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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thank for joining you on this father's day, june 16th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> the marine layer is compressed this morning but we do have fog. here's the golden gate bridge camera. san francisco and oakland with low 50s downtown. 47 santa rosa, 53 livermore and 54 union city. for now we are looking at the fog oakland, san francisco, and it remains offshore. but the on-shore winds will win to bring breezy conditions, cooler temperatures. for father's day you can count on some sunshine burke the fog will remain right at the coast.
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in fact filling in a little bit. we will pinpoint the temperatures for you coming up. carolyn. >> thank you. you can expect lots of road closers today for the 36th running of the san francisco marathon. it will be the first time the start and finish lines will be a secured area. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> as crews put together the last details, there are noticeable differences runners and their families should know. >> the start and finish line this year is completely enclosed by police barricades. >> a three block area will be cord donned off and there will only be three access points to the area on mission, howard, and fullsome streets. >> at those points there will be bomb sniffing dogs and bags will be checked by list. >> there are new rules.
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most backpacks are no longer allowed. only a small backpack with a 2-leiter drinking bottle. >> this is in response to the bombing attack in april in boston. at the race registration, runs of people have signed an sf for boston banner including this runner. >> honestly, it kind of scares me, my second one after boston, but you just have to go out there and do it. >> some people in the san francisco marathon were also on the course in boston. one runner hopes her time in this race can lead to a happier finish in boston next year. >> it wasn't a happy finish after the bombing. it was a very difficult situation, so i'm looking forward to finishing strong at this race, qualifying for boston so i can go back next year and actually celebrate at the finish. >> abc7 news. we will have a live report
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coming up at 5:30. this full marathon starts at the embarcadero near mission and crosses much of the city. we have this map, along with the road closers, on our website for help navigating around all the roadblocks, get waze on your smartphone. you can download it from apple's app store or google play. today we could learn the names of two men killed in an early morning crash in emeryville. it happened on powell street around 12:30 a.m. saturday. investigators are trying to determine what caused the car to crash into a tree. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. his passenger was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries. no other cars appear to have been involved. still no identity this morning on the suspected robber killed friday night in castro county by antonio alfonseco immediate da county sheriff.
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according to authorities the man robbed boulevard burger. two 19-year-old employees stepped this to try to stop him. >> it's not recommended to attack a person with a firearm. fortunately it worked out in this particular case. >> you worry about, you know, like young people taking a job and some of the dangers and risks that come along with it. gosh, you just hope and pray that type of thing doesn't happen, especially in a town like castro valley. >> a deputy conducting a traffic stop nearby was alerted. he shot and killed the suspect, firing in narrow space between the robber and the employees. the restaurant is closed until tomorrow. one suspect is in custody, the search is on for two more after an explosive was thrown as a san francisco building. it happened about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say three men threw what looked like dynamite at a restaurant window. >> heard a really loud boom, and then out from -- coming out of
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there i see three kind of punk looking kids kind of running away and a guy chasing after them. >> i took off after them and they stopped right around the corner over there so i got out my cell phone and took a picture of them. as soon as i took a picture of them, they took off running. >> a window was shattered, a planter box damaged. police arrested one suspect thanks to that witness's picture. an 81-year-old san rafael man has miner -- minor burns after trying to save his home with a garden hose. a person hold explosion and grabbed a garden hose to put out a fire outside his garage yesterday. can see from all that smoke there that the garage and property inside were destroyed. fire crews manage to keep the flames from spreading. they came in from several cities. total loss estimated at a quarter million dollars. in colorado hundreds of
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residents evacuated from the black forest fire are back home this morning. the evacuation orders were lifted because of major gains fighting the flames. the burned area remains at 25 square miles. officials say so far 500 homes have been destroyed. the origin of the fire is under investigation. california lawmakers have finalized the state budget. it is a major shift from the bitter battles that usually playing the process. abc7 news reporter explains the budget and the bills of that passed. >> lawmakers wrapped up their work on the state's $96.3 billion spending plan. it calls for healthcare expansion, which means more than a million more californians could be afford by med i cal. a pass passed that would provide tuition assistance at public
