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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live, from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is "abc 7 news." good morning on this 5:00 this monday after father's day. how was yours? >> fattening. >> good sign. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's find out what the weather looks like. leyla? >> yeah, i hope everyone had a great father's day and hope they're maybe sleeping in this monday morning, although by the looks of the traffic, doesn't seem like it. a look at our live doppler 7 hd radar, not seeing any returns out there, but more cloud cover later on today. here's a gorgeous got from our roof cam. take a peek at that. beautiful overlooking the exploratorium towards treasure island, the bay bridge just beautiful. here's what we're looking at for the next several hours. inland, seeing a jump up of about 6 degrees inland. bay areas seeing really
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temperatures topping out in the mid 70s by the coast. some chances of drizzle and cooler temperatures out there. let's take a look at what our traffic is doing now and see what -- how things are shaping up. kind of a busy start to our amo morning. a couple motorcycle crashes, those seem to have cleared up. now the amount mont pass as you come over in the westbound direction out of tracy, certainly we're going to be seeing that bumper to bumper traffic, does start to inch up a little bit as far as miles per hour concerned. 45 miles per hour, 61 miles per hour as you start heading into livermo livermore. and now outside, the san rafael bridge, an earlier accident cleared. it was involving a motorcycle. but a good drive coming out of hayward and into foster city. kristen, eric? we begin with breaking news we are following in the south bay. one man dead, another taken to the hospital after a deadly crash on foxworthy and hillsdale avenues. we're being told a 40-year-old passenger in the toyota died at the scene. the driver went to the hospital.
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investigators say empty beer cans were found inside the vehicle. abc 7 news reporter matt keller will have a live update from the scene in the next half hour. developing news, walnut creek police are canvassing a quiet residential neighborhood, looking for clues after a stunning attack inside a home overnight. someone was viciously beaten. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek. amy? >> reporter: kristen, i just spoke with the sergeant here at the walnut creek police department and he tells me the investigation is very active right now. in fact, it's at a sensitive point so he's pretty guarded with the information he wants to release right now. but look at the video. it's apparent that a man was beaten overnight. and police tell me that he was taken to the hospital, but they do believe that this victim is expected to survive. they tell me this all happened at a condominium complex near the b.a.r.t. station oak road. i asked police if this was a home invasion or if this were two people who knew each other. they would not specify on that.
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but did say this does not appear to be random. that the general public does not need to be concerned. police are busy right now following up on leads, though. they tell me they are trying to find the person responsible for this beating. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks, 5:03. developing news out of san francisco, a gas main break has been capped after a leak forced major evacuations in san francisco's soma neighborhood. the rupture happened near 4th and folsom streets around noon when a construction crew working nearby hit a six-inch gas line. several buildings and businesses in the area had to be evacuated, including the moscone center. the leak was capped a few hours later. crews were in the area working on a station for the new central subway, but it's not clear if that was the crew that hit the gas line. an 11-year-old boy is recovering this morning after being shot during an apparent drive-by shooting in it oakland. several shots were fired into
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the boy's home on 7th and add align streets around 5:00 yesterday morning. authorities say seven people were home at the time but the sleeping loi was the only one hit in the shoulder when the bullet came through a wall. he and his brothers were all in the bed at the time. the family says it's not the first time their house has been shot at. >> years ago, they shot through where my room was and shot through our windows. but a few months ago, they shot threw up there, which almost hit my dad. we have an oxygen tank up there, so that could have blown up. >> police say they're not sure who was the intended target. they're still looking for the gunman. the controversial topic of retail firearm sales in los gatos will be heard tonight. a hearing in february was packed. opponents of a new gun store that opened in december say a public review of the permit process for templer sports was not conducted, even though city officials were not required to. supporters of the store say it opened legally and shouldn't be
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punished. tonight's hearing will consider an amendment to the permitting process for the sale of firearms, ammunition and explosive devices. this morning, two fremont police officers are on routine administrative leave following a fatal shooting. investigators say just before 7:00 yesterday morning, a woman called police to alony street. she said her 53-year-old son was throwing furniture and attacking a door with a knife. when police arrived, they entered the home and the man confronted them. >> two of our officers ended up shooting the suspect. they proceeded to give medical aid, cpr, fremont fire responded. and subsequently declared the male deceased. >> two family members were injured by the man, but they are expected to live. it's 5:05 now. today state lawmakers will take up legislation to make limousines safer. the measure is intended to prevent deadly limousine fires like this one last month on the
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san mateo bridge. five women died in the blaze after they became trapped. this proposed law would require limos to have two rear exit doors in the passenger compartment. it would also require two windows that could be pushed out from the inside. we have new details about a candlelight vigil held by members of occupy farm in san francisco. >> i sweat as i labor over the fort. i want to take the salt as i sweat. >> activists read a poem about the virtues of farming. last night's vigil was for the trees being removed for a building project at the former site of the farm. activists tried to occupy the site earlier this week, but police moved them out. occupiers would like that area to be preserved as open space. director george lucas will make a pitch today for a new art museum at crissy field. lucas will present his idea to the trust. the "star wars" creator has a large collection of art. lucas wants to display at the cultural art museum.
