spaces in the city that are privately owned but have a public he's men on them. >> there are questions like insurance, but a deal could happen in the next few months to bring the fence down. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. next, a big street closer around lake merit. around lake merit. why oakland is holding a specia♪
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with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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>> an elementary school sponsored a different kind of gun buyback program in hayward this weekend. youngsters filled a storage bin with a variety of toy guns. they each received a raffle ticket for a chance to went one of four bicycles. the presence pal of stow bridge elementary school came one the idea because he believes kids to play with toy guns might not take real ones seriously. a hayward police officer talked to kids about what they should do if they find a real gun on
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the street. >> oakland officials will throw a car free party this morning to celebrate improvements to lake merit. love our lake day is a free event that encourages residents to get out of their cars and explore the neighborhoods around the lake. three miles of streets around lake merit will be closed. there will be live music, salsa dancing, free beacon always and boat rides. the mayor jean quan is scheduled to attend. the nice weather makes this weekend a perfect time to enjoy a family-oriented fair in berkeley. the 43rd annual live oak park fair featured morning 100 booths of handmade arts and crafts. this time for the first time people can sample food made by local artisans as well as body products. there is face painting for the kids. the fair continues today from ten to six. coming up next, the power of a
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computer for about 50 bucks. how this small piece of technology is empowering people to create an amazing machine. >> a family in walnut creek left homeless this morning after a fire guts their home. a
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. we are starting out with a pretty strong on shore flow. marine layer over 2,000 feet deep. the clouds have made it all the way into concord this morning. clear in livermore still and drizzle in the north bay. still cloudy in the north bay.
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it's noontime, 1:00, and we still have the clouds along the coast, point reyes and even san francisco beginning to brighten up burke quickly the clouds move back by 4:00. limited sunshine and cooler temperatures today and a system traveling up from the south will bring the chance of an isolated dry thunderstorm later on today through monday morning for the higher evasions of the north and east bay. with this we could see gusty winds and the concern for igniting fires, of course. we will talk about the week ahead and the cool down today coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news out of walnut creek where an early morning fire has left a house in ruins. officials aren't sure how it started but arson investigators are on the scene. cornell joins us live from walnut creek with the latest. good morning, carnell. >> good morning to you. there is no indication that arson was at play here but the family living here got out safely, including their dog. they just spoke with me.
5:31 am
but it's very clear there is very little of this house left. how it started does remain a mystery. firefighters arrived here just after 1:00 a.m. and found smoke pouring from the home at raymond court from the windows and roof. firefighters say the residents escaped safely. this is a hillside neighborhood with many homes clustered together. the challenge for firefighters was to prevent the fire from jumping to other homes. >> we had a lot of fire when we got here. the guys did a great job knocking it down. we didn't have any extension to other houses. but they did a great job on the fire. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters tell me the family recently moved into the house after having some construction done on the home. the fire chief says the home appears to be a total loss. we are live in walnut creek this morning, cornell bernard, abc7
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news. >> thank you, cornell. according to police the man who went on a deadly rampage in southern california was a 23-year-old armed for battle. they identified the man. they said he carried 1300 rounds of ammunition and several weapons when he was killed at santa monica college. the neighborhood say he lived with his mother. >> the son, the younger one, is very, very strange. howling, screaming, yelling at her. he's just not right. my heart goes out to her. she's out of town on vacation. she will come back and wonder why her house is empty. >> he killed four people and injured four others. the bodies of his father and older brother were found in a house near the college. a man who faces charges in connection with a building collapse turned himself into the
5:33 am