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university to students who families earn up to $150,000 a year. those students would have to maintain a 2.0 grade point average. finally the legislature passed a bill that would distribute $2.5 billion over five years for energy efficiency projects at schools and community colleges. governor jerry brown took to twitter this afternoon to issue this statement about the budget. "after two and a half years of struggle and difficult times, california's budget is balanced and sustainable into the future. ." the governor has two weeks to veto items he disagreed with or sign the spending plan into law. abc7 news. >> pun lawmakers was especially happy the budget passed quickly. assemblyman hernandez rushed out to get married. he had to leave before they adjourned to mick his flight late in the afternoon. he said the matter of the budget
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never came up when his fiancee set the date. tomorrow the santa clara board of supervisors will review its proposed budget recommendations to address a $67 million shortfall. officials are looking at $29 million in savings from county departments. $20 million from a sales tax measure approved by voters in november and more than $21 million in labor concessions. the budget deadline is friday. opening statements will begin tomorrow in marin county in the trial of an alleged bay area serial killer. the 29-year-old joseph is charged with killing four women between 1977 and 1994. he is representing himself. he's expected to give an opening statement to the jurrjens tomorrow afternoon. the trial is expected to last until mid-november. he faces the death penalty if
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convicted of committing multiple murders. it is father's day on this sunday, and lisa argen is here with your father's day forecast. >> the marine layer is compressed this morning so it looks like from the roof camera. temperatures in the low 50s. but the clouds are there and the onshore flow increases today, keeping it cool, probably around 60 today downtown. but we aren't going to get a i way with a warm afternoon. i'll explain coming up. >> thank you, ms. argen. also next vice president joe biden surprise stop in the south bay before wrapping up his trip to the bay area. and a disaster avoided. how a dog saved two people as
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>> welcome back, it's 5:12 on this sunday morning. sit back, have another cup of coffee and relax. this is a live look from our mt. tam cam. continued cool across the bay area today. how long will that trend last? well, lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. new this morning, there are no early reports ever damage following an earthquake that struck south of mexico's capital this morning. that quake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8 struck just after midnight, shaking buildings in mexico city. power outages have been reported in parts of the city. seismologists say the quake was centered about 76 miles from the
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capital. vice president joe biden is back in washington this morning after a whirlwind weekend in the bay area that included party fundraising and stumping for a south bay congressman. he also got to watch his grandniece receive her master's degree yesterday during ceremonies at stanford university. earlier in the day he surprised patrons and staffers at hobey's restaurant near highway 101 and moffett field. that unannounced visit was to support democratic support for a congressman who faces re-election battle. people were thrilled to see him walk in, shake hands and pose for pictures. >> my daughter said to him that her uncle calls him joey b, which he thought was funny. it's amazing to meet him in person. >> biden's bay area visit was primarily to attend friday's
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democratic fundraiser in san francisco. another public servant was yesterday's commencement speaker at santa clara university. leon panetta, former secretary of defense. he also received an honorary doctorate. he's one of their most famous graduates. there's another reason he will never forget santa clara, it is where he met his wife. as the senate continues debate on comprehensive immigration reform, will police cal opposition stall any action? in this week's sunday exclusive, senator marco rubio discusses whether they can reach a compromise deal. you can watch "this week" right here at abc7 at 8:00. abc7 news has learned a former chief of the san francisco police department has accepted a federal position at sfo. fred lowe left the police force
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back in 2002. since then he served as head of the transportation security administration at oakland international airport. next month lowe will bring that experience to the same position at san francisco international airport. new this morning a solar powered plane trying to fly across the u.s. has landed near the nation's capital. it touched down at dulles international airport after midnight after a 14 hour flight from cincinnati. it's capable of being airborne day and night without fuel to any across the u.s. it took off from mountain field on may 3rd on the first leg of it's historic journey. it will complete its final leg next month. man's best friend cam through once again. when a guide dog in training proved he's more than ready. it happened last week in san rafael from a yellow lab helped
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prevent a tragedy. wane freedman has the incredible story. >> go forward. >> in san rafael everyone knows this site, trainers for guide dogs to the blind, walking and teaching, in this case a young day named o'neil. >> we were working on just having a straight line all the way to the curb. >> usually it's routine, but last monday at the corner and 4th and eve streets in ran rafael it nearly became a deathly disaster. >> i'm thinking what is that sound? >> it shot out like a rocket. >> richard owns the building on the corner which has surveillance cameras and here is what they captured. that's daniel, todd and o'neil barely escaping an out of control car that barreled down the sidewalk at high-speed in reverse. if not for the dog that alerted todd that then pushed the blindfolded daniel, this would have been a tragic story rather than an almost-tragic one.