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it would include his collection, along with cultural and performance exhibits. lucas is willing to pay the $300 million construction costs for the museum. he would also spend $800 million on two endowmentses to run it. >> wow. talk about being generous. 5:07. leyla is in today for mike. >> yes, indeed. take a look at this. mt. tam cam, a few shot with the i am pending sunrise. that is one gorgeous picture. we do have pretty cool temperatures right now. we're going to be seeing breezy conditions this morning, and also below-normal temperatures through wednesday. that's when we're going to see temperatures warming up just a little bit. warmer by the end of the week, and, of course, that's when we'll be seeing a full day of summer. that is going to be on friday. so something to look forward to, indeed. right now, let's take a look at what our satellite images are showing as we've got that ridge, that trough of low pressure coming in off the pacific northwest. and that's what's bringing in these cooler temperatures. and that's also going to bring a little bit more cloud cover come
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tomorrow. so you want to pack the sweater. highs for today as we take a look around the bay area, 80 degrees in morgan hill. mostly sunny conditions in the south bay, 75 in santa cruz, 78 in los gatos. up the peninsula, certainly a g along the coast, clouds creeping in. 58 degrees at half moon bay. 57 in pacifica. 63 in millbrae as we head into san francisco. 63 degrees, and i'll have a look at the rest of your bay area in a little bit. but right now, let's take a look at what our traffic is doing. we do have a couple accidents, but it looks like most things have cleared. we do have some construction, however. eastbound 80 right at air base parkway. this is some debris in lanes blocking at least one lane. right now at top speeds, for the most part in fairfield. and as we take it over towards the nimitz, northbound side of 880 at gateway boulevard, construction there. lots of construction projects through fremont, and a bit farther into hayward. we're also starting to see a little bit of a slow down, some volume building in the northbound direction much let's go outside right now and take a
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peek at what's happening. this is a gorgeous shot, this is walnut creek down to highway 24, just about a seven-minute drive from you're traveling from concord. more folks heading on the roads. so the early-risers getting an early start. kristen, eric, over to you. >> leyla, thank you. apple divulgings the information it shares with the government. bloomberg business report is next. >> and $50 movie tickets? would you pay it? where it's already starting and the movies going for the big bucks. and you've heard of swimming with the fishes. wait until you see how one florida teen took it to a dangerous extreme. but first, this morning's tech bytes. >> google is hoping to provide wi-fi access to poor and remote areas around the world, using helium balloons. project loon was launched over new zealand saturday and is expected to provide free internet access to many participating countries along the southern hemisphere. at&t customers will receive emergency alerts right on their phones. the wireless carrier began
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installing the mandatory update this weekend. there were no techs or data charges related to the new service. the windows of the future, these wi-fi enabled shades allow users to adjust the transparency of their windows using their smartphone. the film can be attached to any
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news.
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it's 5:12 now. >> good morning, everyone. a look at the bay and some of the high clouds, and most clouds you see there from our rooftop camera. it's -- gray start to what's going to be a gorgeous day. we'll check in with leyla and look at your weather forecast coming up. uc-berkeley having problems selling seat licenses to pay for a half billion dollars in debt for the renovation of the stadium. it opened last september after undergoing major remodeling. uc officials say part of the money to pay for it will come from nearly 3,000 seats they will sell to alumni to keep for up to 50 years. at 40,000 to $250,000 each. but the "san francisco chronicle" reports only 1800 seats have been sold so far and some buyers are returning them after losing football season. uc officials are now working on a plan to bundle the seats to corporate buyers. an indiana woman put on death row at age 16 for killing an elderly bible school teacher is being released from prison
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today. paula cooper, now 43, was sentenced to death in the stabbing of 78-year-old ruth pelke during a robbery. her sentencing at such a young age drew international protests from those who saw her as a victim of a racist criminal justice system. cooper was taken off death row after the state's supreme court intervened in 1989, and reduced her sentence to 60 years in prison. she is being released early for good behavior. north korea is now saying they want to talk after months of threatening to wage a nuclear war, north korea has done an about an-face and saying it's willing to talk with the u.s. if there are no preconditions. the u.s. says it's willing to have credible negotiations with the north but the talks must involve north korea's compliance with u.n. security council resolutions that result in the north giving up its nuclear program. a wild video of a florida teen hitching a ride on the back of a 30-foot whale shark is sparking controversy. the risky stunt has become an
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online sensation. 19-year-old chris craze says he spotted the whale shark in the gulf of mexico. whale sharks are considered the gentle giants of the sea. kras jumped into the water, grabbed on to the fin and held on for about nine seconds. >> awesome! >> i thought, you know, i should maybe try and swim with him, because i might not be able to do it again. >> not so awesome, according to biologists. they say the incident could have a potentially negative health impact on the fish. we'll hear from an expert and what kras says he would do differently next time coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. here's another surprising one. your driveway may be making you sick. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. general motors recalling nearly 200,000 more suvs and warning drivers to park them outside until they're fixed because they could catch fire, even when not in use. the recall involves some chevy trail blazer and exps.