police. 42-year-old john bishop was high on marijuana and had pain medication in his body at the time of the collapse. this is video of him turning himself in yesterday, hiding his face behind the red jackets. authorities believe he was using an excavate tore wednesday when the remains of a building he was working on fell on a thrift shop. six people were killed, 13 injured. a family on the peninsula needs your help this morning to find an 89-year-old woman who simply vanished after arriving from mexico. the woman suffers from dementia and he's also hard of hearing. airport workers said she last saw her in the customs area inside sfo's international terminal on friday morning. she disappeared by the time her family came to take her home to redwood city. if you have seen lopez ramos, you are asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. hundreds of law enforcement
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officers are set to take part in a bickered to support the special olympics. it's the fourth annual bike to bridges event. it features three route options, 25 miles, 65 miles or 100 miles. the ride kicks off ated:00 at the martinez waterfront parks. tomorrow google executives will appear in court to defend the privacy of their street view feature. google launched street view back in 2007 to capture street level images from various cities all over the world. privacy advocate said galler used their program to intercept private wireless communications of home networks. they have uploaded private data, including e-mails and passwords,
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but claim it's not illegal. imagine a computer that fits in your hands and costs less than 50 bucks. there is one and it is taking the world by storm. business and technology computer david louie checked out the growing interest. >> do-it-yourselfers from around the world flooded the makers fair in san mateo. the gadgets got plenty of people gawking. it was a tiny little computer that had everyone talking. >> billions of these parts out there right now. it's in everyone everything. >> it's a single board microcontroller, designed to make it easier to incorporate electronics into -- >> this is a helicopter. >> anything. >> cool stuff you can unable because we have three computers on the bike. >> san francisco's based electric bicycles built them into their bikes. >> so much going on. a light center that looks how bright it is, turned the lights
5:36 am
on automatically. we will have blew tooth so it will talk to your phone, you can track where your bike is, you can adjust the pedal assist. >> it's usually about after credit card but it can be scaled down to as small as a quarter. a simple straightforward computer circuit board that contains just the basics needed for programming. just a few years ago you would have to make one of these from scratch. >> it would take a hobbyist a week to accomplish what you can accomplish with this in 15 minutes. you plug things together and it starts working. >> it first showed up in an an italian design school. here is one of the designers. >> i see the amazing stuff people are doing, and i'm still finding moments where i go, wow. >> he shared it with the world, allowing anyone to buy it and use it any which they want. >> we agreed to take people who have no experience with
5:37 am
electronics and software and make them able to create this kind of intelligent interactive objects. >> it's now a key part of the maker movement. a growing trend of people building things. it costs less than $50. it is not the most advanced board available, and that's by design. the goal is to keep the design simple in order to give people a chance to learn and then build on the technology themselves. >> if you make it easy for people to use, they can create amazing stuff. it's more important to take care of the experience that people have when they learn, when they use, than to give them more power. >> david louie, abc7 news. tomorrow we will get a glimpse of what's next for apple, as it takes to the stage for it's an you'll worldwide developer's conference. there is plenty of secondlation about what apple may have up its sleep. it's likely the company will preview the next versions of its operating systems for the i-phone, ipad and mac. about 5,000 developers are
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expected to take part in a five day conference. it kicks off tomorrow morning at 10:00 at mosconi center in san francisco. >> still ahead, surrounded by crime, what community is to go to keep the violence in oakland from spilling over the border they share. and here is a live look from our roof cam. quite a spread of temperatures around the bay area yesterday. were you hot, were you cool? what's on tap today? lisa argen with your accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. >> abc7 news wants to make your commute a little more barrable this summer. we are giving away shell gift cards to seven lucky winners over seven days and each winner gets $700 of free gas. it's a big thank you to all of our facebook fans. like abc7 news on facebook for your chance to win. $700 in free gas could be yours. if you are already a fan you still need to enter to win on
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our facebook page. starting thursday we will announce one winner a day during the mor
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>> where he will come back, everybody. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog there but it will lift as we enter zoo the june weather. lows arrange will be along to talk about that and give you a full accuweather forecast coming up. the upscale town. piedmont is investing some big bucks on a new surveillance program designed to protect people who live there from a
5:42 am