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>> the dog looked before i did. i don't know what the dog would have done if i didn't grab daniel so that's something you never know. >> the driver was a 93-year-old woman in the car with her husband. it remains unclear how she lost control. the car broke a window, squeezed all the way to the street. >> didn't seem like a risky job when you took it, did it. >> no, hardly. >> the organization breeze puppies and trains them and gives 300 dogs a year to needy blind people across the country. >> i had just done that exact same route two other times with o'neil. >> there's a subtle twist what happened in the twist because it's only a ten week training program. after that the dog goes off into the real world. for daniel and o'neil, the incident happened in week 8, which means after all they went through, in two weeks they must say good-bye. >> even from day one he was special.
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>> good boy. >> and now not just a guide dog, but a life-saving one, too. in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne was one of two abc7 news greats honored last night at the northern california emmys. don sanchez received the board of governor's award, which is the highest honor given to tv news journalists. freedman was recognized with the governor's citation award, which acknowledges a career of excellence. they both accepted at the annual ceremony in san francisco. treed (sic) man obviously remains a busy abc7 news reporter. don sanchez retired in december of a more than 40 years with abc7 news. congratulations to those guys. lisa argen is here now talking about father's day weather and beyond. >> yes. the beyond is the warmer part. but between now and the middle of the week it is going to remain cool around here. live doppler 7hd. the sun coming up at 5:47.
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we are looking at some 1114 hours 46 minutes of daylight. setting 8:34. here's live doppler 7hd. it is quiet right now. we aren't picking up anything. low clouds and fog have been compressed. here's a look at the roof camera. right now partly cloudy san francisco and oakland, 52 downtown. 55 across the bay. mid-50s in mountain view, as well as santa cruz. we do have sunshine on the way. the low clouds and fog aren't going to go far. in fact they are going to redevelop throughout the coast later on in the day today. right now it is look pretty good from the golden gate bridge. 47 degrees. 45 napa. the clear sky and compressed marine layer keeping it cool around the bay, los gatos 49 and 55 by the delta with a win gust of nearly 30 miles an hour. so some cooler air certainly being transported into the sacramento valley. here's a look from the south beach camera. the bay bridge looking pretty nice. we call it partly cloudy this
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morning. cooler and breezy today. we are already cooled down as much as 10 to 15 degrees from yesterday. warming conditions by the end of the week. it will take several days for us to get back to some summertime like readings and that should be apropos because summer begins thursday night. upper 50s with the on shore push. temperatures in the 60 san francisco, even across the bay in oakland it will be cool with numbers in the 70s in the south bay. you have to go pretty far out to get those 80s. so here is the trough. it is going to be hung up along the california-oregon border the next couple days. as it sits there we will see the on shore flow pretty moderate, anywhere from 20 to 25 miles an hour winds along the coast. san francisco will remain breezy. then it lifts on out. here's a look at san jose for the week ahead. 70s tomorrow. look for the temperatures to drop into tuesday through bottom out here and look at the slow recovery. mid-70s by thursday.