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gmc enjoy and envoy xls. saab 97-xs and it's ooze u aken isders. the recalls were started in the snow belt states, but the new recall takes it nationwide and the problem is a faulty circuit board. your driveway may be responsible for serious health problems. "usa today" says growing reserve suggests a sealant is linked to soil and high cancer risk. some industry groups dispute the findings. and apple divulging more about what information its shares with government officials, the iphone, ipad and ipod maker does provide as direct access to servers, but gets thousands of government requests, mostly police. interestingly, apple says i messaging and face time have end to end encryption, meaning only the sender and receiver can receive them. not apple. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report.
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directors george lucas and steven spielberg say the movie industry is in danger. they believe block busters are too expensive to make without charging more money at the box office. >> going to the movies is going to cost you 50 bucks, maybe 100, maybe 150. >> it's going to be an implosion where three or four or half a dozen of these mega bud vies are going to go crashing into the ground. >> well, that prediction may already be coming true. there are now $50 mega tickets being offered for the upcoming movie "world war z." the tickets will get you into the movie two days early and come with a digital download of when the movie is released on video, a pair of 3-d glasses, movie poster and small popcorn. mega tickets being offered at a handful of theatres across the country already. would you pay that? 50 bucks? who can afford that? >> way too expensive. >> under the right circumstances, i would be willing to pay for that. but it would probably cost a date with, you know -- hally berry or something.
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>> we're going to go to you. >> yeah. >> probably going by himself. >> what about your family? >> halle berry and fine. >> you're talking to someone who watches movies on vhs. >> what? >> v-h -- >> ask your parents. >> the weather is free and it's cooler. >> don't say beta, okay? >> oh, i remember beta, eric. i remember it real well. all right. good morning, everyone. taking a look now at live doppler 7-hd radar, dry conditions, but seeing more cloud cover for the rest of the day. our highs for today, though, warming up to about 80 degrees in gilroy and morgan hill. in the south bay, 74 degrees will be your high in san jose. 74 in cupertino. peninsula topping out in the upper 60s as we get through palo alto. 68 degrees. redwood city, 68. along the coast, mostly breezy conditions, more fog and cloud
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cover, with the possibility of some drizzle, as well. and that's all due to this trough of low pressure that's bringing in some cooler conditions. as we head into san francisco, 63 degrees will be your high with partly sunny skies. 73 in petaluma. 77 into calistoga. in the east bay, 66 in berkeley. 68 in oakland. in fremont, 70 degrees. and then we'll be seeing highs at about 80 degrees in brentwood with mostly upper 70s through antioch, livermore and pittsburgh, topping out at 77 degrees. and right now as we can see, we're going to be seeing a cooler evening. so for our game, giants take on the padres at at&t park. game starts at 7:15 at 62 degrees, so pack a sweater, certainly. 67 by the end of the game. and make sure to pack the sun screen, as well. here's a look at our accu weather seven-day forecast. 80 degrees your high inland. 68 at the bay. a bit of a roller coaster forecast for the week.