growing crime threat. piedmont is surrounded by oakland wishes is experiencing an increase in violent crimes, as well as break-ins. as nick smyth tells us, people in piedmont wants to know exactly who is driving in and out of their city. >> i was ambivalent at first. >> but not anymore. in the 13 1/2 years scott has lived in piedmont, he has seen the community rise. >> a rising crime rate, especially burglaries, a few home invasions and general awareness of rising crime rates all around. >>, he says, most of it seems to target certain areas. >> if you happen to live on the periphery almost anywhere in piedmont, you are a pretty good target. that's been the experience. >> but now there will be more eyes watching from above. on monday the city council approved a plan to purchase and install cameras like the ones used on some of their patrol
5:43 am
cars that will capture the license plate attached to any vehicle moving in and out of piedmont. >> it will help us out better. >> there will be more than a dozen locations using multiple lens focused on major streets. the cost to taxpayers, just shy of $700,000. >> it's a tool that specifically addresses what we need to address here, which is property crimes, which is the number one issue we have in piedmont, is burglaries. >> it's only one of a three prong approach that includes community watch and partnering with other agencies. but some fear too much technology released walks into areas of privacy returns. it's public property and we should be able to move in and out without being monitored all the time. >> the technology isn't new. other cities have used license plate readers before. officials in piedmont tells us the official information will only be viewed by law enforcement personnel and it will be destroyed unless it's part of an initial investigation. they have not said when the
5:44 am
cameras will go up, but they tell me it will be soon. abc7 news. what a swing in temperatures we had this weekend so far. >> yeah. we've had about a 45-degree spread yesterday from the coast to the inland valleys. today maybe about 20 degrees. that gives you an indication who is in charge. eats this, the low clouds and fog, the marine layer, the on shore push. we have a weak weather system that will keep things interesting, maybe a clap of thunder. we will talk about that coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the giants and a two-game slide as they have an offensive explosion in arizona. with just about everyone getting into the act. mike shumann has the details
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:46 on this sunday morning. this is a also bit of santa
5:47 am
cruz, showing you the beach. the mid-70s today. not exactly a big beach day but it's better than nothing. >> the clouds will hang awfully close to the coast. it will be cooler along the coast. in san francisco just the low 60s. average highs should be in the mid-60s this time of year. so we are trending cooler the next couple days. live doppler 7hd. not only with the low clouds and fog this morning, we are talking about mist and drizzle in the north bay. definitely a change as you head out this morning. so this morning in the city we are gathering the low clouds and fog. not totally cloudy yet but the numbers are cool in the 50s. we will call it partly cloudy this afternoon for parts of the peninsula and north bay. the on shore winds really making themselves felt throughout much of the bay area. and even a portion of the sacramento valley where numbers were common. about 106, 107. plenty of records there.
5:48 am
also coming down. 55 half moon bay. san jose 61. 57 in oakland, as well as santa cruz. of course, the foggy golden gate right now. this will stay pretty cloudy throughout the day. so the clouds are going to clear the san mateo coast. then not really make it too far offshore here. a cool afternoon for the next day to several days before we begin our moderation in temperatures. 60 los gatos, 58 napa. some of the win are pickping and here's a look at emeryville. the low clouds here and a little breeze. the fog this morning with the marine layer about 2,000 feet deep. we have a slight chance of a thunderstorm later on today through tomorrow morning. then temperatures will come up just a little bit throughout the mid-to the end of the week. that should keep it pretty nice around here. but as we head on out this morning, numbers are a little milder to the north. but we are talking about cooler. 2 do 6 degrees cooler across the east and south bay. the reason being that on shore
5:49 am
flow, the gusty winds yesterday and this morning, it is cloudy in concord and will allow for much breezier conditions. we have an area of low pressure. it's spinning off the southern california coast. with that, as it travels up to the north, that's going to bring some extra cloud cover and the chance of showers. still quite warm throughout fresno, but look at this cool down sacramento 86 degrees. mid-90s chico. that's an improvement, 10 degrees cooler. we are looking at mid-80s and the possibility of thunderstorms in the northern sierra through the southern sierra and the possibility of the lightning with perhaps maybe some fires ignited. the relative humidity is up, but we are looking at the instability and unfortunately the red flag or high fire danger right on through tomorrow. 75 in los angeles today with breezy winds from san francisco up through the north bay and the peninsula. just 59 half moon bay. across the bay 66 in oakland with 74 in san jose.