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it's not until the end of the work week into the weekend when we are back up into the 80s. about 80 should be normal for this time of year. 73 in santa clara with 74 in milpitas today. and on the coast we will have the fog. cool, breezy, upper 50s. 62 milbrae. san francisco 62 today. so a lot like yesterday with that fog lingering along the western side of the city. 75 in sonoma. 74 in petaluma. near east bay look at the 60s from berkeley to newark. you have to head down toward fremont, castro valley to approach 70 degrees. 79 concord with just a few 80s. the breezy winds out toward the delta. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. 70s and 80s around the bay, even cooler monday and tuesday and a slow recovery after midweek. you will notice that as we get into next weekend, and it's summertime, the temperatures will feel like it. so we will let you know how warm it will be in your community. you can keep track of bay area
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weather on twitter at live doppler weather hd. >> so summer officially begins on thursday? >> thursday night. >> thank you, lisa. up next, google's wild new experience to bring the internet to the world. the results of preliminary testing. >> an abc7 traffic reporter lela. we've already picked two big winners ever at abc7 gas shell give away. we have five more to go. if you haven't entered yet you still have a chance to win $700 in free gas cards from shell. all you have to do is click the like button on your facebook page, then fill out the entry form. if you are already a fan you still need to fill out that form. we will announce a new winner every day all week starting monday on the
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>> google is trying to make the internet available to everyone, no matter where they live. a preliminary test for their project were successful. company released a 4-9d foot helium filled balloon in new zealand. the idea is the balloon will beam the internet down-to-earth. >> someone would need a small antenna about the sides of a softball on the side of their house and they plug their compute entire that antenna and they get internet from the sky. >> the test volunteer received the internet for about 15 minutes before the balloon floated out of range. two-thirds of the world's
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population, about 4.8 billion people, still don't have the internet. a tiny electric car is hitting road in japan after nearly two years of testing. transportation officials there have given the green light for a new ultracompact vehicle. look how tiny that is. it's a two-seater. it can go 62 miles on a single charge and get up to a speed of 37 miles an hour. right now it's only in limited use. a popular clothing company that nearly went under because of see-through yoga pants is trying to make a comeback. lulu lemon is advertising tongue and cheek for a new ceo. some of the requirements, be able to stand on your head for ten minutes and do wheat grass shots on friday. as for the problem pants, the company is now stocking shelves with a reengineered version. a washington teenager got the surprise of her life. >> oh, my god, my god, oh, my
5:27 am
god, my god, my god! a bear, a bear! >> yes, danielle matthews initially thought she was watching a large dog, but she soon realized it was a bear, it was a bear. she jumped in her car and followed the animal until it reached a neighbor's fence and climbed over. danielle and her mom called animal control, but that bear got away before they could arrive. coming up, young creative minds. the stanford program that's giving teenagers the tools to become inventors. >> good morning, carolyn. we are only a few minutes away from the start of the 36th annual san francisco marathon. i'm live at justin herman p
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>> welcome back, everybody. happy father's day. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. right now from the roof camera, partly cloudy skies. but fog will be developing and the low clouds will be setting up along the short line, keeping it cool again for your father's day. 52. so a nice start in san francisco for the runners around the bay. 53 in san jose. 55 in mountain view, as well as santa cruz. we are looking at the fog outside right now and just gathering around the bay. but with pretty good onshore winds we will look for the breezy -- the cool conditions to remain today. numbers in san francisco topping out in the lower 60s. not much warmer across the bay in oakland were we will talk about the cool down for the rest of the bay and when we are going to warm up. that's all in a few minutes. carolyn. >> good deal, lisa. thank you. happening now, the 36th annual san francisco marathon hits the streets of san francisco. the race kicks off with added security in place following the attacks in boston. abc7 news reporter nick smith joins us live near the starting
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line with more on the marathon. nick, they should be off and running. >> they should be by now, carolyn. you know, we are a couple blocks away just because of security measures. you mentioned that are in place this time around for the san francisco marathon. this, of course, is the first marathon we've had since the boston bombings. you know extra precautions were put in place the runners were asked to get here 30 to 35 minutes earlier and they also did things they haven't done before in the interest of bags and security. runners also had to check any bags or backpacks bigger than a piece of binder paper. now officials tell abc7 news that about 5,000 fewer participants registered for this year's race. the roster list this year is closer to 20,000. and they have had more than that in the past. now back here live i can tell you that we still have a few strayinglers who are making their way to the starting points. coming up at six, what i hope to
5:32 am