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you'll see temperatures dipping down tomorrow and then right back up again, just in time for the first day of summer on friday. that will be the first full day of summer and nice and hot inland for saturday and sunday. more in a little bit. now let's look at traffic. and we do have pretty quiet conditions out here. we do have mostly green on this map, which is what we like to see, although our usual spots, highway 4 and over the amount mont pass looking busy. we start in antioch at about 40 miles per hour. we dip down to 31 miles per hour, back up again just under 50 miles per hour as you continue out towards concord. good news, though. looks like mass transit, everything running on time. cal train, municipally and bart, no problems. let's go outside and see what's happening. and this is, ooh, kind of a foggy picture. this is what i'm talking about, the golden gate bridge. starting to see the fog really rolling in. we did have some earlier construction northbound side. that has all cleared. southbound, though, looking at a great drive coming out of sausalito and into san francisco. eric, kristen? >> leyla, thanks. it's 5:20. >>. ahead, seven things to know
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as you start your day. also, the nation has a new miss usa. the one thing she said is he couldn't stop thinking about as she was crowned. and slat mere vladimir putin, accusations he stole a super bowl ring? the russian [ jen garner ] imagine a makeup so healthy your skin can grow more beautiful every time you wear it.
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5:23 this monday morning. whether just joining us or heading out the door now, seven things to know today. number one, breaking news, police investigating a possible alcohol-related crash in the south bay that claimed the life of a man this morning. the driver crashed into parked cars near foxworthy and
5:24 am
hillsdale avenue. his passenger was killed. abc 7 news reporter matt keller will have the latest from the scene in a few minutes. pacifica police looking for a man who tried to abduct a 10-year-old girl. police say the man in this sketch tried to grab her near beach boulevard yesterday afternoon. he's described as a white man, 30 to 40 years old. about 6 feet with a stocky build and brown hair. crews have capped a gas leak that led to a massive evacuation of san francisco south of market neighborhood. it happened yesterday near fourth and folsom streets after crews hit a six-inch gas line. the leak was capped a few hours later. the supreme court could decide on two major cases involving gay rights this morning. one is california's same-sex marriage ban, prop 8, that was struck down by a federal judge. the other is a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act, which prevents married gay couples from receiving federal benefits. number five, dive teams will resume the search this morning for a man who jumped off a kayak in livermore yesterday
5:25 am
afternoon. authorities say the 30-year-old was kayaking with his sister when he decided to swim to shore. and number six, cooler today. a little bit warmer tomorrow, but very breezy, and we're starting to see low clouds just blanketing the bay area. i'll have your full accuweather forecast coming up. and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic funneling through. but quiet conditions, a nice start to our monday morning commute. more coming up. >> leyla, six and seven, double duty today for mike. a 25-year-old contestant from connecticut is the country's newest miss usa. erin brady was crowned last night at the planet hollywood casino in las vegas. in the pageant's final minutes, she answered a question about the u.s. supreme court's decision upholding widespread dna tests. asked if she agreed with the decision, you know, whether someone who has been arrested can get the cheek swab, brady said she did. brady gets the crown and a new york apartment for one year.
5:26 am
she is expected to spend her title, reign, on a nationwide speaking tour and raising breast and ovarian cancer awareness. russian president vladimir putin is responding to a super bowl ring controversy. during an award speech last week, new england patriots' owner robert kraft said in 2005 when he showed putin the super bowl ring, the russian leader said, quote, i could kill someone with this ring and walked off with. putin is denying he stole the ring. he says it was a gift. a spokesman for kraft released a statement yesterday, saying the story is just an anecdote and not to be taken too seriously. 5:26 now. the abc 7 morning news continues with the day's top stories. >> including the man found beaten inside a walnut creek condo. what police are revealing about their investigation. and a dramatic rescue after a car goes into the oakland etch area. we talk with a good
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live, from the kgo-tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. good monday morning. it's 5:29. hope you and all the dads out there had a great father's day. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. it was pretty darn good. let's see what the day after father's day looks like. here is leyla gulen. >> let's hope a few dads got sweaters as gifts. it's going to be cooler today. and it starts fully warming up tomorrow. a look at our live doppler 7-hd radar. we have this blanket of cloud cover right now. our marine layer starting to come up. and you can see that pinpointing out, the transamerica pyramid. very thick conditions out there. and certainly breezy as you can see. our mt. tan cam is kind of bouncing up and down there. so windy and breezy this morning. below-normal temperatures through wednesday. warmer by the end of the week. i'll have your full accu weather seven-day forecast coming up.