5:50 am
look at those low 80s for concord and livermore. yesterday it was 94 in concord and 107 in livermore. big improvements. in fact, it will be breezy throughout the delta. numbers continue to trend back tomorrow, into tuesday. it really won't be until thursday when we warm up from the coast around the bay. but at least we are getting more comfortable for our friends in the east bay. it was something else yesterday. >> what were you saying about the thunderclap? >> the possibility in the high elevations of dry lightning and a possibility of fires, perhaps in the east bay. >> i know you will keep an eye on that. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this morning the a's will close out their seven-game road trip in chicago against the white house, trying to return home in first place. yesterday oakland was going for the team's fourth straight victory. here's mike shumann with the highlights and this morning's sports. >> good morning. the a's have been red hot,
5:51 am
winning 18 of their last 21. took over first place from the rangers and won three state. but the white sox took them to the cleaners yesterday in chicago.the south side. rocked by adam dunn in the second. 435 feet of home run to center. the game tied at one. that was malone's only mistake. pitched seven strong innings, struck out seven. got help from coco on defense. a great catch there. sean doolittle little takes the loss. gave up three runs in the eighth, including this two-run bomb in konerko. the a's end the three-game win streak. >> now hunter pence stealing third. the throw gets away. pence will score, giants went up 1-0 and never looked back. six runs in the fourth, all off cahill. the ground-rule double and crawford scores.
5:52 am
2-0. then the bomb. 8-0 giants and they will hold on for the 10-5 victory. the marlins in the big apple, the game decided in the 20th inning. top half of the 20th. base hit. see blanco scores the game-winning run. longest game in morning three years. marlins win it, 2-1. blackhawks and kings. chicago win gets them a trip to the stanley cup finals. they were 14 seconds away. the tip by mike richards with 10 seconds remaining. tied and go to overtime. second ott. the hawks captain toews finds cain. chicago eliminate the defending stanley cup champs going on to face boston in the stanley cup fines. no triple crown winner horseracing this year. last time it happened was 1978. belmont held yesterday in
5:53 am
belmont. here's the call. palace malice comes inside the final. in the clear. orb. it is going to be palace malice! >> palace malice 50-1 odds wins the belmont stakes. oxbow second and orb was third. tune in for yesterday's u.s. open. here the par 3, 11. gets 7. 8 birdies on the day. a great tip on 15 to save par. finishes with 4-under 66. leaves with 1 streak 12-under going into today's final round. game two of the nba finals. spurs and heat here on abc7. that's tonight. and stay tuned for after the game. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> one more note about the spurs-heat game. it will change our newscast a
5:54 am
little bit. we will have a half-hour edition of abc7 news at 4:00 p.m. followed by a. about c7's coverage of game two of the finals and then, as mike said, it is "after the game." up next, another chance for fans to take a picture with the giants world series trophy. what is different about
5:55 am
5:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $60 million power ball draw. 2, 11, 22, 26, 32. the power ball number 19. no one got all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $70 million. yes, we have the winning numbers from last night's $16 million super lotto plus, 10, 23, 30, 38, 43. the meganumber 8. no one got all six of those numbers either. wednesday's jackpot grows to
5:57 am
$17 million. knew this morning, today giants fans will get the chance to pose with the team's 201 world series trophy. trophy will be at the golden gate bridge's round house from 9:45 this morning until 1:15 this afternoon. fans can swing by and take a photo with the trophy for 20 bucks. what is new, a green screen will allow the bridge to be superimposed into the photo with the trophy. funds benefit the national parks conservancy. also, giants fans, this is the last day to enter the ring raffle. fans can enter to win a personalized world series world series ring designed by tiffany and company. the minimum cost to enter is one dollar. $10.00 to enter. coming up, a fire keeps
5:58 am
firefighters scrambling in the east bay. and two bay area shootings involving police officers. the circumstances that led up to the gunfire.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 9th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. strong on shore winds yesterday ushered in apparat good marine layer and it's with us throughout most baste area this morning. that brings a significant cool down all across the bay. 60 san jose with the clouds in concord right now. but also aiding in the cool down will be some extra cloud cover. not any moisture, but we are talking about a fire weather watch with the possibility of


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