do, carolyn, is to speak to a couple of those participating in the 36th annual san francisco marathon and talk to them about these added security measures and how it may or may not affect their race or those that they knew who may have chose tony not participate this year. again, the weather, lisa mentioned that, it seems to be perfect running weather. but again, i can tell you that things are fairly quiet right now and people seem to be in very good spirits and excited about the race. at justin herman plaza, nick smith, abc7 news. >> 20,000 is still quite a crowd. thank you, nick. a group in the east bay has raised money to help sexually exploited children recover from that trauma. the organization "missy" hosted their second annual inspire change gala at the rotunda building in oakland. it featured a guest speaker, silent auction and plus dinner and dancing. american manufacturing is
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taking center stage at the san mateo county fair. the exhibit is open. it shows you have items made in america, specifically right here in the bay area. includes toys, gadgets, lots of food. congresswoman jackie speer toured the exhibit yesterday with house democratic whip. spears said congress needs to do more to row meet american-made goods. >> manufacturing has always been the keystone of our economic growth. we can do a whole lot better if we just create opportunities for companies to be successful here. >> and the exhibit will be open again today from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today is the last day of the fair. new york city mayor michel bloomberg will be the commencement speaker at the at graduation ceremonies at stanford. he said their ideas fall if line in the university's
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entrepreneurial spirit. last week he met with ed lee. the two have plans to co-host a technology summit this year in new york. >> some of our best creativity happens when we are young and a group at stanford thinks we need to do something about that. they want to give ten agers the tools they need to become inventors. johnathan bloom spent some time with some bright young minds and the professor that hopes to inspire them. >> hello, hello. you're not working anymore. >> it's no laughing matter. trial and error is a great way to learn. >> thank you very much. >> that's why these highschoolers are learning not in a classroom but in a state of the art product design lab at stanford with things like 3d printers and laser cutters. >> they actually have to mesh and you are get the measurements right. a lot of them tell us this is the first time that math was useful. >> that's the professor, head of an eight week program stanford
5:35 am
calls makeners residents. it teach science and math by teaching teenagers to invent things and build them. from a shirt that lights your way home to a pillow that gets to you class on time. >> these will vibrate your head when you are asleep and wake you up. >> the teens are learning to solve problems and learning about themselves. >> i didn't think that i could program, but i was able to program the system. >> the program is meant to empower kids but also has another goal, to empower schools and teachers by offering them a completely new way to teach math and science and proving that it works. >> unfortunately our public schools are more and more doing testing and kind of rogue learning and all kinds of things like that that help prepare kids for the jobs of the 19th century. >> but in the 21st century he arguings this style of learning should be anywhere and stanford is setting out to make it happening, building tab -- fab labs like this one. he likes what he sees. >> it is surprising to me and
5:36 am
it's inspiring. >> even more inspiring is hearing the teenagers sum up their 8 weeks here. >> you get to try new things and use technology in a way that allows you to help other people and i think that's a pretty powerful message, especially for girls. >> at stanford, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. we have an exciting knew and improved abc7 news app to tell you about. it's for your i-phone or android, and it's free. you can use it to watch some of our abc7 newscasts live on your smartphone or tablet. here's abc7 news anchor amma dates. >> do you have the new and improved abc7 news mobile phone app that can keep you updated with the latest news, weather and traffic. all this the palm of your hand. >> watch ab. 7 news and breaking news on your phone, check out what's happening in your neighborhood, the state, the country and around the globe. >> share those stories on face pack and twitter. the new abc7 news app makes it
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easy. >> showing quiet conditions here but in the sierra -- >> rain, wind, fog, we have it all in the bay area. and the new abc7 news app provides you with the weather reports you depend on, including your accuweather seven day forecast. will the weather delay your commute? the abc7 news app has that covered too. check out traffic before you hit the road where the up to the minute realtime traffic map. >> in order to enjoy all the abc7 news has to offer, you have to download the new abc7 news app for your i-phone or android device, even if you have the old app. it is free. you can get it now by going to our website, on air, online and on your mobile device we have your world covered. abc7 news. up next, blowing in the wind. the never-ending battle between nature and the city of san francisco. how much the city spends to try to keep all that sand off the great highway. and here's a live look from
5:38 am
the golden gate bridge. it's going to be breezy and cool throughout the bay area today. still it is beautiful in this piece of paradise, as i like to call it. call it. our meteorol♪
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with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:40 on this sunday morning. you are taking a live look from our roof cam, showing some of the runners there. you can see them down below. they are running in the 36th annual san francisco marathon. the race kicked off about ten minutes ago. about 20,000 runners participating this year. a little added security in light of what happened in boston.