5:30 am
but right now, let's see what our classic forecast is looking like. as we take it over towards our 101 come south of petaluma to 580, 23 minutes southbound side. so looks like some of the traffic starting to build just a little bit. antioch to concord, westbound direction, 24 minutes and 24 minutes coming through woodside into san jose along 280 southbound, looking decent out there. outside live. we'll see what's happening. this is a beautiful shot now. you can see some of the sun starting to peek up above the clouds. but we are starting to see a bit more traffic there to make it out of oakland and into the toll plaza. kristen? leyla, thank you. breaking news. san jose investigators on the scene of an overnight car crash that resulted in one dead and one injured. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live at the intersection. matt, new information on the victims and what was found. >> reporter: yeah, i just spoke with a man who lives nearby and he told me he heard the whole thing, the screeching tires and the crash. if you look behind me, you can
5:31 am
see the damage. investigators on the scene. the toyota avalon is the car the passenger was traveling with. the witness i spoke with didn't want to go on camera but said he ran outside and actually recognized the driver as a person he went to school with and said he had obviously been drinking. he was taken to the hospital with relatively minor injuries. police identified the passenger as a 40-year-old man. he died on the scene. >> had to do a major extraction to get him out, taking the roof off and pulling doors off the vehicle. he was trapped pretty good in this one. >> reporter: police say beer cans were found inside the car but not sure if they were open. tests are being done on the driver to determine if alcohol was a factor. investigators say the car was most likely speeding around on pearl avenue, past hillsdale, where it turns into foxworthy avenue and slammed into parked cars. five of them have significant damage. back out here live, you can see across the street is the chevy dealership that extends a quarter mile away to capital expressway. foxworthy avenue will be shut
5:32 am
down until this investigation is complete. and until the coroner comes here to take the victim's body away. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thanks. 5:32. police are investigating walnut creek after a man was attacked inside his home. the early-morning attack happened around midnight at a condo complex on oak and jones roads. the man went to the hospital and police are trying to find whoever attacked him. we'll have more from abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the top of the hour. pacific j police looking for a man who was trying to abduct a 10-year-old girl in broad daylight at santa rosa avenue yesterday afternoon. he tried to grab her, but she punched him and got away. the man was last seen on santa rosa avenue. here's a sketch of what he looks like. he is described as a white man, 30 to 40 years of age, about 6 feet tall, stocky build, and brown hair. new questions this morning
5:33 am
about which construction crew ruptured a gas line that led to massive evacuation of san francisco's south of market neighborhood. the crew hit a 6-inch gas line around noon yesterday near fourth and folsom streets. people were evacuated from businesses and buildings, including 8,000 convention-goers from the moscone center. if you can imagine that. crews are working in the area on a station for the new central subway. it's unclear if those are the workers who hit the gas line. pg&e crews moved in quickly to cap the leak. >> to start the excavation to get down to the pipe so you can picture giant squeezers to squeeze off the valve at that point to stop the flow of gas to the pipe. the leak was capped just before 3:00. no injuries were reported. only on abc 7 news, three good samaritans being called heroes this morning after they rescued four people from a submerged car in the east bay. sky 7-hd above the oak land
5:34 am
estuary as paramedics treated the victims late yesterday afternoon. two men were coming back from a father's daze lunch when they spotted the car in the water and two people inside pounding on the glass. one of the men grabbed a knife from a woman who had also stopped. >> hit the back poiwindow with point, shattered the glass and started pulling kids out and parents out and then we -- couldn't swim, so we had to help them ashore. andy was waiting on shore to receive them so we pulled them out of the water and it was a good father's day. >> there were also two children in that car. all four were taken to the hospital to be checked out. investigators are looking into how the vehicle ended up in the water. developing news in livermore, where dive teams will resume the search this morning for a man who jumped off a kayak in lake del valle. authorities say the 30-year-old man was kayaking with his sister when he decided to swim to shore and jumped into the water. authorities say he began having difficulty swimming and went under. dive teams from the alameda
5:35 am
county sheriff's department and the alameda county fire department searched the water more than three hours until it got dark. happening now, at least 500 homes have been evacuated from a wildfire burning near yosemite. it broke out yesterday afternoon in mare posa county. it spread quickly, fueled by steady winds and dry grass. cal fire says 100,000 acres have burden burned. evacuations under way for the jersey, dale and clarks valley areas. today firefighters watching an area near interstate 80 near crockett for any flare-ups following a brush fire that burned 45 acres. you're looking at video from sky 7-hd of the fire that broke out around 4:00 i didn't do. the right lane of i-80 was shut down as more than 100 firefighters worked on the flames. >> my friend said oh, it's a barbecue and i said no it's not. i went down the yard and looked at the hill and said oh, shoot, the hill is on fire. authorities say the fire
5:36 am
burned close to home but they were able to get a handle on it before any structures were actually damaged. firefighters were also able to keep a fire in castro valley from reaching homes. this was the scene from sky 7-hd as fire crews battled to keep the blaze near gail drive from moving up a hillside. dry brush spread the flames quickly. no word on what sparked the fire. and 15 minutes after the grassfire began, a nearby house caught fire in an unrelated blaze. neighbors put out the flames at a home on breckan court. the roof and garage were damaged. opening statements are set for this morning in marin county in the trial of an accused bay area serial killer. 79-year-old joseph naso is charged with killing four women between 1977 and 1994. their bodies were found along rural roads in youtuba, marin and contra costa counties. he is representing himself. naso faces the death penalty if convicted of these murders. the u.s. supreme court could
5:37 am
decide on two major cases involving gay rights this morning. one is california's same-sex marriage ban, prop 8, that was struck down by a federal judge. now if the supreme court upholds that decision, same-sex marriage could begin again in california. justices could also use the case to legalize same-sex marriage across the country. the other decision is on a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act, a federal law that defines marriage as being between only a man and a woman. the law prevents married, gay couples from receiving a number of federal benefits. oakland police headquarters will be open to the public again at 8:00 this morning after a long shutdown to repair damage caused by a plumbing problem. it started with a leaking toilet on the third floor, june 4th. water dripped down on to the other two floors. the building was closed for cleanup. it reopened, but had to be closed again friday to finish the repairs. and there was a similar problem at the a's-mariners game at the coliseum yesterday. sewage pipes backed up in both
5:38 am
the home and visitors' clubhouses, creating pools of smelly water. the a's and the mariners had to share the locker room used by the raiders during the football season. crews cleaned up the mess and they plan to replace the carpet. coliseum officials say playing six days in a row was just too much for the old sewage system. >> and i could make a joke about locker rooms always being stinky. >> well, yeah, but there is a difference. here's leyla. good luck following that. >> i haven't been in enough locker rooms to know how stinky they are, kristen. >> just imagining. >> okay. because the girls' locker rooms always smell nice. >> that's very true. >> good morning, everyone. at a look at our radar, looking at pretty decent conditions as far as rainfall. not seeing any rainfall but lots of cloud cover. our mt. tam cam. look at this, the marine layer blanketing the area, the transamerica peyramipyramid, th needle sticking up, neat picture there.
5:39 am
but you can see the camera bouncing and that is because of breezy conditions we are going to be experiencing over the next couple days. but we do see quite the drop of temperatures over the last 24 hours, and livermore down 7 degrees, concord down 6 degrees. but take a look at this in santa rosa. 13 degrees difference. so much cooler today. we're still going to be seeing cooler temperatures tomorrow, as well. but we'll start to see things warming up, ramping up, as we start heading closer to the first day of summer, friday. and a nice, hot weekend ahead of us. i'll have the full accuweather seven-day forecast in a bit. why don't we go to our traffic and construction and slowing right now. as we take it into antioch, a peek at the red. it is bumper to bumper traffic as you make that drive in the westbound direction. but we do have this construction project, eastbound 4 at leverage road, looks like a couple lanes blocked until 7:00 a.m. this morning. as we head along the nimitz and fremont, northbound 880 at gateway boulevard shall a lane blocked there. that's going to be picked up at 6:00 a.m. and outside we go.
5:40 am
let's take a look right now at a beautiful drive. this is along 80 westbound as you come to 580 at the maze. and certainly seeing a few more cars making their way on to the roads. eastbound traffic not too bad. short 14-minute commute if you're heading westbound on 80, away from highway 4, to the maze. kristen, eric? >> leyla, thank you. it's 5:40. morning a dozen firefighters worked to rescue a woman from an east bay storm drain. now the question is, how did she get there in the first place? and a sunday-morning walk comes to a startling end. the narrow escape for a mother
5:41 am
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. welcome back. 5:43 now. federal agents expected to head to colorado this morning to help determine the cause of the most destructive wildfire in that state's history. the black forest fire is 65% contained this morning, and crews hope to have it fully contained by thursday. steady rain helped firefighters yesterday. officials say it's still not safe for evacuees to return. they're concerned about everything from possible flare-ups and downed power lines to weakened trees that could fall as homeowners return. the week-old fire killed two people and destroyed almost 500
5:44 am
homes. another abalone diver has drowned in the waters off northern california. it's the fifth diver death in less than two months. the "press democrat" reports lifeguards pulled the man off salt point state park saturday, an hour from duranville. this is the third death of an abalone diver at that park. in april, a diver died at shell beach and another off ft. bragg in mendocino county. a close call for a mother and her child after a tree came crashing down. it happened just before noon yesterday on underhill road. the mom and her daughter were taking a walk when the tree can came smashing down, right in front of them. thankfully, they were not hurt. but look at how the tree blocked the entire road. public works crews came to cut up the tree and remove debris to get the road open once again. and a bizarre rescue in concord. contra costa county firefighters had to save a woman who crawled into a storm drain and refused to come out.