5:41 am
but they are off and running. san francisco's great highway is closed in both directions from slope boulevard to lincoln way until sometime later this week. the reason is a move made by the city every year that's ultimately futile, but still very necessary. >> you are watching a fight between man and nature. bulldozers moving the sand at ocean beach toward the shore to keep it from blowing on to the great highway. eventually gusty winds always show who is boss. neighborhood's old-timers will tell you that. >> it's a losing battle, of course, as we all know. but they keep trying. it puts people to work, right? this is how it looks during the spring months with the wind in a frenzy. the great highway was built on top of sand dunes back in 1929. so what happens is not a surprise. these homeowners across the street from the gate highway deal with the sand, but for
5:42 am
their predecessors, this was real beachfront property. take a look at the sand dunes in the 1940s. back then people complained as they do now and the city responded. these days it's not cheap. just under $300,000 a year for a futile effort the department of public works compares to greek mythology. >> are you familiar with he pushes the boulder to the top and falls down and rolls down and starts over again. that's what this is like. >> long-term solutions could include fencing, more plants to try to trap the sand everybody even giving in and letting nature reclaim part of the great highway. for now this yearly temporary solution is all they have got. >> paving work against tomorrow for the southbound lanes of the great highway from lincoln to
5:43 am
slote. it's part of a $7 million improvement project. it's expected to last five days. northbound lanes will be repaved next week. beware. again, a lot of the wind playing a part. >> not just there, but throughout the bay area. lisa argen is here now. >> well, our marine layer is really beginning to develop and push inland right now. we had a clear start. here's a look from the sutro camera right now. perhaps the winds picking up in your neighborhood. we will talk about that onshore flow and how strong it is going to be to start the week. then it slacks off and we get a warming trend. i'll have a look at your seven-day outlook and your father's day forecast next. >> also next a local college star is grabbing some attention at the u.s. open. but he and the rest of the field are trying to catch phil mickelson. third round
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>> welcome back. it's 5:45. happy father's day. perhaps you are getting breakfast in bed. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. it's looking toward the incline. it's cloudy, as you can see right now. the high today in the low to mid-60s. lisa argen will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. let's check out sports. phil mickelson tees off at 12:20 this afternoon with the one-shot lead, trying to win his first us open. he's been runner-up a record five times in his career at the open. besides it being father's day, today is also his 43rd birthday. but a local player is also making headlines at the marion golf club. here is colin with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. kim won the nicholas award and has skin's award as the best college golfer this year. the 20-year-old in contention at the u.s. open. the cal coach recently told me,
5:47 am
he does everything well. case in point, saturday's third round almost pulls the chip on the par-5 second. he would save par. 2011 masters champion charles on 7. third birdie in five-hole stretch moves him into the red. continued finished at even par. back to kim. 4th birdie in the six-hole stretch to get within two of the lead. but he faltered lace. the beg guillen on 18 he's plus 4 five shots off the lead. tiger woods a nonfactor. 7 bogeys. ten shots back of that guy, phil mickelson. he gets to 2-under and settled for even par 70. mickelson a one-shot lead as he attempts to go wire to wire on sunday. kim, he's within striking distance. >> have to look at the leaderboard not because i wanted to know how i was doing in the tournament, but, you know, it's so cool to see my name next to those names, mickelson, donald,
5:48 am
and it was just an incredible feeling. >> let's hope he can keep it going today. >> except for one pitch to other 41-year-old journeyman catcher playing his first game for his new team, ag griffin pitched really, really well yesterday. a's and mariners at the coliseum. the dreads in effect. hernandez, dread bid opposing batters. brandon moss caught looking in the second. cespedes trailing in the fourth. felix struck out 8. defense coming through in the fifth. one out, runner on. the catch, the toss, and jed lowrie, you are out of there. zero necessary the sixth. the afore mentioned henry blanco debuts at the end. they used to say grand salami time. there is your scoring, 4-0, mariners. chad making his first start. fifth inning, buster posey deep to center off mike minor. off the top of the wall.