5:45 am
crews responded to the woman in the drain behind the sports authority on concord avenue. firefighters had to call for special equipment to get the woman out. by the time it was over, 14 firefighters were on the scene. the woman is expected to be fine. no word on why she was in the drain in the first place. a new report says the city of san francisco is doing very little to increase safety among cyclists, despite recommendations made three years ago. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the number of injury collisions increased nearly 71% between 2006 and 2012. a new civil grand jury report blames the police department and san francisco's political leaders for not following safety recommendations made in 2010 by another civil grand jury. recommendations included better safety education classes for both cyclists and drivers. 5:45 now. kind of a cool, gray start to the morning. nice picture out there, low, leyla gulen. >> i know. low cloud cover and certainly
5:46 am
bringing the temperatures down, and we're going to be seeing low temperatures tomorrow, as well. so why don't we get right to it and look at our live doppler 7-hd. radar not showing moisture as far as rainfall is concerned but certainly that cloud cover is going to be with us. and then it will pull back in the afternoon and coming right back again. we'll see it again tomorrow. and here's a look at our game forecast. the giants take on the padres at at&t park and start off at 62 degrees. game starts at 7:15. pack the sweater, because temperatures will dip below 60 degrees. 57 your low. here's a look at our accu weather seven-day forecast. a bit of a roller coaster through the week. monday inland, 80 degrees. today dropping down to 76. by tomorrow, back up again at 80. and we continue that climb as we head closer towards the first day of summer friday. but look at the bay. we are going to be pretty much topping out about 70 degrees to midweek. and then slow jump up in temperatures along the coast. we're still chilly. and we'll see some chances of drizzle for the next couple of days. but then we will start to see
5:47 am
warmer temperatures and as we head into the weekend, take a look at that, 90 degrees on saturday. 92 on sunday inland. 76, jumping up a couple more degrees sunday at the bay and along the coast, 62 degrees and steady. so we've got something to look forward to, i should say. and as far as traffic is concerned, i think we have got a little bit of something to look forward to as far as quiet conditions for the most part. we can see green on most of the map where we are looking at top speeds through san jose, along the peninsula. and also in the east bay. but where we do have an incident, this is a brush fire that's reported, eastbound 80 at willow avenue. this is south of highway 4, and we also had some fires burning in crockett yesterday. and we are going to be seeing some warmer conditions coming up over the weekend. so, of course, you want to make sure you are very careful in terms of fires and high temperatures. so right now as we head back over to our mass transit, cal train municipally, b.a.r.t., everything running on time, no delays. let's go outside live and take a
5:48 am
peek at the golden gate bridge, where you can see that fog, just rolling in. starting to hamper visibility just a little bit. and so you want to remember, always use your low beams, not your high beams. no crashes to report, an earlier accident northbound at spencer, involving a motorcycle that's been cleared. but for the most part, you are seeing top speeds. now we have been talking about our gas card give-away. for more than a week now. and this morning we will be revealing our third big winner of $700 in shell gas. there are seven winners in all. so you still have time to enter. just like abc news on facebook and fill out the entry form. if you're already a fan, you still need to fill out that form on our facebook page. i'll announce today's winner coming up around 6:45 this morning. can't wait. kristen, eric. >> thank you. now 5:48. the "guardian" newspaper says the british eaves dropping agency, gchq, the equivalent of our nsa, hacked into the e-mails and phones of foreign diplomats at international conferences to get an edge in negotiations.
5:49 am
the "guardian" story is based on leaked documents supplied by former nsa contractor, edward snowden, who is hiding in this china after blowing the could have on u.s. internet and phone surveillance. the report says the british agency stole diplomats' passwords and read some of their e-mails at a g-20 conference in london in 2009. it's the latest revelation over the scope of western intelligence gathering. the story was published just hours before britain is said to open the g-8 summit in northern ireland this morning. >> president obama is going to be there for the meeting of world leaders. this is new video of mr. obama arriving in belfast this morning. about an hour ago, he made a speech on the sustained peace in the region between catholics and protestants. he is headed to a resort for working dinner with other leaders. president obama is expected to push for consensus on syria and on trade and tax issues the trip will include a meeting with russian president, vladimir putin. children in the east bay can
5:50 am
go today to get a free meal. and prince phillip walks out of the hospital. what buckingham palace is revealing about his condition. and coming up at 6:00, apple's admission. what the cupertino company is now revealing about its role in
5:51 am
5:52 am
good morning. 5:52 on this monday. looking at the new exploratorium
5:53 am
towards the east bay. see those low clouds there? cool start to the morning. leyla gulen in for mike. and leyla gulen in for leyla gulen and will tell you about weather and traffic coming up. >> double duty. all right. a lot of kids on summer vacation now, so today oakland is kicking off its free summer lunch program for children. every summer, the city offers more than 100 locations where kids 18 and under can receive a free meal. the meals are being offered at schools, libraries and community centers. some 20,000 oakland kids are eligible. program officials say the free meals keep many of the city's children from going hungry while school is out. we have a new ab c-7 new smartphone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic. it's easy to and a half debate, and will it you will be able to watch live, breaking news. we also have a section for all those stories you're going to want to share on facebook and twitter. so download,
5:54 am
if you have our current app, you need to download the new one. the old one will be going away. the website is >> our app has the latest weather information and traffic but you can get it now from leyla gulen, as well. >> that's right. good morning, everyone. taking a look now at our live doppler 7-hd radar and satellite, not a lot of heavy moisture. what we are looking at, though, is some low cloud cover and fog creeping in over the bay area. and let's take a live look outside. i'm going get out of this one, because this is just gorgeous. this is from our sutro tower cam, the sun starting to rise, absolutely beautiful, breathtaking sight. three-day forecast, cooldown tomorrow, warming up by midweek and we start to see that trend still increasing by the end of the week. more coming up in a little bit. for now, let's see what's happening in traffic. we do have a couple things going on right now. we do have this.
5:55 am
some construction northbound 880 at gateway boulevard. this is going to last until 6:00 a.m. so cones starting to be picked up as we speak. as we head over to highway 116, northbound 101, that transition there, we also have an accident to report there. no word yet as to whether it's in the east or westbound direction along highway 116. but we will keep our eye on this. we also have a fire burning off eastbound 80. this is in hercules. we'll have more on that coming up in a little bit. now a live look in san jose. and here we go, 87 coming right past the julian off-ramp, clear and top speeds. kristen, eric? >> leyla, thank you so much. new this morning, britain's prince phillip recuperating at windsor castle. the prince walked out of a london hospital all smiles this morning. he thanked the staff for their care. the 92-year-old duke of edinburgh was admitted 1 1 days to go to undergo exploratory surgery on his abdomen. his wife, queen elizabeth, and other family members paid visits to him.
5:56 am
a buckingham palace spokesman says the duke is in good condition and good spirits. a new study out this morning shows bullying by a sibling can be just as damaging as bullying by a classmate, neighbor or other kids. researchers in new hampshire interviewed more than 3,500 children and teenagers, those bullied by siblings experienced mental distress from teasing and aggression as well as increased depression, anxiety and anger. experts say one of the biggest red flags parents can look for is if one child is always the aggressor and another child is always the victim. in a little over an hour, the u.s. supreme court could issue its ruling on prop 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage. abc 7 news will bring it to you the moment that decision comes down. mean time, a new study shows recent news reports lean heavily toward favorable coverage of same-sex marriage. the project for excellence in journalism says stories with statements supporting legalization outnumber stories with statements opposing such
5:57 am
unions by nearly 5 to 1 margin. pugh says many of the stories were about changing attitudes or new politician support. a solar-powered plane that launched its inaugural flight from mountain view was completed its first leg of its journey. the solar impulse landed. they nearly had an emergency landing. foggy conditions caused water to condense near the engine. the plane is considered the world's most advanced sun-powered aircraft and has about 12,000 solar cells on its wings. the solar impulse's next and final stop is in new york. 5:57. next at 6:00, the north bay town getting ready to crack down on jaywalking. first, the man is found assaulted inside an east bay condo. this morning we're talking to police to find out what
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7
6:00 am
news. now at 6:00, developing news. a man is assaulted overnight inside a walnut creek condo. now the search is on for the attacker responsible. one person is dead after a crash on a san jose road overnight. ahead, leyla gulen will tell us whether this will impact the commute. and the cal bayer's new and improved stadium is open. but the issue of how the renovations will be paid for is still up in the air. good morning on this monday. thanks for joining us at 6:00, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. for you dads out there, hope you got everything you deserved, wanted, you know, whatever those two things are. let's check in with leyla gulen for the weather forecast. >> that's right. i don't know if you deserve this cooler weather, but i don't know, men tend to like cooler weather. the ladies, i think, like the hotter weather. i don't know. right now as we look at our live doppler 7-hd radar and satellite, we see clouds starting to creep in over the bay area. certainly fog along the coast, chances of drizzle. but here


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