5:49 am
andres torres scores. 4-2, giants. the second homer of the game. a two-run shot makes it 5-4. same score in the ninth. romo, the bases loaded, a slider an inch inside and just enough. five-all. next water. freddie freeman, second in the national league with runners scoring position and that is why. braves win it, 6-5. in the officials two -- if the first two games are any indication, the stanley cup finals between boston and chicago has the making of a classic series. hawks get on the board first. mad scramble in front of the net. patrick kane or sharp gets free, shoots and scores. hockey is a game of inches. there is the proof. 1-0, chicago. and kelly necks in, chips a pass past crawford, 1-1. saturday's game, daniel paille
5:50 am
snaps it far post and in. boston evens it with the 2-1 victory. join larry beil and warriors forward draymont green for after the spurs-heat game. >> that game is changing our schedule in a little bit. a special edition of abc7 news at four with amma dates. and abc7's coverage of game five of the nba finals begins at 4:30. on this father's day have you thought about how much your dad is worth? the folks at actually put a price on dad. $23,344. that's actually up 15% from last year. the total comes from traditional tasks dad do at home-like mowing the lawn and barbecuing. moms are apparently still worth more. the 2013 market value of mom is
5:51 am
nearly $60,000. but, hey, lisa, we knew that. [laughter] >> it's kind of low for dad. 23,000? >> well, dad could get out there and do a little more, i guess. >> hopefully relaxing today. >> sure. >> and starting out with a compressed marine layer. behind us it looks kind of clear but the marine layer is ramping up and it is pretty deep. it will remain along the coast and influence our weather for the upcoming work week, in fact the first half of it. then it will become more compressed and we will see a warmup. live doppler 7hd, a little low clouds and fog root now. here's a look at san jose where it is, nice and cool. we are looking at clear conditions. for the runners out there looking pretty good and feeling good in san francisco at 52. 55 mountain view and 54 half moon bay. santa cruz cloudy skies, 55. here's mt. tam. you can see we are look at the low clouds and fog right now at about 1,000 feet. but things will continue to develop and with that onshore
5:52 am
flow the winds will be gusty once again certainly along the coast. 63 in livermore with the clear conditions. we have winds up to 30 miles an hour out of the southwest so that delta breeze really getting going in fairfield. keeping the numbers just in the low 80s there. pretty comfortable. los gatos at 49 degrees. here's the roof camera. you can see the bay bridge. look pretty good with not much wind right now. so we will call it partly cloudy this morning. cooler by a few degrees today. breezy. we will look for warmer conditions by the end of the week. that's when we begin summer. here's a look at that fog. so as we get into the early morning hours, you will notice from point reyes all the way down along the central coast and a little bit into oakland and perhaps hayward look at the fog. but by noontime it's situated mainly along the coast. the westerly winds kicking in. there's a reason for that. we do have a system offshore that will remain situated right along the coast. right now washington, oregon
5:53 am
border is where it sits. in the next several days it will continue to really poise just to the north and west of us. that will allow for the persistent wind flow from the ocean and keeping it a little bit below normal monday and tuesday around here. so here's the way the temperature trend is going to look in our east bay valley. today topping out just about 80 in livermore. but we will drop a few more degrees tomorrow. then the trough pushes on through. we are looking at about 72. so well below normal inland on tuesday. then the recovery begins on wednesday. numbers up into the 80s to near 90 by next weekend. statewide we have low 90s from sacramento and chico. typical here with 60s and the fog, monterey. 74 los angeles. back home we will look for numbers ranging from just the low to mid-60s from san francisco and oakland. breezy along the coast. upper 50s half moon bay, just 79 in concord. you had the cool-down yesterday and continuing tool throughout
5:54 am
our inland east bay for the next several days. 47 san jose. headed to the east bay today, 1:05 for the game. temperatures right around 60. a little breezy. partly to mostly sun any. there's the cooling trend right on through let's say tuesday and wednesday. summer solstice, 10:04:00 p.m. on thursday. look at the warmup. mid-to upper 80s on friday. saturday back into the 90s. we still have the 30-degree temperature spread but we are in the 50s to low 80s today and then that will shift. >> friday was so beautiful and yesterday -- >> yeah, big time. >> yeah. all right. thank you, lisa. up next, an annual summer music festival kicks off in san francisco this afternoon. we will tell you the greats who will be performing at
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> the 76th annual stern grove
5:57 am
festival conclusion off. it holds free concerts on sundays during the summer. michael mcdonald. ♪ >> and boz skaggs will be performing this afternoon. it is lock the at 19th avenue and slope boulevard. coming up next on abc7 news at six, the first major marathon since the boston bombings is underway in san francisco. abc7 news reporter nick smith will have a live report from the embarcadero with this year's changes. and google's wild new experiment to bring the internet to the world.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thank for joining you on this father's day, june 16th. let's get things started with a quick first look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen, hey, carolyn. what a beautiful shot from our mt. tam camera. you see 5:47 the official sunrise. the sun is up. we are looking at numbers comfortably cool for the runners. the skies have been clear for most of the evening and early morning hours around the bay. that's why we've dropped into the mid-40s for santa rosa and napa. the delta strong winds, 55 degrees. 54 in union city. but the low cloud


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